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Eva Long

Girlfriends Films - Diana Grace & Eva Long - Alien Rhapsody

File: 5wgojnagifidiaevaiyouh5amtx.mp4
Size: 990.68 MB
Duration: 01:02:04
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon stars in an original sci-fi thriller as a young woman who struggles with gender identity and sexuality, to the point of suicide. This suicidal act opens a portal that allows an alien entity from the planet Bahdia to re-animate and inhabit her body. When Lacy comes back to life, she has a renewed vigor and hunger for lust. But Lacy's new alien-human hybrid DNA also causes a chemical reaction, fatal to her sexual partners. It's up to the sexy team of Ze-Files detectives to catch her before another innocent lesbian dies.

New Sensations - Eva Long - Eva Has Another Tale To Tell

File: yymsnnaneseevalon56qcqibamj.mp4
Size: 228.75 MB
Duration: 28:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy spouse Eva gets to retell her tale of some good fucking dick she had while her husband was out on business. She described her lingerie and heels that gave her suitor Logan a VIP experience as he had her legs spread wide for every inch of cock as Eva imagined her husband was in the room which had her cum several times and Logan exploding all over her tits and face.

Moms Teach Sex - Eva Long - Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom

File: zkviqnamoteseevalonr1kzpstdqv.mp4
Size: 237.08 MB
Duration: 28:46
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Oliver Flynn's video on Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Sisters was such a huge success, he figures he can hit big on a sequel. This time, he has his sights on his step mom, Eva Long. Just like the plan with his stepsisters, Oliver takes time to lay the groundwork. It's important to make his stepmom think that fucking her stepson was her idea. He achieves this by making sure that she accidentally-on-purpose sees him naked. When Eva freaks out, Oliver follows her to her room so he can comfort her. He follows that up with compliments when Eva complains about her weight, which sets the stage for Eva to find Oliver sensitive and sweet. He goes on to let his mom know he thinks she's beautiful.

New Sensations - Eva Long - Sexy Hotwife Stories 3

File: i3xylnaneseevalonr1jjrbdzlp.mp4
Size: 456.56 MB
Duration: 28:28
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brittany Andrews, Lexi Luna, Eva Long, and Charlotte Cross bring to life the sexiest hotwife stories ever told. Watch as these beautiful and insatiable wives are ravished by handsome friends and strangers handpicked for their pleasure by their loving husbands.

Teacher Fucks Teen - Eva Long - More Than Fantasy

File: 3rq4pnatefuteevalonvlhibslvgt.mp4
Size: 468.12 MB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Milf-y teacher Eva Long is expecting Seth Gamble for a tutoring session, but she thinks she has enough time before he arrives to masturbate. She lays herself out on the couch and spreads her thighs, slipping one hand to her clit while the other gropes her big boobs. Spying a dildo, Eva grabs the toy and shoves it all the way inside her greedy snatch. She's just getting ready to cum when Seth arrives, interrupting her masturbation. Eva tries to give Seth some attention, but her fantasies about his strong young body are too distracting. She reschedules their tutoring appointment, then finishes herself off while still dreaming of Seth's hands on her body.

The next day, Seth returns to try again for her tutoring session. Eva has decided to be blunt with her student, informing him of her fantasies and how much she would like to pursue them. Seth is reluctant, offering excuses to get him out of his teacher's sights. Eva is determined to whittle down Seth's resistance and eventually gets his pants off and his cock in her hot, eager mouth.

Peeling off her own clothes, Eva hops onto Seth's fuck stick to ride him forward and backward. Then she gets down on her hands and knees to let Seth have a go at her cream filled twat. Their doggy style coupling gets even raunchier as Eva rolls onto her back and lets Seth bang her in a tit-bouncing bonanza that leaves her screaming her carnal satisfaction. Seth pulls out to cover Eva's tits with his cum shot, leaving his teacher smiling as she suggests they get back to studying.

Mylf Blows - Eva Long - Forbidden Oral Skills Showcase

File: htxd1namyblevalonldfc42m4kt.mp4
Size: 361.81 MB
Duration: 44:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Eva Long is the sweetest MILF you will ever see in pink pajamas. Behind her sexy nightwear though is a cock sucking lunatic who believes there is no such thing as too much cum. Watch her years of dick licking experience make for an amazing oral showcase of forbidden skills. Eva even delves deep into the asshole for seductive tongue action. This MILF is a problem and we love it so much! See full video here

Moms in Control - Eva Long & Danni Rivers - Say Yes To Some Sex

File: fyal7namoincoevadana8mmthjbwt.mp4
Size: 387.25 MB
Duration: 33:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Eva Long, in order to try to bond with her stepdaughter-to-be, accompanies Danni Rivers as she shops for wedding dresses. Unfortunately, Danni isnt into the idea because she feels that Eva, who she finds out is about to marry her father, is stealing her thunder. Danni has made her fianc, Bambino, accompany her for solidarity, and Danni is fuming due to Evas disregard for her wedding plans. When Eva seems like shes going to settle on Dannis dream dress, they start to play tug of war with the mythic garment, leading to a messy argument that turns downright dirty.