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Jane Wilde

Evil Angel - Jane Wilde - Jane Gapes! Interracial Anal Threesome

File: wlpscnaevanjanwil6bgvnv3cd3.mp4
Size: 387.59 MB
Duration: 35:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty girl Jane Wilde's pretty lips pout, and she jiggles her plump ass in a revealing G-string. Studs Alex Jones and Eddie Jay offer up their big black cocks, and she opens her throat to give a slobbering double blowjob! The guys pork her spit roast style, fucking her mouth and pussy at the same time. Jane's eyes roll back in her head while she fingers her hungry bunghole. She enjoys a deep, bouncing cock ride. Alex's meaty prick plows Jane's bunghole. Anal fucking makes her rectum gape nastily! Jane gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob and swallows cum, climaxing the interracial threesome.

Sweet Sinner - Jane Wilde - Family Holiday 3

File: lihuenaswsijanwilctkwz8mlok.mp4
Size: 319.13 MB
Duration: 27:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Carmen has never fit in with her boyfriend, Damon's yuppie family. Still, every Christmas she attempts to somehow win them over, always failing in epic proportions. This holiday season, Carmen will continue on her losing streak as Damon's snotty, but morally void family engages in a fair amount of insults and forbidden sex all behind closed doors. But, Carmen's charm is not lost on one person, her boyfriend's father. Will she indulge in her own little indiscretions, or will she cling tightly to her desire to be the perfect girlfriend.

Mr Lucky POV - Jane Wilde & Chloe Cherry - She Brings A Friend To Get Naughty

File: b2nuunamrlupojanchlcchxwtl16n.mp4
Size: 608.54 MB
Duration: 32:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde and I have a long history. She is one of the worlds greatest sluts and gets a true excitement out of bringing her friends a long to get their pussies pounded alongside her. Tonight was a special treat when she brings the sweet Chloe Cherry with her so they can enjoy taking dick together. This brunette and blonde combination is epic to say the least. Chloes perfect bouncy ass and Janes perverted mind make them an unstoppable cum swapping duo.

New Sensations - Jane Wilde - Nothing But Trust For Jane

File: yervhnanesejanwiljiludeylqh.mp4
Size: 332.03 MB
Duration: 39:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: As Jane stands against the wall blindfolded the mystery man her husband picked out to pleasure her, begins to peel away at her and ties her up. Never having been this kinky before, Jane begins to get wet as Nathon teases with a whip. Now that she is hungry for cock Nathon starts off with stuffing her hot mouth full of meat and then fucks her pussy until he, is ready to cum.

Cuckold Sessions - Jane Wilde - Jane And Her Boyfriend Are Always Fighting

File: tetbknacusejanwila5ykpx8sq3.mp4
Size: 397.53 MB
Duration: 35:20
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jane and her boyfriend are always fighting. He buys her things, gives her anything she wants -cars, necklaces, houses- anything but good dick. It's not his fault genetics played a cruel trick on him, but he still has to pay the price for not bringing the BBC his girlfriend so longing desires. He usually pays financially and if he wants to have his relationship, he has to look the other way when she fucks other guys. He doesn't like it, but desperate that he is, he compromises his dignity for her
to get dicked. His jealous streak runs a little high today and he calls her while she has her friend Isiah over. Devious brat that she is, Jane lets him stay on the phone to listen in while they fuck. When her boyfriend gets out of line she puts him in his place and threatens to hang up. Shrimp dick boyfriend dials it back and find himself begging his girlfriend to come back to him, he'll even buy her another new car if she wants! What Jane wants is an orgasm and while the pathetic pleader screams don't get pregnant! she takes in a wet, hot load. It's such a turn on to Isiah, he pops once more on her pretty petite face. This girl really knows how to get the most out of life!!

Bellesa Films - Jane Wilde & Emma Starletto - I Cant Help It

File: evj8xnabefijanemmnnpztxniza.mp4
Size: 399.78 MB
Duration: 34:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The biggest audition of actress Ivy's life is approaching, and she needs to be prepared. But practicing lines alone wont cut it, so she asks her best friend Damon to read with her. While they are both aware that the scene they are playing out isnt real, it calls for a kiss, and neither of them can deny the natural spark that ignites when their lips meet for the first time. When Janes girlfriend Emma invites Logan to crash at their place for the weekend, she is not into it. He and Emma had hooked up back in college, and the thought of him staying with them made Jane . . . uncomfortable. Until she meets Logan. Janes initial feelings of jealousy morph into feelings of arousal when she begins to imagine watching her girlfriend with a man Naomi and Lucas have a history. It was that fiery, lose-track-of-space-and-time kind of connection, and it was like a drug to them both. After the last time they called it quits, they find themselves at the same party- to which Lucas had brought a girl he just started seeing. Naomi was addicted to playing games, and she loved a good challenge -- it excited her. And she loved how naturally she knew just how to win him over. Both fresh out of drawn-out relationships, Daisy and Alex meet at a bar. They dive into a wild, lust-filled adventure together- enjoying both the thrill and the spontaneity, and always looking to up the ante.

Evil Angel - Jane Wilde - Jane's Interracial Double Penetration

File: tnlnmnaevanjanwil46wcep7n9j.mp4
Size: 443.33 MB
Duration: 35:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Petite, all-natural brunette Jane Wilde loves teasing the cameraman by masturbating with a large dildo. But what this tiny 20-year-old really wants is two big black cocks! Her interracial threesome with Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong starts with lewd blowjob action. Jane sucks one huge, dark dick while the other stuffs her tight pussy and asshole to their limits. Anal defilement turns into an intense double penetration -- Yahshua and Rico ream Jane's little twat and butthole simultaneously! She happily swallows two loads of sperm.

Spizoo - Jane Wilde - Naughty Petite Jane Wilde Gets Pounded Hard

File: jmo8lnaspijanwiligkg8ushw5.mp4
Size: 593.81 MB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty petite slut Jane Wilde knows how to suck and lick a hard white cock. With the beautiful face of an angel and the perverted mind of a naughty star, she plays with your cock in POV experience wearing a sexy tiny blue bikini, enjoy your point of view meanwhile Jane bounces her juicy ass up and down in front of you. She is amazing giving blowjobs, having fun and laughs a lot in every stroke, every tiny cavity is penetrated hardcore wild time. Jane likes to go deep and suck your balls while looking into your eyes in sloppy and strong sex action. Rub your big cock in all her face and penetrate her pussy in every sex position till you cum on her face leaving her exhausted but happy.

Girls Try Anal - Lena Paul, Jane Wilde & Gia Derza - Bully's Just Desserts

File: hb3jxnagitranlenjangiauuyaxs33hl.mp4
Size: 436.84 MB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde and Gia Derza are catching up like old times, reminiscing about how nerdy and horny they were when they were in high school. Not much has changed, though, since they're still nerdy and horny in college, too, although Jane hasn't gotten any in awhile... Since Gia doesn't want to see her friend hurting for some, she browses a lesbian dating app for a chick to lick.

Gia is stunned as she finds a profile for Lena Paul, a girl who used to bully them in high school for being nerdy lesbians. Jane is quick to make a fake profile to catfish Lena, inviting her over. It's time for Jane and Gia to finally get their revenge! Of course, since they are nerds, the revenge they have planned is relatively tame... except that Jane wants to end it by double-teaming Lena with strap-ons!

When Lena shows up for the hookup, Jane and Gia confront her. Lena is instantly remorseful for how she treated them in the past. She was young, closeted, and confused... She's sorry for being so mean to them. She seems sincere enough, though Jane and Gia are still a bit upset. However, when Lena bemoans that it looks like she's not getting laid tonight after all, Jane grins and breaks out the strap-ons.

Although Lena's confused by the change of plans, she's happy to make it up to Jane and Gia however she can. As Jane and Gia don the strap-ons and fill her holes, it seems like the past is forgiven!

Bratty Sis - Jane Wilde - Jealous Step Brother

File: c5rcdnabrsijanwiljeyrw3zsrj.mp4
Size: 420.79 MB
Duration: 27:03
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde is on the phone with her newest love interest when her stepbrother Kyle Mason overhears her giggles and comes in to see what's up. It takes a bit of prodding, but Kyle eventually gets out of Jane that she's seeing his best friend. That's not cool with him because he wants his stepsister for himself and finds himself jealous of his friends. Once Jane has gotten the truth out of Kyle, she teases him about it before coming on to him to see where this might go.

Cherry Pimps - Jane Wilde & Lexi Lore - Jane And Lexi Love Cumming For You

File: utbntnachpijanlexaergeesove.mp4
Size: 492.14 MB
Duration: 01:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy hot lesbian babes Jane Wilde and Lexi Lore are super hot in their pink lingerie. These babes are horny and read to see which one of them will cum first with their assortment of toys. Lexi can not get enough of Janes sexy little pussy wanting to bury her tongue deep as she gets Jane to sit right on her face. The girls go ass to ass with a dildo and end the show hot when they ride the Sybian to really get those pussies to cum hard!

Dirty Masseur - Jane Wilde - Oh It's That Kind Of Massage

File: ywlnfnadimajanwilmpwc3wsghi.mp4
Size: 326.56 MB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Keiran Lee doesn't realize what he's signed up for when he arrives for his massage with the petite and sexy Jane Wilde. Jane's not dressed like a typical masseuse and her methods are unconventional, or so Keiran thinks, until he realizes he's booked an appointment for an erotic massage! Jane rubs her naked body all over him until she decides it's time to massage his dick with her mouth and pussy!

Pure Taboo - Jane Wilde - Nice Girls Finish Last

File: eaurhnaputajanwilng7y9y1car.mp4
Size: 479.00 MB
Duration: 41:30
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Dave Wilkins Charles Dera. He is washing dishes when his daughter Libby Laney Grey bursts through the front door, distraught and crying. She drops her knapsack and runs right to him, throwing herself into his arms. Almost on the verge of panic, Libby frantically tells Dave that a bully was terrorizing her at school today.

Dave is supportive and sympathetic and asks her if it's the same bully that's always on her case. Libby confirms it is, a girl named Katrina. Dave has one of his fists clenched in anger as he tells his daughter not to worry, he'll take care of it.

Later that day, Dave's front doorbell rings. He takes a deep, steadying breath before he opens the door. Standing there is Katrina Jane Wilde, looking confident and mildly inconvenienced. They regard each other for a moment. Dave looks at her sternly. 'You must be Katrina,' he says. She looks at him another moment before her lips curl into a mean smile.

'I am... it's so nice to FINALLY meet you, Mr. Wilkins.'


Dave warns Katrina to stop bullying Libby, but Katrina begins to manipulate Dave, drawing his attention to the fact that Lilly plays the victim and is constantly craving attention. Katrina's words seem to be getting to Dave, particularly when she brings up the fact that Lilly wants to dominate HIS attention.

Katrina then makes her move and tries to seduce Dave. He is reluctant, but when Katrina encourages him to do something for himself for once and not for Libby, Dave can resist no longer. He goes in for a hungry kiss. Katrina slides down to her knees and takes Dave's cock out of his pants, spitting on it as she takes it down her throat.

Libby's in for a RUDE awakening when she comes home...

FiLF - Jane Wilde - Salesman Scores Big Fucking His Client's Daughter

File: imqc6nafiljanwil9xyhzzmnat.mp4
Size: 360.50 MB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Starring the stunning Jane Wilde and Romeo Price Dick ain't working? Happens to the best of us. But you do realize that it can still work even though you can't get it up anymore? That's why Jane's father asked for a salesman to come over to his house and sell him the product that could change his sex life for the better. Romeo arrives at the door for his meeting but is surprisingly greeted by a beautiful young brunette. Curious about what his father's meeting is all about, she asks politely in which he replies that he sells Male enhancement products. Her curiosity levels are now peaking. She has to know what her father is planning on buying. She convinces the salesman to come indoors to explain what his products are all about, claiming that she is very close to her father and that she needs to know if this product is right for him. Sitting down in the office, Romeo proceeds to explain all the benefits of BlueChew. A bit disgusted to realize that dick pills were what her father was looking to buy, she asks to see proof of the product's viability. Showing her a binder with pictures of beforeafter pictures, she's still not convinced. At least, that's what the salesman thinks. She's visibly turned on and wants to play a little game with this incredibly handsome older man. She needs hard proof, and by hard proof, she means that the salesman has to take that little chewable wonder and show her the results. Once his cock is engorged with blood and ready to pound anything in sight, she gets down on her knees. What else could she do with this big meaty cock than ram it the furthest she can down her throat and ride it like there's no tomorrow. Guess her father will be happy to know that this amazing product is working like a charm.

Everything Butt - Ana Foxxx, Jane Wilde & Kira Noir - Anal Fuck-off: Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir, Jane Wilde In Lesbian Psychodrama

File: 45c5vnaevbuanajankiryusntxac2u.mp4
Size: 661.46 MB
Duration: 01:21:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir and Jane Wilde! Need I say more? Three super hot babes star in this weeks lesbian psychodrama role play where the girls are pitted against each other with their anal skills to prove their love to Ana. Who loves her the most? Who will Ana choose to keep as her number one fuck toy? When Jane shows up at Ana's place Kira is already there flirting with Ana on the bed. Jealousy and a chance to win Ana over kick in and the great Anal Fuck Off begins! They pull Ana's little top off and tongue her nipples getting her all turned on. Ana has a butt plug in her ass and the girls play with it sliding it in and out of her tight asshole and licking it clean. Each of them determined to fuck Ana the best they each take turns pleasing her with butt toys, pussy licking and hot tender kisses on her lips and her asshole. A long metal dildo glides in and out of Ana's firm ass until she cums hard and the girls clean it off voraciously. They are all getting along pretty good so now it's Kira's turn to get some action and boy do these lovely ladies give it to her. First while Ana vibes Kira's pussy Jane drives her petite fist right up her asshole and it drives her to crazy town. Then Ana gives her a good ass fuckin' with a fat blue strap on cock while Jane slaps and chokes her. More fisting please! Jane fills her butt again with a fist and then they try to fill her up with an even bigger butt plug. Can they get it in? And then little Jane Wilde gets big treatment from Ana and Kira, first they fuck her ass with a glass dildo to warm her up. Then they stuff an even bigger toy in her but and Jane goes Wilde. Jane is famous for her top notch gaping, her ass just gapes like no other. She wiggles and writhes as Ana and Kira fuck her, lick her ass and get her off again and again. Who wins in the end? The Anal Fuck-Off delivers some hot hot hot girl girl girl action! Wow!

Sweet Sinner - Jane Wilde - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: rfadonaswsijanwileirky29rm5.mp4
Size: 341.29 MB
Duration: 28:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde Ryan Mclane Jane's foster mother is eager to kick her out of the house the moment she turns eighteen. She's jealous of the sexual tension building between Jane and her husband, Ryan. Instead of looking for apartments Jane spends her time reading erotic stories on DILFfantasies.com. She becomes obsessed with a tale that reminds her of her foster father--because it was written by him. When she confronts Ryan about this, he takes Jane to a hotel so they can discuss their attraction away from the prying eyes of his wife. Afraid that this may be his last chance to confess his feelings for his daughter before she moves out, he kisses her. She does not shy away from the encounter. She strokes his cock through his khakis as he fingers her under her school, girl skirt. She whispers in his ear about how much she wants to feel her daddy's thick dick in her silky pussy. She takes his growing cock in her tiny hands and starts sucking it. Then he buries his tongue in her cunt and to prepare the hole to get fucked savagely. Jane has been waiting for this moment for years, and she quickly realizes the wait was worth it. She moans with ecstasy while Ryan attempts to quiet her so as not to get found out by the other hotel guests. Soon they give up trying to be quiet and just grind into each other with force. Jane has several quivering orgasms on his cock. Each time she cums her pussy clinches even tighter coaxing out every last drop of her step-daddy's cum.

When Girls Play - Jane Wilde & Katana Kombat - Bingo Babes

File: rd7idnawhgipljankatmkot7chwcj.mp4
Size: 225.08 MB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Busty Katana Kombat and young Jane Wilde are going head-to-head in a heated bingo game! The best girl is bound to win but who can pick between these two bikini-clad babes? Latina Katana and dark-haired Jane are not only super-hot, they are super, duper competitive! Soon, the two are fighting over the game and stamping each others perfect bodies with bingo markers! They hit the showers to clean up but decide that theres a better way to deal with their frustration

Pure Taboo - Joanna Angel & Jane Wilde - Maid Of Honor

File: 1zvdrnaputajoajan36j7i2eehb.mp4
Size: 459.42 MB
Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Jane Wilde. She's talking on the phone to her step-sister Joanna Angel. Jane's very grateful and appreciative that Joanna's letting her move in with her, she's tried being independent by moving out with her boyfriend after she turned 18 but things with her boyfriend are a bit rocky right now and she doesn't want to be around him. And since Jane is Joanna's maid of honor for Joanna's upcoming wedding, Jane will be able to help out with the wedding in any way she can. Jane ends the call, telling Joanna that she'll see her soon.


Jane arrives at Joanna's house, hugging her sister happily as she puts down her bags. Jane reminds Joanna that she's here to help with the wedding too. Jane even suggests that Joanna gives her her phone so that Joanna can just completely relax and Jane will take care of everything. Joanna mentions that she downloaded a wedding planning app. Joanna's hesitant to hand-off the planning of her big day, but Jane eventually convinces her and she gives Jane her phone, telling her that the planning is up to her now. Relieved that she can finally relax, Joanna tells Jane that she and her fiancee are going to go on one last date as boyfriend and girlfriend.

As Joanna enjoys her date with her fiancee Aaron Small Hands, Jane uses Joanna's phone, giggling maliciously as she pretends to be Joanna, canceling the wedding cake. When Joanna and Aaron return from the date, Jane greets Aaron, telling him how excited she is that she's planning the wedding. Aaron is far from excited though, and is suspicious of Jane's real motives. Joanna tries to convince Aaron that he's worrying for nothing. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

The next morning, Aaron is sipping on a cup of coffee in the kitchen when Jane approaches him, hopping up onto the counter next to him. She flirts with him shamelessly. Aaron tries to get her to stop, but Jane keeps going, telling Aaron that when he's kissing his new bride, he'll be thinking about fucking HER. Aaron retorts that he and Jane were only together for ONE night, and it was a huge mistake...something that will NEVER happen again. Joanna walks in, interrupting them and mentions that she needs to go pick up her wedding dress, but Jane volunteers to do it for her.

But unbeknownst to Joanna, Jane doesn't just pick up the dress, but rips it to shreds, laughing maniacally as she does it.

Later, Aaron drives Jane and Joanna to the wedding venue. When Joanna dozes off in the backseat, Jane flirts with Aaron again, flashing him her perky titties as he drives. She tries to convince Aaron to fuck her one last time before he's a married man. As they pull up to the venue, Aaron's resistance finally crumbles and he kisses Jane intensely. Hurrying inside to get at each other, they leave Joanna dozing in the car.

It isn't long before Joanna's eyes flutter open. Groggy, she finds herself alone in the car and grabs her phone from the front seat. As she scrolls through it, she's shocked and anguished by what she sees. The cake...canceled. Dozens of missed calls. The wedding...ruined. Joanna screams with rage.

Joanna stalks angrily toward the reception hall, where Jane is sucking Aaron's dick hungrily. Unbeknownst to them both, Joanna sees them through a window. Rather than confront them, in her shock and despair she leaves the room in a hurry and rushes outside into the wedding reception area, where decorations and tables and chairs are all set up to celebrate her impending marriage which has just gone up in flames.

The sight of the reception fills her with a dark rage, and she begins screaming and tossing the tables and chairs, and destroying decorations.

Finally, the reception area is trashed but Joanna is still seething and panting. She looks back towards the door and seems to have a thought. With a scary determination, she pushes open the door and heads back inside.

Joanna confronts them both, Aaron tries to apologize but Jane tells him to save his breath, he chose her over Joanna and Joanna is just going to have to deal with it. Vanity and rivalry consume the two sisters and they almost start to ignore Aaron as they start to cat-fight for his affections and for superiority of who's the 'better sister'. Aaron seems somewhat helpless as they fight over his dick.

They're BOTH going to fuck him, and by the time it's over, he's going to have to choose who he REALLY wants to be with--his heartbroken bride-to-be...or her wicked maid of honor.

Evil Angel - Jane Wilde - Teen Jane: Gaping Anal & Cum Facial!

File: u3xdfnaevanjanwilj8j81gzycv.mp4
Size: 549.36 MB
Duration: 28:34
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Teenage heartthrob Jane Wilde teases, wearing tight jean shorts with fishnets and heels. The badass brunette strips and shows off, shamelessly spreading her sphincter for the camera. She approaches veteran stud Mick Blue, makes out with him, and then gags on his thick prick through a sloppy blowjob. Mick fingers her rectum as he ruthlessly reams her twat. He crams his cock deep into Jane's colon. Graphic anal sex comes with raunchy rimming, ass-to-mouth face fucking and immense butthole gaping. Jane talks dirty as Mick thoroughly fucks her holes. A cum facial soaks her smile.

New Sensations - Jane Wilde - A Hotwife Is A Happy Wife 3

File: bfibinanesejanwilwaxbiv4cue.mp4
Size: 655.49 MB
Duration: 39:56
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Andreina Deluxe, Jade Kush, Jane Wilde, and Lena Anderson are your gorgeous wives, spicing things up with some sexually charged bondage! But wait.. these men are clearly not their husbands! Its just another day in the hotwife life and these ladies are keepin' it fresh in all brand-new scenes

Bang Surprise - Jane Wilde - Jane Wilde Is A Fun-Sized Anal Whore

File: fbovtnabasujanwilvvdxtnpzmu.mp4
Size: 612.06 MB
Duration: 36:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde is a fun-sized anal whore that loves to get her asshole gaped! This cutie looks innocent with her flirty pigtails but she sure can take a thick cock ramming her holes! She begs for her holes to be stretched out wide open and absolutely destroyed by cock. This cutie is a devious anal whore that can't get enough!

Jules Jordan - Jane Wilde - See Jane Wilde Gape

File: y1oygnajujojanwilpj62nyd4rj.mp4
Size: 299.55 MB
Duration: 36:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde gets an ANAL workout from Manuel Ferrara! Janes a sexy little spinner with an insatiable appetite for BIG DICKS in all of her holes. Shes looking hella sexy in her black fishnet top with matching garter belt stockings along with black high heels. Jane shakes her body as Manuel examines every inch of her succulent flesh. Watching this horny babe seductively tease him winds up being too much for Manuel so he pulls his thick cock out and starts rubbing it against her soft pussy lips. Jane reaches out with both hands and grabs ahold of his big dick and starts stroking it then rubs it between her ass cheeks before squatting down, spreading her legs and vigorously rubbing her clit. Manuel takes this opportunity to guide his cock into Janes mouth as she continues to play with her pussy. She lays back to reveal that shes had a crystal butt plug in her ass this whole time and shows off her spectacular sphincter control as she makes it move in an out of her ass using only her butthole. Manuel pulls it out to expose her beautiful gaping ass, then Jane some a huge glass toy in there while Manuel fucks her face and licks her tight snatch. He proceeds to pound her pretty pink pussy in missionary and cowgirl before laying her out in spoon to slide his massive cock into her amazing asshole. Jane screams for Manuel to pound her harder as he reams her rectum, then Jane holds her ass cheeks open to so off her gorgeous GAPE. Manuel continues to pound away at this horny spinners beautiful back door then finishes off by blowing his load all over her face and in her mouth!

Watching My Daughter Go Black - Jane Wilde & Syren DeMer - Jane is a horny little girl

File: 6yj1hnawamydagobljansyrwgyufphk2n.mp4
Size: 442.83 MB
Duration: 39:23
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jane is a horny little girl. She likes to sneak her older, black boyfriend into the house when the parents are gone. Things start to get heated on the couch. Just as she pulls out his Big black cock and starts to stuff it into her tiny little mouth....Step-Mom comes home! In a panic, she tells her boyfriend to hide behind the curtain. It doesn't take step-mom long to find this dude hiding...naked! She grabs him by the dick and pulls him out. Step-mom doesn't believe that her little girl, Jane can handle such a large male member. Jane is more than happy to prove she can. So she swallows that dick like a true cocksucking pro. Step-mom is impressed, but she wants to show her experience. The two fuck and suck like its a competition. The boyfriend is more than willing to share his cock. If Jane wants to ride the dick, then so does mama. If Jane wants to choke on the dick, so does mama. And if little Jane wants it in her ass, then so does Mama! What the hell...they are family right?!

Nubiles ET - Jane Wilde - Handmaidens The Other Woman

File: 1gjxenanuetjanwilplpmdlrnba.mp4
Size: 289.56 MB
Duration: 23:53
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: After the debacle with handmaid Carolina Sweets, Jake Adams and his wife Lia must try again with another girl. This time they've chosen Jane Wilde, who is sweetly shy for her first assignment. Lia questions Jane, then introduces her to Jake. Jane is more biddable than Carolina ever was, lifting her skirt to show her ass and pussy and to prove she's not wearing any panties. When Lia leads them to the bedroom and leaves them to it, Jake discovers that Jane is not wearing a bra, either.

Nude, Jane drops to her knees to reverently take Jake's hardon in both hands to start stroking his long dick. She leans forward to sample the tip, then sucks him deeper with every bob of her head. Jake lets Jane explore his fuck stick for a while, then lays her down on the bed so he can bury his face between her thighs and enjoy the sweet cream dripping from her twat. At Jake's urging, she gets to her hands and knees so he can lick her from pussy to anus.

With Jane still on her knees on the bed, Jake finally completes their union as he takes her doggy style. He works Jane's twat for a while, then pulls her into his lap so she can plant her feet to either side and ride him in reverse cowgirl. Jane is enjoying herself, but Jake still needs to cum. Arranging Jane on her back, he instructs her to hold her legs high so he can work her twat in a pussy pounding fuck fest. That finally does the job Jake lets loose his load in a creampie that will hopefully take advantage of Jane's fertility.

All Anal - Emily Willis & Jane Wilde - Anal Sex…Forever!

File: hhvbmnaalanemijanjtcht4l8c1.mp4
Size: 306.56 MB
Duration: 01:01:52
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde and Emily Willis are women of the people, and theyre here to bring the people what they want, and what the people want is ALL ANAL. These filthy beauties pull out all the stops, tonguing each others gapes, spreading each others assholes for deep rectal ramming and slurping this lucky studs cum out of each others winking holes with pageant queen smiles. Who will be crowned the next Anal Queen?

Nubile Films - Aidra Fox & Jane Wilde - Someone New

File: lumelnanufiaidjanal95hih5q3.mp4
Size: 351.07 MB
Duration: 25:03
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Tyler Nixon and Aidra Fox have been looking to spice up their relationship, and Jane Wilde is the answer to their prayers. They bring demure Jane home and sit her down on the couch, where she waits a little bit nervously while Aidra and Tyler disappear into the bedroom. Jane's expression is one of pleased surprise when Aidra emerges wearing sheer lingerie and Tyler comes out in just his boxers with a silk cloth draped over his shoulders.

Pulling Jane to her feet, Tyler and Jane work together to seduce their third. Tyler slides his hand beneath AIdra's miniskirt to find her pantiles and dripping wet. Aidra distracts Jane with a deep kiss while Tyler slips the cloth from around his neck and uses it to blindfold Jane. Without her sight, her other senses are on high alert as Aidra and Tyler caress her long legs and firm titties, peel off her shirt, and then go to work kissing their way down Jane's tight body.

Still blindfolded, Jane finds herself on the couch with Aidra and Tyler taking turns rubbing her twat down. AIdra takes the first taste of Jane's juices, giving Tyler the chance to guide his stiffie into Jane's mouth. While sucking Tyler off and getting her pussy finger banged by Aidra, Jane can't quite contain her moans of delight. Tyler and Aidra wait until Jane has reached a fever pitch of sensual need before they remove the blindfold and let Jane become a full participant in their lovemaking.

Laying down won the couch, Tyler pulls Jane until she has planted her pussy on his face. Aidra mounts herself on Tyler's fuck stick facing AIdra so that the girls can exchange kisses as they ride their man together. When they change things up, Jane finds herself in the middle with her pussy being pounded doggy style and her face buried between Aidra's thighs. Lapping up her friend's sweet juices, she rocks back to meet every one of Tyler's long strokes.

Eventually Jane gets out of the way so that Tyler can move forward and go to work on Aidra's greedy twat. The girls get even more creative as Aidra adjusts her position so that her fuck hole is right at the end of the couch. Climbing on top of her friend, Jane leans forward to present Tyler with a double pussy stack that he can indulge in.

When the girls are finally satisfied, they urge Tyler down onto the couch and then flank him on either side. Working together, they each wrap a hand around Tyler's long man meat and stroke together. There's just enough room left that they can lick the tip while delivering their double handie. When Tyler lets go, his cum shot gives Jane a hot facial while leaving just enough left over for the girls to suck clean and snowball.