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Goldie Glock

All Girl Massage - Marie Mccray & Goldie Glock - Tricking My New Step-mom

File: rhnlmnaalgimamargoljmwcltvcfo.mp4
Size: 359.64 MB
Duration: 30:52
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Goldie Glock is about to meet her new step-mom, Marie McCray, for the first time, although she's not happy about it. Since her new mom is around her own age, Goldie is convinced that she's up to no good... But just when she arrives at the household, her dad calls and tells her that he's going to be late for dinner, which means she needs to meet Marie on her own.

When she knocks, Marie meets her at the door but mistakes her as the masseuse she's hired! Although she's confused at first, Goldie then realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get some dirt on Marie. How hard can it be being a masseuse...?

Once she's inside Marie's house and Marie makes herself comfortable on her own personal massage table, Goldie grabs some oil and begins the massage. As soon as Marie starts relaxing, Goldie begins asking personal questions, trying to get Marie to out herself as some horrible golddigger. Yet, Marie continues to be sweet throughout, even voicing her concerns about meeting her step-daughter later and hoping that she's liked!

Goldie's not sure what else she can do to get the truth out of Marie without outing herself, so she focuses instead on getting Marie hot and heavy. Maybe THEN something will slip? Naturally, when Marie's offered a happy ending, she's a bit flustered but decides to go along with it since Goldie insists it's a normal part of the massage package...

Goldie takes her new mom to new heights as she eats out her pussy and drives her wild with need. Feeling bold, Marie jumps into the fray as well, and Goldie secretly delights in the fact that Marie has no idea she's doing the deed with her new daughter... Of course Goldie will tell her, but how long can she draw this out??

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, lezlover6969!

Bound Gangbangs - Goldie Glock - A Christmas Whore: Goldie Glock Stuffed Airtight On Christmas Eve

File: afeyynabogagolgloywxabmdsvh.mp4
Size: 695.98 MB
Duration: 01:03:30
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Christmas is Goldie's favorite time of the year and tonight is Christmas Eve. Goldie tries to wait up for Santa but falls asleep waiting. Suddenly she is awakened by the entrance of men wearing Santa hats. Goldie's no fool, she knows these men aren't Santa but when they tell her they are Santa's helpers and come bearing gifts, Goldie decides to be on her best behavior. She gets on her knees as directed and tells all Santa's helpers to come and touch her. Their hands grab at her tits and smack them. They push her head down on their dicks and tell her to open her whore mouth. Looks like Christmas has come early! Goldie loves cock and eagerly swallows every inch of cock in front of her. Drool from her mouth down past her tits as Santa's helpers make her choke on their cocks. They tie her hands in front of her and fuck her tight little pussy. Goldie moans as their cocks penetrate her. She loves getting fucked roughly and used like a nasty little slut. Next, they move to the couch and shove their fingers into both her holes. Goldie squeals and soon squirts all over herself. They replace their fingers with their cocks and soon Goldie is getting fucked in her ass! She cries out as they take turns fucking her ass and before she knows it, she's double stuffed with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass! Santa's helpers fuck her every which way, filling her mouth and making this Christmas whore airtight. Goldie cums hard as they fuck her holes with their rock hard cocks. She begs them for their cum and is rewarded with five hot loads, one in her ass and the rest all over her cute little face. Santa's helpers finish delivering her presents and leave her tied up and covered in cum.

Devil's Film - Goldie Glock - I'll Take It For Your Wife

File: zc7pxnadefigolglovqyw9bq9rn.mp4
Size: 302.71 MB
Duration: 31:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Goldie Glock and her best friend go out sometimes trouble ensue. This time she has ended up in jail and Goldie is sitting listening to an angry husband talk to his attorney. That poor man. He really needs to unleash some of that tension Like any best friend would Goldie offers up her ass to Seth. Since his wife is indisposed in jail at the moment it seemed like the least she could do. At first hesitant but then after careful examination of just how nice Goldie's ass looks, Seth is all over it like a hobo on a hot plate. Damn does her pussy taste sweet and Goldie gives a wicked blowjob. He hammer jacks both of her holes all over the couch and finally blasts an angry load of sweet baby batter all over her glowing face.

Cherry Pimps - Goldie Glock - Sexy Little Babe Goldie Is Wild

File: mkxp2nachpigolglo1f2db8okax.mp4
Size: 912.10 MB
Duration: 59:07
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Latina Goldie Glock is rocking it out in her sexy black lingerie and thigh high fishnet stockings! She knows just what to do to get your cocks hard and is eager to get Mark Zanes deep in her throat! She knows how to work that tongue all around that shaft edging Mark closer and closer to cumming! Its only a matter of time until he blows one large load all over that sexy ass letting you admire the cum as it drips down and all around her pussy

Bang Fake News - Goldie - Goldie Glock Is Peeped On With Hidden Cameras In Her B&b Rental

File: 4dghqnabafanegoldruwvey1kkv.mp4
Size: 278.18 MB
Duration: 27:16
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Goldie Glock rents a room on a website for her summer vacation, and she is super excited to experience a new city! It turns out that her host had installed hidden cameras throughout the house to peep on her while she was in the privacy of the room. The host enters her room and seduces her into sucking his cock. He fucks her pussy hard and it's all caught on tape!

Teens Love Anal - Goldie Glock - The Anal Inquisition

File: w9xlvnateloangolglogc2fbqzakn.mp4
Size: 419.65 MB
Duration: 30:24
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: As soon as our stud gets the call from Goldie Glock, he bolts out the door. When a hot chick like Goldie wants to talk in private, you clear your schedule! He shows up and things are even better than he expected. Goldie is in a sexy bikini showing off her round ass for his viewing enjoyment. Then, she tells him that she has been dying to try anal sex. Can it get any better? He sticks his thick cock inside her inexperienced asshole and plows her passionately to show her the ropes. Then, she throws her legs in the air and spreads them wide as he fills her butt up with dick. Goldie is poised to become an anal queen!

BFFS - Nova Skies, Goldie Glock & Lana Sharapova - Dormitory Dickdown

File: saqkmnabffnovgollan9n8rxuedlf.mp4
Size: 663.37 MB
Duration: 48:05
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Goldie Glock, Nova Skies, and Lana Sharapova are naughty college girls with a penchant for mischief. Tonight, they decide to have a little shindig in their dorm. They play some party games and sneak some boys in to add a little sexual tension to the fun. Soon, one of the studs is hooking up with Lana while the other girls sneak photos on their cell phones! After a while, they start to get horny themselves, and they make their way back into the room to join the pervy fornicators. Both studs whip their girthy cocks out and plunge them deep into the girls juicy cunts, taking turns pleasuring them until they all have a chance to cum hard on their