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Marilyn Sugar

Blacks on Sluts - Billie Star & Marilyn Sugar - Billie Star And Marilyn Sugar, Interracial Threesome With...

File: rgqprnablonslbilmarge9ubzmsdz.mp4
Size: 325.75 MB
Duration: 39:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The sexy Billie Star returns to private.com in Private Specials, Anal Queens of Prague, and after a long absence this horny brunette is looking to make up for lost time as she is joined by Marilyn Sugar for an interracial threesome gonzo style! The girls are in for a practical lesson with their professor Mike Chapman today, learning how to handle a BBC as they get all warmed up with some sloppy deepthroat action. Then watch as these young nymphos take turns getting blasted, finishing the class off with some anal for Billie before sharing a facial and a hot cum swap.

Doghouse Digital - Kate Rich & Marilyn Sugar - Cum Swapping Threesomes 4

File: qnvrtnadodikatmarkxgs5o9fns.mp4
Size: 357.94 MB
Duration: 30:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse is back with its fourth instalment of CUM SWAPPING THREESOMES. These chicks are thirsty and looking for something to swap and swallow! Don't miss out on these babes getting their mouths full in 4 back-to-back cum filled scenes. You dont want to miss this release.

Nubile Films - Leanne Lace & Marilyn Sugar - Sugar And Lace

File: u8pfbnanufileamarsjgnnfh7od.mp4
Size: 427.14 MB
Duration: 26:06
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Leanne Lace and Marilyn Sugar are dressed to the nines in high heels and lingerie. They stand in the corner making out and letting their hands roam freely as Murgur watches with a glass of wine. The show continues until the girls decide that its time for Murgur to join in on the fun. Crawling onto the couch, they join him with Marilyn dropping her head into Murgurs lap and Leanne stripping her girlfriend out of her bra before settling in for a pussy licking.

Murgur continues to enjoy the show that is being put on for his benefit, especially now that he can enjoy some hands-on action as he rubs down Marilyns breasts. Eventually, Marilyn turns onto her side with Leanne still situated between her thighs. From that position, she can pop Murgurs hard cock from his pants to stroke and suck. Leanne eventually sees what Marilyn is up to and crawls up her friends body so she can join in for a double BJ!

Leanne is the first to take advantage of Murgurs desire for something more hardcore. Slipping her thong aside, she leans back on the couch and lifts her thigh. Murgur barely needs to move to slide on home into Leannes dripping pussy. Marilyn watches for a minute, then inserts herself between the pair so that she is receiving a doggy style pussy pounding while also eating Leanne out.

The trio rearranges itself when Murgur resumes his seat on the couch and pulls Leanne onto his lao to ride his man meat. Leaning forward as her hips rock in a hardcore rhythm, Leanne can easily lap away at Marilyns tender clit. Eventually Marilyn disengages to lap at the base of Murgurs cock as he fucks her friend. Eventually, she winds up on her hands and knees with Murgur plowing her from behind as she eats Leanne out.

Still on her hands and knees, Marilyn continues to make magic with her tongue. Murgur adjusts his position to spoon with Leanne. When Leanne lifts her leg, Murgur reenters her with Marilyns help. In return, Leanne is there to do whatever it takes to ensure Marilyns pleasure as Marilyn hops onto Murugus hardon and rocks her hips to ride him.

Now that he has played stud to two lovely ladies, Murgur is ready to take his own deep delight. He shoves himself balls deep into Marilyns welcoming twat as the girls exchange kisses above him and blows his load inside her hot glove. When Marilyn disengages, Murgurs cum drips from Marilyns twat, a hot treat for Leanne to lick up and snowball with her girlfriend.

Viv Thomas - Marilyn Sugar & Tiny Tina - Love Me Forever

File: ubnatnavithmartinyleq3xcqdt.mp4
Size: 196.82 MB
Duration: 24:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Marilyn Sugar watches her elegant girlfriend Tina Tiny rush off to work even though its the weekend, and their anniversary! As Bree Parkers hot lesbian movie Love Me Forever begins, the sassy blonde prepares a romantic welcome home for her partner, dressing up in sexy lingerie and scattering rose petals on the bed. When Tina returns, she is greeted with a passionate kiss, taking off her smart business clothes to reveal her black lace bodysuit and stockings. Marilyn peels her lingerie down and begins sucking Tinas stiff nipples and stroking her shaved pussy, then goes down to eat her, spreading the juicy pink folds open with her eager tongue...

Rk Prime - Marilyn Sugar - Banging The Noisy Teen

File: vql1ynarkprmarsugicodrxlrme.mp4
Size: 429.33 MB
Duration: 36:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: WHAT'S THAT RACKET? Why, it's teen Marilyn Sugar jamming away in the kitchen, dancing and organizing a nice snack while she bounces around in tight yoga pants and no bra hindering her perky tits jiggling under a red crop top! All this noise disrupts her new stepfather Angelo. If they're going to live together, this bratty lady needs to learn how to behave properly. Not just countertop drumming and making a mess! Unless this Euro goddess can find a way to put her energy to use AND convince Angelo that she's a valuable asset to have nearby

Fake Hostel - Josephine Jackson & Marilyn Sugar - Sex Slave Not Included

File: nxexcnafahojosmarywb1qwzkwd.mp4
Size: 332.47 MB
Duration: 24:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Real estate agent Josephine Jackson is showing off the Fake Hostel to potential buyer, Michael Fly. Michael walks around the hostel in a very curious fashion, trying to open every door and enter every crevice. The realtor takes the client into the basement room, and they discover uncovered wires shooting electricity! As Josephine thinks of a solution, Michael notices Marilyn Sugar oiled up and handcuffed to the bed! Marilyn mouths the words Fuck Me to Michael, and by the time Josephine notices the blonde teen, Michael is balls-deep inside her pussy! Michael agrees to purchase the place as he fucks Marilyn, so Josephine decides to get her big, natural tits out and join the fun. The ladies give Michael a double blowjob, then take turns riding his big dick, then he tit-fucks Josephine until he pulls out to cum in Marilyn's mouth.

Nubile Films - Marilyn Sugar - Only For You

File: kw78bnanufimarsugorupdgxu4o.mp4
Size: 209.41 MB
Duration: 19:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar settles in on the couch to write in her journal as Nick Ross gets ready to go to the sauna. When he lays eyes on his hot blonde in her sheer shirt, he changes his plan and surprises her on the couch instead. Taking a seat, he whips out his cock for his now-topless girlfriend to start sucking.

Loving on Nick with her hands and mouth, Marilyn eagerly delivers the BJ that Nick was angling for. She laps at the tip and deep throats the shaft in turn, doing whatever she can to get Nick even harder. Slipping his hand into Marilyn's shorts, Nick rubs her clit as she keeps sucking.

Getting up from her prone position, Marilyn swings one leg over Nick's waist and slides down on his fuck stick. Fully impaled, Marilyn starts bouncing away on her personal ride. Her titties jiggle with every thrust of her hips, making her squeal with carnal delight. When Nick reaches around to start fondling Marilyn's clit, she quickly comes undone in his arms.

Next, Nick gets Marilyn on her hands and knees so he can really have his way with her. He parts the pretty pink folds of her pussy, then slides his hardon all the way inside. Wrapping his big hands around Marilyn's slim hips, Nick starts pumping for both of their enjoyment.

Flipping onto her back, Marilyn spreads her thighs wide to accommodate Nick between them. She reaches up to cup her boobs and thumb her nipples to hard peaks as Nick resumes his pussy pounding. Throwing her head back, Marilyn succumbs to her orgasmic need. When Nick pulls out a heartbeat later, Marilyn is there to see him over his own edge with her hot little hands jerking him off to spill all over her belly.

Lesbea - Lovita Fate & Marilyn Sugar - Beautiful Natural Young Lesbians

File: ro8hpnaleslovmarzwkjidqcx8.mp4
Size: 173.48 MB
Duration: 21:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a beautiful supper, natural young lesbians, Lovita Fate and Marilyn Sugar, come into their apartment kissing. Lovita takes off the younger blonde's shirt and worships her perky tits, then sits her back on the table, spreads her legs, and goes down on her pussy. Marilyn strips Lovita too, licking and kissing her big booty, then lies back on the couch so Lovita can continue to eat her out. Once she has cum, Marilyn eats her lover's pussy too, and brings her to orgasm! Marilyn has one more in the tank, so Lovita stimulates her g-spot her fast and hard, and the petite blonde cums on her lover's fingers!

Fakehub Originals - Jennifer Mendez & Marilyn Sugar - The Babysitters

File: 167y2nafaorjenmarixulqxjxfg.mp4
Size: 426.16 MB
Duration: 39:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Steve Q gets home after a night out with Mrs. Q to relieve the babysitters, Jennifer Mendez and Marilyn Sugar, of their duties. When the power goes out, the girls get scared, so Steve goes to flip the breaker. While the older gentleman is out of the room, Marilyn slides off her shorts, and Jennifer quickly follows suit. When Steve returns, he is greeted by their wet pussies, and fingers them both at the same time! The babysitters give Steve a double blowjob, and Marilyn sucks his dick while Jennifer licks his balls. Steve makes both babes squirt with his fingers, then stacks their pussies to take turns fucking them as they suck one another's tits! Jennifer then eats Steve's ass as Marilyn works his shaft until his cock erupts with cum!

Lesbea - Marilyn Sugar & Tiny Tina - Romantic Lesbian Couple Facesitting

File: nkrumnalesmartin3ubwgsxnpe.mp4
Size: 167.77 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Marilyn Sugar and Tiny Tina are playing a board game in their light-filled kitchen. Tina wins and pushes the game aside, only to get up on the table and show Marilyn her sexy blue bodysuit. Tina kisses Marilyn, then lies back so the blonde babe can tease her pink pussy. Marilyn kisses and licks Tina while the brunette plays with her own tits, then they strip Marilyn, and prop her up on the table. Tiny then climbs on top of her lover's face and rides it to orgasm. Finally, Tina fingers Marilyn from the side, enjoying her tight ass, and making her cum!

Fake Hostel - Luna Corazon & Marilyn Sugar - Horny Teens First Bbc

File: ntuutnafaholunmarly7tgggkst.mp4
Size: 354.95 MB
Duration: 30:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar is exhausted, so upon entry to her room in the Fake Hostel, she takes her pants off, and climbs right into bed. Not long after, Luna Corazon and Aaron Rock barge in too, kissing passionately. Hidden by the covers, Marilyn spies on the horny couple, and gets excited when Aaron tears Luna's shirt off to play with her big boobs. Luna gets on her knees and gives her man a blowjob while Marilyn gazes on, then they climb into bed, and she sits on his face so he can eat her ass and pussy. Unable to sit aside any longer, Marilyn reaches over and starts to stroke Aaron's cock, and he and Luna are more than happy to give the blonde spinner her first taste of BBC! Aaron fucks Luna and Marilyn, makes them both cum, and then gives them a double facial!

A Girl Knows - Lika Star & Marilyn Sugar - Gorgeous blondes in hot lesbian sex

File: cvigznaagiknlikmarihoausflvs.mp4
Size: 347.75 MB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lika Star and Marilyn Sugar are enjoying hot lesbian sex in a premium XXX scene. They kiss and lick their pussies like there's no tomorrow! The two stunning girls with blonde hair know what they are doing, and they have a lot of fun with one another!

Dane Jones - Marilyn Sugar - Perky Blonde Adores Her Boyfriend

File: cvr7xnadajomarsugbqhfzfiyef.mp4
Size: 245.17 MB
Duration: 25:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Now that they're dating, Marilyn Sugar and Jason can't get enough of each other. Lying in bed together, the couple start to softly kiss, then begin to embrace hot and heavy. Jason plays with Marilyn's perky tits, then traces his fingers down he stomach so he can begin to stimulate her pretty pussy. Jason fingers Marilyn and makes her dripping wet, then she strips naked, and gives the stud a blowjob. Marilyn climbs on top of Jason and rides his dick while he fondles her boobs, then he eats her ass while fingering her from behind. After some hot doggystyle and intense missionary, Jason pulls out, and cums on Marilyn's stomach.

Dane Jones - Marilyn Sugar - Intimate Creampie After Blind Date

File: 8uplqnadajomarsugusb5zoaj8v.mp4
Size: 204.70 MB
Duration: 22:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a lovely blind date, Marilyn Sugar and Ricky feel chemistry between them, so they head back to Ricky's place for a nightcap. Ricky kisses Marilyn, then the couple feels each other up, running their hands over their genitals. Ricky presses Marilyn up against the table and slips a finger into her wet pussy, then she undoes his belt, and gives him a blowjob. Ricky fucks Marilyn standing doggystyle, then she sits back on the table so he can eat her pussy and make her cum. Marilyn plays with her boobs and cums multiple times from the feel of Ricky's tongue, then the stud makes love to her in missionary position. Finally, Marilyn rides Ricky's cock reverse missionary until it's his turn to cum, and he creampies her pussy.

Fake Driving School - Marilyn Sugar - Sit On Me And Ride

File: 6s2f5nafadrscmarsugnkfcccdusf.mp4
Size: 519.73 MB
Duration: 32:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had a new student in the car today, a tiny blonde named Marilyn Sugar. Marilyn had only done two theory classes, so she was pretty new when it came to driving techniques. I showed her around the car a bit, the seats, the steering wheel, and the pedals. We drove along together and I tested her a bit, then pulled over so she could take over behind the wheel, but she was afraid. I told her we could do it together, she could sit on my lap, and I would work the pedals. We drove a little, and this excited Marilyn, and when we parked, I told her to grab the handbrake... but she grabbed my cock instead! Marilyn started to jerk me off, so I played with her tits as she rubbed my dick all over her pussy. She sat on my cock, I fucked her pussy, then she gave me a blowjob. I fucked Marilyn in the backseat, then pulled out of missionary position just in time to cover her with cum!

Horny Hostel - Marilyn Sugar - Illegal Entry

File: 2ysysnahohomarsuge6318iv9g7.mp4
Size: 547.87 MB
Duration: 35:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This premium high quality scene is proof that travelling alone is not as dangerous as it seems. In fact, it might have some benefits. Watch the new adventure of Marilyn Sugar who didn't mind some breaking and entering. She fulfilled her lusty cravings for a good and hard fuck with a stranger.

Fake Agent - Marilyn Sugar - Desk Fuck For Petite Blonde

File: jyxhbnafaagmarsugre4hwdylb9.mp4
Size: 327.26 MB
Duration: 35:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had 18 year old blonde babe Marilyn Sugar in my office today, and she looked so breathtaking that I was having a hard time starting the interview. I was casting Marilyn for some possible acting jobs, and wanted to hear her speak English. I also really wanted to see her perky tits and round ass! Marilyn stripped for me and I took some pictures, then I asked her if she liked to give handjobs, and she smiled enthusiastically. She stroked my cock while playing with her clit, then gave me a blowjob. I fucked Marilyn's pussy doggystyle, then missionary on my desk. I fucked her face after, then covered her with a facial!

Fakehub Originals - Aubrey Black & Marilyn Sugar - Fake Family: University Halls Inspection

File: 2t1snnafaoraubmarvoteefzxx3.mp4
Size: 426.55 MB
Duration: 35:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: University Inspector Aubrey Black leaves her dorm room to find herself in a cloud of smoke, and she hears moans of pleasure. Investigating, Aubrey finds an open door, and peering in, sees Michael Fly pumping a creampie into Marilyn Sugar's pussy! Aubrey comes into the room and explains it is her job to make sure all university rules are followed. She quizzes them on sex education, then finds out they are step-siblings! No blood relation though. It's clear to Aubrey that what the step-siblings need is more education, so she gives Marilyn some blowjob tips by demonstrating on Michael. Aubrey then sits on Michael's cock and squirts while Marilyn licks her tits, then she eats Marilyn's ass while the blonde bounces on the dick. As Michael fucks Marilyn, he pulls out and Aubrey strokes the jizz into her mouth, then spits it back into Marilyn's waiting pussy!

Massage Rooms - Marilyn Sugar & Lady Dee - Oily Foot Massage Makes Woman Wet

File: nylj3namaromarladatj31taa7t.mp4
Size: 191.40 MB
Duration: 21:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar hires Lady Dee for a massage, and is lying face down on the bed. Lady pours oil all over Marilyn's body, then uses her feet to massage her shoulders, back, butt, and legs. Lady hops off for a second and strips herself naked, then gives Marilyn a body rub with her perky tits. The ladies start to make out, then Dee slides between Marilyn's legs and licks her sweet pussy. Dee fingers Marilyn and plays with her clit, giving her client multiple orgasms. Marilyn puts Dee in doggystyle position then plays with her pussy, then they switch again and enjoy some oily tribbing until they cum together!

Massage Rooms - Lady Bug & Marilyn Sugar - Young Czech Girls Intimate Massage

File: 2xeqmnamaroladmarai5i1ij9ku.mp4
Size: 190.83 MB
Duration: 23:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Eighteen-year-old blonde babe Marilyn Sugar hires delicious spinner Lady Bug for an oily session in the Massage Rooms. Seated behind Marilyn, Lady Bug stretches the blonde spinner's neck and shoulders, then oils her body up. As Lady stretches Marilyn's triceps, the towel covering her pert boobs falls to her lap and she giggles innocently. Lady takes Marilyn by the neck and turns her, then kisses her on the mouth while massaging her breasts. Lady pushes Marilyn back and eats her pussy, then Marilyn climbs on top of Lady so they can lick each other in 69. Both ladies then take turns fingering each other and bringing themselves to glorious climax!

Sex Art - Antonia Sainz & Marilyn Sugar - Impression

File: 4gn1znasearantmar9ll8jmoyax.mp4
Size: 153.89 MB
Duration: 18:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Antonia Sainz and cute blonde Marilyn Sugar embrace each other with love and desire, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Impression begins. They peel off each others sexy lingerie as they kiss passionately, Marilyns hands naturally gravitating to her girlfriends big beautiful breasts. They jiggle hypnotically as she strokes Antonias pussy, making her gasp and moan with arousal. Marilyn kneels between Antonias spread thighs to eat her wet pussy, sliding a couple of fingers into her tight slot to drive her to a powerful orgasm. Antonia is eager for a taste of her lover now, licking Marilyns shaved pussy voraciously, strumming her clit and thrusting her fingers inside to intensify the sensations, until she is overwhelmed by a climax that leaves her trembling with bliss.

Fake Hostel - Sofia Lee & Marilyn Sugar - Our College Professor

File: tnnoonafahosofmartyxswfdwkg.mp4
Size: 458.72 MB
Duration: 40:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: College professor Erik Everhard has brought two of his prime pupils along for a trip, and the 18 year olds are completely enamored with him. They follow his every command, like when he orders them to stand in front of him. He teaches and cares for the students, and in turn they submit to the professor entirely. It's hot in the Fake Hostel, so Erik has Marilyn and Sofia strip. Standing behind the women, he first plays with Sofia's big, natural tits, then with Marilyn's pert boobs. With Erik's hands on their throats, the students smile and he directs to their knees, and sticks his cock in their mouths. Taking his time to fuck both Marilyn and Sofia properly in the pussy, Erik makes them both cum, then covers them with a facial.