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Lesbea - Cindy Shine & Alina Crystall - Redhead Rebound Sex With Asian Bff

File: l6rqonalescinalifjwkezlha6.mp4
Size: 170.51 MB
Duration: 20:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Redhead Alina Crystall finds her Asian bff Cindy Shine crying in her room. Cindy confides in her best that her partner has left her, and the friends embrace silently. As they get closer, the emotions take over, and soon, the ladies find themselves in the throes of lesbian passion! Alina kisses Cindy, who responds with a smile, then climbs onto the bed. The lesbian lovers begin to strip each other, and Cindy moans as Alina caresses her big boobs and sucks her nipples. Pulling Cindy's turquoise panties to the side, Alina licks her lover, and the Asian stunner gasps at delight at the feeling of Alina's pierced tongue. Climbing into 69, the ladies please each other, then Cindy fingers her lover doggystyle. The ladies lie back in orgasmic silence, happy that no matter what happens, they will always have each other.

Lesbea - Scarlet & Romy Indy - Interracial Lesbians Movie Loving

File: syk2vnalesscaromr56oogfcn9.mp4
Size: 228.42 MB
Duration: 28:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ebony babe Romy Indy invites her Latina lesbian lover Scarlet Rebel over to watch a scary movie. Scarlet makes some popcorn, then joins Romy under a comforter right before the scary parts! The ladies scream together, and the chilling entertainment turns them both on. Romy reaches under the blanket and teases Scarlet's thigh with her fingertips, slowly crawling her way between her legs. Romy pulls Scarlet in for a passionate kiss, then takes her shirt off to enjoy the Latina babe's perky boobs. With Scarlet naked, Romy slides between her thighs, grabs two big handfuls of booty, and eats her pussy! Scarlet returns the favor and orgasms by eating Romy's ass and pussy doggystyle, then they engage in some deep fingering that makes them both cum!

Lesbea - Lady Bug & Gina Varney - Czech Geek Loves British Girlfriend

File: swa6enalesladgins9zruugc7f.mp4
Size: 172.16 MB
Duration: 21:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Lady Bug and Gina Varney are celebrating in their apartment. The geeky Czech spinner Lady Bug runs her fingers across the pale skin of her subtle tits, slowly and sensually turning her British girlfriend on. The ladies set their glasses aside, then embrace each other softly. Lady teases Gina's throbbing pussy through her sheer panties, then lies her blonde lover back to eat her out. Gina then takes control, enjoying Lady's tight booty in her hands before eating her out doggystyle. Lady shoves her own face into busty Gina's tits, then the ladies make each other cum a few more times for good measure!

Lesbea - Lady Dee & Atlanta Moreno - Pretty Girlfriends Welcome Home Sex

File: dok4znalesladatloqmretbsw9.mp4
Size: 246.91 MB
Duration: 24:57
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After being apart for a time, lesbian girlfriends Atlanta Moreno and Lady Dee, can't wait to get back to each other, but Atlanta is running late! Waiting in their flat wearing a pink dress and high heels to impress her lover, Lady Dee's patience begins to wear thin. When she can't take it anymore, she barges out the door... only to find Atlanta on the stairs, struggling with her suitcase! Leaving the suitcase behind, the ladies jump into each other's arms, and kiss passionately. Unable to keep their hands off each other, Lady and Atlanta hike up their dresses and grab their firm asses, and make out on the pool table. Heading to the bedroom, Lady worships Atlanta's big tits, then the flexible brunette does the splits on Lady's face so she can eat her pussy. Atlanta makes Lady cum from behind doggystyle, then the lesbian lovers perform an acrobatic 69 tribbing session until they mutually reach orgasm!

Lesbea - Nathaly Cherie & Stacy Cruz - Big Tits Bunny Has Treats To Share

File: fpcecnalesnatstavrk9ijvlmk.mp4
Size: 301.65 MB
Duration: 26:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy Cruz comes out of her room to find a basket containing a few Easter eggs. Stacy picks up the basket, and starts to follow a trail of eggs that lead up the stairs. Finally coming to the end of the trail, Stacy finds her prize her lesbian lover Nathaly Cherie, wearing blue lingerie and plastic ears! Stacy throws herself into her the busty blonde's arms, and the lesbians kiss. Nathaly worships Stacy's big, natural boobs, then Stacy worships the blonde's pierced, perky tits! The ladies take turns feeling up one another's booty, then they finger and lick each other for multiple juicy orgasms.

Lesbea - Lexi Dona & Gina Varney - Truly, Madly, Wetly

File: nxlphnaleslexginqucp94vwmu.mp4
Size: 219.33 MB
Duration: 23:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alone in their home after a night on the town, lesbian lovers, Gina Varney and Lexi Dona, are feeling horny. While Lexi freshens up in the bathroom, Gina gets started, and lying in bed wearing only a matching blue set of bra and panties, starts to masturbate. As Gina plays with her pussy, Lexi hears her, and walks over to join her. The Lesbians kiss, then slowly tease each other's tits. Lexi strips Gina, then slides between her thighs to lick her sweet wetness. When Lexi wants to cum, she sits on Gina's face, and rides her lover to orgasm. The ladies take turns bringing each other to intense orgasm, then lie back satisfied to cuddle!

Lesbea - Lexi Dona & Asia Rae - Pussy Licking Romance In High Heels

File: tzs2hnaleslexasirbsnxvz3tf.mp4
Size: 197.19 MB
Duration: 24:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Standing by the window wearing luxurious high heels and a yellow evening gown, Ebony smokeshow Asia Rae waits for her girlfriend, Lexi Dona, to get ready for their night out. Lexi comes up behind Asia wearing a tight, black dress, pulls her lover into her arms, and kisses her. Putting their evening on hold, the ladies move to the couch, where Lexi strips Asia so she can eat her pussy. Lexi eats Asia out, then fingers her pussy while the Ebony babe plays with her own tits. Asia sits on Lexi's face, then cums. Lexi then sits on Asia's face so she can cum hard too, then gets eaten out doggystyle for multiple orgasms!

Lesbea - Scarlet Rebel & Romy Indy - Dutch Cutie Pleases Spanish Beauty

File: wmuoynalesscaromv49kfjnv7a.mp4
Size: 321.79 MB
Duration: 28:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a passionate night spent with her lover Scarlet Rebel, Romy Indy stands by the window smelling the flowers. Scarlet turns over in bed, so Romy joins her and kisses her. The lesbian lovers strip each other naked, and Romy fingers and licks Scarlet's hairy pussy. Romy climbs up on Scarlet and sticks her tit in her lover's mouth. Scarlet licks and sucks the tittie, then puts Romy into doggystyle so she can lick the lesbian's ass and pussy doggystyle. After some more breast worship, Romy and Scarlet get into 69, then eat each other out to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Lexi Dona & Atlanta Moreno - Sapphic Pleasures In The Afternoon

File: jnwitnaleslexatlcpegfj8b8p.mp4
Size: 204.94 MB
Duration: 25:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's a sunny afternoon, and lesbian lovers, Atlanta Moreno and Lexi Dona, are lounging in the bedroom. Lexi pulls on her sultry, red lingerie, then starts to don a blouse, but her stunning curves inspire Lexi to take pictures of her instead. As the impromptu photoshoot gets underway, Atlanta feels the urge to embrace her Sapphic lover, and Lexi kisses her back enthusiastically. The ladies strip each other, then Lexi pushes Atlanta against the wall and worships the English babe's huge tits. Heading to an armchair, Lexi sits on Atlanta's face for multiple orgasms. Atlanta then does the splits over the armchair, affording Lexi the ability to play with both her pussy and ass until she cums!

Lesbea - Cristal Caitlin & Atlanta Moreno - Gorgeous Girlfriends Madly In Love

File: e7ceknalescriatltmvyp38f5u.mp4
Size: 212.24 MB
Duration: 26:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Atlanta Moreno and Cristal Caitlin are in bed together kissing passionately. Atlanta gets on top of Cristal and kisses her neck, the pulls out her big boobs, licking and sucking them tenderly. Atlanta then slides in between Cristal's legs to taste her pink pussy. Turning over, the ladies eat each other out in 69, then Cristal turns over, and Atlanta eats her out from behind. After she cums, Cristal gets behind Atlanta and feels her up, then slides her fingers down the front of her panties. After stripping Atlana, Cristal spreads the flexible babe's legs and eats her out, then Atlanta sits on Cristal face until she cums!

Lesbea - Lovita Fate & Atlanta Moreno - Czech Blonde Pleasures Bendy Brit

File: dru6dnaleslovatljstkhe4xoq.mp4
Size: 189.39 MB
Duration: 23:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Flexible British brunette Atlanta Moreno has dressed up in stockings and a thong to impress her Czech lover Lovita Fate. Atlanta peeks in on Lovita as she gets ready, and being a voyeur turns her on, so she takes out her tits, and starts to play with her pussy as Lovita gets dressed. Atlanta opens the door and walks to Lovita, then kisses the blonde babe. Atlanta grabs two handfuls of Lovita's big booty while the blonde sucks the brunette's titties, then they take turns fingering and licking each other in a flexible sex session that leaves them both spent and satisfied!

Lesbea - Angel Emily & Tiny Tina - French Oral With Lesbian Tutor

File: hf1b9nalesangtinkihz2g5bkm.mp4
Size: 204.54 MB
Duration: 24:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina wants to learn a new language, so she hires petite tutor Angel Emily to teach her French. They go over simple words and phrases to start stuff like bonjour, tu es tres jolie, and voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir? Angel explains the phrases mean hi, you're beautiful, and would you like to play with me tonight? Angel asks Tina if she likes girls, and the brunette blushes coquettishly. Angel leans in and kisses her student, then begins to feel up her tits. Tina plays with Angel's boobs too, then the ladies strip each other, worshipping their bodies all the while. Angel eats Tina out on the table, then Tina returns the favor doggystyle. The ladies climb on top of each other and 69, then make each other cum.

Lesbea - Alecia Fox & Tasty Stacey - Lesbian Lovers Scissoring Climax

File: mgadlnalesaletasbzu4ainozg.mp4
Size: 204.64 MB
Duration: 24:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Alecia Fox and Tasty Stacey are half naked in bed together, lying on top of each other. Alecia begins to slowly run her fingers down her Tasty's chest, teasing her perky tits, and seductively turning her on. Alecia kisses and licks Tasty's neck, then kisses a trail down her stomach, and finally between her legs. Alecia eats Tasty's pussy and ass, then turns Tasty around so she can make her cum doggystyle. Fingering Stacey doggystyle, Alecia brings her lover to orgasm, then Tasty takes over. Stacy fingers and eats Alecia to orgasm, then the lesbian enjoy some sensual tribbing to climax!

Lesbea - Tiny Tina & Mishelle Klein - Loved Up Couple After Nightclub

File: asjpvnalestinmisqhrjitqsbb.mp4
Size: 167.34 MB
Duration: 20:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After an exciting night of clubbing and dancing, lesbian couple Mishelle Klein and Tiny Tina head back home for some naughty fun. The lovers kiss in the threshold of their dwelling, and Mishelle quickly takes out and worships Tiny Tina's perky tits, sucking and kissing them, and caressing them with her hands. Tiny then takes over and lifts her lover's dress, pulls down her panties, and worships her booty! Tiny Tina eats Mishelle's pussy from behind, then Mishelle returns the favor in kind. Tina tongues Mishelle doggystyle on the stairs, then sits on her face so she can cum!

Lesbea - Jenny Wild & Atlanta Moreno - Hot Uk Brunette Licks Blonde Teen

File: wmzvdnalesjenatlcjr4aqmxea.mp4
Size: 539.32 MB
Duration: 23:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hot lesbian lovers Atlanta Moreno and Jenny Wild are watching the news in bed when Atlanta makes a grab for the remote to shut it off. Jenny teases her, but quickly realizes Atlanta wants to turn off the TV so they can make love! The ladies kiss and feel each other up, then Atlanta slides her fingers down the front of Jenny's panties and plays with her pussy. Jenny takes over and eats Atlanta out. The ladies take turns facesitting, then eating pussy from behind, and then give each other thunderous orgasms.

Lesbea - May Thai & Lexi Dona - Beautiful Asian Loves To Lick Girls

File: hkzienalesmaylex4amnhbtcm5.mp4
Size: 195.48 MB
Duration: 24:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a night of lovemaking, Lexi Dona is getting dressed to leave May Thai's apartment. As she buttons up her blouse, May asks her stay, and pulls her onto the bed. The ladies slowly start to kiss, then quickly strip their bras off so they can worship each other's boobs. Lexi slowly slides her fingers down the front of May's panties and teases the Asian babe's pussy, then lies her back so she can eat her out. May cums, then Lexi slowly removes her panties, before sitting on May's face for an orgasm of her own! Taking turns pleasuring each other, the ladies enjoy a sensual, sexual session filled with loads of pleasure.

Lesbea - Leanne Lace & Soyivania - Cute Young Mexican With Small Tits

File: wxqbvnalesleasoyk9whbvv3um.mp4
Size: 175.03 MB
Duration: 21:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Leanne Lace and Soyivania are kneeling in bed together when Leanne starts to kiss the cute Mexican's neck from behind. Leanne lifts Soyivania's shirt and plays with the Latina's small boobs, then slides her fingers down the front of the petite babe's shorts to play with her pussy. Leanne kisses Soyivania, then lies her back and takes her shorts off. Diving between the Mexican cutie's legs, Leanne kisses and licks her tight, Latina pussy, then makes her cum with her fingers. Soyivania then takes control, eating Leanne out in turn, before the ladies swap juices in 69. After tasting each other, the babes enjoy some sexy tribbing to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Tasty Stacey & Leanne Lace - Young Lesbians Cuddle Up Together

File: dy3nmnalestasleaqh84jhqtu5.mp4
Size: 176.69 MB
Duration: 21:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Horny lesbian lovers Leanne Lace and Tasty Stacey go frolic in the park, and laughing and giggling, they fly a kite. It's a chilly day, so the ladies head back inside for a cup of tea, then snuggle up under the blankets. Warming up, the women start to heat things up too, and start making out. Stacey strips Leanne naked and worships her tits, then teases her pussy with her fingers. Leanne moans with delight and Stacy slides her tongue between her wet lips, then turned on, they tear all their clothing off together. Getting into 69. The ladies pleasure each other, licking pussy and ass, and then after some face sitting, make each other cum hard!

Lesbea - Lovita Fate & Marilyn Sugar - Beautiful Natural Young Lesbians

File: ro8hpnaleslovmarzwkjidqcx8.mp4
Size: 173.48 MB
Duration: 21:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a beautiful supper, natural young lesbians, Lovita Fate and Marilyn Sugar, come into their apartment kissing. Lovita takes off the younger blonde's shirt and worships her perky tits, then sits her back on the table, spreads her legs, and goes down on her pussy. Marilyn strips Lovita too, licking and kissing her big booty, then lies back on the couch so Lovita can continue to eat her out. Once she has cum, Marilyn eats her lover's pussy too, and brings her to orgasm! Marilyn has one more in the tank, so Lovita stimulates her g-spot her fast and hard, and the petite blonde cums on her lover's fingers!

Lesbea - Alecia Fox & Leanne Lace - Horny Girlfriends Saucy Sex Game

File: 12ymsnalesaleleajzwekvtmfz.mp4
Size: 187.77 MB
Duration: 23:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous girlfriends Alecia Fox and Tasty Stacey are playing a tower game with building blocks on a quiet day. Stacey accidentally knocks the tower over and Alecia picks up the victory, and with no more games to play, the girls decide to play with each other. Stripping off their tops, the lesbian lovers play with their boobs, then Alecia lies back on the couch so Stacey can eats her pussy. After she cums, Alecia takes over, and eats Tasty Stacey out until the brunette orgasms too! The ladies 69 on the couch, then Alecia rides Stacey's face, and cums again. Soaking wet, the ladies enjoy some tribbing to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Sarah Sultry & Soyivania - Euro Babe Craves Sweet Latina Pussy

File: zkydjnalessarsoyq12azmipin.mp4
Size: 202.54 MB
Duration: 24:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian euro babes Soyivania and Tasty Stacey are standing scantily clad in their bedroom drinking in the sight of one another. The ladies kiss as they run their hands all over each other, exploring every crevasse and curve. Tasty Stacy starts to rub Soyivania's pussy and makes her wet, then tastes her sweet juices. Turning her over, Stacy eats Soyivania's ass and pussy, then fingers her to orgasm. Soyivanian then eats Stacy out from behind, fingering her and licking her until she cums. Sitting behind Soyivania, Stacy rubs her clit like a guitar, and makes her lover cum again!

Lesbea - Marilyn Sugar & Tiny Tina - Romantic Lesbian Couple Facesitting

File: nkrumnalesmartin3ubwgsxnpe.mp4
Size: 167.77 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Marilyn Sugar and Tiny Tina are playing a board game in their light-filled kitchen. Tina wins and pushes the game aside, only to get up on the table and show Marilyn her sexy blue bodysuit. Tina kisses Marilyn, then lies back so the blonde babe can tease her pink pussy. Marilyn kisses and licks Tina while the brunette plays with her own tits, then they strip Marilyn, and prop her up on the table. Tiny then climbs on top of her lover's face and rides it to orgasm. Finally, Tina fingers Marilyn from the side, enjoying her tight ass, and making her cum!

Lesbea - Alecia Fox & Tasty Stacey - Gorgeous Girlfriends Worship Pussy

File: 5k3qvnalesaletasehq8ggmzsl.mp4
Size: 206.09 MB
Duration: 25:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous girlfriends, Alecia Fox and Tasty Stacey, are playing a tower game with building blocks on a quiet day. Stacey accidentally knocks the tower over giving Alecia picks up the victory, and with no more games to play, the girls decide to play with each other. Stripping off their tops, the lesbian lovers play with their boobs, then Alecia lies back on the couch so Stacey can eat her pussy. After she cums, Alecia takes over, and eats Tasty Stacey out until the brunette orgasms too! The ladies 69 on the couch, then Alecia rides Stacey's face, and cums again. Soaking wet, the ladies enjoy some tribbing to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Vanessa Decker & Lexi Dona - Beautiful All Natural Lesbian Pair

File: aje59nalesvanlexvxrs3ixfvc.mp4
Size: 173.68 MB
Duration: 21:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Dona and Vanessa Decker are in bed together, and while Vanessa rests with her eyes closed, Lexi snaps some pics of her beautiful, brunette girlfriend. When Vanessa notices what Lexi is doing, the lesbians playfully wrestle, then kiss. Lexi sucks and licks Vanessa's big natural tits, then takes off her shorts too. Lexi eats Vanessa out, then surprises her with a new sex toy. Using the vibrator on her lover's pussy, Lexi makes Vanessa cum, then the thicker brunette returns the favor by giving Lexi an earth-shattering orgasm!

Lesbea - Jenny Wild & Tiny Tina - Teen Lesbian Intimate Afternoon 69

File: elvsonalesjentin3fftxhsmsr.mp4
Size: 202.80 MB
Duration: 25:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Teen lesbians Jenny Wild and Tiny Tina are playing cards in the living room clad is short shorts. Brunette spinner Tiny Tina wins the hand, then pulls her blonde lover close and kisses her on the lips. The ladies make out, then Jenny pulls Tina's shorts off so the brunette can slip off her panties. Jenny teases Tina's pussy while the petite babe plays with her own titties, then Jenny dives tongue-first between her thighs. Jenny eats Tiny out, then Tina crawls behind Jenny and strips the blonde before eating her out too! The lesbian lovers 69, then take turns making each other cum.

Lesbea - Lady Bug & Madison Mcqueen - After Hours Lesbian Pussy Licking

File: uc5pnnalesladmadutn2dzebth.mp4
Size: 188.20 MB
Duration: 23:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a night of serving drinks and dealing with patrons, Lady Bug and Madison McQueen decide to unwind in their bar. Madison brings Lady a drink, but Lady quickly shows the blonde lesbian that a beverage isn't what she's thirsty for! Lady grabs Madison and kisses her, then starts to strip off her blue dress to give Madison access to her perky boobs. Madison dives into her lesbian lover's pussy, licking and tasting the dirty blonde's sweet juices. Lady slips off her panties and sits down on Madison's face until she cums, then tells Madison to prop her ass up in doggystyle, and returns the orgasmic favor. After Lady makes Madison cum doggystyle, the blonde lies back and spreads her legs as wide as they can go so her lover can bring her to climax again!

Lesbea - Marina Maya & Renata Fox - Ass Licking After Losing A Bet

File: oi47jnalesmarrenuupx5pffub.mp4
Size: 170.11 MB
Duration: 21:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Marina Maya and Renata Fox are playing a building game, and making bets about who is going to win. Marina has already been stripped of her shirt, and confident she will win, Renata tells her if she loses, Marina will have to eat her ass. The Indian babe accepts, and wouldn't you know it, Renata wins! Marina and Renata kiss, then the latter climbs onto the table on all fours. Marina strips off the babe's panties, then softly begins to tease her pussy and ass with her tongue. Marina tongue-fucks Renata and makes her cum, then the lesbians head to the living room, where Marina continues to pleasure her lover. Switching positions, Renata then goes down on Marina, and makes her cum on the couch!

Lesbea - Madison McQueen & Vanessa Decker - Private Dancers Sexy Secret Romance

File: k7xvvnalesmadvanibo7hzzdt4.mp4
Size: 183.98 MB
Duration: 22:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Madison McQueen hires sexy stripper Vanessa Decker for a private dance in the champagne room. On stage, Vanessa shakes her tits and ass for Madison, seductively swaying to entice the blonde babe. Inviting Madison on stage, Vanessa kisses her client, then the ladies take some time appreciating their booties. Vanessa sits Madison down, spreads her legs, then slowly starts to pleasure the blonde's pussy. Vanessa licks and fingers Madison to orgasm, then Madison sits on Vanessa's face to cum again. Taking over, Madison then fingers Vanessa on her side, and makes the brunette dancer climax over and over!

Lesbea - Nancy A & Mary Rock - Glamorous Women Secret Outdoor Sex

File: eyheenalesnanmarbjj7rsmzl6.mp4
Size: 171.54 MB
Duration: 21:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Nancy A is having a drink at a fancy party when her secret lover, Mary Rock, comes up to her and clinks their glasses together. As the ladies get to chatting, they get closer and closer, and interlock fingers. Taking off down to a secluded area, the babes begin to kiss, then Nancy turns around and rubs her bum against Mary's quivering thighs. The ladies slowly strip each other, taking turns kissing and caressing their beautiful boobs, then pleasure their pussies with fingers and tongues. Eventually, Mary sits on Nancy's face, and she cums hard... just in time for them to get caught!

Lesbea - Charlie Red & Martina Smeraldi - Beautiful Redhead And Italian Woman

File: t42gfnaleschamarcelrxwanpv.mp4
Size: 176.18 MB
Duration: 20:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful redhead lesbian Charlie Red is in bed with Martina Smeraldi, and both babes are wearing robes and lingerie. Charlie teases Martina's thighs with light kisses and fingertips, then the lovers kiss with passion. Charlie rubs Martina's big booty while playing with her boobies, then Martina licks and sucks Charlie's pussy. The ladies each make one another cum, then pleasure each other in 69. Taking turns, the lesbians enjoy some face-sitting and much more fingering until they've both climaxed multiple times!

Lesbea - Mary Rock & Nancy A - Pretty Blonde Pussy Licking Orgasms

File: s79acnalesmarnanycbljsg4r8.mp4
Size: 243.26 MB
Duration: 27:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's been a while since lesbian lovers, Mary Rock and Nancy A, have seen each other, and they pour drinks so they can catch up in the kitchen. Mary compliments Nancy's dress, and then, spreading her legs, Nancy asks if Mary likes her panties too. The ladies kiss deeply, then Mary starts to tease Nancy's pink pussy. Taking her lover's dress strap down, Mary licks and sucks Nancy's perky tits, then sucks her pussy. Nancy returns the favor by licking Mary's ass and pussy in the doggystyle position, then the ladies take turns making each other cum with a vibrator.

Lesbea - Kaisa Nord & Adel Morel - Euro Beauties Outoor Anal Play

File: ucp2dnaleskaiadecvpsd5rclq.mp4
Size: 331.03 MB
Duration: 28:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The summer is shining down on European beauty Kaisa Nord who is wearing a skimpy bikini. Comfortable, Kaisa starts to play with her pussy, then takes out her favorite pink toy to masturbate with. As Kaisa pleasures herself, the adorable Adel Morel comes up behind her. Joining Kaisa, Adel kisses her lover, then takes over dildo duty. Kaisa turns round and presents her ass for Adel, who uses the toy to fuck Kaisa's round ass. After some fun anal, Kaisa then eats Adel out and fingers her to orgasm!

Lesbea - Martina Smeraldi & Anastasia Brokelyn - Italian And Spanish Squirting 69

File: trblynalesmarana64ffjzqzbr.mp4
Size: 164.18 MB
Duration: 20:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Spanish and Italian lesbian lovers, Anastasia Brokelyn and Martina Smeraldi, go on a romantic nature walk, then head back to their cabin for some intimate naughty fun. Sitting on the couch, Anastasia rubs Martina's feet, then leans over and kisses the Italian brunette. Anastasia licks and caresses Martina's nipples, then Martina plays with Anastasia's tits too. Taking her pants off, Martina lays back and spreads her legs, then Anastasia pulls her panties to the side to lick her pussy. The ladies pleasure each other in 69, then enjoy some squirt-filled orgasmic mutual masturbation!

Lesbea - Nancy A & Adel Morel - Tender Intimate Lesbian Romance

File: aogsqnalesnanaderj6k1wecr3.mp4
Size: 256.75 MB
Duration: 29:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Adel Morel is resting on the couch when her lesbian lover Nancy A comes down the stairs. Adel sees Nancy approaching and spreads her legs, enticing her lover by playing with her pussy. Nancy walks over and strips off her shirt to reveal perky breasts, then kisses Adel passionately. Nancy sucks Adel's beautiful boobs while teasing between her legs. Taking a slim vibrator from around her neck, Nancy stimulates Adel's pussy, bringing her lover to orgasm. Adel then uses the vibrator on her blonde lover, making her cum, and then the ladies take turns bringing each other to multiple orgasms!

Lesbea - Kaisa Nord & Mary Rock - Russian Girlfriends Holiday Romance

File: 6svklnaleskaimarpazsssdhkd.mp4
Size: 340.59 MB
Duration: 26:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Russian girlfriends, Kaisa Nord and Mary Rock, were on holiday together, and having fun in the pool kissing. Mary pulls down Kaisa's bikini top and licks and kisses her huge, natural boobs, then Kaisa licks Mary's nipples. Kaisa leads Mary's hand to her pussy, then sticks her own fingers in the hot blonde's bikini bottoms to finger her. The ladies get out of the pool and head to a nearby floating bed, where they continue fingering and kissing. Stripping each other naked, the ladies take turns licking and eating their pussies and asses, and make sure not to neglect the clit so they can both cum!

Lesbea - Nancy A & Adel Morel - Beauties Eating Pussy For Breakfast

File: sqol4nalesnanadeemyog9pknz.mp4
Size: 196.54 MB
Duration: 23:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian beauties Nancy A and Adel Morel are sitting at the table eating breakfast, love shining through their gaze. Seductively playing with their food, the ladies turn each other on, then start to strip for one another. Adel stands and dances for Nancy, who begins to touch her subtle breasts. Adel slowly grinds her hips, showing off her small booty, and then leans forward to plant a kiss on her lover's lips. Sitting back on the table, Adel directs Nancy's lips between her legs, and Nancy eats Adel's pretty pussy. After enjoying the pleasure, Adel gets on her knees and licks Nancy between her legs too, then the lesbians take turns face sitting each other to orgasm!

Lesbea - Charlie Red & May Thai - Lesbian Linguists Licking Lessons

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Description: In order to learn Italian, Charlie Red undergoes linguistic lessons with her lesbian lover, May Thai. May teaches Charlie how to say body in Italian, then relationship, and lastly, teaches her how to say sex. Once Charlie has learned new words, May tells her it's time for part two of the lesson. She puts Charlie's hand between her thighs, and the redhead feels May's wet Asian pussy. Charlie leans forward and licks May as the teacher pinches the caramel nipples on her tits, then May sits on Charlie's face. Leaning forward, May pulls Charlie's panties to the side and eats her out in 69, then the ladies fuck each other with a glass dildo so they both get off!

Lesbea - Jade Presley & Honour May - British Beauty Lovingly Licked

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Description: Honour May is on the phone when her lover Jade Presley comes up behind her and starts checking her out. Hanging up the phone, Honour takes Jade into her arms, and Jade runs her hands up and down Honour's body, stopping at her breasts and booty. Jade strips the straps from Honour's shoulders and sucks her nipple, then Honour strips off her dress and sits back on the couch. Jade slowly teases her way to Honour's pink pussy, then licks her lover's clit. Jade then strips her own clothes off so Honour can finger her and make her cum!

Lesbea - Honour May & Aislin - Young Lesbians Hot Stormy Orgasms

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Description: Young lesbian lovers Aislin and Honour May go on vacation together in Barcelona, but instead of sunny skies, the rain won't stop falling! Stuck in their hotel room, Aislin and Honour lament not being able to go the beach, and complain about having nothing to do! Honour decides to get back into bed, but Aislin has naughtier ideas in mind than resting. She kisses her British lover, who moans in delight. Aislin teases Honour's tits and pussy with an ice cube, then licks and sucks her pussy. Honour returns the favor by fingering Aislin to intense orgasm, then the ladies enjoy some tribbing. Finally, the lesbians slide into 69, and give each other rimjobs while getting themselves off!

Lesbea - Lilu Moon & Honour May - Sea Sand And Outdoor Sex At Sunrise

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Description: Lesbian lovers Honour May and Lilu Moon wake up extra early so they can watch the sunrise from the beach. Standing naked with their feet in the sand, the ladies kiss as the sun shines its first rays and caress each other and hold each other close. The ladies frolic along the beach and giggle and spin. They play in the water, then collapse to the sand in each other's arms. Teasing one another by tracing their nipples, Honour then leans over and tastes her lover's pussy. Lilu takes control and gets on top, and they continue exploring each other. In and out of the water, the lovers sit on faces and 69, then make each other cum!