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Karla Kush

Adam And Eve - Karla Kush - Taken To The Edge 2

File: q5fhgnaadanevkarkussgl1q9c4ii.mp4
Size: 185.15 MB
Duration: 15:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Taken to the Edge 2 returns to showcase 9 of the industry's top models performing the ultimate tease and showing off their edging skills. BTS showcasing interviews of each performer sharing their coveted techniques of edging. Also included is a two girl, one guy edging scene and 2 BONUS GG Edging scenes!

Wicked Pictures - Karla Kush - Stilettos

File: jtc5wnawipikarkus67wwukfq7x.mp4
Size: 600.19 MB
Duration: 26:46
Resolution: 1366x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stilettos are more than an icon of erotic femininity, they're an attitude. That's right, because the right pair of heels can change everything even how a woman feels about herself. Evelyn Claire stars in legendary director Axel Braun's visual love song to the grace, beauty, and sensuality of the most empowering female footwear on earth Stilettos

Nubile Films - Karla Kush - Ace In The Sheets

File: knmmvnanufikarkusww378tlu8m.mp4
Size: 403.29 MB
Duration: 26:30
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Karla Kush and Codey Steele like to role play. Today, they've taken a page from the book of a popular movie franchise. Karla is playing Charlie, while Codey walks in the door dressed as Maverick. They bicker at the door in the spirit of the films, but Maverick doesn't want to take orders from Charlie. He shows her what he thinks of those orders as he gives her a hard kiss that doesn't leave any room for negotiation.

Guiding Charlie to the couch, Maverick keeps his lips fastened to hers as they each lose their jackets. Maverick pushes Charlie down, cupping her small breasts and exploring her proud nipples with his hands and mouth. Sliding his hand lower, Maverick slips Charlie's miniskirt up and her thong aside to rub his fingers through the meaty folds of her dripping pussy.

Charlie may have let Maverick call the shots until now, but this little fireball isn't about to give in to his demand to be in charge. She gives as good as she got, pushing Maverick down and popping his dick out so she can explore every inch of the long length. When she has had her fill of blowing Maverick, Charlie crawls up his body so she can slide down to ride his fuck stick.

Leaning in close, Charlie presses her forehead to Maverick's as she rides him. Her passion is obvious as they keep up a slow and sensual pace, although they're building towards something harder as Charlie climbs off Maverick's dick and sucks her own juices off of him. In return, Maverick eases Charlie onto her back and laps at her clit before diving in for another full on pussy feast. As soon as he has ensured that Charlie is nice and wet, Maverick reenters her greedy warmth.

Charlie takes it on her back for a few hot minutes, then rolls onto her hands and knees. Gripping the edge of the couch for support, she lets out squeals of delight each time Maverick takes her from behind. Maverick lets his head of steam build up until he's delivering some ball slapping sex with his hands wound in Charlie's hair to hold her in place for her pussy pounding. As her climax comes over her, Charlie bites the pillow to muffle her scream of ecstasy. Moments later, Maverick pulls out to blow his load all over Charlie's back.

Girl Girl - Karla Kush & Gia DiMarco - Lesbian Cheating Wives 2

File: 66wjmnagirkargiacjfrzl1ldf.mp4
Size: 510.66 MB
Duration: 43:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax is spying on her husband, trying to get even after their divorce. When she overhears him and his new wife, Darcie Dolce, talk about a threesome, Penny comes up with a plan.When Karla Kush married her husband who's forty years older than she is, she knew at some point she would be a widow, just not so soon. Her girlfriend Gia stops by to comfort her as the media questions what really happened.Abigail thinks that her wife Christiana is cheating on her with the contractor, so today she decided to skip work and spy on her. When Abigail sees her in a very suggestive position in front of the contractor, she storms in to punish Christiana.Laney Grey is home from college and up to her usual antics, sunbathing naked in her neighbors' backyard. When Aidra catches her, Laney comes onto her, then her wife Kenzie walks in on them. Kenzie is not happy about this.

Pure Taboo - Alex Coal & Karla Kush - You Both Belong To Me

File: v25q2naputaalekarxwczrkm5q7.mp4
Size: 204.26 MB
Duration: 17:14
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4

Bigamist Is Furious When He Catches His Two Wives Cheating On Him With Each Other

Robert Charles Dera has not one but TWO beautiful wives, Alice Alex Coal and Julia Karla Kush. Although life is perfect for him, since he has two wives tending to his every need, things are not so perfect for Alice and Julia. In fact, he's oblivious to the subtle, loving gazes that the women exchange when his back is turned...

One day, Alice and Julia meet up while Robert is away. Alice is nervous to be alone with Julia, especially since her love for Julia intensifies with each passing day. Even though THEY aren't married, Julia feels the same way and can't deny her feelings anymore... One thing leads to another and they soon find themselves passionately embraced, the existence of their husband all but forgotten in the heat of the moment. Clothes fall to the floor as they desperately caress each other's bodies with their hands and mouths, trying to express everything they've kept repressed for so long.

But their tender moment comes crashing down when Robert unexpectedly comes home, catching them in the act. He is going to make sure his wives never forget who they belong to ever again...

Perv Mom - Karla Kush & Aaliyah Love - Step Aunt Seduced Me

File: mcwzwnapemokaraalid1fxylccw.mp4
Size: 533.96 MB
Duration: 01:04:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My stepmom, Aaliyah Love, is a total MILF, so when she tells me I have a step aunt, Ive never met before, Im sure shes going to be hot as hell. When my step aunt, Karla Kush, finally shows up, shes every bit as stunning as I imagined. Shes spending a few days at the house while my dads out of town, and I cant wait to see what kind of fun we can get into. And after I catch her eating my stepmom out, things start getting a little weird. To keep all the sexual secrets between us, they seduce me, sucking my dick in the living room. Then, they take turns riding my cock in bed! I love this family.

Sweetheart Video - Jill Kassidy & Karla Kush - Lesbian Stepsisters 9

File: 28sjinaswvijilkaroifinuw7m8.mp4
Size: 326.18 MB
Duration: 27:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sweetheart's fan favorite series, Lesbian Stepsisters is back! In this 9th opus, eight beautiful ladies enjoy the pleasures of their sister from another mother. Sophie Sophie Sparks meets her new stepsister, Charlotte Charlotte Stokely, for the first time when her mom remarries. Things become intimate between them when they must share the same bedroom for a few days. When Jezabel Jezabel Vessir learns about Steph's LaSirena69 problem with her boyfriend, she does everything necessary to keep her stepsister happy. When Karlee Karlee Grey visits Charlotte Charlotte Cross for the first time since their parents split up, she uses the time with her to make it memorable. Finally, Karla Karla Kush and Jill Jill Kassidy didn't get along the when their parents first got together. A few years after their parents broke up, Karla and Jill decide to meet each other and catch up on the past.

Blacks On Blondes - Karla Kush - Karla Is Into Some Kinky Shit

File: utamlnablonblkarkustcnnh6roxb.mp4
Size: 312.93 MB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Karla is into some kinky shit. Always has been. While Daddy is at work, she finds willing strangers on the internet, to come fuck her. However, they gotta be into a little role playing. This one particular time, she gets these 2 guys to act like they are breaking into her house and catch her masturbating. She acts like she's scared, but really she just wants those big black cocks in her mouth and pussy. Once she's gagged herself silly...she presents her ass high in the air for some good clean
pounding. Once her cunt is nice and primed...she jumps on top and rides until she squirts all over couch. The two big dicks use her hole and leave her covered in man juice. When daddy is away, this little slut loves to play!

Glory Hole - Karla Kush - Karla And Her Boyfriend

File: z8zgbnaglhokarkuss9s5gcy5zs.mp4
Size: 429.34 MB
Duration: 22:50
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Karla and her boyfriend are going through a rough patch in the bedroom. She really likes him, but wants to spruce up the sex life. She goes to the adult store looking for some help. The store clerk suggests that maybe its her fault. Maybe she's too much of a freak for her boyfriend. He shows her the video booth and tells her to keep an open mind. While inside, she gets an eye awaking she was not prepared for. A massive cock comes through the wall and immediately she grabs
hold of it. She chokes and strokes...slurping on this dick like a lollipop. When this piece of meat can't get any harder from her wet mouth, she slides her eager pussy onto it...jerking it off with her fuckhole. She cums, squirting all over the cock, leaving her sweet pussy quivering with satisfaction. All she wants is this strangers cum, she keeps fucking it until a hot load is buried up inside her. She learned a valuable lesson today...she needs more cock!!

Dark X - Karla Kush - Karla's Waltz

File: ruzygnadaxkarkus6usxjchuyu.mp4
Size: 342.88 MB
Duration: 29:29
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Having agreed to go out to a ball room dancing session with her lover Prince Yahshua, Karla Kush expresses her reluctance, and offers a more upbeat, modern and very sexy version of the classic waltz, filled with the hip swinging, twerking gyrations all to her man's erotic delight.

She Will Cheat - Karla Kush - Redhead Karla Kush Cheats On Her Husband With Her Hot Assistant

File: bpwnfnashwichkarkusvjhoq7izko.mp4
Size: 304.70 MB
Duration: 28:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karla Kush is having a meeting with her assistant when she gets a phone call from her husband. Once again hes upset with her and accuses Karla of fucking her assistant, but shes not.yet. Her assistant asks if she needs a kind ear to listen to her troubles and she asks if he can come over later that night. When he shows up at Karlas place, she tries to seduce him right away, shes not wearing panties under her dress and she shows him her red bush and delicious pussy. Hes a bit nervous at first, but once she lures him into the bedroom and he feels how wet her pussy is, he cant stop until he blows a huge load all over her body. Now her husband has a reason to be upset!

Bellesa Films - Karla Kush - Breathing Exercises

File: jhjbhnabefikarkus6qknde3sgc.mp4
Size: 265.84 MB
Duration: 33:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karlas yoga class, in its beautiful outdoor setting, was one of Isaiah and Julias favorite activities to do together as a couple. The poses and breathing exercises are intended to synchronize you with your partner. When Isaiahs girlfriend Julia cancels, theyre not sure what to do. Karla decides shell teach him anyway, that way they could practice at home but as she starts guiding his body he keeps looking back at her, through the corner of his eye. They take deep breaths together but he cant stop thinking about her back pressed to his. As they intertwine for a straddling pose, the connection overwhelms her- and Karla starts kissing him. The plans for a practice quickly dissolve.

Spizoo - Karla Kush - Squirting Blonde Karla Kush Up Close And Personal

File: awuhlnaspikarkusah1xz9piio.mp4
Size: 544.39 MB
Duration: 28:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karla Kush is a beautiful, erotic, squirting slut who is truly one of the best in the XXX industry. This tiny spinner has been in the business for 6 years and isnt slowing down. Get to see a unique side of this unique lady before she soaks Mike Mancinis cock with her pussy juice. Enjoy seeing this beautiful blonde wearing pink seductive lingerie, making a striptease and showing her natural tits and her ass and pussy and fingering herself and begging for Mike Mancini cock, he appears right away, and she takes his dick in her mouth and inserts this cock deeper in her throat while moaning and gagging, then she places on the couch on her knees on doggy position to receive a hard pounding in her wet pussy. Karla is very excited and screen and moan of the emotion, then she rides this big dick forward and backward, She is bathed in sweat by the hard action and squirting of the emotion. Barely able to hold his load he explodes all over her leaving them both happy and satisfied.

Bang Surprise - Karla Kush - Karla Kush Is An Extra Wet Squirting Anal Whore

File: annignabasukarkuse1ddffnysy.mp4
Size: 832.46 MB
Duration: 39:19
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Karla Kush is the ultimate blonde fuck toy. She plays with her bushy pussy and fingers her tight pussy until she squirts all over the camera! This splash zone pussy worships the cock and loves to bounce up and down on the dick. Her asshole is already stretched and ready to be filled up with cock. She begs for daddy to fill her butt and stroke her perfect clit!