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Krissy Lynn

Girlfriends Films - Alison Rey & Krissy Lynn - Lesbian Tutors 7

File: wxqcwnagifialikrihrluynbnp8.mp4
Size: 643.30 MB
Duration: 39:55
Format: mp4
Description: Four sexy women of power tutor their understudies in lesbian sex. They know everything about women's bodies and hidden spots. They know best how to have multiple orgasms while fucking with female! Each of the four scenes is full of learning, love, and wet lesbian pussy.

Purgatory X - La Sirena 69 & Krissy Lynn - Genie Wishes Vol 2 E3

File: hpicynapuxlakrivhow987gna.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 25:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Donnie Donnie Rock finds that he cant use his third wish to wish for 3 more wishes so he does the next best thing he wishes for a hot, sexy MILF Krissy Lynn with big tits. His genie La Serena 69 asks if she can watch the fun and Donnie happily agrees. As she snaps her fingers, a gorgeous MILF appears and goes right to work on Donnies cock. La Serena 69 watches and becomes so horny that she grants her own wish and conjures up a handsome exotic stud Ramon Nomar. These sexy sluts suck and fuck both cocks until they explode all over their huge tits

The Lesbian Experience - Krissy Lynn & Natalia Queen - Find Each Other

File: z6ga4nathleexkrinat3bh4xo878m.mp4
Size: 4.30 GB
Duration: 50:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When a sexy woman gets her hands on a pretty 19 year old petite Natalia, Krissy just cannot wait to pull her cotton panties off and taste her sweet tight young teen pussy juices. Krissy brings all her experience to the bed and shows tiny Natalia all the secret girl tricks of licking, fingering and bringing their pussies to orgasm.

New Sensations - Krissy Lynn & Natalia Queen - Natalia & Krissy Find Each Other

File: rpnqtnanesekrinatxiqrxheeui.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 50:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When a sexy woman gets her hands on a pretty 19 year old petite Natalia, Krissy just cannot wait to pull her cotton panties off and taste her sweet tight young teen pussy juices. Krissy brings all her experience to the bed and shows tiny Natalia all the secret girl tricks of licking, fingering and bringing their pussies to orgasm.

Teamskeet X She Seduced Me - Kyler Quinn & Krissy Lynn - Massaging My Mom

File: dwdn1natexshsemekylkrikysktspcar.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 53:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When teen Kyler Quinn signs up for massage school, she asks stepmom Krissy Lynn if she could practice on her. Even though she was unsure at first, by the end of the massage Krissy is very glad she agreed to help.

Hands On Hardcore - Krissy Lynn - Anal Addict Gets Her Wish

File: ldrabnahaonhakrilyndphpqzuwwo.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 41:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Anal enthusiast Krissy Lyn debuts on Hands On Hardcore in an explosive ass fucking scene that makes us all fiend for more of her. This all-natural American sexpot has been reeling for the opportunity to fuck her roommate's ex-boyfriend and now that they have broken up, she strikes. Lucas Frost has came to collect his things from the house and Miss Lyn finds herself all worked up and in a frenzy over the hunky, and now available man. Watch as the gorgeous glamour model saunters into the bedroom topless and proceeds to be anally annihilated, just as she'd hoped for. Don't miss her incredible debut in this 4K premium porn masterpiece where you get to watch her curvy ass being plundered.

Milf Sugar Babes - Krissy Lynn - Krissy Lynn Gets Her Milf Wet Pussy Fucked

File: mcrkpnamisubakrilynolfsksvtv8.mp4
Size: 659.24 MB
Duration: 57:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to meet up with a sugar daddy. Since me and my husband separated, I haven't been able to get used to working three jobs and taking care of our kids all at once. I'm happy my girlfriend gave me his number, because I really need the money and I really need the sex. I'm hoping it's a good experience. Wish me luck!

Pure Taboo - Krissy Lynn & Kamryn Jade - Father Figure

File: x8lxmnaputakrikamkzrdh1ls3a.mp4
Size: 518.31 MB
Duration: 38:16
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Linda Krissy Lynn and her 18-year old step-daughter Sam Kamryn Jade, who sit together in the living room. The air is somewhat somber as they talk about the man of the house, who has passed away, leaving Sam and Linda financially destitute. They are thankful that Uncle Jerry, the man's step-brother, will be coming to stay with them to help them.

At that moment, there is a knock on the door and Linda steadies herself by taking a deep breath. Sam assures her that everything's going to be okay, then answers the door, welcoming Jerry Tommy Gunn inside. Everyone's warm and friendly towards each other although still a bit somber as they greet each other.

Sam thanks Jerry for coming to stay with them. Jerry says they're family, so of course he's going to try and help them through this tough time. They have a moment of silence, but Sam ushers them along to avoid them grieving for too long. She tells Jerry where his room is, and he goes off with his luggage.

Sam turns to her mom and hugs her. She knows it's going to be hard, but they'll get through this together. Her dad couldn't have chosen a more wonderful woman to be her step-mom.

Linda hugs Sam back, smiling thinly, as though it's still hard for her to smile even if she appreciates the kind words.

'We're going to get over this together...as a family,' Sam insists.


Over time, Jerry does his best trying to be a good provider to Linda and Sam. Sam clearly admires him and begins growing attracted to him.

One night a couple of weeks later, Sam lays in bed. She is restless, alternating between tossing and turning, and staring at the ceiling. She looks troubled. Jerry walks by the bedroom door but stops when he glances in and sees Sam, asking if he can come in.

Sam says 'sure dad', accidentally calling Jerry 'dad' instead of 'Uncle Jerry'. Jerry stops at the doorway as he hears this. It takes Sam a moment to catch herself having said it, only noticing because his body language stiffened. Sam is mortified, gasping with shock and embarrassment at the mix-up. She tells Jerry she has no idea why that came over her.

Jerry comes into the room, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. Sam sits up. Jerry puts a hand on hers and asks if she misses her dad a lot still. Sam looks conflicted, and hesitant to talk. After Jerry coaxes her further, Sam finally admits her confusion towards her feelings for Jerry, thinking of him as a father figure but also attracted to him through her grief.

Jerry tells Sam that he's never had a family as close as this until now, and it's changed his entire life. He could see this being his permanent home. But when he pauses for a moment, upset, Sam begs him to stay, insisting that she'll get over her confused feelings for him.

Jerry turns to her, and tells her no, that's not why he's upset. Sam asks him what he means, and he confesses that he's been confused by his feelings too, he's not only been having fleeting feelings towards Linda but towards Sam too, and it's blurring the lines in his mind, he wants to be everything for the family... an uncle, a father, a husband to Linda... and a lover to Sam.

Jerry moves to touch her but stops at the last second, insisting that this is wrong and tries to push away again. Sam begs him to facethe truth -- they ALL experienced so much loss, so why can't they just let themselves be HAPPY for once? Jerry seems tempted, but still resists, insisting that she's his brother's daughter. Sam reminds him that they were step-brothers, so it's okay... Jerry insists that's not what he meant, and that he's betraying his brother by doing this.

Sam says that her father would want them to be happy. She tries for a kiss once more and Jerry gives in. The kiss is tentative and explorative at first but becomes more passionate as they let go.

Jerry and Sam have obviously found solace in each other, but will Linda be able to accept this new reality?

Pure Taboo - Reagan Foxx & Krissy Lynn - Mommies' Boy

File: qwa9nnaputareakrikpetxb9sbw.mp4
Size: 757.32 MB
Duration: 49:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jealous Teen Demands Sex With Lesbian Step-Moms

Greg Jay Romero loves his step-moms, Tara Krissy Lynn and Leslie Reagan Foxx, so much... Maybe TOO much.

He's always been close to them but things changed as he got older. He used to feel nothing but warmth and happiness around them but now he is filled with jealousy and rage. It just seems like his lesbian moms pay way more attention to each other than him these days, and it's pushing him closer to the edge...

It doesn't help that he's also wrestling with all these feelings of sexual frustration as well. His mothers aren't afraid to show affection to each other around the house, always kissing and caressing each other... In his dismayed state of mind, he can't help but to wonder why they don't kiss and caress HIM like that, too?

The tension in the household is high until Tara and Leslie finally confront him about his bad attitude. That's when Greg loses it, all of his loneliness and frustrations finally exploding to the surface. If his moms don't show HIM the same kind of physical closeness and affection that they give each other, well, whatever he does to HIMSELF will be on THEIR conscience...

She Seduced Me - Krissy Lynn & Kyler Quinn - Massaging My Step Mommy

File: nlzvhnashsemekrikylsdztmqhbcf.mp4
Size: 332.98 MB
Duration: 53:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Massaging My Step Mommy starring Kyler Quinn Krissy Lynn, Kyler just signed up for massage school and she convinces her step mommy Krissy to let her practice on her. Krissy is shy but reluctantly agrees to let the eager teen give her a full body massage. Kyler gets more and more tuned on and soon

Moms Teach Sex - Krissy Lynn - Moms Big Happy Family

File: uidvhnamotesekrilynxltwkpcnzo.mp4
Size: 612.45 MB
Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Bigtit milf Krissy Lynn knows that her new stepson, Tony, resents her for marrying her father. She tries to be motherly to him anyway. Sometimes that means nagging him about helping out around the house. Sometimes that means cooking him dinner. No matter what Krissy tries, Tony refuses to accept her. When he finally snaps at Krissy that he doesn't know why his dad married a homewrecker like her, though, Krissy has had enough. She disappears and then comes back clad in revealing lingerie to show her stepson exactly what his daddy sees in his new mommy.

Grabbing Tony's hand, Krissy puts it on her breast so he can feel her huge titties. Then she turns around and shakes that ass in Tony's face. Krissy can see how hard Tony is as she sinks to her knees in front of him and unzips his pants. Tony tries to remind Krissy that this is wrong, but she can't answer because her mouth is too full of Tony's cock. That deep throat BJ convinces Tony that he needs to see this through, so they relocate to the bedroom.

Once Tony has had a nice squeeze of mommy's boobs and has slid his fingers down her meaty pussy lips, he gets Krissy onto her hands and knees. Whipping his cock out, he slams it in. Their fucking is fueled by a mutual dislike of one another as Krissy watches Tony dominate her greedy hairy snatch and Tony finally gets to roll those big boobs in his palms. When Krissy gets on top to ride Tony, she can't help but throw her head back as she climaxes. Moments later after she has climbed off of Tony and is still on her hands and knees, Krissy gets Tony's cum shot all over her big ass. At least he can see why his dad married her now.

She Seduced Me - Alison Rey, Krissy Lynn & Kyler Quinn - Step Mommy Of The Bride Pov

File: slvn8nashsemealikrikylxuvrispr66.mp4
Size: 317.19 MB
Duration: 39:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Step Mommy of The Bride POV starring Alison Rey Kyler Quinn Krissy Lynn, Experience this lesbian scene from the POV of the husband and watch helplessly as your horny, dominant wife seduces your little girl and her bridesmaid on the eve of her wedding while she orders you to film it!

Perfect Fucking Strangers - Krissy Lynn - Krissy Lynn gets her wet pussy fucked by a stranger

File: tbh9wnapefustkrilynqtmtonvdpe.mp4
Size: 290.33 MB
Duration: 25:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I don't think I've been that horny in a while. To just write on some random hot dude's football my address and to meet me there it's not usually like me. But, fuck, I needed to get fucked really bad, and when I saw him at the park I just needed it. Luckily he got my note scribbled on his ball and he showed up. My pussy was drenched by the time he shoved his cock inside of it it felt so fucking good. And I didn't even mind that he left right afterward since his friend had been waiting for him outside. It was just what I needed.

New Sensations - Krissy Lynn - It's A Natural Thing For Krissy

File: hintpnanesekrilynsshxtbsmhr.mp4
Size: 235.36 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: One thing is for sure, sexually amplified Krissy knows how to fuck her step son! When Logan attempts to clean some water off the floor, Krissy comes running in scolding him not to clean that, they have people for that. But Logan insist he can do his share of chores until she admits it was her squirt. Logan having seen that before gets Krissy locked in a heated moment and getting her to hop onto the kitchen counter spreading her dripping wet milf pussy wide for Logan to show how her how he does it. With some extremely hot fucking and squirting she demands her step son now make a mess all over her tits.

All Her Luv - Aubrey Sinclair & Krissy Lynn - Cherry

File: axzrenaalheluaubkris9b6pr8wl9.mp4
Size: 490.01 MB
Duration: 42:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aubrey hasn't been herself lately, she's been up in her head, and it's made me want to look into what she's been up to lately. She says she's going to take a shower when I know she's already showered hours ago, so I followed her. I pressed my ear to the door wondering the worst, maybe she's taking something maybe she's talking on the phone to a much older boy, maybe.. maybe, but I don't hear anything at all. I crack open the door to see her looking at her vagina with my handheld mirror. I open the door and surprise her, she drops the mirror on the floor. She was surprised and angry that I barged in on her, but I had to know what she was up to. I know she has a boyfriend, maybe she'd like to talk to a doctor? Someone other than myself. She shakes her head no, but won't tell me what's wrong. I tell her that I'll make an appointment with an OBGYN, but in the meantime we should take a day nap together, and when we wake up it will be a brand new start to the day. She nods and smiles, my sweet little Aubrey has always loved to curl up and nap with me. I took off my heels and my white doctor's coat and we both laid in bed. It was then I heard her voice, Can I ask you something? I turned around and assured her that she could talk to me about anything. She confided in me that she was still a virgin, but her and her boyfriend have been trying to have sex. I can't, she tells me, he won't fit inside of me. I tell her that her hymen is still intact and when she has sex, she will break it, sex will be more pleasurable after that. Aubrey looks at me with her big brown eyes, she tells me her hymen will not break. I ask her if I can take a look and I see the problem, clear as day, she has an imperforate hymen. It's a rare condition that only 1-2 of women have. The hymen will have to be taken out by surgery. Surgery?!I can't have surgery. I don't like needed or people looking at my vagina, and omgod.. how many people will be looking at my vagina?! Well typically four or five, I told her, but since an imperforate hymen is so rare, they'll likely have students in there to oversee the surgery. It might be the only hymendectomy they'll see after all. 5 doctors, nurses, and students too! I can't.. There has to be another way. I tell her that I could try to help. Young men don't always properly know how to arouse a woman before sex, and with an imperforate hymen, arousal is especially important. I will help little Aubrey, she can close her eyes if she'd like and fantasize about her boy. I assure her, don't worry darling. I'll take care of you. Just lay back, open up your legs, breathe in deep, yes.. good girl. I'll rub this warm coconut oil all over your body, it will feel so good, almost like you're at the spa. Are you ready? Watch the story unfold..

Reality Junkies - Krissy Lynn - Cheating Housewives 2

File: pxsbynarejukrilynbtmefpgrqt.mp4
Size: 256.70 MB
Duration: 21:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Linzee Ryder repays Alex Jett for all his hard work by giving him her experienced pussy! Naughty housewife Krissy Linn wants to be pounded by her hot plumber, taking every inch of his thick pipe! Stunning Gia Milana regrets marrying for money and realizes she should have married for cock instead! Blonde MILF Katie Monroe is about to cheat on her Monday dildo with young stud Juan El Caballo Loco.

Brazzers Exxtra - Krissy Lynn - One Sneaky Stripper

File: ffndxnabrexkrilynaynohlxcv2.mp4
Size: 571.23 MB
Duration: 41:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Krissy Lynn is a hot as shit stripper who gets a visit from nerdy boyfriend Danny D and his mean girlfriend. Danny D's girlfriend is attempting to give him the ultimate test of his devotion. She instructs him specifically not to touch Krissy Lynn's big tits and bounceable ass. But what girlfriend can't see, can't hurt, right? Turns out Krissy can't wait to gag on Danny's huge dick and give him the ride of his life.

Cuckold Sessions - Krissy Lynn - Krissy Loves To Date White Boys

File: giisbnacusekrilynwyslsjowkq.mp4
Size: 452.22 MB
Duration: 40:13
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Krissy loves to date white boys but she only fucks black men. She brings home her new boyfriend and just as he thinks its going to be the day he deals the deal, hes stopped in his tracks by the two dudes sitting on his girlfriends couch. Krissy explains that her sexuality is far-reaching and that she wants him to watch her but no touching. She tells him she met these guy at the club and has been strictly fucking them ever since. Hes not so sure about this at first,
but warms up to it and soon is beating off while his girlfriend takes two dicks at once.

My Wife's Hot Friend - Krissy Lynn - Krissy Lynn Pulls Out All The Tricks To Fuck Her Friends Husband Again

File: jveqonamywihofrkrilynayvbdx5oey.mp4
Size: 540.45 MB
Duration: 43:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Lucas goes to pick up him and his wife's friend, Krissy Lynn, to go on a double date, he finds Krissy lagging to get out the door. Krissy goes upstairs to get changed for their shindig but takes her sweet time getting into sexy lingerie. See, Krissy knows Lucas will get impatient and come check on her, only to find her irresistible in her attire. Nothing like a quick sneaky fuck before dinner!

Mom Is Horny - Krissy Lynn - No Rubber Milf Krissy

File: po7gtnamoishokrilyn1sysuajzri.mp4
Size: 424.75 MB
Duration: 38:00
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Krissy Lynn is a busybody stepmom, She's cleaning her stepsons' bed until to her dismay she finds a condom. She confronts her son explaining that only sexually promiscuous women use condoms and that's not the type of girl adequate for his first time. Krissy points out that his first time should be with someone he trusts, someone who cares about him, someone like her. Ricky is shocked. But Krissy wanted to show him that it's no fun to use a condom. She takes out her perfect tits and drops her panties. Ricky touches her round ass and tight pussy. Krissy is eager to ride that young cock. She gets pounded until he cums all over her.

NF Busty - Krissy Lynn - Lets Play Hooky

File: ld7hunanfbukrilyn4czmqkgrt9.mp4
Size: 548.29 MB
Duration: 28:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kyle Mason and Krissy Lynn are supposed to go to work, but before they make it out the door they do a u-turn and head back inside. They can't keep their hands off of one another, especially as Kyle fills his hands with the delight of Krissy's ass. Krissy makes sure Kyle knows she's in charge, shoving him against the wall and then indicating that he needs to wait for her to slip into something sexier before they continue their lovemaking.

Strutting into the bedroom, Krissy peels off her work clothes and changes into a lingerie getup with a bra and panties that can barely constrain her big assets. Kyle loves the sight of his buxom lover in her sexy getup, but he is much more interested in peeling her clothes off so he can wrap his hands around Krissy's big boobs and pinch her nipples to hardness. Grinding her ass against Kyle's hardon, Krissy uses body language to let her boyfriend know she's with him all the way as he slides his hand down the front of her panties.

Dropping to her knees, Krissy pulls Kyle's hardon out of his pants and opens her mouth as she moves in to indulge her craving for cock. Slurping and sucking, she explores every inch of her boyfriend's stiffie with her mouth and hands before drawing back so Kyle can help her onto the counter. Tugging Krissy's panties aside, Kyle samples her musky juices. Then he peels her panties off and buries his face in her nicely trimmed twat for a real pussy feast.

When Kyle gets to his feet and lifts Krissy's leg over his shoulder, he easily slides into her tight sheath. Going deep, he leans in to give Krissy a deep kiss before he lets her go. She lets herself fall backwards, resting her head on the countertop as Kyle continues to make magic with his dick.

The couple gets to their feet to spice things up a bit. Krissy's jugs jiggle with every movement as Kyle slides his hands around her waist to hold her in place and help her balance as he reenters her greedy snatch. The position opens her up perfectly, but lacks the deep penetration Krissy craves until she leans against

Eventually Krissy climbs onto a chair, where she kneels and leans forward. The new position makes it easy for Kyle to slam into her from behind, diving balls deep and giving her the hard thrusts she craves. They switch spots so Krissy can ride Kyle's fuck stick to her heart's content as he sits in the chair. Her jiggling jugs fly everywhere as she works herself towards the climax she's been craving all morning.

Hopping off of Kyle's erection, Krissy gets back on her knees. Leaning forward, she wraps her soft pillows around him for a titty fuck. When she slips her hands between her breasts for extra friction, Kyle can't hold back another moment. He pops his load, covering Krissy's face in his hot liquid love.