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Indica Monroe

Family Swap - Artemisia Love & Indica Monroe - Swap Mom Keeps Touching My Penis

File: 2juyznafaswartind7nanvwewyv.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 19:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Artemisia Love is really into her swap son, Tyler Nixon. Tyler wakes up one morning to what Artemisia calls a penis inspection so that she can make sure Tyler isn't fucking his swap sister, Indica Monroe. On her knees, Artemisia pops Tyler's morning wood out and smells it before flicking her tongue out for a taste. Tyler is only human, so the touch of his hot swap mommy's tongue leaves him on the edge of cumming. He tries to warn Artemisia, but she's intent on finishing the job...

Artemisia may have gotten her way if not for Ryan McLane coming in and stopping his swap wife in her tracks. He scolds her for her obsession with whether Tyler and Indica are doing it, then leans her over and whips it out so he can fuck the naughty out of her. Ryan thinks that he has solved Artemisia's problems, but later he walks in on his swap wife outright fucking her swap son. When Ryan tries to determine why she's doing this, she claims it's the only way to keep Tyler and Indica from getting together. Indica comes in to see what the commotion is, and when she sees what Artemisia and Tyler are getting up to, she decides to make a move on her swap dad. Claiming that she should have been the swap wife instead of Artemisia, Indica whips out Ryan's cock and strokes it to hardness before peeling off her shorts and getting on the bed on her hands and knees.

Ryan is only human. He unsnaps Indica's body suit and sinks into her pussy until he's balls deep. Tyler and Artemisia mirror that position. The boys lay down and the girls swap partners so Indica can ride Tyler's cock while Artemisia bounces away on Ryan's dick. Climbing off their men, the girls suck their juices off of the boys' hardons. Then they get on their backs with one leg each in the air so that Tyler can bang Indica while Ryan gives it to Artemisia. It's not too long before Tyler blows his load and delivers a hot creampie just for Indica. Ryan follows suit, filling Artemisia up to overflowing with a big load of cum.

Bang Roadside XXX - Indica Monroe - Gets Her Engine Checked Out

File: bgcqonabaroxxindmonaebgdzzxfy.mp4
Size: 1.45 GB
Duration: 35:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe had some engine trouble and she needs some help ASAP. She is stranded on the side of the road and our roadside guy is here to help out! She is super afraid her daddy is going to find out. She lets our assistance lend a hand in more ways than one, with a slight distraction of him revving her engine up to the highest RPM.

Ass Parade - Indica Monroe - Horny Thief Gets Fucked

File: sd1uunaaspaindmonbhewia4u7i.mp4
Size: 2.67 GB
Duration: 38:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica is a little low on cash and has been robbing houses to make ends meet. Today she tried to break into another house and ended up finding a huge pink dildo. She's been so horny all day, she figured since no ones home this would be the perfect time to satisfy her needs. She gets naked and fucks the dildo like no tomorrow. Preston comes home from work and they both are terrified to see eachother. Instead of calling the police, Preston decides to have a little fun with her. They both worship eachothers bodies and she still has some fun with the dildo. They fuck in multiple positions, making her perfect booty shake. He leaves her with a huge cumshot all over her face.

Mommy's Girl - Kit Mercer & Indica Monroe - Sex On The Brain

File: doeaenamogikitind3pr1zkai7e.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 51:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe is jealous that her father is spending all his time with his new wife her new step-mom, Kit Mercer, rather than having any time for her anymore. Her jealousy leads her to hatch a plot to get Kit to fall in love with HER instead so that she can get all the attention from both of them that she's craving.

Indica innocently lures Kit in to spending time with her, but during each activity, Indica drops suggestive hints about sex into the conversation to get Kit flustered and aroused. They go hiking together so Indica can find an excuse to touch Kit's legs, and when they go picking fruit, Indica 'accidentally' shows Kit that she's not wearing any panties.

Finally, Kit has so much sex on the brain that she easily says yes when Indica asks for tips and demonstrations about sex. Indica's plan works perfectly, and Kit gets seduced into side-by-side masturbation that leads to full-on lesbian sex!

Rk Prime - Indica Monroe - Indica's Pet

File: e9iv7narkprindmonrqottlyauh.mp4
Size: 707.05 MB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde babe Indica Monroe is a normal college girl obsessed with pink and parties... or so it seems! But what really turns her on is to lock her sub up in her dorm room closet and to take him out for a spin... and some sweet, dominating sex! Sean Lawless is not one to complain though, not that he could 'cause he is gagged anyway, but that's just the way he loves it. Watch as Indica slaps, sucks and fucks the shit out of her sub until she gets the warm pearl necklace that she so deeply craves!

Devil's Film - Christie Stevens & Indica Monroe - Mom's Precious Little Girl 2

File: teqzonadefichrind13rsqf9esc.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens is busy baking some sweets with her sweet stepdaughter, Indica Monroe. As they work together, they share fond memories of their time in the kitchen. It's all bittersweet since Indica will be going away to college soon and Christie is already feeling empty nest syndrome taking hold. But when Indica accidentally gets icing on her shirt and removes it, showing off her sexy bra and perky breasts, LUST takes hold of Christie instead!

See Him Fuck - Indica Monroe - 8th Wonder Of The World

File: dog3knasehifuindmonrkhjfak3kp.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 56:07
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Young hung stud Tony Lovelocks makes his See HM Fuck debut today and we teamed HIM up with juicy blonde Indica Monroe for this week's ridiculously hot update! The scene starts with the 20-year-old Las Vegas native showing off the very impressive bulge in his black suit-pants. He undresses and pauses a bit when he gets to his See HIM underwear before he reveals that thick 8-inch cock for us Indica steps in with her bottle of lube and proceeds to get Tony's body nice and slick, making sure to reach-around and stroke that perfect prick...

Indica sniffs and licks both of his armpits before Tony takes a seat. Indica removes Tony's socks so she can smell his feet, suckle his toes and lick his soles Round 1 of the ass-eating starts with Indica playing the fan favorite rusty trombone, and we get to see that someone likes it when a finger is gently slid into his bum Indica licks and pokes at his asshole in a number of positions until Tony decides to return the oral favor by munching away at her hirsute vag. Tony stands up so Indica can attempt to swallow his big, long prick, then lays spread-eagle on the couch for some amazon fucking. They then switch things up, as Tony gets Indica in the piledriver position so he can bury his cock in her coed cooch from above. Round 2 of ass-eating has Tony squatting over Indica's face, where she tickles his balloon knot with her tongue as he strokes his huge prick. Tony then hammer-fucks Indica doggystyle and missionary until he pulls out and unloads onto her belly. We caught up with the two of them in the shower after to see how things went... Until Next Time PLEASE! STAY SAFE!

My Dirty Maid - Indica Monroe - Shy Maid Gets Fucked

File: 3tkpunamydimaindmontceermnqkj.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 43:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: This week we got the beautiful Indica Monroe. She is coming in to clean the house. She is so voluptuous I can't help but notice it all day. Especially when she bends over her pants are sheer. She does a good job cleaning I ask her to take off all her

clothes. She was hesitant but a few more hundreds convince her to get naked. I get rock hard watching her ass bounce around as she cleans. I whip out my big fat dense cock. She loves it. She walks over to clean my pole. I fuck her until I burst a nut all

over her face. I make her finish cleaning the rest of the house.

Devil's Film - Indica Monroe - She's More Stacked Than Her Mom!

File: gmjronadefiindmonxw398unpw9.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 37:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe has come to live with her stepmom Christie Stevens in the country. Indica isn't exactly thrilled to be spending her summer in the middle of nowhere with Christie and her new husband, Chris Cock.

Christie leaves Indica alone to explore the house, but Indica changes her mind and lies down on the couch instead. When Chris walks into the living room and sees Indica, he does a double take as he gets an eyeful of her amazing cleavage.

Will Chris be able to resist Indica's luscious tits??

Ass Parade - Indica Monroe - Indica Monroe Is All Natural

File: xbokqnaaspaindmonjcmtczfwxk.mp4
Size: 3.64 GB
Duration: 51:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This Week we got Indica Monroe. She got an incredible ass that stops traffic. We take her inside for some fun. She shakes her butt all over the house. She oils up her perfect bottom and slaps it around. Preston Parker has been watching and is turned on. He grabs Indica by the ass and starts eating her fat pussy. She loves it. She begs for his cock. He takes it out and she starts sucking his dick. They immediately fuck. The powerful fucking gives her pleasure. He cums all over her face.

See Him Fuck - Indica Monroe - See His First Pro Shoot

File: xvxjvnasehifuindmony63bzmampe.mp4
Size: 3.25 GB
Duration: 56:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's another Double Debut today here at See HIM Fuck, as well hung amateur Zaddy2x stars in his first professional shoot, and we paired HIM up with 19-year-old Indica Monroe for this extremely erotic scene. Zaddy2x starts things off by stripping from his sharp suit, showing off his awesome physique and many tattoos can you tell he's from Dallas? Zaddy2x teases the bulge in his See HIM underwear until he reveals his long limp dick which doesn't stay limp for long, as Indica then steps in with her bottle of lube to get HIM nice and slick, reaching around and stroking HIM until he's fully erect Indica turns her focus to Zaddy2x's armpits and does more than the usual sniff n lick by slobbering all over his pits and bitingtugging on his hair...

Zaddy2x takes a seat so Indica can remove his socks lick his soles and gags on his toes as she shoves each foot as far into her mouth as she can. Zaddy2x spreads HIMself wide for Round 1 of ass-eating and this girl gets right in there, sloppily licking and tonguing his hairy asshole. Indica rims and slobbers on his ass in a number of positions before taking Zaddy2x's big dark dick into her mouth and down the back of her throat. Zaddy2x returns the oral favor by going down on Indica lapping away at her teen clit. He positions Indica for some piledriver deep dicking before they switch to the amazon, and then doggystyle, where Zaddy2x just hammer fucks her young pussy. Round 2 of ass-eating has Zaddy2x in the reverse piledriver position, as Indica spreads his cheeks and munches away from above. For the finale, Zaddy2x gets her in the good old fashioned missionary position and rapid-fire fucks her pussy until he pulls out and shoots about a quart of jizz on her stomach We catch up with Zaddy2x in the shower after to get his thoughts on his first, but surely not last, professional shoot... Until next time, as always, please STAY SAFE!

Web Young - Indica Monroe & Sera Ryder - Pretty Please, Sis?!?

File: kbyqlnaweyoindser6ptct1udkz.mp4
Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 32:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe is relaxing when her stepsister, Sera Ryder, excitedly bounds into her bedroom. Sera's on the phone with a radio station and needs Indica's help answering a question related to their favorite band. When Indica offers the correct answer, they're thrilled because that means they've won tickets to a concert, which they'll go to together! Unfortunately, their hopes and dreams are dashed when they learn that they're only getting ONE ticket to the concert....

After Sera hangs up the phone, the stepsisters get in an argument over who should get the concert ticket. Of course, with neither of them budging on the matter, they start trying to suck up to each other. Indica tries offering to do all of Sera's chores for a week, even offering to give her her own allowance for a whole year, but Sera's still not convinced.

Finally, Indica gets an idea as she begins coming onto Sera, pointing out that she knows Sera has the hots for her. Maybe she can give Sera what she REALLY wants? Even so, will THIS be enough to finally win Sera over??

Filthy POV - Indica Monroe - My Hot Cuck Wife Gets Me A Busty 19 Year Old for New Years

File: z62tknafipoindmonwzqgif4cxy.mp4
Size: 878.91 MB
Duration: 20:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: My Wife is great but never did I think she would get me a hot 19-year-old to have sex with to bring in the new year, I knew I was in for a surprise when my wife blindfolded me, the whole time I thought she was touching me never did I think when I took off the blindfold I would see Indica. Her blonde hair and big tits were exactly what I like, my wife really is the best especially after she let me cum in her tight pink pussy.

Baby Got Boobs - Indica Monroe & Eliza Eves - Snake Eyes

File: 9cmkmnabagoboindelizfrlhbxsyw.mp4
Size: 1.52 GB
Duration: 50:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Eves and Indica Monroe are, at first glance, a pair of big tit college girls that are maybe holding on to some boarding school aesthetic. But... Something is off. Their vibe is a bit more intimidating and aloof than you would expect. Maybe a hint of hunger there? Okay, hold on, is Zac walking into a succubus den here? Thinking they're just going to get some simple work done, Zac is quickly dragged down into their domain of short skirts, big tits, and competitive desire to see who can snatch his cock -- and soul -- first!

All Girl Massage - Sera Ryder & Indica Monroe - Not As Straight As You Think You Are

File: ospfsnaalgimaserindvzwwsrqcfz.mp4
Size: 1.88 GB
Duration: 41:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe and her straight best friend, Sera Ryder, are getting ready to hunker down and watch some movies together. As they cuddle up and enjoy some snacks, Indica keeps jumping because of the jump scares in the movie. In fact, she does it so much that she starts to get a sore neck and shoulders!...

Seeing Indica so uncomfortable, Sera casually offers to give her a massage. Indica is a bit nervous at first, teasingly asking if Sera REALLY wants to give a LESBIAN a massage. Sera laughs and shrugs it off, not bothered by it because they're best friends!

Sera begins massaging Indica, doing her best to make Indica feel nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, her gestures only make Indica more confused since it SEEMS like Sera is being more affectionate than normal. With each touch and comment seemingly getting more and more flirty, Indica's heart starts to race.

Finally, Indica takes her chance, bringing Sera's hands to her breasts. Sera is surprised but amused as she asks what Indica is doing. Indica is mortified, insisting that she was SO SURE that Sera was coming onto her! Sera tries to deny it but the more Indica points out about her behavior, the more curious she starts to become of herself. That's when Sera decides to give it all a try with Indica, if she's up for it... which she is!

They start with kisses, although it's not long before they're stripping each other and getting down to business. Once Sera tastes Indica's pussy for the first time, she's hooked. It seems like Indica was right to be suspicious of Sera all along!

Rk Prime - Indica Monroe - Indica Gets Wet

File: e44qvnarkprindmonevvenogcoq.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 41:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Exercising is fun, but wet exercising in the pool is so much better! Well, according to gorgeous bombshell Indica Monroe it is. That's the perfect excuse to squeeze her big tits in a tight peach bikini and tease her hot training instructor, Kyle Mason. 'Cause let's not fool ourselves, while our horny girl loves to exercise, she has one thing on her mind and that's sex! And since she's so damn good at it and already so fucking wet... why not dive right into it?

Teens Like It Big - Indica Monroe - Downblouse Yoga 2

File: scvuanateliitbiindmonwjujhtcbgz.mp4
Size: 2.09 GB
Duration: 45:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Scott Nails catches sexy Indica Monroe in the middle of a too-hot-to-handle yoga routine, he can't help but take a sneaky video for his spank bank. When Indica catches him, she invites him to get a closer look, teasing her big naturals and juicy ass for him before giving him a deep blowjob and letting him stretch her out.

Big Naturals - Indica Monroe - Rk At Home

File: qenq5nabinaindmon51t1omg18l.mp4
Size: 1020.71 MB
Duration: 20:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: She's horny, she's naughty, she's bold. Indica Monroe's insatiable lust can only be truly appeased by her boyfriend, Brandon Vale. Whenever he bangs her, the girl orgasms in no time. That doesn't mean Indica had enough. She won't stop until her guy cums, whether if it's by shoving his cock in her eager throat or by sitting on it. She's particularly fond of a reverse cowgirl. This is also Brandon's favorite position, as he can feel the depth and the warmth of Indica's pussy. Having Brandon's fingers on her clit and his dick inside her makes Indica instantly wet. Yet, Indica demands more. She'll play with Brandon until he covers her body with his load.

Rk Prime - Indica Monroe - Cumming In My Boyfriend's Briefs

File: nmmsgnarkprindmonsyecl9x27c.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 43:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The sexy Indica Monroe loves the way she looks in her boyfriend's Scott Nails boxer briefs and will steal some whenever she gets the chance, even though Scott has expressed annoyance at this in the past. Today is no different Indica puts on Scott's last pair of clean briefs. She gets so turned on after checking herself out and that she has to lie down and play with her pussy. Scott walks in on this and tries to get his briefs back before they get too messy, first by bargaining and then just by trying to pull them off her. They both get horny during the struggle and Indica is able to tame her man with a handjob and blowjob, before making him fuck her, while still wearing his underwear.