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Kendra Spade

Bang Trickery - Kendra Spade - Kendra Spade Is A Hot Teacher That Gives Her Student An A+ For Fucking Her

File: qiwwxnabatrkenspaxioccl5tkj.mp4
Size: 808.74 MB
Duration: 39:13
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is a strict teacher and has a student that is failing miserably in her class! She is on the verge of dropping him from her class and wants to see how far he can go to avoid her taking disciplinary action. She strokes his hard boner through his pants and bends herself over to get fucked RAW! This teacher is a hot mama that needs to be fucked.

Sneaky Sex - Khloe Kapri, Kendra Spade & Skylar Vox - Test Driving Him

File: oypobnasnsekhlkenskyt5hpcf2nqx.mp4
Size: 375.57 MB
Duration: 27:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its Black Friday and Kendra, Skylar, and Khloe are on a shopping spree with Daddys credit card! Busty Skylar sees an SUV she likes and suggests that they just charge it. Why not? The girls are bent over checking out the exterior when salesman Xander approaches them. Xander seems outnumbered and he really isnt a match for these 3 horny thotties. Soon, the threesome have Xander whipping out his dick and fucking all three of them right there in the SUV. If Xander doesnt blow his load, these three nymphos are about to give him the ride of his life, all before the car has to be back in the lot!

Tushy Raw - Emily Willis & Kendra Spade - Gaping With My Bestie

File: bydl3naturaemiken7utuj7gxkt.mp4
Size: 717.08 MB
Duration: 47:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emily and Kendra make an awesome team, both dark, sultry and sexy, they would wet anyone's appetite by simply being in the room. But when you put them together with a mate who wants to satisfy them in every way possible, they become something quite off the scale.

Nuru Massage - Kendra Spade - Naive Niece

File: ckx8tnanumakenspa6g1qg7woex.mp4
Size: 334.86 MB
Duration: 46:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Derrick Pierce is waiting in an office, looking a bit excited. His niece Kendra Spade enters, dressed for work, and cheerfully greets Derrick. Derrick is very surprised by her attractive appearance. It's been a long time since he's seen her and can't believe she's 18 already. Time really does fly!

Derrick can't help but stare at Kendra, though she doesn't seem to notice. He catches himself and tries to focus on work. Kendra thanks her uncle for hiring her as a receptionist since her dad's been bugging her about getting a job. He shows her the reception desk where she will be working, but then something else seems to occur to him and he tells Kendra that he has an idea.

Derrick, in an effort to get close to Kendra, insists that he'd like to train her as a masseuse in case one of the regular workers called in. She's eager to please, oblivious yet to her uncle lusting for her.

Derrick encourages Kendra to lay on the massage table. He begins massaging her, talking her through what he's doing under the guise of 'training' her. Kendra is eager to learn and compliments her uncle's strong hands.

Derrick then suggest that she takes off her clothes so that he can further show her deep tissue techniques. Kendra is reluctant, but Derrick points out that they're not even technically related and as part of a professional massage, the client IS usually naked. Kendra ultimately agrees and shyly gets naked. Derrick pretends to give her privacy but keeps sneaking peeks until she's on her front on the massage table.

Derrick massages Kendra, clearly enjoying touching her. He especially enjoys it when she moans her appreciation, obviously aroused by her mannerisms. Becoming bolder, Derrick suggests that Kendra try a more advanced technique a NURU massage. When Kendra is hesitant, Derrick preys on her daddy issues and she agrees.

Derrick shows Kendra the mattress as he undresses. Although she's eager, she's shy about seeing him naked and looks away. Derrick lays on his front on the mattress, pointing out the supplies and telling her what to do. She begins tentatively massaging him with her oily body while he instructs her throughout.

When Derrick moves onto his back, Kendra sees his hard-on and is flustered. He tells her that's a regular part of the massage and encourages her to keep going. When Derrick suggests that she give him a happy ending, Kendra is really shy now and hesitates. Derrick once more uses Kendra's daddy issues against her. She gets bold and starts giving him a handjob. Derrick is pleased but teasingly asks what her father would think.

This naive niece is playing right into her uncle's hands...

Brazzers Exxtra - Kendra Spade - The Voyeur Next Door: Part 2

File: xsbcknabrexkenspac3ozfpmqyk.mp4
Size: 458.62 MB
Duration: 42:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: With everyone reeling from their encounter with Alexis Fawx and her gift of both a cherry pie and voyeuristic sex, Scott Nails, intriguingly, cant stop thinking about seeing Kendra Spade masturbating while Alexis was getting fucked. In order to avoid daydreaming too overtly, Scott has decided to channel his energy into working out. But whether thats to impress Kendra or due to a midlife crisis remains unclear. However, when Kendra shows up looking for someone else, Scott quickly discovers her intention isnt to study.

Everything Butt - Kendra Spade & Dee Williams - Teacher's Pet: Kendra Spade Takes Revenge On Teacher Dee Williams

File: wtc2cnaevbukendeehbommvcnfj.mp4
Size: 898.32 MB
Duration: 01:21:57
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: 18 year old brat Kendra Spade gets revenge on her strict teacher Dee Williams by fucking her in the ass with lots of huge butt toys and a fat strap-on dildo. Mrs. Williams is a stupid whore is written on the chalk board when Dee shows up late for their meeting. First thing Kendra does is pull her cutoff blue jean shorts down and tells Mrs. Williams to eat her 18 year old ass. And now it's Mrs. Williams turn to receive Kendra the brat's wrath. Teacher is bent over the desk with her curvy ass in the air and huge tits squished together while Kendra stretches her hole with a long glass butt toy. Dee is enjoying this a little too much and Kendra just wants to punish her lame teacher who tried to send her to the principles office. Next Kendra fucks teacher with a hard metal dildo while Dee vibes her clit until she cums hard and squirts all over. Kendra orders Mrs. Williams to bend over so she can fuck her tight bitch ass with her strap-on cock. She loves it and cums again. Flipped over on her back with her legs spread high and wide Kendra drives that giant cock up her ass and pounds her out until she gets off real good screaming and moaning like crazy. Dee gets on top of Kendra and bounces on that big dick and then does reverse cowgirl with the Hitachi and squirts a geyser of cum all over the room. But the punishment doesn't stop there because there are more toys to try in Mrs. Williams ass. A big rubber butt plug stretches her butt hole and then a clear glass cylinder fills her up and sends her writhing and moaning. Just when you think Teacher can't take any more she gets another long fat cock up her ass causing a squirt fest. Then Mrs. Williams shakes and drools as she takes the slink way inside making her wail with pleasure. Kendra fists her teacher and by the end of the day Kendra is Mrs Williams 1 student and the Teachers pet.

Brazzers Exxtra - Kendra Spade - Creeping In Her Crypt

File: bkvbenabrexkenspaiylxkfj3hr.mp4
Size: 378.87 MB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Charles Dera has been called to bring peace to a town that has been recently ravaged by a creature most foul and unnatural. Charles, being the righteous hero that he is, fears nothing and moves further into the crypt. Soon, Charles finds himself face to face with a sealed coffin He suddenly, hears a voice that calls to him. While trying to resist its seductive allure, the coffin suddenly springs opens, and Charles comes face to face with the queen of vampires, Kendra Spade. It has been a while since Queen Kendra had a plaything.

New Sensations - Kendra Spade - My Wife Likes BBC

File: ogbuenanesekenspasdfxiffs5x.mp4
Size: 510.22 MB
Duration: 43:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My wife likes big, black cock. She loves how it stretches her apart and reaches deep inside her hungry hole to hit her special spot. She knows I go crazy watching her lose her breath as she slams down on his enormous, glistening pole, our interracial fantasies coming true!

Bellesa Films - Kendra Spade - I Care About You

File: bi83inabefikenspaa8kebqa1cp.mp4
Size: 236.96 MB
Duration: 29:18
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra attends her friends bachelorette party and the event is a bit more than she can handle. When she gets back to her friends house at the end of a sloppy night, Tyler- who had been at the house hanging with her friends fiance- seeing how distracted she is, refuses to let her drive home. Being the sweet guy that he is, he takes care of Kendra and ensures that she has everything she needs. Kendra had been into Tyler for ages and tries to get with him. Though flattered, Tyler isnt that kind of guy- he knows shes way too upset to make that kind of call. He kindly puts her to bed and takes off. The next day, though, once the sun comes out...Kendra lets Tyler know that her feelings for him, while emboldened by the event, had been a long time in the making.

Evil Angel - Kendra Spade - Asian Kendra: Deepthroat BJ + Interracial Anal

File: g6yf4naevankenspaudrxrethaj.mp4
Size: 614.37 MB
Duration: 37:29
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Glamorous, young Asian minx Kendra Spade can't wait for a taste of muscular Jax Slayher's big black cock. The all-natural cutie begins her interracial adventure with a slobbery, deepthroat blowjob, gagging on his monster meat. Jax stuffs his massive boner up her tight asshole. He treats Kendra to an intense anal pounding, reaming her rectum and then fucking her throat ass-to-mouth. Kendra worships his dark meat and earns a messy mouthful of hot semen. She swallows it with gratitude.

Hot And Mean - Kendra Spade & Molly Stewart - Wrestlefucking

File: xlglonahoanmekenmolczhjb2taxf.mp4
Size: 377.33 MB
Duration: 32:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Molly Stewart is the Brazzers World Wrestling Champion, but the masked Kendra Spade has her sights set on her title! A backstage attack leads to an impromptu locker room tussle between the sexy rivals, but their scheduled matchs referee tries to break it up, telling them both to save it for the main event! Molly and Kendra dont like to follow order, however, and after the pair momentarily team up to rid the womens locker room of the nosey official, they face off in a sexy submission match thatll end with them both naked and licking each others pussies!

Deviant Hardcore - Kendra Spade - Cute squirting sub Kendra Spade gets extra nasty for her Dom

File: hnhganadehakenspawjws5jshv3.mp4
Size: 172.05 MB
Duration: 21:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is a nasty little submissive freak. As soon as her Dom arrives to find her bound in a cage, shes happily taking his spit in her mouth like the dirty girl she is. She gets her pretty face fucked and loves it, she even loves biting his cock when he asks for it. Shes such a good girl and shed do anything her Dom asks for including have so many squirting orgasms that she soaks the whole room!

Web Young - Maya Kendrick & Kendra Spade - Vote For Me

File: cvplsnaweyomaykent9tzakm3nj.mp4
Size: 371.56 MB
Duration: 31:36
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is determined to become class president in her senior year of high school. As she visits fellow students to see if she can count on their votes, she arrives at Maya Kendrick's house. Although Maya tries to avoid her, Kendra steamrolls her way into the house to enthusiastically give her spiel. However, Maya's not sold on Kendra's boring, predictable campaign promises. When Kendra asks what's important to Maya, Maya insists that the school's GSA needs some help!

Although Kendra's trying her best, she doesn't initially know what a GSA is, which loses her points in Maya's eyes. She quickly recovers, gushing about how important the GSA is and how she'll do her best to get more attention for it. Even so, Maya's not convinced... so she asks Kendra to prove her commitment to the community and cause.

Kendra's not sure HOW she's supposed to prove herself until Maya makes a move on her, kissing her. Although Kendra's not experienced, and this is WAY outside her comfort zone, she's determined to win Maya's vote and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Once they start getting hot and heavy, Kendra's worries fade away as she lives in the moment with Maya. But as she experiences having her pussy licked for the first time, and then some, will it be enough to convince Maya to vote for her?

Hard X - Emily Willis & Kendra Spade - We Like To Share

File: hd1cjnahaxemikenyfzngvtn69.mp4
Size: 437.19 MB
Duration: 42:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This sexy brunette duo Emily Willis Kendra Spade sways and teases the camera before engaging in some hot lesbian action. Once they are wet and ready, an intense threesome kicks off. This is hardcore gonzo style sex and relentless 3 way action! Including deep throating and cum swapping! It doesn't get hotter than this.

Glory Hole - Kendra Spade - Kendra Is The Perfect Maid Of Hono

File: prc4qnaglhokenspaio3hm8eata.mp4
Size: 310.21 MB
Duration: 27:36
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra is the perfect maid of honor. She's in charge of the bachelorette party and it's her goal to go above and beyond the call of duty. Kendra wants to make it special and fun. She visits the local adult bookstore for some ideas. The store clerk shows her some movies and toys...but seems like Kendra wants something a little more adventurous for her best friends' send off into matrimony. Well she's in luck because the clerk is gonna show her the Bachelorette Package they have stored in the booth. What
a surprise for Kendra! She had no idea how big the package was. But like any good girl...she got down on her knees and tried that package out for herself. First she slurped on that cock like an a true pro. Honestly, best Blow J we've seen in...forever! But she wasn't sucking to get this strange dick off....she was just lubing it up for her other holes. That's right...holes as in plural. First she strokes that meat with her wet juicy pussy and when it's rock hard, she slides it into that tight perfect asshole. She jerked that cock with her ass until she came all over it. Then she drinks down every ounce of the man juice. I think she's found the perfect entertainment for her best friend's bachelorette party!

Hot And Mean - Bonnie Rotten & Kendra Spade - The Age Of Sexlightenment

File: qmpa2nahoanmebonkenkdztjio7vu.mp4
Size: 607.89 MB
Duration: 35:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Bonnie Rotten gets frustrated when her computer malfunctions during a cam tease, but the silver lining is that it gives her time to read a juicy period novel. When she opens an old book, Bonnie stumbles across an old incantation called The Age Of Sexlightenment. After reading it out loud, Bonnie is suddenly transported back to the 18th century and into the estate of Kendra Spade. Bonnies modern, sexy look stuns and scandalizes Kendra. An assertive Bonnie, however, senses that Kendra has an unexplored naughty side, and she takes it upon herself to initiate Kendra into the world of sexually satisfying womanhood.

Bang Rammed - Kendra Spade - Kendra Spade Is A Slutty Anal Whore

File: gtvfznabarakenspab174btxytt.mp4
Size: 606.85 MB
Duration: 30:48
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is a perfect fuck toy! This babe has a gorgeous face and perfectly body that is so sexy. She has a trimmed bush to accent her perfect pussy. She bends over and first gets her pussy stuffed with dick before he moves onto pummeling her tight asshole. This anal whore loves getting her asshole destroyed by cock!

Purgatory X - Kendra Spade - The Dentist Vol 1 E1

File: kxujynapuxkenspay36ioes5ou.mp4
Size: 274.20 MB
Duration: 43:22
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra shows for her appointment with her dentist Donnie Rock, right on schedule. As she sits in the waiting room, she notices that shes the only patient and that there is no one at the receptionists desk. She doesnt give it a second thought as Dr. Rock greets her and invites her into the examination room. Before Kendra knows what is happening, the creepy doctor has his gloved fingers down her throat. Too stunned to resist, Kendra allows Dr. Rocks hands to explore her body. She soon becomes surprisingly aroused and lets Dr. Rock stuff his entire cock into her mouth. Dr. Rock repositions his exam chair and slides his cock deep into Kendras pussy. The good doctor fucks her hard and Kendra, now a raging slut, groans aloud with each thrust. When Dr. Rock cums, Kendra opens wide and lets him drop his thick load of jizz down her throat.

New Sensations - Kendra Spade - An Early Arrival For Kendra

File: iiikznanesekenspa3k2napj8tk.mp4
Size: 333.59 MB
Duration: 41:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful Asian wife Kendra is excited to have her stud Chad arrive early and since she is very horny already, asks her husband to have an early session before he gets home from work. Always wanting to keep his wife happy, he agrees with only one condition, that he comes inside Kendra while he watches.