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Girls Way

Girls Way - Alison Rey & Rebecca Vanguard - Suspicious Sister-In-Law

File: ksthynagiwaalirebtuu9er652t.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 35:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey is meeting her new sister-in-law, Rebecca Vanguard, for the first time, although she's not too excited about it. She's a bit worried that Rebecca is just using her brother to move from the States to Canada. In fact, she's so worried that she's determined to find out once and for all...

When Rebecca visits alone one day, Alison is suspicious of how bubbly and sweet she is. She doesn't want to be abrupt, so she tries asking Rebecca questions about how she met her brother and got involved with him. It's just that everything seemed to move so fast. One moment, he's single, and then the next, he has a wife from another country?? But when Rebecca finally blurts out that she's a lesbian, it's NOT what Alison's expecting at all.

Alison learns that Rebecca and her brother were friends but that once he found out that Rebecca's family treats her badly, he offered to marry her to get her away from them. Although Alison's unsure of what to make of it, she is touched by Rebecca's plight and knows that her brother is the type to go out of his way and help someone in need. But, as a lesbian herself, she begins to wonder if her brother has even bigger plans for Rebecca... Especially once Rebecca admits that he told her all about Alison being a lesbian.

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Rebecca shyly comes onto Alison, desperate for the touch of another woman and a new start in life. Alison's unable to turn her down, soon giving in to guide Rebecca through her first lesbian encounter. As Rebecca comes undone with Alison's tongue in her pussy,

Mommy's Girl - Emma Hix & Aaliyah Love - Mom's Mystery Job

File: icgsunamogiemmaalm5a3xlfkkl.mp4
Size: 813.56 MB
Duration: 30:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hix is curious about what her step-mom, Aaliyah Love, gets up to when she's not around. It seems like Aaliyah has a lot of client meetings late at night and she never gives a direct answer whenever Emma asks exactly what kind of work she does. She's always been dodgy about it and Emma can't stand not knowing any longer...

One night, when Aaliyah puts on a sexy outfit and once again brushes Emma's questions off, Emma decides she's had enough. As soon as Aaliyah is gone, Emma grabs her mom's computer... and quickly learns that she's an escort! Although she's shocked at first, a mischievous grin crosses her face as she gets an idea.

Later on, Aaliyah arrives at a client's house, only to be greeted by Emma! Emma reveals that she knows what Aaliyah does and that she asked a friend to borrow her house a bit so that Aaliyah wouldn't catch on. At first, Aaliyah is mad, thinking that Emma is doing this to punish her somehow, but then Emma reveals that she just wants some sexy alone time with her, too!

After some hesitation, Aaliyah gives in, showing her daughter why she enjoys her work so much. Emma is beyond delighted to get a taste of her mom, having never tasted pussy quite like hers. Maybe now she's found a way to finally spend all the time she wants with Aaliyah?

Girls Way - Christy Love & Aila Donovan - ABC's and TLC

File: 1gicbnagiwachrail5mjlrqzsqj.mp4
Size: 978.90 MB
Duration: 25:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love is drowning in homework when Aila Donovan, the school nurse, peeks into her classroom. Aila is busy doing physicals on all the teachers and now it's Christy's turn! Although Christy is a bit hesitant at first, just because she's behind with correcting papers, she gives in to get the physical over with...

But as Nurse Aila works her hands over her body to give a thorough physical, correcting homework is the LAST thing on Christy's mind! She starts to become so warm from the touches that Aila thinks she might have a fever... and Christy is too embarrassed to tell her the truth. How can Christy tell the nurse that having her hands cupping her breasts and rubbing all over her body is doing things for her? Although she's shy, Christy soon enough strips away all of her clothes to cool down and help make Aila's work easier... but it only makes BOTH of them become hot now!

Neither one of them can resist the heat as they press their bodies close. Now Christy is ready for the most intimate exam in her life! Of course, she's determined to give the nurse a thorough examination of her own..

Mommy's Girl - Vanna Bardot & Ryan Keely - Making Mom Sweat

File: cobfonamogivanryabmwx6r7auv.mp4
Size: 1016.99 MB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ryan Keely and her 18-year-old stepdaughter Vanna Bardot are doing yoga together, going through lots of sexy yoga poses, chattingas they do so. They're both really happy that they've finally found the time to hang out together...

Girls Way - Alison Rey & Evelyn Claire - I'm Such A Klutz!

File: qnwgdnagiwaalievepsnam7beqf.mp4
Size: 723.22 MB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's Alison Rey's first day on the job as a barista and she's not doing so great. She's practically shaking with nerves when her first customer, Evelyn Claire, enters and asks for an iced coffee. She stumbles over herself as she gets the order ready but then does the unthinkable accidentally pouring iced coffee all over Evelyn's shirt!

Mommy's Girl - Christy Love, Aila Donovan & Lana Sharapova - Mom, Have You Met My Teacher?

File: vapjvnamogichraillansxzwyv3qgi.mp4
Size: 631.30 MB
Duration: 28:58
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Teacher Aila Donovan is at her desk, having a casual conversation on her cellphone about her dating life. She's a lesbian who hasn't had much time for dating lately because of all the work she does, although she'd love to meet a nice woman. As Aila is having this conversation, 18-year-old student Lana Sharapova accidentally steps in. Since Aila is on the phone, Lana patiently but awkwardly waits, clearly wanting to speak with her teacher about something...

Girls Way - Lilly Bell & Casca Akashova - Naughty Nanny Cam

File: gyfgvnagiwalilcasxs5ysb39dm.mp4
Size: 966.76 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Casca Akashova sits down on her bed with her laptop, saying aloud to herself that it's time to review yesterday's nanny cam footage. She clicks a file and plays the recording. The nanny, Lilly Bell, appears in the video, she has a mischievous smile as she looks directly into the camera. Casca is taken aback when Lilly directly addresses her...

Mommy's Girl - Katie Morgan & Morgan Rain - Mom-Night Stand

File: 1j2j7namogikatmorbozmwixjco.mp4
Size: 713.58 MB
Duration: 31:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Morgan is a naughty housewife. She's been with her new husband for only a week and she's already cheating on him! But as she shares the bed with a random college student, Morgan Rain, she's confident that this will not come back to bite her. They both travel in different circles, so once this one-night stand is over, they'll never see each other again... Or so she thinks! A few days later, Katie is finally introduced to her new step-daughter, who couldn't attend the wedding...

Girls Way - Emma Hix, Silvia Saige & Aaliyah Love - Tempted By The Babysitter

File: pat6vnagiwaemmsilaalnvljnbvi82.mp4
Size: 685.88 MB
Duration: 31:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Wives Aaliyah Love and Silvia Saige are talking about their new babysitter while waiting for her to show up. Aaliyah is a bit nervous but Silvia can't wait for the freedom having a babysitter will allow.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and the wives invite the babysitter, 18-year-old Emma Hix, inside. They chat with Emma, who innocently flirts with them. Aaliyah and Silvia then leave for work, closing the door behind them. Emma watches the door for a few moments before grinning to herself, nipping her bottom lip as if having mischievous, lustful thoughts...

Girls Way - Jenna Foxx, Whitney Wright & Casey Calvert - Sneaky Salon Sex

File: giwsrnagiwajenwhicaswlrn2v4jyz.mp4
Size: 536.79 MB
Duration: 26:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright arrives at a hair salon to get her hair done. Her girlfriend, Jenna Foxx, accompanies her. The hairdresser, Casey Calvert, greets them.Jenna sits down and Casey sits Whitney in a hairdressing chair and places a salon cape on her. They make small talk as Jenna watches politely from the sidelines, reading a magazine. But every now and then, Jenna glances at Whitney, winking flirtatiously. Casey doesn't notice this and Whitney playfully ignores Jenna's gestures...

Mommy's Girl - Reagan Foxx & Avi Love - Sneaking In After Curfew

File: puvtznamogireaavizunalk2qqg.mp4
Size: 632.62 MB
Duration: 33:48
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 18-year-old Avi Love sneaks through a quiet, dark living room, holding her high heels in her hand. She looks triumphant but is also trying to remain quiet. Suddenly, the light in the room turns on. Avi is startled to see her stepmom Reagan Foxx sitting there.

Web Young - Laney Grey, iarra Kai & Jessie Saint - Bedside Manner

File: njq5tnaweyolaniarjesc7pym77sue.mp4
Size: 547.09 MB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kiarra Kai, Laney Grey, and Jessie Saint, are all nursing students hanging out after a class about bedside manners. Kiarra is worried because she's pretty sure her bedside manners are lacking but she's not entirely sure what she's doing wrong or what she can do to fix it! All she knows is that if she doesn't change her ways, her future as a nurse might never come to be...

Laney and Jessie don't like seeing their friend being so hard on herself, so they offer to help her practice by pretending to be patients. At first, Kiarra still comes off as cold, so they encourage her to use her flirty nature to her advantage. Unfortunately, this creates some... awkward... moments as Kiarra becomes perfectly friendly but a bit too sexual for dealing with patients in a professional manner!

But, wanting to be encouraging and also take care of the unexpected attraction they suddenly feel, Kiarra's friends start flirting back. With Kiarra being so stressed out, what better way is there for her to relieve the tension? Maybe after she loosens up a little, she'll be able to more naturally interact with her patients!

It doesn't take long before the three nurses are feeling each other up, giving each other a VERY intimate physical -- no breast or pussy is left 'unexamined.' They definitely need to take each other's temperature because they're all feeling HOT!

Mommy's Girl - Lauren Phillips, Becky Bandini & Lily Larimar - Sucking Up To The Teacher

File: itmtunamogilaubeclilgsdiv1pmkv.mp4
Size: 631.79 MB
Duration: 34:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Becky Bandini shows up to a meeting called by Lauren Phillips, her 18-year-old step-daughter Lily Larimar's teacher. Lauren is worried that Lily has grades so bad that she won't graduate from high school. Lily is also there for the meeting. To Lauren's shock, Becky is disappointed that Lily hasn't sucked up to Lauren as Becky instructed her to do. Resolving to show Lily how it's done, Becky begins to seduce a flustered Lauren.

Becky waves Lily over instructing her to 'do as Mom does'. As Becky kisses Lauren's neck, Lily follows Becky's lead and goes to the other side of Lauren and begins to kiss her ear. Any protests that Lauren had are now silenced...she is putty in their hands.

Becky guides her daughter through seduction techniques. Lauren is still hesitant, but now lost in the physical pleasure of it, she doesn't resist.

Soon, at Becky's instruction, Lily kneels down and pulls up Lauren's skirt and begins to eat Lauren out. As Lily licks Lauren's pussy, Becky stands beside Lauren, kissing her ear.

This mother-daughter combo is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sucking up to the teacher'!

Girls Way - Gabriela Lopez & Andi James - What Will The Neighbors Think?!

File: ga88xnagiwagabandbyjetborl7.mp4
Size: 909.89 MB
Duration: 39:47
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Andi James is a homeowner looking for a bit of extra help with her garden. When she hires Gabriela Lopez to be her gardener, she'sthrilled. Gabriela seems so cheerful and nice, and very eager to do the work... In fact, she's secretly eager to do more than work, whichAndi will find out soon enough!

When Andi meets Gabriela for the first time, she's a little surprised by how short Gabriela's skirt is. Surely that can't be very practical forgardening?? But Gabriela is confident as she gets out her gardening tools, then gets down on her hands and knees. As she bends forwardto begin tending to the flowerbed, Andi is shocked when Gabriela's skirt rides up and reveals her pussy!

Andi is mortified, desperately trying to block the view from her neighbors. However, she can't resist looking at that pussy herself,although she tries her best not to. Is it just her imagination or is Gabriela wiggling her ass around more, as if tempting her?

Unable to stand it, Andi soon confronts Gabriela about her lack of underwear. Gabriela isn't worried at all and makes it clear that she'sgone commando just for Andi... Although Andi's hesitant at first, she's unable to resist Gabriela's charm. Once Andi invites Gabrielainside, gardening is the furthest thing from her mind!

Mommy's Girl - Tiffany Watson & Dee Williams - Snooping On Her Daughter's Computer

File: 28uf2namogitifdeek3zl4eotam.mp4
Size: 1016.54 MB
Duration: 28:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dee Williams is cleaning up after her 18-year-old stepdaughter, Tiffany Watson, when Dee stumbles onto Tiffany's laptop. Grumbling to herself that Tiffany seems to spend all her time on her computer these days, Dee is tempted to open the laptop and find out just what is SO important to Tiffany on it. Dee tries to stop herself, but ultimately, she can't resist and opens the laptop.

Dee scrolls around a bit until she stumbles on a video file marked 'do not open'. Her curiosity getting the best of her, Dee clicks on the file. Dee's eyes go wide with shock as she sees what's on the footage.

Tiffany is in her bedroom, wearing nothing but a sexy bra and panties. Dee knows she shouldn't be watching, but can't tear her eyes away from the screen as Tiffany puts on a show, doing a sexy striptease. It becomes clear that Tiffany has made this video for her sugar momma, and as Tiffany spreads her legs and begins to pleasure herself for the camera, Dee can't help but do the same!

It's safe to say that Dee won't have ANY regrets about snooping on her daughter's computer!

Cougar Queen - Whitney Wright, Gianna Dior, Reagan Foxx & Kira Noir - Cougar Queen: A Tiger King Parody Episode 3 Desperation And Decline

File: 8s2gznacoquwhigiareakirqwukrwx6lb.mp4
Size: 801.70 MB
Duration: 01:10:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Strap yourselves in for the explosive final chapter of the blockbuster Tiger King parody as the rivalry that has consumed Jill Erotic Serene Siren, Cheryl Badsin Cherie DeVille, and Bigavag 'Dot' Scandal Reagan Foxx finally comes to a head.

With her career in decline and her obsession with Cheryl spinning out of control, Jill is pushed to her limits, crossing a line that lands her in deeper trouble than she's ever been before. As the dust settles on the aftermath of her desperate act, the documentary crew catches up with all the major players of this strange and sexy saga.

First, they chat with Jane Fine-Lay Whitney Wright and Dylan Pussage Gianna Dior to find out how they're making out literally without Jill. Next, the crew sits down with industry 'expert' Cynthia Cornhole Kira Noir, who shares her take on the whole messy affair...but that's not the ONLY thing she shares. And finally, Dot gets her long-awaited moment in the spotlight, capping things off with a mind-blowing confession that no one will see coming.

So tune in to find out who prevails in the epic battle between three all-powerful cougars who saw the whole WORLD as their prey...

Mommy's Girl - India Summer & Vanna Bardot - No Sex For A Week

File: cqaxznamogiindvanxc1vwbmvxt.mp4
Size: 915.89 MB
Duration: 40:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer and her step-daughter, Vanna Bardot, have a VERY special relationship... Ever since Vanna turned 18, they've been unable to keep their hands off each other. It's gotten so bad, in fact, that India's having trouble keeping up with chores and Vanna's grades are slipping.

In order to stop the spiraling, India puts her foot down and declares that they can't have sex for a week! If they're good and get all of their chores done, including studying, then they can get down and dirty again! Although Vanna pouts and teases India for being an evil step-mother, she agrees.

The next week is the hardest week of their lives! Every little thing turns them on even more. India steals glances of Vanna's ass when she isn't looking and Vanna can't keep her eyes off India when she stretches... Vanna is especially bad as she spills water on herself, playing up the wet t-shirt look, much to India's dismay.

Despite everything, they're finally almost done! They have just one more day to go and then they can get back to sexing each other up like there's no tomorrow! But when they share a hug in the heat of the moment, everything they've worked so hard for quickly unravels as lust once again consumes them. Although they try to hold back, it's useless and they come crashing together in a heated kiss.

They waste no time stripping down and savoring each other's breasts and pussies. The tension they've been holding onto for almost a week is finally released as they let loose. It's every bit as scorching as they imagined... Maybe they should hold out again sometime!

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens, Laney Grey & Chanel Grey - Slumber Party Sneakaway

File: 5bmdonamogichrlanchacu8davfbmm.mp4
Size: 766.70 MB
Duration: 31:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Laney Grey and her best friend, Chanel Grey, are enjoying each other's company, although it's bittersweet. They're both going to be away from home soon, so they're having a slumber party to get as much time together as possible! Even if they promise to see each other again, who knows what life has planned for them?

Their tender moment is interrupted by Laney's step-mom, Christie Stevens, coming in and checking on them before bed. But instead of being annoyed, Chanel can't keep her eyes off Christie. Although she's never told Laney, Chanel has a major crush on Christie. Even though tonight is supposed to be about THEM, Chanel doesn't want to miss out on this last chance to finally make her move either!

Later on that night, when Laney is dreaming sweet dreams, Chanel sneaks out of bed and into Christie's room. Although Christie is surprised at first, Chanel is persistent... and hot! After some lustful back and forth, they both agree that what Laney doesn't know won't hurt her...

Meanwhile, Laney stirs to find the bed empty. Concerned for her friend, she goes searching, only to hear faint, passionate sounds coming from her step-mom's bedroom. Once she arrives, she's shocked but horny as she catches Christie and Chanel doing it! But that shock is short-lived once she gets a steamy invitation to join...

The slumber party quickly turns into a night to remember for all three of them! No pussy is untouched as they writhe together in bed. Maybe doing more of THIS in the future is the extra incentive Laney and Chanel needs to ensure they're NEVER apart for long!

Web Young - Rharri Rhound & Skylar Vox - Don't Let Dad Hear Us!

File: ddfbsnaweyorhaskya1dlcmkkpy.mp4
Size: 725.79 MB
Duration: 38:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 18-year-old step-sisters Rharri Rhound and Skylar Vox are hanging out, giggling and joking around, gossiping about boys at school. As they chat, Skylar lets it slip that she's a virgin. Skylar is embarrassed to admit that she's worried that she'll have no sexual experience when she enters college. Rharri reassures her that there's nothing to be embarrassed about, adding that she doesn't have much experience herself.

Skylar wonders aloud what they should do since they both need to be ready for college. There is a moment of silence, both of them lost in thought. Suddenly, Rharri seems to get an idea.

Rharri suggests that they fool around with each other to get some experience. Skylar is a little weirded-out at first, but it doesn't take much convincing from Rharri to make her realize that it's a good idea.

They come together for a tentative kiss but it doesn't take long for their eager hands to begin to explore each other's supple bodies.

They'd just better make sure that their dad doesn't catch them!

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Mary Moody - Can't Resist Creeping

File: ypjpdnagiwaabimarpbmhtgphcz.mp4
Size: 421.62 MB
Duration: 34:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends Mary Moody and Abigail Mac are lying on a bed together. An empty ice-cream tub with two spoons sits on the bed along with crumpled up tissue. Mary comforts Abigail, who is upset because she has just broken up with her girlfriend. Mary suggests that they watch a movie.

A short time later, Abigail has dozed off as they watch the movie on a laptop. Mary notices that Abigail has dozed off and softly closes the laptop. Mary gets up to leave, but Abigail stirs, asking her to stay with her for a bit. Mary agrees, smiling sympathetically. Mary slides into bed and cuddles up to Abigail, looking slightly flustered by her proximity to Abigail's body for a brief moment.

A little while later, Mary and Abigail are both dozing. Mary stirs, opening her eyes. She slides quietly out of the bed, careful not to disturb Abigail. She is about to leave the room, but she stops in her tracks, her eyes widening. The bed sheet has fallen down and Mary can see Abigail's ass.

Mary gulps, unable to tear herself away from the sight of Abigail's butt. She stares at Abigail and finally, becoming overwhelmed with horniness, begins to slide her hand down her own pants. She gently fingers herself to the sight of her undisturbed friend.

Eventually, Mary accidentally lets out a soft gasp of pleasure, which rouses Abigail, her eyes fluttering open.

Before Mary can leave, Abigail looks over at her in confusion. Abigail demands to know if Mary was doing what it appeared she was doing. Mary tries to stammer excuses, but quickly gives up with a sigh. Mary explains that she was staring at Abigail because she's attracted to her. Mary is shocked when Abigail admits that she feels the same way, leaning in for a deep, intense kiss.

Mary just couldn't resist creeping...luckily for them both!

Girls Way - April Oneil, Cassidy Klein & Casey Calvert - Fuck-buddy Custody Battle

File: qj9hfnagiwaaprcascasctxeq3ctkq.mp4
Size: 781.17 MB
Duration: 45:16
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Casey Calvert is relaxing in the living room on her phone when her friend Cassidy Klein pays her a visit. Cassidy looks upset, insisting that they need to talk. They have a mutual 'friend with benefits,' April O'Neil, but Cassidy feels Casey is getting too much time with April.

Casey and Cassidy argue a bit, then decide to invite April over to discuss everything so that they don't ruin their friendship.

April arrives shortly after and is greeted by both Casey and Cassidy. There's tension between them, which April definitely notices and she asks them what's going on. Casey and Cassidy exchange uncertain looks, and finally share their frustrations with April. But as they talk, it becomes obvious that Cassidy's jealous of the time that April and Casey get to spend together and has been feeling lonely lately.

April and Casey are sympathetic to Cassidy's feelings and the three of them try to figure out a way to give Cassidy more time with April. But then April's eyes light up with a naughty idea. She suggests that the THREE of them hook up, right now.

Cassidy and Casey are taken aback by the idea, but they look shyly at each other, intrigued. Although they are still a little shy, they ultimately can't resist the temptation of a scorching hot threesome.

No time like the present, after all!

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren & Lily Larimar - Impressionable Teen

File: ggorenamogiserlil2jbjngwayf.mp4
Size: 654.48 MB
Duration: 34:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren is relaxing at home when her stepdaughter Lily Larimar walks by, just passing through. Serene stops her. They chat for a minute and Serene is frustrated to learn that Lily still hasn't cleaned her room like Serene asked her to. When Lily leaves, Serene, trying to find ways to motivate her somewhat lazy stepdaughter, looks something up on her phone that piques her interest.

Later, Serene is lying in bed when she asks Lily to come and see her. Serene tells her that she knows it can be hard to be motivated and to develop good habits. Lily is only 18, but Serene already sees so much potential in Lily. She's seen that potential since the MOMENT she became Lily's step-mom. Lily just needs a little help UNLOCKING this potential. To that end, Serene asks Lily to listen to meditation messages that Serene has recorded for her while she slumbers. Lily agrees.

The next morning, Serene is pleased to see that the recording seems to be working already Lily has finally cleaned her room!

The next day, Serene is ecstatic to see that the recording is still working Lily happily offers to help Serene cook dinner, in stark contrast to her previous lazy attitude.

But that night, Serene gets even more than she bargained for when Lily creeps into her room as Serene dozes. She stirs and sees Lily standing over her in a come-hither pose. It seems like the recording didn't just unlock Lily's hidden potential, it ALSO unlocked a hidden attraction to her step-mom!

Girls Way - Karla Kush & Christie Stevens - Teacher's App Trap

File: rkfsmnagiwakarchryrgni7zgay.mp4
Size: 646.22 MB
Duration: 31:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When Karla Kush, a teacher, arrives at the house of one of her students, she is a woman on a mission. She meets Christie Stevens, the mother of the student, and sits her down for a discussion. She gets straight to the point as she calls Christie out for being on a lesbian hookup app.

Christie is stunned, worried about her wife and daughter finding out about her secret affairs. Karla doesn't take it easy on her either as she insists that it's her duty as an educator to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the daughter...

It's clear that Karla is just angling for a little something for herself but Christie is so distraught, and just a bit clueless, that she doesn't notice. Instead, she plays right into Karla's hands as Karla suggests that she won't say anything to anyone... IF Christie has sex with her! Why not have an affair to end all affairs? Then Christie will be all affaired-out and there won't be any more problems in the future!

Christie, still oblivious to Karla's intentions, easily agrees to have a romp since it seems logical to her. Soon, Karla takes the lead, undressing her and fondling her breasts. As Christie gets more and more into it, things get hotter between them. The tension between them is released as they soon ravish each other, relishing the taste of each other's pussies... But is it really the affair to end all affairs??

Squirting Lesbian - India Summer, Emily Willis & Elexis Monroe - Mom Daughter Squirt Sandwich

File: o4vxmnasqleindemieleszojucyceb.mp4
Size: 503.48 MB
Duration: 33:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Willis is doing laundry when she pulls a pair of panties from the hamper and notices something on it, looking at it closely. The panties are wet. Emily becomes increasingly confused as she pulls out a few more pairs of panties and they are all soaking wet.

At that moment, Emily's step-moms, Elexis Monroe and India Summer, happen to walk in. Emily asks them why their panties are always wet. They tell Emily that, since she's 18 now, it's time they talked to her about something. Emily sits down on the bed between the moms.

The moms are tentative but not embarrassed as they begin to talk about the wet panties, explaining that the wetness comes from squirting, something they like to do in bed. Emily seems shocked but very excited to learn more about squirting.

But instead of telling Emily about it, the moms decide that the easiest way to explain squirting to Emily would be to SHOW her. Emily's a little reluctant, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she can't help but watch intently as India slips her clothes off and Elexis buries her face in India's pussy. It doesn't take long for India to unleash a beautiful torrent of sweet squirt as Emily watches, an excited smile on her face.

Now that she's been introduced to the joy of squirting, Emily can't WAIT to get in on the action herself!

Girls Way - Maya Kendrick, Naomi Swann & Lily Larimar - A Tight Squeeze

File: 3yyb3nagiwamaynaolilhuxor6ctyj.mp4
Size: 471.65 MB
Duration: 33:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Lily Larimar, Naomi Swann, Maya Kendrick, and Lily Glee are hanging out in the living room. They enjoy each other's company but look a bit bored. They toss around some ideas for what to do next but can't seem to agree on anything. They seem restless and full of energy and don't want to sit around any longer.

Finally, Lily sheepishly suggests that they can play sardines! After the others question what that even is, she explains that it's like hide and seek! One person goes off to hide and then everyone else has to try and find that person. When you find that person, you have to hide with them! The last person to find everyone else is the loser.

The girls joke a bit about how they're 18 now -- they're too OLD for childish games like that. However, they're so full of energy that they decide maybe it WOULD be good to do something active. One by one they become intrigued and agree to play.After some playful banter about who should go first, Lily L volunteers to hide. As the other girls count down, she hurries off in search of a hiding place. She wanders the house in a hurry and finds a hiding spot in a closet as the other girls try to find her.

After a few moments, Lily L is found by Maya, who climbs into the closet. They are a bit flustered by their close proximity and can't help getting frisky as Maya pulls down Lily's top and kisses her perky tits.

After another few moments, Naomi opens the closet door and finds them, but instead of interrupting Maya and Lily, she closes the closet door and dives right in, turning this hot duo into a steamy threesome.

It sure is a tight squeeze in there...but that's not the ONLY thing that's tight!

Girls Try Anal - Avi Love & Kate Kennedy - Squirting Backfire

File: cqr91nagitranavikatpzibgqgvzb.mp4
Size: 709.04 MB
Duration: 32:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Kennedy and Avi Love, two girlfriends, are getting hot and heavy in bed. As they caress each other's bodies and devour each other's lips, things are just about to get steamy... until Avi makes them stop a moment. Avi loves having sex with her girlfriend, of course, but she wants to try a little something dfferent today. Kate is a squirter, which Avi adores, but it happens so much that sometimes it can be a bit inconvenient after the fun's been had. For example, they have to wash their soaked blankets every time!...

Mommy's Girl - Athena Faros & Penny Pax - Practice Interview

File: dr84lnamogipenpaxv9mbkv9xap.mp4
Size: 386.56 MB
Duration: 34:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax is picking away at her laptop when her teen step-daughter, Athena Faris, enters the room. Athena sweetly asks Penny for help, claiming that she's really having a hard time getting a part-time summer job. She just can't seem to get the interviews right. Delighted, Penny agrees to help her out by starting with working on her credentials.

But the more questions Penny asks, the more she is mortified by her daughter. No matter what Penny says, Athena responds with something sexual. It only gets worse from there as Penny gets her to try on interview clothes instead since Athena keeps wearing the skimpiest clothes she owns!

Penny is dismayed, wondering HOW she can help her daughter succeed in the working world... when she suddenly has an epiphany. She was so caught up in showing Athena what she HERSELF would do in an interview instead of playing up Athena's strengths. If Athena's strength is her prowess, then that's what she should use to win prospective employers over...

Penny challenges Athena to put her REAL skills to the test, which leads to a steamy encounter. Athena eagerly eats Penny's pussy, making her head spin. Penny makes sure to get a taste of Athena, too, wanting to fully prepare her for anything an interviewer has to throw at her. NOW Penny is confident that Athena has what it takes to succeed!

Girls Way - April Oneil & Mary Moody - Holy Matri-moly!: Something Borrowed

File: blcmznagiwaaprmargl9nzo9pas.mp4
Size: 236.20 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mary Moody is trying on her wedding dress. Her fiance, Casey Calvert, pops in to see where her sister April O'Neil is, who is supposed to be helping out. Mary, acting somewhat strangely, claims she doesn't know where April is.

Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The second she's gone, Mary throws the poof of her dress up, revealing April, who has been under the dress the entire time, eating Mary's pussy! April rises to her feet as Mary wags a finger at her playfully.

With Casey gone, the ladies resume foreplay and get naked. When Casey pops in again, Mary makes her shut her eyes because it's bad luck to see the wedding dress, so Casey doesn't see Mary and April, who are naked right in front of her.

Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The ladies exhale a relieved breath. With Casey gone, Mary FINALLY has April all to herself, and the two pick up right where they left off, April passionately kissing Mary's perfect breasts.

Sure, Mary's going to be a married woman, but she's not married YET!

Mommy's Girl - Emma Hix & Serene Siren - Following In Mom's Footsteps

File: uvruwnamogiemmser76e6vgjhzl.mp4
Size: 312.10 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and her step-daughter, Emma Hix, enter a hotel room together. They're both hotel cleaners, although it's clear by Emma's whining that she'd rather be doing anything else but work. However, Serene is exasperated and insistent since Emma needs to start taking responsibility for herself, starting with this job! Emma's going to be going to college soon and THIS will be her spending money!

Emma reluctantly follows her step-mother's instructions as she works around the room, but it isn't long before her mischievous side takes over when she spots a discarded bra. She happily takes the bra and puts it on, teasing Serene with it and trying to make her look. Isn't she cute??

Serene is mortified and tries to get Emma to behave herself, worried that she'll get fired if anyone catches Emma messing around. Yet, she has to admit that the bra DOES look cute on Emma...

Of course, once Emma sees this moment of weakness, she pounces. She knows Serene secretly has the hots for her but would never act on it. Now that she has Serene alone, though, it's time to get HER to be just as mischievous and bold. Although it takes some effort, Serene eventually gives in, admitting that maybe it WOULD be fun to let loose... even just this once...

Emma takes the lead and eases Serene into the sensual encounter by playing with her heaving breasts and sharing light kisses. As Serene becomes more comfortable and confident, the heat is turned up, and it isn't long before they are relishing the taste of each other's pussies. Although Serene was meant to be teaching Emma the ropes that day, the tables have turned and Serene couldn't be happier!

Web Young - Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, Hazel Grace & Ashlee Juliet - Her First Pride

File: 8ju93naweyosabmorhazashv5a3pmzx75.mp4
Size: 326.32 MB
Duration: 40:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's Hazel Grace's first Pride as an out and proud lesbian! Although she's been to Pride before, it was never as her true self, but now she's going with her good friends Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, and Ashlee Juliet.

As they deck themselves out with rainbow attire for the parade, Hazel admits that she's feeling a bit nervous. Although she's sure of her sexuality, she's never actually BEEN with another girl before. What if girls flirt with her at the parade and she makes a complete fool of herself?? Fortunately, her friends have her back as they all insist that she'll do fine! They even offer to give her a bit of experience beforehand to boost her confidence... With true friends like that, how can Hazel resist such an offer??

Hazel's mind is blown as Sabina, Morgan, and Ashlee all show her the ropes of lesbian sex. She's the center of attention as she's fondled and eaten out while also tasting pussy herself for the first time as her friends take turns sitting on her face. With the fun just getting started, Hazel is finally getting the experience she's always wanted!

Girls Way - Alix Lynx & Alex Coal - A-freud Of The Truth

File: 7ffqgnagiwaalialeqa98higou8.mp4
Size: 285.82 MB
Duration: 37:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Alex Coal arrives at her new therapist's office, she's relieved to finally be getting the help she needs to deal with her everyday stress. When she meets Dr. Alix Lynx, she seems like a confident, approachable woman, and Alex settles in to bare her soul. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they're NOT on the same wavelength...

As Alix questions her, especially about her dating life, Alex starts to get suspicious. It seems like everything Alix is asking is pointing towards her liking girls! When Alex calls Alix out on this, Alix doesn't seem bothered. In fact, she keeps pressing the issue, insisting that a lot of Alex's insecurity and stress comes from repressing her true sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth but Alex doesn't know how to convince Alix otherwise!

Finally, fed up and in denial, Alex insists that this professional relationship isn't going to work out. Even so, Alix still seems determined to get Alex to realize that she's a lesbian. As part of the therapy, she wants Alex to discover that side of her and embrace it by having sex with her! Although Alex is shocked, she gives in... just to prove to her therapist that she's NOT a lesbian!

But when Alix starts cupping her breasts and eating out her pussy, Alex finally has an exciting and erotic revelation maybe she IS lesbian after all!

Girls Way - Bunny Colby & Lasirena69 - SquirtR

File: bwtoinagiwabunlaspsob7tyl3d.mp4
Size: 418.23 MB
Duration: 33:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: LaSirena69 is lounging on the bed when her loving girlfriend enters, announcing that she has a surprise for her. The girlfriend goes on to reveal LaSirena69's love of squirting and how they're not quite able to do it themselves, no matter how hard they try. So, since the girlfriend wants LaSirena69 to have that experience, she went on an app for dating squirters called SquirtR. She found the perfect match for LaSirena69 and that match is coming over any moment to help LaSirena69 finally live out her fantasy!

LaSirena69 is touched by her girlfriend's thoughtfulness and excited about her dream coming true. When the squirter, Bunny Colby, arrives a short while later, LaSirena69 is ready to go. She's a bit shy at first but soon gets into it as the girlfriend fondly watches. Once Bunny has her first squirt, LaSirena69 is thrilled to be soaked in her juices. The girlfriend sees that LaSirena69 is in good hands and leaves them be.

LaSirena69 is excited for more as she does everything in her power to make Bunny squirt. Of course, they both enjoy each other's bodies to the fullest, tonguing each other's pussies and riding each other's faces. As LaSirena69's body shines with Bunny's squirt, she's thankful to have such an amazing girlfriend that made all of this possible!

Mommy's Girl - Sarah Vandella, Gianna Dior & Kyler Quinn - Family Movie Night

File: qxolsnamogisargiakyl6r3wveqjfa.mp4
Size: 308.19 MB
Duration: 31:28
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Kyler Quinn is sitting on the couch when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and greets her girlfriend Gianna Dior happily. They sit down on the couch together, trying to figure out what to do that night. Eventually they decide to stay in and watch a movie. Kyler mentions that she's going to invite her lonely step-mom, Sarah Vandella, to join them and Gianna is annoyed, complaining that she never leaves them alone. Gianna then seems to get an idea on how to ease that loneliness.

Later that night, Sarah, Kyler, and Gianna watch the movie together. Gianna deliberately sits between Sarah and Kyler, putting a blanket over all three of their laps. As they watch the movie, unbeknownst to Kyler, Gianna begins to finger Sarah under the blanket. Sarah tries to stifle her moans of pleasure and is almost caught by Kyler as Gianna continues the fingering.

Gianna decides to get even more frisky and slips her other hand to Kyler's lap under the blanket. Gianna is now fingering both Sarah and Kyler, but neither one of them knows about the other.

It's safe to say that Kyler and Sarah have NEVER had a family movie night like THIS before!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalheadforty2!

Web Young - Emily Willis & Mackenzie Moss - Reconnecting

File: ttgyknaweyoemimacyqsfxmiyoq.mp4
Size: 338.81 MB
Duration: 24:11
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Willis is lying on her bed, scrolling through her old photos on her phone. She happens upon one that seems to catch her eye and clicks on the photo.

It's a photo of Emily and Mackenzie Moss. They are smiling and look very happy. Emily sighs nostalgically and a little sadly as she looks at the photo. Clearly, Mackenzie is important to her. Emily gets a text from another friend inviting her out to the club but ignores the text, saying aloud to herself 'I am NOT in the mood to go out tonight. The only thing I want to do tonight is...'

Emily pulls up Mackenzie's contact info on her phone as her finger hovers over the 'call' button. She seems to be having an inner debate. 'No...I can't,' she says aloud to herself sadly, but after a few more seconds of debate, seems to change her mind.

She takes a deep breath and pushes 'call' on her phone, putting it to her ear. After a second, Mackenzie picks up. Mackenzie is surprised to hear from Emily, who tells Mackenzie that she's sorry for what she did. She nervously adds that she misses Mackenzie and asks her to come over. Mackenzie agrees.

A short time later, Mackenzie arrives, coming into the room. She looks somewhat angry and hesitant, as if she isn't sure whether or not she made the right decision in coming.

They greet each other in a stilted way. Mackenzie especially seems wary around Emily.

They sit down on the bed together, Mackenzie deliberately a little ways away from Emily. As they talk, it's revealed that they used to be best friends, but Emily ditched Mackenzie for the cool kids in school right after they both turned 18. Emily finally admits the real reason she did that she was falling in love with Mackenzie.

Suddenly, Mackenzie leans over and kisses Emily. Emily seems shocked but kisses her back. When they pull apart a moment later, Mackenzie says that she feels the same way. They kiss passionately, sliding their clothes off and caressing each other's tight bodies.

Reconnecting with an old friend has never been THIS much fun...

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

Girls Way - Emily Willis & Ember Snow - Body Swap! 3: Reverse The Curse!

File: sxv9enagiwaemiembctuhhjxuds.mp4
Size: 383.31 MB
Duration: 28:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: A few days later, Ember Snow and Emily Willis have still not figured out the riddle when they meet up with each other. After chatting about the different things they've done as each other over the course of the last few days, they begrudgingly apologize to each other for how much fighting they've done, adding that there's no time for any more petty squabbles. Valedictorian is being chosen tomorrow so they NEED to figure out how to reverse the swap NOW.

Realizing that this is their last chance, they decide to go back to the library in a last-ditch effort to decipher the riddle.

But the girls are frustrated when, after hours of research, they still haven't found any useful information. As they discuss the possibilities of living out their lives in each others bodies, they suddenly have an epiphany they have to have sex with each other to reverse the spell.

It's definitely going to be fun, but WILL it be enough to reverse the curse?

Girls Way - Penny Pax & Casey Calvert - The Neighborhood Gossip

File: j3lu4nagiwapencas6ucvbkewe1.mp4
Size: 468.18 MB
Duration: 40:02
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax, the neighborhood gossip, just 'happens' to be looking out her window into Casey Calvert's yard when she sees something scandalous Casey kissing a woman goodbye and seeing her off! The thing is, Casey's married to a man and this just doesn't sit well with Penny. What will the neighbors think if they were to find out about the affair??

Penny marches over to Casey's house and is let in by Casey, although Casey is wary about what's going on. Once inside, Penny reveals that she knows about the affair and that she's just worried for Casey! With so many nosy neighbors around, it'd be a shame if rumors started flying.

Although Casey's annoyed by Penny, who clearly doesn't see that SHE'S the nosy neighbor, she IS intrigued by how flustered Penny is. Now that she has her chance to turn the tables, she takes it, starting to seduce Penny. Hasn't Penny ever stepped out of her comfort zone to try something a little daring? A little risque?

Penny becomes even more flustered as Casey touches her hand and gives her bedroom eyes. She tries to resist, not wanting to be part of the scandal herself, but there's a secret desire burning deep down inside that she can't keep hidden anymore. Although it takes some more coaxing, she finally gives into Casey's allure after Casey assures her that it'll be their little secret.

Even as Casey starts stripping down, Penny is still a bit shy at first. Yet, it doesn't take long before Casey convinces her to let loose and have a bit of fun. As Penny writhes with pleasure with Casey's fingers and tongue inside her pussy, it seems as though being a nosy neighbor really does pay off!

Mommy's Girl - Cherie Deville & Emma Hix - Missing Her Daughter Dearly

File: xfcognamogicheemmpdlcphqkvp.mp4
Size: 243.37 MB
Duration: 26:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cherie DeVille is having a video call with her 18-year old step-daughter, Emma Hix, who has gone away to study abroad. The call starts innocently enough as Cherie asks her daughter how school's going, is she eating well...typical 'concerned parent' questions. Emma dutifully answers each question, and insists she's being good, mostly. When talk turns to Emma's social life, Cherie coyly tries to find out if Emma is dating anyone, eventually Emma catches on and reassures her mother that no, she's staying single just like she promised!

Cherie tells Emma that she misses her dearly, and it begins to become clear that they were involved in a sexual relationship before Emma left for school. With a flirty glint in her eye, Emma asks Cherie what she would do if they were together right now, and Cherie puts on a sly smile and begins describing a fantasy sexual encounter between them. Overcome with horniness, the two of them begin to put on a show for each other, each doing a slow and sensual striptease.

Even though Cherie and Emma can't be together, it doesn't mean they can't have a little fun!