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Japan HDV

Japan HDV - Erika Nishino - Hot Teacher Fucked Hard By Horny Student In The Classroom

File: olp8vnajahderinis3tnoanjzd4.mp4
Size: 488.10 MB
Duration: 01:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Erika notices the curiosity of her student about sex and decides to help him out. He gets exited that hes finally going to learn how to fuck. Erica gets horny as she teaches him about the female body, making seductive moves as she continues the lesson. They move on to the practical part of the lesson, which makes him hard and yearn for some pussy. She lets him play with her tits and pussy, slowly caressing it with his finger while she still has her panties on. She gets hornier than ever before, instructing him to go for the clit for a more pleasurable experience. Erika decides to let him fuck her after he does a good job teasing her...

Japan HDV - Tomoyo Isumi - Sexy Schoolgirl Gets a Facial at School

File: lwgybnajahdtomisuapprvehcow.mp4
Size: 111.98 MB
Duration: 13:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In a classroom with three horny boys, Tomoyo finds herself in an unpredicted foursome. The sex starved boys seduce her into submission by caressing her firm body. At this time, Tomoyo Isumi knows that shes definitely going to be involved in something she has never done before please three men at the same time. She gives her first blowjob to one of the boys as the rest try to make her enjoy the moment too. They feel her tits and caress her pussy with great intensity, something shes new too. Its evident that shes hiding the pleasure shes feeling from showing, but the boys are confident with what they are doing. There is something about a mature teen in school clothes that turns you on...

Japan HDV - Anna Kimijima - Naughty Maid Gives Her Boss A Blowjob While He’s Sleeping

File: e4juonajahdannkimr5vapeunk8.mp4
Size: 70.12 MB
Duration: 08:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Anna has been eyeing her boss for quite a while and today she decides to act on her thirst. She finds him asleep on the bed. A perfect time to masturbate to him but she has to set the mood right and get horny enough to do it. She feels the bulge on his silky pajamas and at this moment, she has never wanted him more. Curious and full of lust, Anna Kimijima slides down the PJs to see what shes working with here. Her thirst drives her to give him a blowjob even though hes still asleep at this point...

Japan HDV - Anna Kimijima - Hot Nurse

File: 1jfd6najahdannkimv6is318lbv.mp4
Size: 149.60 MB
Duration: 18:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Anna Kimijima is such a naughty nurse! This patient hears that his heart is in a bad condition and has to start the treatment. Anna is the nurse who has to give him the first shot. She wears a very short uniform showing her white stockings and panties. Bending, Anna offers this man such an erotic show! He cant help himself not to touch this babes ass. She has her pussy rubbed over the stockings and inside panties. In the doctors chair, Anna has the stockings off and her slit rubbed more and more. After these panties are off too, she has her ass cheeks and the labia spread from behind. This patient takes his hard cock out of the pants and Anna takes it in her hands. She strokes it and has her juicy butt rubbed with it. An the office, this nurse has her legs spread and the cunt explored. This dude wants to see Anna peeing, and she does it, releasing a rich river of urine. Next, she takes care of the dudes dick, taking it in her mouth. Anna sucks this cock, licking it with a lot of saliva. While giving this blowjob, she has the hairy pussy rubbed. From sucking and rubbing the tool, this dude cums. Anna is very impressed by this quantity of sperm! She plays with the full of cum cock and she asks the dude if he will be healthy again. With such a nurse like Anna, the bad things go away!

Japan HDV - Shiori Mizoguchi - Cheating wife Shiori Mizoguchi is fucked by two men

File: wz8vonajahdshimizyq9zoyelud.mp4
Size: 613.45 MB
Duration: 01:15:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Shiori Mizoguchi cleans the dishes when she pays the visit of two men from whom her husband borrowed money. Not only they talk about this huge debt, they also tell Shiori that her man is unemployed. The only solution found by these dudes is to have sex with Shiori. On the table, she is undressed and has her hot boobs squeezed. Between the spread legs, this woman has to rub her pussy until she is satisfied. After cumming, she gets tea in her mouth from one of the mans mouth...

Japan HDV - Mao Saitou - New office lady Mao Saitou enjoys new cock like crazy

File: wyyrlnajahdmaosaijcckbpgvud.mp4
Size: 379.25 MB
Duration: 46:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mao Saitou invites her employee in and she starts undressing him. She touches his cock inside the pants making it so hard while licking his nipples. Kissing this man with lust, this office lady takes his pants off and rides his mouth with her pussy. She is very satisfied by the way the this dude licks her slit! Mao pushes her pussy harder and harder until she cums. In her office, she rubs the mans cock with her pussy while her ass cheeks are spread, just as she asks...

Japan HDV - Yui Hatano - Sexy Yui Hatano gives a fabulous blowjob to her fan

File: 3kolynajahdyuihatqnjfkdycqd.mp4
Size: 103.31 MB
Duration: 12:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Yui Hatano is about to meet another big fan of her. She wears a cleaning woman outfit and she is anxious to meet this man. He is in the waiting room where he drinks a lot of tea. After drinking this tea, he goes to the toilet where Yui will take him by surprise. While peeing, this man is surprised by Yui who takes his penis in her hands, from behind. The prank is revealed and this dude recognises Yui. She makes her fans cock bigger and bigger by rubbing it, before taking it in her mouth...

Japan HDV - Ai Kamijou - Cheating wife Ai Kamijou is fucked by her neighbor

File: 1voysnajahdaikamqgjqnj5s3x.mp4
Size: 489.23 MB
Duration: 59:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In a white top and a short and tight skirt, Ai Kamijou cooks and cleans. She pays the visit of a neighbor who gives her a package that came in the mail. Ai invites the man in her home and offers him a tea. This man is very curious about this package because its heavy. After opening, these two see that is a sex toy that Ai ordered. The neighbour proposes her to enjoy his cock instead of this toy. He starts kissing Ai and touching her boobs over the lace top...

Japan HDV - Rui Yazawa - Cheating Wife

File: ytdrunajahdruiyazo7bmibvfxl.mp4
Size: 106.28 MB
Duration: 13:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rui Yazawa is in the shower with her partner cleaning his cock. She gets sweet compliments about her pussy and about how naughty she is. This babe has her nipples rubbed while she strokes the mans cock. After playing with the dick a little more, Rui kneels and she takes it her mouth. She licks it all from the balls to the head, asking the dude if it feels good. Rui sucks this cock with a lot of saliva and has her ass touched by it. From behind, this gal rubs her hairy pussy with this erect penis. She drives the man insane touching his tool so close to her cunt! Rui takes the penis in her mouth again, licking and sucking it. The rhythm of this blowjob gets faster and faster! Rui sucks the cock while looking at the camera and into the mans eyes. She gives this amazing blowjob while rubbing the tool, due to her fantastic skills. From time to time, Rui licks the head and then she sucks the whole cock, again and again. She looks into the mans eyes while he tells her how good he feels. Like a good girl that she is, Rui keeps her mouth open and she waits for this dude to cum in it. He strokes his cock fast until he cums right on the Ruis tongue. She pours the sperm in her palm and she plays with it. This nasty babe has such a look on her face at the end!

Japan HDV - Maki Koizumi & Yui Misaki - Cheating wife yui misaki maki koizumi scene5

File: lepudnajahdmakyuicqi8fqpgov.mp4
Size: 417.81 MB
Duration: 51:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Yui Misaki and Maki Koizumi are naked and playing with this man and they want to make him their toy. These babes kiss the dude and touch his cock over the knickers. Exchanging the places, Maki and Yui lick and suck the mans cock making it so hard. They lick it with a lot saliva, sucking it so good while his nipples are rubbed. This man is about to go crazy from so much pleasure! While one woman rides the cock, the other one ride the mans mouth and they kiss with passion. More men join the action and Yiu and Maki have their slits rub and the toes licked. They have their cunts licked and fucked with fingers. Yui has her legs spread and the pussy eaten while Maki sucks a hard cock. Then, they lick a tool same time while their twats are licked more. Maki is screwed from behind while Yui rides a dick in the reverse cowgirl position. These gals are fucked hard and fast and they totally love it! They love watching each other while these men screw them again again. The whole pleasure is even bigger as the babe are fucked in their tight assholes. Look how the big boobs of these women shake during this drilling! Yui is so delighted to see the rich sperm coming from the Makis vagina! Very satisfied, these two gals kiss with passion. Yui is screwed in her butt getting cum in it and the babes kiss again.

Japan HDV - Aya Kisaki - Massage Parlor

File: dnat6najahdayakisodjzswddgs.mp4
Size: 297.35 MB
Duration: 36:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Aya Kisaki loved the previous massage that she comes again for another one. As usual, she takes her clothes off and puts a towel on. After laying down, Aya is naked and she has oil poured on her body. Her boobies are massaged on and on, with more oil, with round moves. Aya is ready aroused like crazy and she goes wild when the masseur touches her hairy pussy. She has the cunt fingered, licked and eaten. From behind, this babe is fingered so fine that she says the masseur that she wants his cock inside her. First, she licks and sucks it with her hunger mouth and then she licks the balls. Aya continues to suck the dick while her juicy cunt is licked in a 69. This horny woman rides the dudes tool so much on top and she is screwed in the reverse cowgirl position. She has so much fun and so much pleasure while she is nailed doggy style! Aya asks the man to fuck her harder and faster. Back to the missionary position, this slut spreads her legs to be screwed as deep as possible. Her titties are sucked and squeezed while her crack is fucked on and on. Aya likes to watch how the shlong penetrates her vagina so fine. The deeper the dong is fucking her, the happier she is! The masseur tells Aya about the happiness on her face and he keeps on drilling her until he cums in her fish taco.

Japan HDV - Rui Yazawa - Cheating wife rui yazawa scene2

File: abudonajahdruiyaz9jdjmoo7kx.mp4
Size: 289.22 MB
Duration: 35:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rui Yazawa is brought to her bed and undressed, starting with the boots. She turns this man on with her beauty so much that his cock is already hard when he is undressed. Rui kisses the dudes boner over the lingerie and she licks and rubs his nipples. After having his nipples licked so good, this man asks Rui if he can suck her nipples too. She agrees and she gets wild with pleasure while her boobies are licked and sucked. Happy to see the hard penis, Rui starts licking it, especially its head and then she sucks it faster and faster. This babe has her hairy cunt licked very well and fucked with one finger. Two fingers are inserted in Ruis pussy and she is screwed with them so fast! When the man takes his fingers out, Ruis slit is so wet and full of juices! She sucks the tool again, taking it in her mouths corners and in a 69 in which her pussy is licked and explored. Sticking the dong on her vagina, this slut rides with a lot of passion, including in the cowgirl position. Rui is fucked from behind just deep as she needs and then the missionary position is the one that satisfies her big time. She is drilled more and more which makes her tits jump and shake on and on. Rui keeps on saying how good she feels during this frigging. She feels good when the dude cums inside her fish taco, too!

Japan HDV - Maki Koizumi & Yui Misaki - Horny Yui Misaki and Maki Koizumi enjoying a strap

File: 6la8tnajahdmakyuih3fut13vb9.mp4
Size: 225.93 MB
Duration: 27:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Maki Koizumi and Yui Misaki are so sweet together! They start to kiss so tenderly and their kisses get more and more daring. Yui is so attracted by the Makis big tits that she cant stop fondling, kissing and squeezing them. After more and more full of desire kisses, Yui has her boobies sucked too. Her nipples are rubbed while she is kissed a lot. Maki and Yui take the bra off and their boobs touch while the girls kiss on and on. Maki is undressed of her panties too, and she has her trimmed pussy licked with passion by her girlfriend...

Japan HDV - Tsuna Kimura - Kimono Lady

File: jrqjnnajahdtsukimu4sdskrxui.mp4
Size: 502.40 MB
Duration: 01:01:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tsuna Kimura is a very beautiful geisha wearing a spectacular outfit. While walking, she meets these men who invite her to have fun with them. After eating and drinking, these men put some personal questions to Tsuna, including about her boyfriend. While talking, this babe is touched between her legs by one of the guys feet. After they remain alone, these two get so nasty! Tsuna has her pussy rubbed and she sucks and licks the mans hard cock. Her hairy cunt is rubbed with the dick before getting it inside. She is fucked so hard and the other two men hear the noises, so they come and join the action. Tsuna is aroused so much with toys on her nipples and pussy while she rubbing dicks. After cumming, she gets another toy working in her vagina. Tsuna is held by two men and she has her crack fingered by the third one until she squirts. She sucks and strokes three cocks, licking them at once. While her pussy is screwed by one tool, her mouth is filled by another cock. Tsuna sucks shlongs while gets more and more doggy fucking! One dude screws this babe very fast until he cums inside her. But, this is not all! Her vagina is more screwed and it gets another round of sperm! Another guy drills her so deep and hard and he finishes in her twat too. Tsuna cleans these cocks of cum and she loses the number of the orgasms she gets.

Japan HDV - Runa Hagawa - Tan line girl Runa Hagawa is fucked by a fan and another man

File: zkluknajahdrunhagllletk3v4c.mp4
Size: 333.36 MB
Duration: 40:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Runa shows off her sexy body at the window, to a fan. This man appears and he tells Runa to offer her admirer an even a spicier show. After calling this guy closer to her, Runa kisses him through the window, driving him crazy. Her pussy is rubbed faster and faster over the black thong until she cums. Runa and her man decide to call the other dude to join them. He licks this babes pussy until she cums while one of her tits are fondled. While sucking her guests cock, Runa is fingered from behind and she cums once again! She sucks these mens cocks and licks them same time. Then, this sexy woman sticks the guesss dick in her pussy and rides it fast and to the end, just as she as is asked to. To offer him a great view of her nasty ass, Runa rides this mans tool in the reverse cowgirl position until she cums. She is fucked from behind in front by her man, in front of the other guy and in front of the window. On the bed, Runa is fucked doggy style while her mouth sucks the other tool. Its such a strong and deep frigging that this babe gets another orgasm. She gets cum in her mouth and she says that its stinky. Then, she is screwed even more and cums on the same time with the man. Now, Runa gets cum both on her mouth and in the very screwed vagina!

Japan HDV - Airi Mizusawa & Miho Miyazawa - Airi Mizusawa and Miho Miyazawa are fucked in a crazy foursome!

File: wv6qunajahdairmihsyo2a4p8o1.mp4
Size: 351.03 MB
Duration: 43:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Airi Mizusawa and Miho Miyazawa are still scared after the night spent outdoors. Their partners try to comfort them fondling and kissing them. Their boobs are undress, sucked and their nipples are squeezed. After the panties are off, these two gals are driven insane having their cunts rubbed while sitting with the asses up in the air. Fucked with fingers, Airi and Mihi cum and then they have the clits rubbed. One babe rides a dudes mouth with her slit while the other one has her mouth filled with cock...

Japan HDV - Yui Misaki - Cheating wife

File: jt9qsnajahdyuimisjofzho3rlt.mp4
Size: 413.32 MB
Duration: 50:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hot Yui Misaki invites her sisters boyfriend in her room. They start talking and Yui puts a lot question to this guy. While putting the questions, this nasty gal exposes her legs and the pussy in panties. The sister arrives home, but she is in a hurry, so these two are alone too. Yuri asks the guy if he has some spare time and she shows him the toy that she left in bed. She attracts the man in her bed and she puts his hands on her boobs. Her nipples are sucked and the hairy pussy is licked and fucked with two fingers. Yui smells the mans cock over lingerie and she likes it. She rubs the mans big and erect cock before sucking it with passion. While having her cunt licked, this doll continues to suck the dick, in a faster rhythm. After this 69, Yui is screwed fast and deep in the reverse cowgirl position. She gets so hot from all this drilling so her clothes off. Between her spread legs and labia, Yui gets the dudes cock more and more in her wet vagina. While fucked from behind, she has her big tits shaking and she moans a lot. Fucked missionary, Yui has the nipples rubbed and pinched. She keeps a finger on the clit while the man screws her big time. He cums, after all, in Yuis cunt and he says that she is cuter than her sister. Of course, this dirty secret must be kept!

Japan HDV - Runa Hagawa - Tan line girl Runa Hagawa gives an outdoor blowjob to a fan

File: bpiconajahdrunhagnxvmoxegi4.mp4
Size: 172.60 MB
Duration: 21:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Runa Hagawa is a famous adult model who really loves to get sunburned, a very hot tan line girl. Today she has an interview after a while and she wears such a sexy outfit made of a top and a very short skirt. Runa talks about the look changes that she did in order to be fresher. She also shows her bum under the skirt, that is not so tanned and with this occasion we can see how perfect this butt is. While trying to get even more tan on her body, this model is visited by a man who is her fan...

Japan HDV - Miho Miyazawa - ghost story airi mizusawa miho miyazawa scene1

File: nmvmynajahdmihmiybgrmqsc692.mp4
Size: 181.69 MB
Duration: 22:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: These two men talk about how scared the women are about ghosts. Airi Mizusawa and Miho Miyazawa come into the room and when they hear about the seasonal ghosts tradition they are already afraid. These four people talk about the places where some ghosts were seen, like accidents happened and people died. After so many stories about spirits, Airi, Miho and their partners go on the streets with flashlights in their hands. After a while, these two gals get more and more afraid and they are comforted by their men. One of the women is kissed a lot and she has one of the tits exposed while the other babe is touched on her ass. She has the boobies fondled while her pussy is rubbed in the short pants. After these pants are off, this doll has her shaved pussy rubbed and licked. Meanwhile, the other woman is driven inside by the way her cunt is rubbed over panties. She makes such sexy noises that her partner has a boner. The other babe puts her clothes on and she takes her dudes cock in her mouth. She sucks it very, very well, making the dude feel so good. The other couple is also caught in offering and getting pleasure. The girl has her pussy licked while the bugs around her. Because these bugs are really annoying and the man gets one in his eyes, these two decide to go come to their room. The other couple joins them on the way back home.