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Girls Way

Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jillian Janson, Sabina Rouge & Aria Lee - Popular 1: Corrupting The New Girl

File: kv6rfnagiwaaidjilsabari9o4pyabb7a.mp4
Size: 323.14 MB
Duration: 38:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sabina Rouge, a new girl in town who's a bit of a tomboy, walks around, looking around unfamiliarly. She seems to be searching for a particular building.

Not paying attention, she accidentally bumps into Avi Love. Avi yelps and drops the books she was carrying. As Sabina chats with Avi, a shy local girl, they hit it off right away. They like the same books and Sabina is impressed that Avi is into cosplay and good at makeup. Sabina moved to town a couple of weeks ago with her family just after she turned 18.

When Sabina asks Avi to show her where the library is, Avi is surprised, since she's not the most popular girl in school and it might mess up Sabina's reputation when school starts. Sabina insists that she doesn't care about this stuff and they head to the library together.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Sabina and Avi become close friends. One day, they're hanging out in the local coffee shop when Sabina meets Jillian Janson, Aria Lee and Aidra Fox, a clique of popular and bitchy girls who are the same age as Sabina. Jillian, the leader, sees something in Sabina and offers to give her a makeover.

Sabina is torn between hanging out with Avi and the popular girls. Ultimately, much to Avi's disappointment, Sabina chooses the popular girls.

After she gets her makeover, Sabina is brimming with newfound confidence. Jillian and her two followers begin to makeout. Sabina is reluctant to join in, but, wanting to be popular, Sabina ultimately agrees.

Girls Way - Emma Hix & Aaliyah Hadid - Encyclezpedia Clitannica

File: 2awipnagiwaemmaalsqrjdydxi4.mp4
Size: 212.89 MB
Duration: 26:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hix is ready for a quiet day at home when there's a knock on the door. When she answers it, she meets Aaliyah Hadid, who is an eager salesperson selling encyclopedias. Emma's not interested... until Aaliyah emphasizes that she's selling a special-edition lesbian-focused 'Encyclezpedia Clitannica!'

Emma invites Aaliyah inside, her curiosity piqued. As Aaliyah shares factoids from the book, Emma is in disbelief -- especially when the book claims that 90 of women have fantasized about being with other women before! Surely that statistic is a bit high??

Although Emma tries to downplay it, Aaliyah is convinced that Emma may be part of that 90 of women. Aaliyah insists that there's one way to know for sure...

Aaliyah begins stripping down in front of Emma, who is shocked but also intrigued. Once Aaliyah is completely naked, she announces that, if Emma DID have any feelings for girls, she'd be feeling them now!

Emma bashfully admits that while she thinks Aaliyah is beautiful, that doesn't mean she's a lesbian... But Aaliyah is determined to help Emma discover that other side of herself, so she grabs Emma's hand and puts them to her breasts. Does she feel anything now?

As Emma gasps and squeezes Aaliyah's breasts, she's overwhelmed with the realization that this is perhaps the greatest day of her life. Maybe Emma's a lesbian after all! Pleased that she's right, and burning with desire, Aaliyah jumps Emma with a fiery kiss. The kiss quickly gives way to an energetic romp with Aaliyah showing Emma all the joys of lesbian sex.

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens, Athena Faris & Ryan Keely - What's Mine Is Yours

File: ibji9namogichrathrya34errz8zxg.mp4
Size: 303.45 MB
Duration: 37:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens is visiting her best friend, Ryan Keely. As they exchange pleasantries, Christie braces herself since she has something to say that she's been wanting to get off her chest awhile. Although it takes some effort, she finally manages to admit that she has a crush on Ryan's step-daughter, Athena Faris! Yet, as she begins to describe how attractive Athena is, Christie is thrown off when Ryan starts to get dreamy as well. Ryan then admits that SHE lusts for Athena, too, and has even fooled around with her!

Before they can carry on the conversation, Athena steps into the room, having overheard them. Although Christie's embarrassed, Ryan convinces her to share her feelings about Athena. Athena isn't offended at all, even as Ryan explains the erotic nature of their relationship. In fact, when Ryan suggests that they have a threesome with Christie, since best friends share EVERYTHING, Athena is onboard! Fortunately, it doesn't take much convincing to win Christie over as well so that they ALL can have a little fun...

Christie has the time of her life as she is pleasured by the mother-daughter duo, though she isn't shy about returning the love. The three ladies eagerly eat each other out and fondle each other's breasts, savoring every tantalizing moment together. As they bring each other to new heights, it seems like sharing really IS caring!

Girls Way - Madison Missina & Jessie Lee Pierce - Couple's Counseling

File: pjtumnagiwamadjesf262icbphu.mp4
Size: 293.89 MB
Duration: 35:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Madison Missina and Jessie Lee Pierce, a married couple, look tense as they step into the living room together. They're on the verge of separating and have just returned home from couple's counseling. Jessie Lee thinks the session went well, but Madison is skeptical.

They work on their therapy homework together, which is to find a shared item of sentimental value. Madison is still resistant to the whole thing, though she IS trying, which seems to give them both a bit of hope.They begin looking around the living room for something that sparks joy for both of them.

They discuss a couple of items, however, it proves to be difficult because what holds sweet memories for one wife seems to hold sour memories for the other. There doesn't seem to be one singular thing that brings pleasure to both of them, which causes tensions to rise again.

After failing to find a sentimental item, Jessie Lee thinks it means that they're not right for each other. After one more look, they realize that the item's been right in front of them the whole time their pool table, one of the first things they bought together as a couple and the one thing they've never fought over.

Bonding over the memory of the night they brought the pool table home, Madison tells Jessie Lee how much she means to her, which moves Jessie Lee. They cuddle up to each other, playfully nuzzling into each other's bodies. This soon leads to a comforting kiss that gradually deepens as the flame is rekindled.

Girls Way - Kristen Scott & April Snow - Thrill Her

File: w6iz9nagiwakriaprwyqqp8lgqh.mp4
Size: 339.62 MB
Duration: 42:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kristen Scott and her friend, April Snow, step inside of a dark, abandoned building together. Kristen is really into urban exploration and is the leader while April is much more timid and clings onto her. Since April is so cute and easy to scare, Kristen can't help but to have a little fun...

As they explore, April is so jumpy that it doesn't take much for Kristen to get her going. When she pretends to hear or see something, April clings to her for dear life, believing that the place is haunted. But when April wants to make a run for it, Kristen continues to encourage her to stick around as they check out the abandoned furniture. Once they find a bed, they flop down and make themselves comfortable.

Now the time for fun and games is over as Kristen becomes more serious. She's been trying to hit on April for weeks now and wants to know if April feels the same way. April is shocked, insisting that she's not a lesbian, although she admits that she DOES think Kristen's pretty... It's just that she's never been with a girl before! So Kristen offers to change that for her...

Kristen eases April into it by sucking on her breasts, though it's not long before her tongue is buried within April's pussy. As they enjoy themselves to the fullest, all of April's fears disappear. After the adrenaline's worn off, will she still have the courage to embrace this new side of herself?

Mommy's Girl - Emma Hix & Christie Stevens - Quit Being Such A Princess

File: neyjpnamogiemmchrui6pdfbs3i.mp4
Size: 215.64 MB
Duration: 26:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hix has the most annoying step-mom in the world -- Christie Stevens is OBSESSED with princesses! Ever since Emma's dad called Christie his princess, she's taken it VERY literally. She always wears princess dresses and seems to be off in her own little world. It wouldn't be so bad except that Christie doesn't stop acting like a princess EVER.

The fact that her mother acts younger than her also frustrates Emma to no end. Christie seems to think of Emma as some sort of rival, too, proclaiming that there can only be ONE princess in the house. That's fine with Emma since she doesn't want to be a princess... Or DOES she? It's time to give Christie a taste of her own medicine!

Emma storms home one day wearing a princess dress, confronting Christie. Now that Christie's not the ONLY princess in the house, what is she going to do about it??

Unfortunately, Emma isn't expecting that Christie would be so appalled that she'd throw her to the bed and try to RIP the princess dress off her. As much as it shocks Emma, it's hot, too... Even though Christie drives her batty with her obsession, Emma can't help but be attracted to her. There's just something so hot about love-hate relationships...

The situation escalates as they get into a shouting match, rolling around on the bed together. It's not long before the pent-up sexual frustrations take hold and they lock lips. The dresses are quickly stripped away as Emma and Christie ravish each other's naked bodies. Emma's thrilled when Christie goes down on her pussy first, although it'll soon be her turn to take control. At the end, who will triumphant and be crowned Queen?

Girls Way - Lauren Phillips & Sabina Rouge - Seeing Red: Office Hazing

File: 4uuzbnagiwalausabonzglgdobb.mp4
Size: 218.91 MB
Duration: 26:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's Sabina Rouge's first day as an intern. She's hard at work until her boss, Lauren Phillips, checks in on her. Lauren has a certain mischievous look about her, although Sabina seems unaware... until Lauren whispers something lewd in her ear. Sabina is stunned as the fiery redhead walks away, though shakes her head in disbelief. Surely she misheard, right?

But as the day goes on, the remarks become more and more blatant. There's no way that Lauren doesn't mean for her words to be taken sexually! Finally, unable to stand it anymore, Sabina speaks her mind, standing up for herself. Instead of being scolded by Lauren, she's praised. Lauren insists that, as a redhead herself, Sabina must be called a spitfire all the time... and she admires that kind of assertiveness in her employees.

Sabina is shocked, though also aroused when Lauren closes the gap between them, their eyes locked. Now that she knows she's not going to be fired, Sabina ups the ante by being even bolder. If Lauren values assertiveness, then she's going to show Lauren everything she's got!

Sabina takes the lead, starting with kisses and groping until she has her boss bent over the desk. She plunges her tongue into Lauren's pussy, making her squirm with delight. As they bring each other to the brink, it becomes clear that Sabina's going to like this job!

Girls Way - Lexi Lore & Harmony Wonder - We Like Girls Lexi & Harmony

File: ssg6xnagiwalexhary14rnfr8qj.mp4
Size: 495.41 MB
Duration: 59:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When we wrapped season one of We Like Girls, I totally intended to take a little breather. The thought was short-lived, though, since so many wonderful women kept asking to work with us on this project. With everyone showing so much enthusiasm and love for what we do, how could I say no?

But this season, we're mixing it up and bringing you even more intimate stories than before. We really want to highlight each unique and genuine relationship to show you how love exists in so many forms...

And we're starting off with Lexi Lore and Harmony Wonder!

'It's great to share this special moment with someone, but when you watch Harmony and I,' says Lexi, 'it's not just a moment that you're seeing on camera... There's years and years that go behind that moment, making it so special.'

These two ladies have known each other for over a decade. Although life has physically kept them apart throughout the years, their bond has always remained strong. Now they'll FINALLY be able to express the love they have for each other in a way they've never done before... by going to prom!

'Harmony was definitely interested in having a prom-themed scene today because neither of us ever got to go to prom,' Lexi tells us. 'I don't even think we were in the same state. We never went to prom together, or at all, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity for Harmony to teach me how to dance!'

Little does Lexi know, Harmony has something VERY special planned... I promise that you're NOT going to want to miss this!

Mommy's Girl - Richelle Ryan & Joseline Kelly - Separation Anxiety

File: lgl8mnamogiricjosignqyh1une.mp4
Size: 336.33 MB
Duration: 40:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: A hotel room door opens as Richelle Ryan and Joseline Kelly, step-mother and step-daughter, step in together. Richelle is excited, saying, wasn't that campus tour great?? That college has everything going for it! It's even more impressive in person than in all the brochures she's seen. The mixed dorms may make Joseline's father uneasy but Richelle's all for it. Joseline is 18 now, it's time for her to live a little! As long as she's still safe about it, of course. Unlike Richelle, Joseline looks more anxious and says she's not sure about that college now.

Richelle is shocked since this is the college Joseline's always wanted to go to. Joseline defends herself with excuses, eventually saying that a college this far away from home will be inconvenient.

Richelle assumes that Joseline is homesick already, assuring her that it's perfectly normal, though Joseline goes on to say that she enjoys being with Richelle, who is her best friend.

Richelle is touched by these words, saying that Joseline means a lot to her, too! She loves her, too! 'But do you LOVE love me?' Joseline carefully asks. Richelle is taken aback, processing this, asking what exactly does Joseline mean. Joseline tries to hide it but is practically bursting at the seams to tell her secret. 'I've...I've always had a crush on you! I'm scared of moving away because... I can't picture being without you...'

Richelle strokes Joseline's hair, trying to soothe her still. Richelle assures Joseline that whether she's at a college down the street or in another country, they'll ALWAYS be close. That much won't change. This new revelation that Joseline has a crush on her will change things between them a LITTLE, but not in a bad way.

And speaking of the crush, has she ever been with a woman before? Richelle asks Joseline gently. When Joseline admits that she hasn't, Richelle looks at her, biting her lip. Maybe SHE could be the one to give Joseline her first lesbian experience? Richelle asks seductively. Joseline is nervous but excited, smiling shyly as they come together for a tender kiss.

Girls Way - Emma Hix & Bella Rolland - You'll Never Go Back

File: ahftjnagiwaemmbel1xttjt5vy3.mp4
Size: 299.18 MB
Duration: 36:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hix and Bella Rolland, two friends, are curled up on the couch watching a rom-com together. Emma is thoroughly enjoying herself while Bella bites her tongue every step of the way. When the movie is over and Emma is gushing about how romantic the guy was, Bella can't help but to poke fun at her. Bella can't understand how Emma doesn't find being with women even MORE romantic! After all, women smell nice, have soft skin...

Emma is flustered, insisting that women are lovely but just not for her! When Bella challenges her on if she's even kissed a woman before, Emma admits to having done so once, although her world didn't change because of it. Encouraged by the news, Bella dares Emma to kiss HER. Although Emma resists at first, she claims that even if she kisses Bella, it won't turn her into a lesbian. Bella wants Emma to prove it, so Emma finally gives in and shares a kiss.

Despite her initial protests, when Bella dares Emma to kiss her again, she gives in much more quickly. The kisses linger, growing more passionate until the dare reaches a whole new level as they begin to undress each other. It's not long before Emma surrenders to Bella, relishing her lesbian experience as Bella gives her pleasure she's never dreamed of! As Bella plays with her breasts and goes down on her pussy, Emma will never be able to look at rom-coms the same way ever again!

Girls Way - Maya Kendrick, Lacy Lennon & Lola Fae - Seeing Red: Closet Kissers

File: ud97fnagiwamaylacloly6tlvsocky.mp4
Size: 351.53 MB
Duration: 43:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lola Fae loves her step-sister, Maya Kendrick, but Maya can be VERY clingy sometimes. So clingy, in fact, that Lola had to take Maya with her to the last party of the year as high school seniors. Considering that Lola has a specific goal in mind for the party, the last thing she wants is for her annoying sister to get in the way...

When they arrive at the party, Lola is immediately smitten with the hostess, Lacy Lennon. Truth be told, the whole reason why Lola wanted to be at this party in the first place is to get a chance with Lacy! But Maya makes things difficult by being on Lola's heels the whole time, not allowing for any privacy. Will she get her chance with Lacy or will Maya ruin everything??

Meanwhile, Maya is just worried about her step-sister. She's never seen Lola act so weird around someone like Lacy before. When she confronts Lola about it and finds out that it's because Lola was hoping to get with Lacy, there's an odd sense of jealousy. But this gives her an idea, so she goes to Lacy to get her in on the plan. Maybe Maya can make her sister happy AND also get a little something herself!

When Lola gets invited by Lacy for a round of 7 Minutes In Heaven, she thinks she's hit the jackpot! Little does she know, not all is as it seems as she's blindfolded and led into a closet. Even though the night isn't about to turn out how she expects, Lola is not disappointed when she eventually ends up tumbling in bed with Lacy AND Maya!

There's no shortage of pleasure as they share kisses and play with each other's pussies, driving each other wild with need. It looks like they'll go out with a bang after all!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, ParadiseLost

Moms On Moms - Elexis Monroe & Texas Patti - Maid Up For Lost Time

File: wv9wjnamoonmoeletexaiefh6snku.mp4
Size: 262.47 MB
Duration: 31:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Texas Patti, a housecleaner, arrives with her cleaning supplies to a house but gets the shock of a lifetime when the housewife who opens the door is an old college friend of hers, Elexis Monroe. She didn't recognize the family name because it's the woman's husband's name. After the shock and awkward nervousness wears off, Elexis invites Texas into the house.

They take some time to catch up with what's happened since college after they lost touch with each other, Texas settled down with a family and now works as a housecleaner, while Elexis married a wealthy husband and started a family of her own, as a stay-at-home mom and housewife.

Texas is polite and friendly but clearly a bit self-conscious at their very different lifestyles. Elexis senses this and tries several things to make things less awkward. First she suggests that if Texas feels uncomfortable, she could request a different housecleaner, but Texas says of course not, there's no reason for that and besides it wouldn't look very good to the company. Elexis says okay, if she insists.

As Texas starts to clean, Elexis clearly doesn't know what to do with herself and clumsily tries to overcompensate, offering to join in to help clean which Texas of course declines. Elexis doesn't take no for an answer and tries to grab a cleaning product to help but Texas pulls back, and in the resulting tug-of-war Elexis spills cleaning supplies all over her clothes.

Elexis hastily changes out of the clothes as Texas asks her why she's being so weird. Elexis admits that she wanted to try to make Texas feel less uncomfortable about the whole situation. Texas says she appreciates it but things aren't like they were back in college. She mentions their family situations, also hinting that maybe they had a college fling together. It seems clearly fresh on her mind as she stares longingly at Elexis now in her bra and panties.

Elexis notices and says that maybe some things have changed, but some things clearly haven't. They might both be married now, but who would even find out if Texas took a break from cleaning to relive their college fling? Texas is reluctant, due to her responsibilities to her family and job, but she clearly wants to, so when Elexis leans in to kiss her, she can't resist and passionately returns the kiss.

Girls Way - Amber Leigh & Charlotte Star - Better Late Than Never

File: xnf7unagiwaambchadafsxzsne5.mp4
Size: 258.67 MB
Duration: 31:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Star is going through a tough time in her life. With the help of her friend, Amber Leigh, she's packing up and getting ready to leave her husband. Although Amber is supportive of her and just wants her to be happy, she's confused since she thought Charlotte and her husband were in a happy marriage. She only becomes even more confused when Charlotte avoids directly answering her questions...

As Charlotte carries another box outside, Amber grabs her own box to take out but stops. She spots a lesbian DVD in the box and is surprised. What is Charlotte doing with a lesbian DVD??

When Charlotte returns, Amber confronts her about the DVD. It takes some convincing but Charlotte finally admits that it's hers and that the real reason she's getting a divorce is because she thinks she's a lesbian. Amber is shocked but also empathetic, telling Charlotte that she should've come to her, especially since Charlotte knows SHE'S a lesbian!

Even as Charlotte talks about it, she begins to get cold feet and tries to talk herself out of the divorce. Amber tries to soothe her, then offers to get intimate with Charlotte to help her see if she can really be with girls after all. Although Charlotte is afraid of hurting their friendship, she HAS to try to know for sure!

Amber eases Charlotte into the experience with sensual touches and caresses, although it's not long before she's between Charlotte's legs eating out her pussy. Charlotte forgets all her worries as she surrenders to the moment, eager to return the favor to make Amber writhe with pleasure, too.

Girls Way - Abigail Mac, Kenna James & Lexi Luna - Lifeguard Instructor

File: n4q9jnagiwaabikenlexpp8kiexned.mp4
Size: 398.89 MB
Duration: 30:47
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James and Lexi Luna are ready to learn how to become lifeguards! They arrive at the poolside, donning their sexy bikinis, but are confused when they don't see their instructor anywhere on the property. Then their eyes fall on the pool as Abigail Mac majestically rises from beneath the surface, rivulets of water cascading over her beautiful body.

Kenna and Lexi are entranced as Abigail stands before them, energetically greeting them. After introducing herself, Abigail invites them to make themselves comfortable so that they can begin learning how to perform CPR. Once prompted, Lexi agrees to be the first volunteer for a demonstration.

Abigail enthusiastically walks them through the CPR process, having Lexi lay down on her back. As Kenna watches on, Abigail presses her hands to Lexi's chest and locks lips. Although they're supposed to be learning how to revive someone, the session instead turns everyone on... When it's Kenna's turn to be practiced on, she has no complaints!

Satisfied by what she sees so far, Abigail invites the girls inside for more... private... lessons. Kenna and Lexi excitedly follow along and are attentive as Abigail insists that there are OTHER ways of reviving someone that they can explore... Swept up in the heat of the moment, Kenna and Lexi both get the lesson of their lives as Abigail opts to teach them how to be better lovers instead!

As the steamy threesome gets underway, Kenna and Lexi are putty in Abigail's hands. They are both eager to get as much out of this lesson as they can, happily eating out as much pussy as possible. With Abigail leading them every step of the way, Kenna and Lexi will become the best lesbian lifeguards yet!

Mommy's Girl - Alexis Fawx & Laney Grey - Begging For Mommy's Pussy

File: nhr2tnamogialelanvgva7kpupr.mp4
Size: 469.59 MB
Duration: 38:47
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Fawx is growing tired of Laney Grey's entitled ways. Her step-daughter is so used to getting everything she wants from her daddy that she doesn't respect Alexis when she says no. Even today, Laney won't stop bothering her, wanting to get her nails done or for Alexis to get her a new laptop. Laney even goes so far as to declare that she should get a new car because Alexis' car sucks!

As Alexis' frustrations boil over, she tells Laney that she needs to grow up and get a job to take care of herself. Instead of getting through to Laney, though, Alexis only makes it worse as Laney demands that she wants her mother's pussy. It just tasted sooo gooood last time...

Alexis is embarrassed, reminding Laney that what they did before was in the past -- Laney can't ask her to do that again! To her dismay, Laney throws a tantrum to get her way and Alexis has little choice but to give in if she wants to have some peace and quiet.

Laney is triumphant as Alexis strips down and pleasures her. Alexis does everything she can to satisfy Laney before finally offering her own pussy to Laney, as requested. Laney eagerly goes all-in with her tongue... and Alexis has to admit that having a bratty daughter isn't ALL bad...

Web Young - Maya Kendrick & Kendra Spade - Vote For Me

File: cvplsnaweyomaykent9tzakm3nj.mp4
Size: 371.56 MB
Duration: 31:36
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is determined to become class president in her senior year of high school. As she visits fellow students to see if she can count on their votes, she arrives at Maya Kendrick's house. Although Maya tries to avoid her, Kendra steamrolls her way into the house to enthusiastically give her spiel. However, Maya's not sold on Kendra's boring, predictable campaign promises. When Kendra asks what's important to Maya, Maya insists that the school's GSA needs some help!

Although Kendra's trying her best, she doesn't initially know what a GSA is, which loses her points in Maya's eyes. She quickly recovers, gushing about how important the GSA is and how she'll do her best to get more attention for it. Even so, Maya's not convinced... so she asks Kendra to prove her commitment to the community and cause.

Kendra's not sure HOW she's supposed to prove herself until Maya makes a move on her, kissing her. Although Kendra's not experienced, and this is WAY outside her comfort zone, she's determined to win Maya's vote and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Once they start getting hot and heavy, Kendra's worries fade away as she lives in the moment with Maya. But as she experiences having her pussy licked for the first time, and then some, will it be enough to convince Maya to vote for her?

Web Young - Gia Derza & Savannah Sixx - The Skater Girl

File: uuzyznaweyogiasavlqgjwau2tb.mp4
Size: 275.56 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's after school at the skatepark. A skater boy does tricks while his girlfriend, Sarah Savannah Sixx, sits off in the shade, looking hot and sipping her soda. Sarah does this every day ... wait around while her boyfriend skates and hangs out with his buddies. She is clearly very bored.

Decked out in her cute little wannabe skater chick outfit, her body glistening with sweat, all Sarah wants is some attention ... and to get out of this concrete furnace! Three other skater kids arrive at the park and go say hi to her boyfriend. Sarah rolls her eyes. Great, she thinks, now we'll be here forever! One of them is a girl that she does not recognize. The girl, Jenny Gia Derza, notices Sarah off to the side. She gives Sarah a long look before breaking from the pack and skating over and introducing herself.

Sarah also introduces herself and asks the girl if they go to the same school. 'Nah, I dropped out six months ago ... the day after I turned 18,' Jenny laughs. 'I wish I could have done that for my 18th birthday,' Sarah laughs back. 'But my parents would kill me!' The girls eye each other. 'Why are you over here all by yourself?' she asks. Sarah looks up at the hot girl staring at her and feels nervous. Something about her is intimidating.

'Um .. I'm just waiting for Tyler,' she says. Jenny looks back at the boyfriend, laughing and goofing off. He doesn't even notice they are talking. 'My place has a pool,' she says. 'Want to come over?'

Sarah wipes her brow and looks up at the girl. She is so cool ... so much cooler than her stupid boyfriend. 'Sure,' she says, feeling rebellious. Jenny helps her up and they leave the park together.

When they get to Jenny's house, Sarah is impressed by how upscale the house looks. 'Wow,' she says, 'this is really nice!' Jenny makes some excuse about her dad being loaded but never around and starts to nonchalantly take off her clothes. This makes Sarah very nervous. 'Um ... I don't have a bathing suit. Do you have an extra?' she mumbles. Jenny laughs, telling her that she never wears one! Why bother when it's so hot out?

She walks over and starts to help Sarah get undressed. Not wanting to seem like a prude, Sarah goes along with it and lets the cool girl help her take her clothes off. Jenny takes her by the hand and they get in the water.

As the girls laugh and goof off in the pool, Jenny's sense of humor and laid back attitude help Sarah to loosen up. They get closer and closer together, the sexual tension building.

Jenny's gaze becomes more fixated on Sarah. Sarah can feel it and she can barely contain her nervousness. 'I wonder if Tyler realizes I'm gone,' she mutters. Jenny leans in close. 'You should really forget about your boyfriend,' she whispers, putting her hand on Sarah's collarbone. The women look at each other, their mouths inches apart.

'You think so...?' Sarah whispers. Jenny nods, bringing her hands up to cup Sarah's face. They kiss for a moment before running up to Jenny's bedroom, eager to enjoy each other's tight bodies.

Girls Try Anal - Penny Pax & Chanel Preston - Reluctant Realtor

File: lobdcnagitranpenchahfxjj3wvx5.mp4
Size: 629.16 MB
Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Realtor Penny Pax is eagerly showing her client, Chanel Preston, around a warehouse space. Chanel is a CEO looking to expand her business, so Penny is doing her best to fulfil that order. So far, Chanel seems to like what she sees, though Penny asks more about Chanel's business to make sure it really DOES fit her needs.

Chanel is not shy talking about the pleasure products that her company produces, which catches Penny off guard. Penny's immediately embarrassed and worried that the landlord may not want to work with them... Chanel is unfazed, though senses that it may be Penny she needs to convince more than the landlord!

Chanel sits Penny down to talk with her and make her more comfortable with embracing her sexuality. To help with this, she breaks out her kit of glass and metal dildos. Although Penny is shy around the toys, she's curious, especially as Chanel drives home that it's important for Penny to be able to take care of herself! Finally, when Chanel's able to convince Penny to choose what toy appeals to her the most, she knows she's in.

Chanel continues to turn on the charm until Penny's beyond the point of no return. Penny hardly knows what to do with herself as Chanel peels off her clothes, though her body burns hot with desire. Once Chanel starts playing with Penny's breasts and pussy, work is the furthest thing from Penny's mind! Not only is she coming out of her shell, but she may be able to seal the deal after all.

Mommy's Girl - Gianna Dior, Aiden Starr & Emma Starletto - The Better Babysitter

File: uzu3inamogigiaaidemmcjwlzjlv8f.mp4
Size: 379.80 MB
Duration: 47:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Aiden Starr, a new mother, is busy interviewing Gianna Dior to potentially hire as a babysitter. It's no secret that Aiden is lusting for Gianna, taken by her beauty as she shamelessly flirts with the younger woman. Gianna, both attracted to Aiden and also wanting the position, turns up the heat as she and Aiden sidle closer together.

Aiden's step-daughter, Emma Starletto, interrupts them by promptly sitting between them. She confronts her step-mother, hurt that Aiden would give the babysitting job to someone else after promising it to her! Aiden, however, defends her decision since she's looking for someone who is more responsible and has more... experience. However, she's willing to do a few tests to see who should rightfully get the job.

Although Emma is still annoyed, she goes through with the babysitting tests. Much to her dismay, Gianna defeats her in the tests. To add insult to injury, Gianna's even flirting with Aiden! Desperate not to lose out to Gianna, Emma proposes her own challenge who has the best breasts for breastfeeding, in case it's needed?

Aiden is intrigued, accepting this challenge. She inspects both girls' perky breasts to see which set is best. Naturally, all of the explorative touching leads to the three women becoming aroused. Even Emma is caught up in the heat of the moment as the competition leads into a sensual threesome.

Although it takes Emma a little longer to get into it, when Aiden and Gianna work together, she soon comes undone. As they eagerly eat each other's pussies out in various positions, Emma and Gianna continue to fight for the right to be the new babysitter. But after all is said and done, who will come out on top?

Web Young - Scarlett Sage, Athena Faris & Morgan Rain - Swimsuit Show-offs

File: razuwnaweyoscaathmorn8ebnvhqsz.mp4
Size: 340.22 MB
Duration: 42:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Morgan Rain and Scarlett Sage are lounging by the pool when their friend Athena Faris shows up. They chat about the high school swim team that they are all a part of, pointing out that since they're all 18 and graduating soon, this will be their last year on the swim team. Speaking of which, Athena has their new swim team swimsuits!

They all wonder aloud how the new suits look. Scarlett suggests that they try them on and model them for each other. The other girls agree, saying that that sounds like fun!

The girls strip down. They get distracted for a moment and stand there naked as they tease each other good-naturedly before they slip on the new swimsuits. The three look at each other and look at themselves, visibly pleased with how they look. The vibe is getting increasingly flirty as the girls check each other out. Wow, says Morgan. Right?? Scarlett echoes. 'Yeah, we look...amazing,' Athena adds.

The girls decide that since they look THIS amazing, they should go inside and take some pics. They go into Scarlett's room and hop up onto the bed as Athena begins to take cute photos of Morgan and Scarlett. As Athena snaps pics, Scarlett gets bold and slips her swimsuit down, revealing her perky tits. Athena's a little hesitant, but since Scarlett's not shy, she keeps taking photos of Scarlett posing in increasingly sexy ways.

Pretty soon Scarlett convinces Morgan to take her top off too and they continue to pose for photos. Scarlett gets even crazier and has Athena snap a pic of her licking Morgan's tit. By this point, Athena's getting less and less shy, so when the other girls suggest that she take her top off too, she agrees.

Giggling, the girls take pics of all three of them together. Getting riled up by their tight bodies and sexy poses, Morgan and Scarlett come together for an intense kiss. From the sidelines, Athena is surprised. Um, what are they DOING? Biting their lips, the girls apologize for leaving Athena out and slowly lean in for a steamy triple-kiss. Athena's still a little shy, but it feels so good that she doesn't want it to stop.

The fun is just starting for these swimsuit show-offs...

Girls Way - Jayden Cole, Scarlett Mae & Jayme Rae - Seeing Red: Red Hot Reunion

File: 7vmahnagiwajayscajaypctsernco4.mp4
Size: 281.15 MB
Duration: 34:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jayden Cole enters the basement and seems surprised to find her second cousins Jayme Rae and Scarlett Mae already sitting there with their faces in their hands. They make small talk for a moment, chatting about how bored they are at the family reunion making awkward chit-chat with relatives they barely even know.

'As if a bunch of 20-somethings like us care about 401ks and kitchen remodelings and all that other crap!' Jayden mentions. The trio shares a laugh which quickly dies into awkward silence.

As they sigh with boredom, the girls make forced attempts at small talk until Jayden suggests that they play strip blackjack. The other two are a little shyer but ultimately agree.

As they play blackjack, more and more clothes come off as the girls gradually warm up to each other, Jayme and Scarlett in particular becoming less and less shy. With fewer and fewer clothes on, the girls also become more flirty with each other, making saucy comments and stealing glances at each other's semi-nude bodies.

Eventually, all three girls are sitting in just their panties, the atmosphere increasingly sexually-charged. A mischievous look comes over Jayden's face and she suddenly reaches over to Jayme and playfully tweaks her nipple. Jayme is shocked.

'Hah, sorry! I couldn't help myself. It was practically STARING at me. But that was mean. You can totally flick MY nipple back if you want! Actually, you guys can BOTH even give my boobs a little squeeze if you're curious. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind giving both of YOURS a little feel too!' Jayden says.

Jayme and Scarlett are hesitant, but ultimately can't resist the temptation.

They compare and touch each other's breasts. As the breast touching becomes increasingly erotic, the atmosphere takes on a strong sexual charge. Feeling the vibe, Jayden lowers her mouth to lightly lick Jayme's nipple. Jayme is a little reluctant at first, but swept up in the eroticism of the moment, she lets Jayden continue to tongue her hard nipples. It doesn't take long for Scarlett to join in, getting her own mouthful of Jayme's perky tits.

Girls Way - Casey Calvert & Kristen Scott - The Case Of The Snitch's Snatch

File: 6xk2unagiwacaskribx5jdk5cg7.mp4
Size: 416.31 MB
Duration: 35:41
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When an insurance company starts to get suspicious of fraud after a string of car thefts, they hire Detective Casey Calvert to help close the case. Casey's been giving it her all but getting nothing in return, so she resorts to a backup plan asking her informant, Kristen Scott, for help. Although Kristen's been an informant for years, they've never met face-to-face... until today.

After getting on a call with Kristen, Casey's told to go to a shady warehouse. Once there, she's surprised to meet Kristen for the very first time. Despite marveling over how hot Kristen is in person, Casey is suspicious about why Kristen's revealing herself now. As they sit down and talk, Casey learns that her informant is deep in the thick of it but unwilling to tell her everything she knows... without a little something in return.

As Kristen trails her hand over Casey's shoulder, their eyes meet. After years of casually flirting over the phone, the heat between them is undeniable. Although Casey doesn't like to mix work with pleasure, she's willing to make an exception in this case.

Exploratory kisses quickly turn into something much more as lust consumes them. Kristen starts things off by getting a taste of Casey's pussy, but it's not long before Casey finally gets a taste of her snitch's snatch as well. It's better than anything Casey ever could've imagined! But after is all said and done, will Kristen keep her word and give Casey the information she really needs?

Mommy's Girl - Lilly Lit, Lexi Lore & Serene Siren - My Neighbor's Sugar Mommy

File: llhq7namogilillexserm3gygivyg3.mp4
Size: 400.53 MB
Duration: 48:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore knocks on her neighbor's door. Lilly Lit answers, excitedly welcoming Lexi into the house as they exchange introductions. Lexi is new to the neighborhood and wanted to say hi!

They make small talk. When they realize that they're both 20 years old, Lilly expresses how happy she is to have another young person in the neighborhood, but Lexi sheepishly admits that she doesn't think she'll be in the neighborhood too long. The rent is too expensive. Lilly can relate. She used to struggle with money too, but ever since she became part of a special arrangement...

But before Lilly can elaborate further, they are interrupted when Serene Siren arrives home and greets Lilly, 'Hey, sweetie, I'm home!' 'Welcome home, mommy,' Lilly happily greets, then introduces Lexi. Serene is immediately taken by how sweet and adorable Lexi is, saying how cute she is. 'If there's anything you need, Lexi, don't hesitate to ask,' she says, then adds to Lilly, 'I'll be in my room, so be sure to come straight up when you're done with your friend, darling. I can't wait for you to sit on my face!' Lilly cheerfully says, 'Yes, mommy!' Lexi looks on in shock at this very blunt exchange.

Disturbed by the conversation, Lexi politely but shakily tries to excuse herself from the house after Serene leaves. Lilly stops her with a laugh and explains that Serene isn't her REAL mother -- she's her sugar mommy! Lexi is confused, and Lilly tells her that Serene takes care of her bills, food, rent...everything. In exchange, she PRETENDS to be her daughter and does ANYTHING Serene asks... 'Anything?' Lexi asks. 'Anything!' Lilly says with a grin. It's the best decision she's ever made! She's spoiled rotten AND she has mind-blowing sex every day!

'I wonder if -I- should get a sugar mommy...' Lexi shyly says, half-joking. It's obvious she's considering the option but is too shy to dive in. Lilly looks thoughtful then grins. Suggesting that they go talk to Serene to see if she and Lexi hit it off, Lilly takes Lexi's hand and leads her to the bedroom.

They arrive at the bedroom, though Lexi is still shy. Lilly mischievously tells Serene that she has a surprise for her. Serene turns predatory and begins seducing Lexi, saying she's interested in taking on a second daughter. Serene and Lilly begin caressing and fawning over Lexi, making Lexi flustered, though she likes the attention. Serene continues to butter Lexi up with promises of being taken care of. 'Wouldn't you like a new sister, too?' Serene seductively says while Lilly excitedly agrees. 'Lexi, come be my new sister...' Since she's so aroused and intrigued, Lexi agrees to the arrangement and the trio come together for a steamy threesome.

Lexi's going to show her new sugar mommy how grateful she is to be part of the family!

Girls Way - Whitney Wright & Gianna Dior - Showcase: Gianna Dior

File: sei9unagiwawhigiam7hro6ztg1.mp4
Size: 367.52 MB
Duration: 30:03
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When Whitney Wright shows up at Gianna Dior's house to practice baton twirling for an upcoming competition, she knows she's in for a rough day. There's already friction between them because of their intimate past and they're both beyond stressed. But if Gianna doesn't help Whitney improve her baton twirling skills, they're BOTH going to get kicked off the team.

As expected, Gianna is short with her and nothing Whitney does is right. However, Whitney suspects that this isn't so much about the training as it is about confronting their past... Once Gianna snarks that the only reason Whitney even wants to BE on the team is so that she can fuck the other girls, it confirms Whitney's suspicions.

Whitney takes their batons and puts them aside, convincing Gianna to take a breather so that they can talk things through. Although Whitney apologizes for the major mistake she made, Gianna's still too hurt to let it go. They try to make light of it by commenting on how much Whitney's baton twirling skills suck, which gives Whitney an idea. As she leans in to kiss Gianna, she murmurs that, if memory serves her right, there's ONE thing she's pretty good at...

Despite what happened in the past, the sexual tension between them now is too much to resist. Tentative kisses turn into so much more as they play with each other's breasts and make their way down south. When they taste each other's pussies for the first time since their breakup, there's no turning back! But will this make-up sex be enough to help them move forward?

Girls Way - Kenna James & Veronica Weston - Locked Out

File: 5x15enagiwakenver1g2sfcdzfs.mp4
Size: 272.98 MB
Duration: 33:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James, wearing only a towel, receives a call just as she's about to get into the shower. Whoever's calling, it had better be good, she says to herself. She picks up the phone, saying hello. She listens for a moment.

'You know, you have a lot of nerve calling here after the way you broke up with me,' Kenna says angrily into the phone. Whatever...those just sound like a bunch of excuses to her, Kenna continues speaking to the unseen caller. So what does she want anyway? Kenna asks, annoyed. She listens to the caller's response.

Her gold necklace?! Kenna asks incredulously. 'So let me get this straight you didn't call to apologize or even check up on me, you called to ask me if I have your stupid necklace?!' Kenna asks as she looks around, noticing the necklace somewhere nearby. She grabs the necklace and opens her back door. She steps out onto the porch and throws the necklace into her backyard. She closes the door sharply, looking smug and satisfied.

As the back door closes behind her, her towel remains around her but the edge gets caught in the closed door. Annoyed, she tries to pull it free, but to no avail. It becomes clear to Kenna that she can't open the door because her towel is stuck in the lock. With growing alarm, she realizes that she also can't go anywhere WITH the towel, since it's not budging from the door. Comprehending the implications of this, her face crumbles with dread. Ooooh, this is just PERFECT, she grumbles to herself. Well, what choice does she have? she asks herself aloud. Ok, just a short little run to the front of the neighbor's house, get in there, borrow some clothes, call a locksmith, and she'll be good to go, Kenna says aloud, psyching herself up.

Nude, she runs to the front of her neighbor's house, desperately trying to cover herself. Breathing heavily, Kenna knocks on her neighbor's door. A moment later, her neighbor, Veronica Weston answers the door and invites her in, flustered then bemused by the situation.

They sit down on the couch together. Much to Kenna's shock, Veronica takes off her robe and offers it to Kenna, who can't help but stare at Veronica's naked body. They chat and bond as they realize that they have both recently been through bad break-ups.

So how...how did Veronica get over her ex? Kenna asks delicately. She hasn't TOTALLY gotten over her yet, but her friends keep telling her that the only way to really move past her is to...be with someone else, Veronica says. Yeah, she's...heard that too, Kenna says. And...HAS Kenna been with anyone since her breakup? asks Veronica, eyeing Kenna suggestively. No, she hasn't, Kenna responds, her eyes shining with desire as she looks back at Veronica. And...why is that? Veronica asks softly, moving even closer to Kenna on the couch. Well, she guesses that she just hasn't met anyone she's attracted to...yet, Kenna says pointedly, licking her lips as she gazes at Veronica. YET? Veronica asks cheekily, leaning in to kiss Kenna.

Even though Kenna got locked out, looks like it's her lucky day!

Girls Try Anal - Lena Paul, Jane Wilde & Gia Derza - Bully's Just Desserts

File: hb3jxnagitranlenjangiauuyaxs33hl.mp4
Size: 436.84 MB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde and Gia Derza are catching up like old times, reminiscing about how nerdy and horny they were when they were in high school. Not much has changed, though, since they're still nerdy and horny in college, too, although Jane hasn't gotten any in awhile... Since Gia doesn't want to see her friend hurting for some, she browses a lesbian dating app for a chick to lick.

Gia is stunned as she finds a profile for Lena Paul, a girl who used to bully them in high school for being nerdy lesbians. Jane is quick to make a fake profile to catfish Lena, inviting her over. It's time for Jane and Gia to finally get their revenge! Of course, since they are nerds, the revenge they have planned is relatively tame... except that Jane wants to end it by double-teaming Lena with strap-ons!

When Lena shows up for the hookup, Jane and Gia confront her. Lena is instantly remorseful for how she treated them in the past. She was young, closeted, and confused... She's sorry for being so mean to them. She seems sincere enough, though Jane and Gia are still a bit upset. However, when Lena bemoans that it looks like she's not getting laid tonight after all, Jane grins and breaks out the strap-ons.

Although Lena's confused by the change of plans, she's happy to make it up to Jane and Gia however she can. As Jane and Gia don the strap-ons and fill her holes, it seems like the past is forgiven!

Mommy's Girl - Lauren Phillips & Arietta Adams - My Mom's A Virgin

File: d5513namogilauariswgzissgol.mp4
Size: 329.17 MB
Duration: 25:47
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Arietta Adams is having boy problems. When her step-mom, Lauren Phillips, checks in on her, she tells Lauren that her boyfriend won't speak to her after telling him that she's not a virgin. Lauren is sympathetic as she sits with her step-daughter and tells her that some men are just jerks like that. When Arietta asks if her father was like that, Lauren has nothing but good things to say about her late husband as they share a bittersweet moment.

Once the moment passes, Arietta laments about sex being so complicated. When did Lauren lose her virginity? Instead of answering, Lauren is flustered, trying to dodge the question until she finally has to admit that she's STILL a virgin. She was saving herself for someone special, like Arietta's dad, but when the wedding night came, he was taken away from them...

Arietta feels for Lauren, insisting that Lauren spent so much time taking care of her that it's HER turn to return the favor... but when Arietta starts feeling Lauren up, Lauren is uncertain. 'You said you wanted to do it with someone special, aren't I special?' Arietta insists while brushing a hand along Lauren's thigh. Although Lauren's hesitant, it's not long before those urges finally take over.

An exploratory kiss quickly turns into something more as Arietta takes the lead to give Lauren an experience she'll never forget. Lauren soon comes undone as Arietta sucks on her nipples and licks her pussy, and the fun's only just getting started! It seems as though Arietta really IS that someone special!

Girls Way - Adriana Chechik & Abigail Mac - Holy Matri-moly: Wet Wedding

File: kzxfwnagiwaadrabiyocgvidrsa.mp4
Size: 302.59 MB
Duration: 37:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's supposed to be the greatest day of Adriana Chechik's life... but her husband-to-be is nowhere to be seen! As she freaks out before the wedding, her maid of honor and best friend, Abigail Mac, tries to calm her down. However, when Abigail gets the news that the groom's flight is delayed, she knows it's not going to go over well with Adriana.

As predicted, Adriana freaks out. After Adriana calms down with Abigail's help, Abigail carefully suggests that maybe this is a sign that Adriana isn't supposed to get married. Adriana is upset until Abigail admits that SHE loves Adriana!

Adriana is stunned as Abigail goes on to say that it seems like Adriana's HIDING a part of herself when she's with the groom. Also, Adriana told her how he couldn't make her squirt as she used to, which is a pretty big deal! Was it just a phase for Adriana or is the groom not up to the task?

Adriana still struggles to wrap her head around her mixed feelings about her best friend AND the upcoming wedding. Abigail reminds her that, as the maid of honor, she's there to support Adriana however she can, so why don't they relax and have a little fun? They can start by trying to make Adriana squirt so that she can know once and for all if the groom really IS the one.

Although Adriana's hesitant, a gentle kiss from Abigail begins easing her into the sensual experience. Abigail gets to work showering Adriana's pussy with lots of love and attention to see just how wet they can get. Will all of Abigail's efforts to help Adriana see the truth about who she REALLY should be with pay off?

Web Young - Elsa Jean & Vanna Bardot - Little Miss Oblivious

File: 5x8elnaweyoelsvanzbcqzgdzkg.mp4
Size: 270.15 MB
Duration: 33:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean loves hanging out with her best friend, Laney Grey. Yet, she's completely oblivious to the fact that Laney has a HUGE crush on her! She misses ALL the signs as Laney tries to hint that she'd like to be MORE than best friends. With Elsa not catching her drift, Laney sadly takes her leave while Elsa is none the wiser.

After Laney leaves, Elsa's older step-sister, Vanna Bardot, steps in and chastises Elsa for being so clueless! Doesn't she see that Laney totally has the hots for her?? Since Elsa clearly doesn't know how to flirt, Vanna is happy to give her a crash course so she doesn't miss out on getting with Laney. Elsa, not wanting to lose Laney, takes her big sister up on the offer.

Vanna starts things off by showing Elsa subtle things to watch out for, like fleeting touches along the thigh or brushing hair away from the face. Even then, Elsa still seems to think that the gestures are innocent enough, so Vanna has to up her game. In order to see what she's working with, she gets Elsa to kiss her, though the kiss leaves much to be desired. She offers Elsa the chance to learn how to REALLY kiss so that she'll know what to do if she ever gets that far with a girl.

With Elsa's permission, Vanna shows Elsa how to make out, which leads to Elsa becoming more curious about sex. Since Vanna doesn't want to leave her sister hanging, she shows Elsa how to go ALL the way to boost her confidence. Slowly and surely, as the sisters undress and begin caressing each other, Elsa starts to catch on. Vanna leads the way, showing Elsa how to eat pussy and trib like a pro, but will Elsa's newfound knowledge be enough to win Laney back?

Girls Way - Serena Blair & Bunny Colby - Can't Escape Their Past

File: xgbqanagiwaserbunbcmbv5ylww.mp4
Size: 476.58 MB
Duration: 45:08
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Bunny Colby is looking forward to a fun day at an escape room with her brother and sister-in-law. When her sister-in-law, Serena Blair, shows up, Bunny begins to get nervous. It's not like her husband to be late for an escape room, since they love these games so much... and being around Serena is awkward, to say the least. Unfortunately, when the game master tells them they'll have to start now or risk losing their slot, Bunny and Serena nervously agree to play alone together.

Mommy's Girl - Gia Paige, Reagan Foxx & Whitney Wright - Just Couldn't Wait

File: sa7cpnamogigiareawhii6pckqle22.mp4
Size: 324.25 MB
Duration: 40:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx is in her living room when the doorbell rings. She smiles mischievously to herself as she gets up to answer it. When she opens the door, she's greeted by her step-daughter's girlfriend, Gia Paige. Hi! Gia smiles, slightly nervous. Hi there, Reagan says with a hint of flirtation. She's sorry, but Whitney isn't here, Reagan says. Oh, well, they were supposed to hang out today, Gia says in disappointment. Well, she should be back soon, why doesn't Gia wait for her here? Reagan says, gesturing for Gia to come in. Oh..um...ok! Gia says.

Whitney just went to the store, she shouldn't be long, Reagan smiles as they sit down on the couch. So Whitney and her have been together for awhile now huh? Reagan asks, making small talk, 'you must be coming up on SOME kind of big milestone?' Um, yeah, since they both turned 23, so...almost a year now, Gia smiles. Whitney is amazing, Gia comments. She's really lucky to be with her, Gia adds sincerely.

'From where I'm sitting, it seems like SHE'S pretty lucky too. You are...GORGEOUS,' Reagan says smoothly. Oh, wow, thanks, Gia says modestly. And she can definitely see where Whitney gets HER beauty from, Gia says. Well, she's Whitney's STEPMOM, not her real mom, but she'll take the compliment wherever she can! Reagan laughs.

Of course...wow, DUH! She KNEW that, laughs Gia. Sorry, she just...she can get kind of awkward when she's nervous, Gia says. Why is she nervous? Reagan asks knowingly. Oh, nothing, it's...it's stupid, Gia tries to wave it off. 'Ohhh... I think I see what this is... Do you have a little...CRUSH on me?' Reagan asks teasingly. Um, NO! Gia lies quickly, laughing as if it's the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Having a crush on her girlfriend's stepmom would be...it would just be...WRONG, Gia says, but it's clear by the look on her face that the fact that it's wrong only adds to the appeal. There's no need to be embarrassed, Reagan says softly. She's NOT embarrassed! Gia maintains with a nervous laugh. There is a charged moment as they lock eyes.

'Can I tell you a secret?' Reagan asks, wanting to press her advantage. Um...sure, Gia says. Reagan leans closer to her. 'I have a crush on you too,' Reagan says seductively. Gia's eyes go wide. 'B-but I DON'T--' Gia stammers, but is cut off when Reagan leans in and kisses her. Caught off-guard, Gia returns her kiss passionately. But after a moment, Gia comes back down to earth and breaks away. Oh wow, that...this...this CAN'T happen, Gia says, breathing heavily. She CAN'T do this to Whitney, Gia adds firmly. 'Trust me, you DON'T need to worry about Whitney,' Reagan says, caressing Gia's face.

Gia gives in to the purely physical pleasure, her reasoning forgotten. She kisses Reagan back as they slip their clothes off. As Reagan sinks to her knees and eats Gia's pussy, Reagan's step-daughter Whitney Wright suddenly walks in, looking angry. But Gia is surprised to find out that the only thing Whitney's mad about is that her mom didn't wait for her to begin the threesome they had planned all along. Whitney strips down, eager to join in and make up for lost time.

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Lindsey Cruz - Getting Her Client Off

File: aqb9snagiwaabilinvm2g128frh.mp4
Size: 348.87 MB
Duration: 31:33
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Lindsey Cruz... has a little problem. Every time she sees a hot woman, she gets horny as hell and can't resist masturbating -- no matter where she is! But the last time she did this, in a restaurant, she was caught... which is why she's now waiting in an interrogation room for her lawyer to show up.

When her lawyer, Abigail Mac, shows up, Lindsey knows she's in SERIOUS trouble. Not just because Abigail is a lawyer but because she's a GORGEOUS lawyer. Although Lindsey's trying to take everything seriously, she can't help but to idly touch herself as Abigail tries to get all the facts straight.

As Lindsey tells Abigail more and more erotic details, the air between them becomes charged. By the time Abigail asks Lindsey to demonstrate HOW she touched herself, they are about ready to jump each other. Since this is a very serious matter, Abigail insists that Lindsey will have to work hard to prove that she's a good girl... and Lindsey is happy to oblige!

Although Abigail starts things off with a simple kiss, it isn't long before they're both stripped down and eating out each other's pussies while splayed along the interrogation table. As they work through the case together, can Lindsey convince Abigail that she really IS a good girl?

Girls Way - Serene Siren & Silvia Saige - Holy Matri-moly Mothers Of The Bride

File: y5fmdnagiwasersiluklr7iv8fv.mp4
Size: 282.69 MB
Duration: 35:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and Serene Siren, a married couple, are excitedly putting on the finishing touches for their daughter's wedding day. They look at each other affectionately, each complimenting the other on how beautiful they look. Silvia mentions that she HOPES she looks good, she has to look her best when she walks their daughter down the aisle and gives her away. This statement causes Serene to raise her eyebrows, puzzled.

Wait a minute...she thought SHE was giving their daughter away? Serene says. Silvia says the same thing. They have a polite back and forth for a moment, each insisting that it was an unspoken understanding that SHE would be the one.

This back and forth leads to a heated argument between them as they try to establish who was more involved in their daughter's life growing up. Things get SO heated, in fact, that it turns into an all out catfight!

Silvia and Serene are consumed by jealousy as they tear each other's dresses off. It'd be hard to walk someone down the aisle naked, right? But this backfires on them. Overcome with the adrenaline and energy of the moment, they embrace, kissing passionately, their hands caressing every inch of their supple bodies.

Moms On Moms - Tia Cyrus & Julia Ann - Domestic Bliss

File: xxfivnamoonmotiajuld35feibea9.mp4
Size: 377.02 MB
Duration: 28:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Julia Ann is folding the laundry when Tia Cyrus returns home from a long day at work. Julia lights up and happily greets her as they go through a pleasant domestic routine. There is so much love between them as they fold laundry, eat dinner, and wash dishes, adoring every precious moment spent together.

Despite all the bliss, there are signs that something isn't quite right. Why is a mysterious picture frame turned around or a special mug tucked away after being dried? What about the incoming phone call that Tia purposely ignores? With each incident, Julia looks more and more guilty while Tia tries her best to reassure Julia that everything will be fine. To try and forget all of their doubts and fears, they embrace and share a tender kiss.

As those tender kisses deepen and become more sensual, Julia decides not to let anything else get her down as she takes Tia's hand and leads her to the bedroom. They're in no rush as they warm each other up by pressing their bodies close, sucking each other's breasts and tasting each other's pussies while making love. As the passion and heat between them grow, they do everything they can to stay in the moment just a little longer...

Girls Way - Kendra James, Eliza Ibarra & Gia Derza - No Boys Over, Ok

File: ijykrnagiwakeneligias67rzfcyce.mp4
Size: 321.02 MB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra James is ready for her first date after a divorce, relying on her babysitter, Eliza Ibarra, to keep the household running smoothly while she's gone. Kendra's nervous about the date but Eliza is sweet, assuring her that everything will be taken care of at home so that Kendra can enjoy her night on the town. Kendra relaxes a little, then reminds Eliza NOT to invite any boys over while she's gone.

After Kendra leaves, Eliza mischievously calls her girlfriend, Gia Derza, into the house. The girlfriends instantly head to Kendra's bedroom for a bit of fun, with Gia happily diving tongue-first into Eliza's pussy. But their fun is short-lived when Kendra arrives home early, causing Eliza to have to hide Gia under the covers with her, although Gia's feet stick out.

As Kendra laments about her bad date, Eliza tries to play it cool, although nothing gets by Kendra. When she throws the blanket off and discovers Gia, Kendra is a bit jealous that SHE'S not getting any use out of her bed tonight. Gia excitedly grabs Kendra's hands and tugs her to the bed, insisting that Kendra joins them! Kendra, overcome with need and curiosity, gives in and strips down.

Kendra's bad date is completely forgotten about as the threesome quickly heats up. Kendra can't get enough of Eliza and Gia's pussies and they're eager to taste hers as well. Although she wants to be mad at Eliza, she's playfully reminded that she only specified that no BOYS were allowed over!

Mommy's Girl - Georgia Jones & Danni Rivers - Oh Mama

File: ub7denamogigeodantpdge6xqg9.mp4
Size: 336.91 MB
Duration: 30:13
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Danni Rivers comes home to be greeted by her father's new girlfriend, Georgia Jones, while her dad is out of the house. She's surprised to learn that Georgia is only 28, which is pretty young compared to her dad and this makes Danni uncomfortable with this new arrangement, thinking it must be a fling or mid-life crisis for her dad. She gets even more uncomfortable when Georgia explains they're actually getting pretty serious, and that Danni could even start to think of her as her step-mom, which makes Danni storm off upset and flustered.

Later, as Danni continues to stew over the situation, she thinks to herself that Georgia is actually pretty hot. Unable to stop herself from fantasizing about Georgia, Danni begins fingering herself, whispering 'Oh mama, oh mama...!'

Suddenly Georgia walks in, surprising Danni. 'Were you saying 'oh mama'?' she asks. Danni tries to deny it, but Georgia tells her she doesn't need to be ashamed. After all, the age gap between them isn't so big after all, in fact, she's closer in age to 19-year-old Danni than to Danni's dad. Maybe they have more in common than they think... The two find themselves pulled together like magnets. They kiss and Georgia slides her hand down Danni's pants, rubbing her already wet pussy.

But before they get REALLY down and dirty, Georgia has one request for Danni she has to keep calling her 'Mama'!

Web Young - Gianna Dior & Savannah Sixx - Spying On Sis

File: erjcenaweyogiasavwk5zrxfk9p.mp4
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Duration: 37:13
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Two teen best friends, Savannah Sixx and Gianna Dior, are hanging out in Gianna's bedroom, giggling and having fun. Their happy attitude is interrupted when Gianna's sister Scarlett Mae barges into the room, telling the girls that she's having her boyfriend over and they are not to go near her room. The girls tease her, which annoys her. Scarlett gives them a final warning and then slams the door on them, leaving the teens to giggle and roll their eyes at her attitude.

Later that afternoon, the teens begin to hear faint rhythmic squeaking and moaning coming from down the hall and wonder what Scarlett is up to, Savannah suspects they're having sex. Gianna isn't sure, but Savannah reminds her that they're both 18, and Scarlett is even older than them, so she's probably not a virgin! Savannah suggests they go spy on her, Gianna questions why but Savannah convinces her, saying that could even snap a pic of it.

The teens sneakily tiptoe down the hall to Scarlett's room. As they approach, the bed squeaking and moaning sounds get slightly louder, although they're still muffled behind the door. The girls stop at the door and shush each other, before Savannah quietly turns the knob and pushes the door ajar. The two teens gather around the door-crack to look in.

As they watch, quietly snicker, and exchange looks at each other, the girls begin to get sexually riled up at the sight and snap a quick pic with the phone camera. They hurry to close the door, scared to get caught.

The teens sneak back into Gianna's bedroom and gently close the door. Gianna makes a half-hearted suggestion that she guesses they should get back to homework, but neither seems able to shrug off the horny feeling still lingering.

Savannah suggests they masturbate to get it off their mind. Gianna is shocked and hesitant, but her friend eventually convinces her. They slowly start to strip down to masturbate, Gianna clearly the more unsure of the two but Savannah encouraging her. The masturbation is slow and hesitant to start but as the girls start to warm up to the experience, they begin to get more comfortable around each other.

Savannah suggests they look at the picture they took as they masturbate. Savannah sneaks glances over to Gianna's pussy when she thinks Gianna isn't paying attention, and also some worried glances up at Gianna to make sure she didn't catch her looking. Eventually Savannah gets bolder and offers to 'help' Gianna, who is too caught up in lust to object. She begins to finger her friend.

Spying on sis has these teens all hot and bothered, and there's only one way to release THAT kind of tension!

Girls Way - Gia Paige, Lena Paul & Jade Baker - Holy Matri-moly: Wedding Plan-demonium

File: etzxdnagiwagialenjadcxv3xnwnm9.mp4
Size: 416.08 MB
Duration: 56:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Baker and Lena Paul are a young engaged couple planning their big day. Since they are starting to feel overwhelmed, they hire a professional wedding planner, Gia Paige, to help make everything runs smoothly.

When Gia arrives, she sits the girls down to find out exactly what they both want. However, it quickly becomes obvious that SHE wants a little something, too, as she starts fooling around with both brides-to-be. Both Jade and Lena guiltily enjoy the attention from Gia without letting the other know. But what does it mean for their future if they so easily enjoy being touched or eaten out by another woman??

When it comes time for them to start writing their vows, Jade and Lena come clean, admitting that they cheated on each other. That's when they learn that Gia was involved, which leads to confusion and anger. What's WRONG with Gia?? And can they trust each other enough to move forward with their wedding??

Gia insists that the girls are overreacting... She was only fooling around to help them relax! Besides, if they turn this into a threesome, then they won't have to call it cheating at all. Although Jade and Lena are still uncertain, the temptation to continue is too great. They HAVE talked about having a threesome before, so why not now?

There's no more sneaking around as all three ladies embrace each other. They can't keep their hands to themselves as they strip down to taste each other's pussies and feel each other up. Although the young couple was off to a rocky start, by the time they all collapse together in orgasmic bliss, Lena has some steamy ideas for the honeymoon!

Mommy's Girl - Kendra James & Rosalyn Sphinx - Lesbian Love Potion

File: ve2z2namogikenrosm7gzng8ybp.mp4
Size: 323.86 MB
Duration: 40:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rosalyn Sphinx is confident that her groundbreaking lesbian love potion is going to finally earn her first place at this year's science fair. Everything's perfect -- there's no way she can lose! All she has to do is keep her project safe until she can get to school. Her step-mom, Kendra James, can be so nosy sometimes... To deter her, Rosalyn writes a 'DO NOT TOUCH' note and sticks it to the glass beaker before tucking it safely at the back of the fridge.

Later that day, Kendra returns home from a workout. She's parched, drinking the first thing she gets her hands on as soon as she opens the fridge... which happens to be Rosalyn's experiment! Rosalyn hurries in moments later, shocked when she sees her mom sipping her award-winning potion as if it's just a nice cup of iced tea. She tries to stop Kendra but the damage is already done.

Rosalyn is furious even as Kendra tries to suck up to her and apologize. Although Kendra claims that the potion's not doing anything, she can't seem to keep her hands off Rosalyn. In the interest of science, Kendra proposes that they put the experiment to the test! Why let all of Rosalyn's hard work go to waste? Surely there's still some data Rosalyn can collect... While Rosalyn wants to be mad at Kendra for being so reckless, she DOES still want to have something to show at the science fair...

Rosalyn's anger quickly disappears as Kendra dives into her pussy, eager to eat out her step-daughter. Rosalyn returns the favor, seeing a different side to Kendra that fascinates and arouses her. As they bring each other closer to the edge, Rosalyn just might be able to salvage the experiment after all!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, user23196293!