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Kira Noir

All Black X - Kira Noir - New Neighbor

File: ajvixnaalblxkirnoify2c7fjfhv.mp4
Size: 229.63 MB
Duration: 22:28
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir is in her kitchen baking cookies when she hears a knock at her door. It's her neighbor, Scotty A. He seems to have locked himself out of his house! As she walks away to get him a phone to use, she realizes that she's completely naked under her apron! Scotty doesn't mind and things get even hotter in the kitchen!

2 Chicks Same Time - Demi Sutra & Kira Noir - Demi Sutra Kira Noir Hook Up With College Boy After A Party

File: 6vkkcna2chsatidemkirnuhbtue8ko.mp4
Size: 445.23 MB
Duration: 36:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jay is at a house party where Demi Sutra Kira Noir start getting freaky on the dance floor. He can't keep his eyes off these hot babes as they go at it in front of everyone. The party gets broken up and Demi and Kira grab Jay and suggest they go someplace and have some threesome fun!

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir - Fighting Foot Domination

File: nl1lunabrexkirnoibckcggemli.mp4
Size: 335.53 MB
Duration: 31:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ricky Spanish has signed up for a self defense class after getting mugged. His instructor, Kira Noir, is patient at first but soon cant stand Rickys inability to stand up for himself. Finally, Kiras had enough and decides to teach the cowardly college guy a lesson!

Digital Playground - Kira Noir - Pick A Room: Episode 6

File: ds6tunadiplkirnoi51etjsbbwz.mp4
Size: 270.63 MB
Duration: 27:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jess Kira Noir and Max Ricky Johnson are a young, boring couple who have never experienced great sex. They visit a therapist in hopes of fixing their sex life. Linda India Summer, the therapist, hypnotizes them at the same time. They wake up in a shared dream with a long hallway of numbered doors and a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

When Girls Play - Kira Noir & Sabina Rouge - An Erotic Encore

File: ywvhunawhgiplkirsab6n69oofvvs.mp4
Size: 248.07 MB
Duration: 30:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Kira Noir comes to the club every night that talented Sabina Rouge performers. Its a small club but a place that amazing Sabina calls home. One night, Sabina receives a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer and she think she knows who sent them. The sexual tension between Kira and Sabina is palpable, even when they are on other sides of the club. Tonight is the night the two finally get to act out their fantasies, up close and personal.

Brutal Sessions - Kira Noir - Happy Little Plaything

File: x42dcnabrsekirnoikq238gnubz.mp4
Size: 578.16 MB
Duration: 52:45
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Pain slut Kira Noir is Derrick Pierce's Happy Little Plaything in this weeks Brutal Sessions. Rope tied and suspended in mid-air Kira takes punishing discipline from Derrick's relentless flogging. He plays with her pussy in between bouts of beating her cute ass and lets her suck his hard cock and then fucks her good and hard as she hangs from the ceiling. Next Kira is on her knees stretched out and tied up on a wooden cross. With predicament rope bondage tight on her pussy and nipple clamps on her tits Derrick gives Kira strict rules to follow while he whips her firm sexy belly. Her screams echo throughout the dungeon as he strikes her with the leather single-tail but she takes it like a good pain slut. To counteract the pain he rubs her clit and brings her to a wild orgasm. Derrick stuffs his dick in Kira's mouth and pulls the nipple clamps off making her suffer and moan but it gets her pussy so wet. She begs to keep sucking his cock, it makes her happy. Now Kira is tied up laying down on her knees so her holes are exposed and ready. Derrick fucks her slutty pussy and she thanks him for his cock. She is a people pleaser and wants to use all her holes to serve him. Fucking and flogging and more fucking take Kira over the top with a hot blend of pain and pleasure. She loves it and can't get enough as Derrick pounds her tight ass and then lets her clean it all off with her whore mouth. Finally Kira is on her back tied down with legs spread open. Mr Pierce busts out the crop on Kira's tits, belly and sensitive swollen cunt. Choking her delicate neck with his strong hands Derrick fucks Kira's pussy and ass back and forth driving her crazy until she begs to cum and Derrick covers her fucked hole with his hot load.

Digital Playground - Kira Noir - Pick A Room: Episode 5

File: letfxnadiplkirnoirfoxsxnhrr.mp4
Size: 332.12 MB
Duration: 29:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jess Kira Noir and Max Ricky Johnson are a young, boring couple who have never experienced great sex. They visit a therapist in hopes of fixing their sex life. Linda India Summer, the therapist, hypnotizes them at the same time. They wake up in a shared dream with a long hallway of numbered doors and a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

Sweetheart Video - Kira Noir & Sinn Sage - Prison Heat Scene 2

File: 15dt6naswvikirsinpwlqnr7xuv.mp4
Size: 293.12 MB
Duration: 36:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elvira Alison Ray and Andrea Kira Noir rule the prison. Thats why they dont like when a new girl comes in. The easiest way to deal with it, is to break her. Elvira uses everything to get to Linda. She even sends her partner and good friend Andrea to the warren. Everyone knows how the warren feels about Andrea, and shes more than okay to use it to her advantage. Andrea seduces Eleanor slowly, by kissing her neck, moving her tongue around her breasts and gently sliding her finger between her legs. Eleanor lets herself go, the room heats up and warm up the prison.

Evil Angel - Kira Noir - Anal And Facial For Black Beauty Kira

File: wx9qxnaevankirnoi6kydazoqbe.mp4
Size: 500.32 MB
Duration: 34:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir, an athletic black girl, has smooth, long legs, a tightly toned body, and a hunger for hardcore anal sex! The insatiable starlet feasts on Mick Blue's thick boner through a raunchy blowjob. She whimpers when the hung stud stuffs his cock up her asshole. Kira lewdly rims Mick's bunghole and gags as she gives graphic, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Nasty interracial sodomy comes with face fucking, intense twat reaming and a creamy cum facial finale.

Cherry Pimps - Kira Noir & Demi Sutra - Kira And Demi Use Their Fucking Machines And Strap On

File: 3gg5enachpikirdemd9xvlylu8e.mp4
Size: 490.69 MB
Duration: 01:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir and Demi Sutra absolutely love being together and their fun loving demeanor shows just that as they kiss and strip each other. They are ready for a fucking wild time using their toys on each other and taking turns eating out those delicious pussies! The girls have a plethora of toys to use including a strap on dildo that Kira puts right on so she can take Demi in doggy style and show her how she can thrust that dildo deep into that beautiful wet pussy! Demi can not get enough so the girls do some reverse cowgirl before resorting to their own fucking machines to end the show with a bang as Demi squirts all over her and Kiras fucks her hard in doggy. There is no telling how many times they came together but it surely will not be the last!

Cherry Pimps - Kira Noir & Anne Amari - Kira Noir Gets Her Wish With Anne Amari

File: qpsfjnachpikirannscscllwd9h.mp4
Size: 565.24 MB
Duration: 25:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Besides loving being November 2019s Cherry of the Month Kira Noir loves having Anne Amari to have some hot naughty fun with. These babes look especially yummy in their lacy black lingerie and matching stockings as they kiss and start to get those panties off. Kira loves running her tongue over Annes bare pussy tasting the sweetest juice ever! Anne is excited and loves on Kiras heart shaped bush before getting her tongue deep in Kiras pussy! She just doesn't want to come up for air! Anne brings out her glass rose toy and soon has Kira really moaning and cumming as she fucks that tight little pussy that grips that toy so tightly!

Bellesa Films - Kira Noir - Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

File: fu7ksnabefikirnoimzpho6e9fi.mp4
Size: 252.26 MB
Duration: 29:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its not that Avi's attracted to women, she is attracted to one woman in particular, and that woman just happens to be her professor, Shyla. It was cliche and she knew it, but Avi couldnt help it, she had to have her. Vicky's once innocent curiosity about being dominated had, at some point, turned into a full-on fantasy. One that excited her and filled her with a craving she had never felt before. When she meets Charles, he explains the rules. The 1 rule only speak when permission has been granted. While enjoying a nightcap at her local bar, Kira's vibe is quickly killed by an annoyingly drunk dude with no concept of personal space, and who won't take a hint. The cute bartender, Lucas, swiftly gets rid of him, in the most charming and least douchey way possible. He offers to walk her home after closing, and something about how genuinely kind, totally unassuming and ridiculously good-looking Lucas was . . . Kira knew she had to have him. Longtime friends turned lovers, Gianna and Damon have made a list, and slowly began ticking things off. Gianna, who had finally just crossed girl-girl sex off her list, couldnt wait to get to 'threesome sex with another woman'. But there would need to be rules. Gianna would pick the girl. Damon would enjoy her, but no fucking her, and no kissing her. These rules felt like the right thing at the time, but once in the heat of it all . . . aren't some rules meant to be broken?

Cherry Pimps - Kira Noir - Intimate Touches Lead To Some Hot Fucking

File: lobdhnachpikirnoi2gfecsepz5.mp4
Size: 447.90 MB
Duration: 19:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir loves the feel of a mans hands all over her body as he worships every curve paying attention to her perfect little tits and hard erect nipples. She moans with every movement and touch and Nathan hasn't even got to that pussy yet but once he does she lets out a large sigh as his fingers penetrate that beautiful wet pussy! Its time for Kira to put her own touches on Nathans cock with her mouth and damn does she run her hands and mouth all over that cock! Kira begs for that cock and soon Nathan is plowing into her with every inch from all your favorite positions smacking that ass in doggy and then takes her in cowgirl before blowing his load all over that gorgeous pussy!

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir & Demi Sutra - Strap-on, Strap Off

File: dp9tenabrexkirdemumwfsdqjlr.mp4
Size: 490.08 MB
Duration: 37:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Small Hands is completely unaware that his girlfriend, Kira Noir, is cheating on him with another woman. Thinking shes gotten rid of Small Hands, Kira has secretly invited Demi Sutra over to fuck and has plans to take their lesbian sex to the next level with a surprise strap-on. Demi is definitely game, but when Kira positions her partially under the blankets for a surprise with her ass and pussy sticking out, Small Hands unexpected arrival turns the entire encounter upside down. Fortunately, everyone is able to fuck their way to the type of understanding you can only find after multiple orgasms.

Digital Playground - Kira Noir - Pick A Room: Episode 1

File: m5te5nadiplkirnoiawbomni8nw.mp4
Size: 241.86 MB
Duration: 24:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jess Kira Noir and Max Ricky Johnson are a young, boring couple who have never experienced great sex. They visit a therapist in hopes of fixing their sex life. Linda India Summer, the therapist, hypnotizes them at the same time. They wake up in a shared dream with a long hallway of numbered doors and a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

The Upper Floor - Aiden Starr, Joseline Kelly & Kira Noir - Slutty Teen Trained To Serve Orgy By Submissive Anal Queen Kira Noir

File: akwvhnathupflaidjoskiryljesjioe2.mp4
Size: 817.46 MB
Duration: 01:14:34
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: In this conclusion of The Upper Floor's finest Summer Soiree Orgy, Joseline Kelly has gotten herself in deep trouble. This silly cock slut had promised Aiden that she would do her a favor in exchange for a prompt on the House Rules. Mistress Aiden Starr only ever wants one small favor to be fist-deep in a whore's pussy. She starts by flogging Joseline's beautiful body a bright red, while making her recite the rules over and over again, and then makes the move for Joseline's cunt. Aiden works her whole fist in that wet, hungry pussy and has Joseline orgasm and scream for the amusement of the guests. Next, Aiden takes a massive dildo to Joseline's tight pussy, fucking her good and then having her stretch her mouth over a giant cock, creating some quiet for once. Stefanos is concerned that Kira Noir seems to be very focused on getting her holes fucked and is losing her focus on service to the orgy and our esteemed BDSM swinger crowd. Kira is handed a vibrator and told to go give orgasms to at least three guests before she's allowed any more cock. Stefanos pursues Kira with a flogger to drive the point home on her bright pink ass. Kira readily finds three beautiful women in the crowd being fucked with a fucking machine, engaging in nipple torment, or being held fast by their master while Kira holds the vibrator to their trapped clits. All the guests find Kira very pleasing, and summon Donny over to fuck her pussy before them. Kira holds fast to her duties, drawing one final orgasm out of a guest as she is rammed from behind on all fours by Donny's massive cock. The party is inspired by Kira, and lights up into all sorts of sexual mischief. Latex submissives take strict canings and suck cock, while one lesbian Mistress hooks her submisive up to a very devious looking suction machine. Mr. Kilt You gets Foxhole stretched out in a tight shibari stress position and takes his time single-tailing her, using her pretty mouth, and edging her towards a painful orgasm. Other guests play in rope suspension, or enthusiasticly fuck on the furniture. Joseline is sent crawling over to fetch Kira and Donny, but Kira shrieks and begs to keep the cock, going so far as to sit on Donny's dick and push her underling away. Aiden isn't having any of it, so she calls them both over for a punishment spanking before Kira is to be fucked in the ass and beg for forgiveness from the party goers. Stefanos is secretly pleased that Kira has reconnected with her selfish sluit side, and allows her some orgasms before hauling her off the cock and putting Joseline to the test. Can she gets her tits zapped, resist cumming on that giant cock in her pussy, and recite the rules? Watch to find out.

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir - Dirty Double Dare

File: jflvvnabrexkirnoiiybp6thtpc.mp4
Size: 357.18 MB
Duration: 32:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir is a shy wallflower who is desperately trying to get in with the cool crowd at college. In a last ditch effort to get an invite to the biggest party of the year, Kira approaches the two most popular girls in school and begs them to let her come. The women see an opportunity to have a little fun with Kira and double dare her to steal hot jock Xander Corvus prized varsity sweater in exchange for an invitation. Kira accepts the challenge and quickly realizes shes going to have to shed her goody goody persona in order to get what she wants

Deeper - Angela White, Emily Willis & Kira Noir - Drive

File: zm3benadeeangemikirafply2jnvg.mp4
Size: 438.84 MB
Duration: 37:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Angela displays perfect execution in all aspects of her life until a chance encounter with a stranger forces her to face off against her own sexuality. What follows is an unraveling that pulls her out of the order of home and work and strings her along through a pulsing underground world of illicit gratification. The only thing stronger than the will of a woman who thrives on control is the part of her that breaks through once she loses it.

The Upper Floor - Aiden Starr, Joseline Kelly & Kira Noir - Chaotic Cock Slut Steals All The Dick At The Summer Swinger Orgy

File: ttio7nathupflaidjoskirf7joxgytro.mp4
Size: 869.57 MB
Duration: 01:19:20
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: The Upper Floor is back to training eager anal whores in service to hard cocks, entertainment, and filthy fun. Aiden Starr and Stefanos have Kira Noir on hand to deliver a perfect example of submissive behavior. Kira is gorgeous, well mannered, knows her rules, always asks permission to cum, and will wait her turn for a ride on some dick. But her new trainee, Joseline Kelly, is another matter. Joseline's back for her second time on The Upper Floor and she has only gotten wilder, hornier, more sex-hungry, and more orgasm-greedy! Kira is tasked not only with providing perfect service, but also in teaching Joseline the rules of The House before Kira can have any dick to ride. Complicating matters, Joseline is tethered to the ceiling in a partial shibari suspension. Even worse for Kira, a male guest is already fucking Joseline's dripping wet cunt and causing her to orgasm repeatedly without permission. The crowd of BDSM swingers cheer and laugh as Kira frantically tries to teach Joseline the rules while being flogged, zapped, and made to hold a hitachi on both her and Joseline's cunts. It seems hopeless for Kira as house guests try to feed Joseline house rules, but this chaotic little slut is too busy moaning to listen. Kira has nipple clamps torn off her tiny tits and is told to hold her orgasms. As she struggles and writhes on the floor, Aiden Starr gets a wicked idea and offers Joseline the chance to owe her a favor in exchange for a pass on the rules. Joseline's curiosity gets the best of her and she agrees. Aiden cackles with delight and tells Kira she can steal the cock from Joseline. Kira sucks and fucks with lustful abandon, cumming multiple times on the floor to much applause. The party has developed many scenes of sexual depravity. There is plenty of paddling gorgeous women in latex, spanking reddening many asses, and a great deal of blow jobs. A beautiful woman in purple latex has another woman bound and is using a latex vacuum machine on her body in all sorts of perverted manners. Mickey Mod has found his play date for the night in Dresden, who urges him to keep spanking her perfect ass with bewitching eyes. Mickey gladly beats and fucks Dresden, taking special time to train her to take his cock ALL the way down her throat before throwing her on her back and fucking her tight pussy to orgasm. Kira has been given her reward for partially taming Joseline. She is tied tightly in rope with her gorgeous ass and pussy in the air, with a gentleman very interested in fucking her ass. She wiggles and moans best she can in the tight bondage, but Aiden reminds her to simply use her words to talk dirty and thank the man for anal so the whole party can hear it. Meanwhile Joseline is tied on a sybian vibrator. She's made to finally learn her rules through positive reinforcement on her pussy, and negative reinforcement with many tight clamp zippers all over her beautiful body. Will Joseline finally learn the rules? Will Kira get nearly enough anal orgasms to make up for the challenge of Joseline? Join us for part two of this update to find out...

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir & Ella Knox - Healthy Cumpetition

File: mfrgvnabrexkirellxhkzhshcbq.mp4
Size: 523.57 MB
Duration: 37:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Kira Noir catches her man, Charles Dera, cheating on her with Ella Knox, she surprisingly finds herself more aroused than angry, watching the two fuck before finally making her presence known. Charles quickly hides his mistress before Ella sneaks her way towards the door, both thinking they've fooled Kira. Kira however, has something else in mind for both of them a plan that'll get them all in bed together, but not before she gets a taste of Ella's pussy all to herself!

Everything Butt - Ana Foxxx, Jane Wilde & Kira Noir - Anal Fuck-off: Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir, Jane Wilde In Lesbian Psychodrama

File: 45c5vnaevbuanajankiryusntxac2u.mp4
Size: 661.46 MB
Duration: 01:21:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir and Jane Wilde! Need I say more? Three super hot babes star in this weeks lesbian psychodrama role play where the girls are pitted against each other with their anal skills to prove their love to Ana. Who loves her the most? Who will Ana choose to keep as her number one fuck toy? When Jane shows up at Ana's place Kira is already there flirting with Ana on the bed. Jealousy and a chance to win Ana over kick in and the great Anal Fuck Off begins! They pull Ana's little top off and tongue her nipples getting her all turned on. Ana has a butt plug in her ass and the girls play with it sliding it in and out of her tight asshole and licking it clean. Each of them determined to fuck Ana the best they each take turns pleasing her with butt toys, pussy licking and hot tender kisses on her lips and her asshole. A long metal dildo glides in and out of Ana's firm ass until she cums hard and the girls clean it off voraciously. They are all getting along pretty good so now it's Kira's turn to get some action and boy do these lovely ladies give it to her. First while Ana vibes Kira's pussy Jane drives her petite fist right up her asshole and it drives her to crazy town. Then Ana gives her a good ass fuckin' with a fat blue strap on cock while Jane slaps and chokes her. More fisting please! Jane fills her butt again with a fist and then they try to fill her up with an even bigger butt plug. Can they get it in? And then little Jane Wilde gets big treatment from Ana and Kira, first they fuck her ass with a glass dildo to warm her up. Then they stuff an even bigger toy in her but and Jane goes Wilde. Jane is famous for her top notch gaping, her ass just gapes like no other. She wiggles and writhes as Ana and Kira fuck her, lick her ass and get her off again and again. Who wins in the end? The Anal Fuck-Off delivers some hot hot hot girl girl girl action! Wow!

Girls Way - Casey Calvert, Kira Noir & Mackenzie Moss - The Hands-on Approach

File: njlihnagiwacaskirmacr9umjbl3ok.mp4
Size: 360.12 MB
Duration: 43:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Casey Calvert is overseeing the prep work for an upcoming scene that she's directing. However, she seems to be stricter than normal, which the day's performers, Mackenzie Moss and Kira Noir, notice. They're concerned for their director, but continue to get ready to be in front of the camera.

When it comes time to shoot the intimate scene, Mackenzie and Kira try their best, although are interrupted a few times by Casey for notes. There is tension between the women as Mackenzie and Kira try to follow Casey's orders, even if they're not entirely sure where Casey is coming from. Even when it comes to the kissing portion, Casey has something to say. However, instead of explaining further, she decides to SHOW them what she wants by kissing them both in turn.

Mackenzie and Kira are pleasantly surprised. In fact, Kira dives back in for seconds! Since they both want even more of Casey, they ask Casey to show them more so that they can REALLY capture her vision. Casey easily agrees with the suggestion as she guides the girls through the scene. To Mackenzie and Kira's delight, Casey even intimately shows them how she wants the sex done!

Mackenzie and Kira are eager to please, wanting their director to relax and have some fun. Even as they dive into Casey's pussy, she dutifully keeps her camera running to hone in on the perfect shot. Can Mackenzie and Kira make Casey put down the camera to lose herself in the heat of moment?

Families Tied - Kacie Castle & Kira Noir - Submissive Step-daughter Seduces Her Daddy's Ta

File: fxroknafatikackirsmt22ihg8j.mp4
Size: 543.21 MB
Duration: 01:31:14
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir is the perfect student, and a willing submissive to her professor, Ramon Nomar. She gives as much effort and thought to her drooling blowjobs and athletic anal sex as she does to her studies. When Mr. Nomar's bratty step-daughter Kacie Castle enrolls in the school, Kira is challenged to keep Kacie engaged with her schoolwork, while keeping her kinky relationship with Ramon a secret. When she is first assigned as Kacie's tutor, Kira pouts and is reprimanded by Ramon with a caning, flogging, and predicament scene in leather bondage. Kira comes around to embrace her duties as a mentor and is allowed to rub her slutty pussy all over Ramon's shoe, cumming on her knees. She is then thrown on the desk and fucked in both her ass and pussy. Shivering with anal orgasms, Kira promises that Kacie will pass all of her exams. That promise is easier said than done Kacie makes constant attempts to escape her studies, and at one point outright spits on Kira's face, leaving Kira little choice but to pin her down and spank her bitch-ass bright red. Kira gets into the fun of the discipline and grabs a cane and strap-on, lighting up Kacie's thighs and ass with a swift and brutal caning, followed with a lesbian anal assault on Kacie's gaping asshole. Kacie loves every second of her study session, rubbing her cunt and taking her beating and fucking with orgasmic pleasure. She is quick to kneel down and lick Kira's perfect asshole and cunt until Kira has an orgasm of her own. Professor Nomar shows up to check on Kacie and finds her covered in cum and red cane strips. Seeing this, he realizes he cannot export the labor of discipline onto Kira, and must take control of both his step-daughter and his student. Both girls are flogged and made to serve Ramon's cock while he zaps them for their wrong answers on the exam. Kira is thrown into a tight shibari back-bend with her mouth trapped against Kacie's wet pussy. Kacie is made to hold her study manuals to avoid further pain from the tight clothespin zipper biting into her perky tits. Both young women are commanded to not cum, and to hold their positions as Ramon torments and tests their will with a fucking and a zapper. When Kacie earns her way out of the zipper she howls with pain, but she also cums on Kira's face like a little whore. Both girls show Ramon they are willing to be good submissives, sharing his cock and riding him reverse cowgirl with all their holes.

Whipped Ass - Kira Noir & Lilith Luxe - Roommate's Revenge: Kira Noir And Lilith Luxe Lesbian Switching

File: 9iuoenawhaskirlilj3yrp4bbgd.mp4
Size: 668.20 MB
Duration: 01:23:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir is studying hard for an upcoming university exam, while her roommate and popular cam-girl Lilith Luxe is having a loud fuck-fest downstairs with her favorite clients. Kira can't get anything done with all the noise, so when Lilith comes into the living room to live-stream a sexy strap-on show, Kira confronts her. The lithe and oversexed Lilith doesn't like seeing her friend so stressed, so she offers to help her. Kira is studying the impact of negative stimuli on the brain, so Lilith offers some real-world experience. She grabs Kira by the hair and bends her over her knee, spanking Kira's tight, juicy ass until it turns a delicious, rosy pink. Kira is shocked, but she ultimately admits that her interest in the topic might be more than academic. She orgasms hard and begs for more as Lilith crops her thighs and fingers her sweet wet cunt. She uses a zapper on her to give Kira a lesson in the balance of pleasure and pain, then she fucks Kira deep in the ass in reverse cowgirl and missionary. Lilith licks up her sweet ass juices after shoving her entire fist into Kira's beautiful gaping hole. Several days later, Kira decides to turn the tables on her roomie. She interrupts one of Lilith's cam shows, handcuffs her and takes advantage of her. Lilith protests as Kira spanks her round, inviting ass, turning Lilith's cheeks a bright pink before cropping her clit. Lilith may be surprised, but she loves it all and she screams for more! Placing a zipper up the length of Lilith's long, enveloping thighs, Kira makes Lilith orgasm over and over before flipping her into doggy and fucking her deep in the ass. Kira thrusts her own fist into Lilith's throbbing pink cunt, sending shocks of pleasure throughout her body. The intensity of the fist fuck causes Lilith to orgasm multiple times, as she squirts her sweet cunt juices high into the air.

Girls Try Anal - Kira Noir & Jade Baker - Just Like Her Boyfriend Used To

File: iayz5nagitrankirjadyigcply3qe.mp4
Size: 440.90 MB
Duration: 35:43
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir enters Jade Baker's bedroom where Jade lies on the bed looking miserable, surrounded by tissues and food wrappers. Jade thanks her for coming over...Kira carefully asks if there's anything she can do. Jade laments that unless Kira can get her and her boyfriend back together, no, there's not much she can do...Jade can't believe that he cheated on her, and fucked the girl he cheated with IN THE ASS, no less!

Kira tells Jade that it's his loss and that she should focus on finding someone better for her. Jade says she knows she should but she's still stuck on him...they did have some good times! Especially the sex... God, the things he did to her...Kira laughs, saying it sounds like Jade misses his dick more than him!

Kira assures Jade that she doesn't need her ex to have fun in bed. She's a wonderful girl! She can have all the hookups she wants. Jade is flustered, saying she can't just get out there and grab some guy off the street! Kira is thoughtful for a few moments, then casually suggests that SHE'S down to bang.

Jade is surprised, then laughs it off, not thinking that Kira is serious at first. However, Kira insists that she is! Gender's no boundary when it comes to friends with benefits! Jade is curious, even seems to be giving it some idle thought as she admits that she's never done it with a girl before. Kira says that it's the best thing ever -- Jade might not go back to boys after this!

Jade half scolds and half teases Kira for being so eager to have sex with her, she had no idea Kira was even interested. Kira shrugs and says that until now, Jade was taken, but now that she's single and up for grabs, Kira would happily be the one doing the grabbing!

'How do you intend to do me like him, then?' Jade curiously and playfully challenges. Kira grabs a strap-on out of her bag and grins. Jade is surprised, insisting that this must've been Kira's plan all along!

Kira shrugs, saying that, well, she doesn't want her best friend to mope forever, and what better way is there to shake off the blues than getting laid? Finally Jade agrees, biting her lip flirtatiously.