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Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan - September Reign - Special Dark 5

File: bb7ncnajujosepreioqw9mcadup.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cutie pie with the big brown eyes, Lacey London shimmies into Manuel Ferrara's world to get fucked hard.Kira Noir is simply stunning and goes long and strong bouncing her fleshy ass in an anal tryst with Manuel.Alina Ali maybe cute and a little shy but uses her big brown curves to subdue Manuel??s hunger for dark flesh!Busty beauty September Reign pole dances then rides Manuel??s pole in a sexy scuttle.

Jules Jordan - Kira Noir - Special Dark 5

File: bverinajujokirnoigt4fpzzddd.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 30:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cutie pie with the big brown eyes, Lacey London shimmies into Manuel Ferrara's world to get fucked hard.Kira Noir is simply stunning and goes long and strong bouncing her fleshy ass in an anal tryst with Manuel.Alina Ali maybe cute and a little shy but uses her big brown curves to subdue Manuel??s hunger for dark flesh!Busty beauty September Reign pole dances then rides Manuel??s pole in a sexy scuttle.

Jules Jordan - Lacey London - Special Dark 5

File: golaknajujolaclonx98diuru8z.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 31:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cutie pie with the big brown eyes, Lacey London shimmies into Manuel Ferrara's world to get fucked hard.Kira Noir is simply stunning and goes long and strong bouncing her fleshy ass in an anal tryst with Manuel.Alina Ali maybe cute and a little shy but uses her big brown curves to subdue Manuel??s hunger for dark flesh!Busty beauty September Reign pole dances then rides Manuel??s pole in a sexy scuttle.

Jules Jordan - Alina Ali - Special Dark 5

File: s8k41najujoalialinazobjrvqa.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 28:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cutie pie with the big brown eyes, Lacey London shimmies into Manuel Ferrara's world to get fucked hard.Kira Noir is simply stunning and goes long and strong bouncing her fleshy ass in an anal tryst with Manuel.Alina Ali maybe cute and a little shy but uses her big brown curves to subdue Manuel??s hunger for dark flesh!Busty beauty September Reign pole dances then rides Manuel??s pole in a sexy scuttle.

Jules Jordan - Whitney Wright - Fucks Her Stepdad In The Yard

File: xb2hfnajujowhiwriasvrzat6fw.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 26:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dark-haired Whitney Wright is a horny stepdaughter plotting to seduce her stepdad. The devious damsel sees her shirtless parental figure and heads outside to interrupt his chores. She offers him some water then spills it all over her blouse. This accentuates her perky tits and nipples, and diverts her stepdaddys attention. The next thing we know the out of line parental figure is planting his penis into a prone Whitney. Whitneys frame is petite but she is womanly and pulls off a stunning view with her legs up high. Her stepdad rails her in a nice doggy sequence that ends with Whitney taking a full load all over her pretty pussy...

Jules Jordan - Vina Sky - Gets An In Your Face Anal Fucking

File: ytwc5najujovinskyrpogmwjihs.mp4
Size: 844.56 MB
Duration: 33:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Asian Sex Kitten Vina Sky Takes Jules Cock On An Anal Expedition! Giddy little Vina is extra excited to have her tiny asshole stretched out and can barely contain herself as she shows off her tight, little body. She pulls out her pretty titties and jiggles them for the camera until Jules puts it down and joins her by the bed. Vina rubs her ass against his crotch to get Jules nice and hard before getting on her knees to make his big dick disappear down her throat. She makes a sloppy mess as she sucks and slobbers on Jules cock, gagging on it as she tries to deep throat the whole thing. Vina climbs on the bed and takes off her panties as Jules gets behind her and parts her tight pussy lips with his bulging boner. He fucks her hard with slow strokes until Vina starts backing her booty up against Jules to take his cock deeper and faster. When Jules takes his dick out of her Vina spits all over her fingers then rubs them on her butthole to lube it up. She fingers her tight ass until its ready action and Vina signals to Jules that the backdoor is open! Jules thick dick stretches Vinas tiny asshole as he drills her in doggy, pulling it out to show off her blown out O-ring, before getting back to the anal destruction. Vina wipes some more spit on her ass making it easier for Juless dick to get balls deep in her butt and completely covered in ass juices. Not wanting to miss a meal, Vina spins around and cleans her delicious butt juices off Jules cock then lays on her back so he can rail her ass in missionary. She holds on to her ankles and spreads her legs wide open allowing Jules to get deep in that ass. Vina starts rubbing her clit as he stretches her sphincter and makes her ass GAPE until Jules gets on the ground so she can impale her ass on his dick and start bouncing on it. She sits on Jules chest and takes his whole cock in her ass as she grinds her hips in circles feeling his whole shaft inside. Jules flips her over into piledriver an hammer her hungry butthole hard until Vina flips around to have her face plastered with all of Jules cum!

Jules Jordan - Jesse Jane - Superstar Fucking

File: 5waumnajujojesjanp26ouskpqt.mp4
Size: 738.90 MB
Duration: 31:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jesse Jane has always proved Blondes produce more cum and this scene starring the yellow-haired hellcat is no exception. Draped in black sheer lingerie and pink bows, Jesse does a quick shimmy and we notice her thick hips during her bobs. The devilish Jane creeps close to a large metal ornamental gate. Jules comes in from behind grabbing Janes knockers, giving them deep squeezes. Jesse unfurls Jordans cock from his pants, it pokes through the gate and Jane jacks it while playing with her shaved twat...

Jules coaxes Jesse indoors for some cock sucking. Miss Jane has model good looks that adds a little extra to the visual. Voluptuous Jane is mounted in missionary spreading her legs as her black high-heels dangle during the drill fest. I like to watch your dick go in and out of me Jesse says. Jordan closes her legs and folds them over her head while Jane wraps her arms around them. This produces a fifties-like pin up view but with a XXX-rated twist. No leaving it to the beaver here After some cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl Jules has Jesse prop herself over the arm of a long couch. Jordan takes advantage of the now doggy prone Jane. Pumping her ass until it ripples. Jules dips down and Miss Jane says Are you gonna eat that fucking ass? Jordan gives his answer then pumps her plump cheeks some more. Disheveled Jesse drops to her knees and Jules paints her model mug with jillions of jizz, producing a pearly white smile from Jesse

Jules Jordan - Abella Danger - Big Booty Heavyweight Takes An Outdoor Anal Blasting

File: 77pmtnajujoabedanpehksjjvtt.mp4
Size: 787.91 MB
Duration: 30:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jules Jordan gets Abella Dangers ass poolside in this booty bonanza that blinds. The scene fades in on a folded Abella applying copious amounts of oil to her grand gluteus By the way, its a shame somehow that Abellas ass is so spectacular. It can cause you to forget that she has tremendous, perky natural tits and a sly, fresh face. The neon green nets and string thong are loud but cant compete with that Danger donka-donk...

Once her ass is fully sheened, Jules has Abella begin a booty procession along the pool that is totally upper-crust. There are few equipped to match the tear and dick jerking sight. Arched with buns protruding, even Jordan taps and says I have to sample that real quick. He plants his member into a standing Abella and pumps. Jules has the wherewithal to pause and proceed to a big, round lounger. Danger consumes his cock, shes able to swallow it while keeping her tongue on the shaft. Abella then rides Jordan until hes ready to make that butthole glisten. He grabs some lube and drizzles it. After some missionary anal, Jules folds Dangers legs over producing something worth conquering. He humps Abella furiously then has her get on all fours. Her prodigious ass sits like a monument. Jordan arrives from behind and begins to churn Dangers glorious rump. He then does single plunges until Danger's asshole is creating little gapes. Abella drops and sucks Jordans member, causing him to paste sperm all over Abellas foxy face

Jules Jordan - Lacey London - Begs For A Fat Cock

File: bwnvbnajujolaclon5rxlduxstz.mp4
Size: 606.01 MB
Duration: 33:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Cutie pie with the big brown eyes, Lacey London shimmies into Manuel Ferraras realm in this scene from Jules Jordan Video. Dressed in purple lingerie and matching mesh nylons that glitter, Lacey wiggles outside during a tease that winds up on a sofa indoors. Manuel appears and immediately sucks Laceys perky naturals. He then dives down to tongue her twat. She does a quick flip and he smashes his face between her bubbly butt cheeks...

Lacey grabs hold of Manuels barrel cock and gives it a long, slow lick. She displays some deep throat skills and slides onto Ferraras cock in cowgirl. Laceys arched back flows into her weighty backside, and she bounces it on Manuels beef. London switches to her side with Ferrara behind. He strums her clit while he churns, London holding her leg ear high. Lacey slowly writhes in reverse-cowgirl then Manuel moves her to doggy. He pounds her ass until they switch to missionary. Lacey jumps up and drops to her knees. Manuel fires his load and London catches and carries, then a well-pleased Lacey displays her work

Jules Jordan - Kylie Rocket - Dredd Initiation

File: rxuvznajujokylrocjzfhice45e.mp4
Size: 866.78 MB
Duration: 36:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kylie Rocket may be smaller in size but the freshy shows no limitation in her Dredd initiation. Our harlot heroine admits Dredds is the biggest cock Ive ever seen. A phrase uttered by many...This however does not dissuade dark-haired Kylie. She grabs hold with two hands and consumes as much meat as she can. Instantly gagging, then smiling and saying this is such a good big dick. Miss Rocket stands and takes hold of Dredds whopper...

She backs her shapely butt into Dredd and fwaps his cock on one of her cheeks. Dredd comments on her perfect titties then Kylie is asked to go face down ass up. Her petite yet weighty ass fills the frame. On insertion, notes are played from air being pushed out of teeny Kylie. Incredibly Rocket is able to take long, fast Dredd strokes and says It feels so good with pouty lips and then a smile. Her ass continues its consumption in cowgirl, cheeks flailing. Quite a site for being smallish. Continuing on the lounge, Kylie lies on her side, her hairy patch-bush showing from the front. Dredds lengthy log drilling and glistening with her juices. Rocket stands under a patio umbrella and latches on while that massive member enters. Kylie has to raise a leg to allow Dredd full access. Our little booster sucks off Dredd then consumes a cum reward that produces a sly, cheesy grin

Jules Jordan - Honey Gold - Blasian Babe Rewarded With 12 Inches Of Cock

File: spjoknajujohongolmbkrz9apvo.mp4
Size: 770.06 MB
Duration: 32:07
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Honey Gold is a rare combo of adorable and sexy all wrapped up in one package of perfection. Our brown-eyed beauty with the diamond smile seems all set to experience whatever Jules has in store for her. Sporting a black lace onesie that is a perfect fit for her athletic, natural body, Honey describes her favorite thing about dick sucking. Shes so stunning she could have said anything and we would go right along with it Chris Strokes is the lucky chap that has the privilege of playtime with Miss Gold...

He sneaks behind an unwitting Honey and she laughs and playfully snuggles in. She unfurls Strokes cock and showcases major jack and cock suck capabilities. And those lips wrapped along with that stunner of a mug make for a joyous sight. Honey moves to a lounge and gets into doggy. Chris slides his dick into her pussy and she bites her lower lip and adds a passionate Oh fuck. Miss Gold lays bare a supra hip grind that is definitely upper echelon. She continues to impress as she brings her thighs together producing a primo ass mound. Honey gets into cowgirl and continues with the now patented lip bite. Her arched back flows into her ass like, well, honey. So smooth. Gold transfers to reverse-cowgirl then Strokes folds her over and fucks her from behind proving Gold is no hedge against inflation Honey continues to shine in missionary. Chris pulls some slobber from her pretty mouth, weaving a web that the two deem worthy of lubrication. Finally Honey jumps down to inhale as much cum as she can, playing with it, so proud of a well earned deposit

Jules Jordan - Gia Derza - Sweet Tits And Ass Defiled By Old Pervert

File: xy7xpnajujogiadertzjh7ellpq.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 32:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derzas Planning On A Nice Pool Day, But When Her Friends Not Home She Ends Up Hanging Out With Her Stepdad! Sexy little Gia doesnt mind that Jessica isnt home because her stepdad, Steve, has always treated her well and lets her do whatever she wants. As Gia lays in the sun Steve does yard work in the back and cant help but stare at her tight, young body. His cock bulges in his pants so Steve pulls it out and starts stroking it while watering the grass, but Gia catches him and calls her friend Jessica...


Gia tells her that her stepdad is acting weird but it doesnt seem to be an issue so Gia gets back to oiling up her body. Shes shocked by the size of his cock and invites him over to oil up her back as she takes off her top, and as he starts Steve makes sure theyre on the same page as they agree not to tell Jessica about this. Steve starts by rubbing oil on Gias perky titties and squeezes them together then pinches her nipples before making their way over to the chaise lounge so he can turn his attention to her tight pussy. Completely undressed Gia spreads her legs while Steve fingers her horny hole hard then massages her clit until she turns her attention to his massive cock. She wraps her pretty lips around his thick dick and starts bobbing on it while Steve holds the back of her head. He fucks her face as he jams his dick deep down Gias tiny throat before heading back over to the chaise lounge and getting on all fours in doggy. Steve licks her tasty, young holes dry then stands up as he spears her tight snatch with his monster wang. He slides a finger into her butthole as he drives his long dong deep into Gias wet pussy, stuffing both her holes up right. Gia cleans her pussy juices off of Steves thick cock and sucks on his balls then gives him a rimjob before climbing on top of him and getting more of that dick. She reaches back as she bounces on his balls and pulls Steves cock out of her pussy and puts it right up her tight ass without hesitation. Steve drills her tight booty hard and shows off her perfect GAPE before letting Gia taste her ass juices off his massive dick. He gets on top and starts pounding Gias ass in missionary while he fingers her horny slit at the same time. Wanting t o be back in control, Gia gets back on top but this time in reverse cowgirl as she impales her pussy and then her asshole on Steves giant boner. She bounces her ass on that cock until Steve cant take it anymore and blows his load all over her pretty mouth so Gia can swallow it all.

Jules Jordan - Jada Stevens - What Does The CDC Recommend For All This Ass?

File: omkwanajujojadstetlcheg3nvk.mp4
Size: 802.71 MB
Duration: 33:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: If there were such a thing as a cock magnet, Jada Stevens ass would attract alien dick from light years away. That is not a joke. It is one serious side of yum. We open with Miss Stevens ready to go poolside. Sporting a purple g-string with assless bedazzled fishnets, she struts innocently to a patio lounge. Careful, the hip swaying and twerking will turn you dyslexic. Jules mercilessly allows Jada to stride along the pool. Once on the other side she produces a break neck cheek shimmy that few could match...

Jordan drizzles oil on both hams then shines them up. He sets his dick between her crack and Jada bounces her donka. Jules happily remarks You know what youre doing with this fucking ass then descends and smooches. Stevens has twin nipple piercings that showcase an unfairly overlooked set. The cost of perfect ass ownership. The pretty Stevens bends and Jules says Let me get a quick taste, an early sample of some big league doggy. Inside, Jada stretches out her asshole with a pretty lengthy plug. Jordan likes the view while Stevens deepthroats. Jada moves into cowgirl and rides as Jordan grabs handful after handful of ass, like a stunned baker with too much dough. They move to doggy and Jordan churns her wicked weapon. They take a twerk break then go back to doggy for an anal dip. During drilling Jadas thighs spill over her fishnets. She plays her twat like a dj scratching a turntable. After some ass-to-mouth, they move back to cowgirl. Jada arches and grinds her butthole on a happy Jordans cock. In reverse-cowgirl a suction like clapping sound is made from Jadas quake-maker. Jordan folds Stevens legs over to the side. This forms a luscious, round ass mound that Jules takes full advantage of. Jada drops to her knees, two-handing strokes while begging for a load. Stevens takes some friendly fire to her eye, then consumes the rest. Skillfully producing a bubbling cum show while commenting how Jules painted my face

Jules Jordan - Sara Jay - The Landlord Gets A Large Cock

File: jrcjnnajujosarjaypkjyf985kp.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 26:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sara Jay visits a tenant to collect the rent. She immediately loses interest in collecting cash, she wants the renters dick for her ass. She hurries him into the bedroom and marvels at the intercontinental ballistic cock. She starts spitting and slobbering all over it then says I dont think Ive ever seen a dick this big. Miss Jay has a huge rack and a wide, plump ass. She will not let this dick go to waste. She suffocates the cock between her two melons then strips down naked. She backs her donka up onto the timber producing a major ass-quake. Jay says proudly I needed that big fucking dick. The diabolical doggy continues with Sara lying flat and the renter causing more ass-itation. Jay moves to cowgirl and those twin cheeks completely consume the massive member. Each cheek hypnotically waving. She switches to reverse-cowgirl and continues her work, creating a flapping sound from the pound. They move back to doggy, this time Jays legs closed. Her ass up high, swaying during the drill. This gets the renter to deliver a large liquid payment all over Saras huge knockers...

Jules Jordan - Angela White - Wildcat Anal

File: nwhuenajujoangwhi3lzbdi5tbu.mp4
Size: 825.99 MB
Duration: 41:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Angela White is a certain breed of adult star that can perform some of the nastiest acts and make them seem downright classy. Htf do you do that Miss White?!? Laden in cheetah print garb and deep black elastic strapping that barely contain her legendary rack, Angela begins with a long tease sequence. She also has on a matching collar and gold chain that help set off her zinging blue eyes. Once indoors Angela teams with Jules. They begin kissing and Angela says Do whatever you want to me. Im your little kitty. Angela discards her top, revealing her sublime set of knockers. She grabs as much as possible of one then licks her nipple, commanding Jordan to Share this titty with me...

He does as the two lick nipple, then tongue, then back to nipple again Shapely Angela gets creative with Jules cock, wrapping it in the gold chain. She produces large amounts of slobber as she sucks his shaft. Her near perfect lips enhance the view. Jordan gives oral restitution, with Angela-dom directing him to stick that tongue deep in that ass. He delivers and the blue-eyed beauty continues see how deep you can get in there...nasty. Angela then flosses her primo pussy with the gold chain while her boobs are pressed together forming a perfect landing pad. After fucking White in missionary they move to reverse cowgirl, this time entering door number two. Angelas orbs move the heavens while bouncing on cock. The couple move to a chair, Angelas ass protruding and Jules stating Daddy wants both holes. He double dips leaving small winks. Angela descends to her knees and works Jules cock, this time using her black and red heels to help coax a load of glamour glue onto Whites stunning face

Jules Jordan - Natalia Queen - Young Gets Worked Over By Jax Slayher's BBC

File: won4xnajujonatquej6qp1urb92.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 28:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Teen Natalia Queen Helps A Stranded Motorist More Than He Expected When He Asked To Charge His Phone Take A Shower! With his car breaking down miles away, Jax makes his way to the first house he finds. Hes in luck because Natalias dad is out of town for a couple of days and she agrees to help out however she can. While Jax is in the shower Natalia does some snooping on his phone and finds a video of him jerking off, and his cock is huge!...

She so turned on that she starts taking off her clothes so she can join him in the shower and when he finally turns around shes standing in only her panties. Natalia teases him through the glass of the shower then grabs onto his cock and drops to her knees to test her jaw with its size. Her tiny teen mouth barely makes it around Jaxs monster dick but once it gets in there Natalia slobbers all over it like a champ. Jax bends her over the counter and starts hammering her tight pussy from behind, holding her hips and bouncing her teen booty against his balls. He picks her up and spears her slit while standing before heading to the other room so he can lay her on the couch and drill her horny hole in missionary. Natalia massages her clit while Jax destroys her tight teen pussy then grabs onto her legs and spreads them for deeper penetration. She flips over into doggy and Jax starts slapping her ass, leaving red handprints across her pale skin as he pulls her hard and plows her hard. Natalia licks her pussy juices off of Jaxs huge dick then lays him on the couch so she can ride him reverse cowgirl. Jax pushes her over into spoon to bash her gash more some before pulling her back on top of him so he can fill her teen pussy with his giant load! Natalia pushes it out all over his massive cock then cleans it all up before inviting him over again!

Jules Jordan - Maddy May - Miss I have a giant black cock?

File: bqkrqnajujomadmayg3dfno3uko.mp4
Size: 870.74 MB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When first observing Maddy May, there's a seed of doubt that she can physically handle the DICK of DREDD. Low slung and hazel-eyed, during the tease you start to believe, she may indeed be able to weather the storm. Primped in black leather strapped lingerie with zebra print, Maddy bends. It's at this moment we see her full potential. For such a diminutive gal, her ass pops at first flex. She has a huge ornamental tattoo that runs down her fleshy thigh, complimenting her pierced nipples...

Maddy begins flossing her pussy with her panties, while proclaiming she feels like taking a big fucking dick. Dredd appears and makes her eyes bulge once she sees what she's asking for. Kudos to Miss May for trying, but she is so small she must two-hand Dredd's barrel-like member while fitting as much as she can in her mouth. Maddy finally yelps Oh my God! You have such a big dick! And D-man compliments her on ball sucking... They begin fucking on a red love seat and May decides to straddle in reverse cowgirl. She ends up standing over Dredd while sliding up and down the mondo meat missile. Maddy moves into doggie and Dredd begins to stuff her twat. The visual is almost comical at first. You don't think it's possible, yet Maddy's pretty pussy opens and Miss May has to let out a disbelieving Oh Fuck during the long strokes. Prone on her back Dredd continues with his mission. Maddy gets to her knees and sucks on the timber until Dredd is asking himself his own name while she feeds on his deposit.What a day for Maddy May

Jules Jordan - Gabbie Carter - Dark Obsession

File: nexm6najujogabcarmxdwu9qadv.mp4
Size: 1.48 GB
Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After Gabbie Carters tease sequence, scene partner Isiah Maxwell sees Miss Carters boobs and says These just make me smile. We couldnt agree more, Isiah. And really, as far as descriptions for adult scenes go, all we really need to do for this one is Gabbie Carters Boobs. That would be more than enough to elicit interest and excitement. Its true Gabbies melons are terrific. They make us smile too, so writing this is a challenge. We must struggle on...To start, Gabbie is wearing a light violet sheer with matching bra and panties that have neon green accents. She also has a purple collar and some amazing plaid high heels. She teases the camera with those magical orbs and says These are feeling super heavy. We believe her. Her bodacious ta-tas seem like they would weigh more than others. When Isiah appears and makes his observation, he plants his lucky face into those flesh balloons. Then he whips around and adores her round, plump backside. Gabbie removes Maxwells cock and gives him a nice bj. She even starts by trying to measure how much she can get down her throat. She almost nails it on the first try, but Isiah has to help her to gag reflex. She does, and seems very proud about it. She then puts her mammary mountains to good use. Disappearing his cock between them as he pumps. Isiah plants his cock in Gabbie standing doggy. A great way to start. When on the bed we notice Gabbie is quite giddygiggly. While being fucked on her side, there are wonderful views of her bosom in motion The couple eventually make their way to a chair. Its used for Isiah to fuck Carter in doggy, more hypnotic breast motion. After a reverse-cowgirl session, Gabbie plunges to her knees. She happily accepts a heaping helping of penis paste to her face

Jules Jordan - Gianna Dior - Perfect Specimen Expertly Services Two Hard Cocks At Once

File: guoq8najujogiadiobuvckw22db.mp4
Size: 2.35 GB
Duration: 40:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior looks ravishing and is ravished in this scene from Jules Jordan Video. Dior dazzles as usual in the opening tease. Primped in black thigh-high boots and silk stockings with zebra striped toppers, Gianna tantalizes outdoors then leads to an indoor curvy lounge. She arches and draws in perv Steve Holmes. He plants his face in that heart-shaped flesh pillow and gives a long snifferoo. He rubs Diors delicate flower, blows it, then dips his tongue in her asshole. Not to disappoint, Gianna takes Holmes cock and does that Dior deepthroat. Steve takes Giannas curvy body in doggy. A second cock appears in frame and Dior mentions Ive missed this dick. She sucks Jules while Holmes continues to drill. Gianna may look classy but shes not afraid to show her dirty side. She tosses Holmes salad while he plays a little number. Miss Dior stands and Steve fucks her from behind while she sucks Jules dick. The two men share Diors hairy twat in missionary then she goes cowgirl while jacking Holmes cock. When her work is done the smiling brown-eyed starlet reclines while being fed two helpings of love lotion that cover her pretty face...

Jules Jordan - Alex De La Flor - First Double Penetration

File: wrsw3najujoaledelaflosny26n4q1h.mp4
Size: 1.85 GB
Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes Alex De La Flor can come off as being a little shy. Lets not be coy here, after viewing her first double penetration scene, any idea of her being a quiet one goes right out the window. Following a short tease, we find Miss De La Flor in a room with Steve Holmes and Jules Jordan. Holmes plays with Alex then tongues her asshole, fingers it and sniffs. Alex goes from one side of the room to the other to suck cock, then gives a five star back bender bj. As mascara drips, Holmes fingers her then gives her a little surprise with a quick, soft twat swat. Things heat up a little as Steve fucks her asshole while Alex sucks off Jules. Holmes does some handy work by propping tiny De La Flors ass upwards as Jordan churns it. Amazingly, diminutive Alex positions to take both cocks at once! During a lengthy DP the now fully disheveled De La Flor can be heard saying Im the best slut, best slut. Alex breaks and sucks both cocks mightily, then keeps the filth parade going with an asshole lick of Holmes... With no signs of slowing down Alex gets in doggy and Jordan pounds, Holmes switches then two cocks enter in a steampunk like visual. Undaunted De La Flor rides a standing meat rocket then gets to her knees and showers herself in DP sex slop...

Jules Jordan - Aaliyah Love - Shower Bang

File: 53w5inajujoaallovztdu47zpn7.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 18:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Little tart Aaliyah Love is brushing her hair in the bathroom mirror. She waxes fantastic about the fuck session she had the previous evening to her husband at least she believes its her husband. A hard dick pokes through the shower curtain. Aaliyah says she will reward it for the previous nights work. She scoots out of her dress and backs her ass onto the protruding cock. Miss Love may be tiny but she does have some thickness to her thighs and rump...

This makes for good viewing She bounces then commands the figure to pull that pussy back on your cock. Eventually she spots the sneaky fucker, realizing its her stepson...Thankfully it doesnt cause pause in the action. Miss Love plops her ass up on the bathroom counter and spreads. Shes drilled while keeping those legs open producing an honest jackable moment. She folds her legs over on the counter top improving an already decent view. Legs dangling while being churned. The couple move to the floor for some cowgirl that amplifies Aaliyahs butt cheeks nicely. Then transition to missionary and Miss Love says I want your cum. I want your dirty cum all over me. The stepson delivers on the request, bringing a smile to Aaliyahs face...

Jules Jordan - Alina Lopez - Alina Wants Your Cum!

File: tvowrnajujoalilopm31e36yro5.mp4
Size: 1.90 GB
Duration: 30:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Brunette Babe Alina Lopez Services Jules With Her Tantalizing Tongue Tricks! Dressed from head to toe in black fishnets Alina gazes into the mirror as she gyrates her body to the music. She pulls out her perfect tits and plays with her, showing that of course she can lick her nipples her her snake-like tongue before making her way over to the bed. Alina takes off her top and pulls her panties to the side so she can play with her horny pussy until she turns her attention to Jules whos watching from the chair...

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He takes the pleasurable view in and hurriedly plants his face between their beefy butts. Manuel admires all the different shades of buttholes and gives them looong brushes with his tongue. They form a string of sexy, as Athena's face is planted between Gianna's wondrous ass and Manuel has his face between Athena's mounds. Hankering for a little flesh baguette, the gorgeous couple go fifty-fifty sucking Ferrara's cock. The bodacious Gianna climbs aboard his rod in cowgirl while Athena dutifully licks butt and balls. Manuel rushes Athena's shaved twat from the side. While stroking he works his head between Gianna's legs so he can taste her hairy pussy. Miss Ferris positions to reverse cowgirl, arching and sliding up and down Ferrara's meat. All the while stunning Dior is smothering Manuel's face with her magnificent wares. His tongue's all the way inside me, claims Dior. At this point we take in and appreciate the fortunate moment in time for Manuel... Gianna moves into doggie and Manuel spanks her ass. Miss Dior should get some credit here as her cheeks relax and they ripple on every stroke. A doggie delight if ever there was one. The divine duet fall to their knees, Manuel lays rails of cum onto their tongues then they kiss forming a stringy thread between smiles

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Its big boob heaven when they take off their tops and get on the couch to let those juggs hang au natural until Angela wants a taste of Gabbies young pussy. Gabbie lays on the couch and hold her pretty pussy lips open as Angelas talented tongue makes its way over to lick and suck on Gabbies pulsating clit. Michael Stefano makes his way over to join our buxom babes as he and Angela feed on Gabbies fun bag before being surrounded by both girls racks. His face disappears beneath the mountainous boobs of our beautiful babes until Michael stands up and pulls out his cock for Angela Gabbie to suck on. Angela takes it deep down her throat then Gabbie wraps her young, perky lips around that huge cock so Angela can work the balls. Having an opportunity not many men will have in their lifetime, Michael slides his dick into Angelas cleavage as she wraps her soft flesh around it to make his titty-fucking dream come true. If that werent enough, he turns his attention to Gabbies rack and gets a boobjob from her too before our luscious ladies lay him on the couch to have their way with him. Angela sits on his face while Gabbie continues the titty-fucking, stopping here and there to suck Michaels cock so its well lubed. Gabbie cant resist anymore and climbs on top to ride Michaels dick as Angela rides his mouth. Gabbie grinds her pussy on that cock while Angela makes her way around back to lick her asshole then pull that dick out and clean it before shoving it back inside Gabbies gushing hole. Angelas ready for a ride and hops on top of Michaels cock and bounces her booty on his balls. Gabbie sucks on his sack and licks Angelas asshole, playing the oral support role until its her turn to get dicked down some more. She lays on her back so Michael can drill Gabbies young pussy in missionary while Angela sucks on her tits and cleans off his cock whenever he pulls it out. Angela savors every sip of pussy juice she tastes off Michaels dick before backing into doggy to let him hit it from behind. The ladies take turns riding that big cock in reverse cowgirl then give Michael a rimjob blowjob combo until he explodes with a fountain of cum all over their faces!

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Description: Stunning Snow Bunny Emma Hix Gets Her Dream Drilling From Jason Luv! Soaking up the sunlight on a beautiful California day Emma moves her perfect body to the music while wearing sexy lace lingerie with stockings and heels. She makes her way in the house and gets comfortable on the couch until Jason comes down the stairs so they can get acquainted with each other. Emma gets excited when she feels the bulge in Jasons pants and makes her way to the ground so can get to servicing his shaft...

She wraps those pretty lips around his monster cock and gets to work sucking and stroking, gagging herself on it but never stopping. Jason helps her out of her clothes and lays Emma on the couch so he can lick her sweet pussy before getting on top and sliding his massive dong inside. Emma rubs her clit while Jason hammers her tight slit hard, making her horny pussy cream all over his thick dick. Jason backs off to allow Emma a chance to taste her cum off of his massive man meat until she climbs on top and impales her tiny pussy on that hard rod. Her tight asshole winks at you as she bounces her ass on Jasons balls then he picks Emma up to pound her while standing. They move back over to the couch where Jason drills Emma in doggy, drilling her balls deep as she moans for more. Emma wants to take control so she gets on top in reverse cowgirl and grinds her pussy on Jasons shaft then bounces on Jasons huge cock while she massages her clit some more. Jason grabs her legs and holds them up so he can start jackhammering her hard then Emma wants to gag on his dick again while cleaning her cum off every inch. She gets back on top and dances on Jasons dick until he fills her perfect pussy with his massive load. He takes his cock out of Emma so his cum can drip out of her pulsating pussy then Emma eagerly licks up every last drop.