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Katie Kush

We Live Together - Harmony Wonder, Katie Kush & Jewelz Blu - Pick Your Pleasure

File: uy1cynawelitoharkatjewn3hdcyoyzp.mp4
Size: 299.00 MB
Duration: 22:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Game night with the girls is going to be a little naughtier than usual! Best friends Harmony Wonder, Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are all single and these stunning, sexual ladies have to take their needs out on someone, right? Might as well be on each other! Harmony has a fun way to make it a little more exciting than your average three-way hookup shes going to make a game out of it! A pink fortune teller communicates to the girls what they have to do to each other. It starts innocently enough Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are directed to make out. Totally innocent, girl pal stuff, right? Wrong! Things start to escalate with Katie gets to use a vibrator on Harmony. Want to know what else this sneaky fortune teller has in store? Youll have to watch to see! But heres a hint a smoking hot threesome thatll make the cows come home.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Kush - Fuck From Experience

File: 1easmnabrexkatkusuzn8mzxyyn.mp4
Size: 375.91 MB
Duration: 34:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush is having a hard time coaxing her nerdy boyfriend, Ricky Spanish, into sex, so when she catches a glimpse of Steve Holmes Rickys jock dad and his massive cock, shes more than happy to let him manhandle her. Getting dominated by Steve proves even more satisfying for Katie than expected, because it unlocks her wild side, allowing her to then go and separately dominate Ricky in ways he wanted all along.

Hogtied - Katie Kush - Katie Kush: Blonde, All Natural, Flexible Slut In Grueling Bondage

File: lqxn6nahogkatkusbahhhjzkh9.mp4
Size: 400.03 MB
Duration: 49:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush is a sweet and innocent looking slut who's just bratty enough to motivate The Pope to do every last nasty thing to her. It's not a secret that he loves brats, but we're not sure if Katie is ready for the repercussions of behaving that way with him. We begin the day with Katie in a full split suspension, just to show her what happens when brats need to be put in their place. This doesn't curb her brattiness, but rather inspires her to taunt him even more. The positive thing to remember is that she is willing to endure whatever he throws at her when she pushes his buttons, so this is going to be an interesting shoot no matter what. The next position is also a suspension, but this one is very asymmetrical and it pulls this slut in every direction. Orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her slutty pussy, and she begins to show signs of submission as the pain is ramped up. After two brutal suspensions, you would think that she would be a little less bratty, but this is not the case. She continues to antagonize him to see how sadistic he can really be, and soon finds out how fucking twisted this man is. Katie is now folded in half, and her arms are tied in a way that they are what holds her in place for the next dose of torment. Now the pain comes faster and harder, and suddenly Katie realizes that her mouth may have gotten her in more trouble than her body was capable of handling. The torment is brutal and she begins to wonder if she is going to make it to the end. Her throat and pussy are fucked mercilessly until she can no longer take the stimulation. In the final scene, Katie is atop a wooden box with her limbs pulled up and away from her body leaving her completely helpless. Foot torment, breath control, and imposed orgasms close out the day as we see Katie finally submit to The Pope.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Katie Kush - Flexible And Thicc

File: egxfbnatelohucokatkus5oom6tvcua.mp4
Size: 441.64 MB
Duration: 46:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This video kills two birds with one stone. Its going to give you something to cum to, thats no question. But youre also going to get an up-close and personal stretching class from the beautiful, blonde, bodacious Katie Kush! In skin hugging leggings and an even tighter top, she wiggles and stretches her admirably fit body. Shes in the middle of a gorgeous splits position when her boyfriend and his friend, Ricky Johnson, unexpectedly come home. Her boyfriend leaves this sexy pair alone while he makes some phone calls, so Katie continues stretching. But Ricky cant keep his eyes off this babe. Katie asks Ricky to help her with some positions. But things dont stay platonic for long, because soon enough shes stretching out Rickys hard cock with her hand! They fuck in the living room with her boyfriend nearby, taking advantage of Katies flexibility for some super hot sex positions. Who knew stretching could be so sexy?

My Family Pies - Aften Opal & Katie Kush - Watch Me Fuck Your Friend

File: 86k2lnamyfapiaftkatb4hjckfqmp.mp4
Size: 812.12 MB
Duration: 39:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush puts on her bikini to go hang out by the pool. Her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, joins her quietly so he can spend a few moments checking his hot stepsis out before she notices him. Nathan tells Katie that he's going to fuck her friend, Aften Opal. They eventually make a bet that if Nathan does better than Katie on her test next week, he gets to fuck her friend. Katie agrees and adds on that for an easy bet like that she'll even watch Nathan do Aften if she loses.

The next week, Aften and Katie are hanging out in their school uniforms when Nathan lets Katie know he aced the test. He scored better, to Katie's shock. Aften wasn't in on the bet, but once the stepsibs explain it to her she's fine with it. Aften has been wanting Nathan for a while, so she makes short work of getting his dick out of his pants and starting to suck it. As Aften turns around on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her, she tries to coax Katie into joining them. Katie is reluctant, but eventually agrees to let Aften eat her out while Nathan fucks Aften. That turns into both girls delivering a double BJ. Katie finally lets Nathan slide it into her tight twat while Afton rides her face, creating a full-on threesome.

Swapping spots with Katie, Aften links one ankle over Nathan's shoulder so he can really dive deep. Katie gets on her knees to ride Aften's mouth once again, this time sliding her own finger into her ass to double down on her pleasure. The trio is enjoying their newfound chemistry when Katie's mom, Dava Foxx, comes home. Aften doesn't want to risk getting caught, so she takes off as Katie and Nathan dive under a blanket together to hide their nudity. Katie can't keep herself from stroking Nathan's dick as they talk to her mom, who eventually takes off. Katie takes the opportunity to suck Nathan off once again and then hop onto his dick. Riding him in her nicely trimmed twat, Katie urges Nathan to cum for her. He obliges, giving her a sticky creampie. Moments later, Dava returns and busts the siblings in the act.

Monsters of Cock - Katie Kush - Katie Kush Gets Gifted A Big Black Cock

File: 2t5ionamoofcokatkuspplfrhnxhl.mp4
Size: 439.99 MB
Duration: 39:21
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Katie is by the pool getting ready for today's scene. She does a few splits and even twerks a bit. She shows up her perfect pink pussy Just waiting to get fucked. So we surprise her with Isiah and she's thrilled to ride suck a long cock. She wastes no time and gets down to business she deep throats that dick like her life depended on it. We almost thought she was gonna choke. But she turns around and presents him with that cooter. She's delighted to get pounded.

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Making my new Step Daddy cum

File: z6tusnatapokatkusyspvhpqalc.mp4
Size: 108.09 MB
Duration: 13:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Are you and my mom fighting again? She's such a bitch, that's why my Dad left her. You're a great step-dad, I hope she doesn't chase you away too. I love having you as my Daddy, let me make you feel better. Come lay down Daddy and let me take care of you. Do you like my tight little titties Daddy? They're so much prettier than Mom's, dont you think? Do you like my perfectly smooth, shaved pussy? Wanna touch it? Yes Daddy, like that... your fingers feel so good on my clit. I'm so wet for you. I can't wait to taste my Daddy's cock. It's so nice Daddy, does my mouth feel good? I can tell you like it because you're so hard. Come here Daddy, I want to feel you in my little pussy. Oh god Daddy! It's so big! Fuck me Daddy, just like that. You're going to make me cum! Let me flip over for you so you can fuck me from behind. Oh fuck Daddy, I'm cumming! Now it's your turn. Lay back and give me my Mom's cum, let me suck it some more. Are you ready to cum Daddy! I want it all over my ass, mark me as your girl! I love my new Daddy.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Katie Kush - Cfnmasturbation

File: zfvpgnatelohucokatkusmqmgy343nt.mp4
Size: 452.40 MB
Duration: 41:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush begins her day with a nice shower, water cascading over her perky tits and round juicy ass. But suds and scrubbing quickly leads to touching Sliding her fingers between round cheeks and caressing her hungry clit. After quivering and orgasming on a shower dildo, Katie gets dressed and finds Quinton watching porn and having a little personal time in the other room. What kind of person would she be if she just satisfied herself and left him hanging? The best part about having a hung guy around is you can easily manipulate them into fucking the hell out of you. Isn't it every guy's dream to have a pawg bounce on their cock while watching porn? Shouldn't be too hard to convince him!

New Sensations - Katie Kush - Katie Lets Him Feel How Tight It Is

File: 2rekinanesekatkusijr75hgheu.mp4
Size: 153.72 MB
Duration: 19:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Step sister Katie could not wait for Pete to get home from being away so long. After he was impressed how grown she has become he retreats to his old room to take a shower. Katie decides the time is now to get that cock she has always dreamed about and stuff it balls deep inside her tight young pussy.

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Slutty step-daughter has special going away present for Daddy

File: bqp7xnatapokatkusva3w63xlbt.mp4
Size: 151.44 MB
Duration: 09:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I cant believe I am going away to college soon. It came so quick, but you know there is really only one thing I am going to miss. You know what that is? Its you step-daddy. You have been such a big part of my development since you married my mom. I think I am even closer to you than I am with my real daddy. So I just want to give you one special thing to remember me by before I leave. So, lay down. I crawl on top of you and pull your pants off. I just want you to remember every inch of my body...

Sis Loves Me - Katie Kush - Halloween Stepsister Hammering

File: uz32rnasilomekatkuswjjgzzwg86.mp4
Size: 667.98 MB
Duration: 49:01
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Katie Kush is excited for her favorite holiday, Halloween. But today, when she goes out trick or treating, she comes home to find her stepbrother waiting with a big piece of candy. She wraps her fingers around his jolly rancher and sucks his cock until he shoots a gooey load of cum everywhere. Later, Katies stepbrother makes a bet with her. If he can scare her, he gets to slide his dick inside her tight teen cooch. She agrees, and he gets to work. He puts on a scary mask and throws some fake blood on the walls, scaring the shit out of Katie in the process! To live up to her end of the deal, she bends over and lets the pervy guy penetra

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Slutty sister

File: ueooenatapokatkus1rb8o1f6o4.mp4
Size: 179.85 MB
Duration: 11:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I just wanted to say you have been such an amazing help to me the past few weeks. I mean look at my boobies, they are so much perkier. Don't you think? I lift up my shirt showing off my beautiful little titties. My belly is so small and tight. I lift my shirt and rub my silky smooth belly with my pretty hands. And you have even made my booty lifted and all bubbly, look! I turn around and give it a little shake for you. I can't believe how good you made me look. I cannot believe my sister won't work out with you I mean, ever since you guys got married she has just stopped taking care of herself. I just wanted to thank you for making sure the younger sister stays sexier and hotter. So, I was thinking, maybe you should lay down and let me repay my dues.

Thickumz - Katie Kush - Thickie On The Prowl

File: hhygunathikatkus6yyx3ofus9.mp4
Size: 523.37 MB
Duration: 38:24
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Thick blonde icon Katie Kush is a boundary pushing bombshell. Today, she shows up in a see through top that shows off her perky pink nipples. As if the sexy shirt was not enough, she wears skin tight booty shorts that let her whole ass hang out! And what does Katie want to do in her ultra seductive outfit? She wants to go dancing! She hops out of the car and shakes her fat ass, letting her booty meat jiggle and cascade out on the street. When they meet a lucky guy in the juice shop, they know exactly what they are going to do with him. They take him back to the hotel and let Katie work her magic on his thick pole. She twerks all over him as she cums over and over on his rod. Then, she takes a mouthful of cum like a champ. This vlog is going viral for sure.

All Anal - Bella Jane & Katie Kush - Juicy Anal Affair

File: 15xtenaalanbelkatj4gqs15qol.mp4
Size: 554.85 MB
Duration: 47:36
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Bella Jane and Katie Kush are all about that dick! These thick goddesses are sure to delight as Bella takes it deep in her asshole and Katie sucks it dry. After Bellas juicy ass is filled with cum, neither can resist getting a taste. With these two hotties, its no wonder things get nasty quick!

Swallowed - Katie Kush & Kiara Cole - Head Games With Kiara And Katie

File: d63cunaswakatkialjb2g4yfm8.mp4
Size: 497.22 MB
Duration: 43:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kiara Cole and Katie Kush are two bubbly blondes, out on patrol to stuff their throats with thick meat. Its all fun and games, as long as each cutie gets to satisfy her oral fixation with a round of ball sucking and throat fucking. Sharing is caring, and Kiara and Katie both split and swallow some of that fresh cum they both earned.

BFFS - Katie Kush, Kenzie Madison & Lea Lee - Gymnasdick Training

File: xr27qnabffkatkenleazglxoiydb3.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 57:28
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush, Kenzie Madison, and Lea Lee are serious when it comes to gymnastics. They have been training for months for the upcoming competition, and with all the hard work they are putting in, there is no way they will not win. Today, they film themselves by the pool as they run through their warm ups before practice. But all this hard work has the girls looking for a little bit of release. Every now and then, a little play is in order. So, when Katie sees how hot her besties look as they stretch out, she squeezes and teases their toned bodies. All the physical attention gets the girls hot and bothered, and soon their outfits are drenched in

Perv Mom - Katie Kush & Aubrey Black - Stepmom And Stepsister Snatch

File: bbsr8napemokataubaryqxfrybj.mp4
Size: 673.21 MB
Duration: 49:23
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: MILF Aubrey Black is fed up. Her husband is a cheap bastard, and she is not having any fun in their marriage with him being so stingy all the time. Maybe it would be different if he would fuck her every now and then, but he does not even want to do that. Aubrey has reached a dead end. That is when her stepkids start to get some ideas. Her stepdaughter, Katie Kush, tells her stepbrother to go please Aubrey. Maybe then, their parents will stay together. He listens, and Katie watches as her stepmom sucks and slobbers on his cock. Later, Katie reveals that she sucked her stepbrothers cock after he creampied in Aubreys cooch. The MILF is totally embarrassed, but Katie is turned on. She thinks it is hot that her stepmom and stepbrother like to fuck around. Aubrey takes control of the situation and commands Katie to suck her stepbrothers cock in front of her so that she can soak in all the taboo action. Katie obeys, getting on her knees to gag on her stepbrothers dick and share it with her stepmom. These babes really are cut from the same cloth. They both know how to please a big boner! A couple days later, Katie and Aubrey come home after being out in the hot sun all day. They are a little sweaty, but they want to get down and dirty with our stud again. Katie lays on top of her stepmom and spreads her pussy lips for her stepbrother to slide inside of her. He teases her twat and then switches to his horny stepmom to continue the orgiastic action. He cannot be

My Family Pies - Katie Kush - My Step Sister Wants Me

File: i8dq3namyfapikatkusb2zcyrnog5.mp4
Size: 348.37 MB
Duration: 23:16
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: There's some real sexual tension between Katie Kush and her stepbrother Kyle Mason. Katie can't watch Kyle dress without wanting to feel up her tits and twat, and in the opposite situation Kyle is just as horny. Katie gets her chance to make a move when Kyle comes into her room wearing only a towel in search of his socks. They argue and the towel drops to the floor, revealing a cock that's even better than Katie's wildest fantasies. Reaching out, Katie takes Kyle's fuck stick in her hand and pretends shes' going to lick it, then laughs and tells him to leave. That just ratchets the tension between them even higher.

Later, Katie and Kyle are eating dinner with their oblivious dad, Chris Valent. Katie flashes Kyle a peek at her pussy. He flashes back to earlier that day, when he and Katie were arguing and he caught Katie staring at his hard dick. Whipping his hardon out, he taunted Katie with the D. Although she tried to deny her attraction, Katie was soon on her hands and knees sucking her stepbro off. Katie's deep throat cock sucking was practically sex in and of itself, but things got even better when she hopped on the bed and pulled her panties aside for Kyle to take her right then and there.

By the time Katie was done riding his dick and then getting a doggy style pussy pounding, she was just in time to hop off his cock and keep him from cumming. Eventually she relented to Kyle's coaxing, though, letting him pull down her fresh panties and slide back inside. Giving in to Katie's request that Kyle not cum in her, Kyle pulled out to jizz in her panties. Those are the same sticky panties Katie is using at dinner to tease her brother about their special time together.

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Step Daughter shows Daddy she's a big girl now who likes secrets

File: mdmlenatapokatkusgmm28ebnoh.mp4
Size: 190.27 MB
Duration: 12:26
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey Daddy. I just wanted you to know that I see the way you watch me. I see the way you look at me and I can feel how aroused you are by me. And I don't know if it's because of the close I've been wearing, or maybe you just think I am cute and young. But, you know, you are my stepdad, and I am a big girl now Daddy... A big girl who can keep big secrets. You don't have to be afraid of anything anymore, and I think it's so hot. The less clothes the better I feel. Maybe you should come lay down with me. Don't worry, I won't tell. You have just been such a great step-daddy and I just want to repay all the favors you have done for me...

Dyked - Katie Kush & Bella Rose - Make Her Pussy Rain

File: nhgawnadykkatbelukqz9m8bh3.mp4
Size: 425.37 MB
Duration: 30:51
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blondies Katie Kush and Bella Rose planned to have a fun time out in the sun, but the forecast shows rain! To salvage the day, Bella suggests that they watch some movies on her laptop. Katie heads into the bedroom to set up some flicks, but stumbles upon some videos that are a little more... interesting. Turns out Bella has been watching lesbian porn in her spare time! Katie is curious, so she lets Bella lick her tight, young pussy as it gets wetter and wetter. Her clit is super sensitive as Bella swirls her tongue over and over, bringing her to climax! Then Katie returns the favor, licking Bellas sweet asshole. Why watch a movie when you can make your own?

The Real Workout - Katie Kush - Pull Up Pussy

File: ulhpinathrewokatkusv2bsyiwcge.mp4
Size: 409.98 MB
Duration: 30:05
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde beauty Katie Kush is looking killer in her workout outfit as she gets ready to put her nose to the grindstone and get fit. Just take a look at her round ass poking out as she waits for her new workout equipment delivery. But when the delivery man shows up, Katie is not tall enough to set up her new pull up bar! Our stud helps her out, lifting her by the ass to get her workout started. Katie is so impressed that she pulls out his cock and shoves it deep down her throat for a hot blowjob. He rams her tight young pussy and gets his shaft soaked in her juices in the process. Then, he shoots a gooey load of cum all over her tongue! I guess thats one way to sign for a delivery.

Swallowed - Chanel Shortcake, Katie Kush & Vanna Bardot - Oral Brigade With Katie, Chanel, And Vanna

File: dnqomnaswachakatvanydrgmgfnhr.mp4
Size: 452.46 MB
Duration: 55:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When it comes to a blowjob, sometimes one mouth just isnt enough. We brought Katie Kush, Chanel Shortcake, and Vanna Bardot together for complete satisfaction. One girl is in charge of the cock, another sucks on the balls, and the third girl gets to eat ass. What do you get from all that action? One happy cock, thats what!

Moms Teach Sex - Edyn Blair & Katie Kush - Special Delivery

File: ucwvsnamoteseedykat4irytqhghs.mp4
Size: 335.07 MB
Duration: 20:50
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Edyn Blair is waiting on a delivery as she hangs out with her stepdaughter Katie Kush. When there's a knock on the door, Edyn jumps up to get it. Katie can't help but notice how cute the delivery boy, Brad Sterling, is as her stepmom is inviting him in. Both the girls are falling all over themselves to get Brad's attention, but Edyn gets her hands and mouth on Brad's package first, but Katie eventually catches them in the act. She chases Edyn away with the threat of telling her dad what his wife has been up to but stops Brad before he can put his junk away.

Instead, Katie gets on her knees to replace her stepmom sucking him off and gargling his balls. When Katie hops onto the couch and offers herself to Brad, he's not about to decline that gift. They're so distracted by their fucking that they don't notice Edyn sneaking in and stripping off most of her clothes as she watches them. Edyn makes her presence known by pulling Katie out of the way and saying her stepdaughter is doing it wrong. Then she lays on the couch so Brad can bang her hairy pussy as Katie protests.

Katie isn't about to let her stepmom have all the fun, so eventually she rejoins them on the couch and rides Edyn's face while making out with Brad. Then she gets to enjoy Brad's hardon as she rides him with Edyn watching and masturbating. The girls arrange themselves with Edyn leaning forward and Katie laying on top, creating a pussy buffet for Brad to bang until he pulls out to jizz all over both of them in a finish that's satisfying right up until Katie's dad calls Edyn

She's New - Katie Kush - Passing The Porn Test

File: dsw5hnashnekatkusemacodu2th.mp4
Size: 1.16 GB
Duration: 58:47
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: If she has the time, Katie Kush likes to have sex at least once a day. That is good news, because watching this cutie get nasty is definitely the thrill of a lifetime. She looks nerdy in her thick glasses, but it gives her a sexy edge that makes our stud go crazy. He wants to test her sexual skills, so he challenges her to take his dick balls deep and hold it in her throat. She passes with flying colors, making him almost bust a huge nut in her throat along the way! Then she gives him a footjob before popping her pussy for him to shove his cock inside. He reams her raw and then welcomes her to porn with a big load of jizz.