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Girls Way

Girls Try Anal - Avi Love & Kate Kennedy - Squirting Backfire

File: cqr91nagitranavikatpzibgqgvzb.mp4
Size: 709.04 MB
Duration: 32:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Kennedy and Avi Love, two girlfriends, are getting hot and heavy in bed. As they caress each other's bodies and devour each other's lips, things are just about to get steamy... until Avi makes them stop a moment. Avi loves having sex with her girlfriend, of course, but she wants to try a little something dfferent today. Kate is a squirter, which Avi adores, but it happens so much that sometimes it can be a bit inconvenient after the fun's been had. For example, they have to wash their soaked blankets every time!...

Mommy's Girl - Athena Faros & Penny Pax - Practice Interview

File: dr84lnamogipenpaxv9mbkv9xap.mp4
Size: 386.56 MB
Duration: 34:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax is picking away at her laptop when her teen step-daughter, Athena Faris, enters the room. Athena sweetly asks Penny for help, claiming that she's really having a hard time getting a part-time summer job. She just can't seem to get the interviews right. Delighted, Penny agrees to help her out by starting with working on her credentials.

But the more questions Penny asks, the more she is mortified by her daughter. No matter what Penny says, Athena responds with something sexual. It only gets worse from there as Penny gets her to try on interview clothes instead since Athena keeps wearing the skimpiest clothes she owns!

Penny is dismayed, wondering HOW she can help her daughter succeed in the working world... when she suddenly has an epiphany. She was so caught up in showing Athena what she HERSELF would do in an interview instead of playing up Athena's strengths. If Athena's strength is her prowess, then that's what she should use to win prospective employers over...

Penny challenges Athena to put her REAL skills to the test, which leads to a steamy encounter. Athena eagerly eats Penny's pussy, making her head spin. Penny makes sure to get a taste of Athena, too, wanting to fully prepare her for anything an interviewer has to throw at her. NOW Penny is confident that Athena has what it takes to succeed!

Girls Way - April Oneil & Mary Moody - Holy Matri-moly!: Something Borrowed

File: blcmznagiwaaprmargl9nzo9pas.mp4
Size: 236.20 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mary Moody is trying on her wedding dress. Her fiance, Casey Calvert, pops in to see where her sister April O'Neil is, who is supposed to be helping out. Mary, acting somewhat strangely, claims she doesn't know where April is.

Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The second she's gone, Mary throws the poof of her dress up, revealing April, who has been under the dress the entire time, eating Mary's pussy! April rises to her feet as Mary wags a finger at her playfully.

With Casey gone, the ladies resume foreplay and get naked. When Casey pops in again, Mary makes her shut her eyes because it's bad luck to see the wedding dress, so Casey doesn't see Mary and April, who are naked right in front of her.

Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The ladies exhale a relieved breath. With Casey gone, Mary FINALLY has April all to herself, and the two pick up right where they left off, April passionately kissing Mary's perfect breasts.

Sure, Mary's going to be a married woman, but she's not married YET!

Mommy's Girl - Emma Hix & Serene Siren - Following In Mom's Footsteps

File: uvruwnamogiemmser76e6vgjhzl.mp4
Size: 312.10 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and her step-daughter, Emma Hix, enter a hotel room together. They're both hotel cleaners, although it's clear by Emma's whining that she'd rather be doing anything else but work. However, Serene is exasperated and insistent since Emma needs to start taking responsibility for herself, starting with this job! Emma's going to be going to college soon and THIS will be her spending money!

Emma reluctantly follows her step-mother's instructions as she works around the room, but it isn't long before her mischievous side takes over when she spots a discarded bra. She happily takes the bra and puts it on, teasing Serene with it and trying to make her look. Isn't she cute??

Serene is mortified and tries to get Emma to behave herself, worried that she'll get fired if anyone catches Emma messing around. Yet, she has to admit that the bra DOES look cute on Emma...

Of course, once Emma sees this moment of weakness, she pounces. She knows Serene secretly has the hots for her but would never act on it. Now that she has Serene alone, though, it's time to get HER to be just as mischievous and bold. Although it takes some effort, Serene eventually gives in, admitting that maybe it WOULD be fun to let loose... even just this once...

Emma takes the lead and eases Serene into the sensual encounter by playing with her heaving breasts and sharing light kisses. As Serene becomes more comfortable and confident, the heat is turned up, and it isn't long before they are relishing the taste of each other's pussies. Although Serene was meant to be teaching Emma the ropes that day, the tables have turned and Serene couldn't be happier!

Web Young - Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, Hazel Grace & Ashlee Juliet - Her First Pride

File: 8ju93naweyosabmorhazashv5a3pmzx75.mp4
Size: 326.32 MB
Duration: 40:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's Hazel Grace's first Pride as an out and proud lesbian! Although she's been to Pride before, it was never as her true self, but now she's going with her good friends Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, and Ashlee Juliet.

As they deck themselves out with rainbow attire for the parade, Hazel admits that she's feeling a bit nervous. Although she's sure of her sexuality, she's never actually BEEN with another girl before. What if girls flirt with her at the parade and she makes a complete fool of herself?? Fortunately, her friends have her back as they all insist that she'll do fine! They even offer to give her a bit of experience beforehand to boost her confidence... With true friends like that, how can Hazel resist such an offer??

Hazel's mind is blown as Sabina, Morgan, and Ashlee all show her the ropes of lesbian sex. She's the center of attention as she's fondled and eaten out while also tasting pussy herself for the first time as her friends take turns sitting on her face. With the fun just getting started, Hazel is finally getting the experience she's always wanted!

Girls Way - Alix Lynx & Alex Coal - A-freud Of The Truth

File: 7ffqgnagiwaalialeqa98higou8.mp4
Size: 285.82 MB
Duration: 37:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Alex Coal arrives at her new therapist's office, she's relieved to finally be getting the help she needs to deal with her everyday stress. When she meets Dr. Alix Lynx, she seems like a confident, approachable woman, and Alex settles in to bare her soul. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they're NOT on the same wavelength...

As Alix questions her, especially about her dating life, Alex starts to get suspicious. It seems like everything Alix is asking is pointing towards her liking girls! When Alex calls Alix out on this, Alix doesn't seem bothered. In fact, she keeps pressing the issue, insisting that a lot of Alex's insecurity and stress comes from repressing her true sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth but Alex doesn't know how to convince Alix otherwise!

Finally, fed up and in denial, Alex insists that this professional relationship isn't going to work out. Even so, Alix still seems determined to get Alex to realize that she's a lesbian. As part of the therapy, she wants Alex to discover that side of her and embrace it by having sex with her! Although Alex is shocked, she gives in... just to prove to her therapist that she's NOT a lesbian!

But when Alix starts cupping her breasts and eating out her pussy, Alex finally has an exciting and erotic revelation maybe she IS lesbian after all!

Girls Way - Bunny Colby & Lasirena69 - SquirtR

File: bwtoinagiwabunlaspsob7tyl3d.mp4
Size: 418.23 MB
Duration: 33:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: LaSirena69 is lounging on the bed when her loving girlfriend enters, announcing that she has a surprise for her. The girlfriend goes on to reveal LaSirena69's love of squirting and how they're not quite able to do it themselves, no matter how hard they try. So, since the girlfriend wants LaSirena69 to have that experience, she went on an app for dating squirters called SquirtR. She found the perfect match for LaSirena69 and that match is coming over any moment to help LaSirena69 finally live out her fantasy!

LaSirena69 is touched by her girlfriend's thoughtfulness and excited about her dream coming true. When the squirter, Bunny Colby, arrives a short while later, LaSirena69 is ready to go. She's a bit shy at first but soon gets into it as the girlfriend fondly watches. Once Bunny has her first squirt, LaSirena69 is thrilled to be soaked in her juices. The girlfriend sees that LaSirena69 is in good hands and leaves them be.

LaSirena69 is excited for more as she does everything in her power to make Bunny squirt. Of course, they both enjoy each other's bodies to the fullest, tonguing each other's pussies and riding each other's faces. As LaSirena69's body shines with Bunny's squirt, she's thankful to have such an amazing girlfriend that made all of this possible!

Mommy's Girl - Sarah Vandella, Gianna Dior & Kyler Quinn - Family Movie Night

File: qxolsnamogisargiakyl6r3wveqjfa.mp4
Size: 308.19 MB
Duration: 31:28
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Kyler Quinn is sitting on the couch when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and greets her girlfriend Gianna Dior happily. They sit down on the couch together, trying to figure out what to do that night. Eventually they decide to stay in and watch a movie. Kyler mentions that she's going to invite her lonely step-mom, Sarah Vandella, to join them and Gianna is annoyed, complaining that she never leaves them alone. Gianna then seems to get an idea on how to ease that loneliness.

Later that night, Sarah, Kyler, and Gianna watch the movie together. Gianna deliberately sits between Sarah and Kyler, putting a blanket over all three of their laps. As they watch the movie, unbeknownst to Kyler, Gianna begins to finger Sarah under the blanket. Sarah tries to stifle her moans of pleasure and is almost caught by Kyler as Gianna continues the fingering.

Gianna decides to get even more frisky and slips her other hand to Kyler's lap under the blanket. Gianna is now fingering both Sarah and Kyler, but neither one of them knows about the other.

It's safe to say that Kyler and Sarah have NEVER had a family movie night like THIS before!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalheadforty2!

Web Young - Emily Willis & Mackenzie Moss - Reconnecting

File: ttgyknaweyoemimacyqsfxmiyoq.mp4
Size: 338.81 MB
Duration: 24:11
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Willis is lying on her bed, scrolling through her old photos on her phone. She happens upon one that seems to catch her eye and clicks on the photo.

It's a photo of Emily and Mackenzie Moss. They are smiling and look very happy. Emily sighs nostalgically and a little sadly as she looks at the photo. Clearly, Mackenzie is important to her. Emily gets a text from another friend inviting her out to the club but ignores the text, saying aloud to herself 'I am NOT in the mood to go out tonight. The only thing I want to do tonight is...'

Emily pulls up Mackenzie's contact info on her phone as her finger hovers over the 'call' button. She seems to be having an inner debate. 'No...I can't,' she says aloud to herself sadly, but after a few more seconds of debate, seems to change her mind.

She takes a deep breath and pushes 'call' on her phone, putting it to her ear. After a second, Mackenzie picks up. Mackenzie is surprised to hear from Emily, who tells Mackenzie that she's sorry for what she did. She nervously adds that she misses Mackenzie and asks her to come over. Mackenzie agrees.

A short time later, Mackenzie arrives, coming into the room. She looks somewhat angry and hesitant, as if she isn't sure whether or not she made the right decision in coming.

They greet each other in a stilted way. Mackenzie especially seems wary around Emily.

They sit down on the bed together, Mackenzie deliberately a little ways away from Emily. As they talk, it's revealed that they used to be best friends, but Emily ditched Mackenzie for the cool kids in school right after they both turned 18. Emily finally admits the real reason she did that she was falling in love with Mackenzie.

Suddenly, Mackenzie leans over and kisses Emily. Emily seems shocked but kisses her back. When they pull apart a moment later, Mackenzie says that she feels the same way. They kiss passionately, sliding their clothes off and caressing each other's tight bodies.

Reconnecting with an old friend has never been THIS much fun...

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

Girls Way - Emily Willis & Ember Snow - Body Swap! 3: Reverse The Curse!

File: sxv9enagiwaemiembctuhhjxuds.mp4
Size: 383.31 MB
Duration: 28:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: A few days later, Ember Snow and Emily Willis have still not figured out the riddle when they meet up with each other. After chatting about the different things they've done as each other over the course of the last few days, they begrudgingly apologize to each other for how much fighting they've done, adding that there's no time for any more petty squabbles. Valedictorian is being chosen tomorrow so they NEED to figure out how to reverse the swap NOW.

Realizing that this is their last chance, they decide to go back to the library in a last-ditch effort to decipher the riddle.

But the girls are frustrated when, after hours of research, they still haven't found any useful information. As they discuss the possibilities of living out their lives in each others bodies, they suddenly have an epiphany they have to have sex with each other to reverse the spell.

It's definitely going to be fun, but WILL it be enough to reverse the curse?

Girls Way - Penny Pax & Casey Calvert - The Neighborhood Gossip

File: j3lu4nagiwapencas6ucvbkewe1.mp4
Size: 468.18 MB
Duration: 40:02
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax, the neighborhood gossip, just 'happens' to be looking out her window into Casey Calvert's yard when she sees something scandalous Casey kissing a woman goodbye and seeing her off! The thing is, Casey's married to a man and this just doesn't sit well with Penny. What will the neighbors think if they were to find out about the affair??

Penny marches over to Casey's house and is let in by Casey, although Casey is wary about what's going on. Once inside, Penny reveals that she knows about the affair and that she's just worried for Casey! With so many nosy neighbors around, it'd be a shame if rumors started flying.

Although Casey's annoyed by Penny, who clearly doesn't see that SHE'S the nosy neighbor, she IS intrigued by how flustered Penny is. Now that she has her chance to turn the tables, she takes it, starting to seduce Penny. Hasn't Penny ever stepped out of her comfort zone to try something a little daring? A little risque?

Penny becomes even more flustered as Casey touches her hand and gives her bedroom eyes. She tries to resist, not wanting to be part of the scandal herself, but there's a secret desire burning deep down inside that she can't keep hidden anymore. Although it takes some more coaxing, she finally gives into Casey's allure after Casey assures her that it'll be their little secret.

Even as Casey starts stripping down, Penny is still a bit shy at first. Yet, it doesn't take long before Casey convinces her to let loose and have a bit of fun. As Penny writhes with pleasure with Casey's fingers and tongue inside her pussy, it seems as though being a nosy neighbor really does pay off!

Mommy's Girl - Cherie Deville & Emma Hix - Missing Her Daughter Dearly

File: xfcognamogicheemmpdlcphqkvp.mp4
Size: 243.37 MB
Duration: 26:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cherie DeVille is having a video call with her 18-year old step-daughter, Emma Hix, who has gone away to study abroad. The call starts innocently enough as Cherie asks her daughter how school's going, is she eating well...typical 'concerned parent' questions. Emma dutifully answers each question, and insists she's being good, mostly. When talk turns to Emma's social life, Cherie coyly tries to find out if Emma is dating anyone, eventually Emma catches on and reassures her mother that no, she's staying single just like she promised!

Cherie tells Emma that she misses her dearly, and it begins to become clear that they were involved in a sexual relationship before Emma left for school. With a flirty glint in her eye, Emma asks Cherie what she would do if they were together right now, and Cherie puts on a sly smile and begins describing a fantasy sexual encounter between them. Overcome with horniness, the two of them begin to put on a show for each other, each doing a slow and sensual striptease.

Even though Cherie and Emma can't be together, it doesn't mean they can't have a little fun!

Girls Way - Dana Dearmond & Emily Willis - Body Swap! 2: A Mother's Love

File: hnwehnagiwadanemint9mqb1t9g.mp4
Size: 252.09 MB
Duration: 33:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The next morning, Emily Willis and Ember Snow swapped into each other's bodies talk to each other on the phone. Since the swap hasn't reversed itself on its own, they agree to meet at the library and research it. Maybe something similar has happened before to someone else, and there will be some kind of documented explanation of the phenomenon or a way to fix it.

But after researching for hours, the girls have found nothing when librarian Lauren Phillips comes by to check on them. She is carrying a stack of books and sets them down on the table for a moment. Shes pleasantly surprised to see the girls getting along.

When Lauren leaves, the girls notice that she has left a book behind.

The girls look at the book a book on spellcraft and realize that someone has cast a spell on them. They discover a riddle in the book that explains how to reverse the spell. The girls read the riddle aloud in unison

For those who'd seek to break the spell,

Behold these words and heed them well

A love of self that's full to burst,

A true love's kiss to the one who's cursed,

A selfless act, a friend come first,

With these, you'll find your fate reversed.

As they try to figure out the riddle, Emily in-Ember's-body admits that she fucked her step-sister Gia Paige. The girls then get into a fight. After Emily in-Ember's-body storms off, Ember in-Emily's-body seems to get an idea, saying Maybe if I solve this for both of us, it'll count as the 'selfless act' from the riddle... so all I gotta do is get a true love's kiss...so who loves Emily the most? Hmmm, I think I know JUST the person.

Thinking it will reverse the spell, Ember in-Emily's-body pays a visit to Emilys stepmom, Dana DeArmond. It takes some convincing, but Dana is ultimately powerless to resist the seductive charm of 18-year old Ember in-Emily's-body. The two collide in a steamy kiss.

But Ember is about to find out that Emilys life isn't as perfect as she thought it was...

Moms On Moms - Alexis Fawx & Serene Siren - An Evening To Themselves

File: 5urtjnamoonmoalesermvwlom4rrl.mp4
Size: 439.73 MB
Duration: 31:31
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: It's Mother's Day and Alexis Fawx is sitting on a bed, dressed in sexy lingerie and holding a fresh bouquet of flowers. She's impatiently waiting for her wife, Serene Siren, to come out of the bathroom already, so that they can celebrate their special night! Despite her protests, Serene insists that it'll be worth the wait, although Alexis will be the judge of that.

When Serene steps out of the bathroom, wearing sexy lingerie that makes her look like a gift ready to be unwrapped, Alexis is thrilled. As they share a tender kiss, their hearts pound faster, the sheer love between them intensifying. It's been so long since these two moms had some time to themselves and they are going to enjoy every second of it!

They start with a heavy makeout session, slowly building up the fire between them both as their hands wander over each other. The sensual kisses soon move on from their lips to other parts of their bodies... The wives relish eating pussy, making each other grasp the bedsheets with delight. As they ravish each other, tribbing like there's no tomorrow, this night is perfect... and far from over! Who knows when they're going to get time to themselves like this again??

Mommy's Girl - India Summer, Scarlett Sage, Gia Derza & Dee Williams - Mother's Day Blues

File: aimqqnamogiindscagiadeeltkv5cjpsc.mp4
Size: 418.00 MB
Duration: 33:46
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Dee Williams and India Summer, two friends, are spending a bit of time catching up together. They're both a bit upset because it's Mother's Day and it seems as though their step-daughters, Scarlett Sage and Gia Derza, have forgotten all about it. It only happens once a year -- is it too much to ask to be made to feel a little special by family?

They are eventually interrupted as Scarlett and Gia return home after hanging out themselves. Dee and India greet their step-daughters, trying to hint that it's Mother's Day but the teens seem oblivious. Finally, the moms spill the beans, showing how hurt they are to be forgotten. Scarlett and Gia both feel guilty but promise the mothers that they weren't forgotten. In fact, the girls just got back from picking up their gifts at the mall!

Now Dee and India feel relieved, moving on from their hurt to curiously ask about the gifts. When Scarlett and Gia change into sexy lingerie to show off to the mothers, both Dee and India are excited... until they realize they're in mixed company! Scarlett and Gia assure their moms that they both know about each other's special relationship... Although Dee and India exchange sheepish looks, they're soon given lingerie of their own and go along with it.

As Scarlett and Gia start to turn up the heat while caressing their moms, it's obvious that Dee and India are about to have the best Mother's Day ever!

Although the daughters start by lavishing attention upon their mothers' heaving breasts and delicious pussies, it's not long before it becomes a free-for-all. As everyone gets a good taste of each other, Dee and India are truly thankful that they have such thoughtful daughters!

Girls Way - Gia Paige & Ember Snow - Body Swap 1: The Ol' Switcheroo

File: oq7panagiwagiaembaq4eld681r.mp4
Size: 392.20 MB
Duration: 42:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Willis' eyes flutter open after a night of slumber. She yawns and gets out of bed. Her room is very nice and clean. She clearly lives a comfortable, wealthy life. Emily goes to sit by her mirror and begins to hum a tune to herself as she combs her hair in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Ember Snow's eyes flutter open after her night of rest. She yawns and gets out of bed. In stark contrast to Emily's room, Ember's bedroom is shabby and cheap looking. She is clearly not wealthy. Ember slips a pair of earbuds into her ear and begins blasting music and dancing a little to the beat as she applies makeup, looking in the mirror.

Emily eats breakfast with her stepmom, Dana DeArmond. After chatting about Emilys stepsister Gia Paige briefly, they change subjects and it becomes obvious that Dana is putting pressure on Emily to be class valedictorian. Emily clearly wants to please her mom, insisting that she'll be headed to the school library before school for a cram session.

Ember eats breakfast alone. Her family is never around because they are busy working multiple jobs to support themselves. Ember also wants to be valedictorian.

Later that day, at the library, Ember and Emily encounter each other. They clearly do not like each other. When they reach for the same book, it seems like a fight is about to start. Librarian Lauren Phillips notices the scuffle and breaks up the fight. Having seen them fight numerous times, she lectures them, insisting that they should know better, since they're both 18, adding Maybe if you both stopped bickering all the time you'd be able to put yourself in the other's shoes and see things from THEIR perspective for a change!

Suddenly Emily and Ember both shiver in unison. Ember, exasperated, shrugs it off, musing aloud that it must be cold in the library. Furious, she storms off. Emily rolls her eyes and gets back to her book.

The next morning, Ember gets the shock of a lifetime when she gets up and realizes that she is now in Emily's body!

That same morning, Emily gets a shock of her own when SHE gets up to find herself in Ember's body.

Ember in-Emily's-body eats breakfast with Dana. Even though she is still in shock, Ember in-Emily's-body is surprised by how nice the morning in Emily's household is compared to hers.

Meanwhile, Emily in-Ember's-body is surprised by how much she appreciates the freedom that Ember's empty household affords her.

Later that day, the body-swapped girls confront each other. Unsure of what to do, they resolve to see if the situation fixes itself overnight, promising not to mess up the other's life in the meantime.

Later, Emily in-Ember's-body is surprised when Gia pays a visit. She is shocked to discover that Ember and Gia have been hooking up in secret.

Knowing that she can't say anything because Gia will think she's crazy, Emily in-Ember's-body reluctantly consents to Gia's advances.

Looks like Ember's life is a little more complicated than Emily thought...

Web Young - Adria Rae, Maya Kendrick, Morgan Rain & Melody Marks - Focus Group Frenzy

File: txd7lnaweyoadrmaymormely9kysclzng.mp4
Size: 267.63 MB
Duration: 33:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A moderator has brought together four teens Melody Marks, Maya Kendrick, Morgan Rain, and Adria Rae into a focus group to figure out what makes them tick when it comes to adult entertainment. What can adult entertainment companies do to attract young women to subscribe to and watch their content?

Melody starts things off by saying how important it is to her to have women creating the content. So if something is written or directed by a woman, it's her jam! Maya believes representation matters, wanting to see women of all body types and backgrounds, with their differences being celebrated. Morgan doesn't want to just get off, she wants her BRAIN to get off, too! She needs smart pieces that make her think. Finally, Adria declares that she just wants hot chicks and lots of them!

The moderator thanks them for their valuable feedback, then introduces them to Adult Time. As the girls watch various clips that the moderator brings up, they gradually become more aroused, excited about the offerings. In fact, they become so aroused that it isn't long before the girls focus on each other instead of the screen or the moderator!

Although the moderator tries to get the horny teens back on track, her attempts are futile as they begin masturbating and feeling each other up right in front of her. Overwhelmed, the moderator bails, leaving the girls to have all the fun they want! As the girls happily eat pussy, unable to get enough, does this mean they like Adult Time??

Girls Try Anal - Nickey Huntsman & Jay Taylor - Saving Herself For Marriage

File: n2sdxnagitrannicjayaw3lsd9jnq.mp4
Size: 380.36 MB
Duration: 27:58
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Taylor, a bride-to-be, and one of her bridesmaids, Nickey Huntsman, are checking out a dress Nickey received in the mail. As they look at the dress, unimpressed, talk turns to Jay's sex life, and it's revealed that Jay is saving herself for marriage.

Nickey is skeptical since she is under the impression that Jay has hooked up with many people. Jay clarifies, saying she has only had ANAL sex, which doesn't count.

Nickey shakes her head in disbelief. She then seems to get an idea. Giving Jay a lusty look, she asks if Jay wants to have anal sex with her, since, by Jay's logic, THAT wouldn't count either. Jay looks back at her with a tempted but coy expression., her eyes darting along Nickey's body.

They gaze at each other for one more pleasantly tense beat before they give in to their lust and suddenly come together for a passionate kiss. Nickey slips Jay's top down, revealing her perfect breasts as Nickey begins to suck on her nipples.

Just because Jay's saving herself for marriage doesn't mean she can't have a little fun!

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Reagan Foxx - The Oral Experiment

File: xnj6fnagiwaabirea6fdqvdv8se.mp4
Size: 331.43 MB
Duration: 40:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx and Abigail Mac are two of the sexiest, most dominant women I've ever worked with. Whenever you see one of these lovely ladies in a scene, you KNOW it's going to be scorching... so I couldn't wait to feel the heat of having them BOTH together in the same place!

We brought Reagan and Abigail in today to have them share their thoughts on the joys of giving and receiving oral. We started with an easy question whether they're givers or receivers. Of course, it surprised no one to learn that they both love giving pleasure! What WAS surprising was hearing Abigail admit that she wanted to submit to Reagan and lose control. Reagan countered that she loves that push and pull, that shift in power dynamics during a steamy encounter, so I knew it was going to get VERY interesting watching them duke it out in the bedroom.

The interview only got hotter when we asked Reagan and Abigail what their favorite part is about giving oral. Abigail dove into erotic details that would drive anyone wild... including you! Meanwhile, for Reagan, it's all about that intimate connection with your partner in the heat of the moment. She revealed that she loves looking her partners in the eye as she makes them give way under her skilled tongue...

As you can see, we really have something special in store for you today! Now just kick back and get ready to lose yourself as these beautiful ladies show us exactly how lesbian oral sex is done!

Moms On Moms - Sovereign Syre & Lauren Phillips - Missing Her Daughter

File: ykdvanamoonmosovlaujsz254zlao.mp4
Size: 248.79 MB
Duration: 32:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sovereign Syre is visiting her best friend, Lauren Phillips, to keep her company for the day. Lauren's step-daughter has recently moved away for college, so she's dealing with empty nest syndrome. Lauren and her step-daughter were so close and used to do so much together that she's feeling lonely without her companionship.

Sovereign, wanting to see her bestie happy again, insists that she'd be happy to do some of the same things that Lauren used to enjoy with her daughter. Although Lauren appreciates the offer, she seems a bit coy as she dances around accepting. Confused, Sovereign demands to know what's going on. What do Lauren and her daughter do together that THEY can't??

Lauren finally admits that she and her step-daughter have a sexual relationship... Sovereign is stunned, though everything suddenly makes sense to her -- she should've KNOWN that they were up to something! Now when Lauren tries to accept the offer, though, Sovereign feels weird. Surely she can't have sex with her best friend as a replacement for her daughter??

Sovereign's resolve crumbles when Lauren comes onto her, begging for her help to take the edge off. Sovereign is hesitant, not wanting to mix sex with friends, but Lauren makes a pretty good argument for trying new things. She finally agrees, and they seal the deal with a passionate kiss.

As they tumble into bed together, they soon put their mouths to good work elsewhere. All of their reservations and loneliness disappear as they bring each other to orgasmic bliss by diving into each other's pussies. It looks like they may have an interesting arrangement until Lauren's daughter comes home for spring break!

Girls Way - Kenna James & Kristen Scott - The Oral Experiment

File: qaw8xnagiwakenkrikchromqmpr.mp4
Size: 240.36 MB
Duration: 37:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kristen Scott and Kenna James are always both so bubbly and full of life. It's always a good day when I get to see either one of them, so I knew it was going to be a great day when I got to work with them both at the same time!

They were both so eager to share their pussy-eating tips and tricks as part of The Oral Experiment. Of course, they both keenly listened to each other, too, picking up on anything that could be used later. The chemistry between them was undeniable and, boy, when they started demonstrating what they like on an orange... well, let's just say I'll NEVER look at an orange the same way again!

After their steamy demonstration, it was easy to see that they were both ready to get the show on the road. They exchanged coy grins and lustful stares that definitely raised the temperature on set. 'I'm really excited to make you cum,' Kristen earnestly told Kenna. 'I'm really excited to make YOU cum,' Kenna responded with just as much gusto.

Well, who were we to deny them? It was time to let them loose to have the time of their lives!
- Bree Mills

Sextape Lesbians - Scarlett Sage & Sabina Rouge - Str8 Corruption Diaries

File: dfjannaselescasabi1lkxbcefh.mp4
Size: 681.23 MB
Duration: 41:10
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys! Sabina here! Boy, do I have a hot video for you today!

I've always wanted to fuck my best friend Scarlett. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because she CLAIMS she's straight but I wanted to finally put that to the test, so I invited her over to my place to 'catch up' since it'd been awhile.

I set up some hidden cameras to catch the action and turned up the heat once she arrived. My plan was to finally win Scarlett over and prove that she's not as straight as she says she is. I figured it wouldn't take TOO long to get her to crack since, well, look at me! I always get what I want, and I want Scarlett. How many days do you think it'll take for me to win her over? Post your predictions in the comments below!

Although I was ready to go all in, this challenge started off rough because some LOSER boyfriend broke her heart. Seriously, I don't see what Scarlett sees in boys. I TRIED my best to comfort her, and butter her up a bit, but it wasn't easy! But she finally gave in when I... well, you'll just have to see for yourself!

Mommy's Girl - Jade Nile, Elsa Jean & Rachael Cavalli - Why Don't You Bring A Friend Over

File: bzdftnamogijadelsrackewpclydao.mp4
Size: 322.83 MB
Duration: 37:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean and her step-mom, Rachael Cavalli, have been romantically and sexually involved since Rachael divorced Elsa's dad not long ago. However, they have to hide their relationship since they know that not everyone would be cool with it. In fact, Elsa's even stopped inviting friends over since she's so afraid of something bad happening.

But one day, after another wild romp, Rachael slyly insists that Elsa should finally invite a friend over... to join them! Although Elsa's stunned at first, the idea DOES appeal to her. Maybe it's time to open up and be less afraid, but who should they invite? After some back and forth, they both agree on none other than Jade Nile. It's been awhile since Elsa's seen Jade, and it's time to catch up...

A few days later, Jade visits, and Elsa and Rachael carefully reveal that they are involved. Although Jade is surprised, she's not turned off by it. In fact, when Elsa reveals that they were hoping that Jade could join them for a bit of fun, she's game!

They start off with sensual kisses that soon give way to the women stripping each other down and exploring each other's bodies. The tantalizing threesome gradually becomes more fiery as every pussy is thoroughly fingered and licked until everyone's over the moon. Maybe now, Elsa and Rachael will finally be able to share their relationship with the world??

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, rileyanneshylaj!

Girls Way - Jane Wilde & Emily Willis - The Oral Experiment

File: m5qvonagiwajanemiqoasel72bo.mp4
Size: 344.28 MB
Duration: 30:22
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Superstar performers Jane Wilde and Emily Willis aren't only seasoned actresses, they're also best friends, so I couldn't wait to see that real-life chemistry extend to the scene we were about to shoot for this installment of The Oral Experiment. But before we turned them loose on each other, I wanted to get their lowdown on GOING down.

I kicked things off by asking them whether they were givers or receivers, and not surprisingly, the ladies said they were BOTH. With a sheepish smile, Emily added that she loves giving oral because that gets her off, but she's GREEDY too, and she needs her partner to return the favor!

That segued perfectly into my next question what their favorite part about giving oral sex to a woman is. For Jane, the answer was obvious. She loves feeling her partner really get into it and knowing that she's giving her pleasure. I couldn't help but notice that Emily was obviously getting turned on hearing Jane's answers, perhaps imagining what SHE was in store for.

And since Emily and Jane had been together before, I wanted to know what they enjoy about each other. For Jane, it came down to the fact that they are so sexually compatible, since neither one of them likes slow and gentle stuff. Emily nodded, confirming that both of them like it a little rough.

Next, I asked the girls to give me a live demo of their oral techniques using a half an orange. Emily started off by demonstrating how she likes to start low so she gets the full taste of her partner, while Jane goes for one long lick. Emily was just getting started though, and illustrated her favorite move on the orange, grinding her lips all over it, or 'getting really sloppy with it', as Jane called it through fits of laughter.

I also wanted to get their thoughts on ass-play as it relates to oral. Emily was definitely enthused, exclaiming that she LOVES butt stuff, adores getting her entire face in there, and ESPECIALLY loves tongue-fucking. Jane echoed her friend's enthusiasm, musing that she never understood the taboo surrounding ass-play. Jane likened it to a side-dish of the main course, wondering how someone could eat a steak and not even TOUCH the potatoes. Hard to argue with that logic, Jane!

But Emily and Jane didn't just come to TALK about oral sex, they came to DO it, so I wasn't about to ask them to wait a second longer. But once you see the results of their incredible chemistry, I think you'll agree that it was DEFINITELY worth the wait.

Web Young - Emma Hix, Kiarra Kai & Vina Sky - School Trip Secrets

File: j6kzhnaweyoemmkiavinmbugwauci9.mp4
Size: 317.74 MB
Duration: 41:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kiarra Kai, Vina Sky, and Emma Hix all arrive at their hotel room for the night. The three girls are part of a school singing competition and have to crash together for the competition the next day. Although Vina and Emma are excited for them all to share a bed and get to know each other more, Kiarra is a bit shy.

To help lighten the mood, Emma and Vina encourage Kiarra to play a little Truth Or Dare with them. Of course, Kiarra doesn't know that her classmates plan to use this game to get frisky with her...

Full of mischievousness, Emma first dares Kiarra to give her a kiss on the cheek. Although she's hesitant, Kiarra gives in and pecks Emma's cheek, not wanting to be seen as a chicken. This only makes Emma and Vina bolder as they up the ante, trying to get Kiarra to let loose, although it seems like sweet Kiarra might be naughtier than her friends think! Once Kiarra admits to wanting to kiss her friends on the lips, there's no turning back. With all of them being far from home, what better time is there to experiment??

They make the most of their time together as they tumble into bed. No pussy is left untouched as they eagerly devour each other, wanting nothing more than to please each other to no end. Now that Emma and Vina know that Kiarra's not as innocent as she looks, they're already looking forward to the next trip!

Girls Try Anal - Sovereign Syre & Vera King - Behind The Times

File: 9bgaynagitransovveripb5vstyyl.mp4
Size: 206.47 MB
Duration: 29:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King is having a nice, relaxing day at home when she gets a panicked phone call from her step-sister, Sovereign Syre. Sovereign needs her right now and will explain once Vera gets there. Vera doesn't hesitate and quickly makes her way to Sovereign's home.

When Vera arrives, the LAST thing she expects to see is Sovereign gesturing to a butt plug delicately laid out on the table. Apparently, Sovereign was cleaning her teenage daughter's room when she found THIS. What is she supposed to do about this??

Vera is a bit confused about how she's supposed to help until Sovereign points out that it's Vera's niece they're talking about. Isn't Vera concerned about her safety? Shouldn't they talk to the girl about how to be safe while experimenting? Sovereign doesn't have any experience with anal -- does Vera??

Vera tries to get her sister to calm down and think things through. After some back and forth, they decide to experiment a bit themselves. Although it's awkward to think about, the personal experience WILL better help them have 'the talk...'

Although they are hesitant at first, it's not long before they plug themselves and have some fun. Any reservations they have quickly fade away as they revel in how good it feels to play with the other hole, too. To spice things up even more, they let loose and use their tongues to make each other tremble with delight. It looks like they not only learned about anal that day but themselves!

Mommy's Girl - Marie Mccray & Naomi Swann - Tutor Trap

File: e8lqynamogimarnaoz2qpktuyd4.mp4
Size: 259.41 MB
Duration: 26:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Marie McCray is frustrated. Her step-daughter, Naomi Swann, is losing tutors left and right! It seems like no matter who Marie hires to tutor Naomi, they bail. She just doesn't understand what's going on and Naomi claims to be nothing but innocent during all of it.So Marie finally decides to tutor Naomi herself to make sure she graduates!

As Marie sits them down to go over Naomi's biology homework, she's not aware of Naomi's sly smile. Since Marie isn't a teacher, when Naomi starts asking intimate questions related to how the female body works when it comes to sex, she gets flustered. Although Marie tries to steer clear of anything strictly sexual, Naomi wants to know more about the clitoris and just won't let it go.

Finally, Naomi insists that she's more of a visual, hands-on learner and thinks she'd benefit a LOT from Marie SHOWING her how these things work. Although Marie is hesitant, she wants to see her daughter succeed, so she strips down to let Naomi see the female form in all its glory. However, she's at a loss when Naomi hungrily dives in and starts kissing her breasts and exploring her body. Caught up in the heat of the moment, and in awe of her daughter's prowess, Marie gives in and decides to turn this into a learning moment!

What sweet Marie doesn't know is that Naomi doesn't need as much help as she claims. In fact, she made those other tutors quit in an effort to get closer to Marie. Now she finally has Marie where she wants and is eager to taste her pussy at last!

Girls Way - Alix Lynx, Serena Blair, Angela White & Silvia Saige - Noise Complaint

File: ufkbynagiwaaliserangsildvnzpmczbh.mp4
Size: 505.32 MB
Duration: 34:11
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Officers Angela White and Silvia Saige arrive at a house to take care of a noise complaint. As soon as they approach the front door, they can already hear the music blasting loudly inside. It even takes a few times of knocking before it's finally answered by a woman... who doesn't look concerned at ALL to see them. In fact, she eagerly invites them in!

Angela and Silvia are confused as they are greeted by two brides-to-be, Serena Blair and Alix Lynx. As Serena and Alix get more excited and rowdy, Angela and Silvia step aside to talk about what's going on. Angela is delighted that the ladies think that they're strippers for the bachelorette party! Since it's the end of their shift, why not have a little fun and play along?

Angela grins as she begins unbuttoning her shirt and sauntering to the brides-to-be while giving them bedroom eyes. 'Who's been a BAD girl?' Angela announces as the party heats up. Angela and Silvia soon begin doing a striptease for them, making everyone all the more excited. When Angela and Silvia take it to the next level and give Serena and Alix a steamy lapdance, there's no turning back!

It becomes a free-for-all as Angela and Silvia give the blushing brides-to-be a night to remember! Every pussy gets a good fingering and licking as the ravishing ladies crawl all over each other. It seems no one can get enough, but how long will it be before Serena and Alix realize Angela and Silvia really AREN'T strippers??

Girls Way - Khloe Kapri & Gia Derza - True Lesbian Just Spend The Night

File: fycxwnagiwakhlgia7fevjqscfn.mp4
Size: 342.22 MB
Duration: 32:06
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Charlie Khloe Kapri is miserable. She graduated from high school a year ago but hasn't gone to college yet, if ever. The year's been a rough one since she came out to her family as lesbian as well and things have been tense ever since. Even her younger sister, April, isn't the same around her anymore.

When April invites Charlie to a slumber party with her friends, Charlie is suspicious and reluctant. April insists that since she's going away to college soon, she wants to spend some time with Charlie before she goes. Charlie doesn't really want to be surrounded by a bunch of slightly younger straight girls but April is so insistent that she finally gives in. Maybe this will help them become close again...

But as expected, the slumber party is awkward. April's friends are loud and girly, and Charlie really just wants to leave, especially when they start teasing her about being a lesbian. They try to defend that it's all in good fun but Charlie suspects otherwise... Still, she's pressured by April to stick around, so she does.

It isn't until later that night that Charlie has a moment of connecting with someone. A girl named Eden Gia Derza dares to cuddle up to her a little. Charlie's nervous but also receptive, yearning for acceptance. Could this girl be a closeted lesbian? Even if she isn't, it's just nice not to be shunned.

The moment of peace is shattered when Charlie later stirs, having dozed off, and finds 'LEZ' scrawled across her forehead in bright lipstick. Heartbroken, she tries to scrub it off in the bathroom and is soon joined by Eden, who claims she wasn't the one who wrote on Charlie. When Charlie insists that she's going to leave because she's not welcomed there, Eden presses close and urges her to stay. As Eden brushes her hand along Charlie's arm and makes eye contact, the air is charged.

Caught in a moment of weakness and desperate to be accepted, Charlie surrenders. She just wants to be loved but will she be loved in return?

Girls Way - Sovereign Syre, Karlee Grey & Jade Nile - Rival Interns

File: bbhwynagiwasovkarjadde45hmq8dx.mp4
Size: 375.05 MB
Duration: 30:42
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Interns Jade Nile and Karlee Grey are quietly working when they overhear their boss Sovereign Syre firing her personal assistant. Sovereign then tells them that she wants to figure out which of them has what it takes to be her new personal assistant, so Karlee and Jade will have to compete for the position.

Later that day, after putting both interns through their paces, Sovereign has Karlee run out to take care of something for her. When Karlee comes back to the office, she's shocked to see Jade eating Sovereign out under the desk. Sovereign smiles and tells Karlee that she's already gotten to the next phase of the competition with Jade.

But now that Karlee's back, it's time to take the competition to the next level. Sovereign wants to see the interns fuck each other. The girls are reluctant, but they ultimately agree. Karlee and Jade come together for a tentative kiss which quickly turns passionate.

Moms On Moms - Katie Morgan & Sarah Vandella - Motherboard

File: jslihnamoonmokatsarel4xr6g1vk.mp4
Size: 466.59 MB
Duration: 35:23
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Today is a bittersweet day for Sarah Vandella as she approaches an unused room she rarely visits anymore. She takes a seat at a desk and opens an ornate box, gingerly removing a USB stick wrapped in cloth. With a steadying breath, she puts the USB stick into a nearby laptop and presses a few keys...

Within moments, a hologram of Katie Morgan, Sarah's late step-mom, is projected onto the bed. When Katie affectionately greets her with a smile, Sarah is almost brought to tears. Is this REALLY her step-mom?? Katie assures her that, even though she's a tactile hologram, she has all the memories of who she was before, which makes her just as real...

Mommy's Girl - Katie Morgan, Emma Hix & Becky Bandini - Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

File: iunf7namogikatemmbecj2icjzhpvw.mp4
Size: 305.27 MB
Duration: 37:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Katie Morgan, a boss at a prestigious company, learns that it's Bring Your Daughter To Work Day again, she panics. After what happened LAST year, she CAN'T let her employee, Becky Bandini, bring her step-daughter, Emma Hix, to the office! So, thinking she's being so clever, she sends out an office memo but conveniently 'forgets' to add Becky to the list...

When the special day rolls around the following week, Katie greets Becky and feigns innocence, although gets a shock when Becky insists that she learned about the day through a coworker. Because of that, Emma managed to come after all! In fact, mere moments later, Emma shows up, causing Katie to get VERY hot under the collar.

To try and save herself, Katie hurries back to her office, but Emma follows. It's revealed that Katie and Emma had a fling at the last Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, which is why Katie wanted to avoid seeing Emma this year. What if Becky had caught them?? Yet, Emma quickly wins her over once again, convincing Katie to hike up her skirt and spread her legs wide...

Their romp is short-lived when Becky storms into the room. As Katie tries to defend herself, it quickly becomes apparent that Becky is not worried about them having sex at all -- only that Emma is distracting everyone at the office. It's clear that mother and daughter have a unique relationship... and Becky agrees to join them as long as Emma promises to behave afterwards!

It's a free-for-all as the three women devour each other's pussies while climbing all over the office desk. Will Emma REALLY stop being distracting after all this or does she have something bigger in mind??

Web Young - Kristen Scott & Luna Daniels - Finding Your Rhythm

File: sxzc8naweyokrilunyxatamsv5p.mp4
Size: 301.77 MB
Duration: 37:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Meanwhile, her step-sister, Kristen Scott, wanders by the bedroom and sees Luna cutely goofing around. Since Luna is so distracted by her own music and dancing, Kristen admires her awhile before stepping in. Although Luna's embarrassed, she easily admits to Kristen that she's practicing her dancing for the prom. Kristen playfully teases that she needs some serious help in that department, so she'll give Luna some tips!

When Kristen starts describing slow dancing, Luna becomes flustered. Luna insists that she probably doesn't need to know about that since she doubts she'll need to 'set the mood' for anything. When Kristen asks her about it, Luna admits that she's a virgin! The last thing she wants to do is embarrass herself...

Enlightened, Kristen declares that that's Luna's problem! If she has sex and loosens up, dancing will come so much more naturally to her.

It doesn't take much convincing before the sisters are locked in a kiss. Kristen guides Luna through the erotic motions, taking her time playing with Luna's perky breasts and licking her pussy. Luna is putty in her hands, although she's eager to try out these techniques on Kristen in return. After all is said and done, will Luna's dancing REALLY improve??

Girls Way - Jade Baker & Brooke Haze - A Friendly Wager

File: zeaklnagiwajadbrovqwr5a5w3s.mp4
Size: 471.47 MB
Duration: 36:23
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jade Baker and Brooke Haze are enjoying a nice evening watching their favorite sports game. However, they're cheering for opposing teams, which leads to tension naturally building between them, though it's all in good fun...Until Jade becomes mischievous and decides to make things more interesting with a little bet! Each time her team scores, Brooke has to take off one piece of clothing -- and vice versa...

Girls Way - Alina Lopez & Kendra Spade - What Set Us Apart

File: yyad2nagiwaaliken1ygxvyfxgm.mp4
Size: 382.48 MB
Duration: 46:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sister Ashley Williams Alina Lopez is reading scripture on her bed while Sister Jessica Thompson Kendra Spade finishes putting on her pajamas nearby. Although Ashley shouldn't, she can't help but steal a look or two, admiring Jessica's beautiful form. But as soon as Jessica's done dressing and joins her, Ashley tries to push away the secret feelings churning within.When Jessica asks her if they should go over their route for the morning, Ashley gets down to business. They have a lot of work to do and people to meet to further their divine mission. If they're lucky, maybe they'll be able to return with candidates for discipleship.

Mommy's Girl - Sarah Vandella & Lexi Lore - Mommys Private Time

File: zf4jcnamogisarlex6o8o96l5c8.mp4
Size: 285.88 MB
Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella is sprawled out, naked and comfortable, in bed with her favorite vibrator in hand. It's been SO LONG since she's had some alone time and she's going to enjoy every second of it!

But her pleasure is short-lived when her step-daughter, Lexi Lore, bounces her way in, completely oblivious to her masturbating! Sarah quickly throws the vibrator under the pillow and buries herself in the blankets, though Lexi doesn't seem bothered at all as she flops down on the bed with her.

Sarah is annoyed, telling Lexi that she was TRYING to have a... NAP... and that it would've been nice if she'd knocked before barging in. Lexi doesn't quite buy this, curious and suspicious about why Sarah's napping naked in the middle of the day! When the vibrator accidentally goes off, the jig is up.

When Lexi starts bombarding Sarah with questions, Sarah is at a loss until Lexi sadly admits that her real mom never taught her about masturbation. She really has no idea how to take care of herself in that way! Although Sarah is still weirded out, she is sympathetic and agrees to give Lexi a lesson... as long as she knocks from now on!

Once Lexi eagerly agrees, Sarah sits back and spreads her legs, showing off her pussy. She grabs the vibrator and starts masturbating, walking Lexi calmly through the process. Since Lexi is fascinated and wants to learn more, Sarah soon hands the vibrator off to her. Once Sarah teaches her the basics, she tries to shoo Lexi away but Lexi wants to learn MORE! Since Lexi promises to FINALLY give Sarah some peace if they have sex, Sarah gives in.

As Sarah teaches Lexi the joys of lesbian sex and taking care of herself, all she can hope is that it'll be enough. Sure, this is fun, but she still needs private time to herself, too!

Girls Way - Sovereign Syre & Jade Nile - How Lesbians Think

File: gnjknnagiwasovjado59aloksbu.mp4
Size: 323.83 MB
Duration: 27:01
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Sovereign Syre nervously knocks on the door to her new boss' office. Jade Nile, the company's new CEO, energetically greets her and invites her in, and is nothing but charismatic as she asks Sovereign what's on her mind.

Sovereign hesitantly brings up that, although she admires Jade's innovations since taking over the company, she's not sure about her new advertising approach. It's just that Sovereign doesn't think her plan to feature more men in their ads will go over well with their customers... Jade is intrigued but confused, asking more questions until Sovereign finally has to tell her outright that their customers are mostly lesbians!

Sovereign is relieved and watches with amusement as Jade deals with the shock and enlightenment from the news. Since Jade seems so eager to really understand their customers better, Sovereign admits that she's lesbian, too, which is why this conversation is important to her. To help better understand the people they're marketing to, Sovereign suggests that Jade has some fun with a girl. Jade, eager for insight, is all over that, although she admits that she doesn't know many lesbians. Soooo... if it's okay, maybe Sovereign can give her some firsthand experience??

Sovereign is surprised but agrees, happy to show her boss everything she needs to know to get in touch with their customers. Jade doesn't hold back, hungry to learn as much as she can! When Jade finally goes down on Sovereign's pussy, Sovereign is delighted by her enthusiasm. Maybe her new boss has more in common with their lesbian customers than she thinks??

Sex Tape Lesbians - Jade Baker & Bunny Colby - Bikini Try

File: 63hf4nasetalejadbunbeny17omui.mp4
Size: 484.86 MB
Duration: 58:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I'm always on the lookout for more ideas for my channel and was FLOORED when I saw how many views other videos got when it was just a couple of girls trying on bikinis, and thought, jeez, I could do that! I decided to get my girlfriend, Bunny, to help me out since I thought it'd be fun! To make it interesting, we had a little 'competition' between us to see who wore what bikini best! I know bikinis already leave little to the imagination, but some of these had SO LITTLE MATERIAL that we may as well have been naked, haha! Of course, I couldn't stop staring at Bunny's amazing ass the whole time... As soon as the segment was over and the camera was off or so we thought, it was time to just be ourselves...

This was one of the hottest times we EVER had together! I dunno if it was all the waiting beforehand that got us revved up or what... but I just had to suck on those gorgeous tits of hers. Somehow, with those skimpy bikinis, her boobs were even hotter than usual, like having that little bit hidden from view made them that much more exciting! Ugh, and don't even get me STARTED on what a treat it was when I finally got to pull off her bikini bottom and dive into her pussy...

Oh, I miss those days. Everything crashed and burned once I found out my dear Bunny cheated on me. How could she do that to me?? What we had was PERFECT and she had to go ruin it all! At least I have this sex tape to remember her by, right? But it would be SELFISH to keep it all to myself. Sharing is caring, so I hope you guys like the video, too!