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Lacy Lennon

Family Sinners - Lacy Lennon - Showering With My Step-sister

File: nbchqnafasilaclen1amcq67reo.mp4
Size: 537.36 MB
Duration: 25:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jake and Lacy race to be the first one to use their shared shower. She gets through the bathroom door first, but he forces his way inside and refuses to leave. She always takes an hour showering and he doesn't have time to wait. Lacy gets naked and tells him to leave or she will yell for her dad and tell him Jake is trying to watch her shower. Jake isn't intimidated. He calls her bluff. He gets naked too and decides to get in the shower with her. Lacy is surprised by how ballsy he is, and how big his dick is. Before he knows what is happening, she drops to her knees and blows him. Just then her father, Cyrus, barges in the room looking for his daughter. He doesn't see Lacy giving Jake a blow job behind the shower curtain and she doesn't stop. When he finally leaves, Jakes pulls her out of the shower and starts going down on her. Then he slides his huge cock into her wet pussy and bangs her on ever stable surface. When he's ready to blow, she drops to her knees and begs him to cum all over her perfect face. In that moment of deviant ecstasy, Cyrus opens the bathroom door.

Bellesa House - Lacy Lennon - I Really Like You

File: edxtmnabeholaclenoaxzu92c6g.mp4
Size: 290.36 MB
Duration: 35:52
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tyler is one of the only people in the industry that Lacy has ever felt a connection with. It was because of that intense connection that she kinda freaked out and fully ghosted him... and conspiring with Bellesa House seemed like the best way to bring him back into her life. Their reconnection is lovely and heartfelt as they talk about what happened then and how they're feeling now, and that beautiful foundation of communication runs through the entire rest of their time together on set.

Look At Her Now - Lacy Lennon - Operatic Warm Up.

File: rtmwhnaloathenolaclenaxiz9a5btk.mp4
Size: 980.95 MB
Duration: 37:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Trained opera singer Lacy Lennon knows about the importance of warming up... whether she's doing vocal exercises before a performance or having Small Hands finger her pussy before she gets fucked! Lacy explains how to ensure your throat is slippery and wet, both for singing and sucking cock. She gargles her tea as she gargles Small Hands's balls, then plays a scale in G as you watch Small Hands's cock hit her G spot. Take your seat for the full performance!

All Girl Massage - Kristen Scott & Lacy Lennon - Who On Earth Hates Massages

File: uogbgnaalgimakrilacxiqtnnjghq.mp4
Size: 869.63 MB
Duration: 46:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon is manning the front desk at the massage parlor when Kristen Scott nervously enters. Kristen explains that she got a gift certificate from her boyfriend for a massage and that she'd like a refund. She doesn't like massages, having not had good experiences with them in the past. When Lacy inquires about it, Kristen admits that she's only been massaged by men and it's always left her more sore than what she started with!

Lacy insists that she's not supposed to do returns. However, she's convinced that the problem is that Kristen's never been massaged by a WOMAN before. So, if Kristen lets HER massage her and she still hates massages, then Lacy will refund the certificate. If Kristen LIKES the massage, then Lacy will give her a discount on her next one! Since it's a win-win situation, Kristen gives in.

Lacy soon encourages Kristen to strip down and lay on the massage table. As soon as Lacy begins the massage, Kristen begins to relax. Although Kristen tries to stubbornly act like she's not enjoying the massage, it's obvious to Lacy. Since Lacy really wants to make this a massage that Kristen will never forget, she soon makes the massage more... intimate... Even though Kristen is startled at first, with some coaxing from Lacy, Kristen soon sits back to enjoy her happy ending.

Kristen's mind is blown as Lacy dives into her pussy, taking her pleasure to new heights. It isn't long before Kristen eagerly returns the attention, wanting to give as good as she gets. Although she doesn't want to admit it, Kristen has to agree that getting massaged by a woman is WAY better! She'll never hate on massages ever again!

Hot And Mean - Lacy Lennon & Evelyn Claire - Jukebox Showdown

File: ojbgdnahoanmelacevege6kwyivkh.mp4
Size: 435.30 MB
Duration: 38:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's a quiet week night and hotties Lacy Lennon and Evelyn Claire have the bar almost all to themselves. The problem? Both have their eye on controlling the jukebox Lacy wanting something she can dance to and Evelyn just wanting to chill out. The pair trade shoves and insults until the bartender shuts the music off. Now pissed off and turned on, Lacy and Evelyn have to find a new outlet for their energy and they leave the poor bartender with a bar full of squirt to clean up.

New Sensations - Lacy Lennon - Lacy Loves Her Dark Chocolate Creampie

File: ulnvenaneselaclenyifrk2rdh9.mp4
Size: 369.75 MB
Duration: 45:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Now that sensual redhead wife Lacy has her hunky black bull Jax in her grasp. She lets him know her husband loves Lacy to be filled and satisfied with every desire and with word around the block, all her girlfriends say Jax has the biggest cock of them all. Well Lacy is ready to find out for herself if she can take every inch of that big black cock and his cum deep inside her tight pink pussy.

Purgatory X - Lacy Lennon & Gianna Dior - Let Me Watch Vol 2 E2

File: cfrzrnapuxlacgiahnkpcd9ska.mp4
Size: 346.23 MB
Duration: 22:25
Resolution: 736x414
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Gianna Dior and Lacy Lacy Lennon want to do it all again! This time, its Giannas turn to put on a show for Lacy, so the adventurous duo heads to Giannas boyfriends Seth Gamble workplace to make his day! Wearing almost nothing, Gianna seduces Seth while Lacy settles in to watch the show. Lacy plays with herself while Gianna and Seth suck and fuck all over his desk. When Seth cant hold back any longer, he splashes Giannas face with a healthy dose of jizz. She savors the taste and texture of her boyfriends cum and then shares his man-goo with her sexy bff, Lacy. Delicious!

My Family Pies - Lacy Lennon & Rosalyn Sphinx - Step Sisters Friend Likes To Watch

File: y9fd2namyfapilacroseqxzl3jre4.mp4
Size: 536.68 MB
Duration: 29:06
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon and Rosalyn Sphinx are hanging out in Rosalyn's living room when Rosalyn's stepbrother, Damon Dice, joins them. They chat for a few minutes before Lacy excuses herself to go to the restroom. When Lacy is on her way out, Rosalyn's mom, Katie Morgan, pulls her aside to share her concern that Rosalyn might have an unhealthy attraction to her stepbrother. Lacy promises to keep an eye on Rosalyn, but the second she gets back to the living room she spills the beans to Damon that Rosalyn told her the stepsibs had hooked up once. Rosalyn and Damon both deny it, but Lacy pushes on to ask if they would do it again for her. When the siblings don't immediately agree, Lacy offers to tell Katie what she knows.

Eventually, Lacy pulls Damon's hard dick from his shorts and strokes it in front of Rosalyn to try to entice her friend. Rosalyn holds out for a few more moments, then give in to her urges. She starts sucking Damon down, deep throating her stepbro as Lacy alternates between helping and masturbating as she watches. Then Lacy urges Rosalyn to climb onto Damon's dick to ride him. Although this hot chick loves to watch, Lacy also wants to be part of the adventure. She eventually climbs onto Damon to give him a reverse cowgirl ride as Rosalyn watches and rubs her clit.

Lacy continues to get it as she bends over on her hands and knees to enjoy a doggy style pussy pounding. From that position, Lacy can also double down on Rosalyn's enjoyment by finger banging and eating out her friend. Rosalyn scoots forward with her thighs spread wide next as Lacy sucks and strokes at both her friends to help them out. When Damon is about to cum, Lacy makes sure her hands are on his cock to hold him inside Rosalyn's pussy for a creampie that keeps it all in the family.

Sweet Sinner - Lacy Lennon - Student Bodies Vol.8 Scene 4

File: pmpghnaswsilaclen4jrixuiot5.mp4
Size: 232.42 MB
Duration: 29:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Law professor, Neal Ryan Mclane, and his graduate assistant Brooke Lacy Lennon review all of the case evidence they have collected on student teacher affairs at Neals house. He believes his colleges in believing they did nothing wrong while she sides with her fellow female students. She things the older male professors took advantage of their power, even if the girls were the aggressors. To prove her point, she asks why he chose her to be his assistant, and why they are reviewing this case in his house instead of at school. As she questions him, she climbs on him and starts rubbing his cock. She makes him tell her that fucking her is very, very wrong. But of course that is not enough for either of them to stop. She takes out his cock and starts deep throating him and stroking him to get him ready for her tight little pussy. Then she sits on his dicks and rides him hard. She shows him exactly why all those professors were willing to risk their careers, marriages, and reputations just to fuck a student. She works him over until he explodes all over her red bush.

Episodes - Gianna Dior & Lacy Lennon - Digital Flesh: Episode 2

File: aqbyinaepigialac9sbyc8zlc4.mp4
Size: 382.53 MB
Duration: 34:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Depressed and tired, Elisa Desiree Dulce has found herself unable to even muster up the energy to have sex with her husband Xander Corvus. When Elisa's co-worker Scott Nails introduces her to the benefits of visiting a special cloning clinic, the doctor Lacy Lennon and her assistant Gianna Dior replicate Elisa, allowing her to finally enjoy some free time again. Elisa soon finds out that sharing her life with a clone, however, proves more complicated than either could have anticipated.

My Family Pies - Emma Starletto, Jewelz Blu & Lacy Lennon - My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies

File: tyfvlnamyfapiemmjewlack9igekdxge.mp4
Size: 719.48 MB
Duration: 36:02
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King can't get over how cute her daughter Lacy Lennon and her adopted sisters, Jewelz Blu and Emma Starletto, look in their Easter finest. They're going to take a family photo, but first Lacy and then Jewelz refuse if they can't look sexy. Lacy speaks for all three when she says that they won't do the photo unless they can be sexy bunnies. Vera agrees, but tells them to hurry because step cousin Seth Gamble is on his way. When Seth arrives, the girls refuse to take a photo with him unless he takes off his shirt and puts on bunny ears.

They're finally ready to take the photo, but the battery on Vera's camera has died. Seth suddenly finds himself alone with the trio of horny bunnies. Once again taking the lead, Lacy asks Seth which of the three of them he thinks is the hottest. They each show off their tits to help Seth decide. He can't hide his resulting hardon. When Lacy notices, she claims that she's the best at sucking cock. Jewelz and Emma aren't about to let Lacy win that one without a fight.

After the sloppy triple BJ, Lacy announces that she wants her step cousin to fuck her. She gets on the couch and flips her miniskirt up so that Seth can pull her thong down and give it to her. Once again, Lacy paves the way for her adopted sisters. She starts by eating Jewelz out, but eventually Jewelz wants the D. Lacy moves on to eating Emma out. Then Emma takes Seth's cock in doggy while she eats Jewelz's snatch. The girls lay on their backs side by side to present Seth with a pussy buffet. He takes Jewelz first, then Emma. When he finishes Lacy off for the second time, she begs him to cum in her pussy. Seth isn't about to say no to a creampie to finish off his surprise Easter sex. Jewelz and Emma each taste a fingerful before Emma feeds some to Lacy. Vera walks in on the foursome in their sleepy aftermath.

Rk Prime - Lacy Lennon & Jewelz Blu - Hot And Cold

File: sa49unarkprlacjewnjpoj8qvrp.mp4
Size: 498.96 MB
Duration: 46:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's morning for Lacy Lennon as this fiery redhead slips into her thigh high socks, tiny crop top, and favorite pink striped panties. Real anime schoolgirl vibes. She gives Quinton a morning kiss before finishing her routine in the bathroom and heading into the kitchen for breakfast, cute as a button. Jewelz Blu, on the other side of the house, begins the same routine Except with a phone and nude selfies instead of a loyal boyfriend! As Jewelz settles in the living room, horny Lacy begins slobbering over Quinton's throbbing cock, unaware that her roommate is seducing Quinton right over her head! Will the cheating pair be caught, or vicariously fuck through naughty encouragement?

Purgatory X - Lacy Lennon & Gianna Dior - Let Me Watch Vol 2 E1

File: tu7o6napuxlacgia7e8f5uq5id.mp4
Size: 433.20 MB
Duration: 26:44
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: One afternoon, Lacy Lacy Lennon and Gianna Gianna Dior, two best friends, are having fun trying on sexy outfits. When Lacys boyfriend Donnie Rock comes home, she gets a sudden impulse to put on a show for her best friend. Gianna puts on a bit of her own show, masturbating, as she watches the sexy suck and fuck-fest right before her eyes. Lacys happy to share Donnies load with her bff, Gianna.

Girlfriends Films - Lacy Lennon & Charlotte Sins - Alien Rhapsody

File: sfjm5nagifilacchavs2ezs3afz.mp4
Size: 865.03 MB
Duration: 54:36
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon stars in an original sci-fi thriller as a young woman who struggles with gender identity and sexuality, to the point of suicide. This suicidal act opens a portal that allows an alien entity from the planet Bahdia to re-animate and inhabit her body. When Lacy comes back to life, she has a renewed vigor and hunger for lust. But Lacy's new alien-human hybrid DNA also causes a chemical reaction, fatal to her sexual partners. It's up to the sexy team of Ze-Files detectives to catch her before another innocent lesbian dies.

Girlfriends Films - Lacy Lennon & Veronica Krei - Alien Rhapsody

File: rpbernagifilacverptrpnjxhu9.mp4
Size: 674.09 MB
Duration: 41:41
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon stars in an original sci-fi thriller as a young woman who struggles with gender identity and sexuality, to the point of suicide. This suicidal act opens a portal that allows an alien entity from the planet Bahdia to re-animate and inhabit her body. When Lacy comes back to life, she has a renewed vigor and hunger for lust. But Lacy's new alien-human hybrid DNA also causes a chemical reaction, fatal to her sexual partners. It's up to the sexy team of Ze-Files detectives to catch her before another innocent lesbian dies.

Kenny Kong - Lacy Lennon & Angelina Diamanti - SHC

File: hxvmdnakekolacangqi5j4wxf2m.mp4
Size: 494.88 MB
Duration: 50:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After dumping hot cum down their mouths in Part 3, I am ready to inseminate these white sluts. Lacy and Angelina hot mouths begin to work on my rod to get it hard again! Watch me fuck them in different positions again and watch me pull out of one cunt and stick my cock in the other girl's mouth. Watch them lick up all the juices from cock and pussy. Watch my cum drip out like a river and watch them lick my pecker clean. Yeah, I got to do a foursome with these two hot hoes next time. This scene took hours to film and it qualifies to be included in my Super Hardcore SHC series. Follow me on Twitter KennyKongxxx for updates and trailers. Thanks for watching!

When Girls Play - Lacy Lennon & Kyler Quinn - Girl Crush

File: llrannawhgipllackylt2uut5xdnc.mp4
Size: 293.89 MB
Duration: 32:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when a major studio acts like a match-maker to bring two insanely hot women together to explore the reaches of their crushes and bring each other to levels of pleasure that only another woman can provide? Find out by watching Girl Crush brought to you by Twistys. This scene features October treat of the month Lacy Lennon and crush-worthy Kyler Quinn. Enjoy!

Brazzers Exxtra - Lacy Lennon - Scentual Healing

File: s72rlnabrexlaclenveud1ruovt.mp4
Size: 411.45 MB
Duration: 38:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennons captivating, sexy feet and the intoxicating odor they emit drive her colleagues wild to the point of full-on, overt sexual debauchery. Luckily for Lacy, shes able to use the spell cast by her stockinged feet and gams to disrupt her boss attempt to fire her for poor performance, all while seducing her cubicle neighbor Seth Gamble, who cant resist a seductive footjob and much, much more. Despite causing sexual chaos in her office, Lacy cant be faulted for doing anything other than putting her best foot forward.

Blacks On Blondes - Lacy Lennon - Lacy Is Over Her Boyfriend

File: w68kqnablonbllaclenlhiwobs3p3.mp4
Size: 449.44 MB
Duration: 39:57
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy is over her boyfriend. Small white dick just doesnt do it for her. Lately shes been fucking Isiah on the side and today she gets him to ditch work and come fuck her in her boyfriends bed. Isiah wouldnt normally walk into such a dangerous situation but with Lacy FaceTiming him from the bathtub, he decides its worth the risk of getting caught. And Lacy would love nothing more than her boyfriend to walk in and see what a real man looks like, and fucks like.

Nubiles ET - Lacy Lennon - Harlequin Romance Bird Of Prey

File: k5wfgnanuetlaclendf6e3tsaan.mp4
Size: 454.21 MB
Duration: 28:32
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: The Joker broke up with Harley Quinn and broke her heart in the process, but Harley isn't the type of girl to just swallow her disappointment. Hell bent on revenge, Harley decides that her payback is going to be fucking Mr. J's closest partner in crime, Mr. King. She ties Mr. King to a chair and makes sure that he s aware of what she intends to do. When Mr. King tries to resist, Harley proves that her sexuality is more than enough to make him willing. She presses her tits to Mr. King's face and uses her tongue to seduce him.

As Mr. King grows hard for the hot number in front of him, Harley continues her seduction. She pops her boobs out of her shirt to jiggle them, then peels her shorts down her legs so that Mr. King can get an eyeful of her ass. Mr. King's stiffie is there for Harley's enjoyment as she sits down in his lap with her ass cupping his schlong. Then Harley goes to her knees so she can use her dirty mouth and both hands to give Mr. King a BJ he'll never forget.

Getting to her feet, Harley climbs onto Mr. King's fuck stick and slides down so that she's fully impaled. Once Mr. King gets the chance to experience Harley's tight twat, he's a total convert. She keeps on riding him in cowgirl and reverse, but then she agrees to untie him. ON her hands and knees, Harley moans as Mr. King feasts on her creamy twat and then fucks her doggy style. As Mr. King reaches his own orgasmic peak, he pulls out and covers Harley's ass in his cum, leaving her with a tasty treat to enjoy in the aftermath.

New Sensations - Lacy Lennon - Black Bull For My Hotwife 4

File: wgplqnaneselaclenb85zyx94ov.mp4
Size: 527.84 MB
Duration: 46:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What do you give the wife who has it all? You get her a black bull of course. Watch as hot wives Lacy Lennon, Athena Faris, Emma Hix, and Sophia Leone are gifted enormous black cock by their loving and devoted husbands. It s the gift that keeps on giving only harder and so much deeper.

Brazzers Exxtra - Lacy Lennon - Porn Logic 3

File: nydajnabrexlaclenxmpwyf4ngk.mp4
Size: 336.12 MB
Duration: 31:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: New step-siblings Lacy Lennon and Quinton James are so excited about their secret sexual relationship they wrote a song to sing about it! With a pair of parents as clueless as can be, Lacy and Quinton break out into a song and dance routine filled with glee! Youve never seen such a happy couple, just hope they re not caught fucking and avoid getting into trouble!

Nubile Films - Lacy Lennon - Life Of The Party

File: njsglnanufilaclenw5kbabbxk9.mp4
Size: 461.69 MB
Duration: 30:05
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes when kink is your think, you may find other couples a little bit on the vanilla side. That's just the case with Jake Adams and Lacy Lennon, who return home from a hangout that has left them both wanting to spice things up. They barely make it through the door before their lips lock. As they undress from their nice clothes, Lacy waits for Jake to notice her do me lingerie.

As soon as Jake gets a glimpse of his hot girlfriend, Lacy throws him onto the bed to take charge. Crawling on top of Jake, she tugs his shorts off to get to his hardon. Taking Jake's thick dick in hand, Lacy starts stroking and kissing as she makes her way to the tip to begin her blowjob. Sucking Jake deep, she eventually disengages to kiss and lap at Jake's balls.

Flipping Lacy onto her back, Jake spreads her thighs wide open to make way for him. He settles in to explore the meaty folds of Lacy's slippery twat. Flicking his tongue out, Jake explores Lacy's snatch thoroughly with his mouth. Then he slides his fingers up to plunge knuckle-deep into Lacy's twat as he brings her passion to a fever pitch.

Getting to his knees, Jake slides his hardon home into Lacy's wet warmth. He gives it to her for a few minutes, then flips Lacy onto her belly. After feasting once again on Lacy's juices, Jake dives deep once again for a doggy style pussy pounding.

Lacy isn't about to take Jake's ministrations without dominating him in return. She gets Jake onto his back and drops a deep kiss on his lips as her hand strokes his man meat. Then she climbs on top of Jake and slides down until she's fully impaled. Lacy's reverse cowgirl ride gets hotter and much more intimate as she turns around to ride Jake in cowgirl while leaning forward so he can worship her breasts with his magical mouth.

On her side with Jake spooned behind her, Lacy moans with pure delight as he slides back inside. Jake helps Lacy lift one leg high in the air to open her completely to his stiffie. As Lacy comes undone around Jake, nothing can hold back his climax another moment. He pulls out, letting Lacy reach down to aim his cumshot to cover her naturally red muff.

Step Siblings Caught - Lacy Lennon & Mackenzie Moss - Doing Step Bro Together

File: gt6upnastsicalacmaczjtfsjimo7.mp4
Size: 772.04 MB
Duration: 37:13
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Mackenzie Moss and her BFF Lacy Lennon do everything together. Everything. Brad Sterling, Mackenzie's stepbrother, has really started to wonder how far down the rabbit hole Lacy and Mackenzie have gone. At the same time, he has the total hots for Lacy. Mackenzie notices Brad checking Lacy out beneath the miniskirt of her school uniform. She calls him on it, but doesn't pursue it because the girls decide they need to go shower together. Brad can't believe they possibly do even that together, so he decides to spy on them.

Boy does Brad get an eyeful as he watches Mackenzie and Lacy undress each other. Lacy notices Brad and rats him out, but she can't hide that she returns Brad's interest. Mackenzie is weirded out, but Lacy points out that they do everything together so if Brad wants to look at Lacy he has to look at Mackenzie too. Mackenzie tries to dissuade Lacy by telling her that Brad has a small dick, but that just makes Lacy want to see it. Brad claims his cock isn't small and then whips it out to prove his point. Once Lacy sees how big Brad's dick is, she taunts him while Mackenzie tries to make him go away. The stalemate keeps up until Brad takes Lacy up on her offer and shoves it in.

Mackenzie pretends she's indifferent, but watching Lacy fuck her stepbro is pretty hot. Mackenzie lets Lacy talk her into letting Lacy eat her out while Brad fucks him. Eventually, Mackenzie is too curious about Brad to resist any longer. Lacy is with Mackenzie all the way as Mackenzie scoots forward and lets Brad stick it in. Once she gets started, Mackenzie is eager to see it through as she and Lacy take turns riding Brad's dick. Finally satisfied, the girls work together to deliver a double BJ and handie that only ends when Brad delivers a big shot of cum for the girls to lick clean.

Families Tied - Lacy Lennon & Penny Pax - Bad Habits: New Year's Resolution Lands Family In Latex Anal Training

File: lnigbnafatilacpenjymio13fez.mp4
Size: 930.72 MB
Duration: 01:24:56
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon is a perfect princess, with sex appeal for days, and a complete lack of discipline or work ethic. She stomps and wails and throws her lithe body around her cluttered apartment while arguing with her busty red headed step-mother Penny Pax. Lacy claims her art practice meets the terms of her trust fund. Penny tries to be strict, but allows her manipulative little monster to talk her into one more chance at cleaning up her act. Lacy calls in the help of a life coach that specializes in discipline and self-organization, but fails to read the fine print and soon finds herself in an extreme and sexual therapeutic regime, aimed at using her privilege and slutty disposition against her. Once life coach Seth Gamble gets the waiver signed, he grabs Lacy in a choke hold and wrestles her into ankle and wrist shackles. Made to face her mess, Lacy fights back, but she is soon on her knees, sweeping and cleaning under Seth's strict spanking hand. She learns bad girls get the whip and good girls who clean get the cock. Lacy begins folding her clothes quickly while being railed like a whore on a pile of her laundry. Seth takes her mouth, throat fucking her until she is drooling everywhere, then places a lost tiara on her head in an act of degradation. Chained to a post and interrogated, Lacy admits she is enabled in her bad habits by her doting step-mother, and is rewarded for her honestly with a furious fucking that bring eye rolling orgasms. When Penny comes to visit her darling daughter for New Years Eve she finds Lacy in extreme spread legged bondage wearing a latex corset and fetish ballet boots. Lacy can only drool through her ball gag and watch as Seth strips Penny down of her entitlement and social status with a electro zapper, then caning her milky ass and tits so they are ripe for fucking. Using both Penny's ass and pussy in front of her daughter brings Lacy to taboo orgasms and leaves a wailing Penny to take the anal punishment like a dutiful mother. Penny is tied in a partial rope suspension and made to watch as her indoctrinated daughter licks her pussy, ass and Seth's cock in a trance. Lacy drools in a latex hood, tied on her knees, being an obedient little sex doll that cleans up the mess from her mother's fucked asshole and pussy. Penny cums again and again despite herself while begging for their release. Seth isn't done yet with Lacy's training and places her in full latex lingerie with silver trays that carry her and her mothers New Years Eve champagne toast glasses. He challenges to Lacy to hold the glasses with discipline as he whips and crops her trembling arms. Penny can only watch from the bed with her huge tits clamped tight and a party favor tied into her mouth. Lacy struggles and sweats and puts her most into the task, earning Seth's approval and a sexy New Years threesome fuck. Happy New Year!
Jan 2, 2020Why not both in the ass. They need to take it up the ass to make it wholemigdejong
Jan 2, 2020great!!!corbee
Jan 2, 2020Why not have both in hoods? Why take off the hood? Needed more latexjamiekink