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Jessie Saint

Raw Attack - Jessie Saint - Tiny Blonde Jessie Saint Fucked Hard And Creampied

File: gdo8onaraatjessaigx3pxt18ks.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 30:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bubbly teen Jessie Saint is a playful slut who enjoys sex more than anything. The stunning blonde with tiny tits shares some of her experiences in the adult industry. The petite babe can't help but get horny during the post-scene shoot. Jessie doesn't hesitate in showing off her lustful desires. She gives the lucky guy a sensual handjob before sucking it balls-deep. Jessie deepthroats the huge dick until she gags hard. The intense blowjob ad ball-licking actions made the guy want to fuck the slut's cunt hard. Jessie lies on the bed and lets her man fuck her in missionary, doggy style and cowgirl. Her body shivers in pleasure as she cums. The horny stud keeps fucking Jessie until he gives her a messy creampie.

Doghouse Digital - Jessie Saint - Creamed Teens

File: alc57nadodijessai6p9g9m54dx.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 23:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse kicks things up a notch with their latest release, Creamed Teens. Enjoy four sexy young vixens that only have one thing on their minds, and that's seducing hard cocks! These sluts are truly amazing cum catchers, you won't want to miss this cum filled release!

Brutal X - Jessie Saint - Stepsis Brute-Fuck Agreement

File: mst8bnabrxjessaihkgdyv2rrz.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 26:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When his stepsister took his car without asking this guy was so pissed he was ready to do something really brutal to this bitch, something like fucking her brains out and cumming all over her face. She came back from work and they had a confrontation, as a result she agreed to let him do anything he wanted to her just to prevent the guy from calling the police. Oh boy, did this dude destroy her pussy with his hard cock. A must-see!

Nubile Films - Eliza Ibarra & Jessie Saint - The Christmas Kiss

File: oauqrnanufielijesyeom4olxag.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 28:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra has had a crush on her friend Jessie Saint for years. Every Christmas, she goes to visit Jessie, which is bittersweet torture. Eliza has thought about making a move, but every time she gets ready to try, something gets in her way. This time, it's Jessie's boyfriend, Tyler Nixon, who's gonna be there all weekend. Too bad for Jessie and Tyler that Eliza is sick of putting her wants on hold.

Eliza gets her opportunity when the trio are decorating for Christmas. She intentionally spills water on Jessie, although she denies that when Tyler calls her on it. Excusing herself to go check on Jessie, Eliza draws her topless friend in for a kiss. Jessie is pretty into it, and since she's already shirtless it's easy for Eliza to reach up and squeeze Jessie's boobs...

The girls are surprised when Tyler walks in and insists on knowing what's going on, but Eliza quickly recovers her brazenness. Tyler and Eliza play tug of war with Jessie, who ultimately lets Eliza go back to kissing her in front of Tyler. Eliza isn't so cruel that she'd cut Tyler out completely, though. Grabbing him by the hand, she tumbles all three of them into bed.

Tyler actually finds it pretty hot to watch his girlfriend make out with another woman. Jessie also finds it hot as Tyler and Eliza help her out of her pants so they can tag team her. It's not long before Jessie finds herself in the middle with Eliza's mouth on her twat and Tyler's cock in her mouth. That's just the appetizer for the pleasure to come for all three.

Eliza works herself out of her clothes as she keeps Jessie's party going. As soon as she's naked, the girls get Tyler on his back. Kneeling side by side, they take turns slurping his dick. Eliza and Jessie have a gentle competition to see who can deep throat better, with plenty of side quests to suck Tyler's balls and run their tongues along the head of his fuck stick.

When the girls have finally had enough cock sucking, Jessie climbs on top of Tyler and slides down until her bald pussy is fully impaled. Eliza is content to hold her BFF in her arms as Jessie rides Tyler with long strokes. When Jessie has reached her first climax, though, she hops off the D to let Eliza have a ride of her own.

Next, the girls come together with Jessie on top of Eliza. Their position lets them make out while also creating a double pussy stack for Tyler to choose from. He gets his dick wet first in Jessie's twat in doggy, and then in Eliza's snatch. Moving back and forth, he double dips to mix the girls' juices and to bring the ultimate pleasure.

Getting on her knees, Eliza gets to enjoy a new angle of penetration as Tyler takes her from behind. Meanwhile, Jessie falls onto her back with her pussy in the perfect position for Eliza to do some thorough explorations with her tongue. Feasting on Jessie's twat and riding Tyler's cock, Eliza finally finds her sexual cravings sated. When Tyler is ready to blow his load, he pulls out and nuts all over Eliza's back to leave her fully satisfied with cum dripping down her bottom.

Throated - Jessie Saint - Jessie Saint Takes On 2 Cocks

File: y8vd4nathrjessaipmp2bydgnv.mp4
Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 23:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The only thing Jessie Saint enjoys more than fucking a big cock is showing off her sloppy blowjob skills on a big cock. Luckily for Jessie she gets to do that in this scene with not 1 but 2 big cocks! Watch her get down and dirty while sucking Mick Blue and Jason Moody's hard cocks and getting a real good face fucking.

Girls Only Porn - Jade Baker & Jessie Saint - What We Share

File: m1jnqnagionpojadjesyyokdhnlmf.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 28:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Once upon a time, Jade Baker and Jessie Saint got together for a wild night of passion. A long time has passed and the girls remain friendly with one another. They're hanging out by the pool one morning in their bikinis, as Jade reminisces about that night and contemplates how much she still wants Jessie. It's easy to see why. Jessie is smoking hot in her bikini.

When the girls head inside to get out of the sun, Jade throws caution to the wind and decides to make her move. Jessie points out that she has a boyfriend, but Jade doesn't care. She wants what she wants and she's going to stop at nothing to get it...

After sealing the deal with a deep kiss, Jade pulls Jessie into the bedroom. The girls relocate to the bedroom, where Jade makes sure that Jessie is well aware of how deeply she is wanted. She explores Jessie's lovely body with her hands, bringing Jessie's nipples to hard peaks, Peeling off her own bra, Jade encourages Jessie to reacquaint herself with Jade's big boobs, too.

Eventually, Jade pushes Jessie back onto the bed. Leaning forward, she slides her tongue up Jessie's creamy slit. Liking what she tastes, Jade settles in for a lusty pussy feast. She makes sure that Jessie is enjoying herself thoroughly, and then gets to her knees and crawls up Jessie's body to plant her twat on Jessie's mouth.

Jessie delivers on Jade's silent request to be eaten out. Hooking her arm around Jade's thighs, she holds her lady love in place so she can really get in there with her tongue. The position even lets her reach between her thighs and rub her own clit as she's diddling Jade's with her lips and tongue. Jessie enjoys herself so thoroughly that she swaps spots with Jade so that Jade can give her the ride of her life.

The girls aren't done with each other quite yet. Jade remains on her back as Jessie collapses forward on top of her, creating a lesbian 69. That leaves both horny babes free to lick, suck, and finger bang one last climax out of the other until they're finally sated.

Step Siblings Caught - Jessie Saint & Katie Kush - How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend

File: xor5jnastsicajeskat8cvycublyu.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 28:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's Thanksgiving time and Katie Kush and her stepbrother Seth Gamble are ready to celebrate with their parents, Andres Mclovin and Serene Siren. Katie has even been allowed to invite her friend, Jessie Saint, for dinner. The girls are dressed in their holiday costumes for school. Serene asks Seth to put on his costume. He refuses, so Serene tells him to stuff the turkey instead. Seth claims he doesn't know how, so Serene kicks all three kids out of the kitchen and tells them to come back in an hour with the knowledge of what to do. Relocating to the bedroom, Seth pulls up online videos while Jessie offers to just show him how to do it. Seth is a jerk, so the girls make a plan to fuck with him.

Undressing Jessie, Katie lays her out on the bed so that she's nice and naked and ready for Seth to stuff her. Jessie tells Seth that first he needs to take the giblets out. He can practice by finger banging her. The girls tell Seth that next he needs something to stuff in. They point out that Seth's dick is already hard so he can use that. It takes a second to convince Seth that this is the right call, but Katie helps Seth whip it out and shove it into Jessie's snatch. At first, Katie is only trying to get her friend laid. As Seth keeps pounding Jessie right, though, Katie decides she wants some of that D for herself.

Getting on her knees on the bed, Katie moans in delight as Seth stuffs her, too. She leans forward and eats Jessie out as she's getting fucked, making sure that Jessie's good times keep rolling. Next Seth lays on the bed so Jessie can climb on top and ride his dick in reverse cowgirl. Katie gets another shot at the D when she takes Jessie's place and rides Seth. Her position lets her once again lean forward to eat her friend out even as her hips set an orgasmic rhythm. Finally sated, the girls work together to blow Seth until he delivers a cumshot that they can both enjoy together.

My Family Pies - Jessie Saint & Katie Kush - My Step Cousins Cum For Thanksgiving

File: 1gbj4namyfapijeskat62ccxagwp4.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 23:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's Thanksgiving time and Tyler Nixon is getting ready with his parents, Lexxxi Nicole and Dalton Lee. They're expecting Tyler's step cousins, Katie Kush and Jessie Saint, for dinner. Lexxxie and Dalton try having a talk with Tyler about how his step cousins are grownups now, so he can't be pulling pranks on him like he used to. When the girls arrive, Lexxie is taken aback by how slutty they're dressed. She tells them that they should be a bit more appropriate, but they try to say that they were told to dress like that. Katie and Jessie take off to join Tyler in the dining room, where they all share a much warmer greeting...

Tyler's parents give Tyler and his step cousins a chance to catch up. When the whole family is at the table together, Lexxxie and Dalton go out o their way to emphasize that Tyler may be handsome and quite a catch, but they won't allow him to date and certainly not the likes of Jessie and Katie. A minute later, Lexxxie asks Tyler to get the dog out from under the table. Tyler goes down and finds two step cousin pussies open and waiting for his attention. He just dives right on, burying his face in Jessie's snatch. Jessie pretends the dog is still there so she has an excuse to briefly deep throat Tyler's stiffie. Then Katie takes a turn with the same excuse. Pretty much at the same time, Tyler, Katie, and Jessie all decide to go look for the dog that none of them can seem to find under the table and excuse themselves as a group.

As soon as they hit the bedroom, the group gets it on in a threesum. Jessie gets the first ride on Tyler's stiffie, while Katie rides his mouth. Then Katie gets her pussy pounded as Tyler spoons behind her. Jessie licks and sucks at Tyler's man meat as she waits her turn, and when it comes it is with her on her hands and knees enjoying Tyler's cock from behind. She muffles her moans in Jessie's greedy twat as she eats her step cousin out. Scooting forward, Katie lifts her leg high to welcome Tyler back inside. He takes the invitation to glut his step cousin with one last climax before filling her up with a creampie. They're all enjoying the afterglow when Tyler's parents walk in and freak out.

Cherry Pimps - Jessie Saint - Jessie Gets That Wet Pussy Pounded Live

File: 6bs5ynachpijessaiuhojheqrbw.mp4
Size: 2.18 GB
Duration: 01:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy hot and wild babe Jessie Saint is eager to fuck and loves how hard Robbys cock is for her! She strips from her lacy pink lingerie running her hands all over her perky little tits and shaved pussy. All your sweet comments are making her so horny and wet! Jessie gets her lips around that cock getting all sloppy with a blowjob before Robby can not take any more and needs to fuck that gorgeous pussy! Jessie rides him on top and lets him hit her hard from behind while her eyes are locked on yours. She is in the mood to taste some cum and sucks it all down to end this wild show! Archive from 10-20-2020 5pm LIVE show!

Cherry Pimps - Aliya Brynn & Jessie Saint - Mischievous School Girl Gets The Strap On Punishment

File: pzkeknachpialijesjozer6dwno.mp4
Size: 577.47 MB
Duration: 15:26
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Saint thinks she looks so cute in her school girl costume but Aliya Brynn is upset that she isn't a nurse. Aliya Brynn is the school girl and she gets mighty dominant on Jessie ripping off her costume revealing those beautiful little perky tits before whipping her with one of her toys. Jessie must like it! She is getting so turned on. Those nipples are rock hard and Aliya wants to taste that pussy. Aliya may be acting mean but there is only room for treats in this trick or treating escapade. Aliya is surprised how tight that pussy is on her tongue. What a treat to have Jessie spread her legs wide open just for her. Maybe she tried to be a school girl on purpose knowing full well the punishment that was coming but she did not expect a strap on. Talk about a punishment that rewards in the best way possible. Jessie cumming all over that dildo!

Devil's Film - Emma Starletto & Jessie Saint - It's Okay, We're Just STEP-Sisters!

File: 6l2mbnadefiemmjeskjkte4vako.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 40:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie's stepsister moved to Los Angeles last year and is really doing well. She has her own hip downtown loft and even has a lesbian girlfriend. So you can imagine how jealous Jessie is when she comes to visit. She wants so badly to have the fun life Emma is having. Emma is sweet and offers to let Jessie move in. Jessie is overcome. She has always found Emma so sexy and has wanted to have sex with her forever. Finally she acts on her emotions and is met with a receptive tongue by Emma. The two stepsisters have sweet passionate lesbian sex in the loft that afternoon

Exxxtra Small - Jessie Saint - Out Of The Friendzone

File: btwl5naexsmjessaidec3uwon1b.mp4
Size: 1.52 GB
Duration: 35:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Its national girlfriend day, and huge dude Danny Mountain has been on petite Jessie Saints friendzone for far too long. Jessie agrees to become his girlfriend but only if he can find her within the next 5 minutes. Danny succeeds and gets to enjoy all the delicious benefits of having tiny Jessie as his girlfriend.

Nubile Films - Alex Coal & Jessie Saint - Handle Your Man

File: mjr6jnanufialejestrdadlg41z.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 31:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Saint has been having a marital drought with her husband, Seth Gamble. She's so frustrated that she finally dishes to her friend, Alex Coal, as they sit together in the kitchen. Alex has been lusting after Seth for a while, so she takes the opportunity to tell Jessie that sometimes a threesome can inject a little bit of a spark back into a marriage. Jessie asks Alex if she'd be open to it, and Alex makes it clear she'd do whatever she can to help her friend out.

Alex gets her chance soon after when Seth comes in and ignores Jessie's advances. When Seth takes off to the bedroom, Alex follows him. Not willing to take no for an answer, Alex pushes Seth down into the bed and takes his dick out to start sucking. She keeps it up until she sees Jessie standing in the doorway, watching what's going down. With a smile, Alex beckons Jessie over to join in.

After Alex peels off Jessie's clothes along with her own, she offers her Seth's cock to suck together. Alex shows Jessie all kinds of new techniques for gobbling Seth's cock. Meanwhile, Jessie shows Alex some of Seth's old favorites.

Getting onto her hands and knees, Jessie positions herself between Alex and Seth. She makes herself at home between Alex's thighs, enjoying a pussy feast with total enthusiasm. Coming up behind his wife, Seth guides himself home to take her in doggy. The spark is definitely back as Seth watches his wife eat her friend out while he fucks her.

Things heat up even more when Seth lays down on the bed and pulls Alex on top of him for a stiffie ride. Jessie gest the opportunity to see her hubby fucking her friend while Alex eats her out. Her pussy is drenched from the sight and sensations by the time the girls change things up yet again to form a triangle of loving with Seth eating out Jessie, Jessie eating out Alex, and Alex sucking Seth off.

They get busy again, this time with Alex on her back and Jessie riding her face. Seth pounds away at Alex's snatch until she swaps spots with Jessie. Alex tags back in, then lets Jessie have Seth's final few thrusts. As Jessie cums hard around Seth's cock, he lets loose inside her to give her a creampie that drizzles down for Alex to lap up and snowball with Jessie.

Family Swap - Adira Allure & Jessie Saint - Swap Sis Gets Her Kicks

File: cjweunafaswadijesylt9lsa3na.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 32:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jessie Saint and her swap brother Jay Romero are sitting in the dining room when Jessie decides to confess that she's bored. Her solution is to fuck their swap dad, Marcus London. Jay points out that their swap mom, Adira Allure, won't like that, but Jessie isn't about to let something as silly as her swap mom get in her way. She barges into her parents' bedroom while Adira is deep throating Marcus's dick. She claims she needs to do a school project about intimacy and she needs their help. Adira tries to call Jessie out on it, but she climbs into bed with Marcus. Moments later, Jay joins them...

Jessie takes advantage of her position under the covers to start giving daddy Marcus a handie. In retribution, Adira starts stroking Jay off. Jessie turns onto her side so that Marcus can spoon with her and slide it in. Adira sees what's up and slithers under the covers to open her mouth and start sucking her swap son's cock. Jessie tries to hold the moan with daddy banging her, but eventually Adira turns it into an outright competition. With no more reason to hide, the covers are thrown off so that Adira can mount Jay's dick and ride him in reverse cowgirl as Marcus and Jessie continue to do their thing.

The girls swap partners, with Jessie taking over riding Jay's dick while Adira gets bent over the bed and fucked from behind by Marcus. The girls wind up on their backs, side by side, each with a cock buried between their thighs. Jessie gets her creampie from Marcus, while Jay gluts Adira with his cum shot. Now that the girls are fully satisfied, they find that their entire family unit is much happier. The kids even agree to leave their swap parents alone.

Not My Grandpa - Jessie Saint - Can I Stay, Granpa?

File: w5gdananomygrjessai3pctvwe9k4.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 38:47
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Saints grandpa has been bugging her about not doing anything productive with her life, and she fears he might kick her out if she doesnt do something soon. So she goes online to look for jobs but she gets a better idea. She goes to grandpa and offers him some extra special TLC in exchange for him letting her stay, and he gladly accepts!

All Girl Massage - Laney Grey & Jessie Saint - Swim Team Seduction

File: tmeqonaalgimalanjes9zta2xtmi5.mp4
Size: 1011.74 MB
Duration: 26:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Laney Grey and Jessie Saint, two friends on the same swim team, return home from their latest swim practice. They're so exhausted that they didn't even bother changing out of their swimsuits, instead of heading straight to Jessie's house to relax. Their coach has been SO HARD on them lately and it's really taking its toll on the girls.

But it's hard to relax when they're both feeling the burn in their muscles from the practice. Although they feel a bit silly about it at first, they agree to give each other a massage, starting with Jessie. As Laney's hands glide over Jessie's body, they both start to get flustered as a different kind of burn makes its way through their bodies. By the time they switch places so that Jessie can massage Laney, there's no turning back. They're both all about winning and it's not gonna stop now!

The swimsuits are stripped from their bodies so that they can enjoy each other to the fullest. They show what teamwork is all about as they eagerly eat pussy to make each other relax to the fullest. If this after-practice relaxation works for them, they may have to massage each other more often!

Web Young - Laney Grey, iarra Kai & Jessie Saint - Bedside Manner

File: njq5tnaweyolaniarjesc7pym77sue.mp4
Size: 547.09 MB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kiarra Kai, Laney Grey, and Jessie Saint, are all nursing students hanging out after a class about bedside manners. Kiarra is worried because she's pretty sure her bedside manners are lacking but she's not entirely sure what she's doing wrong or what she can do to fix it! All she knows is that if she doesn't change her ways, her future as a nurse might never come to be...

Laney and Jessie don't like seeing their friend being so hard on herself, so they offer to help her practice by pretending to be patients. At first, Kiarra still comes off as cold, so they encourage her to use her flirty nature to her advantage. Unfortunately, this creates some... awkward... moments as Kiarra becomes perfectly friendly but a bit too sexual for dealing with patients in a professional manner!

But, wanting to be encouraging and also take care of the unexpected attraction they suddenly feel, Kiarra's friends start flirting back. With Kiarra being so stressed out, what better way is there for her to relieve the tension? Maybe after she loosens up a little, she'll be able to more naturally interact with her patients!

It doesn't take long before the three nurses are feeling each other up, giving each other a VERY intimate physical -- no breast or pussy is left 'unexamined.' They definitely need to take each other's temperature because they're all feeling HOT!

Nubile Films - Eliza Ibarra & Jessie Saint - We Want More

File: j3j4jnanufielijes8oznmbw9is.mp4
Size: 430.51 MB
Duration: 28:37
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Saint and Eliza Ibarra are high school sweethearts who have been thinking of new ways to spice up their love life. As they enjoy a morning makeout, the girls contemplate bringing a dick into their relationship. That idea doesn't stop them from exploring each other's bodies with their soft hands. Eliza and Jessie take turns sampling each other's breasts. Eventually, Eliza settles back with Jessie between her thighs. Jessie gives her brunette lover's pussy a nice stroking, but Eliza isn't about to let Jessie have all the fun. The girls wind up masturbating each other as they lay side by side in bed, smiling with their contentment.

After cumming, Eliza and Jessie settle on inviting their techie guy friend Seth Gamble over under the pretense that he's going to fix their computer. Settling on the couch, Seth focuses on the computer. He barely realizes that the girls have flanked him until their hands are on him. Seth has a wife, a fact that he tries to mention, but Eliza and Jessire are unmoved. They've decided they want his cock and they're going to get it.

As Eliza explores what it's like to have a dick in her mouth, Jessie takes a taste of Seth's lips. The girls swap spots, and Eliza pulls her shirt up so Seth can suck her nipples. Once they've satisfied their curiosity for what it's like to suck a man off, the girls move on to something a little bit more hardcore.

Eliza is the first to experience what it's like to be filled with man meat. She bounces carefully on Seth's fuck stick as Jessie climbs on top of Seth's face. Eating out one lesbian and fucking the other, it's no surprise that Seth has quickly forgotten that he's married. The girls eventually swap spots so that Jessie can experience the D while Eliza finds out what it feels like to have a man's face buried in her pussy.

On her back on the couch, Eliza welcomes Seth back inside as she pulls Jessie onto her mouth. Muffling her moans in her lover's twat, Eliza is eager to get all that Seth has to give. Meanwhile, Jessie leans forward to use her mouth to lap at Eliza's clit as Eliza is being fucked and to suck Seth off any time he pops out.

When Eliza turns around so that her face is beneath Seth's balls, Jessie turns with her. That puts Jessie on her knees in front of Seth, who is quick to tap that. He delivers a doggy style pussy pounding as Eliza sucks his balls. Since her face is right above Eliza's cooch, Jessie leans in for a pseudo-69.

That's the position that gets Seth to the end of his finish line. He pulls out and cums hard, covering Jessie's ass in cum. Seth's jizz is the final thing the girls have been curious about. Eliza licks it off of Jessie's lap, then leans in so they can snowball their salty treat.

Sweetheart Video - Alexis Fawx & Jessie Saint - Caught In The Act!

File: mtaxnnaswvialejesobwvocawwc.mp4
Size: 267.69 MB
Duration: 32:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Debbie Jade Baker can't believe her best friend Karen Macy Meadows had sex with her stepmom. They both walk to her friend Carter's Jessie Saint house. This stupid pact needs to stop. Debbie knocks at the door, but nobody answers the door. The two friends don't understand, she was supposed to be there. Debbie and Karen look around the house and when they arrive in the backyard, they find them. Carter and her stepmom Alicia Alexis Fawx are in the living room dressed in yoga clothes. Carter is behind her and is caressing her legs, then her stepmom's ass. Debbie can't believe what she's witnessing. Another one of her friends is about to have sex with her stepmom and nothing can stop Carter from ravishing her Stepmother's incredible body.

Sweetheart Video - Alexis Fawx & Jessie Saint - Mother Lovers Society 20

File: 9vgnnnaswvialejesde7ijlre1e.mp4
Size: 387.72 MB
Duration: 33:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Debbie Jade Baker learns that her father and his girlfriend Carmen Reagan Foxx are getting married, her life is turned upside down. She loves Carmen, but shes not ready to have a new stepmom. Things get worse when her two best friends, Karen Macy Meadows and Carter Jessie Saint, make a stupid pact to seduce their stepmoms. This crazy idea doesnt please Debbie, but the other two jump on the idea. The first one to fulfill the pact is Karen, shes had eyes on her dads wife, Sheryl Serene Siren, for years. Carter doesnt waste any time either, the next day during a hot yoga session she seduces her stepmom Alicia Alexis Fawx. Now the ball is in Debbies court. Even if she is seriously attracted to her future stepmom, she refuses to complete the crazy pactbut everyone has a breaking point.