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Lyra Lockhart

Lethal Hardcore - Lyra Lockhart - Teenage Auditions

File: uccgynalehalyrlocdlucqbmb1n.mp4
Size: 520.71 MB
Duration: 44:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Starletto is fresh out of high school and ready to get a face full of cum after having her pussy beaten up by a producer to bust into the biz! Vivian Taylor is a sexy PAWG from Florida that was happy to give Mike Hunt's big ole dick some Southern hospitality. Lyra Lockhart loves spending time in the jacuzzi on top of a hard cock! Bella Jane knows how to get ahead in life she lets every powerful man she meets go to town on her tight lil' puss and delicious bubble butt!

New Sensations - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra Has Her Time With Her Bbc

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Description: As lyra froths from her mouth knowing a big black cock awaits her, she begs her husband to have a little Time with her BBC Isiah now. Her giving husband lets her have her fun with the condition of her black stud's hot cum poured all over her pussy and to show up at dinner with her black cum soaked panties on her when she arrives.

Spizoo - Lyra Lockhart - Nympho Brunette Lyra Lockhard Hard Pov Sex

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Description: Lyra Lockhart is a small, yet busty all-natural nympho slut who loves to use her big natural tits and tight wet pussy to turn a man on and make him cum. She is a quiet freak who loves to be bent over and slammed. She shows off her bush and her soft ass to get you to the edge. Then she takes a large load all over her face. She shows up wearing a tiny bikini with her beautiful body her big tits and her hairy pussy, she loves to suck cock and no waste time to have your cock inside her mouth and also licking and sucking your balls, she gagging and moan while giving you a good blowjob, and also rub your cock with her big tits and time to time give you a good handjob, now she es ready to swallow your dick inside her pussy, after that she spread her legs and receive your dick very hard in her pussy before she is ready and begging you to shot your hot jizz in her mouth.

Raw Attack - Lyra Lockhart - Beautiful Curvy Teen Lyra Lockhart

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Size: 605.83 MB
Duration: 38:47
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Format: mp4
Description: Lyra Lockhart comes to the house for a hot, fun filled, cum filled day!! This quiet, nerdy, brunette slut doesnt seem like the typical pornstar. But let me tell you, she loves to fuck. With her bush and big natural tits she is a sexy 21 year old cum whore. After taking a load on her face I pick up the camera for some behind the scenes fun. When I first saw her tits i knew i had to ejaculate all over them!!

Digital Sin - Lyra Lockhart - In The Room Watching My Girlfriend 3

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Size: 484.15 MB
Duration: 31:28
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Prepare to experience a series of intimate P.O.V. adventures with sexy, young stunners Dana Wolf, Kiarra Kai, Lyra Lockhart, and Vanna Bardot, each playing your girlfriend! Watch while they ride another man's cock while keeping you close to the action! You're in the room enjoy the show!

BFFS - Paisley Bennett, Lyra Lockhart & Aliyah Brynn - Jingle Bell Cock

File: lzoz4nabffpailyralih9c4olqgdt.mp4
Size: 648.16 MB
Duration: 47:33
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Santa sweethearts Paisley Bennet, Lyra Lockhart, and Aliyah Brynn love the movie Mean Girls, and this holiday season, they are planning to recreate that famous Christmas dance scene. They get together and run through the choreography, but Lyra just cannot seem to get it right! As a result, the girls get into a big fight, but luckily our stud shows up to pacify things. He suggests that the girls make Lyra feel more comfortable by squeezing her round tits. That gets their juices flowing, and soon the besties are ready for a serving of seasonal sausage. Our stud slides his meat log in their open fires and brings them to an explosive climax. These girls sure know how to dance on that dick!

Bound Gangbangs - Lyra Lockhart - Anger Management: Lyra Lockhart Gets Gangbanged By Her Students

File: z7chpnabogalyrloc79hsi6dp9j.mp4
Size: 418.77 MB
Duration: 01:10:20
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Lyra Lockhart is trying to teach an anger management course to a bunch of loud, mischievous men who aren't listening to a word she's saying. She rings her bell to get their attention and they just take the bell from her. She stands up and tells them that they need some self control and so they slowly approach her and start grabbing at her body. She gives up and gives in. They grab at her floral dress and pull away the fabric, exposing her perfect pale perky tits. They squeeze and suck her nipples, get her naked, and take her to her knees. Lyra is tied up in rope bondage with her hands behind her back. The guys pull out their big hard cocks and one by one they take turns fucking her mouth. They stand Lyra up and play with her pussy while she sucks their cocks. She tells them that she's ready to get fucked and so they tie her up in a different position on her back with her legs spread, with her arms tied to her legs. Student Donny Sins slides his big dick into her pussy and fucks her deep while the others grab and grope at her body and use her mouth to pleasure their cocks. After they've all had a turn fucking the teacher's pussy they switch to fucking her ass and she cums hard on their cocks as she gets her ass fucked deep and hard. After that, they put her legs to one side and fuck her her airtight by double penetrating her pussy and ass while she sucks cock. She gets on top of Eddie Jaye's big dick cowgirl style and she bends way over to get another double-stuffing of dick as the other guys take turns in her ass. In the finale when Lyra's face is finally covered in cum, the guys seem more relaxed and less stressed making the class a success.

The Dick Suckers - Lyra Lockhart - Dirty-Up Naughty Girls Glasses

File: ywcsenathdisulyrlocmv7xwjz8pq.mp4
Size: 140.15 MB
Duration: 17:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lyra Lockhart is a self-proclaimed nerdy girl, who studies too much. She's a freshman at a big university, and she's always worried about her grades. What's got Lyra even more freaked out? James Joyce, of course. She's a science nerd, and English classes have always challenged her however, Lyra needs an undergrad literature class to graduate, so here she is. Studying once again! Lyra's also one of those sluts on the D.L! D.L. means down low...which means she might not dress like a slut, or act like a slut, but Lyra loves sex, and she'll suck off just about anyone. Especially when she's stressed over school work! Listen in as Lyra tells you a little bit about a reoccurring fantasy she has...and then, watch her live it out! Enjoy, my brother!!

Teen Pies - Lyra Lockhart - Lyft That Dick Inside Me

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Size: 556.30 MB
Duration: 40:49
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Lyra Lockhart needs a ride, she calls a rideshare service and expects a quiet trip. But she cannot keep her eyes off her drivers crotch. Turns out this curvy teen wants a different kind of ride altogether! She asks her drive how long it has been since he has gotten a blowjob. Then, they make a pitstop and she slobbers all over his throbbing dong. They take the action inside, and he fucks her cooch on the couch, filling her to the brim with man meat. She screams in orgasmic pleasure as she feels his dick go deeper and deeper inside of her. Then, he fills her up with a hot serving of sticky sperm. This guy is definitely getting a five star rating!

Shop Lyfter - Lyra Lockhart - Case No. 7905414

File: cst3lnashlylyrloch69dhfydcq.mp4
Size: 804.86 MB
Duration: 58:26
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Suspect is a white, adolescent female with dark hair. Suspect is caught stealing items from the jewelry department. Upon search, a large bracelet is found in her underwear. Advanced retrieval methods are employed, and the case is settled between the Officer and the suspect without law enforcement involvement. The rest of this case is classified.

Glory Hole Secrets - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra's First Gloryhole Video

File: p5tqlnaglhoselyrlocq2572fgfsx.mp4
Size: 411.83 MB
Duration: 50:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This week's GloryholeSecrets sweetheart is a clever college coed named Lyra. She's got book-smarts, natural intelligence, and natural beauty. Just look at those two natural beauties on her chest! Back to her brain, 20-year-old Lyra starts off her interview by educating us on the different terminologies for those things about to poke through the gloryholes, what to call what squirts out of them, and the applications of those names. To dumb it down a little, Lyra is telling us about all the cocks she is about to suck and all the jizz she is going to swallow. Everybody follow? Good. Lyra is out to beat her standing record of only sucking off three dicks in one day. Today she is going to more than triple that by sucking and swallowing TEN LOADS from ten mysterious strangers. Having lost her virginity only two years ago on the day after her first day of college, she hadn't even sucked one dick before that. Let's just say Lyra is quickly making up for lost time. Being a sexy bookworm, she spent plenty of time boning up on sex before actually getting boned. Lyra was a fan of educational porn before getting into making her own. Today she'll educate us how to suck off the same number of guys as are on a men's lacrosse team that's ten, for those of you non-sports fans. Speaking of numbers and records, Lyra keeps a tally of all the guys she has blown on a list in her phone. That's some organized slutting! Her list is about to get a lot longer today. Watch the way Lyra's eyes roll back in her head as she deep-throats, then listen to those gagging and gargling noises as she moves her mouth up and down her TEN COCKS. After she finishes them all off, Lyra tries something new- her first time ever using a wand! She squirms and squeals with delight as she reaches her first Hitachi orgasm, barely able to handle the intensity. We have to have this college cutie back. Watch our sister site, GangbangCreampie.com, plus our new venue, Mr. Salty's for even more hot Lyra content. Just imagine the firsts we'll have next week when another hottie gets down on her knees at GlorholeSecrets.com!

Aziani - Lyra Lockhart - Mr Saltys Adult Emporium Adventure 1

File: lees7naazilyrlocwyoopqcydf.mp4
Size: 219.84 MB
Duration: 27:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to Mr. Salty's. What is this place? Salty's is a porno paradise. It's the sleaziest adult DVD shop you can imagine in the front, paired with an even sleazier strip club in the back. Salty's is so full of sexual indulgence, even its back room strip club has a back room! That's where all the action takes place. Meet Lyra Lockhart, Salty's first seductress who wanders in with her hands full of little notes...

New Sensations - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra Is Daddy's Little Girl

File: qivynnaneselyrloc5o13lirc6j.mp4
Size: 255.10 MB
Duration: 31:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When daddy saw his step daughter Llyra making what he loves to watch on his computer he stormed into her room finding her masturbating on a web cam. Charles being beside himself is challenged with Llyra spreading wide and asking for daddy's hard cock. Before pulling his meat out he gives her his one rule, to only be daddy's little slut, from now on.

Evil Angel - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra: Gaping Anal, A2m, Cum Swallower

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Size: 479.17 MB
Duration: 40:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute, raven-haired Lyra Lockhart flashes a playful smile as she exposes her tight, pink asshole. She squeezes her hot tits together and kneels down for Mark Wood to shove his cock in her hungry mouth. Her eyes roll back in her head as Mark fucks her juicy pussy from behind. Lyra crouches on her hands and knees, and Mark's meat slams her sweet asshole, leaving her a moaning, orgasmic mess. And Lyra loosens her luscious lips to give a spit-soaked, ass-to-mouth blowjob. See sexy anal reaming, salacious rimming and expansive asshole gaping, plus a steamy mouthful of cum for Lyra to swallow.

Black Ambush - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra is a cute brunette

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Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 54:20
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Description: Lyra is a cute brunette with nice natural boobs but the best part, she's a self confessed super slut and being she is only 20 years old and already fucked 50 guys, we agree, slut for sure! This horny girl is adventurous and barely flinched when Jason walked in with his big black cock ready for action. Quick to stuff it in her mouth things got crazy from there. Lyra showed she can take a face fucking like no other and clearly likes a rough pounding. She creams all over that black cock many times.

Digital Sin - Lyra Lockhart - A Stepfathers Desires 3

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Size: 263.26 MB
Duration: 31:14
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Format: mp4
Description: A stepfather's desires are not to be played with, but that's exactly what sexy stepdaughters Autumn Falls, Jane Wilde, Miranda Miller, Lyra Lockhart do when they dress provocatively for papa tease him with their tight, young bodies . . . eager to feel Dad's experienced virility. What can the old man do? Hes gonna have to send them to their room. . . fuck them really hard.