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Lexi Lore

Evil Angel - Lexi Lore - Lexi Lore: Lesbian Fun, Anal Gaping

File: f5mxxnaevanlexlorp9lslttcks.mp4
Size: 639.88 MB
Duration: 37:22
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Spunky blonde Lexi Lore loves showing that adorable girls can be nasty too. First, the young girl indulges in some kinky lesbian shenanigans with director Angel Long. Angel gags and chokes Lexi as Lexi lewdly fondles her twat. Next, crazy stud Markus Dupree arrives for a savage buttfuck. The docile doll drops to her knees for an intense throat reaming. Markus stuffs his big cock up Lexi's asshole, pummeling her rectum to explicit gaping! Messy anal action leads to an ass-to-mouth blowjob and decadent rimming. The climax is a sloppy cum facial.

Spizoo - Lexi Lore - Blonde Lexi Lore Up Close And Personal

File: tgh9lnaspilexlorzgu2pwecgp.mp4
Size: 577.88 MB
Duration: 30:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The blonde young Lexi Lore talks about your sexual preferences and your projects on the adult business in a short interview after she has a hardcore sexual encounter with Jhonny Goodluck, he appears in the scene and immediately he goes to take out Lexi's panties and give her a good licking pussy before she takes his dick in her mouth giving him a short blowjob, she inserts his cock deeper on her throat, after that she rides his cock forward and backward like a professional cowgirl, she likes ride a cock a take her time to enjoy on different positions. Then she poses on the couch with her back and her legs up and receives a very deep hard penetration for a while after she is ready to have a very hot rain of Jhonnys jizz on her lap. She is very happy about this hardcore sexual encounter with Jhonny Goodluck.

Monsters of Cock - Lexi Lore - Lexi Gets Poked In Her Pussy

File: o9fyknamoofcolexlorpxcqkqqr9h.mp4
Size: 503.66 MB
Duration: 45:31
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore has a crush on Slim Poke. She loves riding a big black cock. So after a few phone calls, we had her dreams come true. She is more than happy to hop on that cock. She starts by sucking his large dick. It barely fits but she powers through. Slim poke drills her pussy until her eyes roll back. She gets a nice thick coat of cum on her face.

Erotique TV Live - Lexi Lore - Candle Light Lovers

File: wfjm8naertvlilexlorzs5r9lz6rl.mp4
Size: 550.68 MB
Duration: 01:07:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Coed spinner Lexi Lore is back for her 4th appearance and Eric thought the candle light would make it a little more romantic for her...well, as romantic as you can get with his big dick in her little pussy and a dildo up her tight ass! The action starts with Lexi sucking on Eric's big prick until he...

Vogov - Lexi Lore - Anal Dominance

File: 9saxynavoglexlorg9ktvlf4id.mp4
Size: 555.61 MB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Some can say that love for pink color is a stereotype and that a modern girl should fight with it but Lexi Lore does not care about that. She is blonde, busty, curvy, sexy and she expresses her love for pink color, tiny lingerie sets, hearts and showing the beauty of her naked body freely. Of course she is always ready to enjoy her yummy ass, big boobs and always wet pussy but sharing all those treasures with a well-hung lad is much more pleasant. So this is why she enters the house, takes a seductive position and makes some noise so her lover realizes that she is at home. Soon he comes up to get and gets really struck with her looks. In fact her loves it so much that he gives her a hard fuck and cums all over her face

Moms Teach Sex - Lexi Lore & Sheena Ryder - Luck Of The Step Son

File: 1msaanamoteselexsheyapeusqczv.mp4
Size: 890.69 MB
Duration: 32:24
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Juan Loco has the double fortune or misfortune, depending how you look at it to have a super hot stepmom and adopted sister. He catches a glimpse of both sister Lexi Lore and mommy Sheena Ryder changing into their St. Patrick's Day outfits for a party. After perving on both of them, Juan has a stiffie so he goes to sit in the living room and claims he wants to watch TV. Too bad Sheena wants to get going. She tells Juan to change. Juan eventually puts on his jacket, but when Sheena pulls Juan's pants down to put the green pants on she reveals his boner.

Obviously Juan's pants will never fit like that, so Sheena goes into damage control mode. She is initially tempted to take matters into her own hands, but instead she tells Lexi to take care of it. Lexi isn't thrilled, but she ultimately lets Sheena guide her hand to start stroking. With Mommy calling the shots, Lexi drops to her knees to start sucking Juan off. That doesn't work fast enough, so Sheena joins in for a double BJ. Juan is loving every moment of it, but this isn't making his boner go away so the girls try something even more hardcore.

Sheena urges Lexi down onto the couch so she can spread her legs and take all of Juan's big one. Watching Lexi get her pussy pounded leaves Sheena even hornier, so she hikes up her miniskirt and gets on her knees for some doggy style action as she eats Lexi out. Next up Lexi takes a ride on Juan's dick with Sheena behind her helping her set an orgasmic pace. Sheena gets another go with Juan's hardon as she lays on her back with one ankle on Juan's shoulder and Lexi's tongue keeping her nipples hard. Banging his stepmom's hairy pussy is just what Juan needs to finally cum. He pulls out and aims for Lexi's mouth and mama's muff as he blows his load for the girls to snowball. Now that the fun is done, they need to rush for the party.

Mommy's Girl - Sarah Vandella & Lexi Lore - Mommys Private Time

File: zf4jcnamogisarlex6o8o96l5c8.mp4
Size: 285.88 MB
Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella is sprawled out, naked and comfortable, in bed with her favorite vibrator in hand. It's been SO LONG since she's had some alone time and she's going to enjoy every second of it!

But her pleasure is short-lived when her step-daughter, Lexi Lore, bounces her way in, completely oblivious to her masturbating! Sarah quickly throws the vibrator under the pillow and buries herself in the blankets, though Lexi doesn't seem bothered at all as she flops down on the bed with her.

Sarah is annoyed, telling Lexi that she was TRYING to have a... NAP... and that it would've been nice if she'd knocked before barging in. Lexi doesn't quite buy this, curious and suspicious about why Sarah's napping naked in the middle of the day! When the vibrator accidentally goes off, the jig is up.

When Lexi starts bombarding Sarah with questions, Sarah is at a loss until Lexi sadly admits that her real mom never taught her about masturbation. She really has no idea how to take care of herself in that way! Although Sarah is still weirded out, she is sympathetic and agrees to give Lexi a lesson... as long as she knocks from now on!

Once Lexi eagerly agrees, Sarah sits back and spreads her legs, showing off her pussy. She grabs the vibrator and starts masturbating, walking Lexi calmly through the process. Since Lexi is fascinated and wants to learn more, Sarah soon hands the vibrator off to her. Once Sarah teaches her the basics, she tries to shoo Lexi away but Lexi wants to learn MORE! Since Lexi promises to FINALLY give Sarah some peace if they have sex, Sarah gives in.

As Sarah teaches Lexi the joys of lesbian sex and taking care of herself, all she can hope is that it'll be enough. Sure, this is fun, but she still needs private time to herself, too!

Everything Butt - Aiden Starr, Gia Derza & Lexi Lore - Anal Therapy: Aiden Starr Rekindles Lost Love Through Rough Anal

File: 6hb1xnaevbuaidgialexsobfqk7jl2.mp4
Size: 887.53 MB
Duration: 01:20:58
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore and Gia Derza sit in awkward silence, waiting for their couple's therapy session with Dr. Aiden Starr. Aiden introduces her self to the two. She tells them to relax and listens to both sides. Gia explains that when Lexi is asleep, she plays with Lexi's asshole, but never when she's awake. Lexi wishes Gia would just be honest about her wants and needs. Aiden suggests a new technique to Gia and she agrees to it. Aiden dangles a pendant in front of her eyes and Gia drifts off to sleep. Just then, Aiden puts her arm around Lexi, gropes her tits through her short dress and tells her to bend over. Lexi spins around in her chair and puts her ass high in the air and Aiden shoves her thumb up Lexi's ass. Aiden gets a clear glass butt-plug and slides it inside her hole. She pops it in and out, making Lexi's asshole gape. Gia wakes up shocked to see her girlfriend getting her ass fucked by their therapist. Aiden yells at her to come lick her girlfriends asshole and Gia rushes to Lexi's hole and licks it furiously. Aiden bends Gia over her leather chair and spanks her perfect tight round ass until it turns pink. She pulls Gia's panties down and spreads her ass cheeks. Aiden takes a blue butt-plug and stuffs Gia's ass with it. She stuffs it in and pulls it out making big gapes. She leaves the plug inside and presses a vibrator against her pussy and Gia cums so hard that she shoots the plug out of her ass. Aiden tells Gia to go masturbate in the corner while she watches her fuck her girlfriends ass with a big clear glass toy. She fucks Lexi with a strap-on and fucks Gia with a big dick on a stick. After stuffing a big metal ball, and the entire slink up Lexi's ass, Aiden makes them kiss, ending their therapy session.

Rk Prime - Alura Jenson & Lexi Lore - Lexi Wants It Bad

File: fzrmxnarkpralulexstjqggajfx.mp4
Size: 542.48 MB
Duration: 48:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Busty blonde Alura Jenson loves helping her tattooed boyfriend Scott Nails get off, and shes always down to give him a sloppy blowjob before fucking him hard while her huge tits bounce. But this fuck session is cut short when Aluras niece blonde teen Lexi Lore struts in for a visit. Oops! They put their clothes back on as quick as they can, but not before Lexi gets a glimpse of Scotts big fat cock. And once shes seen it, shes gotta have it. While oblivious Alura takes a shower, petite Lexi crawls on top of muscular Scott, and, with some effort, she successfully traps this hottie in her net. Up in Lexis room, Lexi shows Scott her enormous dildo and she gives it a nasty blowjob while he films. Lexi begs for the real thing, and finally Scott gives in and shows her what hes got. She takes it in her pretty little mouth, and then in her pretty little pussy. But once again, Scotts quest to cum is cut short when Alura comes looking for him. Will Scott ever get to cum? Watch to find out.

Detention Girls - Lexi Lore - I Sucked Step Daddys Cock

File: ubumxnadegilexlorm6q4orzskf.mp4
Size: 312.79 MB
Duration: 35:42
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore has been sent to a detention home for giving her stepdad a blowjob. Sovereign Sire is in charge of Lexi's intake, but Lexi is super bitchy to her. Sovereign sends Lexi to her room to get changed into something more decent as Will Pounder, another admin, comes out of the kitchen to find out what was going on. Instead of changing, Lexi climbs into bed to start masturbating. Meanwhile, Sovereign lets Will know that Lexi is there for having sex with older men, most recently her stepfather. When Will comes in to check on Lexi, she says he reminds her of her stepfather. She asks to suck his dick, and though Will is concerned he'll get into trouble he's definitely interested. It takes a little bit of effort on Lexi's part, but she eventually gets Will's cock out and into her mouth.

A week later, Will and Sovereign are going over a review of Lexi's first week with her. As soon as Sovereign's attention is on reviewing the papers, Lexi takes the opportunity to act. She flashes Will her boobs now that she knows the sight of that will get him nice and hard. Then she frees his dick so she can give him a handie. She waits until the last possible second to disengage, coming dangerously close to getting them both caught. That's enough for Will, who waits a while before confronting Lexi in her room to tell her to cut it out before they both get caught.

Instead of backing down, Lexi takes the opportunity to complete her seduction of the admin. Rolling onto her back, she presents her pussy and insists that he lick it. When Will is done feasting on that bare twat, he sticks it in to finally feel Lexi's tight twat. Lexi lets Will have his way with her, then climbs aboard his hardon to ride him. She finishes herself off with a doggy style romp that leaves her mewling her pleasure. A moment later, Will pulls out and cums all over Lexi's ass as she teases his dick with her butt. He ends their romp by telling Lexi they can't do this again because he can't lose his job.

Reality Junkies - Lexi Lore - Lexi Needs Stepdaddy's Nectar

File: qrlsonarejulexlor7a9a1t9zpg.mp4
Size: 231.91 MB
Duration: 28:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Super slut sexy adult school girl Lexi stomps her way home from school, dragging her stuffed animal along as her skirt barely conceals her ass. When she gets home, she is punished by her mother. No more cell phone! In a huff, she exclaims Im going to die alone and a virgin! Her mom wont budge, but she is confident that she can get her phone back by doing a little acting for her new stepdad...

When Girls Play - Lexi Lore & Mackenzie Moss - Girl Crush: Mackenzie & Lexi

File: ctyelnawhgipllexmaci2q7zcoqfx.mp4
Size: 496.83 MB
Duration: 47:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when a major studio acts like a match-maker to bring two insanely hot women together to explore the reaches of their crushes and bring each other to levels of pleasure that only another woman can provide? Find out by watching Girl Crush brought to you by Twistys. This scene features the stunning Mackenzie Moss and the delicious Lexi Lore. Enjoy!

Share My BF - Lexi Lore & Hime Marie - Let's Fuck My Best Friend

File: rjvgcnashmybflexhim6mgmswd36e.mp4
Size: 472.60 MB
Duration: 36:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hime Marie Lexi Lore are best friends, blonde Lexi is coming to visit and adorable Hime is excited to see her. Hime's boyfriend gets the vibe that the two girls are horny for each other and convinces them that a threesome would be more fun than a twosome!

Digital Playground - Luna Star & Lexi Lore - Pick A Room: Episode 4

File: zr7a3nadipllunstauagvajgt3g.mp4
Size: 377.02 MB
Duration: 29:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jess Kira Noir and Max Ricky Johnson are a young, boring couple who have never experienced great sex. They visit a therapist in hopes of fixing their sex life. Linda India Summer, the therapist, hypnotizes them at the same time. They wake up in a shared dream with a long hallway of numbered doors and a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

Teens Like It Big - Lexi Lore - Size Stamina

File: 9kpsdnateliitbilexlorn3ibtyxg4f.mp4
Size: 365.84 MB
Duration: 31:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Keiran answers his door one morning to find the hot and adorable Lexi Lore outside. She explains that shes running an experiment for her final college science paper and needs volunteers for her research. As it turns out, the big question at the center of her work is is there a correlation between cock size and stamina in bed? Once Lexi explains her hands-on approach to gathering data, she convinces a hesitant Keiran to become her next subject.

Spizoo - Lexi Lore - Young Blonde Lexi Lore Nymphomaniac Impulses

File: n1xnznaspilexlorkwqvunfc3l.mp4
Size: 533.83 MB
Duration: 28:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Young blonde Lexi Lore is bored and is calling her friends to find out who is willing to spend a sexual evening, but her father is angry because he does not want to attend the appointment with the sex therapist to treat her sex addiction. In the doctor's office, she begins to show her sexual impulses and to attack her doctor by taking his cock until she can get him excited, on her knees, she takes out his cock and begins to suck it and lick his balls and insert it into her throat to the bottom. After a long blowjob this nymphomaniac sits on the sofa for the doctor to do oral sex to her and then insert his penis into her tight pussy, after a long penetration, she accommodates her doctor to ride his dick like a professional. She still wants more and in a doggy position, she receives a penetration, before taking her hot cum in her mouth. In the end, the doctor prescribes this same treatment every four hours.

Anal Overdose - Lexi Lore - Double Vag Lexi Lore Gangbang

File: n83u7naanovlexlorozxlmes6ij.mp4
Size: 567.51 MB
Duration: 01:10:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Teenager Lexi Lore cant stand to be bored. So how does this naughty 19-year-old keep herself excited? Not with masturbation. Not with one cock. Not even with two. This nasty blonde slut with braces needs an entire gangbang along with double vag penetration. Fortunately, in PervCity, she can just order in big dicks whenever she wants.

Moms Bang Teens - Lexi Lore & Nina Milano - A Compelling Candidate

File: x6sbwnamobatelexninqe8m9e5soa.mp4
Size: 346.20 MB
Duration: 26:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: How do you stand out in a job interview? A winning smile? A bowtie? For Juan El Caballo, its his dick. But hes going to need more than just that big thing to impress at his interviewers, Lexi Lore and Nina Milano. Hes going to need to show them he knows how to work...

Girls Way - Lexi Lore & Harmony Wonder - We Like Girls Lexi & Harmony

File: ssg6xnagiwalexhary14rnfr8qj.mp4
Size: 495.41 MB
Duration: 59:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When we wrapped season one of We Like Girls, I totally intended to take a little breather. The thought was short-lived, though, since so many wonderful women kept asking to work with us on this project. With everyone showing so much enthusiasm and love for what we do, how could I say no?

But this season, we're mixing it up and bringing you even more intimate stories than before. We really want to highlight each unique and genuine relationship to show you how love exists in so many forms...

And we're starting off with Lexi Lore and Harmony Wonder!

'It's great to share this special moment with someone, but when you watch Harmony and I,' says Lexi, 'it's not just a moment that you're seeing on camera... There's years and years that go behind that moment, making it so special.'

These two ladies have known each other for over a decade. Although life has physically kept them apart throughout the years, their bond has always remained strong. Now they'll FINALLY be able to express the love they have for each other in a way they've never done before... by going to prom!

'Harmony was definitely interested in having a prom-themed scene today because neither of us ever got to go to prom,' Lexi tells us. 'I don't even think we were in the same state. We never went to prom together, or at all, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity for Harmony to teach me how to dance!'

Little does Lexi know, Harmony has something VERY special planned... I promise that you're NOT going to want to miss this!

Blacks On Blondes - Lexi Lore - The Power Of Twitter Is Pretty Impressive

File: 7jbuinablonbllexloruqpdojnt1m.mp4
Size: 500.93 MB
Duration: 44:31
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: The power of Twitter is pretty impressive. Within a week of Lexi Lore responding to Dogfart's tweet about who should be the next gangbang girl and nominating herself, she was getting DP'd on the stairs by four well-hung studs. Lexi is a hot 20 year old who wants nothing more than to be used up by her big dark daddies. They drag her around, fill all her holes and make her big bobbing ass red and welting. And because she's such a good little slut on a leash, they double stuck
it to her by stuffing her little rosy hallway with two big, hard dicks. They spray her face with streams of shame and the perverted slut drove home, probably to her boyfriend, stretched out and satisfied.

Mommy's Girl - Lilly Lit, Lexi Lore & Serene Siren - My Neighbor's Sugar Mommy

File: llhq7namogilillexserm3gygivyg3.mp4
Size: 400.53 MB
Duration: 48:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore knocks on her neighbor's door. Lilly Lit answers, excitedly welcoming Lexi into the house as they exchange introductions. Lexi is new to the neighborhood and wanted to say hi!

They make small talk. When they realize that they're both 20 years old, Lilly expresses how happy she is to have another young person in the neighborhood, but Lexi sheepishly admits that she doesn't think she'll be in the neighborhood too long. The rent is too expensive. Lilly can relate. She used to struggle with money too, but ever since she became part of a special arrangement...

But before Lilly can elaborate further, they are interrupted when Serene Siren arrives home and greets Lilly, 'Hey, sweetie, I'm home!' 'Welcome home, mommy,' Lilly happily greets, then introduces Lexi. Serene is immediately taken by how sweet and adorable Lexi is, saying how cute she is. 'If there's anything you need, Lexi, don't hesitate to ask,' she says, then adds to Lilly, 'I'll be in my room, so be sure to come straight up when you're done with your friend, darling. I can't wait for you to sit on my face!' Lilly cheerfully says, 'Yes, mommy!' Lexi looks on in shock at this very blunt exchange.

Disturbed by the conversation, Lexi politely but shakily tries to excuse herself from the house after Serene leaves. Lilly stops her with a laugh and explains that Serene isn't her REAL mother -- she's her sugar mommy! Lexi is confused, and Lilly tells her that Serene takes care of her bills, food, rent...everything. In exchange, she PRETENDS to be her daughter and does ANYTHING Serene asks... 'Anything?' Lexi asks. 'Anything!' Lilly says with a grin. It's the best decision she's ever made! She's spoiled rotten AND she has mind-blowing sex every day!

'I wonder if -I- should get a sugar mommy...' Lexi shyly says, half-joking. It's obvious she's considering the option but is too shy to dive in. Lilly looks thoughtful then grins. Suggesting that they go talk to Serene to see if she and Lexi hit it off, Lilly takes Lexi's hand and leads her to the bedroom.

They arrive at the bedroom, though Lexi is still shy. Lilly mischievously tells Serene that she has a surprise for her. Serene turns predatory and begins seducing Lexi, saying she's interested in taking on a second daughter. Serene and Lilly begin caressing and fawning over Lexi, making Lexi flustered, though she likes the attention. Serene continues to butter Lexi up with promises of being taken care of. 'Wouldn't you like a new sister, too?' Serene seductively says while Lilly excitedly agrees. 'Lexi, come be my new sister...' Since she's so aroused and intrigued, Lexi agrees to the arrangement and the trio come together for a steamy threesome.

Lexi's going to show her new sugar mommy how grateful she is to be part of the family!