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Sapphic Erotica - Kaisa Nord & Madison - Sapphic Splits

File: 82sqmnasaerkaimadfb1umpi7la.mp4
Size: 309.59 MB
Duration: 38:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kaisa Nord and Madison like to excerscise together, some new elements were developed and practiced which needs to be mastered furthermore... Quiet obvious, that these girls are together not just for these routines they practice, but other sorts of lesbian originated activities as well...

Moms On Moms - India Summer & Reagan Foxx - Stood Up By Her Husband

File: figkpnamoonmoindrearlg2rwgxzt.mp4
Size: 297.07 MB
Duration: 36:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer is feeling the love as she enters a hotel room where she's supposed to have a sexy rendezvous with her husband. It's their anniversary, so she lays out the essentials, like a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses. It's only a matter of time now before her husband is due to show up, so India makes herself comfortable.

But as time goes on, it becomes clear that her workaholic husband has stood her up... again! Unable to stand being alone for a second longer, she calls her best friend, Reagan Foxx, and invites her over.

When Reagan shows up, she instantly knows that India's husband has let her down again. Although India tries to make light of it, Reagan sees through it and wants nothing more than to comfort India however she can. But when India starts to admit that she's rethinking her marriage and has had sexy thoughts about HER, Reagan is stunned!

Although India is afraid of messing up her relationship with her best friend, she can't hide her feelings anymore. Reagan isn't sure at first, worried that India's just upset and horny, though she's soon won over by India's sincerity. If India can't celebrate her anniversary, they may as well celebrate their friendship!

India starts by stripping Reagan down, tasting Reagan's breasts and pussy for the first time. While she savors the taste, Reagan doesn't hesitate to return the favor, making India melt under the attention. As they lose themselves in a night of passion, it seems as though they're finally more than just friends!

Evil Angel - Riley Reid, Katrina Jade & Angela White - I Am Riley Episode Three

File: yjdshnaevanrilkatangjput2meqkm.mp4
Size: 861.30 MB
Duration: 01:10:00
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Filmmaker Evil Chris exposes the professional and private life of superstar Riley Reid, combining genuine journalism, behind-the-scenes access and a full, hardcore scene Riley's explosive threesome with Katrina Jade and Angela White, the only two porn luminaries previously presented in Evil Angel's innovative XXX documentary style. Voluptuous Angela is always positive and proper artistically tattooed Katrina is a dirty-talking bad girl that wears only black and Riley is the friendly cutie whose petite body, pretty face and fun loving demeanor make her the darling of millions. Cameras follow the three thoughtful, sexy beauties from their homes to director Bree Mills' shooting location. We see Ms. Mills organize the day's production -- she wisely decides to let her confident, talented performers take the scene wherever they want. Riley and Angela realize that they're both new to Katrina. 'You are fresh pussy for us!' exclaims Angela. 'And butthole,' adds Riley. Tease footage captures the girls in matching lingerie. Once naked, they come together for a lube-slick lesbian cluster-fuck. Concludes Riley, 'It's rare when you get ... all big names, and don't feel this weird, competitive vibe against each other. You can tell that the three of us wanted to fuck each other.'

We Live Together - Bella Rolland & Molly Stewart - Private Show

File: jdjwznawelitobelmoly6vqevqhcb.mp4
Size: 304.96 MB
Duration: 27:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Have you ever wondered what dancers get up to behind the scenes? Well, youre about to find out. Because as it turns out, Bella Rolland and Molly Steward find each others smoking hot bodies as sexy as everyone else does. Sultry and smoky, these fit girls get it on with some serious energy. Youre not going to want to miss out on this private show a first hand glance at what goes on behind the scenes.

Euro Girls On Girls - Alecia Fox & Casey - Two Slim Blondes And A Vibrator

File: 5qcu5naeugiongialecashtk88qxx1l.mp4
Size: 368.02 MB
Duration: 45:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: There is nothing as delicious in this world as Two Slim Blondes and a Vibrator! Well maybe if you are the meat in this leggy babe sandwich of course. Russian stunner Alecia Fox and luscious Latvian Casey mix it up today in a Lesbian Fetish Fuck off that will have you bursting from your pants! Alecia comes to Casey for help picking an outfit to wear, and none seem to pique Casey's interest until Alecia brings out the pantyhose. That's when Casey, who has a major foot fetish, gets horny for more and lives out her toe sucking fantasies while Alecia masturbates her trimmed pussy.

Alecia has a thing for stockings herself and gets off on rubbing Casey's soles while pussy licking her from behind. Now both glamour pornstars' pussies are soaking wet and they bring out their sex toys to engage in deep pussy insertion. After toy sucking to get the dildo slick, Alecia fastens a strap-on to her thigh to fuck Casey in doggy style. Then Casey returns the favor by working Alecia to orgasm with a vibrator.

After a sexy 69, the Euro babes end this 4K premium porn scene with French kissing and orgasmic bliss.

All Girl Massage - Jill Kassidy & Gia Derza - There's An App For That

File: c68innaalgimajilgiaeahvb9pqz3.mp4
Size: 339.45 MB
Duration: 41:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jill Kassidy, a domestic droid, is tidying up Gia Derza's bedroom when she suddenly gets a notification of an update. Gia, who is relaxing nearby, curiously listens as Jill lists off the updates available. While most of the updates are of no real interest to Gia, she DOES become excited when Jill mentions there's a massage app now available. Gia encourages her to download it, then eagerly strips and lays down on the bed to give this new feature a whirl.

Jill dutifully gets to work, although it takes some tweaking to get the massage calibrated just right. Sometimes Jill is a little too rough, sometimes a little too gentle, but they eventually find the right pressure... that soon turns to pleasure. As Jill gradually becomes aroused beneath Jill's skilled hands, she starts prodding Jill to see if she's programmed to do happy endings as well. Much to Gia's delight, Jill remarks that she is and that she'd be happy to give Gia exactly what she needs!

Jill starts by massaging Gia's pussy with her tongue, making her want so much more. Gia's not about to let the droid have ALL the fun, though, as she takes her turn and shows Jill what sex is all about. As they enjoy themselves to the fullest, Gia can't help but wonder what other kinds of fun updates there'll be in the future!

Sweetheart Video - Brandi Love & Autumn Falls - Stay The Night

File: ppjounaswvibraautislhvmq9od.mp4
Size: 244.51 MB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a hard day cleaning tables and serving clients, Brandi Brandi Love comes home and finds her babysitter Autumn Autumn Falls sleeping on the couch. Its already late and Autumn, has to come back in the morning anyway, so she invites her to stay the night. Brandi refuses to let her sleep on the couch, her bed is big enough for two peoples. This extra night together will bring the two women closer to each other.

Pornstar Platinum - Dee Williams & Kali Dane - Punishment For Kali Dane

File: ljjbcnapopldeekalgiyogdsmmn.mp4
Size: 768.75 MB
Duration: 39:35
Resolution: 720x406
Format: mp4
Description: I love Kali Dane. She's a good little whore that knows her boundaries but more importantly she knows how to please her master's pussy. And she is gonna do that and more. But not before I get those tight holes of hers nice and loose with some good vibrations and butt plugs. Only then am I going to let Kali taste my juices. I hope your'e thirsty baby because momma's got about a pint of pussy juice stored up that she's gonna squirt in your face and mouth!

Girls Way - Syren De Mer & Dee Williams - We Like Girls

File: fwovlnagiwasyrdeedj77x59idh.mp4
Size: 452.23 MB
Duration: 53:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I've had the pleasure of working with the amazing Dee Williams a LOT in the past year, so when she told me about this incredible five-year relationship with Syren De Mer, I was riveted. It sounded like the kind of love that you only read about in fairytales, so how could I NOT feature them for this project?

'We met on set, actually,' Dee answered when we asked how she and Syren first met. 'She walked into the green room, I didn't know I was working with her, and I was like, who is THAT??'

'We kind of felt a connection right from the beginning, but we had JUST met,' Syren followed up with. They went on to describe how intensely they fell for each other from the get-go, with Dee admitting that even her ex-husband didn't look at her the way Syren did!

'She is my first love... My first girl love, my girlfriend!' Syren fondly states while holding her hands over her heart with the biggest smile on her face.

I tell you, there was no shortage of love in the air on set that day. The way they both lit up when talking about each other, admitting how they're two halves of the same heart, was unforgettable. When we finally let them come together again after the interviews, we couldn't take our eyes off them...

Zebra Girls - Daya Knight, September Reign & Bunny Colby - It's A Clash Of The Influencers

File: xqqjfnazegidaysepbunhlsn8xgsb1.mp4
Size: 374.37 MB
Duration: 45:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's a clash of the influencers Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Latte vs Mocha Pumpkin Spice Latte. Which flavor will take all?
While Bunny is at the park, looking glam and cozy in her autumnal pics for the gram, September and her girlfriend Daya spy the cute, curvy booted blonde. September wants a piece of that and makes her move, super casual and totally low-key of course. Soon enough Bunny agrees to some collab with the big-time influencer beauties. The three Fall-ready girls head to September and Daya's because they have the best equipment
for streaming. Bunny soon proves herself to be a basic bitch after all and breaks Daya's nail in the most saccharine sweet, mean girls way possible when she sees that the girls have WAAAY more followers than she does. September and Daya were already planning to make the moves on Bunny but now they're pissed. They've just lost an entire day of content because they can't shoot with a broken nail! That would be way too basic. They tell Bunny that now she has to make it up by shooting content with them. She agrees, and once the clothes come off she tries to leave and offers to pay for the nail instead. Her money is no good here when she has such a sweet pussy to pay with instead. September brings out a plate of dildos and strap-ons, and they get their payback. I think Mocha Pumpkin Spice definitely won this round.

Lesbea - Kaisa Nord & Adel Morel - Euro Beauties Outoor Anal Play

File: ucp2dnaleskaiadecvpsd5rclq.mp4
Size: 331.03 MB
Duration: 28:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The summer is shining down on European beauty Kaisa Nord who is wearing a skimpy bikini. Comfortable, Kaisa starts to play with her pussy, then takes out her favorite pink toy to masturbate with. As Kaisa pleasures herself, the adorable Adel Morel comes up behind her. Joining Kaisa, Adel kisses her lover, then takes over dildo duty. Kaisa turns round and presents her ass for Adel, who uses the toy to fuck Kaisa's round ass. After some fun anal, Kaisa then eats Adel out and fingers her to orgasm!

When Girls Play - Gia Derza & Skye Blue - Girl Gang: Part 2

File: bvq3dnawhgiplgiasky7ymkothrd8.mp4
Size: 293.04 MB
Duration: 36:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia and Skye have been sent out by the leader of the Girl Gang to fuck shit up and steal some goods. Gia, still new and a little skiddish suggests robbing her stepdad instead of strangers so theres less of a risk. Skye agrees but has full intentions to cause a little ruckus while theyre there.

Hot And Mean - Julia Ann & Gina Valentina - I Want Her To Like Me

File: 3tyl6nahoanmejulgin68ogpqiv7y.mp4
Size: 464.13 MB
Duration: 34:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ginas father has just proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Julia Ann, and Julia is worried that Gina isnt going to like her. Ginas father asks her to come home from college to break the big news and Gina is not happy! Julia is on her best behavior in an effort to win over Gina, but Gina is not having any of it! Julia is mortified when she catches Gina masturbating in her room, and runs away. Gina follows behind with her trusty strap on dildo, ready to teach Julia a lesson in privacy!

Girls Gone Pink - Abella Danger & Payton Preslee - Bikini Squirters

File: ziymonagigopiabepay3kf6bteqne.mp4
Size: 507.46 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Abella and Payton are having a pool day when playful Payton dumps a pail of water all over Abella while she's trying to tan. Abella chases her and gets back at Payton by fucking her brains out! There is nothing better than watching two bikini babes going at it on the edge of the pool, Sploosh!

Lesbea - Martina Smeraldi & Anastasia Brokelyn - Italian And Spanish Squirting 69

File: trblynalesmarana64ffjzqzbr.mp4
Size: 164.18 MB
Duration: 20:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Spanish and Italian lesbian lovers, Anastasia Brokelyn and Martina Smeraldi, go on a romantic nature walk, then head back to their cabin for some intimate naughty fun. Sitting on the couch, Anastasia rubs Martina's feet, then leans over and kisses the Italian brunette. Anastasia licks and caresses Martina's nipples, then Martina plays with Anastasia's tits too. Taking her pants off, Martina lays back and spreads her legs, then Anastasia pulls her panties to the side to lick her pussy. The ladies pleasure each other in 69, then enjoy some squirt-filled orgasmic mutual masturbation!

Mommy's Girl - Serena Blair, Haley Reed & Serene Siren - Our Family Doctor

File: t7xapnamogiserhalserqwemubrnlk.mp4
Size: 419.37 MB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed is at her doctor's office for a checkup with her step-mom, Serene Siren, hovering nearby. Even though Haley is 18 and could easily attend the appointment on her own, she's thankful to Serene for being there with her to make her feel more comfortable. Yet, it doesn't seem as though Serene herself is that comfortable, especially when Haley asks for a kiss to calm her down. You see, they're hiding a secret from the world and Serene's scared of their real relationship being uncovered. However, Haley herself is unfazed and is able to convince Serene to give her a nice kiss on the lips.

When Dr. Serena Blair steps into the office to meet her patients, she's suspicious with how disheveled both mother and daughter look. However, she proceeds with the checkup like normal. With each test she runs and question she asks, she becomes more and more concerned with the nature of their relationship. Although Serene seems to he trying to hide it, Haley is less secretive.

Finally, Serena calls them out on it, discovering that they're sexual with each other! Although Serene's upset at Haley for being so bold, she tries to convince Serena to keep their secret. In fact, Serena's welcome to join them for a little fun if she'll let this slip under the radar. Although Serena's not sure at first, how can she resist the allure of a steamy threesome?

Since Haley is already splayed out for them because of her physical examination, it's easy for Serena and Serene to get down and dirty with her. The office is suddenly a whole lot hotter as the three ladies devour each other's pussies, making great use of the doctor's appointment.

Viv Thomas - Aislin & Alya Stark - Ride With Me

File: 5xlvznavithaisalyuappfiac6d.mp4
Size: 227.68 MB
Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Aislin is out on her bicycle, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Ride With Me begins. When she stops on a railway bridge to fix her faulty bike chain, cute passerby Alya Stark offers to help, and the two hotties strike up an instant rapport. Back at Alyas place, Aislin takes off her panties while her new friend fetches her toolbox. The sweet green-eyed brunette is surprised to get a flash of Aislins bare pussy, but returns her spontaneous kiss eagerly, and shivers with pleasure when Aislin pulls down her top to bare her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then slides a hand into her tiny shorts. Soon Aislin has the shorts off and is sucking on the puffy pink folds of Alyas shaved pussy, and then easing a finger inside to frig her to a powerful climax. Now the busty blonde straddles Alyas face to get her shaved pussy eaten. As Alya laps at her clit voraciously, her boobs bounce hypnotically while she shudders with pleasure. She dismounts and lies back with her thighs spread wide as Alya drives her to an intense orgasm.

Girls Way - Shyla Jennings, Whitney Wright & Mackenzie Moss - Caught By The Jogger

File: ravkcnagiwashywhimacrsjna571za.mp4
Size: 510.64 MB
Duration: 31:22
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright and Mackenzie Moss are strolling through an outdoors area, holding hands and being lovey-dovey. Whitney is carrying a blanket in one arm as they gush about a sunny picnic they just enjoyed. Whitney begins to look mischievous while scouting out the area as they walk. She seems to be looking to and fro, as if looking for a particular spot. She then looks pointedly at Mackenzie. Clearly Whitney has something naughty on her mind.

Mackenzie's eyes widen with surprise as Whitney suggests that they have a little fun. Even though Mackenzie is flustered, she excitedly agrees as Whitney puts the blanket down and pats it. Mackenzie lays down and Whitney eagerly sits on Mackenzie's face, riding her tongue. Soon, the girls separate and Mackenzie rubs her pussy to climax, squirting out a beautiful torrent of juice as she cums.

Meanwhile, Shyla Jennings jogs nearby and overhears their moans. She investigates and finds Whitney and Mackenzie having sex. Shyla is shocked but unable to look away, aroused by the sight as Whitney and Mackenzie have a lively squirting session.

Unable to help herself, Shyla masturbates in secret a small ways away from a couple, behind a tree. Her eyes frequently close as she experiences waves of pleasure. But just as she's about to cum, she opens her eyes and is shocked to see that Whitney and Mackenzie have noticed her and started watching her with sly smiles.

Shyla is embarrassed about being caught, though Whitney and Mackenzie are not shocked. In fact, they are pleased. They invite Shyla to join them, which she does after some enticing.

Whitney and Mackenzie may have been caught by the jogger, but they're more than happy to turn their dirty duo into a thrilling threesome!

A Girl Knows - Alessandra Jane, Gia Ren & Hayli Sanders - Quality time with the girls

File: l7heqnaagiknalegiahayt9cq9vqp7d.mp4
Size: 249.11 MB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: These stunning girls know how to enjoy their free time together. Alessandra Jane, Gia Ren, and Hayli Sanders are pleasing each other in the hottest ways possible in a relaxing atmosphere by the pool. This premium HD scene will show you a glimpse of what Heaven looks like.

Cherry Pimps - Skylar Snow & Verronica Kirei - Verronica And Skylar Eat Some Pussy

File: jdgl3nachpiskyveryk64jommma.mp4
Size: 550.77 MB
Duration: 24:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy hot babes Verronica Kireri and Skylar Snow are hot for each other and want to get down and make each other cum! Verronica is already so wet and loves how Skylars tongue feels as it eats and devours her horny pussy! The girls bring out a glass dildo and really have some fucking fun until they are both fully satisfied from the gentle and sensual lesbian touches.

Sweetheart Video - Brandi Love & Carter Cruise - Brandi Loves Girls 2: Scene 2

File: mwwthnaswvibracarpf32oaki2f.mp4
Size: 296.34 MB
Duration: 36:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Carter Carter Cruise is struggling with her basketball skills. Lucky for her, her coach Brandi Brandi Love offers to help her. After a few lessons and loops, Carter finally gets it, on her way back she stops by her coachs room and decides to reveal the real reason why she wants to play basketball. This unexpected revelation ignites the connection between the coach and her student bringing them to another level.

Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jillian Janson, Sabina Rouge & Aria Lee - Popular 1: Corrupting The New Girl

File: kv6rfnagiwaaidjilsabari9o4pyabb7a.mp4
Size: 323.14 MB
Duration: 38:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sabina Rouge, a new girl in town who's a bit of a tomboy, walks around, looking around unfamiliarly. She seems to be searching for a particular building.

Not paying attention, she accidentally bumps into Avi Love. Avi yelps and drops the books she was carrying. As Sabina chats with Avi, a shy local girl, they hit it off right away. They like the same books and Sabina is impressed that Avi is into cosplay and good at makeup. Sabina moved to town a couple of weeks ago with her family just after she turned 18.

When Sabina asks Avi to show her where the library is, Avi is surprised, since she's not the most popular girl in school and it might mess up Sabina's reputation when school starts. Sabina insists that she doesn't care about this stuff and they head to the library together.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Sabina and Avi become close friends. One day, they're hanging out in the local coffee shop when Sabina meets Jillian Janson, Aria Lee and Aidra Fox, a clique of popular and bitchy girls who are the same age as Sabina. Jillian, the leader, sees something in Sabina and offers to give her a makeover.

Sabina is torn between hanging out with Avi and the popular girls. Ultimately, much to Avi's disappointment, Sabina chooses the popular girls.

After she gets her makeover, Sabina is brimming with newfound confidence. Jillian and her two followers begin to makeout. Sabina is reluctant to join in, but, wanting to be popular, Sabina ultimately agrees.

Family XXX - Isabella Nice & Brooklyn Gray - Slutty Step Sister Shows Her Innocent Sister Pleasure

File: 8i9menafaxxisabroamcunyr9ze.mp4
Size: 561.62 MB
Duration: 25:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Gray is such a slut whereas her step sister is anything but. Isabella prays for her sister to stop her bad ways but then starts to feel something special as she watches Brooklyn masturbate with her toy. Maybe it is not so bad after all. You may not be able to sleep with a man but what is so wrong with personal masturbation. Brooklyn makes Isabella touch herself in front of her and soon Isabella has her face buried in her sisters wet little pussy! The fun only begins now and Isabella wants her sister to sit on her face before they 69 and use their toys to make each other cum together.

Hot And Mean - Maserati & Carolina Sweets - Pool Toy

File: wz2rknahoanmemascarajklgoqorw.mp4
Size: 567.20 MB
Duration: 31:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Maserati is just trying to enjoy a poolside afternoon, but her boyfriends bratty daughter Carolina Sweets keeps ruining the moment. Maserati realizes Carolina needs a firm hand, and the troublemaking teen gets the discipline shes been craving.

Cherry Pimps - Aidra Fox & Aria Lee - Banging Hot Babes Aidra And Aria Fucking

File: znekgnachpiaidaripht1mqjbuo.mp4
Size: 488.85 MB
Duration: 01:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Fox and Aria Lee are ready for a hot and wild time together. Their outfits are spectacular and they look absolutely beautiful together in their bright fishnets and sexy matching lingerie. Aidra gets all up in Arias pussy loving how wet she already is once those panties come off. She can not wait to kiss her and let Aria taste just how sweet that pussy is! The girls use their double dildo doing a little deep throat challenge before using their toys on each other. Aidra and Aria really know how to get those juices flowing face and hard