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Haley Reed

Devil's Film - Haley Reed - I Love You More Than My Mom

File: vmooanadefihalreeoixe4nlgbp.mp4
Size: 730.07 MB
Duration: 43:19
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed has one serious dirtbag for a mother. Once again she is cheating on her spouse leaving Haley with the possibility of being without a father figure again. Well Haley is sick of it. She likes this stepdad Tommy a lot and does not want him to leave them. In fact, she devises a plan to keep him for herself. Telling Tommy of her mom's infidelities she seizes the opportunity to proclaim her love for him and offers up her young body as a great place to forget that no good mom she has...

All Anal - Alexis Tae & Haley Reed - Sharing Is Caring With Alexis And Haley

File: zl8kcnaalanalehaltgyxmotykp.mp4
Size: 989.22 MB
Duration: 01:24:44
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Tae and Haley Reed are perfectly matched tall beauties with legs that go on for days. Luckily, they also share a love of having a big piece of meat in their backdoors. These horny hotties take turns having their butts stuffed, tonguing each others gapes, and sucking that big cock until Alexis takes a creampie that both girls eagerly share.

Mommy's Girl - Cherie Deville & Haley Reed - Enough Is Enough!

File: 5bfbgnamogichehalauj2thgmtu.mp4
Size: 436.80 MB
Duration: 33:12
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: A young woman, Haley Reed, is in her room pleasuring herself. Her step-mom, Cherie DeVille, walks in without knocking. They are shocked and both scream.

Cherie apologizes for not knocking, telling Haley that since she's only been a step-mom for a few weeks, she's still getting used to it. Haley admits that she's not mad at her, just super embarrassed! Cherie is embarrassed, too, but tells Haley that she doesn't need to be embarrassed. It's Haley's house, too! Masturbating is a completely natural thing, after all, so... 'You do what you gotta do... You're 18 now, and even though I'm your step-mom, I can't really say anything...'

Cherie is still embarrassed as she hurriedly leaves. Haley is surprised not to be punished and suddenly looks inspired as she slowly grins.

Over the next few days, much to Cherie's increasing embarrassment and annoyance, she finds Haley masturbating all over the house.

When Cherie goes to Haley's bedroom and finds Haley on the bed playing with herself again, this is the last straw. 'Enough is enough!' She tells her daughter that there have to be some boundaries! Haley says she'd stop on one condition, if Cherie joins her for a session. The step-mom is shocked. 'I'm your MOM!' 'Not my REAL mom!' Haley tries to convince her, saying that Cherie wouldn't have to feel like Haley is invading her boundaries if she was willing to expand her boundaries a bit to fit them both. Cherie is reluctant but tempted by her hot step-daughter and agrees that she'll do it IF Haley stops masturbating all around the house.

Cherie's had enough of Haley masturbating everywhere, but can this mother and daughter ever get enough of EACH OTHER?

Interracial Blowbang - Haley Reed & Kiki Daire - Mom And Daughter Have A Lot In Common

File: et4rnnainblhalkikhg3gxubtop.mp4
Size: 377.08 MB
Duration: 33:31
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Mom and daughter have a lot in common! And after Kiki finds that her daughter Haley has posted a blowbang invite at their home to her public Snapchat, she decides to intervene just as the guys arrive. She gives Haley a choice either let mom join in or she's sending all the guys home. What will Haley choose???

Mommy's Girl - Serena Blair, Haley Reed & Serene Siren - Our Family Doctor

File: t7xapnamogiserhalserqwemubrnlk.mp4
Size: 419.37 MB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed is at her doctor's office for a checkup with her step-mom, Serene Siren, hovering nearby. Even though Haley is 18 and could easily attend the appointment on her own, she's thankful to Serene for being there with her to make her feel more comfortable. Yet, it doesn't seem as though Serene herself is that comfortable, especially when Haley asks for a kiss to calm her down. You see, they're hiding a secret from the world and Serene's scared of their real relationship being uncovered. However, Haley herself is unfazed and is able to convince Serene to give her a nice kiss on the lips.

When Dr. Serena Blair steps into the office to meet her patients, she's suspicious with how disheveled both mother and daughter look. However, she proceeds with the checkup like normal. With each test she runs and question she asks, she becomes more and more concerned with the nature of their relationship. Although Serene seems to he trying to hide it, Haley is less secretive.

Finally, Serena calls them out on it, discovering that they're sexual with each other! Although Serene's upset at Haley for being so bold, she tries to convince Serena to keep their secret. In fact, Serena's welcome to join them for a little fun if she'll let this slip under the radar. Although Serena's not sure at first, how can she resist the allure of a steamy threesome?

Since Haley is already splayed out for them because of her physical examination, it's easy for Serena and Serene to get down and dirty with her. The office is suddenly a whole lot hotter as the three ladies devour each other's pussies, making great use of the doctor's appointment.

Rk Prime - Rachael Cavalli & Haley Reed - Too Hard To Choose

File: d3w71narkprrachaly5rbduywis.mp4
Size: 334.46 MB
Duration: 28:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed is an American dream. Dirty blonde, pouty thick lips, perky tits with nipples that stand right on end And a tight perfectly shaved pussy ready to wrap and squeeze around anything she desires. Would it surprise you if I said her step-mom Rachael Cavalli was equally hot? Bright blonde hair, round tits, powerful thighs, and the experience to rock your world and smile the whole way through. Which would you prefer? Rob has difficulty choosing, his loyal girlfriend or her cock-teasing daughter? Fuck it. Why not both? That's the dream, isn't it?

Step Siblings Caught - Haley Reed & Natalie Knight - Look What You Made Me Do

File: mbsk3nastsicahalnatcvpz6wlke2.mp4
Size: 593.91 MB
Duration: 33:45
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Natalie Knight and her friend Haley Reed are just hanging out gossiping with the added bonus that Natalie's stepbrother, Brad Sterling, thinks they may be talking about him. The girls delight in taunting Brad as their whispered questions to one another get increasingly sexual but not about him. When Brad has finally worn through their amusement, the girls decide to actually talk about him if that's what he wants so badly. They ask him questions about his cock, which makes Brad so uncomfortable that he tries to leave. Haley and Natalie aren't about to let Brad get away that easily.

Pushing Brad down onto the couch, Haley keeps him in place as Natalie starts showing him her tits and ass in an attempt to tease a hardon out of him. Haley gets in on the act, too, peeling off her clothes so she can rub her pussy against Brad's hardon. Brad is still not committed to seeing this through, but at the same time he can't deny that his hot stepsister and her smokin' friend are making an appealing case. Eventually he decides once again that it's time to go, but Haley is having none of it. Since Natalie is already naked, Haley pushes her down onto Brad's cock to ride him.

Riding her stepbrother feels way too good to stop, so Natalie commits and keeps going as Haley licks her titties. Then Haley gets a ride. Brad lets both girls enjoy themselves, then goes to work on Haley's bare pussy to truly finish her off. When both girls have been thoroughly satisfied, Brad enjoys a double blowjob with plenty of deep throat action. What man wouldn't blow his load with two hot girls sucking him off? Brad manages to spread his load between them for a dual facial that leaves both girls smiling as they snowball his cum.

Princess Cum - Haley Reed - My Nerdy Step Brother

File: ke54znaprcuhalree7r29yxaekk.mp4
Size: 430.20 MB
Duration: 22:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed has just gotten home from a hillbilly party and she's feeling the urge to fuck. She lays eyes on her nerdy stepbrother Damon Dice and decides that he'll have to do. She teases him, asking him why he didn't go to the party or have any fun. Damon insists that he does have fun watching sci fi shows, but he's not a party kind of guy. That won't do for Haley, who starts teasing him as she wiggles her ass and flaunts her titties.

When Haley finds that Damon's dick is hard at the sight of his stepsis's lush little body, she knows just what she wants to do. She strokes his hardon and then brings it to her mouth for a cock sucking. Since Damon's dick is whipped out anyway, Haley takes the opportunity to climb on top and start riding him. Damon can't help but enjoy himself, especially as he fills his hands with that incredible ass.

Now that brother's into it, Haley gets on her hands and knees and begs him to do her doggy style. She waits until he's almost ready to cum, then rolls onto her back. As Damon keeps on working Haley's greedy snatch, she moans her orgasm. Damon is ready to blow his load, too, but Haley is in the hillbilly spirit and wants her bro to cum inside her just like a real hillbilly. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Haley gets her way as Damon fills her pussy right up.

Teens Like It Big - Haley Reed - I Wanna Be A Star

File: azdfpnateliitbihalreegxkmmjdsvv.mp4
Size: 402.08 MB
Duration: 40:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed has dreamed of modelling for her favorite website but she needs some proper promotional pictures to get started. Thankfully, her father has convinced his photographer friend, Keiran, to come by and take her picture. Things start out innocently enough, but before Keiran knows it, Haley is pulling her tits out for the camera! It's not long before Haley is displaying her skills by sucking his cock and bringing him into the action!

Moms Teach Sex - Haley Reed & Penny Pax - Brothers Dick Trick Or Treat

File: ayoawnamotesehalpennqrykrxukr.mp4
Size: 762.68 MB
Duration: 36:07
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: It's Halloween time and Penny Pax is hanging out with her adopted daughter Haley Reed in their costumes. Haley asks her stepbrother, Codey Steele, where his costume is. He tells her that he'll put the costume on later but for now he has something else she wants. Little does Haley know as she reaches into the candy bowl that Codey is holding that his dick is in there. Haley is initially pissed, but then she gets the bright idea that Codey should prank his stepmom with the same joke. Irritated at Codey, Penny calls her husband Chris Valiant in to discipline his son. Chris puts Codey in the corner and tells him to stay there with his dick out as punishment until he loses his boner.

Haley isn't done with Codey yet. She taunts Codey as he stands in the corner, flashing her perky little titties at him to get his dick hard. Her hands are everywhere on her body as she teases Codey to keep him rock hard. Haley waits until she hears Penny coming back, then runs away to stay out of trouble. Frustrated that Codey's punishment isn't working, Penny tries whipping out the big guns as she pops her big jugs out of her costume and shakes them around since Codey surely can't be attracted to his mom's boobs. Turning around, Penny wiggles her ass at Codey. She can't figure out why he still has a boner, so she leads him into the living room by his cock. Then Penny calls Haley in to help her finish Codey off since Haley is the one that started it.

With Penny's instruction, Haley reluctantly starts sucking her brother's dick. Penny joins in for a double BJ. Codey remains hard as a rock, which leads Penny to insist that Haley get on her hands and knees so Codey can fuck her doggy style. Mom isn't about to let her kids have all the fun, though, so she hops aboard Codey's fuck stick to ride him as Haley and Codey both delight in Penny's bouncing knockers. Penny winds up on her back with Haley riding her face and Codey banging her fuck hole. Since Haley began this mess, Penny insists that Haley be the one to help Codey finish it. She gets Haley on her back and then helps make sure Codey is ready to bust a nut all over his adopted sister's stomach to finally get rid of his boner. The girls take a few moments to play with Codey's jizz before Penny informs him that he'd better get cleaned up.

My Family Pies - Chloe Cherry & Haley Reed - Momos Xxx Challenge

File: 6hopvnamyfapichlhalp64bbymx7r.mp4
Size: 596.45 MB
Duration: 32:35
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele has the perfect prank for his stepsisters, Chloe Cherry and Haley Reed. While the girls are getting dressed in Halloween costumes for trick or treat, they start getting creepy texts from Momo. Chloe gets the first text, but Momo is soon seen following both girls around the house. Chloe gets another text indicating that Momo can see them. The next text tells the girls to find their brother because he can protect them. They wind up in bed together, calling for Codey. They ask him to sleep with them, but only if they're naked. At first the girls say no, but Codey calls their bluff and they call him back so they can strip for him.

Since the girls have stripped, Codey says he'll take his underwear off, too. They're grossed out that Codey has a boner, but he points out that Chloe is his stepsister and Haley is adopted so they should do something about it. The girls want him to stay with them, so they get on their bellies and suck Codey's cock. Codey enjoys the double BJ, but what he really wants is to fuck those two hot girls at once. He doesn't even need to say something before Haley and Chloe turn around and present themselves to him so he can fuck first Haley and then Chloe doggy style.

When Codey lays down in the bed, the girls each mount him in reverse cowgirl. Chloe takes Codey's mouth, while Haley gets to ride his fuck stick. The girls roll onto their backs, once again side by side, so Codey can have his choice of their pussy buffet. He starts with Haley, but finishes with Chloe as he fills her twat all the way up with a creampie. The girls are happy to be protected by Codey since now he has to keep up his end of the deal and stay the night.

That Sitcom Show - Haley Reed - Two Men And An Xxx Show A Pyramid Of Money And Women

File: fqstbnathsishhalreemryfyizdnb.mp4
Size: 368.30 MB
Duration: 24:02
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alan knows that Charlie has fucked Judith, so Charlie decides to make it better by hooking Alan up with a friend who'll be there any second. Alan isn't interested in Charlie's so-called sloppy seconds, but when he lays eyes on Haley he changes his mind. While Alan dithers, Haley walks inside and starts laying out sex toys on the couch for her MLM scheme. Alan says he doesn't know how to use any of Haley's products, so she spreads her legs and pulls her panties aside to give him a demonstration of how to use the vibrator. She offers to let Alan have a try and instructs him in its use.

When Alan scoots closer to get better instruction, Haley sees his boner and offers to take care of him. Alan agrees, and seconds later Haley has her lips and hand working together to worship Alan's big dick. She can't get enough of deep throating that hard cock, and things only get better when she turns around on her knees and hikes up her miniskirt for Alan to fuck her.

Their doggy style fuck fest continues as Haley climbs on top to ride Alan's dick. Then she falls backwards onto the couch as Alan shoves himself deep inside. Grabbing one of her toys, Haley deep throats the dildo as Alan bangs her. Then she pushes the toy inside as Alan keeps fucking her for added girth that leaves her eyes rolling back with the power of her climax. Pulling the toy out, she licks her own juices off it as she encourages Alan to cum too. He obliges, pulling out to nut all over Haley's muff.

That Sitcom Show - Haley Reed - Big Bang The Orgasmic Dissension

File: qhstmnathsishhalree4dswujadcv.mp4
Size: 266.99 MB
Duration: 17:21
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Penny and Leonard are looking to take their relationship to the next level by asking Sheldon to move out so they can have more time together. They order Japanese food to help soften him up, then broach the subject. Sheldon takes things more calmly than they were expecting, but he does bring up their roommate agreement. When they moved in together, Leonard signed an agreement stating that if he asked Sheldon to move out over a girl, Sheldon would get to have sex with the girl while Leonard watched. Penny agrees.

Sheldon lets Penny know that per the roommate agreement she must start with fellatio while Leonard watches. She obediently pulls out Sheldon's dick and starts sucking. Then she peels off her mini skirt and thong and climbs onto Sheldon's dick to ride him right in front of Leonard. Penny may not want Sheldon to live with her, but she sure does love the way his cock feels buried inside her meaty pussy.

Getting onto her hands and knees, Penny rocks back into Sheldon's strokes. She can't get enough of him, so she rolls over and spreads her thighs so he can keep on dominating her. Making dominant eye contact with Penny, Sheldon cums in a creampie that leaves Leonard pissed about his friend's motivation. Sheldon tries to explain that it's revenge for a dream that Amy had, leaving Leonard frustrated that Sheldon can't tell a dream from reality.

All Anal - Haley Reed & Leah Winters - Aiding And Abetting

File: n9jxdnaalanhallea5rm8dnfu7r.mp4
Size: 285.28 MB
Duration: 01:09:50
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed and Leah Winters are slutty partners in crime, and theyre going to pull off their best stunt yet! Haley is ready to take a big cock up her butt, and Leah joins for moral and oral support. Leah happily licks Haley all over and sucks that cock right out of her friends' ass, and keeps everything slippery while Haley uses her tight booty to massage that cock until it dumps its seed deep inside her.

That Sitcom Show - Haley Reed - Big Bang The Cunnilingus Continuum

File: clut7nathsishhalreeqtbck3akof.mp4
Size: 445.34 MB
Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Leonard is playing video games when Penny joins him with a look of utter dejection. She's just had to dump her boyfriend when she found him cheating on her. She offered to join in, but even that wasn't enough to entice her man back so she left him. Leonard sees his chance to make a move on Penny. She isn't into it at first, but eventually she agrees to give Leonard a shot. She tells him that he should take her right now, blowing all of Leonard's circuits as she pulls up her skirt and her panties aside.

Leonard nearly blows his opportunity, but at the last moment he finds his courage and gets to his feet to draw Penny into a kiss. She once again opens up for him to eat her out, and he delivers with surprisingly excellent results. Penny is shocked at the way Leonard's tongue feels on her meaty twat, and especially at how long he goes for her pleasure. He waits until Penny insists that he take his pants off and fuck her, then eagerly puts it in.

Now that shy Leonard has all the permission he needs, he proves he has a wild side to him! He lets Penny suck him off, then pulls her down on top of him so she can ride his fuck stick. When Penny gets on her hands and knees on the couch, Leonard holds nothing back pounding away at her greedy snatch. By the time he pulls out and covers Penny's ass with his cumshot, Leonard has definitely converted Penny to the charms of fucking a nerd

Detention Girls - Haley Reed - Caught Fucking On Camera

File: jnuhcnadegihalree7rvpdovqky.mp4
Size: 458.79 MB
Duration: 21:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed has been admitted to a detention center for wayward teens, which means a strip search and then changing into the facility's outfit. While Haley is peeling off her clothes, she confesses that she's been sent there by her mom for sucking her stepbrother's cock. Claudia Monet, the administrator in charge of Haley's intake, decides to grant Haley an exception to their no-visitor policy so she can reconcile with Zac Wilde, her stepbro.

When Zac arrives, Claudia goes to get them some drinks to let them catch up. The moment Claudia has turned her back, Haley gets handsy with her stepbrother despite his objections. He's reluctant at first, but soon enough he lets Haley pick up where she left off a few weeks ago sucking his dick. They are close to getting caught when Claudia returns with their waters, but they reassemble themselves in time. Claudia makes some small talk, but eventually excuses herself to take a phone call.

Claudia stepping out means it's time to fuck, and Zac and Haley waste no time at all. Haley resumes her BJ, then hops aboard Zac's fuck stick to scratch the itch that's been building for weeks. She lets him pound her as she lays on the couch with her knees drawn up to her head, then gets on her hands and knees so they can go at it doggy style. Zac has just nutted all over Haley's ass when Claudia returns and catches them in the act. She's beyond disappointed that the stepsiblings have betrayed her trust like this.

Purgatory X - Haley Reed & Kenzie Reeves - Game of Seductions

File: qpkzpnapuxhalkenhmhffxpq3e.mp4
Size: 176.29 MB
Duration: 28:00
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Haley Reed believes that what happened to Kenzie Kenzie Reeves could never happen to her. Shes willing to bet that her boyfriend, Codey Codey Steele, would never cheat on her so Haley and Kenzie decide to test his loyalty. With Haley hidden close by and watching, Kenzie does her best to seduce the unsuspecting Codey. His resistance is nonexistent and a shocked Haley watches her boyfriend and bff lock lips. Haley emerges from hiding and confronts Codey but Kenzie soon reveals that it was all a setup. Codey becomes pissed-off and takes charge of the situation. He soon has Haley and Kenzie eagerly gagging on his cock. Codey takes turns giving Kenzie and Haley a good dick-down until the two slutty bff finish him off with their mouths. Kenzie and Haley savor the taste of Codeys huge creamy load.

Step Siblings Caught - Haley Reed - My Step Sisters Needs

File: p75mvnastsicahalreeypcimrert3.mp4
Size: 386.41 MB
Duration: 25:11
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed is grabbing herself some water when her stepbrother Jake Adams spies her in the fridge and demands that he give her some as well. Haley doesn't like Jake's tone, so she storms into the living room. Jake follows her, claiming that the reason Haley is being such a bitch is because she hasn't gotten laid in a while. Eventually they come to the realization that the need to just bang it out.

Jake takes a bit of time to fondle Haley's titties until her nipples are hard peaks and then to slide his hand beneath her miniskirt to slip his fingers into her greedy twat. He finds her nice and wet and ready to take his big dick. First Haley insists on exploring Jake's package with her mouth in a BJ that shows Jake what a hot fuck his stepsis is about to be. When Haley lays back and spreads her thighs to welcome her bro into her slippery twat, he can't wait to give it to her.

Sure enough, Haley has definitely needed this. She rides Jake's fuck stick with wild abandon as she gets out all of her repressed sexual frustration. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Jake can bang her from behind. He pulls her hair until Haley's entire torso bows backwards in a rough coupling that finally leaves her satisfied. Haley's climax milks Jake's, so he nuts right into her meaty pussy. Sated, Haley vows to be nicer as long as Jake keeps her well sexed.

Big Cock Bully - Haley Reed - Erika Grace Haley Reed Fucks To Protect Her Brother

File: po4d3nabicobuhalreezuial6aieq.mp4
Size: 438.83 MB
Duration: 35:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisErika Grace Haley Reed found out that her brother is being bullied. She goes and visits the bully's brother, Jason. Jason agrees to stop his younger bro from bullying Erika's brother, but it comes at a price. Erika needs to fuck Jason. Luckily, Erika will do anything to protect her brother.

Purgatory X - Kenzie Reeves & Haley Reed - Game Of Seduction

File: kgdexnapuxkenhalat7snloysk.mp4
Size: 211.57 MB
Duration: 33:23
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Kenzie Reeves decides to test the fidelity of her boyfriend, Donnie Rock. She enlists her bff, Haley Haley Reed to try her best to seduce him. Confident that Donnie would remain loyal, she hides in a closet to watch but soon discovers that Haleys seduction was more than any man could take. Kenzie springs from the closet and confronts Donnie, who quickly realizes it was a setup. Kenzie snaps and decides to give Donnie what he wants, a fuck session with Haley. Before long, Kenzie joins in and the threesome lick, suck and fuck their way to an afternoon of fun.

That Sitcom Show - Haley Reed - Married With Issues Beauty And The Bud

File: cuho4nathsishhalreepvxsdaxpyq.mp4
Size: 408.48 MB
Duration: 20:24
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kelly may think she won the bet she and Bud made, but she's got some serious competition. Bud was masturbating when Kelly's date arrived because he was prepping himself for a date of his own! Shortly after Jake disappears into Kelly's room to fuck, Bud's date Haley shows up. Their awkwardness is palpable until Bud asks Haley if she's read any good books lately. Haley lights up and asks Bud if he's read the Kamasutra.

With that kind of in, Bud knows that he has just the right chick to win his bet with Kelly. He lets Haley pop his hardon out to give him a nice BJ, and in return he pulls up her miniskirt and feasts on her cream filled twat. When Haley has had enough of Bud's oral exploration, she takes charge once again by climbing onto his fuck stick and sliding down so she can ride him. She instructs Bud to put his hands on her ass and lift her up and down in a rhythm of his choosing, his first real experience with the Kamasutra.

Next Haley eases Bud into another lesson by getting on her hands and knees for some good old fashioned doggy style. She guides Bud into adjusting his angle of penetration so that he is kneeling above her and fucking straight down. Then Haley rolls onto her back with her knees on her shoulders so Bud can bump and grind her to a big O. Maintaining her position, she opens her mouth wide to take Bud's load as he jacks himself off all over her face.

Web Young - Haley Reed & Emma Hix - Say Yes To Pussy

File: vdn15naweyohalemmga3ctb7kvj.mp4
Size: 289.00 MB
Duration: 29:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hix and Haley Reed rush into Emma's bedroom, closing the door quickly behind them as they hop up onto the bed with Emma's schoolbag between them. Oh my god it seemed like last period would NEVER end, Emma says. Totally!, Haley agrees, she couldn't wait to get out of there either. They look at each other and smile mischievously. 'So... um.... you got the stuff?' Haley asks in a conspiratorial tone. ' 'The stuff?' ' laughs Emma, mocking Haley in an exaggeratedly deep voice. Does Haley think she's some kind of big-time gangster or something?, teases Emma. Oh shut up!, Haley laughs. She's about as gangster as Emma, as in not at all, Haley says. Seriously, this is so out of character for them!, Emma says. But that's what makes it fun right?, Haley says. 'Y-yeah...I guess,' Emma says hesitantly. Yeah...she's nervous too, Haley says. There is a moment of silence. So let's see it!, Haley says. Emma opens her bag and the girls look in. Their eyes go wide in awe.

Has Haley ever seen this stuff in real life before?, Emma asks. No, has Emma?, Haley asks. Just on after-school specials and stuff like that, answers Emma. A-and it's really supposed to give you a buzz, and like...make you feel good?, Haley asks. Yeah, it's supposed to be amazing. There is another moment of silence. So...is Emma ready?, asks Haley, clearly nervous. 'I...guess?' Emma says, also very nervous. How about her?, Emma asks her friend. Yeah...definitely, gulps Haley, clearly trying to put on a brave face. 'Ok, so....here we go...then,' Emma says, reaching into her bag.

Haley nods, holding her breath, but after a second she exhales loudly, telling her friend to stop. She can't do it, Haley says, shaking her head. Emma exhales a breath of pure relief. Oh thank god, she didn't want to do it either, Emma says. 'Oh my god, how lame are we?' laughs Haley. They are NOT lame, this stuff can really fuck up your life, just look at the girl they got it from as an example!, Emma says. Yeah, she is a total disaster, agrees Haley. But they're always such goodie-goodies, she thought that just this once, they could do something...bad, Haley says with disappointment. Yeah, she was thinking the same thing, they're 18 and they've never even stayed out past curfew, Emma says. Plus, she WAS really curious about how it makes you feel, Emma adds, all she ever hears from friends is how great it feels. Haley says she was curious too, but there must be other, safer ways to get the same kind of feeling?, Haley. Well, she can think of at least one thing..., Emma giggles coyly. No no, she shouldn't have said anything, Emma immediately corrects herself, putting her hand over her mouth to suppress giggles.

Oh now she has to tell her what she was going to say!, prompts Haley playfully. No, it's too--no, she can't, laughs Emma. C'mon!, prods Haley. Ok ok, Emma says, finally relenting. She was just going to talk about something that makes you feel even better than that stuff...like when you...you know, Emma stutters before clumsily miming masturbation. Oh my god!!!, squeals Haley, laughing. Emma is so BAD, Haley laughs. Stop!, laughs Emma. But, she's right, although maybe there IS one thing that might feel better....Haley says with curiosity. What does she mean?, Emma asks her friend softly. 'Just that...the only thing better than doing that to yourself might be...having someone doing that TO you,' Haley says, biting her lip as she looks at her friend. That takes a second to sink in, but when it does, Emma chuckles nervously, looking away from Haley.

M-maybe! Haley is probably right...but Emma has never done that before, Emma says with a hint of embarrassment. Has...Haley?, Emma asks. After a beat, Haley says 'no', smiling bashfully. Emma looks back at her and smiles sweetly. There is a moment loaded with tension. Maybe...they should..., Emma says, trailing off as she bites her lip. Well, they did want to try something new today..., Haley says. Yeah, they don't need that stuff to...feel good, right?, Emma says, her nervousness disappearing. No, they definitely don't!, Haley says, her nervousness disappearing too as she feeds off of Emma and has moved closer to Emma on the bed. They can...make each other feel good, Emma says softly. She lays her hand on Haley's leg. Haley gasps as Emma lightly caresses her pussy. They can make each other feel SO good, Haley breathes lustily, kissing Emma hard.

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