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Febby Twigs

Brick Yates - Febby Twigs - Febby makes these guys work for it

File: pidr4nabryafebtwiewulaxt7sf.mp4
Size: 878.09 MB
Duration: 38:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is a little different than any other videos on the dite. This is a bi-sexual video. Or so it turned out to be. It had quite the plot twist in real life. Dirk knows Donte, and we all know Tony. Donte is a porn star and he has his good friend Febby come down for what Tony thinks is another regular 3-way shoot. Donte has his suprise twist to the plot and so does Febby. This video ended up being so long I had to break it into two parts. This is Part !.

Bound Gangbangs - Febby Twigs - Patient 365: Gang Bang Therapy

File: oilw2nabogafebtwijmdrzxzezt.mp4
Size: 719.55 MB
Duration: 01:05:39
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: First time Kinkster Febby Twigs loves BDSM and is ecstatic to be shooting her first Gang Bang among 5 hot guys with big dicks. In her Gang Bang fantasy Febby goes to the therapist to get help with her problem which is being relentlessly horny all the time! Its effecting her concentration, her life and her job and she needs a solution quick. After a therapeutic masturbation session for the doctor, therapist Ramon Nomar offers her a special treatment called a Gang Bang and even though it may be a little shocking it is sure to cure all her slutty ills. Ramon strips her clothes off to prep her, calls in the orderlies and they roll her away into the situation room where Febby, now Patient 365, promptly begins sucking every cock in the room. 5 big hard meaty cocks. one after the other banging Febby's throat making her choke and slobber. All the guys inspect different parts of her body, they taste her pussy and ass and feel her natural tits. Febby is sooo horny these gang bangers have a lot of work ahead of them in order to successfully treat this hot to trot whore. Upside down with nipple clamps and wrists tied to ankles Patient 365 gets a deep throat fucking from fat cocks and all the while they play with her pussy until she cums. Moving on to another position tied up with legs spread wide in full suspension the orderlies continue her treatment with the highly effective Hitachi, the crop and some good old fashioned pussy fucking. She gets fucked so good she begs to cum and squirts a geyser all over everybody. Ramon whips Febby with the flogger on her thighs and butt while the gang bangers keep fucking her slutty insatiable hole. All this shagging makes Patient 365 hornier so she begs to get her ass fucked. With no hesitation they stuff her ass with cock and then fill her pussy with another dick for some hardcore double penetration. Febby Twig can't get enough of all this delicious cock pounding her out and she just might be starting to feel the benefits of her special cure. With her ass, mouth and pussy packed with cock Febby is loaded airtight and having the time of her life. Finally on all fours and a dick in her mouth Ms Twig gets DP'd from behind one thick dick after the other satisfying all her holes as her sexy ass bounces up and down. Flipped over on her back Febby opens her legs welcoming any cock that can get inside of her. All the orderlies fuck her slutty holes deep and hard until she cums again and finally with the vibrator she squirts a massive amount of cum while all 5 dicks shoot their hot load all over her pretty face. Patient 365 is cured! Oh, but she will be back for more restorative man-handling Gang Bang Therapy before you know it...

Families Tied - Febby Twigs & Kate Kennedy - Valentine's Day Ruined By Squirting Step-sister's Anal Con Job

File: v7fthnafatifebkatsd3jsco9tl.mp4
Size: 925.44 MB
Duration: 01:24:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Kennedy is living every woman's dream as she wakes up to Valentine's Day breakfast in bed and a hot BDSM fuck date with her fiance Ramon Nomar. Kate looks like a good girl, with a tight body, perky tits and ass, and a cloud of curly blond hair. She enthusiastically plays sexual submissive, swallowing Ramon's cock and enduring a flogging of her perfect round ass. By the time she has his belt wrapped around her throat, Kate is begging for his cock like she hasn't been fucked for weeks. When she finally gets pounded out she cums on command under Ramon's foot. Ramon is an insatiable sadist and puts Kate on her back and ties her in a tight spread eagle rope bondage position, attaching clamps to her tender pussy and nipples, placing one of the roses he brought her in her mouth. Kate cums sweetly and ferociously as Ramon takes her cunt like a good Master should. Throughout this happy Ds sex, Kate's phone keeps ringing, which she swears is just some bill collector. Ramon is curious, and when Kate gets up to get him more coffee he writes the offending number down to call on his way to work. He is more than a little surprised to hear the voice on the other end claim to be Kate's Step-Sister. He is even more surprised and dismayed when he invites the imposter to meet him at his work and Kate's secret step-sister Febby Twigs strolls into his workshop in a slutty outfit, demanding money for Kate's con-job gone wrong in Vegas. Ramon tries to give Febby money to disappear, but she can't resist digging in and telling Ramon all sorts of things he doesn't want to know about his bride to be--including that he might just be another con job. When Ramon no longer know what to believe, he takes Febby to her knees, throwing her more money and and trying to fuck the truth out of her. But Febby is a devious slut, and she enjoys his cock down her throat and in her pussy. It's only when Ramon finally has her tied up in a complicated shibari tie and he begins to work his huge dick into her ass that she realizes what kind of trouble she has truly gotten herself and her sister into. Febby tries to resist his interrogation, but Ramon moves between zapping her, caning her hot body, and fucking her ass, sending her into squirting screaming orgasms. Ramon is still unsure if he got the full truth about his fiance and her sister, but with his workshop soaking wet with squirt and his cock hungry for more fun he drags Febby home to see her long lost sister. Kate is shocked to find Febby tied naked to a chair in her dining room when she arrives home dressed for Valentine's dinner. Kate tries to explain, but Ramon insists that she explain under duress in a hobbled shibari tie with his cock deep in her pussy. Hot red wax and a flogger bring Kate to the truth, that she in fact was planning to con him but fell in love instead and tried to outrun her old life. Ramon is touched, but it doesn't keep him from punishing Kate and her sister with squirting rope restrained orgasms, zippers, spanking, flogging, and familial predicament. In the end Febby is Ramon's Valentines day present from Kate, as she trains her step-sister to behave and service Ramon's cock with her juicy bubble butt if she wants to stay.

Cherry Pimps - Febby Twigs - Febby Loves To Be Fucked Hard

File: bpjzpnachpifebtwix6f7icqhwb.mp4
Size: 491.50 MB
Duration: 59:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Febby Twigs is one leggy beauty and we are excited to have her LIVE for all of you! She reveals that she has on on matching panties to her dress and cannot wait to strip it all off for you. She gets her trimmed pussy all ready for Tommy's enlarged cock and loves to feel him in her mouth! She loves to ride him and get fucked in all your favorite positions! He finishes in her pretty mouth and she loves to lick up all his cum!

Drilled XXX - Febby Twigs - Febby Looking To Get That Dick In Her Ass

File: xjktenadrxxfebtwieky1t6frl7.mp4
Size: 470.17 MB
Duration: 20:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Febby Twigs is eager to get into anal and her friend does not think her ass has what it takes. It takes a lot of preparation before you can just go getting a big dick to fuck your ass! Febby is ready though and wants to show Michael she has what it takes to do anal. She sucks his cock long and hard making sure he is nice and lubed up with her spit before letting him drill that hard cock deep into her tight ass! She absolutely loves it begging for more and more. Febby gets on top so she can take control and soon Michael is giving her a hot load for her to guzzle down! Febby is ready for anal after all!

Pretty And Raw - Febby Twigs - Febby Twigs Gets A Treat Of Two Cocks At The Same Time!

File: ngks6napranrafebtwielpjmbzgag.mp4
Size: 836.63 MB
Duration: 38:58
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Febby Twigs is a beautiful babe that is fresh and ready to get her holes fucked. She does a lot of DP's in her personal life and she is lucky enough to do it on camera! She cums extra hard when she gets both her holes stuffed at the same time! They take turns fucking her pussy, her ass and both of them at the same time!

All Anal - Febby Twigs & Kenzie Madison - Febby And Kenzie Make A Nasty Duo

File: 1thtsnaalanfebkennetg37m2zd.mp4
Size: 236.76 MB
Duration: 57:51
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Febby Twigs and Kenzie Madison are ready to get nasty. Febby is begging to have her sexy ass fucked, but Kenzie doesnt want to be left out! While Febby takes every inch of that cock and gapes for your viewing pleasure, Kenzie engages in her very first ATM experience.

Zero Tolerance - Febby Twigs - My Squirting Stepsister 2

File: hnqbbnazetofebtwin8l86jgxgt.mp4
Size: 241.88 MB
Duration: 25:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When your stepsister is super-hot with awesome tits and a perfect ass, not to mention a perfect tight pussy, of course all you dream about is fucking her. But even in your wildest dreams you never imagined she would squirt like a geyser! He knew his stepsister wanted his cock but the G-spot spurt was like icing on the cake. If you've never seen pussy power ejaculation on screen. You'll love this taboo-busting release where bros live their dreams and make their saucy stepsister cum like a fountain! Delicious.

Glory Hole Secrets - Febby Twigs - First Glory Hole

File: mjtxonaglhosefebtwisyqdce1zhq.mp4
Size: 479.52 MB
Duration: 58:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today is a red letter day in the gloryhole, folks, and we're not just saying that because this week's girl has a fire bush between her legs either. Prepare to see the evolution in a week of firsts for sexy 23-year-old newcomer, Febby. Earlier in the same week, Febby shot her FIRST PORN EVER with us for GangbangCreampie.com check it out!, and now she's back for another new experience with her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER. She may have blown strangers before, but never TEN ANONYMOUS STRANGERS in a gloryhole booth. Not only is Febby a cute little stunner you've never seen before, she is a unique lady outside the booth too. Born on a submarine somewhere in the Pacific not kidding, Febby has lived in more countries than you can count on one hand during her time growing up. Her exposure to so many different cultures has made her a pleaser. She really likes to make people happy, especially those ten guys on the other side of the wall. As you'll learn watching her pre-gloryhole interview, Febby is a strict vegan. However, we're in luck because cum is vegan! Don't try to fake it guys, she can tell by the taste. No joke. We try to educate, as well as satisfy here at GloryholeSecrets.com. You'll even get a sneak peek at Febby's natural boobs and perma-hard nipples before she even starts sucking the dicks. Febby also tells us how consistently wet she is, needing to change her panties two to three times a day. Wow! Hopefully she doesn't slip off her knees while she is sucking and swallowing her TEN LOADS. This is not a week to miss, subscribers.

Mano Job - Febby Twigs - Freaky Yogi

File: ovkminamajofebtwi23bcwwkesg.mp4
Size: 751.41 MB
Duration: 18:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Febby Twigs is a hippy, but not one of those dirty ones. Well...she's dirty, but not in a hippy way. A much better word is naughty, because if there's anything Febby loves more than yoga it's sex. But let's talk yoga first. Febby practices cause it makes her feel good. She practices in the nude cause it makes her feel great. Once she's naked, no matter where Febby's at, it doesn't take long for her fingers to start touching her hot pink cunt, which is almost always wet. What's Febby think about when she's working her swollen clit? Working for loads. That's right. Hand jobs. It's her fetish. She loves working for a load...until her arm gets tired. And then she points the dick at her face and splatters herself in man milk. That's what gets her off!

Gangbang Creampie - Febby Twigs - GangBang Creampie 231

File: t8y1tnagacrfebtwism9u5ir7c4.mp4
Size: 985.52 MB
Duration: 01:04:54
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Fine Febby is laid out on the table, two dicks in her mouth and a Russian between her legs. Alex is the only lucky one to play GREET THE PLEATS with Febby today as the other Cocksmen just can't wait to dive in to her soft wetness with their shafts at full attention....