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Foot Fetish

Footsie Babes - Lulu Love - Festive Feet

File: kqddfnafobalullovpvpnrdxjwm.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 29:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Golden balloons everywhere in the appartement and a festive cozy atmosphere. Lulu love welcomed Kristof Cale with a nice surprise. She was wearing red, bare foot and ready to spice things up. As soon as he entered the appartement he knew the festivities will start. She was caressing her feet to turn him on and sure it did.

Love Her Feet - Emily Addison - Neighbor Boy Spies My Milf Feet

File: 94vzjnalohefeemiaddkqql3xlzec.mp4
Size: 2.22 GB
Duration: 38:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lathering my sexy, milf body with some suds, I flexed my soapy wet feet as I touched my wet pussy beneath the warm water, my toes curling, showing off my yummy ruby red toenails. Grabbing my luscious tits in the tub, a nervous, young neighbor boy ran into the back yard to fetch his basketball after it bounced into my place so I offered to make him a glass of iced tea, surprising him when I served it in nothing but my neon pink lacy bra and panties...

When he spilled some of his iced tea on his lap, I made sure to drag my claws up and down his young thigh, cleaning him off with my manicured paws that matched my feet. My sexy patent leather high heels were so shiny as I bounced them back and forth in front of this young boy, tantalizing him with my curvy female body and sexy milf toes. My husband was at work so I felt extra frisky as I showed off my luscious long legs and slutty, horny feet, dying to give this boy a real footjob like he had never had before and never would. When he unstrapped my heels, I dangled those slutty milf feet right in his face for him to take in the full view of my slutty arches. I even showed off my sexy foot dangling skills as he grabbed my big toe and snuck it deep into his mouth to suck on like a good boy. He was in for a super slutty milf foot fuck this afternoon

Love Her Feet - Nelly Kent - Stormy Feet

File: blycanalohefenelken3ttihwbh7d.mp4
Size: 1.90 GB
Duration: 35:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stroking her legs from the top of her thighs to the bottom of her pink sexy soles, Nelly spent a relaxing evening at home, reading, when suddenly, thunder and lightning struck outside. Worried about her husband, she curled up underneath a blanket to warm herself by the fire, her bare feet and pink soles warming inch by inch. Her beautiful toes curled as the sexy vixen dozed off to the sound of rain, hiding underneath a blanket...

Fast asleep, her husband returned to the house to find those sumptuous toes and sweet smelling feet available for him to caress and suck to his liking as she stayed asleep. Nelly had no idea he was enjoying the delicious spread of toes in his mouth, inhaling the scent of her feet deeply as he smashed those sexy soles firmly into his face, huffing their smell as much as he could while she stayed fast asleep. Her juicy pussy mustve started to get wet as Nelly awoke to find her man rubbing his thick, hard dick in between those sexy soles and high arches. She was ready to take his throbbing cock deep in every hole as she slid her sexy wet feet high up on his shaft, feeling his balls bounce on the heels of her sexy stormy feet

Love Her Feet - Sofi Ryan - My mom's hubby can't resist my sexy feet

File: ddtugnalohefesofryafyamh7kerd.mp4
Size: 1.52 GB
Duration: 39:48
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Strutting in her clear high heels with steel toes and short white shorts, Sofi finds her new stepdad at home trying to do some work but becoming very distracted by her foot dangling back and forth as she talks. Throwing her shoes off so she can relax on the couch, Sofi flexes and stretches her little piggies as she fans her sexy toes back and forth back and forth as if she is calling her horny stepfather out from the kitchen to take a good look...

Hiding behind the couch, he begins stroking his cock in secret, staring longingly at those sexy feet. Suddenly, she screeches when she catches him and calls him a filthy pervert. Horny Sofi changes her mind when she gives it a little more thought. She does want this horny old man to fuck her silly. So, she straps on some super sexy lingerie, pantyhose and dangerously high heels so she can seduce him and tease him with her gorgeous body. She climbs into the bed to show off her gorgeous, voluptuous tits, long limbs and sexy lips. He cant take it anymore as she strokes his cock with her sexy feet covered in sheer black nylons, which he later rips off to reveal that naked, sexy foot. He sucks her toes and takes her foot into his whole mouth, feeling and tasting the delicious smell of her skin deep in his nostrils to fill him up with her scent. She fucks him so good with her tight wet pussy as her sexy feet bounce in the sky tempting him to take her deeper and deeper with each thrust. Sofi turns out to be a horny little slut as she moans in absolute pleasure as he shoots his cum all over her gorgeous, sexy feet. She certainly knows how to please a dirty pervert with a foot fetish after all

Love Her Feet - Paris White - Foot Fetish Princess Palace

File: qyunenalohefeparwhifrhsq9wosu.mp4
Size: 925.79 MB
Duration: 34:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dipping her smooth bare feet in the pool after she slips off her white sandals, her white painted toenail polish shimmers in the water like a nubile mermaid. She splashes her sexy feet in the water, taking hot selfies by the pool, her long, sexy white fingernails making her look even more elegant like a foot fetish princess in her palace. House-sitting at this elegant estate is super fun except Paris isnt allowed to have any visitors. Flashing her cute perky titties, taking another sexy selfie for her man, Paris is acting like a total cock tease as she sends him flirty text after flirty text...

Getting super horny, her boyfriend insists that he come over so he can ravage those sexy slutty mermaid feet. When her man shows up to surprise her at the estate, she surprises him right back with an incredibly sexy lingerie set, which I includes garter belts, scrappy black heels, and red lacy bra that shows off her tits and her perfect pink nipples. He takes her over to the couch where he can fully enjoy his young prize, taking her sweet sexy soles into his mouth so he can savor their delicious taste, feeling the softness of each white painted toe as he licks them one at a time. She expertly teases his cock with her dainty feet, rubbing his shaft on either side with the inside of her pink soles. Her boyfriend cant take it anymore as he bends her over to fuck that tight pink pussy making her moan in absolute pleasure as she sticks his rock hard shaft in between those soft sexy soles for her to show off her foot sex skills. They fuck on the couch with her legs bouncing high up in the air, her adorable feet right near his face, her cute skinny body looking so fragile beneath him. When he finally cuts on Paris stunning feet, she decides to give herself a treat by licking that sweet cum one lick at a time off her pale sexy arches

Love Her Feet - Cherry Kiss - Hypnotize Him With My High Heels

File: tq2cbnalohefechekist4nx5fkocu.mp4
Size: 2.58 GB
Duration: 45:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cherry treats a handsome stranger to a foot fetish fantasy come true when she emerges from the bathroom in nothing but lingerie and high heels. Her tight, round ass swaying back and forth as she teases him by the kitchen counter, seductively showing him the goods, this man cant believe hes stepped into the vacation rental of his dreams. She grabs her round smooth ass until she cant take it anymore. Its time to fully hypnotize him with her high heels...

Placing them high up on the counter, she rips them of her smooth, delicate soles to reveal their pink tender round bottoms. Her toenails, painted a sophisticated nude to show off her elegant arches and sexy pink toes, flash in the light. This fantasy girl starts licking her sexy toes, fingering them with expert ease as she licks round and round her big toe, sucking it rapidly like the fiendish devil she really is. So horny from this seductive tease, Cherry cant take it anymore when she whips out a dildo to start fucking that sweet pink pussy deep into oblivion. Guess she finally gets the hardcore attention this foot fetish fantasy girl deserves..

Love Her Feet - Chanel Grey - The Doctor Sniffs My Stinky Feet

File: 2itpqnalohefechagreveia9m4mf2.mp4
Size: 2.31 GB
Duration: 39:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: My boyfriend doesnt want to fuck me anymore because he says my slutty, sexy feet stink! So I called a doctor who makes house calls to see exactly what the problem is... The doctor got on one knee and began to strip off my thigh high boots so he could take a deep whiff of my strongly scented feet. He needed to take a closer look so he began to strip off my rainbow knee-high socks and caressed my legs and feet, sniffing their scent, inhaling the aroma permeating from my sexy little toes and raw, pink soles...

I was shocked that he began to seem so intoxicated by the scent of my sexy feet, but when I saw how aroused he was becoming at sniffing my bright yellow painted toes, taking licks and extra sniffs when he could, I couldnt resist letting him fuck me into oblivion from all angles. He thrust his big cock deep in my pink little asshole as I rubbed my wet pussy, so horny from not getting fucked by my boyfriend for so long. The doctor treated me in every hole, filling me up with his juicy cock, letting the jizz build up along his shaft as I panted and squealed with delight. My sexy, slutty toes got covered with his load and I was feeling like such a dirty slut, I couldnt resist licking up each little morsel of cum from my sweet little piggies

Black Meat White Feet - Charlotte Sins - Charlotte Always Likes To Do Fun Stuff

File: eaoicnablmewhfechasinqv3fbaybrz.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 33:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte always likes to do fun stuff to keep things spicy with her Man. Today she leaves a note with a nerf gun on the front door and it says Winner gets to make the Loser do anything they want So Prince grabs the Nerf gun and stalks the house and we get cutaways of Spencer doing the same. Eventually after a few nerf exchanges Charlotte gets surprised and shot so she tells him she has to do anything he says. Prince has some naughty ideas so he makes her
do a slow striptease and spend lots of time showing off her pussy and asshole, then he has her take out a toy and use it on herself while begging him for his dick then he has her use her feet to jack him off......... then she has to get down on her knees and service his big dick. Then the crazy sex starts! Pop will prolly be on feet as well. Lots of Foot focused footjob stuff etc.

Love Her Feet - Zazie Skymm - My friend wants to lick my dirty feet

File: vngsdnalohefezazsky6eibk4hyej.mp4
Size: 349.64 MB
Duration: 42:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I gave up my rental apartment because my parents moved out of town and they let me stay in their house for free. I asked my friend Nikky to help me move. He is a shy guy but I know he secretly has a crush on me so hes always eager to grab any opportunity to hang out together. But today something unusual happened. He broke out of his shell and said he wants more from me than just being my friend who drives me around and does my chores...

He said he has to confess that he loves my feet. To be more precise, he loves my dirty feet. I thought its so kinky. Being the little slut that I am, it turned me on and I decided to have a little fun and let him play with my dirty feet. The fact that he was so excited about it made my pussy soaking wet. He gently wiped my sexy feet then started licking and sucking my feet, toes, and slightly dirty soles. I was eager to see his cock and put it in my slutty mouth to give him a messy, slobbery blowjob. He almost came when I touched his cock with my beautiful feet. I let him slide his big cock into my juicy pussy so I could cum all over it while he licked and sucked my hot white pedicured toes and my sexy high arches. I rode his cock with my soft sexy feet high up in the air. My feet and toes curled while cumming on his big hard cock. At the end he busted his thick warm load all over my sexy feet and toes. His milky cum on my sexy feet looked so hot. Im actually excited to see what this friendship has to offer!

Hot Legs And Feet - Canela Skin - Horny Milf's Legs Covered In His Honey

File: eninunaholeanfecanskilhkh2ivgxy.mp4
Size: 602.72 MB
Duration: 42:18
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Sizzling Latina anal addict Canela Skin puts on a shaft satisfying eXXXperience in this Hot Legs and Feet premium porn production. This leg fetish model twerking her incredible curvy ass and riding cock is a sight that you want to see and have left swirling in your mind, trust us. The juicy bottomed babe has called her friend Kai Taylor over for some help around the house but he quickly finds himself with his pants around his ankles and the brown-eyed beauty's tongue licking his love pump. Our gorgeous glamour model then primes her man's pump with a steamy footjob before shoving it in her ass. Watch it all the way through to see her gorgeous gams covered in his jizz when he cums on the horny Milf's legs.

Black Meat White Feet - Elsa Jean - Elsa Has The Cutest, Most Delicious Feet

File: gprx3nablmewhfeelsjearhw73v3osh.mp4
Size: 385.26 MB
Duration: 34:16
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa has the cutest, most delicious feet. She painted her toes a soft pink....put on some lotion to make them soft and silky...and stepped into a pair of sexy open toe black heels. She likes to show off her perfect size 7's....grabbing your attention and teasing you. She knows once those shoes come off, you'll be helpless. Pour some oil on them, she purrs. So you coat them in oil and run your fingers up and down her soles. Slowly spreading her piggies with your fingers, she stares at you with
begging eyes. The moment you pull out your dick, she uses her feet to grab hold. Stroking and rubbing with the soles. You're about to run out of skin because your dick is so hard from this perfect woman before you. She wants that cock...stretching her tiny hole....so you fill her up. Don't worry she finds a way to keep her feet in view. She rides your cock, bucking from each orgasm...then stroking you with her feet again, using her pussy juice as lubrication. Too much to handle...time to drain your nut all all over her toes!!

Foot Fetish Daily - Leah Winters - Hardcore

File: x58dhnafofedaleawinjx9oztwmtl.mp4
Size: 363.75 MB
Duration: 26:11
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Winters, How would you like to eat this pussy? I know stupid question, who wouldn't. The question really is how long would you last with her feet wrapped around you cock? It is so hot when he stuffs her panties in her wet pussy. Her ass jiggles so much as she is sucking that cock, makes me want to slap it.

Love Her Feet - Lola Fae - My Mom's Boyfriend

File: gp3epnalohefelolfae2uydxb2sek.mp4
Size: 1.10 GB
Duration: 50:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I came home from class wanting to take a nice hot shower but it was broken so I went to take one in my mom's bathroom. While having fun with myself in the bathtub, my mom's boyfriend, Bill, came home. He heard the water running and naturally he thought it would be my mom. Acting on his naughty thoughts, he took his clothes off and entered the bathroom with a raging boner. So it was a big surprise when he found me there. He apologized and was about to leave but I made him stay. I got an appetite for that big dick. Since I was in the tub, I could only reach him with my feet. I saw him getting aroused by that. He stepped back and once in perfect reach, I started to spank his cock with my sexy feet. He kept getting harder and harder. I told him to put his cock on the edge of the tub so I can step on it and smash it with my soles. He pulled me out of the tub and bent me over to fuck me right there in the bathroom. It was so intense I came so many times when he sucked on my toes while fucking my tight little pussy. At the end he came all over my blue polished toes. Hope my mom never finds it out...lol

Love Her Feet - Richelle Ryan - Old Memories

File: y31ndnalohefericryavbiwjylnkh.mp4
Size: 954.19 MB
Duration: 42:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was on my phone looking at old pictures of my family and particularly my stepson, Lucas, when he suddenly walked in the room asking for my car keys. I was all nostalgic and emotional so he turned back and asked if I was ok. We started to look at the pictures together while talking about those old times. I asked him if he remembered when he would sneak under my blanket to play with my feet. He said he clearly does, and it was those particular moments that likely triggered his foot fetish. I confessed to him that I masturbated a lot thinking about those times. I was getting horny talking about it so I teased him saying what if we were to do it again? He was hesitant at first but when I spread my legs and pulled his face into my wet and slutty pussy he just simply obeyed. I made him suck on my toes while I was rubbing my pussy until I came so hard. Later that evening, while my husband was away for work, Lucas and I were watching a movie in the living room. I was wearing a sexy silk robe with a hot piece of lingerie underneath. Soon after the movie began I dozed off only to wake up to Lucas fucking my feet with his hard cock! I smiled and continued the foot job with my red pedicured toes. Afterward, I sat on his cock to make myself come. He sucked my toes and licked my soles and fucked me so good that I totally forgot about my husband and definitely don't miss him at all...

DDF Network - Lana Seymour - Tlc For Sexy Feet

File: wdrbhnaddnelanseyc2ry2go9ge.mp4
Size: 952.06 MB
Duration: 28:20
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: It's a nonstop foot fetish lover's delight starring Russian glamour pornstar Lana Seymour in today's DDF Network premium porn video shot in 4K for Hot Legs Feet. She's a hard working babe and comes home tired with achy breaky sexy feet in need of some good 'ol TLC, tender loving care. Lucky for her and us, she's got leg fetish stud Alex Moretti more than ready to give them some good loving, as well as to her horny trimmed pussy.

Alex tenderly slips off the brunette babe's strappy high heels so he can give a little massage, foot licking, and toe sucking remedy over her thigh high stocking sheathed 7.5 38 size feet. After he gives some pussy licking and fingering attention to her wet pussy, the college cutie repays her thanks to his big cock with a blowjob and footjob, and then it's pussy fucking from there on out until he shoot his cum all over her pretty feet.

Watch him fuck Lana doggy style with her curvy ass in the air, or drool over her 34C natural tits bouncing up and down as she rides him in cowgirl. Wank away as you enjoy every hardcore minute of it!

Love Her Feet - Nina Elle - The Exchange Student

File: rfbsunalohefeninellr6aob4ogdi.mp4
Size: 740.90 MB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My son is in college and we signed him up for the student exchange program. I'm a stay at home mom and I love when these cute young boys from all over the world show up so I can flirt with them while my boring husband is away. It was finally the day when Anthony arrived from Paris. Soon after he settled, I couldn't help myself and started flirting with him. He was very nervous in the situation which I found so hot. And it was exactly how I like it. I was wearing sexy heels and a little dress that really showcased my legs and feet. He just couldn't take his eyes off of them. I started moving my legs up on his and started feeling his boner. He grabbed my feet and started kissing them. It was so hot to see him go crazy for my purple pedicured toes. I made him eat my pussy and couldn't wait to stuff his young cock in my mouth for a sloppy blow job. I made it slippery so it will slide nicely in and out between my feet. When I felt his cock is rock hard, I told him to fuck my pussy until I come all over his cock. He fucked me so good and came all over my feet. Now that I properly introduced myself, I'm sure he is looking forward to the next few weeks in LA.