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Jewelz Blu

Cherry Pimps - Jewelz Blu - Gorgeously Sweet Jewelz Blu

File: 7xtnynachpijewblu9ixy6spw8c.mp4
Size: 2.08 GB
Duration: 57:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: September 2020s sexy hot Cherry of the Month Jewelz Blu joins us in the studio for her LIVE show! This babe is adorable and such a treat to have here. She is excited to be live with you and loves how you admire her in her sexy little mini skirt and tight blue bodysuit. She is joined by Nathan Bronson who takes care of her just like she deserves. Her nickname on set is Drools Blu and you may find out why as she gets nice and sloppy sucking on Nathans hard cock! He fucks her hard in doggy while she stares you down with those mesmerizing eyes. There is not one inch of this sexy babe that should be ignored. Her curves will take your eyes for a wild ride until your face is planted right on that juicy wet shaved pussy! Archive from 9-14-2020 5pm LIVE show!

Mr Lucky POV - Jewelz Blu - Bubble Blower Jewelz Blu

File: gzdlgnamrlupojewblul29zgkstgr.mp4
Size: 514.73 MB
Duration: 30:07
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz blu brings a whole new meaning to calling a girl bubbly. They dont get more colorful or fun than this blue haired, smooth skinned, tight pussy slut. She stops by for a pleasure filled night of sex and orgasms. She loves to use the Hitachi vibrator while sucking cock then getting fucked. She lifts up her mini skirt so she can take the dick balls deep in her perfect little hole. She asked for exactly what she wants an receives it as she proceeds to orgasm hard before taking this lucky cock over there edge and draining it out all over her pussy. She then uses the cum as lube to keep touching her sensitive clit. Jewelz really is a gem!!

Teamskeet Selects - Honey Gold, Jewelz Blu, Harlowe Blue & Indica Flower - Best Of Cock Sucking Babes Compilation

File: 7fh3vnatesehonjewharindafij2yysmr.mkv
Size: 406.84 MB
Duration: 44:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mkv
Description: Is there anything better than seeing an A-class beautys lips at the end of your cock? Honey Gold, Harlowe Blue, Indica Flower, Jewelz Blu, and more TeamSkeet hotties provide that picturesque site in our Best of Cock Sucking Babes Compilation.

Family Sinners - Jewelz Blu - Getting Off After My Step-brother Caught Me Stealing

File: cadpznafasijewblue5owxgltah.mp4
Size: 523.57 MB
Duration: 28:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Zac walks in on what looks like his step-sister, Jewelz, stealing money from his wallet. When he demands that she explain what she's doing in his room, she stutters, then claims that she just likes to smell his clothes. He smiles and says, well, if you like my smell so much, why haven't you tried to fuck me. She does want to fuck him. It just feels wrong because they are related by marriage. He smiles, grips her neck, and kisses her. Then he stands her up and throws her on the bed. He buries her face in his gym shorts so she can smell his dick. She starts stroking him through his shorts, then slides them off and slips his cock into her mouth. She gags on his cock as he fondles her huge, fake tits. Then he bends her over and licks her pussy and asshole before cramming his cock inside. Her huge tits bounce to the rhythm of his deep thrusts. When things can't get anymore intense, he pulls out and cums all over her tits.

Teamskeet X Spankmonster - Jewelz Blu - Photoshoot

File: zllqanatexspjewblureafjivxxi.mp4
Size: 316.53 MB
Duration: 39:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Jewelz Blu shows up ready for a photoshoot, Im at a loss for words. My buddy was supposed to take some photos of her, but hes not around, so I take the opportunity to snap some shots of the breathtaking babe. Her shocking blue hair and crystal eyes stop me in my tracks, and when she starts flirting with me, it feels like Im in a dream. Before I know it, shes swirling her tongue around the tip of my dick and gliding her dripping cunt up and down my shaft. This is the best photoshoot of my life!

Turning Twistys - Jewelz Blu & Aubree Valentine - Pool Sharks

File: vfz9znatutwjewaubwaostsjybt.mp4
Size: 332.71 MB
Duration: 30:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aubree Valentine and Jewelz Blu are two gorgeous babes hoping to have a little fun at a bar with a game of pool. Soon enough they're approached by a couple of guys who ask to join, but they're hoping to get a little more out of these hotties than a game of pool. One of the guys manages to properly seduce Aubree, but Jewelz already has her eye on Aubree, and she's not about to let such a gorgeous woman slip through her fingers!

Confessions XXX - Kenzie Madison & Jewelz Blu - Jewelz And Kenzies Romantic Lesbian Encounter

File: t5acmnacoxxkenjewfarpgzycuc.mp4
Size: 560.23 MB
Duration: 24:57
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu loves turning Kenzie Madison on having her blindfolded while she touches and plays with her entire body. Kenzie never knows where she is going next and that just drives her wild with lust. She loves to feel Jewelz tongue all over her clit and pussy lips. She knows just what to do to get those juices flowing! Kenzie squirms with delight and finally gets to see Jewelz as the blindfold comes off and she goes down to attach and indulge in that delicious shaved pussy! These babes can not get enough of one another!

She Will Cheat - Jewelz Blu - Jewelz Blu Fucks Her Big Cock Personal Trainer While Her Wife Watches!

File: gd8wynashwichjewblu7koimk6evd.mp4
Size: 468.46 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is married to a woman, but they have a very special relationship. Jewelz' wife loves watching her fuck guys and Jewelz loves to do it. She invites her personal trainer over for a session, but she has a different kind of exercise in mind. She reveals her lingerie the second he walks in and before you know it she's sucking his cock in bed while her wife watches and enjoys everything over a security camera! Jewelz get fucked hard and deep for her wife's enjoyment and even takes a huge facial, the exercise session will have to wait until next time!

Burning Angel - Jewelz Blu - Teen Creampie

File: cleecnabuanjewbluvbaor8iche.mp4
Size: 866.24 MB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Jewelz Blu is hanging out in her room. Horny as hell, she's already dripping wet as she slides a massive dildo into her pussy. She goes wild, fucking herself as she moans with pleasure.

But there's no substitute for the real thing, so she gets down on her knees and slides your thick cock down her throat. Jewelz works your cock like the expert she is, giving you a sloppy blowjob and deep-throating you. Pretty soon, Jewelz can't wait any longer for you to fill her up. She lowers her juicy ass onto you, sliding your cock into her tight pussy and riding you like a slutty little cowgirl.

Jewelz has been craving your creampie all day, and that's EXACTLY what you're gonna give her...

Mr Lucky POV - Jewelz Blu & Leda Elizabeth - Rave Sisters Double Blowjob Cum Countdown

File: ssnhanamrlupojewledhubuelud3b.mp4
Size: 491.93 MB
Duration: 26:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Leda Elizabeth, or as some call her, Leda Bear, brought her incredible, colorful, sexy, insatiable friend, Jewlez Blu for some cock sucking fun. These girls love to assist the other getting this long dick as deep down their throats as possible. These fit, fun, dick suckers love to gag, stroke, spit and lick as they trade off filling their wet mouths. Jewlez loves hanging upside down and letting the balls smack into her face as she gets throat fucked in the sex swing. These two know how to control a cock so well that they are able to do a cum countdown and have it explode exactly when they saywellalmost. Afterthey drain these nuts for all the sperm they have they gladly lick it up so they can kiss and cumswap. What an amazing evening.

2 Chicks Same Time - Jewelz Blu & Kenna James - Kenna James And Jewelz Blu Give The Waiter A Hot Threesome In An Empty Restaurant

File: r5eydna2chsatijewken4blafqbowq.mp4
Size: 405.29 MB
Duration: 32:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu just broke up with her boyfriend and is out with her friend, Kenna James. Kenna is there to help Jewelz get over her heartbreak by finding her some new dick to ride. The only man around seems to be the waiter at the restaurant they are at, I guess he will have to do. These two lovely ladies go to town on the waiter's dick once the restaurant closes.

Step Siblings Caught - Jewelz Blu & Vanna Bardot - My Step Sisters Masturbate Together

File: hmumdnastsicajewvanqbpirqzf7h.mp4
Size: 482.57 MB
Duration: 29:32
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Brad Sterling is hanging out with his stepsister, Vanna Bardot, and their adopted sister, Jewelz Blu. The girls can't keep their hands off their titties and their twats. The girls share a room, so they have a codeword to say if they want to be alone to masturbate. Since they said it at the same time, they eventually decide to share the room. They don't want Brad to get suspicious, so they return to the living room together and offer to do Brad's chores so he can leave and go hang out with his friends. When Brad leaves to go get ready, the girls talk about how dumb he is for believing that they'll do all the work for him. In return, he pretends to leave and then waits to see what the girls are really up to.

As soon as the girls think Brad is gone, they abandon their chores and relocate to the bedroom. Laying side by side in the bed, each girl slides her hands into her shorts. Eventually, they agree that there's no reason to keep their clothes on so they ditch the shorts and pull their shirts up for easy access to all their fun bits. Brad waits for the opportune moment to walk in on them and confront them about the chores they're supposed to be doing. When Brad claims he's gonna tell mom and dad, the girls agree to let him stay and watch. Jewelz is pretty into it, even if Vanna isn't. She doesn't say anything when Brad whips out his man meat and starts stroking himself off alongside them. Reaching out, Jewelz starts stroking Brad with her hand while making increasingly blatant moves to suggest that she wants way more than what she's getting.

Eventually Jewelz gets on her hands and knees while Vanna protests that this is wrong. Brad doesn't say no to the opportunity to fuck his adopted sis. As Vanna watches, her feeling of scandal eventually fades to just being turned on. Jewelz brings Vanna in on the action by eating her sis out, then urges her to let Brad bang her, too, while Jewlez plants her pussy in her face. The girls get Brad on his back so each of them can take turns riding his cock and mouth. Then they hop off that cock to work together to blow Brad's dick. Licking and sucking together, the girls bring Brad to climax and then lap up his jizz so they can share a kiss to mutually enjoy his cum before they kick him out.

My Family Pies - Jewelz Blu - Tempted By Step Sister

File: 8ozhrnamyfapijewblu8zcef8wmdn.mp4
Size: 523.41 MB
Duration: 31:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu and her stepbrother Jake Adams used to have a thing going. Their hookups were always tinged with the chance of getting caught, like when Jake nearly got busted eating Jewelz out or when Jewelz ran into her stepdad before she could clean up from Jake's facial. When they did eventually get busted, Jake got sent away to reform school. Instead of learning her lesson, Jewelz decides to take up where they left off when Jake comes home for a weekend break.

Jewelz starts her quest to get back into Jake's pants by putting on her sexiest rave outfit. She waits until Jake is coming out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, then walks in on him to ask if he wants to join her. Jake says he can't because he has an exam the next morning, so Jewelz leaves without him. The next morning, Jewelz is woken up by the dog pissing in her bed. When she goes to sleep in Jake's room, she finds that he hasn't left for the exam after all. He claims it was cancelled but agrees to let her sleep with him. After a bit of spooning together, Jewelz realizes that Jake's got wood. She wants to mess around, but Jake resists.

Jewelz chips away at Jake's determination to be good by offering him a chance to feel up her boobs and then a blowjob. Jake eventually offers to eat Jewelz out so she can cum and they can go to sleep. He makes good on his word, but that just gets Jewelz even hornier. Soon enough, she has hopped on top of Jake to ride his hardon just like old times. She remembers how good it feels in reverse cowgirl with Jake squeezing her ass, and how much better it feels in cowgirl. Jake can't keep saying no with his hot stepsis already wetting his dick down, so he gets her on her knees to pound her in doggy. It doesn't take long for Jake to shove himself balls deep into Jewelz's slippery snatch and fill her with the creampie she's been craving. Satisfied, Jewelz slips her fingertips down her slit and licks Jake's cum with a smile.

My Family Pies - Emma Starletto, Jewelz Blu & Lacy Lennon - My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies

File: tyfvlnamyfapiemmjewlack9igekdxge.mp4
Size: 719.48 MB
Duration: 36:02
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King can't get over how cute her daughter Lacy Lennon and her adopted sisters, Jewelz Blu and Emma Starletto, look in their Easter finest. They're going to take a family photo, but first Lacy and then Jewelz refuse if they can't look sexy. Lacy speaks for all three when she says that they won't do the photo unless they can be sexy bunnies. Vera agrees, but tells them to hurry because step cousin Seth Gamble is on his way. When Seth arrives, the girls refuse to take a photo with him unless he takes off his shirt and puts on bunny ears.

They're finally ready to take the photo, but the battery on Vera's camera has died. Seth suddenly finds himself alone with the trio of horny bunnies. Once again taking the lead, Lacy asks Seth which of the three of them he thinks is the hottest. They each show off their tits to help Seth decide. He can't hide his resulting hardon. When Lacy notices, she claims that she's the best at sucking cock. Jewelz and Emma aren't about to let Lacy win that one without a fight.

After the sloppy triple BJ, Lacy announces that she wants her step cousin to fuck her. She gets on the couch and flips her miniskirt up so that Seth can pull her thong down and give it to her. Once again, Lacy paves the way for her adopted sisters. She starts by eating Jewelz out, but eventually Jewelz wants the D. Lacy moves on to eating Emma out. Then Emma takes Seth's cock in doggy while she eats Jewelz's snatch. The girls lay on their backs side by side to present Seth with a pussy buffet. He takes Jewelz first, then Emma. When he finishes Lacy off for the second time, she begs him to cum in her pussy. Seth isn't about to say no to a creampie to finish off his surprise Easter sex. Jewelz and Emma each taste a fingerful before Emma feeds some to Lacy. Vera walks in on the foursome in their sleepy aftermath.

Confessions XXX - Jewelz Blu - Jewelz Blu Loves A Stiff Cock For Breakfast

File: ztlh3nacoxxjewblu7twtfd1o89.mp4
Size: 209.09 MB
Duration: 25:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu has a confession... she absolutely loves wearing pajamas but the thing that turns her on the most is when she gets woken up in the morning to a cock fucking her while she still has them on. There is nothing like pajama fucking. She feels that cock slide up into her tight little shaved pussy while being snuggled and warm in her pjs. She loves his hands running her her big tits and erect nipples while his cock plunges deep into her. She just wants more and more and she hasn't even had her coffee yet but will take that hot cream from Tyler all over her ass!

Nubile Films - Amber Wildee & Jewelz Blu - Sister In Love

File: u4fconanufiambjewpua8lkd3bb.mp4
Size: 431.31 MB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is engaged, but her fiance Tyler isn't around to run errands for their wedding. He sends his sister, Amber Wildee, instead. Given that Jewelz has just slipped into some sexy lingerie with the intention of making Tyler's day, she decides that maybe she'll just set her eyes on Tyler's sister instead. The doorbell rings and Jewelz hangs up the phone to do just that.

Opening the door in just her sexy outfit, Jewelz urges Amber to come on in even though Amber offers to wait in the car. Jewelz says she wants to have a girl's day and pours Amber a drink. Then she waits for Amber to notice her. When nothing happens immediately, Jewelz accidentally on purpose drops an orange so Amber can check out her ass as she picks it up. That still doesn't work, so Jewelz just comes on to her soon-to-be sister in law directly.

Approaching Amber from behind, Jewelz accidentally-on-purpose spills the drink Amber is holding onto her crotch. Amber offers to go back to the car to change, but Jewelz is having none of that. She pushes Amber against the wall and points out that she knows Amber has had dirty thoughts about her. It's time for them to act on those thoughts together.

With Jewelz on her knees and relieving her of her panties, Amber doesn't exactly say no. Instead, she lets Jewelz lean in and start lapping at her hot little pussy. Finding Amber's twat already moist, Jewelz continues to eat out in the kitchen before relocating them to the living room.

Laying Amber down on the ottoman, Jewelz tugs Amber's crop top down so she can taste those pretty little titties. After another round of lapping at Amber's clit, Jewelz bares her own breasts for Amber's greedy eyes. Amber can hardly believe her luck as she enjoys the opportunity to love on Jewelz's big breasts. Swapping spots with Jewelz, Amber gets down on her knees and leans in to enjoy the pussy feast she's been dreaming of delivering.

The girls form a lesbian 69 next, with Amber on the bottom and Jewelz on top. Their tongues and fingers work in tandem as the room is filled with the sounds of their soft moans of pleasure. Spreading Amber wide open with her clever hands, making it easier than ever to feast on Amber's sweet juices. As Amber's pussy pulses in orgasmic bliss, Jewelz sits up and rides her sister in law's face until she gets the climax she's been chasing.

When Amber follows Jewelz's directions to get on her hands and knees, Jewelz makes it worth her while by diving back in. Her tongue makes magic as Amber's hips rock in time with the sensual rhythm. Gasping, Amber leans back as Jewelz finishes her off with a finger back. The girls finish each other off with some lesbian scissoring that leaves them both finally sated and excited to explore more of their special girl time.

Rk Prime - Lacy Lennon & Jewelz Blu - Hot And Cold

File: sa49unarkprlacjewnjpoj8qvrp.mp4
Size: 498.96 MB
Duration: 46:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's morning for Lacy Lennon as this fiery redhead slips into her thigh high socks, tiny crop top, and favorite pink striped panties. Real anime schoolgirl vibes. She gives Quinton a morning kiss before finishing her routine in the bathroom and heading into the kitchen for breakfast, cute as a button. Jewelz Blu, on the other side of the house, begins the same routine Except with a phone and nude selfies instead of a loyal boyfriend! As Jewelz settles in the living room, horny Lacy begins slobbering over Quinton's throbbing cock, unaware that her roommate is seducing Quinton right over her head! Will the cheating pair be caught, or vicariously fuck through naughty encouragement?

Step Siblings Caught - Jewelz Blu - The Good Step Sister

File: jjmlnnastsicajewblufuv6g2tiiz.mp4
Size: 592.18 MB
Duration: 26:45
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu and her stepbrother Kyle Mason have an interesting relationship. They try to be kind to each other, with Kyle bringing Jewelz breakfast in bed and then pointing out that her titty has popped out of her nightgown. Later, Kyle notices that Jewelz is distracted while trying to do her homework. In an effort to get Jewelz to concentrate, Kyle winds up dragging her into the bedroom and tying her up so he can spank some sense into his sis.

It's too bad for Kyle that Jewelz really likes the spankings. She may not be able to use her hands, but she can sure use her feet to feel that Kyle has a boner from their interaction. Turning around in her restraints, Jewelz tells Kyle that she really needs to get fucked. If he'll just give her the D, she'll study like a good girl. Eventually Kyle lets himself be talked into whipping it out and shoving it into Jewelz as she takes it doggy style.

Now that he's had a taste of his stepsis, Kyle isn't about to stop banging her. He unties her from the bed and lets her down on her hands and knees so she can struck him off even though her wrists are still bound. Then he lays down so Jewelz can climb on top and ride him like her personal steed. Her bald pussy is nearly satisfied as she falls onto her back and spreads her thighs wide for Kyle to drive hard and fast inside of her. He pulls out as he is almost ready to cum, then takes aim so he covers Jewelz in his seed.

Step Siblings Caught - Jewelz Blu - Cum At The End Of The Rainbow

File: his9nnastsicajewblulyzbhinvam.mp4
Size: 500.41 MB
Duration: 26:43
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu can't find her car keys anywhere! She rummages through the room, then moves on to her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish. She goes through Ricky's pockets and feels something hard. Ricky insists it's his dick, but Jewelz insists that Ricky's small cock couldn't possibly be what she's feeling. In retribution, Ricky leaves the room and returns holding a pot of gold. He tells Jewelz that the keys are at the bottom and all she has to do is reach in. When she does, she grabs Ricky's dick, which proves to her that it's not small.

Enchanted by her newfound toy, Jewelz sinks to her knees and pops her big breasts out to entice Ricky into letting her play. She puts her hands and mouth to work to deliver a sultry BJ and handie to Ricky. Then she peels off her shorts and thong so she can sit herself down on Ricky's fuck stick. Riding him is just what this cum craving hottie needs to feel whole, especially when Jewelz turns around so she can make eye contact with her brother.

Climbing onto the couch on her hands and knees, Jewelz presents her heart-shaped ass for Ricky to keep up his pussy pounding. Then she flips onto her hands and knees so that he can enjoy shoving himself deep into her tight bare fuck hole. All the while her mouth is running with pleas for Ricky to cum for her. He obeys her demands, pulling out and covering Jewelz's belly in his seed. Running her fingers through the treat, Jewelz licks them clean while humming in satisfaction until Ricky reveals that her keys have been on the key rack the whole time.

We Live Together - Harmony Wonder, Katie Kush & Jewelz Blu - Pick Your Pleasure

File: uy1cynawelitoharkatjewn3hdcyoyzp.mp4
Size: 299.00 MB
Duration: 22:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Game night with the girls is going to be a little naughtier than usual! Best friends Harmony Wonder, Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are all single and these stunning, sexual ladies have to take their needs out on someone, right? Might as well be on each other! Harmony has a fun way to make it a little more exciting than your average three-way hookup shes going to make a game out of it! A pink fortune teller communicates to the girls what they have to do to each other. It starts innocently enough Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are directed to make out. Totally innocent, girl pal stuff, right? Wrong! Things start to escalate with Katie gets to use a vibrator on Harmony. Want to know what else this sneaky fortune teller has in store? Youll have to watch to see! But heres a hint a smoking hot threesome thatll make the cows come home.

Burning Angel - Jewelz Blu - Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 1

File: jtbnznabuanjewbluphydlxlwtg.mp4
Size: 709.61 MB
Duration: 38:36
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: It's a slow day at the Cannibal Cult tiki bar. Bartender Ramon Nomar is passing the time with fellow employee Jewelz Blu when manager Joanna Angel walks in, complaining to Jewelz that their last shipment was confiscated by the feds. She warns Jewelz that they better keep an eye out for anyone suspicious poking around, since the entire bar is just a front for laundering money and offing people.

Meanwhile, hipsters Aaron Small Hands and Emma Hix show up outside the bar, looking for the ultra-secret and authentic speakeasy they heard was there. They look for a secret door, but finding nothing, they try shouting different passwords at a camera they see perched above the doorway...

My Family Pies - Jewelz Blu - Crushing On My Older Step Sister

File: kizzcnamyfapijewblub84ekrjp7k.mp4
Size: 588.84 MB
Duration: 28:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is visiting home on vacation. It's great to see her family, including her younger stepbrother Logan Long. As the stepsibs are reminiscing about how Jewelz used to take care of him when they were younger, Logan confesses that he thought of her the first time he masturbated. He also points out that his dick isn't tiny anymore like when Jewelz changed his diapers once upon a time. He swears he doesn't think of her like that anymore. Jewelz is very understanding about Logan's revelations, saying she thinks it's cute.

Later, Jewelz is sunbathing outside in a bikini that shows off all her luscious curves. She catches Logan staring at her from inside the house. Logan tries to take off when Jewelz notices him, but she pursues him to say that they need to talk this through. Eventually Jewelz suggests that maybe Logan should eat her out while jerking off to get it out of his system. He agrees to try, and soon he's got his face buried between Jewelz's thighs. He uses his fingers and tongue to bring her to climax, but as she's cumming he shoves his dick into her.

Jewelz flips out at Logan's bold move, but he points out he's still not over it and maybe this will help. After she initially agrees to just a few pumps, Jewelz realizes that she really doesn't want to stop. Instead, she takes her stepbrother for a ride, hopping onto that cock and going for it as her titties bounce. When Logan gets Jewelz onto her hands and knees, he keeps pounding away until he explodes inside her with a big creampie. As they're cooling down, Jewelz tells Logan that as long as he keeps his mouth shut they should do the nasty more often.

BFFs - Vanessa Sky, Mackenzie Moss & Jewelz Blu - Scoring For Captain

File: mepcenabffvanmacjewfx1sjvxozt.mp4
Size: 414.30 MB
Duration: 50:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Athletic hotties Vanessa Sky, Jewelz Blue, and Mackenzie Moss are revved up and ready to play soccer in skimpy jerseys. But as Jewelz and Mackenzie compete to be the teams new captain, their hardass bestie Vanessa is not impressed. To take their performance to the next level, Jewelz invites a horny stud over to please Vanessas sweet pussy. When he arrives, the besties strip off their athleticwear and dive into an orgasmic orgy. The soccer sweethearts hop on the lucky guys big stick and bounce until he is ready to explode. Then, they take a gooey cumshot on their tongues. This guy is definitely scoring today...GOAALLLL!!!!

Brazzers Exxtra - Alex Coal & Jewelz Blu - Dildo Fight

File: kvfugnabrexalejewqdncjaknmp.mp4
Size: 562.26 MB
Duration: 42:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sorority girlfriends Alex Coal and Jewelz Blue are looking to spice up their sex lives and get a little experimental they are in college after all! Jewelz surprises Alex with two big, squirting dildos and after an accidental cum spill, the girls get into a squirting dildo fight, soaking each other in cum. Little do they know that Professor Steve Holmes is standing right outside the door, spying on them and waiting to shoot his shot

Nubile Films - Jewelz Blu & Riley Star - Double The Fun

File: bmjn7nanufijewrilsvpbp3nktv.mp4
Size: 525.96 MB
Duration: 31:02
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele is the lucky recipient of double attention from Jewelz Blu and Riley Star, who are dressed in similar dresses and standing hand in hand before him. Walking up to Codey, the girls exchange a kiss before leaning forward to run their hands up Codey's thighs. Finding him already taut with expectation, the girls pull back and focus on one another as Codey sits there watching.

Once Jewelz and Riley have relieved each other of their tops and panties, they turn their attention back to Codey. Finally doing more than tease, they spring his stiffie free from his jeans. Working in tandem, they pop him out and start sucking. They take turns, working together to drive Codey wild.

Of course, turnabout is fair play and with two hot little pieces at his disposal Codey can hardly wait to sample their juices. He gets them each on their hands and knees, then enjoys each of them in turn. Probing and flicking with his tongue, Codey elicits squeals of pleasure from each of them. Following the path blazed by his tongue, he shoves his dick inside Riley's snatch as Jewelz gets up from her kneeling position to deliver a deep kiss that licks both girls' flavors form Codey's lips.

Riley enjoys the pussy pounding, then rolls onto her back. Jewelz mounts her from above to create a lesbian 69. Codey takes advantage as the girls lap at each other's twats. Locking his hands around Jewelz's waist, he slides home by sinking balls deep into her tight warmth. Riley's tongue doesn't differentiate between Jewelz's clit and Codey's balls, and Jewelz is eager to muffle her moans by burying her face between Riley's thighs and eating her lover out in earnest.

Laying down on his back, Codey puts himself at the girls' disposal for their mutual pleasure. Riley takes a seat on Codey's face, while Jewelz climbs onto his cock to give him a stiffie ride. Rocking their hips in time with one another, the girls find their happy endings. Then they get down on their knees so that they can work side by side to suck and stroke Codey's fuck stick until he gives them a facial of his hot salty love.

We Live Together - Cleo Clementine & Jewelz Blu - Shower Hog

File: vcw61nawelitoclejewhzmsarcwd6.mp4
Size: 287.73 MB
Duration: 29:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cleo Clementine is a true beauty. With luuscious red locks, lovely titties, and an adorable face, shes really got it all. Shes great for the beholder, but not so much for her cute blue haired roomie, Jewelz Blu, because Cleo takes forever in the shower, getting steamed up and sudsy under the running water. But thats not why shes taking so long. Shes taking so long because shes masturbating, with her ass pressed up against the glass door. When Jewelz gets sick of waiting for Cleo to finish up, she barges in, and when she sees Cleos ass pressed against the glass, she puts her hand down her panties and starts playing with her pussy, too. Cloe realizes shes not alone and pulls Jewelz into the shower for a wet, steamy and soap fuck session!