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Freya Dee

Hands On Hardcore - Freya Dee - Croatian Cutie Anal Banged By BBC

File: tmvxtnahaonhafredeelwekufnsq9.mp4
Size: 510.16 MB
Duration: 35:55
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Hands on Hardcore presents another raunchy interracial anal scene for you to stroke it over. This 4K premium porn video stars our favorite new Croatian cutie, Freye Dee. The sexy slim teen fell off of her scooter, but Joss Lescaf came immediately to the all-natural glamour porn goddess' rescue in a good Samaritan deed that will pay off with a dirty expression of her gratitude. Watch as the all-natural nympho reaches for his big black cock with clear ideas of where she'd like cram that big stiff sword. First, his throbbing members goes deep in her throat while she blows him. Then, her shaved pussy wants it next for a pounding. And lastly, the cutie's curvy ass wants some anal, too. The Frenchman is thinking that this was an accident that was definitely meant to happen.

Legal Porno - Cindy Shine, Kristy Black, Anna De Ville, Mina, Veronica Leal, Sara Bell, Polly Petrova, Kate Rich, Freya Dee & Megan Venturi - Gonzo Xxxmas 2019 Debauchery 10 Anal Models Versus 10 Lucky Mofos

File: k4pbynalepocinkriannminversarpolkatfremeg15ovpnbtyam4.mp4
Size: 3.14 GB
Duration: 02:48:59
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: No Description Available

Viv Thomas - Freya Dee & Lee Anne - Evening Surprise

File: uosllnavithfrelee2zespoqopw.mp4
Size: 225.01 MB
Duration: 27:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Lee Anne calls her friend to invite her over, as Bree Parkers hot lesbian movie Lee Annes Evening Surprise begins. When cute Freya Dee arrives, the raven-haired beauty models the outfits shes considering for a party, but Freya doesnt like any of them. She approves when Lee Anne takes off her top to expose her perfect breasts though, fondling them enthusiastically...

Nubile Films - Freya Dee & Tiffany Tatum - Sweet Arousal

File: kudbynanufifretifmebfykgpdt.mp4
Size: 440.39 MB
Duration: 28:56
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Walking hand in hand, Freya Dee and Tiffany Tatum barely make it into their yard before Tiffany pushes Freya to the wall for a kiss. Freya's top falls open, revealing her small tits. They get a few steps further into the yard before Tiffany once again pushes Freya to the wall. Dropping to her knees, Tiffany delivers openmouthed kisses to Freya's plump ass.

The girls could have gone on like that forever, but they have the promise of even greater pleasure if they move things inside where their boyfriend Murgur is sleeping. The girls pull the curtains and hop into bed with Murgur, where they eagerly exchange kisses while laying hands on his morning wood. Murgur is all ready to go at just the sight of Tiffany and Freya peeling off their clothes.

Working together, the girls take turns sucking Murgur's cock down their throats and undressing. Once Tiffany has relieved herself of her panties, she climbs onto Murgur's face. He gives her the pussy feast she craves as she leans forward to suck him off in a 69. Freya assists in the hottest way possible, suckling Murgur's balls as Tiffany deep throats him.

Tiffany swaps spots as Freya plies her with kisses and caresses. Sliding down onto Murgur's fuck stick, Tiffany spreads her thighs wide to open herself up so Murgur can go deep as possible. Rocking her hips, Tiffany sets a sultry pace as Freya rubs her clit and kisses her tender breasts. Murgur lets Tiffany call the shots for a few moments, but eventually his hips start moving with a faster motion that brings Tiffany to the climax she's been chasing.

It's finally Freya's turn for some loving. She starts the party off by getting on her hands and knees with Murgur pounding her doggy style from behind., Tiffany lays on her back in front of Freya, her thighs spread in a pussy buffet for her brunette lover to sample. Freya gives and takes pleasure with equal abandon, keeping it up until she and Tiffany have both peaked in their pleasure.

The trio switches things up again, with Tiffany riding cowgirl on Murgur's cock while Freya does the same with Murgur's mouth. Using his big hands, Murgur helps guide Tiffany's pacing. Meanwhile, his mouth is busy feasting on Freya's sweet juices. The girls eventually swap spots, continuing to use Murgur as an eager and willing stud.

Rolling onto her back, Tiffany raises one leg high to welcome Murgur back inside. Ever loving and willing to help. Freya lays beside Tiffany to work her hands over Murgur's balls and over Tiffany's clit. Their combined effort brings Murgur to a big climax that covers Tiffany's muff with a big shot of hot cum. Curling up together, the trio basks in the afterglow of a good time.

Nubile Films - Freya Dee - The Intern

File: kld43nanufifredeeratgchqpmq.mp4
Size: 255.02 MB
Duration: 19:01
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Dee may think she's alone at work when she slips her hand beneath her dress and starts masturbating, but this intern is in for a big surprise when her boss walks in on her. Ricky Rascal catches Freya in the most incriminating of positions, with her miniskirt up, her panties pulled to the side, and her hands all over her muff. He asks her to come upstairs, but while Freya may think she's in trouble the reality is that Ricky is enchanted and wants to see more.

Always happy to oblige the boss, Freya resumes masturbating her meaty twat right there on the couch while Ricky watches. She watches him with her fuck be eyes that practically beg him to join her. When Ricky gives in to the chemistry between himself and his hot intern, his fingers are neither slow nor gentle as he delivers a fast and furious pussy fingering. Once he has started with his hands, Ricky can't stop until he's had a taste of that cream filled fuck hole as well.

Freya is eager to invite the boss in, so she lays herself out on the couch and lets Ricky have his way with her. When Ricky pulls his dick from his jeans and rubs it up and down her snatch, Freya throws her head back in delight. She slips a hand down between her thighs to guide him into her wet fuck hole. When Ricky rolls her onto her side, Freya can't help her sigh of pure bliss.

The couple takes a short breather while Freya fills her mouth with the musky delight of Ricky's dick. He's hard as a rock as she sucks him in and out, leaving her wet and ready for round two. Ricky takes a seat on the couch and uses his big hands to guide Freya as she climbs into his lap and hops on his stiffie to ride him at a pace that leaves her breathless with desire.

Getting to her feet, Freya leans forward to welcome Ricky inside once again as he stands behind her. The position lets Ricky really pile drive that soft pussy as he gives it to his intern hard and deep. In return, Freya resumes her blowjob until Ricky has been licked clean of her juices and has exploded in her mouth with a big cum shot that proves he's very pleased with his company's new hire.

Fake Hostel - Freya Dee & Monica Brown - Insta Pussy

File: 3brqwnafahofremon12hrbhnhn1.mp4
Size: 297.64 MB
Duration: 25:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Social media models Freya Dee and Monica Brown are snapping pics in the Fake Hostel for their influencer feeds when photojournalist Vince Karter enters the room and slumps down on a beanbag chair. Exhausted after spending four sleepless nights in Syria, Vince just wants to rest, but the so-called models demand he takes pictures of them for their profiles. When Vince refuses, Freya and Monica use their tits and asses to seduce him into a threesome instead! Giving the photog a double blowjob, the ladies then take turns riding his face and cock until wanked him off into their mouths! That'll make any photographer want to snap a few pics.

Her Limit - Freya Dee - My First Anal Scene

File: grcjonahelifredeepce5rdqvyk.mp4
Size: 616.24 MB
Duration: 40:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Dee is a good girl but she has a wild side! This beauty likes to take orders and try new things. This time she experiences anal for the very first time and things escalate quickly! Mike Chapman uses his monster cock to make her gag and fuck that virgin asshole hard! Freya starts loving it more and more so she rides that big dick like a champ! Finally, Mike cums in this babe's cute mouth and gives the review Freya Dee's first anal scene is awesome!

Fitness Rooms - Freya Dee & Marica Chanelle - Italian Fitness Blogger Fucks Nymph

File: g9hobnafirofremarbnlfkbr8qg.mp4
Size: 319.00 MB
Duration: 27:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Fitness Blogger Marica Chanelle's world tour has taken her to the Czech Republic, where she makes a stop in the Fitness Rooms to train with a nymph named Freya Dee! Posing for the camera, Freya demonstrates some stretching and some squats, then Marica wraps up the shot. That's when her camera man makes a suggestion to Marica Freya looks like she wants to fuck! Marica walks over to the slim brunette and seduces her, and before long, has her hand on her pussy. Turned on, Freya kisses Marica, and then ladies worship each other's boobs. Stripping each other naked, the lesbians take turns eating each other out, then enjoy some sexy titty-worshiping tribbing!

Fake Hostel - Andreina Deluxe & Freya Dee - Hot Slots

File: 2qjy4nafahoandfrejdyv5ocxeh.mp4
Size: 382.29 MB
Duration: 32:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The heat is out at the Fake Hostel, and guests Andreina Deluxe and Freya Dee are freezing in their bunkbeds! The ladies throw on as many layers as they can, then call reception and demand the Landlord fix things. When the Landlord arrives in the room, the ladies scream for heat, so he sits down next to them, and shows them how warm his skin is. Enamored by the warmth, the ladies get close to the Landlord, and when he puts Andreina's hand on his cock, the temperature really turns up! Sweating, the ladies take off their clothes, and Andreina sucks the Landlord's dick while he worships Freya's perky tits. Putting the ladies on all fours, the Landlord fingers their pussies and eats their asses, then fucks them each to steaming hot orgasm!

Fake Agent - Freya Dee - Hot Sexy Slim Model Sucks And Fucks

File: 1mp3bnafaagfredeerqa1iagzhc.mp4
Size: 414.53 MB
Duration: 35:09
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What a spark of joy it was to see the beautiful Freya Dee come into my office today. Freya had pretty pale skin, small boobs, and I couldn't wait to see her booty. Freya immediately told me she didn't have a boyfriend, so I knew she was horny! Though she was a little interested in fashion, when I mentioned erotic movies her eyes perked up. We took some naked photos, then I told her I would need to see what she could do sexually. I offered her a chance to masturbate, but she said she'd rather suck my cock! Freya blew me with enthusiasm, then sat her pussy on my hard dick and fucked me good until I could cum on her face!

Dane Jones - Freya Dee - Minx Strips In Card Game Seduction

File: tnoeonadajofredeesxktrwn5ww.mp4
Size: 253.00 MB
Duration: 21:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Good buddies Freya Dee and Ricky Rascal decide to stay in, so Ricky suggests they play some cards. The rules are simple you lose, you strip! A run of bad luck finds Freya revealing her perky tits and big booty, and suddenly, she finds herself naked while Ricky is still fully dressed. Ricky tells her that though she is nude, the game doesn't have to end, and if she loses again, she can suck his dick. Wouldn't you know it, the Rascal wins, and soon, Freya is deepthroating his thick cock. Wet and horny, Freya climbs on top of Ricky and rides him cowgirl style, then spins around to sit her pussy down on his face. After some sexy 69, the couple keeps fucking until Ricky cums on Freya's ass, then admits he rigged the deck!

Fitness Rooms - Freya Dee & Jennifer Amilton - Gym Babes Fight Over Trainer Dick

File: ssuemnafirofrejasjenml1rufiiab.mp4
Size: 203.87 MB
Duration: 25:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fit babes Freya Dee and Jennifer Amilton both have crushes on their trainer Jason X, so they decide to sign up for a Fitness Rooms session to seduce him. The workout begins with some stretching, then Jason directs them to barbel squats. As Jason informs the ladies the workout will be great for their sex life, they get turned on, and start grinding on his cock. Jason lays down some yoga mats, then tells the ladies to hit some glute bridges for reps. As they bridge, Freya cheekily unhooks her bodysuit so Jason can see her pussy, and he starts eating her out. Jealous, Jennifer climbs on top of Freya backwards and strips too, so Jason can eat her pussy and ass. The ladies take turns sucking and fucking Jason's dick and riding his face, then as Jennifer takes the dick doggystyle, Jason pulls out and cums in Freya's mouth!

Lesbea - Cindy Shine & Freya Dee - Playful Euro Babes Spontaneous Sex

File: z5dyknalescinfrergzdltwvmn.mp4
Size: 302.76 MB
Duration: 25:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cindy Shine has all the makings of a party in her bedroom three apples, music, and a sexy naked body, but Freya Dee, her downstairs neighbor, is trying to rest! As Cindy jumps up and down on the bed, Freya can't take it anymore, and barges into Cindy's room. Seeing a sexy brunette at her door, Cindy pulls Freya into the room and cheers her up with some dancing. As the ladies dance, they get turned on, and soon they're naked, making out, and worshiping one another's perky set of boobs! Freya shoves Cindy face down and eats her pussy and ass, then climbs on her face to cum. After some 69 pussy eating and some tribbing, both ladies fall back in post-orgasm bliss!

Viv Thomas - Freya Dee & Sabrisse - Love Time

File: piukxnavithfresabtvdrrgqxhl.mp4
Size: 186.97 MB
Duration: 23:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous girlfriends Sabrisse and Freya Dee are wrapped up against the cold as they walk by the river, in Nik Foxs erotic movie Love Time. Back home, the girls tease each other in sexy lingerie, moving sensually as they gaze into each others eyes. They kiss tenderly, passion growing as stunning Sabrisse pulls off her lovers lace bra and sucks her stiff nipples, then pulls her panties aside, revealing the strip of dark hair leading the way down to her pussy. Freya gasps and moans, rocking her hips as Sabrisse laps at her puffy folds, then thrusts a couple of fingers inside her juicy slit and frigs her to a wild climax. She moves astride Freya in a hot sixty-nine, grinding on her tongue as she gets licked avidly. Freya throws her onto her back and eats her to an intense orgasm, then lies in her arms to get drilled to another mind-blowing climax of her own.

Fake Taxi - Freya Dee - Overheated And Easy Lay

File: od6hxnafatafredeevwpmiwsjqm.mp4
Size: 306.22 MB
Duration: 26:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: A brunette woman named Freya Dee got into my taxi today. Freya was on her way to a job interview, so she asked if I minded she change while we drove there. I definitely didn't mind getting to see her perky boobs and round ass. As we drove, my car started to overheat, and I had to pull over. I told Freya we would have to wait for the engine to cool down before we could continue, and suggested she show me her panties again to pass the time. One thing led to another, and before Iknew it, I was eating Freya's pink pussy! After she gave me a horny blowjob, I fucked Freya hard until I could pull out and cum!

Dane Jones - Freya Dee - Young Couple Share Rough Passion

File: i8qznnadajofredee9ubnjxrszw.mp4
Size: 216.11 MB
Duration: 18:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Young couple Freya Dee and Alex are alone in their bedroom, and passions are rising between them! Alex pushes Freya up against a wall, and the brunette moans in delight as he licks her pert boobs. Alex smacks and palms Freya's booty to her delight, then she takes control and drops to his knees to give her man a blowjob. Alex fucks Freya doggystyle in front of a mirror, and then the couple enjoy rough sex on the bed. After Freya has reached climax, Alex cums on her mouth, then she keeps sucking his cock!