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Erotica X

Erotica X - Eliza Ibarra - Dance With Me

File: pa3xdnaerxeliibawls5uqnmzk.mp4
Size: 400.47 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When her ballroom dance partner drops out of the year's big performance, Eliza Ibarra elicits the help of a young French student Alex Legend to fill in. But there's one problem. He's a terrible dancer. So she tries to teach him a few waltz steps, and while the dance lessons ends in failure, their love sparks off in the right direction.

Erotica X - Winter Jade - Never Been Kissed

File: trtprnaerxwinjadedl4hcvwbt.mp4
Size: 302.53 MB
Duration: 27:04
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: After Winter Jade was told by her last date that she was a terrible kisser, she asks her science study-partner Tommy Woods to give her a few pointers. And while it's awkward at first, he finally gets her kissing like an old fashioned movie star, unleashing hormones and a round of passionate sex.

Erotica X - Lana Sharapova - New Sheriff In Town

File: gjoxynaerxlanshagwppwuj8d2.mp4
Size: 444.04 MB
Duration: 37:49
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When the town's new sheriff Lana Sharapova catches the local bandit Ryan Mclane, she starts to haul him off to the jail house, but he convinces her to give him one last attempt to redeem himself. And after coming up with a novel way to plead his innocence, she decides to give the outlaw one last chance.

Erotica X - Sofi Ryan - Lost

File: dz9ganaerxsofryadlxv36lkt8.mp4
Size: 328.79 MB
Duration: 29:02
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Finding herself lost in the wilderness, Sofi Ryan happens upon a remote wilderness cabin, and slips into some comforting blankets while a hunter Damon Dice returns and discovers the crazed stranger. But when she realizes there is no cell service and the only way out is hours on foot, she decides to spend the night with the handsome, young hunter.

Erotica X - Natalie Knight - Working Out

File: 5eikonaerxnatkniasvwvqrkvn.mp4
Size: 353.24 MB
Duration: 34:28
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Natalie Knight is caught getting a little too hot and heavy with her boyfriend, so her mother decides to have her spend a few weeks with a friend in another town until things cool down. There she meets a young workout junkie Sam Shock, who just happens to be willing to introduce her to the art of making love.

Erotica X - Chloe Cherry - Keeping Up Appearances

File: jxxasnaerxchlchelhhh7gegrc.mp4
Size: 209.75 MB
Duration: 37:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Seeking sex advice from his best friend's sister Chloe Cherry, who has a reputation of being extremely sexually experienced, suddenly discovers that she's just a pretender--she doesn't know anything about sex. To keep her facade secret, she decides to finally break the ice, and have her first sexual experience with a fellow virgin Tyler Nixon.

Erotica X - Sadie Blake - Isn't That Cheating

File: ymrtvnaerxsadbladixb9cztao.mp4
Size: 309.59 MB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: While his girlfriend Emily is off with Tyler, Seth Gamble spends some time with a new girl named Sadie Blake that he's just met and is very curious about the whole concept of a polyamory relationship. And perhaps she has fantasies about joining in, but first decides to test the waters before fully committing.