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Gia Derza

Web Young - Gia Derza & Savannah Sixx - The Skater Girl

File: uuzyznaweyogiasavlqgjwau2tb.mp4
Size: 275.56 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's after school at the skatepark. A skater boy does tricks while his girlfriend, Sarah Savannah Sixx, sits off in the shade, looking hot and sipping her soda. Sarah does this every day ... wait around while her boyfriend skates and hangs out with his buddies. She is clearly very bored.

Decked out in her cute little wannabe skater chick outfit, her body glistening with sweat, all Sarah wants is some attention ... and to get out of this concrete furnace! Three other skater kids arrive at the park and go say hi to her boyfriend. Sarah rolls her eyes. Great, she thinks, now we'll be here forever! One of them is a girl that she does not recognize. The girl, Jenny Gia Derza, notices Sarah off to the side. She gives Sarah a long look before breaking from the pack and skating over and introducing herself.

Sarah also introduces herself and asks the girl if they go to the same school. 'Nah, I dropped out six months ago ... the day after I turned 18,' Jenny laughs. 'I wish I could have done that for my 18th birthday,' Sarah laughs back. 'But my parents would kill me!' The girls eye each other. 'Why are you over here all by yourself?' she asks. Sarah looks up at the hot girl staring at her and feels nervous. Something about her is intimidating.

'Um .. I'm just waiting for Tyler,' she says. Jenny looks back at the boyfriend, laughing and goofing off. He doesn't even notice they are talking. 'My place has a pool,' she says. 'Want to come over?'

Sarah wipes her brow and looks up at the girl. She is so cool ... so much cooler than her stupid boyfriend. 'Sure,' she says, feeling rebellious. Jenny helps her up and they leave the park together.

When they get to Jenny's house, Sarah is impressed by how upscale the house looks. 'Wow,' she says, 'this is really nice!' Jenny makes some excuse about her dad being loaded but never around and starts to nonchalantly take off her clothes. This makes Sarah very nervous. 'Um ... I don't have a bathing suit. Do you have an extra?' she mumbles. Jenny laughs, telling her that she never wears one! Why bother when it's so hot out?

She walks over and starts to help Sarah get undressed. Not wanting to seem like a prude, Sarah goes along with it and lets the cool girl help her take her clothes off. Jenny takes her by the hand and they get in the water.

As the girls laugh and goof off in the pool, Jenny's sense of humor and laid back attitude help Sarah to loosen up. They get closer and closer together, the sexual tension building.

Jenny's gaze becomes more fixated on Sarah. Sarah can feel it and she can barely contain her nervousness. 'I wonder if Tyler realizes I'm gone,' she mutters. Jenny leans in close. 'You should really forget about your boyfriend,' she whispers, putting her hand on Sarah's collarbone. The women look at each other, their mouths inches apart.

'You think so...?' Sarah whispers. Jenny nods, bringing her hands up to cup Sarah's face. They kiss for a moment before running up to Jenny's bedroom, eager to enjoy each other's tight bodies.

Mano Job - Gia Derza - I Love Cheating Part 1

File: gi2iznamajogiadercyslgxybld.mp4
Size: 164.03 MB
Duration: 20:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is a cheater, and she loves it. Just listen to her story. As she's sitting at the apartment of another rando random hook-up, you'll hear it all from the moment she first became a cheater, to some of her cheating stories, to the reasons why Gia thinks she loves it so. Which is about the time her boyfriend calls. Sure, she'll answer his call...and then lie her ass off. Just listen to the lies! But what do you care? You're getting jerked off! And you know there will be more the next time Gia swings by. So sit back and listen to this crazy bitch ramble, cause in a few minutes you'll turn her into a cum dumpster! And Gia -- bless her heart -- will enjoy every minute!

Pure Taboo - Gia Derza - The Real Me

File: sn9wenaputagiader9v4znbvzy6.mp4
Size: 349.14 MB
Duration: 50:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Teen Meets Online Crush For First Time And He Isn't Who He Claimed To Be

SCENE OPENS on Kelly Gia Derza. She is in her kitchen when she hears the 'ding' of a message being received on her laptop. She looks at the screen curiously. Someone named Brent, who found her through a dating site, has messaged her. Despite some initial skepticism, she feels an early, shared connection with him when he mentions that, just like her, he's 18 and his father died when he was young. She smiles to herself, excited about the new guy in her life.


Over the next few weeks, Kelly and Brent bond. Soon, Kelly is falling hard for her online crush and Brent seemingly reciprocates her feelings.

A few days later, Kelly, nervously debates whether or not to take nude photos for Brent. Deciding that she trusts him, she takes the photos and sends them to him.

A week later, Kelly nervously gets ready to meet Brent for the first time. She chats with her friend Janice on the phone and talk turns to one of their teachers, a creepy man named Mr. Hughes who seems to have a weird attitude about sex.

Later that night, Kelly arrives at Brent's house to meet him. Kelly goes into the house tentatively. Brent? She calls softly. A male voice says 'Hi, Kelly.' Kelly turns toward the voice and her eyes widen in shock. Standing there is an older, meek-looking man Dick Chibbles.

'Brent' is not who he seems, and when Kelly finds out what he has planned for her, she'll NEVER be the same...

Babes - Gia Derza & Molly Stewart - Whatever She Wants

File: jgsitnababgiamolnt6qxtcvi2.mp4
Size: 220.22 MB
Duration: 26:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Gia Derza is doing an internship with intimidating Molly Stewart she cant stand her boss, but Molly notoriously gets anything she wants! Red-headed Molly spends her days working and bossing young Gia around. Gia doesnt know it yet, but Molly is secretly getting off on having Gia fulfill her every demand. One night, Molly makes Gia stay late and accidentally drops her pen. As Gia is bent over to find the pen, Molly feasts her eyes on Gias gorgeous, round ass! The time has come, and Molly finally decides to reward Gia for all her hard work, before long, Gia is shouting out in ecstasy and Molly is once again getting exactly what she wants!

Girls Try Anal - Lena Paul, Jane Wilde & Gia Derza - Bully's Just Desserts

File: hb3jxnagitranlenjangiauuyaxs33hl.mp4
Size: 436.84 MB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde and Gia Derza are catching up like old times, reminiscing about how nerdy and horny they were when they were in high school. Not much has changed, though, since they're still nerdy and horny in college, too, although Jane hasn't gotten any in awhile... Since Gia doesn't want to see her friend hurting for some, she browses a lesbian dating app for a chick to lick.

Gia is stunned as she finds a profile for Lena Paul, a girl who used to bully them in high school for being nerdy lesbians. Jane is quick to make a fake profile to catfish Lena, inviting her over. It's time for Jane and Gia to finally get their revenge! Of course, since they are nerds, the revenge they have planned is relatively tame... except that Jane wants to end it by double-teaming Lena with strap-ons!

When Lena shows up for the hookup, Jane and Gia confront her. Lena is instantly remorseful for how she treated them in the past. She was young, closeted, and confused... She's sorry for being so mean to them. She seems sincere enough, though Jane and Gia are still a bit upset. However, when Lena bemoans that it looks like she's not getting laid tonight after all, Jane grins and breaks out the strap-ons.

Although Lena's confused by the change of plans, she's happy to make it up to Jane and Gia however she can. As Jane and Gia don the strap-ons and fill her holes, it seems like the past is forgiven!

Watching My Mom Go Black - Bridgette B & Gia Derza - Gia Is Caught Sneaking Her New Boyfriend

File: qtm4mnawamymogoblbrigiammsuaduhcj.mp4
Size: 417.13 MB
Duration: 37:03
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Gia is caught sneaking her new boyfriend into the house once again! This time Step-Mom Bridgette catches her. And she had a much different approach than Gias dad did when he tried to break into her bedroom while Gia and Rob were having sex. Bridgette invited Gias new boyfriend D to stay for dinner so they could all get to know one another a little better. Turns out Lil D is much sneakier than Gias last boyfriend Rob, and finds a way to bring mom and Step daughter back together. After
some back and forth mom-daughter pussy eating under the table, D gets caught by Gia and the three of them ultimately decide that sharing is caring, and what could be more caring than a loving mother-daughter-boyfriend sex triangle?! We certainly approve of her hands-on parenting!

Girls Way - Kendra James, Eliza Ibarra & Gia Derza - No Boys Over, Ok

File: ijykrnagiwakeneligias67rzfcyce.mp4
Size: 321.02 MB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra James is ready for her first date after a divorce, relying on her babysitter, Eliza Ibarra, to keep the household running smoothly while she's gone. Kendra's nervous about the date but Eliza is sweet, assuring her that everything will be taken care of at home so that Kendra can enjoy her night on the town. Kendra relaxes a little, then reminds Eliza NOT to invite any boys over while she's gone.

After Kendra leaves, Eliza mischievously calls her girlfriend, Gia Derza, into the house. The girlfriends instantly head to Kendra's bedroom for a bit of fun, with Gia happily diving tongue-first into Eliza's pussy. But their fun is short-lived when Kendra arrives home early, causing Eliza to have to hide Gia under the covers with her, although Gia's feet stick out.

As Kendra laments about her bad date, Eliza tries to play it cool, although nothing gets by Kendra. When she throws the blanket off and discovers Gia, Kendra is a bit jealous that SHE'S not getting any use out of her bed tonight. Gia excitedly grabs Kendra's hands and tugs her to the bed, insisting that Kendra joins them! Kendra, overcome with need and curiosity, gives in and strips down.

Kendra's bad date is completely forgotten about as the threesome quickly heats up. Kendra can't get enough of Eliza and Gia's pussies and they're eager to taste hers as well. Although she wants to be mad at Eliza, she's playfully reminded that she only specified that no BOYS were allowed over!

Moms in Control - Aubrey Black & Gia Derza - A Good Mentor

File: zezy1namoincoaubgiauqsidtfl3h.mp4
Size: 389.75 MB
Duration: 38:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aubrey Black has taught everything to her young proteg Gia Derza, or so she thought. Gia, however, still isn't comfortable and confident enough to use her sexuality as a weapon, and so Aubrey decides to give her one final lesson, calling in Ricky Spanish and teaching young Gia exactly how to use that pussy!

Sweet Sinner - Gia Derza - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: 3uolwnaswsigiaderrxr86cmtqp.mp4
Size: 208.93 MB
Duration: 25:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza Mark Wood Gia becomes incensed when her sister brags that she fucked their foster father, Mark. She always thought she was his favorite ever since he kissed her a few years ago. She surprises her foster father in bed to confront him about his deception. He claims his other foster daughter was lying, that if he was going to fuck one of his them, it would be Gia. She needs proof of his devotion, proof that can only come in the form of Mark's cock, which is exactly what she gets. She climbs atop his lap and starts bouncing her impossibly round ass against his dick until it can't get any harder. She then slips it past her dripping pussy lips. While she initiated the encounter, her father takes control. He shows Gig why she is his most fuckable foster daughter because she's built to take every inch of his massive cock. She turns over and bounces her thick ass against him. In doing so she proves how much better she fucks him than his wife and his other foster daughter. He raised her how to take cock well.

Deep Lush - Gia Derza - Cute And Cum Filled

File: nfkyenadelugiaderhakposon7b.mp4
Size: 226.83 MB
Duration: 27:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This scene features the beautiful Gia Derza and I hooking up for the first time. We have intense chemistry together and love kissing and making out. Shes submissive and we have rough and aggressive sex all over the bed. Theres POV shot during the blowjob portion and while she rides my cock in two positions. I use a Hitachi and choke her during missionary and she has multiple orgasms. The scene ends with a close up of me cumming in her pussy.

Lesbian X - Whitney Wright & Gia Derza - Extreme Anal Strap-on

File: zrdzenalexwhigiazjlgfnjekc.mp4
Size: 307.48 MB
Duration: 30:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza and Whitney Wright are craving lesbian anal. This is big booty anal strap-on with two of the hottest lesbians! Including analingus, ass eating, deep anal drilling, and ATM's. With multiple anal strap-on positions, this is extreme anal strap-on at it's best!

Tough Love X - Gia Derza - Ookie Cookie

File: lsctjnatoloxgiader3itne5khtc.mp4
Size: 68.33 MB
Duration: 16:46
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Bored and lonely housewives all eventually turn their fantasies into Karl encounters. Gia is no different. She wants to be taken and dominated by a strong man. She needs my cock and Toughlove so badly that even baking up some cookies gets her cookie wet and begging to be frosted. I am always ready and willing to teach wife training 101.

Evil Angel - Gia Derza - 20YO Gia Submits: Fuck/Facial/Squirt!

File: zccktnaevangiadernjruphr3gh.mp4
Size: 395.17 MB
Duration: 41:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Exotic vixen Gia Derza, 20, shows off her hairy pussy and cute, natural tits. Veteran stud Mr. Pete wants to dominate this adorable young lady he spits in Gia's mouth and demands an intense, slobbery, deepthroat blowjob with extra ball sucking. Pete fingers her to several wet, squirting climaxes! He smothers Gia with his hands, manhandles her throat, and administers a long, pussy-pounding fuck that leaves her quivering. Gia eagerly rides his cock, earning a messy cum facial.