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Jade Kush

Cherry Pimps - Jade Kush - Jade Kush Is Ready To Be Naughty Fucking

File: yiiirnachpijadkusflp2tuaeic.mp4
Size: 669.03 MB
Duration: 58:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Kush is ready to be a naughty girl and tease you with some up skirt shots of her pink little panties. She swears she doesn't do it on purpose but yet she keeps doing it. Soon that sexy little skirt comes off and out come those gorgeous large natural tits when she pulls off her top. She completely captivates you as she rubs and runs her hands all over those beautiful voluptuous breasts! Donnie Rock can not wait to get his face in the place going down on his knees so he can taste that delicious sweet pussy! Jade may love that tongue of his on her clit but she wants to feel that hard cock go deep into her pussy so she can sum! Soon Donnie gets her down on the floor and pounds her in some wild pile driver until she has to lay back so she can enjoy that hot load of cum all over her face and in her mouth!

Turning Twistys - Jade Kush & Ashlee Juliet - After School Special

File: 8sodsnatutwjadashwvyibntmdv.mp4
Size: 301.39 MB
Duration: 37:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Pink-haired Ashlee Joliet shows up at nerdy Jade Kushs house to study. Jade is a total goody-two-shoes and punky Ashlee is determined to shake things up! Busty Jade tries her best to make tall Ashlee concentrate but catches Ashlee looking at naked pictures of girls on her phone. Jade is shocked, she swears shes never thought about girls in that way. Sexy Ashlee doesnt buy it for a second and, in no time, has innocent Jade screaming her name!

Scam Angels - Jade Kush & Ember Snow - Real Estate Hustle

File: lrngnnascejademb8zkw1rleep.mp4
Size: 401.29 MB
Duration: 26:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Kush and Ember Snow are two real estate agents trying to make it big. Today they have the perfect opportunity to go behind their boss's back and close a deal on their own to keep the full comission for themselves. The only catch, the deal is fake. But Logan Long won't know this because he'll be too busy taking turns, having sex with these two asian girls with big tits and warm lips. The two girls ride and grind until he can't hold back and ejaculates all over their sexy asses.

When Girls Play - Abella Danger & Jade Kush - Bad Bitches Club

File: pte6nnawhgiplabejadpvtfnpthnq.mp4
Size: 228.58 MB
Duration: 28:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Abella is the HBIC Head Bitch In Charge of a cliquey group of girls at her elite college. Jade is just a nerdy newb who wants to belong and is willing to do anything to join Abella and her friends in the Bad Bitches Club. When Abella invites Jade over for a test, she thinks theyll be studying but getting Jades nose in a book is not at all what Abella has in mind.

New Sensations - Jade Kush - Jade Gets Tied Up After Work

File: rs6donanesejadkuskgvmzvduqp.mp4
Size: 370.20 MB
Duration: 45:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty little Asian wife Jade is a workaholic and her boss Nathon would like to reward her with some gifts today. Jade makes a quick call to her husband letting him know shes gonna be tied up for a bit after work and proceeds down to her knees to start choking on every inch of cock and wrapping her huge juicy tits around it too. Now with the restraints on Nathon can do everything he wants to do to her tight little sweet pink pussy.

Devil's Film - Jade Kush - The Secret Garden Of Jade Kush

File: gaovfnadefijadkususkkzdcngz.mp4
Size: 386.58 MB
Duration: 33:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Meet the picture of Chinese love dolls, Jade Kush. Adopted as an infant by an American couple, she was brought from China to middle America and raised by a typical upper-middle-class family. But, her true talent lies in her genes that hold the ancient secret of the Orient. Quiet but versed in the way of the Kama Sutra, this sexual Asian play toy lights up the screen as she pleasures her partner Logan Pierce in a variety of positions. From cock sucking to riding a pole to taking it deep one only has to look inside her pussy to know that 'made in China' is truly a mark of perfection.

New Sensations - Jade Kush - A Hotwife Is A Happy Wife 3

File: 1fjp1nanesejadkuszuxvdgixcf.mp4
Size: 571.70 MB
Duration: 35:08
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Andreina Deluxe, Jade Kush, Jane Wilde, and Lena Anderson are your gorgeous wives, spicing things up with some sexually charged bondage! But wait.. these men are clearly not their husbands! Its just another day in the hotwife life and these ladies are keepin' it fresh in all brand-new scenes..

RK Prime - Jade Kush - Good Fucking Kush

File: uaomynarkprjadkuscswmrogqfn.mp4
Size: 581.69 MB
Duration: 39:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Kush is a treasure. Those bedroom eyes, long legs, big naturals I also hear she's got a wild spirit and a wicked sense of humor. But you're here to see her in a fishnet bodysuit and leather jacket, stretched and pulled to show off those perky nipples, round tits, and ass you could camp on for weeks without complaint. Oh, and those DSLs. Okay, enough objectifying, she also has the attitude to match her entrancing body Fuck. I can't help it! Look at her!

Titty Attack - Jade Kush - Asian Tit Tricks

File: yxdeqnatiatjadkuslrvr1hftm9.mp4
Size: 568.24 MB
Duration: 41:11
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Kush has an incredible set of Asian tits and she knows it. She squeezes them together as our stud drizzles on a coat of oil to get her ready for some hardcore pussy hammering. He slaps her ass and Jades tight pussy gets wet right away. She feeds him both her nipples, and he runs his tongue along her cans until his cock is hard as a rock. She slobbers on it and then hops on top to get a hard pummeling from below. She moans as our stud penetrates her slit, banging her from every angle as she cums on his rod. Then, he s a nice splash of nut all over Jades boobs. Do you think Jades tits are as incredible as we do? Let us know in the comments!

New Sensations - Jade Kush - My Asian Hotwife 4

File: gq5innanesejadkusybycczxihd.mp4
Size: 745.44 MB
Duration: 45:42
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful and seductive, these Asian hotwives experience tremendous pleasure when their husbands encourage them to enjoy new lovers. Free to indulge, they devour the young bulls eager to fulfill their hotwifing fantasies! Watch as Asian stunners Jade Kush, Kendra Spade, Nyomi Star, and Sharon Lee bring it all to life in this new volume of the award-winning series

BangBros 18 - Jade Kush - Creeping On Jade Kush

File: joogmnaba18jadkussdhlinyuhm.mp4
Size: 472.04 MB
Duration: 42:20
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: All Jade wanted was to have a nice relaxing day by the pool. She thought she was home alone, so she started playing with herself while oiling up. But little did she know, her step father was going to walk in and begin to spy on her. He watched her from a far for some time. Until he couldnt take it anymore and began to jerk off as he watched her. Jade, eventually noticed what her pervert step father was doing. She confronted him. However, she wasnt mad. She was so horny that she asked him to fuck her. Jade got her pussy penetrated by her step fathers cock in several different positions and eventually swallowed every single drop of his bust.

BFFS - Taylor Blake, Jade Kush & April Snow - Bunnies Have Fun

File: acmf6nabfftayjadapr8rtaprd3yu.mp4
Size: 555.02 MB
Duration: 40:15
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When April Snow, Jade Kush, and Taylor Blake get together to do a sexy photoshoot in some black bunny rabbit outfits, the sparks fly between them and the photographer. They think he is super cute, so they invite him into the frame to have a little fun! He takes out his cock and lets the horny besties share it. They team up to give him an incredible blowjob before lining their pussies up in a row to get slammed. He plugs them up with his prick and pleasures them until they are all screaming for more. Then, he drops a big load of jizz all over the pervy playmates. What a shot!

All Girl Massage - Alison Rey & Jade Kush - Best Friends Forever

File: zslxmnaalgimaalijadlha6bj5low.mp4
Size: 292.46 MB
Duration: 37:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey and Jade Kush are two best friends trying to remain connected, even though life is pulling them apart. They don't have the same interests they used to, so it's harder to bond. It doesn't help that Jade's been so busy with cheerleading practice lately, which leaves her feeling sore and tired all the time.

Fortunately, Jade's able to squeeze in some time to grab a coffee after an upcoming cheerleading practice, which fills them both with excitement. After they hang up, Alison gets the great idea of looking up how to do massages. She wants to go into sports medicine in college, so learning how to massage Jade now can help her future career AND give them something to do together!

When Jade shows up a few days later, she's down for getting a massage. Although Alison was so sure before about giving a massage, she's not so sure now once Jade easily strips down before her. Alison can't stop staring at Jade's naked body since all that exercising from cheerleading has really been working out for her...

Alison tries to push away her attraction as she commits to massaging Jade. Right now, it's crucial that they rekindle their bond to make their friendship stronger. Yet, the more she massages Jade, the more Alison realizes that she wants MORE than friendship -- especially when squeezing Jade's perky breasts!

When Jade cups Alison's cheek and tugs her in for a kiss, Alison can't believe what's happening. Yet, the anxiousness gets pushed aside as Jade reassures her that SHE'S turned on, too, and wants to explore more. Maybe THIS is just what they need to strengthen their friendship.

Alison, eager for intimacy with her best friend, gives in. They're closer than ever now as Alison undresses so that Jade can suck on her breasts and tease her pussy with her tongue. Alison's head is in the clouds as she enjoys the attention, though gives it back tenfold. As they trib towards their final, intense release, it's evident that they really ARE best friends forever.

Big Tits Round Asses - Jade Kush - Spying On The Great Busty Jade Kush

File: xs1oknabitiroasjadkusbxkxw6jk4b.mp4
Size: 294.49 MB
Duration: 26:36
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The sexy big tit Jade Kush gets spied on by her stepbro as she relaxes. As she paints her nails, adds make up and even take a naughty picture session Juan does his best to not get caught starring. She catches him because his cock poked through the curtains. She quickly yells at him and once she notices his large cock she tells him that he better not say anything to anyone. She gives him a good sucking and tit fucking before she gets it in her. She gets her pussy stuffed from different positions until he cums all over her mouth and tits.

Little Asians - Jade Kush & Nyomi Star - Asian Labia For Lunch

File: dvfc9naliasjadnyotiyirxo5dw.mp4
Size: 586.83 MB
Duration: 42:32
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Nyomi Star and Jade Kush are having a hard time adjusting to the stuffy lifestyle of office work. But today, they take a lunch break that is sure to reinvigorate their spirits. Our stud shows up wielding his big banana, and these two Asian chicks immediately get to work! Jade sucks and fucks his hardon as Nyomi calmly finishes her lunch. Then Nyomi joins in, sliding his cock between her pantyhosed feet for a raunchy footjob. He sucks their toes before ripping open their pantyhose and stuffing both of their tight Asian pussies with his bosshog. Then he showers them in hot sperm. Looks like this office romance is just getting started

Swallowed - Jade Kush, Ember Snow & Elle Voneva - Triple Threat With Elle, Ember, And Jade

File: ihnownaswajadembelll2ntokytyg.mp4
Size: 650.70 MB
Duration: 57:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when Elle Voneva, Ember Snow, and Jade Kush are let loose around a huge cock? They get nasty, thats what! After first playing around with each other, these thirsty girls all take turns rotating their mouths between cock, balls, and asshole. After that cock has taken at it can, a stream of cum is unleashed into their waiting mouths.

Nuru Massage - Jade Kush - Some Neighborly Guidance

File: tdwwinanumajadkusd5oufgfrp3.mp4
Size: 353.24 MB
Duration: 40:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mr. Pete is on his couch when he hears a knock at the door. He gets up to answer it and is met by Jade Kush. She smiles but looks alittle upset. They greet each other. She says that she hopes it's ok that she is stopping by unannounced, she's just looking for someadvice. Of course, it is, that's one of the many benefits of living next door to her guidance counselor he's always easily accessible foradvice, he says with a smile. He invites her to sit on the couch and takes a seat next to her. His eyes brighten as he seems toremember something. Oh, wasn't the career fair today?, how did it go?, he asks.

Well, that's kind of why she needs advice actually, Jade begins. She knows that he suggested getting some inspiration for what shewants to do with her life from the different jobs that would be on display at the fair, but she couldn't really find ANYTHING thatinterested her, she continues, disappointed. So now she's more confused than ever, she adds dejectedly. Well, like they've talkedabout before, it's TOTALLY normal to be confused at this point in her life, she's only 18, she's not going to know ALL the answers,Mr. Pete says sympathetically. It can take time for a person to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, he adds.Yeah, she gets that, but she was hoping that she would at least have some vague IDEA, some...DIRECTION by now, Jade responds.

He offers to help her make her choice and asks probing questions to see what job would suit her best. After she says she likesworking with her hands, she notices his wife's massage table. She is intrigued, saying this is something she may want to pursue. Sheasks him if she can try some basic massage techniques on him to see if it really interests her. After some initial reluctance, Mr. Peteagrees and Jade begins to give him a shoulder rub as he lies face down on the massage table. As he enjoys the massage, shebecomes aroused by his body. She suggests that he take his shirt off to give her an idea of whether she would be comfortabletouching naked people. Again he is reluctant, but ultimately agrees. He flips over for Jade to massage his chest.

As she massages his shirtless body, they both get swept-up in the sexual tension. They snap out of their trance when Jade notices abottle of NURU gel. When Mr. Pete refuses to explain what the gel is used for, she suggests flirtatiously that they try it. Despite hisbest efforts, he is unable to resist her charms any longer. He gives in and they kiss before moving to the shower.

In the shower area, they take their clothes off and begin to wash each other. Things are immediately erotic as Jade caresses his hardcock and he feels her perky teen tits and fingers her. During the shower, there is a tense moment when Mr. Pete hears his wifewalking around. Nervously, he tells Jade that she must be up from her nap. Jade tells him that they'll just have to be EXTRA quietthen. They resume foreplay, but with a renewed effort to stifle their moans of pleasure as Mr. Pete shoots nervous glances towardsthe door. They then proceed to the spare room for the massage.

In the spare room, they creep in, doing their best to be quiet. The massage begins, with Jade body sliding on Mr. Pete. As the bodysliding segues into more foreplay, they freeze abruptly when they hear Mr. Pete's wife calling for him, asking him where he is. Mr.Pete hastily calls to her that he's just giving a student some...advice, so he needs privacy. His wife seems satisfied with theexplanation. They resume their foreplay as Jade slides Mr. Pete's hard cock into her pussy.

Jade may have stopped by for advice, but she's going to get a LOT more than just some neighborly guidance.

Screw The Cops - Jade Kush - No Title

File: yoog5nascthcojadkus1pwesnxf1x.mp4
Size: 626.31 MB
Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Don't bust a girl, bust a nut! Officer Pound was in the mood, but in uniform. Whatever, this guy doesn't care he knows what he wants. He heads into the massage parlor, find a cute Asian girl, does some negotiating for a blowjob, and once the money shows its game on. She is loving it so much she lets him fuck her until he busts all over her nice tits! Justice served!

The Real Workout - Jade Kush - Fucks Deluxe

File: dgzsxnathrewojadkuspfeidsobe1.mp4
Size: 466.67 MB
Duration: 32:13
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Kush is one of the most requested fitness gurus around, and when our stud finally gets to spend an hour with her, he can see why. Her hot Asian body provides all the motivation a guy could ever ask for. But when he inquires about the rumored deluxe package Jade offers, things take a turn for the hotter. She rubs his cock down and slips it between her sexy Asian lips. Then, they move inside for some more fuckage. The only condition is, he has to finish his work out first. He pumps out some muscle building sets and then earns his risque reward. He slides his long schlong inside Jades tight Asian cunt, fucking her love glove as she whimpers in pleasure. Then, he splats a healthy load of sperm on her tummy.

Third Degree Films - Jade Kush - Giant Dicks In Asian Chicks 3

File: kivmznathdefijadkusat2k4ynjpg.mp4
Size: 433.67 MB
Duration: 25:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whoa! That's a lotta dick! These Asian beauties crave the deepest penetration they can take, but will they be able to fit it all in? Every extreme tight squeeze drives these girls wild with ecstasy, leading to a screaming climax in scene after scene of big dick glory! If you've ever wondered, now you'll know how to fit Giant Dicks in Asian Chicks