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Lady Dee

Massage Rooms - Marilyn Sugar & Lady Dee - Oily Foot Massage Makes Woman Wet

File: nylj3namaromarladatj31taa7t.mp4
Size: 191.40 MB
Duration: 21:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar hires Lady Dee for a massage, and is lying face down on the bed. Lady pours oil all over Marilyn's body, then uses her feet to massage her shoulders, back, butt, and legs. Lady hops off for a second and strips herself naked, then gives Marilyn a body rub with her perky tits. The ladies start to make out, then Dee slides between Marilyn's legs and licks her sweet pussy. Dee fingers Marilyn and plays with her clit, giving her client multiple orgasms. Marilyn puts Dee in doggystyle position then plays with her pussy, then they switch again and enjoy some oily tribbing until they cum together!

Nathan Sluts - Lady Dee - The Student Prague Beauties Ep.5

File: jqgbwnaladethestuqdqwx8mbim.mp4
Size: 670.05 MB
Duration: 34:45
Resolution: 640x338
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Czech student Lady Dee is a hot seat. She's trying to extort more money from her parents' accountant, Neeo. The spoiled brat will be hard pressed to convince the suspicious clerc that she'll really buy books not booze. Fortunately, he's quite promiscuous. He'll certainly exchange a moment playing with her hot body against extra allowance.

Hands On Hardcore - Lady Dee & Heidi Van Horny - Threesome With Two Beauties

File: 4nabunahaonhaladheixpso6d6x4h.mp4
Size: 1.25 GB
Duration: 38:03
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Busty goddess Heidi Van Horny starts making out with sweet stunner Lady Dee in the bathroom. The brunette babe with brown eyes and gorgeous enhanced tits kisses her new playmate gently and strokes along her silken skin. This gives Lady Dee chills of pleasure and she returns the favor with some sensual pussy licking when all of a sudden Sabby enters the room.

He joins the two beauties, as today's Hands on Hardcore threesome XXX anal action unfolds! Get ready for an endless pussy pounding marathon and see that Hungarian stud fill those wet pinks and tight assholes as if there was no tomorrow. The Canadian Milf Heidi Van Horny indulges in his cock and shares his balls with that Czech college student. She plays with her hard nipples while she gets her shaved pink stuffed hard and deep by the Sabby meat. Endless Hardcore fucking makes this DDF Network porn masterpiece a must-see anal action video, packed with cowgirl rides and loads of cum in both mouths after a final cum swap.

Blacks on Sluts - Lady Dee - Lady Dee, Breath-taking Interracial Threesome

File: tbyh2nablonslladdeey19l3gm5b8.mp4
Size: 273.78 MB
Duration: 33:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lady Dee has come to Private Specials, Black DPs and this sexy star knows exactly what she wants and how to get it! Lady Dee has no trouble seducing Mr. Black and Kessef and the soon she gets her favourite thing in the entire world, BBC! Watch this horny star in action as she warms up with two sloppy blowjobs before opening up that pussy and ass for a hard ramming as she fucks, moans and delivers some incredible anal and DP action before finishing up with two well-earned facial cumshots, private.com at its best!

Little Asians - Lady Dee - Asian Anal Cravings

File: x9gp1naliasladdee5lhnz6dxwo.mp4
Size: 769.23 MB
Duration: 56:27
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Long haired Asian vixen Lady Dee does not hesitate to show off her assets. Her silky skin and her manicured nails are enough to drive anyone crazy. She loves to sway back and forth and work her fingertips over every inch of her body. Especially when she gets by the pool. Something about the water gets her pussy nice and juicy. Maybe its the chlorine, maybe its just knowing that everyone can see how sexy her tight body is. Either way, whenever Lady Dee gets a scanty bikini on, she gets horny for hard cock Today, she takes the sex appeal to the next level by wearing some strappy lingerie and spreading her ass cheeks to expose her tight butthole. She looks entirely delicious as she flaunts her body, rocking her curves as she struts and pouts. She even sticks a big pink toy into her tight Asian asshole to get herself prepped for a big dick. Lady imagines what it will feel like once she gets a thick rod deep inside her butthole. She cannot wait for her tight hole to gape and stretch on a giant penis. By the time our stud shows up, Lady Dee is ready to get rammed and wrecked. The little Asian chick fucks his big dong, hopping up and down on his boner as he experiences the tightest asshole he has ever had. Her tiny pussy tastes incredible on his tongue, but her rear is her prized possession. When he shoves his massive prick inside her butt, Lady Dee gasps in sensual delight and watches as his shaft spreads her sphincter wide. She just loves the way he fills her all the way up! This hot Asian anal lover can never get enough buttfucking in her life, so today is the perfect treat to satisfy her rectal cravings.

Shady Producer - Lady Dee - Don't Mess With Her

File: tlgyinashprladdeehmfzj8ed5p.mp4
Size: 497.08 MB
Duration: 40:29
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marketa and Marek seemed like an old couple that has been together for way too long time. They started arguing the minute they arrived to my office. Marketa literally complained about everything regarding her boyfriend. He did not even know that they were scheduled to actually film a scene that day....

Fake Hostel - Lady Dee, Sofia Lee & Emily Bright - Curious About Boobs

File: bqkoknafaholadsofemi9v9otrborz.mp4
Size: 219.78 MB
Duration: 27:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lady Dee can't wait for a hot shower in the Fake Hostel, but as she makes her way to the bathroom, Emily Bright beats her in. Heading to the other showers, Lady once again arrives a few seconds too late and sees Sofia Lee head in to enjoy the warm water. Evening comes, and Lady finally gets her shower in, then heads back to her room to see Emily and Sofia topless in bed together watching porn! Shy, Lady tries her best to hide her tits and ass from the lesbians in front of her...that is, until they put their laptop down and join her in bed. Whispering sweet nothings into Lady Dee's ears, Emily and Sofia seduce the brunette, and kiss on top of her as Lady sucks their big tits. Turned on, all three ladies take turns pleasuring each other, fingering and eating pussies until they all cum.

Fitness Rooms - Lady Dee - Gym Babe With Pussy Lips That Grip

File: nkgabnafiroladdeerhmva9vkxv.mp4
Size: 222.19 MB
Duration: 18:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lady Dee has a personal training session booked with Axel in the Fitness Rooms, but walking into the gym, realizes she isn't going to be able to concentrate because Axel is too hot! Heading to the locker room to change, Lady strips off her outfit and dumps out her bag to try to find a sexy change of clothes. Sitting there is a pink body suit, so Lady Dee slaps it on and warm up her pussy to seduce Axel, but before she can go to him, he walks in with his dick out and shove it in her mouth. Turned on, Lady gives the stud a blowjob while he plays with her tits, then they 69 so he can eat her ass and pussy. After some sporty sex, Axel

Little Asians - Lady Dee - Asian Lust On A Leash

File: 5jolqnaliasladdeero4xcbj6ay.mp4
Size: 460.82 MB
Duration: 33:24
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: If Lady Dee is in the mood, she is willing to go all out to get her rocks off. Today, she puts on a sexy leather dog collar with a chain and meets her dominating stud with every intention of rocking his world. She licks milk out of a cocktail glass like the pervy pet she is. Then, she crawls on her hands and knees before climbing onto the bed to get her tight Asian slit pummeled. Our stud shoves his cock inside and pounds passionately until he busts a dripping load all over Lady Dees lips. Looks like she has had plenty of milk to drink today!

Fake Hostel - Lady Dee & Monica Brown - Virgin Backpacker

File: edqainafaholadmonklf3odzept.mp4
Size: 303.06 MB
Duration: 26:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: New Fake Hostel roommates, Lady Dee and Monica Brown, are in their room comparing travel notes when Lady makes a startling discovery Monica is a virgin backpacker! Explaining to Monica how amazing sex is, the ladies agree to fuck the next guy to walk into the room. Enter Michael Fly, dejected after a mugging, but elated to be brought to bed by two beautiful women. Lady takes charge and shows Monica how to suck a thick cock, then while Monica practices on Michael, Lady strips them both. Playing with her pert tits and Monica's big booty, the backpackers have a legendary threesome that finished with Michael pulling out of Lady's pussy to cum on Monica's face, then the ladies make out with the cum!

Lesbea - Lady Dee & Monica Brown - Young Soft Pussy Pleasing Girls

File: fyvmpnalesladmony1wgpkrge4.mp4
Size: 168.55 MB
Duration: 20:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lady Dee is lying on her bed watching Monica Brown as she gets ready at her vanity. Lady seductively invites Monica to the bed, and the busty brunette climbs on top of her lesbian lover. Lady Dee lifts her shirt so Monica can lick her pert boobs, then Monica takes off her own shirt and they keep kissing. Taking over, Lady takes off Monica's shorts, then kisses her pretty pussy through her white panties. The pair then strip Lady's shorts together, and Monica fingers her on the side. Lady Dee sits on Monica's face and eats her pussy and ass until she cums hard!

Blacks on Sluts - Lady Dee - Lady Dee And Four Bbcs

File: pv2rynablonslladdeebnuzruel3q.mp4
Size: 373.77 MB
Duration: 46:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lady Dee is a beautiful teenager who has come to private.com to take things to the next level in the only way we know how, a hardcore interracial gangbang! Watch this cutie in Private Specials, 4 BBC Gangbangs as she loses her innocence and shows us the sex crazed maniac she really is as she takes on four well-armed black stallions. Dee starts things off with a taste enjoying some deepthroat action before taking turns fucking each stud and warming up for the main event, some hardcore anal and DP action that will culminate in two juicy creampies and two facial cumshots.

Evil Angel - Lady Dee - Squirting Dee's Gaping DP Threesome

File: jjbltnaevanladdeeasmtarwahw.mp4
Size: 847.37 MB
Duration: 45:20
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Pale, raven-haired Lady Dee wears jean shorts and an ensemble of vintage stockings and bra. The all-natural young lady is hungry for a big cock. She fingers her shaved pussy and masturbates with an anal toy. And then Dee joins well hung Angelo Godshack and Christian Clay for an anal threesome. Angelo finger-fucks her until she succumbs to a squirting climax! She gives expert blowjobs, and a double penetration stuffing makes her butthole gape. Intense sodomy and ass-to-mouth cocksucking climax when the boys cum in Dee's mouth.

Viv Thomas - Karry Slot & Lady Dee - Warm Me Up Episode 1 Snow Angels

File: o7dvsnavithkarladio2o3faosb.mp4
Size: 216.83 MB
Duration: 27:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde Karry Slot and her adorable brunette girlfriend Lady Dee stroll through the wintry streets, as episode one of Sandra Shines erotic series Warm Me Up begins. After shopping and sightseeing they go home to their cosy love nest, lighting some candles and kissing on the bed. Karry peels off her sweethearts sweater to reveal a sexy red lace bodysuit. She lies back and Lady Dee sucks her nipples until they are rock hard, then pulls her white panties aside to stroke and lick the puffy folds of her shaved pussy. She fingerbangs Karry until shes moaning and gasping with arousal, then spreads her thighs wide and laps at her clit, thrusting three fingers into her tight slit to drive her wild. Karry turns onto her knees so Lady Dee can spread her firm ass cheeks and rim her asshole, diddling her pussy simultaneously until she has an intense orgasm. They kiss passionately as Karry undresses her lover, lavishing attention on her perky breasts and eating her shaved pussy avidly. Lady Dee lifts her hips to grind against Karrys pretty face as a powerful climax sweeps through her.

Massage Rooms - Lady Dee & Nelly Kent - Cute Brunettes Sapphic Spa Session

File: tigs2namaroladnelb8ecjtgh1p.mp4
Size: 300.85 MB
Duration: 25:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty brunettes Lady Dee and Nelly Kent have booked themselves a Spa Session! Wearing skimpy bikinis, the lesbians make their way over to the jacuzzi, making out all the while. Hopping in to the warm water, Nelly takes off Lady's bikini top and sucks her perky tits, then spins her lover around, and smacks her ass. Lady then sits up on the Jacuzzi's edge and spreads her legs so Nelly can lick her tight pussy. The ladies pleasure one another in the water, then move to a nearby soft spot where they can really make each other cum!