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Family Strokes

Family Strokes - Milu Blaze - Pleasuring My Stepsister In Her Hijab

File: rls5unafastmilblacc4mnutptr.mp4
Size: 364.44 MB
Duration: 43:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous ebony babe Milu Blaze is usually quite devout, but when her stepbrother comes home and sees her without her hijab on, she gets in big trouble! To make her feel better, her stepbrother slips into her bedroom and consoles her privately. But soon, the intimate moment gets even more taboo! Milu pretends to pray while her mom checks in on her, hiding the fact that her stepbrother is secretly eating her delicious pussy. She sucks her stepbrothers dick and then bounces on his huge pole for some orgasmic, interracial pleasure. Then, she enjoys a cum glaze on her puckered lips. Milus definitely blessed!

Family Strokes - Dixie Lynn - My Stepsister Fucked Me To Save Her Reputation

File: tufljnafastdixlynvrhiuy5erj.mp4
Size: 775.49 MB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Freckled hottie Dixie Lynn is a good girl, but when photos of her sucking cock hit the internet, her reputation is in major jeopardy. To make things worse, her annoying stepbrother will not stop teasing her about it! He claims that he can make it all go away, but only if Dixie pops her pussy for his big dick. She is willing to do anything to save face, so she lets him hold her in mid air as she gobble his throbbing boner. Then, she grabs the sheets and screams as he pounds her from behind. Finally, a steamy cum facial seals the deal. Now, Dixies nasty side will remain a secret

Family Strokes - Annabel Redd - My Bully Stepsister Rode My Dick

File: a8hhvnafastannred4sbqqjd5tv.mp4
Size: 315.26 MB
Duration: 37:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Redhead Annabel Redd is fed up with her slowpoke stepbrother taking forever in the bathroom every morning. She bangs on the door until he finally budges, but the problems never seem to end. Their old man finally has enough, so he thinks of a unique solution. He ties them together and locks them in the bedroom together! A few days later, they get it all their sexual tension out the old fashioned way, with Annabel riding her stepbrothers cock until he is ready to explode! She loves the way his boner feels in her pussy so much that she orgasms on his rod multiple times. Then, he spurts a big load of cum for her. Talk about conflict resolution.

Family Strokes - Audrey Hempburne - My Stepdad Slammed My Wet Pussy

File: dkwknnafastaudhemnh49hxguqj.mp4
Size: 435.31 MB
Duration: 31:57
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Although she may seem like a chilled out stoner chick, Audrey Hempburne does not fuck around when it comes to her man. So, when she finds out her mom fucked her boyfriend, she is determined to get even. She works her seductive charm on her stepdad, getting him all riled up as she makes steamy eye contact with him. Then, she works her tongue on his veiny shaft, pleasuring the tip of his dick with her little pinky finger. Finally, she lays out on top of him, enjoying a deep pussy pummeling from below as he rubs her teen clit. If pay backs a bitch, she sure is sexy!

Family Strokes - Honey Blossom & Savannah Sixx - My Step Parents Seduced Me

File: galywnafasthonsav8lf13yeywo.mp4
Size: 305.71 MB
Duration: 22:26
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Seductive and sultry Savannah Sixx has been nothing but problems for her stepmom Honey Blossom and her husband. It seems like every night, the mischievous babe tries to sneak out of the house to hang out with boys! So tonight, her step parents make her rest in their room with them. But one thing leads to another, and pretty soon, Savannah slips into a nasty fantasy about her horny step parents pleasuring her young, fit body. She eats Honeys delicious pussy and then gets her cunt lips stretched by her step dads meaty boner. Then, he splashes cum on her cooch!

Family Strokes - Rachel Rivers - Internships And Stepsister Intercourse

File: fxnnynafastracrivlege1m4c6r.mp4
Size: 386.43 MB
Duration: 46:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brace faced sweetheart Rachel Rivers cannot help but distract her business minded stepbrother as he gets ready for his first day on his new internship. He really wants to be on time, but as soon as his sexy stepsister starts rubbing his veiny dick, he is unable to resist. These two get up to all kinds of pussy stuffing fun all over the house, all under their stepdads nose. Rachel deepthroats her stepbros cock and enjoys sizzling pussy penetration that leaves her in an orgasmic haze. Then, she plays with her stepbros sperm! Hope this guy gets to his internship at some point

Family Strokes - Kenzie Madison - Gobbling Gamer Cock

File: hpjzjnafastkenmady7uj5ez27v.mp4
Size: 756.31 MB
Duration: 40:45
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy teen Kenzie Madison just cannot seem to wrap her head around her study materials, and she does not know who to turn to before her big test! When she asks her brainy stepbrother, all the guy wants to do is play videogames. To get the nerds attention, Kenzie crawls on her hands and knees and chokes on his girthy dick. The distracted dickslinger continues to man the sticks as he shoves his meat pole deep inside his stepsisters tight cunt. Then, Kenzie twerks her ass while she rides his joystick in his high tech gaming chair. Maybe sitting around and playing videogames all day really does pay off!

Family Strokes - Melissa Lynn - Eggs And Bacon Boning

File: i1bsknafastmellyn8hezavwxiy.mp4
Size: 328.99 MB
Duration: 30:34
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: MILF Melissa Lynn is tired of her husband never listening to her. The annoying guy always seems to be on his phone when she wants to vent! To get the attention she needs, she turns to her pervy stepson, who cannot keep his eyes off the busty, seductive MILF. The horny kid rips Melissas jeans open right there in the kitchen, but his dopey old man is too occupied with his phone to notice! He fucks her from behind while she serves her husband eggs. Then, they she and her stepson head to the bedroom to finish the job. He plows the sculpted temptress in her sweet MILF pussy, making her scream and moan in orgasmic joy. Then, he splashes her with wet, hot protein. Thats one way to get attention, Melissa!

Family Strokes - Lily Glee - Disciplined Stepdaughter Dick Down

File: 7zby1nafastlilglesxssaha7dx.mp4
Size: 487.94 MB
Duration: 35:48
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Pig tailed fantasy chick Lily Glee has our stud going absolutely gaga for her. But when he shows up with a love letter, her stepdad does not like what he sees. The jealous guy drags her inside and forbids her to see boys. As far as this perv is concerned, the only guy she can have is him! He bends her over on his desk and slaps her pussy aggressively before punishing her with his girthy dong. He pulls her pigtails while he fucks her cunt from behind, making her moan and squirm with every stroke. Then, he fills her mouth with sticky cream. Looks like Lily still got a serving of cock after all.

Family Strokes - Lyra Law - Health Conscious Pussy Hammering

File: eipfsnafastlyrlaweukhwwyuia.mp4
Size: 463.18 MB
Duration: 34:00
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Health conscious honey Lyra Law is just trying to get her daily serving of greens in when her bratty stepbrother reminds her that he bought the salad she is trying to eat. To get the guy to share, she sucks his meaty sausage in the living room! Later, he stumbles on the fit babe doing some intense yoga stretches in revealing workout clothes. He rips her tights wide open and stuffs her wet twat with his veiny dick. Then, he chokes her while he strokes and shoots a load of cum on her tongue. But not in time to avoid getting caught by their mom!

Family Strokes - Andreina Deluxe - Perky Tits Are Perfect

File: ahtxrnafastanddelkcbnjyfcbo.mp4
Size: 476.17 MB
Duration: 34:57
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Raven haired beauty Andreina Deluxe really wants a set of big titties, but no matter what she does, her perky cute ones will not seem to grow. Little does she know, her loving stepbrother thinks that her tits are absolutely perfect the way they are. Andreina wants a little reassurance, so she shows her stepbro her boobs to find out if they have grown at all. He caresses them, and her pussy gets soaking wet. That gets her going, and she climbs on top of her stepbro and lets her thicc assfat jiggle as she rides him, creating all kinds of orgasmic friction. This Latina babe has some serious junk in the trunk, and we would not want it any other way!

Family Strokes - Charlotte Sins & Summer Hart - Christmas Family Orgy

File: onracnafastchasumlcdxfdvvms.mp4
Size: 408.06 MB
Duration: 37:55
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: This Christmas, redhead MILF, Summer Hart, has a lot on her mind. Her husband gets a little too merry, and ends up hitting on his sexy stepdaughter, Charlotte Sins, right in front of Summer. Summer wants to have some holiday fun, too, so she takes the opportunity to rub her hand on her stepsons cock. Suddenly, this horny family is in the midst of an orgiastic Christmas miracle. They throw off their festive garb and get down to some absolutely cheerful boning. Charlottes stepdad plows her young pussy while Summer enjoys her stepsons cock deep inside her cunt. Then the girls finish them off by drinking the guys special spiced eggnog. Looks like everyone got just what they wanted this year!

Family Strokes - Chanel Shortcake - Sexy Selfies For Her Stepgrandpa

File: rnnvpnafastchashoyywwxfdaow.mp4
Size: 645.72 MB
Duration: 32:15
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Today, teeny tiny Chanel Shortcake shows up at her stepgrandpas house looking to hang out with her favorite older guy. Chanel chills by the pool and takes some naughty photos while her horny stepgrandpa watches from inside. Finally, he confronts her, remonstrating her for her bad behavior. To punish her, he whips out his long rod and stuffs it in her young mouth. She loves the taste of his boner, so she bends over and lets him stick it inside her fluff muffin. He makes passionate love to her while she moans like a wild animal. Then he feeds her a mouthful of cum. Chanel will definitely learn her lesson after this hardcore fuck session.

Family Strokes - Melody Marks - Prom Night Pussy Practice

File: 2zqgpnafastmelmarnnvpfxyvce.mp4
Size: 601.01 MB
Duration: 30:01
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Crystal eyed Melody Marks has that perfect girl next door look. But this lucky guy gets to live with her because he is her stepbrother! Today, he is getting ready for prom when his concerned stepsis wants to give him some pointers. She knows he is going to lose his virginity tonight, so she wants to make sure he provides the proper pleasure to make his girl cum. To give him some practice, she invites him to enter her sweet, teen pussy and try her on for size. He slides his tree trunk dick in her drenched hole and immediately understands what all the hype is about. Fucking his stepsister is a dream cum true!

Family Strokes - Shea Blaze - Stepdaughter Slit Therapy

File: 8ck9pnafastsheblalyoh6xlt5b.mp4
Size: 408.09 MB
Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sultry brunette Shea Blaze has always loved her stepdad, so when she hears that he and her mom are on the verge of breaking up, she is distraught! To make everything better, Sheas resourceful mom offers her man the chance to bang her stepdaughters tight coochie. Shea is totally about it, sucking her stepdads cock while her nasty mom watches. Then, she bends over at the dinner table and squeals as the pissed off patriarch lays pipe in her drenched twat. Sheas mom lets them have some alone time, and the sizzling penetration only gets more intense. Finally, the action climaxes in a creamy load of cum for Shea to shower in. What a nice family!

Family Strokes - Alix Lynx & Aften Opal - Family Friendly Thanksgiving Fuck Fest

File: mnrkenafastaliaftbpvtjwds66.mp4
Size: 444.62 MB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Every Thanksgiving, MILF Alix Lynx needs to make sure that everything is perfect for her loving family. But when she asks her stepdaughter, Aften Opal, to watch the turkey, the bratty babe lets the bird burn! Lucky for everyone, Alix is resourceful. She ties up her stepdaughter and lays her out on the table for the family to feast on. Soon, the sexy babes are getting their tight pussies stuffed by the lucky men in their lives. Aften slurps her hung stepdads johnson, and Alix gobbles down her stepsons giant dick. Then, they all indulge in some sizzling snatch penetration! This family friendly orgy has everyone feeling extra thankful.

Family Strokes - Paisley Bennett - Supervised Stepsibling Sex

File: fijn2nafastpaibenqiemxivmqm.mp4
Size: 497.54 MB
Duration: 36:30
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curvy cutie Paisley Bennett is getting fed up with her annoying stepbrother. Every time he plays a prank on her, their stepmom takes his side! This time, he hides a dildo under Paisleys pillow just to freak her out. When she gets back at him by punching him in the balls, their stepmom demands that Paisley make up for it by sucking her stepbrothers cock. The old lady supervises while she sucks and slobbers. Then, the blonde babe mounts her stepbrothers cock and goes for an orgasmic dick ride that makes her back arch and her pussy tingle! Maybe her bratty stepbrother will finally chill out after this smokin hot sex sesh

Family Strokes - Havana Bleu - Hot And Spicy Stepmom Sex

File: ez8genafasthavble4ctkdqs5cv.mp4
Size: 559.69 MB
Duration: 41:04
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hot Latina MILF Havana Bleu has it all. She can cook and she has the most banging body her stepson has ever seen. Today, Havana gets her stepson to help her prepare dinner for his old man, but they put too many hot peppers in the dish. The old man gets sick, which gives them some time to get into a hot stepmom, stepson fuck sesh. The lucky guy penetrates his stepmoms dripping pussy after pulling up her skirt and exposing her plump ass. He rocks her cunt from behind while her ass meat jiggles. Havana licks his chico stick and gets his cock drenched for another round of twat pounding. Too bad they could not keep it a secret from the old man for too long!

Family Strokes - Natalie Porkman - The Nympho Nurse

File: v5tbynafastnatporvfhkxbviak.mp4
Size: 595.43 MB
Duration: 43:41
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When brainy and beautiful Natalie Porkmans stepbrother gets injured, she is put in charge of making sure he gets the love and attention he needs. And since she is always trying to get better at nursing, it seems like the perfect gig. The only catch is that her stepbrother is a total perv! She catches him jerking his cock under the covers and is mortified, but after the initial shock settles, she cannot stop staring at her boner. To help it go away, Natalie strips off her clothes and chokes on her stepbrothers dick. Then, she covers his shaft in pussy juice as he plows her aggressively from behind. This guy is sure to heal up in no time with attention like this!

Family Strokes - Kate Bloom & Audrey Noir - Addams Family Orgy

File: xtnn9nafastkataudbpbylbtkm6.mp4
Size: 439.21 MB
Duration: 30:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: This Halloween, the Addams Family is going through a crisis! But when Morticia looks a hell of a lot like Audrey Noir, and Wednesday bears a striking resemblance to Kate Bloom, what can you expect? Everyone seems to be getting down and dirty around the old haunted mansion, and the head of the Addams Family, Gomez, is not too happy about it. So, the ghouls solve the problem the only way a supernatural family knows how, they head to the master bedroom and have an undead orgy! Wednesday gets pounded by her horny stepdad while Morticia the MILF enjoys her stepsons hard cock. Even their not quite uncle Fester gets in on the nasty fun. Happy Halloween!

Family Strokes - Leda Lothario - Twin Stepbrothers Cum On Leda Lothario's Face

File: eqvkznafastledlotmktpti6nrp.mp4
Size: 414.81 MB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When these identical dudes get a hold of some naughty nudes that look a whole lot like their stepsister, Leda Lothario, they need a little convincing to keep it from their nosy stepmom. The chick looks so hot in them that all her stepbrothers want is to sample her incredible curves. She agrees, but only if they keep her dirty little secret. The carbon copy studs whip out their meaty cocks and Leda chokes on them while their stepmom is distracted in the kitchen. The lucky guys spitroast their sexy stepsisters wet pussy, filling her mouth and dripping cunt with hard cock. Then, they cover her face in cum. That is how you seal the deal!

Family Strokes - Alex Coal - Family Guy Fuck Fest

File: mmfpsnafastalecoarbywdczunc.mp4
Size: 348.46 MB
Duration: 25:34
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Meg always seems to get the short end of the stick on Family Guy. But when Alex Coal steps in her boots and plays her during our Halloween version of the show, she suddenly gets the thick end! Instead of getting shut down and shut out, she enjoys some special one on one time with Peter, and boy does she make it count. She spreads her long legs and lets him pound her from below as she goes on a wild cock ride. Then, she bends over and lets him plow her doggystyle while she moans like the angsty babe she is. Looks like all Peter had to do was pay Meg some more attention. Who knew she was such a freak?!

Family Strokes - Nicole Aniston - Nutting In His Not Quite Aunt

File: tgwwanafastnicaninwcdwmj1ev.mp4
Size: 451.16 MB
Duration: 33:06
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Incredible babe Nicole Anistons not quite nephew has been acting up recently, and his father has not been happy about it. It seems like the only thing he cares about anymore is trying to get pussy. His dad wants Nicole to give the young man a talking to. Little does he know, this horny lady wants to fill her mature pussy with her not quite nephews stiff dick. She teases the lucky guy until his dick is hard as steel. Then, she wraps her fingers around it, putting it in her mouth for a loving blowjob. She flashes her beautiful blue eyes at him and busts out her incredible tits before going for the cock ride of her life. Then, he shoots his load deep inside her tight twat. Now that is one counterintuitive coochie lesson.

Family Strokes - Angel Ryder - Pumping Stepsister Pussy Iron

File: puq8znafastangrydv8qkuospf4.mp4
Size: 422.05 MB
Duration: 30:58
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Angel Ryder hits the gym, she hits it hard and makes sure she breaks a nice sweat. How else can she keep her body so perfectly fit? Today, she gets home and finds the time to practice a little self love. She hops in the shower and cannot help but run her hands over her own body lovingly. She works her way into every nook and cranny until she finally starts rubbing herself. That is when she sees her stepbrother perving out on her! She is pissed, but eventually he convinces her to let him do a set in her extra tight pussy. He shoves his long rod inside her and hits her G spot with immediate precision. Angel orgasms intensely as she takes her stepbros cock all the way to the balls! What a workout

Family Strokes - Sara St Clair - Stepmom Gold Diggers Get It In

File: lutipnafastsarstclaiddyhnvuyt.mp4
Size: 453.00 MB
Duration: 33:14
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Bratty Sara St Clair is a gold digger. She only likes her man because he is absolutely loaded! All the while, she is banging some guy named Tony behind his back. Little does she know, her stepson knows all about Tony. He finally confronts her and makes her strip naked to keep his mouth shut. She agrees to pleasure her pervy stepson, stripping down to expose her bangin boobs and fat ass. Then, she hops on top of him and spits in his mouth as he pummels her pussy from below! This girl can get pretty nasty Finally, she gets on her knees and takes a big load of jizz all over her tits. Maybe that will make her act right.

Family Strokes - Candy White - Rebellious Vag Ramming

File: s9ongnafastcanwhiqocbgioi3f.mp4
Size: 460.95 MB
Duration: 33:49
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Blue eyed sex kitten Candy White has been going through a rebellious phase, and her mom does not know how to handle it. She turns to her husband for help, and he seems to have the perfect solution for the problem. He decides to discipline his stepdaughter sexually while her mother watches. The angsty teen chokes on her stepdads dick and then strips naked for a more intimate form of punishment. Then, her mom leaves them alone, giving Candy and her stepdad some privacy as he rockets his cock in and out of her young cooch. He slaps her asscheeks red and then covers her fit body in hot semen to top off the session. Seems like Candy has learned her lesson

Family Strokes - Missy Luv & Mia Evans - Snowballing Stepsister Secrets

File: 1wmngnafastmismia1ldwz2jhra.mp4
Size: 712.87 MB
Duration: 35:36
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Mischievous teens Mia Evans and Missy Luv are always breaking into their stepbrothers room to look through his stuff and hang out on his bed. The poor guy hates it when they hang out in his space, so he gives them a final warning. If they do it again, they are totally fucked! Little do they know, their stepbrother is a man of his word. The next time they are hanging out in his room, they lose a bottle of nail polish under his bed. But when they bend down to look for it, their stepbrother sneaks behind them and slides his veiny shlong inside their pussies one by one. The stepsisters whimper in delight as he penetrates their young slits. Then, they snowball his creamy cum into each others mouths while he watches in amazement. Not such a bad punishment after all.

Family Strokes - Marley Brinx - Fuck What My Aunt Thinks

File: m6yiqnafastmarbriuis7ltbekg.mp4
Size: 749.33 MB
Duration: 37:25
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: When Marley Brinx is around, there is no telling what kind of scandalous situations she is going to get herself into. The tatted teen loves fucking her not quite uncle so much, she does not even care whether her annoying aunt finds out! She tosses him alluring looks all day until the old lady finally leaves. Then, she makes her move. She comes into the house and grabs her not quite uncles cock, getting it stiff as a board before whipping it out onto her eager tongue. Then, she blows the lucky guys rod, getting it ready for some sizzling penetration. Finally, she spreads her legs and lets the stud shove his prick inside her, stretching her tight pussy lips as he strokes. Enjoy that cum bath, Marley!

Family Strokes - Judy Jolie - My Stepdaughter The Escort

File: 2b61inafastjudjolgbmxifnu2y.mp4
Size: 456.88 MB
Duration: 33:31
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes, an unexpected twist of fate is just what two people need to cum together for the most erotic experience of their lives. That is exactly what happens when Judy Jolies horny stepdad calls an escort service to set him up with a special date for the evening. When the escort arrives, he realizes it is his stepdaughter Judy! They are super embarrassed, but Judy still has to get paid. Her stepdad hands over some cash, and Judy shows him a dicksucking trick that she learned from months of practice, wrapping a string of spit around his girthy dick. Then, she takes off her top, revealing her petite titties. She spasms as she cums on her stepdaddys dick, and he shoots a load all over her. Looks like this is only the first of many meetings

Family Strokes - Bunny Colby - Stepbros Revenge

File: mspkinafastbuncolarngpywpok.mp4
Size: 485.97 MB
Duration: 35:12
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stepsibling rivalry is definitely a major issue in Bunny Colbys household. Their stepmom seems to favor her stepbrother when it comes to everything! Today, when the MILF leaves, Bunnys stepbrother plays a little prank on her. He digs out his stepmoms dildo from a drawer and hides it in the unsuspecting girls bed! Bunny is freaked out, so she knees the annoying guy in the nuts. But when their stepmom comes home, she takes her stepsons side yet again! She makes Bunny throat her stepbrothers hard cock, taking it all the way down to the balls. Then, she supervises as he fucks her doggystyle and fills her up with hot cum. Who knew a little stepsibling sex would be so good for conflict resolution!

Family Strokes - Amina Fara & Nina Elle - A Thrilling Stepmom Threesome

File: xalkinafsstamininztvf9fipr1.mp4
Size: 430.73 MB
Duration: 31:12
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whenever Nina Elles stepson has his girlfriend, Amina Fara, over to hang out, Nina gets a little too involved in their business. Today, she tries to impress Amina by offering her a cup of her favorite drink, orange soda. But as she goes to deliver the ice cold treat, she stumbles upon Amina sucking her stepsons girthy cock! She thinks the blowjob is hot as hell and feels her panties get wet right away. When she finally admits it to Amina and her stepson, the family fun begins. She hooks up with Amina while the baffled guy watches. Then he fucks his girlfriend and his stepmom in a steamy threesome. They love the way his long dong feels dipping deep into their pussies. What a lucky guy.

Family Strokes - Britney Amber - The Cure for Chronic Masturbation

File: 1kdjinafastbriambnsgtawilyn.mp4
Size: 444.89 MB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber understands that guys think she is hot. They have always been trying to get in her pants one way or another. But when her stepson gets in on the act, his father gets concerned. He does not want the boy to become a chronic masturbator. To solve the problem, Britney takes matters into her own hands. When her stepson fondles her tight MILF body while she is resting, she lets him work out all his sexual frustration on her wet pussy. He strokes inside her sweet muff, stretching her out as he thrusts, all while his dad rests soundly next to them. Just do not get too loud or there will be big issues, Britney!

Family Strokes - Vanessa Cage - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

File: wrrwknafastvancags5cbq7af9v.mp4
Size: 429.28 MB
Duration: 39:52
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Cages stepson has been having some issues recently. The guy may just be going through a phase, but something is really stuck in his craw. His dad can barely talk to him anymore, and he is always in a bad mood. Vanessa hates to see her man or her stepson upset. The blonde MILF sweetheart will do anything to make them happy. So, she offers to give the young guy a talking to. Maybe a few words from his loving stepmom will do the trick. She makes her way into his bedroom and sits down with the brooding guy, hoping to pierce through his fragile psyche. Maybe if she says just the right things, he will be able to bounce back from this rough patch in his life. She probes him to find out what has been going on, and he reveals that he just has not had any luck with girls recently. He thinks he needs an older woman, which piques Vanessas interest. Why would her young stepson need an older woman? She thinks she has an idea, and she knows just how to fix the kids bad attitude. He describes his perfect lady and it is Vanessa to a tee. Long hair, blue eyes, big tits, that is her. So she strips down and makes her stepsons wildest desires come true. She busts out her fat tits and lets him lick her nipples. Then, he squeezes her boobs together and fucks them. This guy busts out every trick in the book. He picked up the stroking technique watching a ton of family porn videos on the internet! The affair heats up as he shoots a load of cum all over Vanessas tits just as his dad comes into the room. Looks like they both have some serious explaining to do.

Family Strokes - Savannah Sixx - Never Enough Stepsister Muff

File: pu9qonafastsavsix816mq9qx5z.mp4
Size: 415.64 MB
Duration: 30:30
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Caramel beauty Savannah Sixx is a little down on her luck recently, but her family has her back. She heads over to her stepbrothers house to shack up for a while as she looks for a new job to pay the bills with. He is more than happy to have her, but their parents are a little concerned about Savannahs independence. They do not want her staying with him for too long, and Savannah totally understands. All she needs is a place to crash for a little, and she will be on her feet and running! But while she is at her stepbrothers, she decides to have a little fun. She lays out on the bed and strips naked, exposing her perfect tits and pink nipples. She gets her fingers wet and then plays with her pussy, massaging her clit until she is on the brink of orgasm. But just as she is going to climax, her stepbrother walks in and catches her in the act. They are both a little shy at first, but Savannah has been waiting for her stepbrother to see her in a new light for a long time. She takes the opportunity to show him exactly what he can expect if he is down to have some fun with her. On top of that, with a little stepsister pussy payment every now and then, she will definitely be able to cover her rent. He presents his dick and Savannah goes to town, drooling all over his shaft as she gives him a sensual blowjob. She is proud that she is able to please her stepbro so deftly, and she vows to keep it a family secret. Then, she mounts him and he strokes inside until she is begging for more. Looks like this chick has been watching a little too much porn lately!

Family Strokes - Emily Addison & Anna Blaze - Eviction And Dick Addiction

File: zwtxhnafastemianns7p9vq6lu2.mp4
Size: 472.78 MB
Duration: 34:41
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
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