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Gianna Dior

Jules Jordan - Athena Faris & Gianna Dior - BFFs Gianna And Athena Share A Double Dose Of Huge Cock

File: tttaanajujoathgiarstk1plbka.mp4
Size: 1.87 GB
Duration: 30:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Athena Feris and Gianna Dior take on the task of satisfying Manuel Ferrara in this outdoor threesome directed by Jules Jordan. Athena and Gianna are donning teensy plaid skirts. They parade around the patio without any panties but wearing smiles. They plop onto an outdoor chaise lounge and begin kissing one another. After warming up, the pair are lying with their delightful asses facing upward. Manuel enters and proclaims the bubbly cheeks birthday and xmas presents...

He takes the pleasurable view in and hurriedly plants his face between their beefy butts. Manuel admires all the different shades of buttholes and gives them looong brushes with his tongue. They form a string of sexy, as Athena's face is planted between Gianna's wondrous ass and Manuel has his face between Athena's mounds. Hankering for a little flesh baguette, the gorgeous couple go fifty-fifty sucking Ferrara's cock. The bodacious Gianna climbs aboard his rod in cowgirl while Athena dutifully licks butt and balls. Manuel rushes Athena's shaved twat from the side. While stroking he works his head between Gianna's legs so he can taste her hairy pussy. Miss Ferris positions to reverse cowgirl, arching and sliding up and down Ferrara's meat. All the while stunning Dior is smothering Manuel's face with her magnificent wares. His tongue's all the way inside me, claims Dior. At this point we take in and appreciate the fortunate moment in time for Manuel... Gianna moves into doggie and Manuel spanks her ass. Miss Dior should get some credit here as her cheeks relax and they ripple on every stroke. A doggie delight if ever there was one. The divine duet fall to their knees, Manuel lays rails of cum onto their tongues then they kiss forming a stringy thread between smiles

Step Siblings Caught - Eliza Ibarra & Gianna Dior - I Didnt Mean To Fuck My Step Sister On Cinco De Mayo

File: im1hdnastsicaeligiamjxccmpagq.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 30:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra and her BFF Gianna Dior are getting ready to go to a Cinco de Mayo party. They visit Eliza's stepbrother, Van Wylde, to tell him their plan since he is in charge while their parents are out. Van tells the girls that they can go to the party, but only if they first agree to watch a show about Cinco de Mayo since the holiday is about more than getting drunk and eating tacos. Gianna has no time for learning, so she makes a deal with Van If she and Eliza can get Van's dick hard, then they can just head out without watching anything educational.

Van agrees to Gianna's terms. The girls strip Van out of his clothes and put a sombrero on his cock so he can't try to hide it if he gets hard. The girls go to work, peeling off their shirts and then making out in front of Van. Sure enough, when Gianna whips the sombrero off Van's willie, he's hard as a rock. Eliza is a little bit hesitant to escalate things further, but Gianna wants that nice cock. She leans in and starts licking, which ultimately encourages Eliza to join her. Soon they're delivering a double BJ.

Gianna still wants more, so Eliza helps her friend onto her stepbrother's stiffie. Eventually, Eliza gets a turn of her own to ride Van's fuck stick while Gianna watches and masturbates with a maraca. When it's Gianna's turn to enjoy another pussy pounding, she lays on her back while Van gives it to her and Eliza rides her mouth. Gianna gets her own pussy licked when Eliza gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding that leaves her mouth at the perfect licking level. They keep it up until Van reaches his finish line and pulls out to bust a nut all over his stepsister's lovely ass.

Tonight's Girlfriend - Gianna Dior - Hot Brunette Gianna Dior Gets Fucked Hard Like A Porn Star

File: 3sjlcnatogigiadiouten3j5pen.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 46:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I love how kinky Gianna Dior gets in her movies. Luckily she gets just as kinky in real life. So when she agrees to meet up with me I'm nothing short of excited to know I'm going to get to fuck Gianna how I've always wanted to just like a wild, naughty porn star.

Blockbuster - Gianna Dior - She Came Back: Scene 3

File: g3kkunablogiadiogsk8gvkwga.mp4
Size: 867.18 MB
Duration: 45:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Halle Hayes and Rick Small Hands look like a perfectly dull married couple, but someone from Kate's past is about to change everything. One day, Jen Aila Donovan shows up at Kate's door... several years after being in a relationship with Kate and disappearing without a trace one night. Kate is torn between her loyalty to Rick and her unresolved feelings for the mysterious Jen, eventually choosing to have sex with her. Her world now turned upside-down, Kate has to find out what Jen is doing back in her life, while hiding her guilt from her husband who's far from an innocent victim in all this. Is Jen a friend or does she have something more devious in mind for the couple?

Adam And Eve - Gianna Dior - Heavenly Radio

File: 65bnqnaadanevgiadiotd2fwnxn2q.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 23:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Misty Stone plays a sensuous free spirit facing a choice between heaven and hell when she discovers that she is dead. After a life of sexual exploits, she is given a second chance to atone for her past by dispensing helpful advice on a radio podcast to sexually frustrated listeners. Just when she reaches the height of popularity the final verdict arrives sooner than expected. Will it be thumbs up, or thumbs down?

Elegant Angel - Gianna Dior & Paige Owens - Its a Sister Thing 5

File: 21dnjnaelangiapaibqakjosxs2.mp4
Size: 330.21 MB
Duration: 28:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elegant Angel presents It's A Sister Thing Vol. 5 over 2 hours of steamy step sister fun! Sisters go wild in this incredible lesbian experience! For all you taboo lovers out there this is your ultimate fantasy! An Unbelievable All Star Cast including Eliza Ibarra and Vanna Bardot! Featuring all brand new scenes in our new twist on the best selling It's a Mommy Daddy Family thing series. It's a Sister Thing is a sexually sophisticated depiction of taboo fantasy role playing at its best! Starring an All-Star multi award winning cast Eliza Ibarra, Vanna Bardot, Daisy Stone, Adira Allure, Kendra Spade, Serena Blair, Paige Owens and Gianna Dior! Enjoy!

I Have A Wife - Gianna Dior - Gianna Dior Gets Worked Out And Stretched Hard By Her Married Trainer

File: jkb6zna2chsatigiadiouqhix5uybq.mp4
Size: 3.37 GB
Duration: 39:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior hates going to the gym, there is no privacy there, but at home that is another story. Her new personal trainer will make her workout and stretch like no other trainer has done before. Gianna needs her pussy stretched and doesn't give a damn about Ryan being married. With a body like hers, everyone givers in and falls in line!

Rk Prime - Gianna Dior - Drip In The Dark

File: 6cuzvnarkprgiadiotzxpo3vqmb.mp4
Size: 660.53 MB
Duration: 27:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior is dripping with desire in a tight, mesh, open-front bodysuit glittering with rhinestones. Gianna touches and teases her nipples and strokes her perfect tits for you as she walks to meet Ricky Johnson in the bedroom for a hardcore humping. Ricky gags Gianna with his massive cock, letting her get it nice and wet before he slips it into her tight pussy. Ricky holds her head from behind as he jackhammers her and Gianna can barely control herself, moaning and gasping for more. Gianna throws her head back in total bliss as she takes the thick cock all the way inside of her, letting Ricky ride her raw until he blows his creamy load all over her smiling face.

Girls Only Porn - Gianna Dior, Lexi Luna & Lilly Bell - What She Deserves

File: fwao1nagionpogialexlilg5e7cwcul3.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 21:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Wedding planner Lexi Luna is having business as usual as she gets ready to start working on Lilly Bell's wedding. She is in the kitchen preparing for their meeting and looking more than fine enough to fuck when Lilly shows up with her maid of honor, Gianna Dior. Gianna and Lilly have been friends for a long time, so it's only natural that Gianna is helping Lilly plan her wedding...

The trio sits down in the living room, where Lexi tries to get things moving. She can't hide her disappointment, however, that Lilly's fiance isn't there with them and that Gianna had to come in his place. She keeps derailing the conversation until Lexi has to step away to answer a phone call. While the wedding planner is gone is gone, Gianna confesses to Lilly that she misses her friend's old self. That alone would be enough to upset Lilly, but when Lexi returns and once again brings up the absence of Lilly's fiance, Lilly snaps.

Lilly's sadness is too much for Gianna to ignore. Reach over to comfort her bestie, Gianna begins petting Lilly in a way that quickly gets sexual. Lexi watches the two girls as they share a kiss and some heavy petting, but when Lilly and Gianna make it clear that she's welcome to get in on the action Lexi isn't about to say no to a three-way with her hot clients. She joins in, licking at Lilly's breasts and making sure that her blonde client is in the proper place to reacquaint herself with her wild side.

It's not long before the trio is naked with Gianna and Lilly trapped in a 69. Lexi gets involved, too, lapping away at Lilly's anus as Gianna eats out Lilly's twat. Meanwhile, Lilly is reminded how much she has missed the pussy by shacking up with a guy. She enjoys Gianna's dripping snatch with obvious pleasure.

The girls switch things up, with Lexi on her back and Lilly riding her mouth. Meanwhile, Gianna arranges herself so that she's twat to twat with Lexi. All Lexi and Gianna have to do is rock their hips for some horny lesbian tribbing.

From there, it's a simple thing for this lesbian thressome to break out some toys. The girls once again arrange Lilly in the middle, with one of her hands on each of her lover's twats and Lexi pressing a vibrator to Lilly's puss. The girls keep up their playtime with the toy until each of them has finally reached their finish line, with all of their orgasms reminding Lilly that there's more to life than her fiance.

TeamSkeet Extras - Gianna Dior - Get That Delicious Footage

File: dveohnateexgiadiopwjislcqou.mp4
Size: 2.42 GB
Duration: 56:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Surprise! A special holiday gift from us to you! Enjoy this free premium scene Raven haired beauty Gianna Dior thinks she is alone, so she is lounging around and watch TV in the nude. But when her stepbrother stumbles upon the naked goddess, he breaks out his phone to film. Gianna is pissed, but the only way that footage is getting deleted is if she sucks her pervy stepbros dick. Later, Gianna needs a little help with her schoolwork. To incentivize her horny stepbro, she slides her pussy onto his thick cock. A couple days later, Gianna wants to show her friends what her stepbros big dick looks like. She whips it out and has him film as he pounds her hungry muff. Yum!

Nubile Films - Evelyn Claire & Gianna Dior - When Your Ex Wants Sex

File: bjaexnanufievegiamaa3abhjep.mp4
Size: 2.27 GB
Duration: 42:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Once upon a time, Damon Dice dated Evelyn Claire. Their relationship fizzled, after which Damon met and married his wife, Gianna Dior. Gianna and Damon are happy together, but lately Evelyn has been missing Damon. She's been messaging Damon, which is creating quite a situation for him. He tries to hide his messages from Gianna, but Gianna knows something is up. Eventually, Damon tells Evelyn that she has to leave him alone.

Too bad that Evelyn isn't nearly done with Damon. She waits for the opportunity to strike, which comes quickly. Evelyn works with Gianna, and she manages to finagle an invite to New Year's Eve with Damon. When Evelyn shows up, Damon tries to pretend that he doesn't know her. He's not prepared for Evelyn to be aggressive to the point of blatantly throwing herself at him.

Cornering Damon behind the breakfast bar, Evelyn gets on her knees and pops his dick out to start sucking. At first, she manages to stay hidden from Gianna since she's hidden behind the counter. Evelyn has plenty of excuses for why she keeps disappearing from sight. When Gianna does catch on, though, Evelyn blows Damon's mind by seducing his wife with a deep kiss and a fuck me smile.

It turns out that New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity for Damon and Gianna to spice things up, courtesy of Damon's ex. Evelyn helps Gianna onto the counter, where she lifts Gianna's dress and cups the heat of her muff through her thong. Leaning in, she starts lapping away at Gianna's creamy center. That kind of a show is the hottest kind of foreplay, which leads the trio to the couch to really get intimate.

It's not long before Evelyn finds herself firmly in the middle of a married couple. Her hand and mouth work Damon's dick, while Gianna samples the sweetness of her pussy. Climbing across Evelyn's body, Gianna does some sucking of her own on Damon's hardon. With that level of foreplay, the trio rearranges themselves so that Gianna can slide down on her hubby's fuck stick and ride him even as she leans forward to lap at Evelyn's dripping snatch.

Evelyn gets to renew her own intimate acquaintance with Damon at long last as he leans her over the arm of the couch and settles between her thighs. Gianna obviously gives her blessing as she kisses Evelyn and fondles her breasts. Evelyn gets to continue to enjoy Damon's big one as he lies down on the couch so that Evelyn can ride his fuck stick while Gianna rides his mouth, the position allowing the girls to continue making out.

On her back, Gianna spoons with Damon as he reenters her tight glove. Evelyn is right there, helping to double down on both of her lovers' pleasure in any way she can. As the new year approaches, Damon pulls out to blow his load all over Gianna's tight body. There's more than enough of his musky love for Gianna to lap at and then share with Evelyn in a final deep kiss.

When Girls Play - Gianna Dior & Kayley Gunner - Think In Black And White

File: 5yrl2nawhgiplgiakayb6rwlfhexp.mp4
Size: 634.09 MB
Duration: 24:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior and Kayley Gunner are twinning in sexy black and white outfits, and they couldn't look hotter. Gianna wears skin-tight shorts and a crop top with some perky underboob action, while Kayley rocks a skimpy bodysuit and skirt. They take out each other's incredible tits, curious to see what the other is packing. Then they lick each other's pussies until they're both cumming so hard that they can see in color.

Spizoo - Gianna Dior - Rough And Sensual Fucking

File: ollytnaspigiadio3nukx8hstf.mp4
Size: 2.34 GB
Duration: 43:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Glamorous slut Gianna Dior is always horny every time she chills with her man. The stunning brunette can't help but feel naughty and wild when she sees her man's fit body. The couple always ends up fucking each other hard every time they are together. It doesn't take long before the two are completely naked. The lucky guy showers Gianna's enticing body with kisses before licking her wet cunt. He then chokes and slaps the beautiful slut while she deepthroats his cock. The rough fucking gets harder as the hot stud fucks Gianna without mercy. He pounds his cock into her tight pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. Gianna can't help but smile in pleasure as her man shoots his cum all over her bushy pussy.

Bang Originals - Gianna Dior - Gianna Dior Gets Lubed Up And Pounded Out

File: ek1zfnabaorgiadionbkbapjlqq.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 32:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior gets wet and wild and down and dirty! We have an extra special scene hat is guaranteed to get you going. Gianna puts on a slinky lingerie set and lubes up her whole body in preparation to ride that oily cock! She twerks on the dick and allows her extra tight pussy to get pounded out deep in this juicy thriller!

Brazzers Exxtra - Gianna Dior - Sonic Vibrations

File: iwrsynabrexgiadiok7jmoktpgc.mp4
Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 47:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior is a gorgeous brunette with perfect tits and a petite frame. She likes to take good care of herself, from brushing her teeth to brushing her pussy... wait a second. Is she using her electric toothbrush to get herself off? Damn, she is naughty! Turns out her mom's new boyfriend is Kieran Lee, and whoops! Her door is left open while she's busy fucking herself and moaning. Kieran can't help but intrude. Even though he says it's not a good idea, Gianna knows he loves those college girls and has him in her bed in no time. Kieran sticks his giant cock in Gianna's tight pussy and fucks her hard. Gianna rides his big dick and takes it deep. Giana wants Kieran's huge load all over her face. And he gives her what she wants. Looks like it's clean up time again!

Sweetheart Video - Gianna Dior & Elexis Monroe - Women Loving Girls

File: izuq7naswvigiaeleha5fy3tevv.mp4
Size: 368.94 MB
Duration: 31:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sweetheart Video presents Women Loving Girls. Watch these older women teach these girls a thing or two about passionate lesbian sex! From a massage table, to the backseat of a car, there is no place that will stop these ladies from getting what they want. Don't miss out on this hot release.

Rk Prime - Gianna Dior - Gianna's Sexy Vengeance

File: grksnnarkprgiadio31lcztnkzs.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 36:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Who wouldn't want to have hottie Gianna Dior as a girlfriend? She's cool, smart and, moreover, has an unforgettable body. Gianna knows how to please her boyfriend. She shoots a special video for him, the kind of vid that would make any guy instantly hard. In it, Gianna shows off her boobs and her butt. She fingers her wet pussy, telling her man how much she misses him. But wait, there's a catch. The naughty girlfriend caught her man cheating? Suddenly, the sexy clip becomes even more twisted. Gianna lets Ricky Johnson bang her, so she can truly take her revenge on her unfaithful partner. It's hard to say if the said husband will get mad after watching the video, or if he'll just be amazed by Gianna's prowess, even if she fucks with another guy.

Viv Thomas - Gianna Dior & Whitney Wright - Practice Makes Perfect

File: mallgnavithgiawhijl6hbs7nkj.mp4
Size: 1.69 GB
Duration: 30:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy cheerleader Gianna Dior is twirling her batons in the garden, as Casey Calvert and Eli Crosss hot lesbian movie Practice Makes Perfect begins. Shes joined by reluctant student Whitney Wright her ex-girlfriend who needs some extra coaching. Bickering, they go indoors, where Whitney apologizes for cheating then reminds Gianna that while her baton-twirling may suck, she excels at kissing. Hispanic beauty Gianna cant help responding as Whitney caresses her gorgeous breasts and sucks her nipples avidly...

She undresses Whitney rapidly, squeezing her curvy ass cheeks, then bends over so her horny ex can get her naked. Whitney is eager to eat Giannas pussy, rubbing and licking her clit voraciously to drive her wild. All smiles now, Gianna lavishes attention on Whitneys soaked pussy, making her tremble and squeal with pleasure. She kneels for Whitney to lick her tight asshole as she fingers her pussy then lies back so Whitney can sit on her pretty face. Hitting peak after peak of bliss, they grind together in scissors until they both enjoy powerful orgasms, their differences forgotten for now.

Mommy's Girl - Gianna Dior, Katie Morgan & Hazel Grace - Just Can't Keep Them Apart!

File: 17h9hnamogigiakathazcnoentf5rx.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior greets Hazel Grace, a friend who has arrived to stay over for the night. They're both 19 and haven't seen each other for a while. Gianna's step-mom Katie Morgan joins them to greet Hazel as well and it becomes immediately obvious that Katie and Hazel have the hots for each other. Gianna becomes stressed, breaking them up by leading Hazel away to drop off her stuff.

Later that night, Gianna and Hazel are watching movies together. Katie joins them. But when Katie starts to move to sit in the middle of the couch to be closer to Hazel, Gianna sees this and panics, quickly scrambling to the middle of the couch, almost getting sat on. Katie and Hazel are both surprised and Gianna beams seated squarely between Katie and Hazel. Katie reluctantly sits on the end. Gianna looks pleased with herself while Katie and Hazel look dejected.

Later, Gianna and Hazel get ready for bed. Katie visits to give a goodnight kiss to Gianna and Hazel asks for one, too. Gianna interrupts them and shoos Katie away.

A short time later, Gianna is still laying in bed with her eyes open. She glances over and sees that Hazel has her eyes closed.

'Oh my god, FINALLY! Now I don't have to worry about keeping an eye on her,' Gianna whispers to herself.

Gianna hurries quietly out of the bedroom.

Gianna freshens up in the bathroom, but when she arrives back at the room, she catches Katie and Hazel enthusiastically fucking. Gianna is exasperated. There are a confrontation and Gianna accidentally let's slip that she doesn't want Katie and Hazel to be involved...because SHE wants Katie!

Now that they know the truth, Katie and Hazel don't delay, bringing Gianna into the fold for a steamy threesome!

Bellesa Films - Gianna Dior & Joanna Angel - Pair of Wild Cards

File: qchd1nabefigiajoa44rfzabzhq.mp4
Size: 927.34 MB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Gianna made her wish of working with the one and only Joanna Angel, Joanna was just as excited to make it come true. Partly because she loves women too and so rarely gets to work with them, but also because this little crush is definitely mutual. With this being the first time working together, neither Gianna nor Joanna is sure what to expect, but both are more than happy to figure it out on the fly. And figure it out they do, over and over and over again.

Web Young - Gianna Dior & Hazel Grace - Bore Your Daughter At Work Day

File: 37ha8naweyogiahazkrl57ivuhy.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Grace and Gianna Dior, two teens, are bored out of their minds as they meet for the first time in an empty conference room. It's Bring Your Daughter To Work Day and they're both finally getting a break while their parents are stuck in yet another meeting...

Although they're both feeling a bit grumpy from being dragged around all day, they're quick to bond over their shared boredom. In fact, as they begin casting each other flirty looks across the table, they can think of some fun ways to spice the day up. Sure, it's nearly time to clock out, but that doesn't mean they can't go out with a bang.

They start by pulling their chairs close and sharing some steamy kisses, feeling bold and frisky. As the heat builds, Hazel's mischievous nature takes over as she slides beneath the table and begins eating Gianna's pussy out. Now all bets are off as they please each other to no end. Maybe it wasn't such a boring day after all!

Deeper - Scarlit Scandal & Gianna Dior - Muse episode 2

File: evugvnadeescagiazjhsqcqvfo.mp4
Size: 2.78 GB
Duration: 01:08:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlit is torn between her obligations as a daughter and desire to follow her own path. When she decides to lean into the conflict she finds at the center, an idea strikes. Gianna and Rob help execute it. Lena grapples with the demands of her son. Adriana is inspired by a cord of rope found in Seths bedroom. Maitland examines the emotional payoff of libertinism.

Kinky Bites - Gianna Dior & Whitney Wright - Kinky Roommates: Whitney Wright And Gianna Dior

File: grtronakibigiawhioorth8vb1y.mp4
Size: 298.77 MB
Duration: 36:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Gianna Dior leaves a note for her hottie roommate, Whitney Wright, in which she confesses her desire to dominate her sexually. Whitney does not hesitate to take Gianna up on her advance. She strips down naked, puts on a collar, and patiently waits for her beautiful roommate to arrive. Sitting on their living room couch, Whitney begins her servitude to Gianna by taking off her boots and worshiping her feet. She slowly makes her way up Gianna's legs to her pussy, as a continuance of honoring her domme's body. After some pussy licking, Whitney licks Gianna's asshole while Gianna comes with the vibrator. Gianna then starts to spank Whitney, while teasing her with a feather before she sits on her face for more pleasure. Whitney is rewarded by getting restrained and fucked with a glass dildo and comes at the hands of her sexy mistress. The session closes off with Gianna teasing Whitney with the vibrator, taking it away and putting it on her own clit, right as Whitney is about to come. Gianna is a generous mistress and lets her new submissive come for being such a good girl.

Evil Angel - Gianna Dior - Gianna Dior: Blowjob With Eye Contact

File: ltq5inaevangiadiovcmi6a4ze2.mp4
Size: 692.32 MB
Duration: 24:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Director Jonni Darkko's tease segment captures the many splendors of Italian-American stunner Gianna Dior -- the long, dark hair the trim, tanned body set off by lacy white lingerie the lithe legs and pert, natural tits with scrumptious nipples. She talks dirty, her dark, dramatic eyes looking into the camera. In POV-style footage, Gianna gives Jonni a blowjob, gasping and stroking his boner through streams of spit. She chokes, moans and cock-slaps her own slobber-soaked face, and she worships balls. Gianna's extended tongue tickles his scrotum as Jonni fucks her face. She achieves full deepthroat fellatio, her lips reaching his nut sac. When Jonni grips her by the hair, she rubs surplus slobber into her breasts. Worshiping Jonni's prick, Gianna makes gorgeous eye contact with the camera. She jerks his meat in a two-hand job, and she sucks individual testicles into her mouth. 'Empty your balls for me all over my face,' says kneeling Gianna, and Jonni pumps thick cum all over her nose and tongue. Her sexy mouth forms a big, semen-soaked smile, and she plays with her spunk moustache. A cum shot instant replay shows a sperm strand connecting Gianna's perfect teeth to her lush lips.

Cougar Queen - Whitney Wright, Gianna Dior, Reagan Foxx & Kira Noir - Cougar Queen: A Tiger King Parody Episode 3 Desperation And Decline

File: 8s2gznacoquwhigiareakirqwukrwx6lb.mp4
Size: 801.70 MB
Duration: 01:10:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Strap yourselves in for the explosive final chapter of the blockbuster Tiger King parody as the rivalry that has consumed Jill Erotic Serene Siren, Cheryl Badsin Cherie DeVille, and Bigavag 'Dot' Scandal Reagan Foxx finally comes to a head.

With her career in decline and her obsession with Cheryl spinning out of control, Jill is pushed to her limits, crossing a line that lands her in deeper trouble than she's ever been before. As the dust settles on the aftermath of her desperate act, the documentary crew catches up with all the major players of this strange and sexy saga.

First, they chat with Jane Fine-Lay Whitney Wright and Dylan Pussage Gianna Dior to find out how they're making out literally without Jill. Next, the crew sits down with industry 'expert' Cynthia Cornhole Kira Noir, who shares her take on the whole messy affair...but that's not the ONLY thing she shares. And finally, Dot gets her long-awaited moment in the spotlight, capping things off with a mind-blowing confession that no one will see coming.

So tune in to find out who prevails in the epic battle between three all-powerful cougars who saw the whole WORLD as their prey...

Sex Art - Gianna Dior - Innocent Seduction

File: 7s5zznaseargiadionkyyeucdpl.mp4
Size: 611.82 MB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Gianna Dior puts on a figure-hugging dress for her date with Michael Vegas, as James Avalons erotic film Innocent Seduction begins. The Latina beauty lures her unsuspecting boyfriend into her bedroom, going face down ass up on the carpet as she pretends to search for her missing contacts. He finds her dildo under the pillows instead and punishes her for tricking him by spanking her sexy ass, teasing her with the toy, then fingering and licking her to multiple orgasms. Freeing Michaels stiff cock from his pants, Gianna takes it in her mouth and sucks it avidly, deepthroating him to the root. Michael tosses her onto the bed and thrusts into her in missionary and then doggy, fucking her vigorously to make her climax over and over. He lies back and she sucks his cock and balls some more before straddling him in reverse cowgirl, her gorgeous breasts jiggling and her squeals of pleasure growing louder as she rides energetically. They switch to cowgirl, then sixty-nine, then back to missionary, with Gianna a quivering blissed-out mess and Michael glistening with sweat by the time her shoots his cum over her outstretched tongue. Hide