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Leah Lee

2 Chicks Same Time - Ashley Red & Leah Lee - Ashley Red And Leah Lee Get Fucked

File: zweymna2chsatiashleaxskjh4uzsl.mp4
Size: 544.42 MB
Duration: 43:16
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Ashley Red, Leah Lee, and friend are headed to party for spring break and end up getting lost. They come across some shady looking hotel where a killer is on the loose. That doesn't stop these horny chicks from getting fucked but who knows if they will come out alive!!

Look At Her Now - Leah Lee - Neat Freak

File: wke5cnaloathenolealeekfdetn77pc.mp4
Size: 602.91 MB
Duration: 26:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's not easy working for a perfectionist like Scott Nails, as his pretty blonde assistant, Leah Lee, can attest. Leah's job duties include ironing, folding, and mending Scott's clothes... and sucking Scott's cock, riding him, and sitting on his face. Leah may have a hard time keeping Scott's wardrobe pristine and spotless, but she has no trouble at all giving him a messy blowjob and taking that big dick.

Hussie Pass - Leah Lee - Impaled By Brickzilla

File: bahtnnahupalealeepshrdlylcj.mp4
Size: 672.63 MB
Duration: 44:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Coed Leah Lee makes her debut with us today and we brought back Brickzilla and his monster cock to make it a special occasion. After Brickzilla gets Leah's lovely dumper lubed up, out comes that curved 13 inch gift of his and into her mouth it goes... well, some of it Leah gives him a stocking-clad footjob before Brickzilla puts her ankles behind her ears and does a taste test of that 20yo pussy. He goes balls-deep into her as she's folded up like a pretzel! Then it's time for Leah to take her twat for a BBC ride until Brickzilla finishes on her face. Leah loves Brickzilla's cock so much, she has to have a little lot more in the shower after.

Yngr - Leah Lee - Leah Lee Gets Her Pussy Destroyed By The Pool

File: cs8rpnaynglealeejky5gstroy.mp4
Size: 753.52 MB
Duration: 34:43
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Lee went to the beach and now she is ready for some DICK! She pulls down her bathing suit and in public and flashed her titties for everyone to see! She doesn't get enough action at the beach so they go back to the pool where she rubs her throbbing to get her pussy even more wet. This 20 year old whore gets absolutely slammed on the pool deck and taken into the house where he treats her pussy to his big cock.

Interracial Pickups - Leah Lee - Leah Loves The Outdoors

File: qncxxnainpilealeefube4lafuf.mp4
Size: 347.50 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Leah loves the outdoors. Especially hiking. One day out on the trail, she meets up with Slim and Rico, who don't really seem like the hiking type. They invite her back to the pad to chill and she accepts. While hanging on the couch with them, she asks what they were doing hiking when they clearly don't look like hikers. Rico says they were videoing pretty things. When he starts to show Leah what they were filming....she realizes they were filming her. She's flattered. They ask if they can keep filming
her and without hesitating, she stands up. What started off innocent, gets naughty
real fast! She begins to undress slowly, while the guys record her. Leah gets really turned on and begs for them to take out their cocks. She crawls onto them, and begins to suck each of them. She just wants to get railed. The guys pass the camera back and forth, as they drill her pussy and mouth. This tiny girl takes both huge cocks with ease, cumming hard on both and leaving each dick glistening with pussy juice. Rico fills her pussy with his hot load, while Slim drops hot jizz on her face. She smiles and thanks them and asks nicely for them not to show anyone that video! Sure, they say...no worries!

Glory Hole - Leah Lee - Leah Wanted To Get A Cool Gag Gift

File: msftmnaglholealeehqo9eykmnk.mp4
Size: 297.83 MB
Duration: 26:29
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Leah wanted to get a cool gag gift for her sister that was getting married. She goes to the Adult book store hoping to find some sort of goofy party favor for the bachelorette party. Quickly she realizes that this video store isn't for the part time adult toy and video fan. This place was for the hardened...dirty porn connoisseurs. The clerk said they didn't carry what she was looking for...but suggested a more hands-on experience. Leah was intrigued. Inside a small video viewing booth, Leah found herself rubbing her
sweet little pussy as she watched some choice entertainment. Before long, 2 long schlongs appeared through the wall. Well, without batting an eye, innocent little Leah grabbed hold of those two giant black dicks and went to work. She stroked and sucked, deep throating down to the balls. She lubed these cocks to a beautiful sheen before throwing her perfect little ass against the wall. Sliding her tight pussy lips around each cock....jerking them inside her young little snatch. She worked up orgasm after orgasm until she drops to her knees and sucks ounce after ounce out of those balls and onto her pretty little face. I think she found the perfect gag gift for her sister!

Teen Fidelity - Leah Lee - Paid To Have Sex

File: 1viyvnatefilealeebdia3qj28m.mp4
Size: 1.21 GB
Duration: 52:01
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: A different kind of behind the scenes look at Leah and Zac as they prepare for an awesome shoot. The camera never stops rolling before, during and after so you never miss a thing. Leah's favorite part of the industry is that she gets paid to fuck and experience new things. Zac loves to hear that and gives her a proper creampie as a thank you.

Moms Bang Teens - Addie Andrews & Leah Lee - Sit On Your Sitter

File: tpkixnamobateaddlea2y8ryzr961.mp4
Size: 500.52 MB
Duration: 41:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful blonde Leah Lee is babysitting for MILF Addie Andrews. Leah Lee is a reliable babysitter, even though her tiny black dress might suggest shes got some slutty tendencies Which, as it turns out, she certainly does! When her boyfriend Johnny the Kid pays her a surprise visit while shes on the job, these two horny teens cant help but get frisky, and Leah Lee sucks his big cock right in the living room! When Addie Andrews catches the pair going at it, shes shocked. Her sweet, innocent babysitter sucking dick?! In Addies own home! But after some sneaky snooping, this gorgeous, sexually experienced MILF quickly realizes that Leah Lee has absolutely no idea what shes doing. Lucky for Leah, Addie is happy to give her some pointers. Addie hikes up Leahs dress, revealing a bright pink thong, and coaches Addie on how to give Johnny a perfectly sloppy and nasty blowjob, before Addie takes over and shows Leah how its done. They have a threesome on a couch, until Addie helps Johnny cum right into Leahs mouth.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Leah Lee - Bicycle Brat

File: zpifrnatelohucolealeem4q8q83nx6.mp4
Size: 391.70 MB
Duration: 27:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Teen Leah Lee is as innocent as can be Or at least, she looks innocent, in her cute floral dress and floppy hat but looks can be deceiving! This smoking blonde hottie does whatever it takes to get what she wants. When she steals Peter Greens bike, she rides it around their neighbourhood, showing off her long, toned legs and her juicy ass. It doesnt take long for him to catch her in the act, but this adorable lady knows exactly what to do to keep that bicycle wrap her full lips around his hard cock and give him a noisy, wet blowjob. But before she can get on that bike again, shell have to get on his dick. They fuck on the floor and on the bicycle, Leah Lee wearing that sweet little dress of hers the entire time, before he cums all over that gorgeous mouth of hers. Looks like Leahs getting to keep that baby blue bicycle after all.

Swallowed - Leah Lee & Natalie Porkman - Leah And Natalie Make A Splash

File: ipyclnaswaleanattpysara92a.mp4
Size: 439.43 MB
Duration: 01:04:05
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Natalie Porkman cums back, and this time she brings along her friend Leah Lee. With their super spit powers combined, these swallow sluts put on one wet and wild show. Watch their juices flow as these two take that big cock down their throats until it blows its load just for them.

Waitress POV - Leah Lee - The Hooka Hookup

File: p5mfdnawapolealeef7lnqolf2v.mp4
Size: 555.98 MB
Duration: 36:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hot young blond waitress Leah Lee is serving thrill-seeker Tony Rubino in a popular hooka bar. He's there for some excitement, but the place looks pretty dead aside from Leah's sweet melons. Sensing an opportunity for fun, Tony invites her to kick it with him at his place. She's skittish until he his thick wad of cash convinces her. Soon Leah's flashing her perky tits at him, getting her tight pussy drilled hard and letting him spray a huge load in her mouth.

Hot Crazy Mess - Leah Lee - Keeping Secrets

File: vltf7nahocrmelealeeuhjthlzcfc.mp4
Size: 504.82 MB
Duration: 25:14
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Lee has been trouble for her stepfather since he married into the family, but things escalate when he finds Leah's phone. Scrolling through Leah's messages, he realizes that she's planning on hooking up with a guy over the weekend instead of going to a friend's. When her stepdad confronts her about her lies, Leah is initially contrite. Claiming that she's been really horny and she needs to get some this weekend, she asks her dad to keep her secret. When he is still reluctant, Leah sees an opportunity to get her way when she realizes that she can translate the way her stepdaddy looks at her sometimes into leverage.

After feeling up her small titties in front of her daddy, Leah pulls her shirt up so her stepdad can see her hard nips. Then she reaches out and finds him nice and hard. He offers token resistance, but Leah quickly gets his hardon out so she can suck him off like she knows he's been dreaming of. Now that Leah has had a taste of the D, she's not about to let her dad stop there. She shows him how wet she is, peeling down her panties and spreading her legs as she leans forward.

Leah's stepdad can hardly wait to stick it in now that he has the opportunity. He fucks his daughter doggy style, then on her back. Leah climbing onto his fuck stick and riding him in her bare twat is a dream come true. When Leah hops off and strokes her stepdaddy off, she takes his cumshot in her mouth like a champ. When she's done, the petite hottie

Bang Bus - Leah Lee - A Super Hot Chick On This Bang Bus

File: hb1cfnababulealeealrwfcc5sm.mp4
Size: 670.31 MB
Duration: 01:05
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we find this super hot girl that I quickly give her a lot of money. This chick looks incredible with her small shorts and great face. Jmac was with me on this and helped out convincing her to flash us and to get inside the van. This tight bodied chick looks super duper hot. Im super happy with this one and that I got her to get naked and to finally play with some dick. She gives a good sucking before seeing her fully naked and getting fucked, Jmac fucked her really hard from various positions until he finishes on her face. Im kind of sad that we left her by the everglades but make sure to enjoy this one.

Karups - Leah Lee - Show & Tell

File: uf85snakarlealeeot4tff1sk5.mp4
Size: 973.85 MB
Duration: 43:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Lee was annoyed with her guy friend because he had something he wanted to show her but he wouldnt tell her what it was over the phone. When he came over, he showed her pictures and a video of her boyfriend cheating on her. After she decided she was done with that cheating prick, her friend admitted to Leah that he had a crush on her. She was so flattered by the crush she leaned over and kissed him. She clearly wanted more than a kiss because a few minutes later she was topless with his cock in her mouth. The blowjob turned into a 69 then Leah got on top and slammed herself down on his dick. His cock was soaking wet with her juices as she bounced and rode it in a few different positions. She was done with her old boyfriend and finally getting to find out this guy had a big cock had her to turned on she came all over his dick and opened wide when he came on her face so she could taste his hot jizz!

Pretty And Raw - Leah Lee - Leah Lee Gets Her Pussy Used By Two Cocks

File: 8qwamnapranralealeeqi9as6cnno.mp4
Size: 722.63 MB
Duration: 34:43
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Lee is a gorgeous babe that has a perfect body. She gets herself nice and wet in the pool backyard and gets nice and clean before going back inside to the two thick cocks that are waiting for her. They take their turns on her and fuck her tight pussy while she deep throats dick. The spread her tight pussy and use her in every position before giving her two loads of cum all over her!

Shot Her First - Leah Lee - Her First Porn Scene

File: kblxnnashhefilealee5hwvhboift.mp4
Size: 771.95 MB
Duration: 50:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to porn Leah Lee, a girl with a real freaky side. She loves sucking dick they all say that, likes it rough and getting her ass slapped hard ok they don't all say that. Watch this young babe go wild for that cock and JMac serve it up hard and rough just how she likes it. Welcome to porn Leah!