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Jenny Wild

Pretty Dirty Teens - Jenny Wild - Girl Asked To See Teacher After Class

File: joa4cnaprditejenwilegqq8kkjsj.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 26:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When 19 year old student Jenny Wild is caught smoking by gym coach Stanley Johnson, she gets kicked off the team! Jenny pleads with Stanley in his office after school, but he maintains actions should have consequences. Not wanting to let go, Jenny hikes her skirt and teases her teacher. Stanley tries to stay professional, but Jenny shakes her subtle tits, then sticks his hand between her legs so he can feel her wet pussy! Stanley bends Jenny over his knee and spanks her booty red, then eats her ass and pussy from behind. Taking out his hard cock, Stanley fucks Jenny doggystyle over his desk, then she deepthroats his big dick. After riding his cock and taking it missionary, Jenny catches her coach's facial.

Club Seventeen - Jenny Wild - Fill Me Up, Stepbro

File: majvvnaclsejenwilw6fforubme.mp4
Size: 2.97 GB
Duration: 28:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: No wonder they call her Wild! Jenny doesn't know when to stop and who can blame her? Her stepbro knew what was coming but he didn't want to give in just like that. Jenny has this irresistible power over him and over any other guy for that matter. I wouldn't mind her coming on to me, I wouldn't play hard to play, I'm easy bait...

Teamskeet X Club Sweethearts - Jenny Wild - The Perfect Angle

File: d62ngnatexclswjenwilkpkkfxgyoe.mp4
Size: 2.39 GB
Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild is enjoying herself taking selfies in her bedroom, when suddenly her step brother Stan offers to help her get the perfect angle. Jenny gladly accepts much more than his help. Brought to you by Club Sweetheartshttpclick.payserve.comct?id42880bn2

Sex Art - Jenny Wild - Surrender

File: kwmvgnasearjenwilxihng92nd1.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 23:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Jenny Wild only has eyes for Angelo Godshack, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Surrender begins. Jennys arousal is palpable as Angelo blindfolds her and slides his hand up her stockinged thigh, caressing her silky skin. He binds her wrists with his tie, pinning them behind her head and kissing her softly, making her gasp with excitement. Tossing her onto the bed, Angelo kneels to eat Jennys pussy, her petite body trembling as his fingers and tongue drive her to an intense orgasm...

Now he penetrates her with his thick cock, her moans rising in pitch as he thrusts into her hard and fast. She climaxes again as he strums her clit and fucks her vigorously, removing the blindfold so she can gaze into his eyes as he gives her what she craves. They switch to doggie, Angelos pelvis bouncing off Jennys perfect ass as he slams into her, making her orgasm again, before she uses her bound hands to make him cum too.

Sex Art - Jenny Wild & Emma Button - Bad Sometimes

File: jisdanasearjenemmda1squ5pnt.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 18:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blondes Jenny Wild and Emma Button lie side by side in bed, as Andrej Lupins hot lesbian movie Bad Sometimes begins. Chatting turns to flirting and then touching, as Emmas hand moves below the bedcovers to give pleasure to her sweet freckle-faced girlfriend. They kiss passionately, Emma pulling down Jennys silky black lingerie and fondling her perky breasts until her nipples are achingly hard, then peeling off her lace panties...

She goes down to eat Jennys shaved pussy, tugging at her nipples as she licks her slowly and seductively. Getting naked, sexy Emma parts her thighs for Jenny to lap at her clit as she fingerbangs her hot slit until she climaxes breathlessly. Emma is eager to taste Jenny again, parting her puffy folds with her tongue and driving her to a gasping, shivering orgasm. They lie in each others arms, talking and laughing once more, savoring their intimate connection.

Lesbea - Alya Stark & Jenny Wild - Straight Girls Lesbian Experience

File: 2v3tdnalesalyjenrrwlwhu6rw.mp4
Size: 935.10 MB
Duration: 20:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Straights Alya Stark and Jenny Wild have been having lesbian thoughts, and through mutual trust, decide to try sleeping with each other. They start with some mutual masturbation in the bedroom, and Jenny gets turned on watching Alya play with her pussy over her blue panties. Alya mouths the words I want you and Jenny joins her on the bed. The ladies kiss while caressing their boobs, then Alya lies Jenny back to taste her pussy. Jenny returns the favor and licks Alya's pink pussy lips, then sits on her brunette lover's face to cum.

Fake Hostel - Jenny Wild - Stuck In A Door

File: sz7funafahojenwilb9gaoh8rti.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 25:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild books a night in the Fake Hostel, and going downstairs, finds her room has a door with a hole in it. Ricky Rascal welcomes his new bunkmate to the room, and Jenny settles in. Getting up to change, Jenny trips on a pillow, and finds herself stuck in the door! Ricky, the gentleman, tries to grab her by the hips and dislodge her. Another guest, Stanley Johnson, comes downstairs and tries to help too...

Testing the waters, Ricky pulls down Jenny's panties and sticks his tongue in her pussy. Turned on and moaning, Jenny takes out Stanley's cock and starts giving him a blowjob. While Ricky fucks her pussy doggystyle, Jenny manages to escape the clutches of the door. Stanley comes into the room and teams up with Ricky to fuck Jenny's holes. After pleasing the petite guest, both men shower her with cum!

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild, Mona Blue & Stanley Johnson - Sharing My Girlfriend

File: 2yzvrnanufijenmonstadoikujomlv.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson has a sexy surprise for his girlfriend, Jenny Wild. He tells Jenny to put on a robe and lay down in bed. Blindfolded, Jenny waits for Stanley to return. Her hands creep to her hard, puffy nipples and then lower to her bare twat, which is already wet and eager for her surprise.

Stanley eventually comes back to the room with Mona Blue, his surprise. Decked out in some sweet lingerie, Mona is a lovely and eager participant. They both settle on the bed, with Stanley giving Jenny sweet kisses as Mona settles between Jenny's thighs. After a languorous pussy licking, Mona crawls up Jenny's body to remove Jenny's blindfold as Stanley places Jenny's hand on his hard cock to let her see how hot and bothered he is at the girl-on-girl show.

Now that the blindfold has been removed, Jenny is free to participate in the action. The girls push Stanley down and relieve him of his pants. Then they settle between his thighs, taking their time exploring his junk. Stroking, sucking, and fondling, Mona and Jenny give Stanley a thorough double blowjob and ball sucking. As she works Stanley's cock, Mona loses her bra and then her thong, leaving her as deliciously naked as the others.

Crawling up Stanley's body with Mona helping to make her every move more sensual, Jenny takes the first ride on Stanley's hardon. She sinks down slowly, enjoying the feeling of him filling her up right with that big member. Leaning forward so that she is balanced against the headboard, Jenny bounces away as Mona leans down to suckle Stanley's balls. Eventually, Mona arranges herself on the headboard, which leaves her pussy at perfect licking height for Jenny.

When Jenny turns around on Stanley's cock and then falls to her side, Stanley follows her down. Lifting one thigh, she opens herself for Stanley to spoon with her from behind. Laying beside the couple, Mona tickles her nipples and fondles her clit in an invitation for Jenny to get their girl on girl party going. When Jenny gets the thing, she puts fingers and tongue back to work to leave Mona moaning.

Finally getting her turn to indulge in the D, Mona gets on her hands and knees with Stanley behind her. Jenny lays down in the position Mona recently vacated, spreading her thighs for Mona to lap away at her creamy twat. Enjoying her time in the middle to the fullest, Mona holds nothing back as she gives and receives pleasure simultaneously.

The girls disengage to deliver another tandem blowjob for Stanley before they shake things up in terms of positions. With Stanley on his back in bed, Jenny takes the opportunity for another sitffie ride. This time she goes in reverse cowgirl, enjoying the way Stanley's dick hits different spots as she rocks atop him. Mona's hand on Jenny's clit is especially titillating.

Mona gets to choose the next position, and what she wants is to take Stanley's dick deep inside while she's on her back. When Stanley is buried to the hilt, Mona pulls Jenny on top of her face. With Jenny's pussy on her mouth and Stanley's fuck stick giving it to her, Mona is soon panting with orgasmic bliss. Her little mewls of pleasure are so lovely that Jenny can't help but masturbate as she soaks it all in.

As soon as the two girls are sated, they lay Stanley down and go back to work on his cock. Double teaming him, they lap and stroke from tip to balls. Finally Stanley rewards their efforts, filling their waiting mouths with a nice shot of jizz. After sucking Stanley's shaft, the girls share a cummy kiss as their final act of lovemaking.

Moms Teach Sex - Jenny Wild & Tiny Tina - Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom

File: xfndinamotesejentinzlc3clxipu.mp4
Size: 739.56 MB
Duration: 38:00
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson is on an American vacation and he's having the time of his life. He met Jenny Wild during his time in the Czech Republic. After a week, Jenny took Stanley home to meet her stepmom, Tiny Tina. Their dinner prep gets hot and heavy as Tiny Tina isn't even subtle about her flirting, right in front of Jenny! Pantomiming deep throating a cucumber, flashing her tits, and even showing off her meaty pussy, Tiny Tina leaves nothing on the table. Stanley tries to leave the room to get some air, but Tiny Tina follows him and goes right for the D.

Pulling Stanley's pants down, Tiny Tina starts stroking his stiffie. She sinks to her knees and opens wide to take a mouthful of that hardon. Sucking Stanley in as a deep throat blowjob just gets Tiny Tina even hotter. She pushes Stanley onto the bed where she hikes up her skirt and slides down on that man meat. As Tiny Tina is moaning and riding, Jenny comes in. Jenny tries to act tough, but it turns out that Tiny Tina and Jenny have threesomes all the time. Stanley has found himself in a two-for-one situation with two insatiable fillies.

The girls kick things off by blowing Stanley together. When they position themselves just right, Stanley can finger bang them both. Since Tiny Tina has already had a turn with the D, Jenny gets to enjoy a ride. Falling onto her side, Jenny enjoys some spooning sex. Then it's Tiny Tina's time to shine as she lays down with her legs spread wide to welcome Stanley back inside. Jenny makes sure mommy gets good and fucked, then climbs on top of Tiny Tina to give Stanley a double pussy stack to bang. When both girls are satisfied, they work together with Jenny stroking Stanley's shaft and Tiny Tina sucking his balls. He rewards them with a big shot of cum that hits both their mouths and gives them a salty treat to enjoy.

Joymii - Jenny Wild - Afternoon Delight

File: q8mfpnajoyjenwilgsqvpnxpoj.mp4
Size: 950.50 MB
Duration: 21:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny has her boyfriend Stanley take photos of her, he thinks she looks so sexy in her new lingerie he puts the phone down and begins to kiss her. Jenny gives Stanley a sloppy blow job on the couch before he puts his thick cock inside her filling her up completely.

Mom Xxx - Florane Russell & Jenny Wild - Czech Stepmom Spanks Blonde Teen

File: maphgnamoxxflojenfklttnteme.mp4
Size: 484.14 MB
Duration: 22:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde teen Jenny Wild is making pancakes for breakfast, but when she get a phone call, she completely forgets about the stove. Her Czech stepmom Florane Russel bursts into the kitchen and chastises Jenny for making the house smell like burnt food! To punish her step-daughter, Florane bends her over and spanks her ass. Florane pulls down Jenny's tiny jean shorts, then slaps her bare ass, but this turns her step-daughter on. To punish Jenny even further, Florane makes her step-daughter like her pussy, and plays with her tits. Florane then goes out on Jenny, and makes the blonde girl cum, before demanding Jenny bring her to orgasm again!

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild - She Gets What She Wants

File: sod3lnanufijenwilsb4ztsjfbj.mp4
Size: 750.15 MB
Duration: 23:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild enjoys a glass of wine as she texts her beau Stanley Johnson to urge him to come on upstairs. When Stanley doesn't immediately reply in the affirmative, Jenny starts snapping sexy pics to entice him. From her face to her meaty pussy, Jenny will stop at nothing to get Stanley's attention. Eventually Stanley checks his phone and when he sees what he's missed he gets his ass upstairs.

When Stanley finally comes up to give her what she's been craving, Jenny is ready to play. She lets him massage her shoulders for a hot minute, but then it's all her. Relieving Stanley of his pants, she fists her hand around his long dick to stroke it. Then she drops to her knees in front of Stanley so she can open wide for a big hard treat. She sucks Stanley's man meat lovingly, deep throating him and sucking his balls with every evidence of pleasure.

Stanley lets Jenny go for as long as she wants, but eventually he gets his turn to indulge. Settling between Jenny's thighs, Stanley uses his fingertips to spread her creamy juices everywhere. Leaning forward, he laps up the mess he's just made with his fingers. Then he gets to his feet and gives Jenny the D, just like she's been craving since the start.

Flipping over so that she's on her feet and leaning on the chair, Stanley reenters her from behind. His long dick elicits glorious moans of delight as Jenny enjoys every long inch. The position gives Stanley the ability to anchor his hands on Jenny's hips and deliver a proper pussy pounding that gets her panting with need.

Taking Jenny's seat on the chair, Stanley pulls his love down onto his lap. Jenny positions herself so that she's fully impaled on Stanley's man meat, rocking her hips back and forth to create a sensual rhythm. When she needs to go even faster, Jenny turns around to ride in reverse cowgirl. Planting her feet on Stanley's thighs, she bounces away until her pussy is throbbing with delight. Stanley follows his love over the edge a moment later, glutting her with a creampie that drips from her puss to give her a salty treat to lap up.

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild - All I Need Is You

File: wbghananufijenwildkfyzcexe8.mp4
Size: 972.50 MB
Duration: 32:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson has been working from home and his girlfriend, Jenny Wild, is loving it. She gets to enjoy watching her lover work and she gets the privilege of distracting him pretty much whenever she wants to fuck. This morning, after wandering downstairs in her robe, she pours some tea as an excuse to disturb Stanley. She walks it over and waits for him to notice her.

When Stanley doesn't look up from his work right away, Jenny walks up behind him and undoes the robe to show off her sleek body. Her nipples are already hard buds and her bald twat is already nice and wet as Stanley finally gives her the attention she's been craving. Setting aside his work, Stanley shows his repentance by suckling Jenny's titties and cupping his hot hand to her smooth mound.

Pushing Jenny onto the table, Stanley kneels before her. He uses his fingers to spread her juices everywhere. Once he has begun to finger bang Jenny, Stanley leans in to flick his tongue over her clit as she lets her head drop back and moans hum in her throat.

Getting to her feet after her first big O, Jenny pops Stanley's fuck stick out of his jeans and starts stroking. Her hand is in constant motion as she captures Stanley's lips in a kiss that lets her taste her own musk. Then she slides down so she can kneel in front of Stanley and wrap her soft lips around his man meat. Her blowjob is just what Stanley needs to really be ready to fuck.

Hopping back onto the desk, Jenny welcomes Stanley between her legs. He guides himself into her hot glove, then slides on home. Their ball-slapping sex gets even hotter as Jenny gets to her feet and leans over the desk to take Stanley's big dick from behind.

Sitting Stanley down in the chair, Jenny takes a moment to appreciate how sexy her lover is before she struts over and slides down on his man meat. Wrapping his arms around Jenny, Stanley grabs her ass and uses his grip to guide her strokes. She bounces away, then turns around to give Stanley the show of her bottom jiggling on every stroke.

That position gets Jenny's rocks off! Her pussy is still pulsing with delight as she drops to her knees so Stanley can jack himself off to a sexy facial. Leaning in, Jenny licks Stanley's cock clean of his cum so she can enjoy a nice salty treat.

Beauty 4k - Jenny Wild - Blonde Gets A Sticky English Lesson

File: cejvmnabe4kjenwiludkhdrvgs5.mp4
Size: 467.24 MB
Duration: 28:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cameraman is waiting for stunning Jenny Wild to come and to pose for a very special video. It is planned to be a short video of a hot smoking blonde reading a book on a couch. In fact the dude wants to show the world that blondes are both gorgeous and clever but somewhere in the middle of the shooting he decides to change the plot of the scene. He wants Jenny Wild to look as hot as hell and that means unzipping her top and playing with her yummy tits. This is when he puts away the camera and takes blonde's hips into his strong hands.

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild - O Is For Orgasm

File: 2nkucnanufijenwilhjzbrgcyeh.mp4
Size: 365.41 MB
Duration: 26:38
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson is ready to give Jenny Wild the ride of her life as Jenny sits on the couch, blindfolded and ready for anything. Her lingerie is a total turn on to Stanley. Armed with a vibrating toy, Stanley leans Jenny back and commences a slow seduction that leads to Jenny removing her panties. Pressing the vibrator to Jenny's clit, Stanley maintains the sensual pleasure as he teases Jenny's nipples.

Jenny may be blindfolded, but she isn't about to let Stanley stop what he's doing when it feels so good. Her hips throb in time to the deep pleasure building within her. She holds Stanley's hand in place until she's twitching with the force of her climax. Then, after peeling off the blindfold, she lays back and tugs Stanley's head down until he gives her what she wants a languorous pussy feast.

Now that Jenny has enjoyed herself in the most orgasmic way, she takes things slow as she builds up her passion once again. Taking Stanley's hardon in hand, she strokes him as she leans in to begin sucking. Her blowjob is deep and sexy, with Jenny clearly enjoying the hell out of every moment she has that cock in her mouth.

The only thing better than sucking dick is riding it, as Jenny is quick to demonstrate. She slides down until she's fully impaled on Stanley's fuck stick. Leaning forward so that her tits are in Stanley's face, Jenny rocks her hips in a sensual rhythm. She rides that hardon until Stanley once again decides to take the lead.

Rolling Jenny onto her back, Stanley lifts one of her legs to rest on his shoulder. Fully open for Stanley's affections, Jenny lets her head fall back in delight. Then she grabs the vibrator and puts it back to work, pressing it to her clit to double down on her pleasure until her hips are bucking with the force of her big O. When Stanley rolls onto his back and urges Jenny on top of him, they create a 69 with plenty of oral delight.

Next, Jenny gets to her feet and leans forward over the couch. Stanley takes a few moments to kneel and lap at Jenny's dripping juices, but then he gets to his feet and pushes himself back inside. Looking back over her shoulder, Jenny lets her emotions show freely in her face as she watches the man she adores giving it to her.

When Stanley sits down on the couch, Jenny is quick to impale herself once again on his hardon. She again grabs the vibrator and uses it for her pleasure as she and Stanley work together to set a breakneck pace. As her own climax comes over her, Jenny's inner walls milk Stanley's man juices from her as well. While his creampie drips from Jenny's twat, Stanley gives her titties one last suckle in the happy aftermath.

The White Boxxx - Jenny Wild - Hot blonde seduces boyfriend for sex

File: dsdwcnathwhbojenwilam2qojtccr.mp4
Size: 453.29 MB
Duration: 29:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning blonde Jenny Wild gets naked to make her boyfriend horny, Stanley Johnson. She teases him until he can't resist anymore, so it was only natural that the two of them will have hot sex! Watch the intense session that ends with both of them having orgasms!

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild - My Insatiable Girlfriend

File: bzpx6nanufijenwil32wm9eroiy.mp4
Size: 260.76 MB
Duration: 20:39
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild wakes up to an empty bedroom and sounds from the kitchen. As she wanders downstairs, she discovers that Stanley Johnson has made himself at home to prepare breakfast. Jenny is definitely feeling some hunger, but not for food. Instead, she draws close to Stanley and unbuttons her shirt as she delivers a hug that makes her intentions clear.

Filling his palms with Jennys breasts is just the appetizer for Stanley. She wanders over to the island and leans forward to sniff some flowers. Stanley gets the hint. He follows Jenny over and cups his big hand over the heat of her pussy. Her panties create delicious friction beneath Stanleys fingertips, but theyre a barrier that hes not interested in keeping around.

Peeling Jennys underwear down her thighs, Stanley continues to explore her soft bottom and sweet twat. Whipping out his hardon, he slides home into Jennys slippery snatch and fills her all the way up. Jenny cant help but throw her head back in delight as Stanley lets himself set a breakneck pace. Jenny lifts one leg onto the counter, Jenny reaches down to rub her own clit until her whole body is pulsing with delight.

Dropping down to a crouch, Jenny turns around and wraps her fist around Stanleys man meat to draw him close. She opens her mouth to start sucking, stroking her hands up and down Stanleys shaft the whole time. They relocate to the couch, where Jenny continues to suck Stanley off as she fondles his balls.

Getting to a seated position, Jenny swings one leg over Stanleys lap and slides down so shes filled with cock. Her hips undulate in an animal rhythm as she rides to the tune of her own breathy moans. Stanleys hands are everywhere, roaming Jennys body from her hips to her boobs. Then Stanley flips Jenny onto her back so he can grind the heel of her palm against her clit and finger fuck her before he dives back in.

Jenny winds up on her side with Stanley spooned behind her. He guides himself back into her tight warmth, lifting one of her legs into the air to open her up entirely. As their coupling reaches its peak, Stanley pulls out and blows his load all over Jennys stomach and bare twat to leave her cum covered and finally satisfied.

Club Seventeen - Jenny Wild & Nicole Brix - Blondes look after each other

File: thkzznaclsejennic14kbgwyt3m.mp4
Size: 238.56 MB
Duration: 29:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbians are women who prefer their own ways to male ways. They prefer the convoluting halls of sensuality to direct goal-pursuing mores. Jenny Wild and Nicole Brix seem to lose track of time when they're together. It's like their bodies attract each other without the mind even knowing it. When the pussy licking begins, tasting every part of it, you dont ever want it to stop. Watching them in action is a treat best served hot.

Petite HD Porn - Jenny Wild - Step Sisters Warm Apple Pie

File: kr2uvnapehdpojenwiltbnbly5mfz.mp4
Size: 595.98 MB
Duration: 34:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson is in the middle of preparing apples for a pie when his stepsister Jenny Wild walks in and sees what he's up to. Grabbing one of the apples, Jenny contemplates it for a moment before she hops on the counter to nibble at her snack while Stanley keeps chopping. Feeling a little bit hot and bothered at the sight of her bro in an apron, Jenny eventually sets the apple aside and spreads her thighs so she can taunt him with the sight of her rubbing her clit above her panties...

Lesbea - Jenny Wild & Atlanta Moreno - Hot Uk Brunette Licks Blonde Teen

File: wmzvdnalesjenatlcjr4aqmxea.mp4
Size: 539.32 MB
Duration: 23:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hot lesbian lovers Atlanta Moreno and Jenny Wild are watching the news in bed when Atlanta makes a grab for the remote to shut it off. Jenny teases her, but quickly realizes Atlanta wants to turn off the TV so they can make love! The ladies kiss and feel each other up, then Atlanta slides her fingers down the front of Jenny's panties and plays with her pussy. Jenny takes over and eats Atlanta out. The ladies take turns facesitting, then eating pussy from behind, and then give each other thunderous orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Jade Presley & Jenny Wild - Horny lesbian couple has sex in the kitchen

File: kuat7naagiknjadjenrfuxoxvuuw.mp4
Size: 285.15 MB
Duration: 35:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful girls Jade Presley and Jenny Wild, are in the kitchen and want to eat other pussy. So, this gorgeous lesbian couple engages in hot sex that ends up with both stunning women having powerful orgasms.

Fuck Studies - Jenny Wild - Bad Grade Gives Blonde a Bright Orgasm

File: c4dwynafustjenwilitikinuiiv.mp4
Size: 510.78 MB
Duration: 30:42
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde studies at college and she does her best to get the best grades and pass her tests. She even asks her boyfriend for help and he is doing his best to turn the cutie into the best student at the college but unfortunately she comes back home with a bad grade. Of course she is very frustrated and the dude tells her to check her answers. They work question after questions when the cutie feels the dude teases her cunt with his fingers. Sure she puts away the test and gives dude all the attention he needs.

X Art - Eveline & Jenny Wild - Game Shot Eight Ball Sex

File: 7kfdynaxarevejenjqpvwbsnbd.mp4
Size: 164.76 MB
Duration: 20:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Eveline and Jenny are long time friends who also love to spend some erotic time together. Eveline has invited Jenny over today to play some pool but she really has some hotter intentions. It's obvious to Jenny as Eveline spreads her legs just enough to show her perfect little pussy yearning for attention. Jenny is happy to oblige and these two are soon pleasuring each other into hot orgasms. This pool table will never be the same

Nubile Films - Jenny Wild - Sex And Candy

File: kyavunanufijenwiltoh5hb9ca9.mp4
Size: 332.54 MB
Duration: 20:13
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild and her boyfriend Stanley Johnson are celebrating romance. Stanley has set up a trail of candy and roses for Jenny to follow when she comes home from work. After taking a look at the note, Jenny does as instructed and finds herself in the living room. A note tells her to turn around, and when she does she's met with a deep kiss from Stanley.

Jenny is packing a surprise of her own, as Stanley finds out when she unzips her dress to reveal sheer lingerie. Her teddy just drives Stanley's passion to a fever pitch as he fills his hands with tit and nip. Jenny wants in on the action, so Stanley takes a seat to let her pop his dick out for a long BJ. Meanwhile, his hands are busy exploring Jenny's tight body, especially her ass and twat!

Rolling Jenny onto her back, Stanley pulls her thong aside and cuddles close between her thighs. His tongue flicks out to sample her musky juices. Liking the first taste, he dives in for a pussy feast that leaves Jenny moaning with true delight. He keeps it up until she disengages long enough to slip out of her lingerie. Then Jenny invites Stanley to rejoin her on the couch, this time in the spooning position so he can give her the D she's been craving.

For something a little deeper, Jenny gets on her hands and knees and spreads her ass cheeks to entice Stanley to come inside. He obliges, filling her up and flexing his hips for both of their delight. Jenny's soft gasps and moans fill the room as Stanley works it until her pussy is pulsing.

On her back once again, Jenny welcomes Stanley back between her legs, this time with his cock buried all the way inside. Reaching down, Jenny starts rubbing her own clit to build her passion back up for another round of fun. As Stanley keeps on fucking, he sinks down into missionary for the added power.

Eager to give Stanley a break while still rocking his world, Jenny climbs onto his lap and sinks down on his dick. She rides him in reverse cowgirl, but eventually turns around. Leaning forward, she gives Stanley long, sure strokes as she kisses him again and again. As soon as she once again reaches her own climax, Jenny hops off that cock and resumes sucking until Stanley pops into her mouth, giving her a cum shot to enjoy.