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Gina Gerson

Nubile Films - Gina Gerson - Come Back To Bed

File: dm9zonanufigingervjr2bnsr5e.mp4
Size: 1.92 GB
Duration: 26:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Work from home means that Murgur doesn't have far to go for his morning commute. It also means that Murgur only has to get dressed from the waist up! At the same time, though, it means that Murgur needs to deal with a whole lot of temptation in the form of his girlfriend, Gina Gerson, who now has 247 access to his cock and doesn't like to be denied...

When Gina wakes up and finds Murgur half-dressed and in a meeting, she decides that her carnal needs are much more important than whatever her beau is doing. She entices him back to bed, at first with gentle kisses and then with more insistent movements of her hands and mouth. Eventually, Gina grabs Murgur's tie and hauls him to his feet so he can pay proper attention to her.

Murgur gets the hint and knows exactly what his lady love wants. He lays Gina down on the bed and worships her small breasts with his hands and mouth. When Gina's nipples are nice and hard, Murgur takes the time to suckle them properly before he works his way down Gina's super skinny body to settle with his tongue between her thighs.

Oral sex isn't just for Murgur to deliver. Gina wants a taste, too, so she rolls onto her belly and cover's Murgur's hardon with kisses as she pulls it from his briefs. When her musky treat is freed, Gina takes her time sucking and stroking every long inch. Murgur eventually finds himself on the bed with Gina's lips still wrapped around his hardon. When she finally changes her sensual tactics, it is only to get to a seated position and impale herself on his hardon.

Rocking gently back and forth, Gina enjoys the feeling of fullness with Murgur inside her. She leans back to change up the angle of penetration with her ride. Then she turns around to indulge in some reverse cowgirl action. Bouncing that booty up and down, she picks up the pace as she moans her true enjoyment of every salacious moment.

Eventually, Murgur gets to his feet and puts Gina on her knees with her back to where Murgur is kneeling. Her snatch is at the perfect height for him to shove into her from behind. Anchoring his hands on Gina's hips, Murgur goes to town delivering quite the pussy pounding in doggy. His hands easily reach up to cup Gina's breasts as he keeps both their parties going. When Gina puts one leg out to get to a kneeling position with Murgur still buried inside her, her pleasure truly spikes in the best possible way.

On her back with Murgur standing between her thighs, Gina gets to watch as her lover keeps her party going. He continues to thumb her nipples and squeeze those titties as he gives it to her. Then he turns Gina onto her side for a variation spooning sex that leaves her throwing her head back in orgasmic bliss. Her party continues as Murgur rejoins her on the bed and truly spoons behind her.

Pushing Murgur onto his back, Gina sucks her own juices off his cock in another lusty blowjob. Her eager BJ is just what Murgur needs to get to the point where he's ready to pop. Much to Gina's delight, he fills her mouth with his cumshot until it dribbles down her chin to give her a salty mess to lap clean

Hands On Hardcore - Marilyn Sugar, Gina Gerson & Sasha Rose - Riding Cock Wild Wild West Style

File: weselnahaonhaginsas1yd7pjstld.mp4
Size: 3.92 GB
Duration: 01:21:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gina, Sasha Rose, and Marilyn Sugar are together on stage tonight at the strip club in a memorable triple-X performance that you definitely shouldn't miss. What begins as a lesbian threesome soon turns into a full-on orgy when Josh and Darrell Deeps join the ladies, giving them the opportunity to be assed fucked and double penetrated in this Hands On Hardcore premium porn scene. Watch as shit gets crazy when everyone is in 69 and getting fucked from behind in doggystyle. Then it's on to the wild wild west when the Russian and Czech cuties each take a turn riding these studs for dp reverse cowgirl fun. And you get to be right in the middle of it as our 4K cameras take you into the action which wraps with a bang with these beauties on their knees licking two dripping icicles dry.

Joymii - Gina Gerson - Gina's Tape

File: nn5wunajoygingernwhglb8rce.mp4
Size: 704.71 MB
Duration: 16:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Remember the times when vhs tapes were the real deal? I'm sure this now outdated technology once sparked some lovers curiosity to record some very intimate scenes of their lifes. These days, the curiosity still lives in everyone of us. Technology has changed, but being a slut hasnt. Gina simply does what she loves best. She loves to fuck!

Nubile Films - Gina Gerson - December 2020 Fantasy Of The Month

File: efro1nanufigingerwlpmugh4ik.mp4
Size: 2.07 GB
Duration: 34:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This month's fantasy of the month, Gina Gerson, has taken the time to describe her perfect scene. This sensual sweetheart wants flowers, elegance, and a touch of class. She gets it, with a long sweeping dress, a bed of rose petals to rub all over her skin, and Raul Costa in a tux to run a rose along her skin.

Just as Gina requested, Raul takes things slow. He teases her with the rose until her nipples are nice and hard, then goes in to explore Gina's body with sweet openmouthed kisses and little flicks of his tongue. When Raul has made sure to give Gina plenty of warmup action, he eventually makes his way between her thighs to deliver a languorous pussy feast to Gina's bare twat...

Turning Gina over onto her belly, Raul gives her back a long lick. A moment later, he pulls his hardon from his pants and slowly shoves it all the way inside. Gina's moan is all the permission Raul needs to keep going as he sets a slow and steady pace that gradually picks up speed. When Gina gets onto her knees, the angle of penetration changes so that Raul is hitting all Gina's best spots.

Raul takes his turn on his back as Gina rubs his hardon with her talented feet. Then she curls up with Raul spooning behind her and taking her from behind. The position makes Raul hit Gina nice and deep as she lifts one leg to let him in. It also makes it simple for Raul to reach down and rub Gina's clit to double down on her pleasure.

Rolling onto his back, Raul helps Gina climb on top of him. When Gina slides down onto his fuck stick, Raul warps his arm around her to secure her in place. That position has the added bonus of letting Raul rest his hands on Gina's rump to squeeze her softest parts as they enjoy each other's charms.

Gina climbs off Raul's hardon, then licks her own juices from her personal toy. She's nearly satisfied, but has one more round of loving left in her. Laying on her back, Gina welcomes Raul back inside as he gives her a final climax. Then he pulls out and lets Gina stroke him off so that he covers her bare twat in his love.

Girls Only Porn - Gina Gerson & Tiffany Tatum - Couldn't Resist

File: th6p3nagionpogintiflcgd4nd3hx.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 28:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tiffany Tatum and Gina Gerson put a lot of effort into keeping themselves fit. When the girls hit the gym together, it's also a treat because they each get a lovely view. It's not surprising that by the time they finish with their workouts, they are both overheated and horny as hell...

Gina makes the first move, cornering Tiffany where she's just finishing her sit ups. Leaning forward to deliver a lovely kiss, Gina cups her girlfriend's face between her hands and holds her firmly in place as she explores Tiffany's mouth. Their clothes come off in a flurry of excitement, with both girls seeking additional sizzling kisses and taking plenty of time to explore the other's body with their wandering hands and hot mouths.

Easing Gina backwards onto the workout bench, Tiffany settles between her girlfriends thighs. On her knees, she uses her hands to gently keep Gina's legs parted so that she can lean forward and have that first lovely taste of pussy juices. Hooking her arms around Gina's lower body, Tiffany eventually pushes harder and deeper to really get her lover moaning in carnal delight.

Next it's Tiffany's turn to get up on the bench and let Gina make her feel good. On her knees, she leans forward until she's properly balanced with her butt up in the air. It's the perfect position for Gina to dive deep with her fingers and tongue. As soon as she Tiffany has exploded with her climax, the girls exchange a deep kiss as they relocate to a more comfortable bench.

Curling up together with Gina on her back and Tiffany beside her, they settle in for another round of pussy pleasing fun. Tiffany reignites Gina's good time by rubbing down her girlfriend's twat. Then she climbs onto Gina's face and rocks her hips in an intimate ride.

Swapping spots, Tiffany gets on her back with Gina riding her face. Tiffany puts her well-toned muscles to great use as she brings her hips up. The new position lets Gina lean forward and create an athletic lesbian 69 as she feasts on Tiffany's twat while continuing to rock her own hips. When Gina is finally satisfied with her own orgasms and the knowledge that Tiffany has enjoyed herself equally well, she climbs off so they can enjoy one last lingering kiss in the gym.

Hands On Hardcore - Gina Gerson - Addicted To His Bbc

File: dewj7nahaonhagingeroy2gdxwhyf.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 50:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Join Gina as she's fucked passionately by her man Darrel Deeps in this XXX 4K Hands On Hardcore interracial premium porn masterpiece. The little college babe is already in a mood and fingering her gorgeous girly flower when her man arrives just in time to get in on the action. Darrell wastes no time getting involved with his babe's orgasmic intentions, lustfully licking at her shaved pussy and letting her deepthroat his big dick which always makes her dripping wet and piques her arousal. Then sliding himself inside of his lady's wet pink, he pussy fucks his girl in every position before his load explodes and he decorates her pretty face with his manjuice.

Step Siblings Caught - Gina Gerson & Tiffany Tatum - What Happened On Halloween

File: usoobnastsicagintifyfclkxkmmr.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 36:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: BFFs Tiffany Tatum and Gina Gerson are getting all dressed up for their Halloween party. Tiffany's stepbrother, Nikki Nutz, tries to walk in on them, but the girls boot him out. They take their time putting on their costumes, with Tiffany dressing as a Greek goddess and Gina dolling herself up in a burlesque outfit. The girls have just taken some pictures and are settling in to enjoy the more sensual aspect of their friendship Nikki returns wearing a scary mask. He can't believe his eyes at his hot stepsis and her friend, so he decides to record the show. When the girls notice Nikki's naughtiness, Tiffany shoves him against the wall to tell him to cut it out. That's when she notices Nikki's boner!

Tiffany is actually pretty into her stepbro's hardon, but Gina is even hotter for it. She's already feeling herself up by the time Tiffany turns around with Nikki's cock in her hand. Kneeling before Nikki, the two girls share their treat in a double blowjob. That sets the scene for the hot blooded threesome that is inevitable at this point. The trio relocates to the bed, where Gina bends over so that Tiffany can lap at the wet evidence of her desire. Wetted down nicely from her friend's tongue, Gina climbs aboard Nikki's hardon as Nikki lays on the bed and watches as his sister's hot friend begins her ride.

Once Gina has hopped off, Tiffany gets the opportunity to enjoy her stepbro, too. She begins with a reverse cowgirl ride with Gina's help to make sure that everything feels amazing. Getting on her hands and knees, Gina buries her face in Tiffany's muff to eat her girlfriend out while Nikki slams into her from behind. When Gina has had enough, Tiffany scoots forward and spreads her thighs to let Nikki give it to her. With a little help from Gina, Nikki winds up giving his stepsis a creampie that dribbles slowly from her satisfied snatch.

Brazzers Exxtra - Gina Gerson - Foot Pampering Fun

File: 98e2wnabrexginger47hqzetbh5.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 33:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gina Gerson and boyfriend Raul are watching TV together when Gina decides to multitask and pamper her feet with some lotion and nail polish. Raul is turned on by Gina's feet and starts watching them more than the show eventually jerking off to them. Gina enjoys the attention, but she makes him wait patiently until she's done. Once her feet look nice and pretty, Gina allows her boyfriend to worship them and then gives him a footjob, before fucking him.

Euro Teen Erotica - Gina Gerson - Tutor Breaks The Code Of Conduct

File: xlf8cnaeuteerginger5efah3vgm8.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 53:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Euro Teen Erotica starlet, Gina, is a conniving little cutie whose plans for an X-rated after school lesson from her tutor Vince Karter is coming along just as she'd fantasized that it would. The brunette babe seduces her teacher and he's soon lapping between her legs, pussy licking her budding pink flower just like she was longing for. See the duo breaking the code of conduct as the cutie flips herself upside down to get under his ballsack and shoves his cock deep in her throat and between her legs before cramming it between her lips one last time to suck and savor every drop from his dripping icicle.

Sweety X - Elena Vedem & Gina Gerson - Magic Stick

File: 9kquknaswxelegin5ymr2did1e.mp4
Size: 763.23 MB
Duration: 26:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two girls with itching pussies don't get bored. Elena found Gina's glass dildo and thought it was a magic wand! Gina was surprised but... She suddenly realized how magic her glass dildo could have been!

Gina decided to conjure a magic orgasm to Elena with her magic wand! The glass dildo which had absorbed hundreds and hundreds big and small, short and long orgasms in Gina's own pussy and anus could have become a real magic orgasm wand itself! Let's try!

Oh, God! It's a miracle! See Elena cumming with the magic stick in her pussy, see her moaning from pleasure with that glass wand in her anus! This is a real magic stick bringing girls magical orgasms!

Hands On Hardcore - Gina Gerson - Two Timing Nympho Up To No Good

File: jliyrnahaonhagingernawqbb8qzv.mp4
Size: 817.60 MB
Duration: 01:17
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Hands On Hardcore has got Russian nympho Gina caught on film getting up to no good in a 4K premium glamour porn event that you simply can't miss. This dirty little brunette is sneaking around her boyfriend's back, fucking his friend, Josh, and nearly being caught in the act. When the brown-eyed babe's man Luca Ferrero walks in the room to find his all-natural lady sprawled out on the bed naked, he doesn't realize that it's because she's just shoved Josh under the bed. Luca takes the opportunity to fuck his little curvy assed hottie and give her a big load of cum in her mouth, but what he doesn't know is that his petite little lady was just enjoying her pussy being licked moments earlier by his best bud. Oh well, ignorance is bliss and you get to reap the benefits by watching this honey being taken back to back.

Euro Teen Erotica - Gina Gerson & Marica Chanelle - Horny Teen Has Threesome With Mother

File: ahxirnaeuteerginmartzapx1xdk6.mp4
Size: 370.34 MB
Duration: 26:01
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Horny Russian teen Gina joins her just as horny Italian step-mother Marica Chanelle in the kitchen to meet up with Lutro the well hung repairman who has come to drain their pipes, and ends up instead draining his own in this teen premium porn video. The two beautiful blondes take one look at his man meat package stuffed in his pants and unleash his sausage to give him a blowjob together. Then into their shaves pussies goes his thick dick as he pounds them senseless. You don't want to miss the best 4K threesome moment as Lutro pounds Gina from behind, while Marica below in 69 licks his balls and Gina's pussy from below.

Sweety X - Bella Mur, Gina Gerson & Roxy Lips - Three Girls sharing Daddy’s Cock Part 2

File: 4djzqnaswxbelginroxdudwuyayky.mp4
Size: 660.70 MB
Duration: 47:08
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: So, Daddy has come! He was having a rest on the bed sliding sexy photos on the phone with his own hard dick! The very nasty pics which the three naughty girls had made for him in the part one!

Daddy wasnt let alone for a long time, the girls came in suddenly and caught him with a dick in his hand. Bella, Roxy and Gina were happy to see their Daddy home and horny and Bella was especially excited because she eventually saw the cock which she had her anus being prepared for! That was a big cock for Bellas virgin asshole!

Friends will help Bella accept the big thing in her anus! they laid her down properly and helped to relax. See the beautiful girl taking it all in her back door and enjoying!

Sweety X - Bella Mur, Gina Gerson & Roxy Lips - Daddy's cock

File: pl5fcnaswxbelginroxusn9tbkbxp.mp4
Size: 744.13 MB
Duration: 20:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bella was spending time with her friends when a SMS from her sugar daddy came. The text surprised her as she didn't know what it actually meant and what she was supposed to do. Prepare your anus, I am coming, SMS was saying.

The discouraged girl shared the SMS text with her friends who actually were much more slutty and experienced in what men wanted from young innocent college girls. Gina and Roxy volunteered to help Bella with the task of preparing her anus for.. for her Daddy...

Sweety X - Gina Gerson, Keoki Star & Yukki Amey - Pizza Dick Delivery

File: jc6pmnaswxginkeoyuk6gtqk919ln.mp4
Size: 438.21 MB
Duration: 38:28
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Three hot girls were boring and couldn't decide what to do. Yukki Amey wanted a pizza, Gina Gerson wanted a real dick, Keoki Star wanted both and she knew what to do, she called for a pizza delivery! Once the delivery guy came, three hungry half-naked girls just attacked him and dragged into the bedroom.