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Gina Valentina

We Live Together - Carter Cruise, Gina Valentina, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, Emily Willis, Gia Derza & Autumn Falls - Wlt S01e04: Saying Goodbye

File: x3e2knawelitocarginslokenemigiaautsomzhz7hls.mp4
Size: 840.91 MB
Duration: 01:05:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Keep a tissue box close, because our We Live Together crew finally part ways and the girls get emotional...ly horny. With time running out, languishing Emily wants to get fucked one last time before leaving the house. She sets her eyes on Gina, but needs a little encouragement to get things going. Autumn surprises them both and things quickly develop into an outright orgy as Gia joins in. Carter, on the other hand, has different things in mind and absolutely soaks the writhing Sapphic group before running away cackling. After a day lazing under the sun and chit chatting around the pool, the girls reunite for a round of the infamous spotted mat. A promiscuous game perfectly tailored for promiscuous girls The orgy eventually returns and quenches Emily's lustful thirst. One last meal together and the beauties wrap things up with some last thoughts and a reminiscing, sad goodbye. It's only been four days but spending all of your time with a mix of strangers and friends certainly gives you a unique perspective. After all, as Kendra succinctly put it When you put a bunch of horny girls together, sex naturally happens. Viewers, it's time to say farewell to this season's amazing cast Carter Cruise, Gia Derza, Autumn Falls, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, Gina Valentina, and Emily Willis. Who's next?

BFFs - Cindy Starfall, Karlee Grey & Gina Valentina - Smile Coach

File: afq4qnabffcinkargin7zp5klgxfj.mp4
Size: 532.37 MB
Duration: 38:37
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cindy Starfall, Gina Valentina, and Karlee Starr are some pretty tricky girls, and when they want something, theyll do anything to get it. This year, the babes need some extra cash to live out the Spring Break of their dreams, so they hatch a plan to get some money out of their clueless gym coach. They seduce him in the locker room, filming every thrust as he plows their tight teen pussies one at a time. Then, they suck his cock until he sprays them down in semen. Looks like Coach is going to have to shell out some big bucks to keep this all a secret.

We Live Together - Carter Cruise, Gina Valentina, Abella Danger, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, Emily Willis, Gia Derza & Autumn Falls - WLT S01e03: Bonding Time

File: bx4jtnawelitocarginabeslokenemigiaautvkfddhafeg.mp4
Size: 471.34 MB
Duration: 58:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Our We Live Together crew starts off their third day reminiscing or venting, depending on your viewpoint about the previous night. Late parties, police officers Which leaves certain members of the house more exhausted than others. A full cooked breakfast is waiting and ready as the girls discuss previous scenes, how to gape, selling content, and trade secrets. Glass toys in the ass feel really good. Noted, Emily! We have our playful photoshoot as round asses bounce and jiggle for the camera before Kendra gives in to her demanding pussy, masturbating right in the middle of it all. More bonding time ensues as the girls swap stories of their first kiss, losing their virginity, and haunted house tales over a campfire and smores. The most interesting reveal today, however, is that one house member had never tried a vibratingsuction sex toy before, and toy other members are definitely going to fix that and blow her miind...

We Live Together - Carter Cruise, Gina Valentina, Abella Danger, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, Emily Willis, Gia Derza & Autumn Falls - Wlt S01e02: New Arrivals

File: gir5tnawelitocarginabeslokenemigiaautaogidbaiao.mp4
Size: 389.35 MB
Duration: 48:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: No Description Available

We Live Together - Gina Valentina, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, Gia Derza & Autumn Falls - Welcome Home

File: nrybcnawelitoginslokengiaautrighg9hmaf.mp4
Size: 964.80 MB
Duration: 01:15:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Reality Kings is proud to present We Live Together Season 1! In this experimental project we took seven of the industry's rising stars and placed them in a model house for four full days and nights with nothing but a film crew, security cameras, and a few loose guidelines. The premier episode of this miniseries showcases the arrival of Gia Derza, Autumn Falls, Sloan Harper, Kendra Spade, and Gina Valentina to their home for the next few days. Things start with some ice breaker discussion as nerves dissipate and rooms are chosen, but two stars in particular need no guidance to pounce on one another. Not wanting to be left out, the remaining girls take a shower to wash off the long trip... Together of course. Things relax when everyone gathers to try and put together their first group meal as tension and teasing bubble up out of nervous beginnings.

Nubile Films - Gina Valentina - The Essence Of Romance

File: npey1nanufiginvaliot1mforo8.mp4
Size: 369.51 MB
Duration: 25:52
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Hot little Latina Gina Valentina is ready to make Oliver Flynn drool. He sits in a chair, tied up and blindfolded, as Gina takes stock of all the various implements of pleasure at her disposal. She starts with a rose, brushing it along Oliver's neck and chest. Then Gina moves on to a feather, followed by a small whip.

Since all Oliver can do is let the feelings wash over him, he has no choice but to go with the flow. That's okay Gina doesn't leave him wanting for too long. Sliding her hands down Oliver's chest, Gina works her way down until she reaches the bulge beneath his shorts. She runs her tongue up the silk, then pops her treat out to enjoy fully. Soon enough, Gina is sucking to her heart's content in a languorous BJ.

When Oliver is free to use his hands, he immediately reaches forward to grasp Gina's ass. Her bottom fills his palms as he kneads the globes while capturing a kiss from Gina's soft lips. As Oliver's hands reach up further to cup Gina's breasts and fondle her puffy nipples, Gina takes a seat on his lap so she can grind herself against Oliver's hard cock.

Sliding her thong aside after enjoying her butt rub, Gina sinks down onto Oliver's fuck stick. Her meaty pussy gobbles up Oliver's cock as he uses his hands to help her set a breakneck pace. Turning around, she gives Oliver some reverse cowgirl action that gets even faster and more furious.

Finally Gina removes the blindfold and frees Oliver, which lets him swap places with her. Sitting in the chair, Gina spreads her thighs and lets her had fall back in delight as Oliver samples her pussy juices. Only after he has licked every inch of her twat does she get on her hands and knees so Oliver can deliver a doggy style pussy pounding that won't stop until Gina's whole body is throbbing in delight.

Gina's orgasm brings Oliver to the end of his endurance. Moments later, he pulls out to cover Gina's ass in his cum. He slides back in to give her a few more strokes of bliss, then finally draws Gina in to pepper her with kisses as they come down from their mutual climaxes.

Kinky Spa - Gina Valentina - Sexy Latin Babe Gina Valentina Gets Fucked During Her Massage

File: pfob8nakispginvalxmog8oquyx.mp4
Size: 317.52 MB
Duration: 36:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Valentina is depressed, her and her boyfriend broke up and she cant seem to do much besides lay in bed and watch TV. She has a talk with a friend who recommends she get an in-home massage from the Kinky Spa. She trusts her friend so she gives them a call and the handsome masseur shows up right on time. Shes not shy so she goes fully nude and the horny masseur doesnt seem to mind seeing her tight body. Once he starts rubbing her he asks about her situation, once it comes out that shes going through a breakup and needs some cheering up, he lets her know what the Kinky Spa is REALLY all about. He gives her the FULL treatment and gives her the extra deep massage with a hot load ending!

Exxxtra Small - Gina Valentina - Wrangling Petite Cowgirl Pussy

File: cfks9naexsmginvallfthjg3yvm.mp4
Size: 439.43 MB
Duration: 32:15
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tatted up cowgirl Gina Valentina is ready to take on the world with her riding abilities. She wants to show off just how well she can keep a cock up and work her hips into a friction frenzy. Today, she gets her chance, riding our studs prick as she moans in pleasure. The gorgeous brunette shows off her bubble butt and her petite physique as she plays with his prick, letting it slide down her hungry throat. Then, she launches into the rodeo ride of her life, taking a big shlong deep inside her velvet holster. This cowgirl definitely knows how to wrangle a dick!

Girlcore - Gina Valentina, Jane Wilde, Jade Baker & Gianna Dior - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

File: 7zmqunagirginjanjadgiaekjntrvoyl.mp4
Size: 396.83 MB
Duration: 48:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Four best friends, Lisa Gina Valentina, Jennifer Jane Wilde, Michelle Jade Baker, and Carrie Gianna Dior, are having the time of their lives at a teen slumber party at Lisa's house. They spend the evening being silly over prank phone calls, fashion shows, and pillow fights, which makes Lisa's mom Dana DeArmond contemplate what the girls are doing with their lives. Even though it's all in good fun, it isn't until the rowdy girls start taking teen magazine quizzes that things get REALLY interesting.

Jennifer begins bragging about ALL the naughty things she's done with dates, although her friends are skeptical. They are especially suspicious when Jennifer insists that she hasn't only been to second and third base but FIFTH base, too! It becomes clear that Jennifer just might be full of it, but her friends are too inexperienced themselves to really call her out.

The bragging reaches its peak when the girls huddle close around a dating game. The topic of sex inevitably comes up and Jennifer once again steals the spotlight, making up sex positions that seem too wacky to be true. Finally, fed up with her friends not believing her, Jennifer makes a grab for Carrie's perky breasts, proving once and for all that she's at least gotten to second base! When Carrie retaliates by grabbing her breasts in return, things only get hotter from there.

BlowJob Fridays - Gina Valentina - Gina Blows Conner... Away

File: 3donynablfrginvaldajguccslf.mp4
Size: 143.26 MB
Duration: 12:57
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina is one of the best cocksuckers of all time. Ask her, she'll tell you. She shakes her wet hot ass for the camera and Conner comes running. She gobbles that knob like nobodies business. Conner needs to redefine what a blowjob is after Gina sucks every last drop of cum from his cock.

Rk Prime - Gina Valentina - 69 Questions

File: p45e9narkprginvalxb7jkpsxax.mp4
Size: 386.26 MB
Duration: 33:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Have you ever wondered what the gorgeous Gina Valentina does when she first wakes up in the morning? What her favourite movie genre is? Her advice for potential porn stars? In this scene, the curtains are opened, and we get to know about this legendary lady beyond her incredible body and fucking skills. After an interview with this bombshell, Gina fucks Charles Dera on a black leather couch. Personality, brains and a fantastic body? Gina truly has it all.

Pornstars Like it Big - Gina Valentina - Cum-shot Caller

File: 4up4unapoliitbiginvalscpnl4q3nx.mp4
Size: 399.20 MB
Duration: 35:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Detective Scott Nails goes to prison to interview Gina Valentina, a sexy criminal with a known for fucking men, then leaving them handcuffed and humiliated. When Detective Nails comforts Gina during the interview, the two start fucking, but is he in control or is he about to become Gina's next victim?

Brazzers Exxtra - Gina Valentina - Tennis Balls Deep

File: fkitjnabrexginvalho9znekp7b.mp4
Size: 526.76 MB
Duration: 34:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Valentina has got her sexy tennis ensemble on and she's ready to hit the court with her partner Xander Corvus. A quick stretch and lesson and Gina's good to go! A little muscle sprain halts the action however, that is until Xander helps sooth Gina's pain with his massaging hands and hard cock, leading to some very intense one on one action on the court!

Jules Jordan - Gina Valentina - Teddy Bear Slut Gina Valentina Has Her Ass Fucked Hard

File: hl7k3najujoginvalel1ggahbuv.mp4
Size: 654.26 MB
Duration: 39:23
Resolution: 992x558
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy spinner Gina Valentina gives her ass to Markus Dupree for a hard anal pounding. Ginas looking super hot in her white lace lingerie, pink high heels with a matching collar and garter as she holds her teddy bear and teases on the balcony. She makes her way up to the bedroom where Gina eagerly takes off her top and plays with herself in the mirror. Gina makes her way back downstairs then jumps up on a bar stool and pushes that perfect booty out as she pulls her panties to the side to give us an amazing view of both of her horny holes. Markus makes his way in and after spanking that tight ass he buries his face between her cavernous cheeks so he can get deep in her ass with his tongue. He doesnt last long on his knees, Markus can barely contain himself as he pulls out his cock and slides it into Ginas tight, wet pussy. After getting a good pounding Gina gets on her knees so she can suck that cock and lick Markus balls before getting back on the bar stool in missionary as he continues to fuck her tight slit. Gina bites down on her lingerie as Markus pokes his big dick against her beautiful butthole then he squeezes it into her tight ass as we watch this sexy slut take that whole cock balls deep. She holds her ass cheeks open so she can show off her gorgeous GAPE, then Gina takes off her lingerie so Markus can continue the anal onslaught. Markus moves over to the couch where he puts Gina in an anal full nelson as he hammers away at her tiny asshole. Gina takes that cock ass to mouth, then puts it right back in her booty so Markus can ream her rectum more before covering her face with his creamy load

We Live Together - Gina Valentina & Desiree Dulce - Dulce & Valentina

File: nlwtknawelitogindes27tihnsqxp.mp4
Size: 318.98 MB
Duration: 28:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whats hotter than a couple of amazingly talented girls performing in a scene? A couple of smoking hot girls being themselves in a scene! Desiree Dulce and Gina Valentina gush about having a crush on each other as they have their makeup done, before slipping into some seriously adorable bikinis. Next, they take a dip in a milk bath, where the two show off their incredible curves and pour warm milk over each others perfect bodies. Gina twerks her juicy booty as Desiree shows off her incredible, plump titties. There is nothing like a genuine girl-crush to make for some amazing pussy-lucking. Honestly, why are you still reading this? Watch the scene already!

Rk Prime - Gina Valentina - Working The Pole

File: iaemtnarkprginvaly62ym3ogfb.mp4
Size: 292.67 MB
Duration: 25:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The girls of Reality Kings are so multi-talented. Take Gina Valentina. We all know shes outrageously good at fucking, and the perfect combination of cute and sexy. But did you know she can work a pole like shes been doing it since the dawn of time? Well, youre certainly about to. Watch her arch that back, squeeze that ass, work up a light glow of sweat. Then when she's all done, Gina is going to move on to the main event Scott Nails. Damn, Gina.

Hot And Mean - Julia Ann & Gina Valentina - I Want Her To Like Me

File: 3tyl6nahoanmejulgin68ogpqiv7y.mp4
Size: 464.13 MB
Duration: 34:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ginas father has just proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Julia Ann, and Julia is worried that Gina isnt going to like her. Ginas father asks her to come home from college to break the big news and Gina is not happy! Julia is on her best behavior in an effort to win over Gina, but Gina is not having any of it! Julia is mortified when she catches Gina masturbating in her room, and runs away. Gina follows behind with her trusty strap on dildo, ready to teach Julia a lesson in privacy!

Girl Girl - Kenna James & Gina Valentina - Lesbian Cheating Wives

File: vdcmdnagigikenginby6ctbop3b.mp4
Size: 326.88 MB
Duration: 33:54
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Valentina Kenna James, It's Kenna's wedding day but she won't come out of her room. As the guests arrive, her best friend Gina heads up to the room to try to get her to come out. What will she have to do to make her come downstairs?

Brazzers Exxtra - Gina Valentina - The Devil Inside

File: zsqxxnabrexginvalqmwegwjwv3.mp4
Size: 556.64 MB
Duration: 33:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Valentina is the sexy and seductive Queen of Darkness, sitting atop her throne, waiting with great anticipation for her big-dicked minion, Small Hands, to arrive and worship his master. Small Hands empties his chalice of oil, dousing Ginas red-hot body with it before she unplugs her butt for some fiery anal sex!

Digital Playground - Gina Valentina & Romi Rain - The Summoning Part 4

File: p5ijinadiplginromwjsnzi1idk.mp4
Size: 501.37 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two couples spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods under the pretense of hunting for ghosts. Ivy Abigail Mac and her boyfriend Nick Seth Gamble have a sinister ulterior motive to sacrifice the unsuspecting Regan Gina Valentina and her boyfriend in order to unleash an evil entity from the cursed forest. The ritual, however, summons not one, but two powerful demons the perverse Incubus Xander Corvus and sexy Succubus Romi Rain. After awakening from a millennia-long slumber, the dastardly duo plan to fuck and kill anyone who stands in their way, until they can walk amongst the living as immortal beings.

Monsters of Cock - Gina Valentina - Giant Dick For Tiny Girl

File: 2okfznamoofcoginvalkkckgvbepg.mp4
Size: 491.72 MB
Duration: 44:03
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Valentina loved to blow bubbles. And she looked so pretty doing it. All that blowing made her horny. Where was a big black dick for her? Luckily Louie Smalls was just walking around the pool and picked the girl up. High up in the air. He was giant! Yes everywhere! She started to suck his dick. It barely fit into her mouth. Then he was fucking her. Stretching her poor little pussy so wide! He fucked her a lot more. Spread her wider. Then he came all over her cute face.