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Kissa Sins

Evil Angel - Kissa Sins - Kissa: Deepthroat Blowjob, Cum Swallow

File: ngvspnaevankissinannpgntex8.mp4
Size: 415.51 MB
Duration: 24:16
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: In a black vinyl jacket and fishnet bodysuit that reveals her pert, natural tits, raven-haired stunner Kissa Sins prepares for her deepthroat blowjob scene with director Jonni Darkko. The tattooed vixen probes her asshole with several fingers and extends her long tongue to make herself salivate. Kissa gags and drools as Jonni rams his stiff dick down her gullet. He spurts his load into her open mouth, and Kissa swallows every drop of jism.

Evil Angel - Adriana Chechik & Kissa Sins - Adriana Chechik: Ultimate Slut

File: ar1m2naevanadrkisr5eppmmizx.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 51:52
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Two stunners -- naturally beautiful, unnaturally slutty Adriana Chechik and Kissa Sins -- eagerly share a nasty anal threesome with star stud Markus Dupree. They gag on a long double dong, swap spit, give sloppy lesbian rim jobs, ream each other with dildos and drool into gaping buttholes. Markus' big boner shoves a white ball through their sphincters. He makes each lady squirt girl cum all over the other's pretty face. Adriana and Kissa eat thick lube straight from each other's winking bunghole. See plenty of messy, orgasmic buttfucking, blowjobs and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. The ladies swap sperm mouth-to-mouth.

Evil Angel - Kissa Sins - Squirting, Gaping Kissa's Anal Sins

File: hmrmxnaevankissinpfnbnm4bnr.mp4
Size: 774.95 MB
Duration: 50:26
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: In fishnet lingerie and sky-high heels, glamorous Kissa Sins shows off her natural-breasted, tattooed beauty. 'Sinner' is inked on her hot, hypnotically twerking ass. Heavily hung Manuel Ferrara rims her butthole and kisses her mouth. He eats her pussy, stuffs four fingers into her sphincter and tastes them. Lush-lipped Kissa sucks his uncut, hugely thick cock, laps his balls and tongues his bunghole. Straight-to-anal goes his big boner, buttfucking her to blushing, orgasmic delirium. She deep-throats ass-to-mouth, masturbates as Manuel rails her twat, and sits on his face, gasping. Kissa's asshole envelops his meat he pulls her hair and mauls her tits, demanding deeper anal penetration. Manuel chokes her amid passionate backdoor plowing, and when she squirts girl cum, he laps up the flow. Kissa's massively gaping rectum belches lube. She jacks his jism into her mouth and swallows.

Evil Angel - Katrina Jade & Kissa Sins - Katrina & Kissa: Squirt-wet Anal 3-way

File: b2rnhnaevankatkisimfrkxatvd.mp4
Size: 556.08 MB
Duration: 35:14
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: On a mountaintop deck, glamour girls Katrina Jade and Kissa Sins flaunt natural curves, BJ lips and big, comely asses. Gap-toothed Kissa has a tiny waist Katrina has spectacularly real boobs. 'Sinner' is tattooed on Kissa's ass cheek 'Slut' on Katrina's! They strip and French each other's long tongue, then accost stud Markus Dupree inside for a frenzied threesome He's hyper-aggressive and dominant, pulling hair, slapping, spanking, yelling they're hyperactive, laughing, howling, choking, kissing. Spit flows in a double blowjob. Markus fucks both shaved pussies and assholes, making girl cum squirt all over each pretty face! The girls eat pussy they rim each other and Markus they deep-throat dick ass-to-mouth. Kissa tongues gaping bunghole. Markus porks her to multiple waves of squirt and makes Katrina lick up the liquid. The ladies lap each other's sweat- and juice-drenched skin they spin naked in the fluid flooding the floor. Double cum facial Markus creams two gorgeously sex-soaked smiles. And there's still more squirting!

Girls Way - Adriana Chechik & Kissa Sins - Sapphic Curse Of The Crystal Skull

File: 5icznnagiwaadrkisn1t4uxixbd.mp4
Size: 375.38 MB
Duration: 44:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: An alarm buzzes in a darkened tent. Adriana Chechik turns off the alarm and crawls out of her blankets. Putting on her clothes, she opens the tent and steps outside into the blazing New Mexico sun. Asking herself where Kissa is, she looks around. Her eyes widen when she spots Kissa Sins, wearing tight booty hugging shorts. What is she wearing?!, Adriana asks her. Whatever the fuck she wants, Kissa responds with a mischievous grin. She shouldn't dress provocatively when they're all alone out here in Chaco Canyon National Park, so far away from civilization, Adriana says worriedly. Don't worry, no one's going to mess with them, Kissa tells Adriana, flashing a pistol that she brought with her. But enough chit-chat, Kissa tells her friend gruffly. It's time to go. With a sigh, Adriana shoulders her backpack and they set off down a trail.

The ladies hike for what seems like hours through the woods with Kissa in the lead. Adriana, a graduate student at the local university's Department of Archeology, can't wait to reach the unexplored cave that she's there to investigate. Kissa, a tough-as-nails ex-marine, isn't nearly as excited as her friend, complaining that she's just there to babysit Adriana. As they continue on the trail, Kissa can't help but get flirty with Adriana, but Adriana's not into it, reminding her friend that she's married. Their conversation is cut short when they reach a tall face of rock with a small opening that leads up to the cave. Adriana looks up at it, marveling that no one's ever seen it before.

Kissa starts the climb up the steep entryway to the cave with Adriana following. It doesn't take long for Adriana to lose sight of Kissa, who dashes up the cliffside. After a long and grueling ascent, Adriana finally reaches the cave. When she turns on her LED camping lantern, she's shocked to discover that Kissa is standing right next to her. She hands Adriana an arrowhead, telling her she found it while she was waiting. Adriana is excited since it looks like a Mayan arrowhead and Kissa tells her that she can show her where she found it. Kissa takes Adriana deeper into the cave, bringing her to where she found the arrowhead. Eager to see what other secrets are buried there, Adriana gets down on her knees, sifting through the dirt of the cave floor. A moment later, Adriana is elated to find another arrowhead and snaps a photo of it. When she takes a look at the photo, she notices something in it, something strange, a shiny object protruding from the ground.

Overcome with curiosity, Adriana grabs a small folding shovel out of her pack and starts digging feverishly, asking Kissa to hold the lantern as she pulls the mysterious object out of the dirt. It's a hunk of smoky quartz crystal about the size of a human fist. It almost seems like it's been carved into a shape. Adriana takes a plastic water bottle out of her backpack and washes off the hunk of quartz to reveal that it has been carved into the shape of a human skull.

Adriana is in awe, saying that it could be hundreds of years old...or thousands. OR...it could have been carved last week, Kissa points out. Adriana retorts that that's unlikely since there are signs of extreme weathering on the surface, indicating that whatever carved it did so quite a while ago. Pulling the lantern close, Adriana examines the crystal skull closely. Adriana's eyes go wide with wonder as a light suddenly begins to emanate from the skull, growing ever brighter. As Kissa looks on, Adriana is transfixed as the glow from the skull gets brighter and brighter, reflecting in Adriana's eyes. Suddenly, Kissa's voice cuts into Adriana's trance, asking her if she's okay? Adriana shakes her head back to reality, blinking in confusion. She takes a breath, saying that they'd better get back to the camp.

Later, back in their tent, Kissa dozes off while Adriana investigates the skull more, peering at it closely with a flashlight. Suddenly it begins to glow again and Adriana locks with the skull as the light increases in intensity. This mysterious glow flashes in Adriana's eyes and a strange energy seems to take hold of her. Abruptly, she rouses Kissa. What's wrong?, Kissa asks, groggy. With a seductive smile, Adriana tells her friend that she wants to fuck her. Kissa is shocked since this isn't like Adriana at all. What's come over her? But Kissa's surprise soon turns to lust as the impossible-to-resist Adriana kisses Kissa softly, pulling the blankets away from her. They dive into each other, stripping their clothes off and instantaneously losing themselves in each other's supple bodies.

But the adventure is only just beginning for these amateur archaeologists. Are they prepared for what awaits them when they uncover the sapphic curse of the crystal skull?

Lady Gonzo - Joanna Angel & Kissa Sins - Joanna & Kissa

File: 88lkynalagojoakis53efegalzt.mp4
Size: 417.64 MB
Duration: 56:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Joanna Angel's back with another nasty fuck-fiesta and this time, she's got the wicked Kissa Sins on deck to get dicked. Her lucky partner? Superstar sexual athlete Markus Dupree. Joanna kicks the night off when she heads to her apartment to pick Kissa up, who's already hot and horny and drooling for some cock.

In the apartment, Kissa can barely keep her hands off of Joanna. When Joanna has Kissa change into an outfit that she brought her for the shoot and she gets a look at Kissa's tasty ass, Joanna has trouble keeping her hands to herself too. But Joanna's not supposed to be in the scene today, so the boss lady does her best to resist Kissa's unbelievably fuckable body. Kissa's not going to make it easy for Joanna though, telling her that she loves taking it in her ass even MORE than in her pussy. She cums so hard that it's like there's an on-demand orgasm button in there.

Joanna bites her lip, asking her what that feels like. Instead of telling her, Kissa shows her, stripping down, sitting down on a chair and taking out a shiny crystal dildo that she brought with her. She lubes up the dildo with her spit and throws her little legs over her head, pulling aside her panties and rubbing her tight asshole. Moaning loudly, she slides the dildo right up her snug little sphincter.

While Joanna cheers her on, Kissa pounds the dildo into her ass even deeper, rubbing her swollen clit while she fucks her juicy asshole. It doesn't take long for Kissa to hit that button she was talking about, and she cums hard, her legs shaking as her ass creams all over that crystal fuckstick. With that intense ass-gasm, playtime's over and it's time to get to set to get the fuck-down of the century started. Joanna's got a bunch of surprises in store for Kissa, so she'd better be ready to get REAL messy.

And by the time they arrive on set and meet Markus, Kissa proves how ready she really is, jumping on him and whipping out his already-hard dick. She takes his massive cock, pumping his swollen head and hard shaft in and out of her juicy mouth as he fucks her face, squeezing his meatstick down her throat. She sucks on his balls before he flips her onto her back and sticks his dick straight up her ass, fucking her little hole until her eyes roll back in her head.

Joanna's watching everything go down, but she's got holes of her own that need gaping. So even though she wasn't supposed to be in the scene, she's decided to say eff to that, she's not going to stay on the sidelines for much longer, and Kissa and Markus better be ready when the divine Miss A dives ass-first into this fuck-frenzy.

Evil Angel - Kissa Sins - Kissa's Gaping Anal, A2m & Cum Facial

File: nslc8naevankissineb6f4xoyvs.mp4
Size: 530.10 MB
Duration: 38:51
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: A comely brunette with pert, natural tits and a hot ass, Kissa Sins is an expert at pleasing big cocks. When Markus Dupree offers his throbbing boner, Kissa luxuriantly sucks his meat, and soon she's gagging in an intense, deepthroat blowjob! The young stud rims her sweet asshole, aggressively drills her pussy and fucks her pretty face. He chokes Kissa while reaming her tight butthole to gaping! Following a ferocious anal pounding, Markus delivers a messy cum facial. Kissa cleans his cock ass-to-mouth.

Jules Jordan - Kissa Sins - Kissa Sins Anal Creampie

File: 2tkeinajujokissinmqkxhvlmra.mp4
Size: 385.87 MB
Duration: 47:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kissa Sins is back at JJV for more hardcore ANAL fun! Kissa Sins is always a ball of fire in her scenes, so theres no question that we want to see as much of her as possible. Shes dressed in sexy black lingerie that shows off her perfect ass, long lustrous legs and perky tits. Kissa pulls out a large double ended dildo and sucks on it a bit before removing her top to expose those beautiful tits. She shakes her ass as she slowly removes her panties, then lays on the bed to fuck herself with that big dildo. Kissa slides it in her pussy and then in her ass before Manuel comes over to the bed to join her. Manuel fingers both of Kissas tight holes making her squirt everywhere, then Kissa gets on her hands and knees to suck on Manuels big cock. She deep throats that cock as Manuel fucks her face and fingers her ass at the same time making her moan for more. Manuel fucks her pussy and ass, making Kissa shower her squirt all over the bedroom, then blows his load deep into her asshole. Kissa pushes all of that cum out of her ass and licks every drop of it off of her fingers, then sucks Manuels cock some more to make sure she got it all.

Wicked - Kissa Sins - Love Song

File: x6xninawickissinkkusbltnk5.mp4
Size: 264.40 MB
Duration: 26:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ricky small hands is an aspiring rock star and his supportive girlfriendAiden Ashley is there to help on his journey to the top. Things seem perfect until a manipulative band manager Joanna Angel gets into Ricky's head and turns his world upside down. Sometimes there is a nightmare beneath a dream coming true..

Pornstars Like it Big - Kissa Sins - Let's Talk About Sex

File: ukjnwnapoliitbikissinzh7dpqq4zs.mp4
Size: 370.68 MB
Duration: 31:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kissa Sins is Xander Corvus' guest on his new late night talk show, and she's ready to give Xander and his audience something worth watching! Things get hot real quick as Kissa flaunts her body, revealing she's not wearing any panties! She has something extra special in store for Xander after finding out it's his birthday, twerking her ass and shaking her tits for him. Once they're off the air, Kissa sucks Xander's big cock and properly celebrates his birthday with a good hard fucking!

Evil Angel - Joanna Angel & Kissa Sins - Kissa & Joanna: Gaping Anal Threesome

File: xfhcxnaevanjoakis862ngtjeou.mp4
Size: 553.56 MB
Duration: 38:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fishnet-clad temptresses Kissa Sins and Joanna Angel make out, showing off the butt plugs lodged in their assholes. Gorgeous, insatiable Kissa and tattooed MILF Joanna go upstairs, where heavily hung stud Jessy Jones waits in bed. The ladies share his big cock in a wet, nasty double blowjob. Joanna and Kissa bob on his rod and share cock-flavored lesbian kisses. Jessy extracts Kissa's toy and slides his boner up her ass. The ladies take turns, alternating anal rides and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Jessy pumps their pussies with creampies as their ruined sphincters gape!

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Kissa Sins - Obstruction Of Justice

File: xcvxunagiwaabikisk5rb4ojpxd.mp4
Size: 248.78 MB
Duration: 30:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Officer Abigail Mac strides up to a home, her expression hard and serious as she greets Kissa Sins, the homeowner. Abigail's been called to the scene of a disturbance and listens as Kissa tells her she heard a big bang in the house. She's so focused on her job that Abigail is obliviousto Kissa checking her out as she's invited inside.

Abigail checks the house, ready for a confrontation around every corner. Her intense concentration prevents her from seeing that Kissa is following behind her and admiring her ass. Kissa is not at all worried about a possible intruder, which annoys Abigail because this is a very serious matter! Abigail tries to learn more about what happened and is directed to a living room where Kissa claims she heard the big bang. Abigail is confused, remarking that she doesn't see any broken glass, or signs of entry, or...

Abigail slowly turns around and faces Kissa with a stern and knowing expression on her face. The jig is up. There's no intruder, is there? Kissa tries to play innocent as she flirts, saying that maybe the source of the bang is standing right in front of her. Abigail heaves out a world-wearysigh. They get more calls like this than they should, where people just want to bang a hot cop, or whatever. It's a waste of everyone's time and Abigail's going to leave now.

However, Abigail is caught off-guard as she's suddenly thrown onto the couch and pounced by Kissa, who is horny as hell for this woman in uniform. Abigail is surprised, exclaiming that she's on duty and really DOES have to leave, but Kissa is persistent, grinding against her and gropingher breasts. Although Abigail tries to remain professional, she can't help but squirm and moan beneath Kissa. Kissa doesn't give her time to think, and Abigail soon gives in. Her sense of duty quickly fades away as Kissa dives into her pussy with her tongue, which leads to even more fun. Abigail may have been uptight before, but she's not so much now!

Evil Angel - Kissa Sins - Kissa: Lube-dripping, Gaping Anal Fuck

File: q4kelnaevankissingdm4lv8gif.mp4
Size: 801.77 MB
Duration: 48:50
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Naturally busty, butt-blessed goddess Kissa Sins models sheer stockings and lingerie, revealing her expressive sphincter for the camera. Latin stud Alberto Blanco oils up Kissa's comely, round ass and then stuffs his big cock up her tight bunghole for an anal reaming. His thick meat churns away, making her anus drip lube! The outrageous slut gives Alberto's glistening erection an ass-to-mouth blowjob, and she worships his balls. Her asshole gapes! Alberto spurts sexy Kissa with a cum facial, and she eagerly laps up the hot spunk.

Vogov - Kissa Sins - Horny Anal Attraction

File: ibwajnavogkissinbl5mcnh5sb.mp4
Size: 494.17 MB
Duration: 29:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This brunette with long legs, bit perky tits and smooth bangable ass knows how to impress guys. She looks so hot in a pool covered in water, shaking that appetizing butt. No wonder the guy go mad when fucking her tight pussy and asshole. The babe melts down from hardcore screwing and squirts all over the place from intense desire. She cant resist the urge to blow the dick up to the falls. Anal, deepthroat blowjob and squirting are the major things this fatal beauty loves.

Evil Angel - Kissa Sins - Kissa: Squirt, Gaping Anal, Creampie

File: y1inpnaevankissins9akurxjvd.mp4
Size: 512.20 MB
Duration: 46:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In red lingerie, glossy-lipped stunner Kissa Sins shows off her puckering, eager asshole. She marvels at Markus Dupree's big boner and drops to her knees to give a choking blowjob. Kissa sticks her tongue out and deepthroats dick. Markus fucks her pussy doggie-style and then stuffs his cock in her tight asshole Katrina wails through an anal reaming. She spreads her gaping bunghole, and Markus pours huge helpings of cream into her rectum. Hard butthole hammering comes with wet pussy squirting, tasty ass-to-mouth cocksucking and anal toy play. A creampie drips from Kissa's cunt.

We Like Girls - Angela White & Kissa Sins - Kissa & Angela

File: 2yxp5naweligiangkissuvys2pvqb.mp4
Size: 610.50 MB
Duration: 01:18:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Award-winning adult performer Kissa Sins arrived on set at 1145 on a bright L.A. morning, barely able to contain her excitement for the scene we were about to shoot a historic pairing between her and industry legend, 2018's female performer of the year Angela White. When we told Kissa that Angela would be arriving in fifteen minutes, her grin spread from ear-to-ear. But it wasn't time for the ladies to meet just yet. We wanted to capture their first meeting on camera naturally, so we quickly hustled Kissa away to another corner of the house to get ready.

When Angela arrived a short time later, Kissa was already in a separate room getting her makeup done. You could feel their excitement nearly bubbling over as they shouted 'I love you!' at each other from across the house.

As Kissa got ready, we asked her to tell us how she was feeling about shooting with Angela. 'As soon as she asked me, the anticipation has been building....' Kissa told us, adding that ' now my palms are sweaty and I'm really nervous!'

From the other room, Angela echoed her co-star's excitement and her nervous sweats!'I have sweaty palms already-- I don't know if I'm going to jump her or...if I'm just going to stand there and stare at her beauty.'

With the prep work almost done and the start of the shoot fast approaching, their emotional connection was a theme that kept coming up. When we asked Kissa WHY she chose Angela for this scene, her answer was simple and poignant 'I do a lot of scenes...but with Angela...she loves me and...to feel LOVED on set or to feel loved during sex is really beautiful for me...and Angela gives me love, so that's why I chose her.'

Angela felt the same way. 'I have a very special connection with Kissa,' she told us, her voice thick with emotion. 'I really do LOVE her...'

So as we continued chatting with them, what struck us was that these consummate professionals who have shot hundreds of scenes in their illustrious careers were actually NERVOUS, giddy and overcome with emotion. That gave us a pretty good clue that we were in for something special that day.

And we were right.

Because when the moment finally arrived and Kissa and Angela FINALLY walked into the bedroom and laid on eyes on each other, their love for one another was PALPABLE. As they giggled and embraced, their eyes filling with tears, you had the sense that for them, all the cameras, all the lights...EVERYTHING around them just fell away, and that they were the only two people in the world.

For this scene, the intention was always to just let the natural moments unfold, without direction, without interference, or as Angela phrased it '...to let whatever organically happens occur...to go with the flow.'

So that's exactly what we did. We simply let the cameras roll. And the natural beauty of these two gorgeous women pleasuring each other...the intense eroticism of their bodies colliding...the passion and intimacy that we captured that day...was something that none of us had EVER experienced before.

Perhaps Angela summed it up best when she said 'I'm really happy that we're getting the opportunity today to have sex the way we WANT to have sex.'

Angela, I couldn't agree more. You all are in for quite a treat!

Brazzers Exxtra - Kissa Sins - Fuck Christmas Part 2

File: ppu5dnabrexkissingksnkxxjpq.mp4
Size: 401.71 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Divorced dad Charles Dera is feeling extra lonely on the holidays. His family is too busy to talk on the phone and hes confronted by his sappy neighbors public displays of affection when he tries to unwind on a walk. Discouraged by his pathetic decorations, Charles decides to order a little company and calls high end escort Kissa Sins. Kissa stops by and sizes up Charles, seeing just how much she can work him for. He can have whatever he wants as long as hes willing to pay!