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Jacquie et Michel

Jacquie Et Michel - Maryline - Maryline, 28, Sharpens Her Naughty Experience

File: k2u8onajaetmimary2ayqwukmd7.mp4
Size: 370.96 MB
Duration: 47:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The naughty pulpy girl from Deauville, Maryline, wants to take full advantage of our team's sex skills to forge an experience that matches her ambitions. Still a bit on the reserve despite a successful first, the 28-year-old with superb curves wanted to rub shoulders with two guys for the very first time in her life. After an appetite proposed by our national Sandy, here she is very busy with our boys, who bring her very far in her entrenchments, until the famous double penetration ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Marina - Marina, 55 Years Old, Atomic Milf

File: u3mv6najaetmimari5k5ehds8ub.mp4
Size: 232.61 MB
Duration: 29:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: How to resist the charm of the sublime Marina, 55 years old? The body of a goddess, a smile as exciting as her natural grace... So when on top of that, this milf grinds herself into an ultra sexy maid with the sole purpose of having fun, it's enough to drive you crazy! It's this lucky Pascal who has the honor to enjoy the endless appetite of this mature, and even sodomize her most naturally in the world!

Jacquie Et Michel - Lala - Lala's Big Gift, 42 Years Old

File: ewbvtnajaetmilalafsbtfhcmsu.mp4
Size: 277.42 MB
Duration: 35:09
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: On the construction site of her future second beauty salon, Lala, 42 years old, is not only there to show us the progress of the work. The pulpy half-breed with an overflowing sexual appetite has indeed very much enjoyed her first video with our team, and was counting on us to push her a little further. She simply hadn't thought about how vicious we can be when we're given carte blanche... Because the naughty girl ends up in the company of three lascars for a rather lively gang-bang!

Jacquie Et Michel - Shanna & Lou - Shocking Encounter Between Shanna, 27, And Lou

File: iunhynajaetmishaloucokswndyry.mp4
Size: 369.33 MB
Duration: 46:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Without consulting each other, Shanna, 27, and Lou, 20, pulled out the heavy artillery to be as attractive as possible... It is in the country of the first one, Belgium, in front of the Atonium, in Brussels, that the adventure starts. The bakery saleswoman, who is not at her trial run concerning the sapphism, wanted to have fun in a trio with another woman. Led by the impetuosity of her youngest daughter from Bordeaux, who won't let go of the sextoys at their disposal, but also by the ardour of her friend Antho, the blonde bombshell takes terrible pleasure in the various perverse games that each of the protagonists offers her!

Jacquie Et Michel - Louise - Louise, 42 Years Old, A Breeding Slut

File: snlnunajaetmilouiao4waexukd.mp4
Size: 292.72 MB
Duration: 37:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: She defines herself as follows Louise, 42, is a real breeding bitch! Very experienced and a patented gourmet, this milf from the Loiret region particularly likes hard fucking, and regularly engages in gang-banging in the libertine clubs she frequents. If her record of achievements is very extensive, she had never fooled around with a kid from Marseille... Antho has therefore volunteered to mistreat this incredible slut, and sodomises her to the max to keep her happy!

Jacquie Et Michel - Naomie - Naomie, 24, Always Wants To Have Fun

File: utg82najaetminaomxfbh3k4xfi.mp4
Size: 376.23 MB
Duration: 47:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: She hasn't changed a bit since we first met Naomie, 24 years old, still has that sparkle in her eyes that we really like. But what is even more important is that she is totally ready to continue the infidelities made to her man! She had explained it on a television show and then in our videos cheating on her boyfriend is a priesthood for her. So Lorenzo tastes this very sweet delicacy, and takes advantage of it to sodomize her more than rightly...

Jacquie Et Michel - Tiffany Leiddi & Gisha Forza - Irreverent

File: ibhshnajaetmitifkir9vpxawdc9q.mp4
Size: 530.81 MB
Duration: 48:56
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Two rascals with crazy bodies and overflowing libido are having fun figuring out who's going to be the sluttier of the two... Tiffany and Kirsten are sex bombshells with an innate talent for sex, who play perfectly with their curves to get what they want. And when in addition they're specially dressed as irreverent students, Rick and Olivier can only give them a good lesson, in an orgy that mixes sodomy, fetishism and even creampy!

Jacquie Et Michel - Johana - Johana, 25 Years Old, Record Store In Rennes

File: pylvqnajaetmijohaong6gxgg4s.mp4
Size: 338.14 MB
Duration: 42:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We wished to receive the beautiful Johana, 25 years old, in the best possible way. So it was normal to bring her to a creperie in Paris, she's the pure Breton! In front of a good pancake, the young lady, who works as a record dealer in Rennes, explained the reasons for her coming. Having a strong taste for sex, the naughty girl came in front of our camera to learn, in the company of a lascar in particular. Indeed, during an erotic show in her hometown, she had fallen in love with the generous assets of our friend Tony, and was eager to take advantage of them!

Jacquie Et Michel - Stacy - Stacy, 27 Years Old, Elegant Rascal With Perfect Curves

File: vmksdnajaetmistaczvrys3rrkx.mp4
Size: 488.94 MB
Duration: 46:54
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: She takes an immense place when she arrives in front of our team, so much her elegance and her grace radiate our camera ... Stacy, 27 years old, she is an incredibly sexy young lady, with perfect curves and angelic face. If she discovered Paris, she certainly did not forget to call on our team, in particular to meet the friend Vince, whom she follows on social networks. The meeting takes place in a typical bar of the capital, where the two rascals engage in a very intense face-to-face, with sodomy to the key ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Haily - Haily, 21, Still In The Discovery Phase

File: ffvmxnajaetmihailw7t6mzissk.mp4
Size: 328.35 MB
Duration: 41:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Always so sparkling and smiling, the pretty Haily, 21, makes no secret of her desires. Indeed, if it is still in the discovery phase, the fact of regularly watching our videos gives it ideas! Inevitably, the prospect of having fun with two guys interested him a lot ... Simply, his arrival in front of our lads impressed him a little, they who are already ready to take action in the simplest device! Fortunately, the home printer at La Penne-sur-Huveaune 13 quickly regains her senses, and thus enjoys the special pleasures of a threesome ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Anna & Lala - Anna, 23, Comes With Her Boss

File: lzfemnajaetmiannlalhgdpfwjc4y.mp4
Size: 327.90 MB
Duration: 41:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This little Anna 23-year-old bombshell never ceases to surprise us! After her exploits with our team, the Malagasy returns this time with a sacred gift to offer us ... Indeed, it is nothing less than Lala, the patron saint of the institute where she works! The latter, who admired his protege in his various videos, was curious to see what gave a filming in real life But since she is an insatiable slut with a well-supplied sexual experience, she gradually lets herself embark on a plan which runs at full speed thanks to the intensity put by the friend Tony!

Jacquie Et Michel - Tara & Angelique - Our Story Continues With Tara, 24 Years Old

File: si56tnajaetmitarangzfoym2sgkl.mp4
Size: 312.86 MB
Duration: 39:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We didn't want to part ways too fast with that 24-year-old slut Tara. The rascal, who managed to overcome her shyness during her first steps with us, is still not satiated and wishes to continue exploring the paths of perdition in our company. To do so, the beautiful Angelique had to get involved, still in Avignon... Of course, this does not bother her at all here she is embarked in an endless plan, between sapphism and intense fucking!

Jacquie Et Michel - Honour - Honour's Amazing Class, 25 Years Oldaaa

File: uypmlnajaetmihonoljivmfuonx.mp4
Size: 332.18 MB
Duration: 42:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Terribly sexy with his classy attitude and his deep blue eyes, Honour, 25 years old, has something to unsettle you. Especially when you know that she is also a real sexual gourmand... But it's quite incredible that the Londoner has never tried the experience of a trio with two men! Lucky break or flair, call it what you want, but our camera is here to immortalize this moment... And the naughty girl is doing very well, giving a hard time to the lascars who came especially for her!

Jacquie Et Michel - Celia - Celia, 28, Hasn't Changed

File: f7v7znajaetmicelihr2qbjymtp.mp4
Size: 373.00 MB
Duration: 47:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What a pleasure to see the radiant Celia, 28 years old! Six years after her first appearance in front of our camera, the pulpy blonde has hardly changed. Still as smiling and friendly as ever, she now works in the JM Store in Villeneuve-Loubet 219 Avenue du Dr Julien Lefebvre, in the Nice area. And the naughty, mischievous, even confides that she would have gotten her contract because she has already shot with our team... So she is very excited at the idea of going back to work with one of our guys, and quickly proves that she hasn't lost any of her sexual skills!

Jacquie Et Michel - Florane Russell - Florane, 27 Years Old, Well-educated Studentaaa

File: 3lkqlnajaetmiflorusdnxszvzgwv.mp4
Size: 346.74 MB
Duration: 43:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's a situation like few others we face. Jean-Marie, a university professor in Paris, takes a certain pleasure in perverting his female post-doctoral students by handing them over to men. It is one of them that he brings us Florane, 27, is a very well educated student on this subject, and will do anything to please her teacher . So Pascal has every opportunity to take advantage of all the orifices of this beautiful blonde with big tits, and obviously ends up sodomizing her with passion!

Jacquie Et Michel - Vanessa - Noticed Comeback For Vanessa, 21 Years Old

File: gcmpmnajaetmivanellxkwu6z2n.mp4
Size: 421.58 MB
Duration: 53:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: She missed the special atmosphere of the shootings, so much so that the pretty Vanessa, 21 years old, decided to make her comeback in front of our camera ! Still living in Bordeaux, the young lady realized that she didn't satisfy all her fantasies during her first visits, leaving her with a taste of unfinished business... But since she is rather the adventurous type, she asked if it was possible to discover fucking with another woman, Stphanie in this case, with strangers and the famous gang-bang. Obviously, we managed to offer her a summary of all her requests, with even a double penetration supplement!

Jacquie Et Michel - Haily - Haily, 21, Home Printer

File: iq2rpnajaetmihailpcuqdabpsf.mp4
Size: 319.72 MB
Duration: 40:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When the beautiful Haily, 21 years old, appears, we are illuminated by her smile and immediately charmed by her shyness. Printer at home in La Penne-sur-Huveaune, the young lady is, despite a body of madness, still single. One suspects that this is deliberate, as she explains on several occasions that she wants above all to please the men she meets... Antho is obviously seduced by the curves of the naughty girl, and takes the time to discover her after a demonstration of impression from her!

Jacquie Et Michel - Maryline - Maryline, 28, From Deauville

File: ysiztnajaetmimaryxgneae1nkc.mp4
Size: 355.01 MB
Duration: 44:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: But what is the pulpy Maryline doing in the South of France, she who lives in Deauville 14? Simply spending holidays with friends! Only, being alone all day long, she gets a bit bored. So to make the most of her stay, she thought that contacting our team would be a great idea... Especially as she knows a section of it on the sofa, she who works in a shop specializing in this type of furniture! This way, she's not out of the ordinary when she's fooling around with her friend Vlad, and she can make the most of her shape and, above all, her sex skills in his company!

Jacquie Et Michel - Tara - Two Guys For The Very Greedy Tara, 24 Years Old

File: ft9fwnajaetmitaraxipg3mknwn.mp4
Size: 342.40 MB
Duration: 43:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is very close to the famous Avignon bridge that we find this naughty Tara, 24 years old. Having sent us a fiery email explaining that she wanted to continue her experiences with us, she is much less proud when she sees the camera pointed at her ... However, with her physique, she does not have to blush! Especially since we knew she could do much better than when she premiered, having fun with two guys. Ninos and Antho do not go through four paths and greedily take care of the bulging little ass of this gourmet student of aesthetics!

Jacquie Et Michel - Lily - New Weekend Of Lust With Lily Aaa

File: 6njounajaetmililyvpovud5lhk.mp4
Size: 364.47 MB
Duration: 45:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: As she does very regularly, the pretty Lily, 30 years old, joins Bordeaux on weekends, to get her breath of fresh air, but also to have fun as it should. And for this new adventure, this assumed libertine that she is finally wishing to take advantage of the curves of this naughty Angelique ... And quite surprisingly, the latter is very disturbed, even having trouble finding her words. Rather than getting lost in long words, the ladies throw themselves on each other, starting to languidly dyke until the arrival of a surprise guest ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Clara - Double Blow For Clara, 18 Years Old

File: lzx8rnajaetmiclarx8a4wnu98f.mp4
Size: 615.33 MB
Duration: 44:57
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: The sublime and very naughty Clara, 18 years old, is definitely a woman who loves challenges. Obviously, the aesthetics student from La Ciotat wanted her new challenge to be immortalized in front of our camera, with two men on the program ... Mike, her new darling, is therefore helped by Antho to fulfill the oversized desires and libido of this incredible naughty. And they have a job, as the lady is in need of a good fuck, playing with her crazy body to heat up the two lads!

Jacquie Et Michel - Julie - The Contagious Sexual Madness Of Julie, 25 Years Old Aaa

File: gg4pynajaetmijulipiblo88uwm.mp4
Size: 438.06 MB
Duration: 55:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Her smile and her enthusiasm are contagious, and this naughty Julie, 25, is well aware of it! This pretty Gabonese blackette, real estate agent in Fuveau 13, did not want to stop enjoying thanks to our team ... But for that, she needed two men to bang! Happy with this gift of which she secretly dreamed for a long time, the slut gets carried away by her temperament and even comes to taste the double penetration for the very first time ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Ella - Tradition Is Respected For Ella, 37 Years Old Aaa

File: iqs9qnajaetmiellakuk3gegzeo.mp4
Size: 497.06 MB
Duration: 46:15
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Ella, our beautiful Italian redhead, is not in front of the camera in dilettante, far from it. Indeed, the rascal, who has just celebrated her 37 years, had a furious desire to treat herself to a big birthday gift with two guys to eat. Our team, who likes to push the evil further, ends up snatching crucial information from her, namely that she never attempted double penetration ... No need for more words, we had to take action with Phil and Tony, who are not lacey with the Transalpine!

Jacquie Et Michel - Barbie Sins - Barbie, 28 Years Old, Inveterate Gourmet

File: oek8knajaetmibarb9nlpq83dwc.mp4
Size: 473.74 MB
Duration: 42:29
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: It is pure determination that can be seen on the face of Barbie, 28 years old. Indeed, this English lady knows exactly what she wants regarding her main passion, sex ... Very greedy, she receives our team in the streets of West London to prepare us for the storm of lust to which she intended to participate. Because yes, it is not less than two well-mounted black lads who are waiting for her, and who subject her to all the perversities of the world, like the many sodomies and doubles they bring her!

Jacquie Et Michel - Tara - Tara, 24 Years Old, Student Of Fashion Design In Avignon

File: q6gbenajaetmitaraz2i3axpqci.mp4
Size: 514.99 MB
Duration: 36:40
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Very elegant, the way of dressing has a capital importance for the pretty Tara, 24 years old. Student of fashion design in Avignon, this young woman from Lyon must be at the forefront of fashion. But if she contacted our team, it is not to revamp one of our lads, on the contrary! Indeed, the young woman is, under her reserved airs, a real rascal in the constant search of strong sensations, as evidenced by her libertine side that she reveals to us quite easily ... A boon for Ninos, who can take advantage of her endless legs in a fuck in the heart of the old town of Vaucluse!

Jacquie Et Michel - Clara - Clara, 18 Years Old, Student In Aesthetics In Toulon

File: 9hlqenajaetmiclartqhrnof2s9.mp4
Size: 446.32 MB
Duration: 42:16
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Charming young lady with an extraordinary smile, Clara, 18, already knows what she wants despite her young age. The sculptural young woman, studying aesthetics in Toulon, wants to offer a somewhat special gift to Mike, one of her trainers. Indeed, she noticed that he was not insensitive to her charms, and that she had her favors ... It is at La Ciotat, where she has a foothold, that she receives us therefore in the company of her prey of the day. And the two lovers have no problem taking the plunge, even if it's in front of the camera for the very first time, fucking like old sex backpackers!

Jacquie Et Michel - Martin & Anna - Martine, 70, Could Be The Grandmother Of Anna, 18

File: uquf7najaetmimarannjbnh54srvp.mp4
Size: 387.41 MB
Duration: 49:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its in the parking lot of the legendary Bollaert stadium, in Lens, that Martine, 70, finds part of our team. Indeed, as a good fan of the blood and gold club, she thought that this would be the ideal place to chat a little. And what she tells us particularly interests us, because the cougar would love to frolic with a young woman ... Anna, 18, who could be his granddaughter, takes care of this initiation late, well helped by Tony and. .. a cucumber, for an intense sodomy session!

Jacquie Et Michel - Aude & Betty - Total Surprise For Aude, 25 Years Old

File: hz7oznajaetmiaudbethfjrngr1z3.mp4
Size: 302.75 MB
Duration: 38:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: At the turn of a conversation, Aude, 25, had let go that she would love to frolic with another woman. It is obviously with this idea in mind that we are going to look for her in the center of Aubagne, without her being aware of our intentions. She understands everything when the sculptural Betty joins us in the car ... Far from being disturbed, the naughty pump attendant then embarks on a very sensual session with her partner, then logically ends up enjoying one of our lads coming as reinforcement!

Jacquie Et Michel - Bianca - Bianca, 25 Years Old, Very Dynamic Masseuse

File: totp5najaetmibianyl93gfphgs.mp4
Size: 366.50 MB
Duration: 46:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: While our team was waiting for Bianca, 25 years old, at the bottom of her house, it turns out that she was in a laundromat not far from there. After joining her, we begin to discover this funny personality, who does not let her count. Masseuse in everyday life, she is passionate about dancing and singing, and even gives us a little demonstration! But if she contacted us, it is mainly to satisfy her wildest dreams ... And it went through a long session of sodomy for this bubbly young lady with Asian origins!

Jacquie Et Michel - Caro - Caro's Very Anal Session Aaa

File: vq4jxnajaetmicarotgo73rdqgj.mp4
Size: 187.46 MB
Duration: 34:40
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Her angelic face, mixed with a bright sun make Caro, 23 years old, a sublime young lady who is good to meet. Because beyond this impeccable face, she is also a proven rascal, in constant search of strong sensations! This is the reason why she decided to contact our team. Her goal was simple, namely to take advantage of the expertise of the friend Antho to taste forbidden pleasures, all behind his boyfriend's back! And in view of the excitement of our guy, she could not escape a very intense anal session, which she cashed rather well elsewhere ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Amalia - Amalia, 19, Is Having A Blast In France!

File: czttinajaetmiamali8grjgnoxq.mp4
Size: 351.93 MB
Duration: 44:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: She is ready to splurge Amalia, so ready by the way that she asked to be picked up two hours before she starts work to continue her experiments! This Venezuelan of origin, very luscious, wanted indeed to venture on a much harder path, with two men this time ... It must be said that she has much more fun in France than in her country of origin, in particular when she tastes double penetration for the first time, and ends up with a good ejaculation on her big natural breasts!

Jacquie Et Michel - Lucille - Lucille, 29, Is Looking For An Orgasm

File: hvmrcnajaetmilucicbzrbsxdwa.mp4
Size: 204.91 MB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Very dynamic and excited at the idea of meeting us, Lucille, 29, welcomes us to the streets of London for a quick express visit to Kings Cross, her favorite neighborhood. And in good English, this pretty blackette invites us to follow her in a typical British pub, as if to conform to local tradition. Inside, the young woman reveals her desires and her plans, while explaining that she is a young lady in constant search of orgasm ... Which falls rather well, because we have chosen two local lads to take care from his personal case ... Two highly motivated lads who multiply sodomies and doubles in all its holes before covering his beautiful face with tons of hot sperm!

Jacquie Et Michel - Aude - Aude, 25, Employee Of A Gas Station In Aubagne

File: dxq1dnajaetmiaudezqulqal1zq.mp4
Size: 954.78 MB
Duration: 36:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In the early morning, at a service station near Aubagne, a young lady with a strong temperament is waiting for us firmly. Aude, 25, has been employed there for some time and manages the business there. But what pushed her to contact us was not to show us the place, but rather to be filmed with one of our performers! Indeed, after watching many of our videos, this luscious naughty girl with a generous breast and an assumed taste for sodomy could well be seen becoming a star for a day ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Lucie - Outdoor Sex For Lucie, 24 Years Old

File: 3dpqinajaetmiluci6usukq98an.mp4
Size: 309.04 MB
Duration: 39:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We find the beautiful Lucie, mixed race with Martinican origins and model size, on her terrace, phone in hand. After some research on the net, the young 24 year old woman ends up joining a guy in the surrounding countryside, and not only to close a sale ... But to be sodomized outdoors in a highly exciting scenario!

Jacquie Et Michel - Amalia - Amalia, 19, Student In Language Exchange Aaa

File: 4lgf1najaetmiamal6bdi72yc6b.mp4
Size: 366.07 MB
Duration: 46:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: A new ray of sunshine in the gray Parisian sky arrives in front of the camera Amalia, 19, gives color to this slightly sad picture thanks to her rather flashy dress! Venezuelan student who speaks impeccable French, she is on a language exchange in the capital and works in a bar to pay for her studies. It is in this one that she brings us to ask us lots of questions about JM, she who, under her wise looks, has already watched a lot of our videos Once in confidence, we bring her to the delicate Olivier, who is responsible for filling this naughty luscious with incredible natural breast as much as possible, and even initiating her to sodomy!

Jacquie Et Michel - Rihannon - Rihannon, 23, Receptionist

File: ksbxjnajaetmirihahxrnlqlq8f.mp4
Size: 284.89 MB
Duration: 36:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its during her lunch break that the pretty Rihannon, 23, joins us in the streets of London. Receptionist in a city business, she is a real rascal with an incredible physique. Indeed, she explains without any shame spending a lot of time masturbating, whether it be at her work toilets or on the commuter train that brings her home! Very sexual, she decides to go a little over her rest time to fully enjoy an intense fuck with a well-hung black ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Prescilia & Angela - Challenge And Sodomy

File: q49gmnajaetmipreangom2epi1lmh.mp4
Size: 458.90 MB
Duration: 41:15
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: We find our two sluts with well marked temperaments, who are now used to the most unusual challenges offered by our team. Prescilia and Angela, our little bombs, have the mission today to find a guy who they can give a blowjob, with as a reward the right to have fun with us ... If this duel is won by the pretty Prescilia, this naughty Angela does not want to stay on this failure, and also gives herself her little moment of pleasure in a hell orgy with her girlfriend and two lads, with even a sodomy supplement!

Jacquie Et Michel - Aurelie & Victoria - Threesome And Camera For Aurelie, 21 Years Old

File: uekuenajaetmiaurvicmy46qej9pw.mp4
Size: 356.98 MB
Duration: 45:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Despite the cold and the wind, the incredible 21-year-old Aurlie managed to warm us up with her beaming smile. The original Guadeloupean, very fit, decided to leave for a tour in front of the camera with a specific goal. Because after her first video with us, salacious ideas are jostling in her mind! The idea is to have fun in a threesome with another woman, all in front of the camera A shock team is therefore set up, in which Victoria and Tony join her for a fuck obviously inflamed!