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LIght Fairy

Tight and Teen - Light Fairy - Student Light Fairy Fucks For Her Grade

File: bdvxsnatianteligfaikehi3nl1xb.mp4
Size: 1.22 GB
Duration: 21:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Light Fairy is a college student who wants to do as little work as possible, however when it comes to sex this horny teen is anything but lazy and shes decided to fuck her way to the top of the class! Watch Light star in Private Specials, Young Nymphos 4 where she spreads her legs for her teacher Andrew Marshall, offering up that tight teen pussy for a taste before returning the favour with a sloppy deepthroat blowjob. Then enjoy this sexy teen in action as she gets slammed on the desk, moaning, screaming and fucking her way to a hot facial.

Anal Angels - Lightfairy - Lucky Dude Gets A Welcoming Blowjob

File: b2fulnaananlighozp1lv7zff.mp4
Size: 931.82 MB
Duration: 24:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dude spends the whole day in the stuffy office and this is why he wants to relax when he comes back home. Luckily Lightfairy, his hot girlfriend, knows how to welcome him. Lightfairy puts on a tiny outfit that doesn't hide her beautiful body and long legs and underlines her desire to please the man. Tired dude forgets about everything completely when he sees gorgeous Lightfairy. Sure, he gets rid of his costume and helps Lightfairy to undress as well. They keep teasing each other till the final moment comes and they get mutual satisfaction.

Tease POV - Light Fairy - Skilled and Sensual Blowjob

File: cipytnatepoligfaisrv89ttayx.mp4
Size: 391.80 MB
Duration: 13:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Teen girls like Light Fairy come around only once every hundred years and when Light Fair wants you to cum she's going to let you know. Dont let her innocent look fool you because when she blowjobs you and wraps her lips around your cockhead and strokes your shaft you will have no choice but to blow your load all over the damn place.

Petite HD Porn - Light Fairy - Some Like It Rough

File: 5lwr5napehdpoligfaiofso21lp6i.mp4
Size: 467.74 MB
Duration: 29:42
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Light Fairy has always had a bit of a thing for rough sex, and Mr Henderson fits the bill nicely. The horny blonde is reading a dirty novel when Mr Henderson joins her and asks if she wants a drink. When Light Fairy responds that she wants Mr Henderson, he tells her that he has a special cocktail for her. She just has to milk it out of him herself. After a bit of making out, Light Fairy peels off everything but her knee high socks and contorts herself to show off that tiny puss of hers. Then she goes in with her mouth open to start sucking Mr Henderson off.

Slurping Mr Henderson's dick down in a deep throat BJ is just the start for Light Fairy. She also gives him plenty of ball sucking to make sure her cocktail is nicely mixed. Then she climbs onto Mr Henderson's lap until she's fully impaled by his big cock. Leaning back, Light Fairy lets Mr Henderson do most of the work. Then she gets on her knees so that Mr Henderson can deliver a proper doggy style pounding. Leaning forward so her ass is high in the air, Light Fairy lets Mr Henderson drive her face first into the couch with his rough sex amidst plenty of spankings.

Light Fairy winds up on her back with Mr Henderson giving it to her from a position of pure dominance. She can't help mewling with pleasure as he brings her off. Then she gets on her knees and opens wide for her promised cocktail. Mr Henderson jacks himself off and takes careful aim, blasting off into Light Fairy's mouth so she can enjoy every drop.

Nubile Films - Light Fairy & Mr Henderson - Hit Me Up

File: wtr9gnanufiligmrbwvl1iv9cg.mp4
Size: 823.96 MB
Duration: 19:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Light Fairy is wearing nothing but a sheer lingerie body suit as she hangs out in bed and texts her beau, Mr Henderson. She wants help getting herself off, so she sends a few naughty pics Mr Henderson's way and then lays back to caress her hands all over her tight body and wait. It's not long before Mr Henderson joins her in bed and tugs the shoulders of her outfit down to reveal Light Fairy's hard nipples and perky little breasts.

The couple takes things slowly as Mr Henderson undresses his lady love with gentle insistence. He takes his time peppering Light Fairy with kisses all over her slim figure as he unveils it. When she's naked, Light Fairy pushes Mr Henderson onto his back so she can undo his pants and pop his dick out. Now that her treat has been unveiled, she can't wait to get her hands and mouth on it.

Taking a few moments to refamiliarize herself with Mr Henderson's stiffie, Light Fairy licks and sucks every inch of the hard shaft. Her BJ goes from balls to head, but it can't compare to what comes next as Light Fairy crawls up Mr Henderson's body. Leaning in to kiss her love, she rocks her hips backwards to take him all the way inside of her.

As Light Fairy continues to set a sensual rhythm, she finds herself leaning increasingly forward. That changes up the angle of penetration while bringing her closer to Mr Henderson's face so that she can enjoy deep kisses. Their sensual coupling is nice, but Light Fairy is in the mood to let her lover take over so she can fully lose herself in the moment.

Rolling onto her back, Light Fairy opens her thighs for Mr Henderson to reenter her. He urges her thighs apart, creating the perfect cradle just for him. Once Mr Henderson is buried inside, Light Fairy wraps her legs around him to keep him right where she wants him buried to the hilt. When she lets go, Light Fairy rolls onto her side to enjoy a deeper intimate dance.

On her knees, Light Fairy moans as Mr Henderson wraps his hands around her waist and thrusts upward. He is free to play with Light Fairy's breasts as he fucks her in their kneeling position. That combination is more than enough to leave Light Fairy boneless with the delight of her climax. She winds up on her back with her body acting as a landing pad for Mr Henderson's cumshot as he finishes himself off to end their lovemaking.

Club Seventeen - Mellissa & Light Fairy - I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

File: 8pyk5naclsemelligubsbs2jcni.mp4
Size: 220.11 MB
Duration: 27:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When was the last time you've made your dreams come true? I mean like really owning what's rightfully yours without any regret? Mellissa and Light Fairy have been friends for so long. They're like soul mates, doing everything together, going on all sorts of crazy adventures. There's just one ride they haven't hopped on yet and that's riding each other's pussy...

Sis Porn - Light Fairy - I will solve your math problems, but you will suck my dick!

File: tuulrnasipoligfaimzobv8hadi.mp4
Size: 390.70 MB
Duration: 20:45
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone, this is my stepsister, and shes bugging me as hell especially when Im busy with something important! Ive been waiting for a long time to repay her with just the same attitude, and today, this day has come. Our parents went out and we were left alone, and my sis needed my help with math. For several hours shes been annoying me with her endless requests tearfully asking me to help her solve a couple of problems. In the end, I couldnt stand it Want me to help you? Then I have a job for you. My brain works better when the blood in my body circulates faster, so you need to suck my cock while Im solving your problems! This shook her greatly she clearly didnt expect to hear this from her own stepbrother! But I was implacable, so she bent obediently, carefully unzipped my jeans and, just as a caring stepsister, began to suck on my cock.

Tricky Masseur - Lightfairy - Sticky bonus for tired blondie

File: nah8hnatrmalighhirelpmm5w.mp4
Size: 590.86 MB
Duration: 35:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When hot smoking Juicy Leila comes to the massage salon, she tells the masseur she is very tired and needs a boost of energy. Dude tells her that all her needs will be satisfied to the full. Later, when he rubs her asshole and plays with her clit, it turns out he thinks only about making sex with the gorgeous blonde right on the massage table. Cutie gets a little bit surprised because she thought she would get a full body massage but soon surrenders to masseur's big erected dick and curious tongue. She opens her three holes to get satisfaction that she craves for so much and takes a sticky bonus right on her smiling face.

Anal Beauty - Lightfairy - Arm-chair or carpet: what is more comfy?

File: ehwyrnaanbelighcommpac4hr.mp4
Size: 393.75 MB
Duration: 23:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: There are different kinds of furniture in this world. We can choose from tons of chairs or sofas to relax in comfort. Even though one can sit down on a couch, in an arm-chair, on a easy chair, there are people who prefer to sit on the floor. Sexy blonde is one of those girls. She believes that floor or carpet is the best thing for sitting while her boyfriend believes that arm-chair is much better because he can hug her as much as he wants in it. Luckily he can easily persuade the hottie to get up from the floor and to sit down on his laps in the arm-chair. Somewhere in the middle of the sex games they move onto the floor and finish the scene with a massive cumshot.

First BGG - Caty Kiss & Lightfairy - Stepmom gives blowjob lesso

File: 8n2zanafibgcatligfgq9lx9rqc.mp4
Size: 417.91 MB
Duration: 25:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: She is a gentle girl and she is in love with her boyfriend and they are making the first steps into the sex world. Sure that means they are not very expereinced and they do not know much but they are ready to experiment again and again. Anyway the sweetie just starts sucking her lad's cock when her stepmom enters the room. She is shocked her stepdaughter does not know how to suck a dick properly. luckily experienced stepmom is always ready to help her and to give her a blowjob lesson.

X Angels - Lightfairy - Lovers orgasm on camera

File: zlwvonaxanlighe9sg4zadby.mp4
Size: 382.46 MB
Duration: 23:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Like many other people Lightfairy and her boyfriend adore making pictures, especially those that capture moments of their love and intimacy. So sweet cutie puts on a sexy outfit, takes seductive positions on camera and later talks dude into joing her in bed. They pose on camera for a while but then get excited and hurry to undress each other. They play gentle though passionate sex games which bring them closer and closer to the highest point of satisfaction.