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Elsa Jean

Family Hookups - Elsa Jean - Cute young blonde Elsa Jean fucks her “uncle” Evan

File: tgajcnafahoelsjeag14qpjkbxc.mp4
Size: 250.27 MB
Duration: 30:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde teen Elsa Jean, is such a dirty little slut. Her dads best friend, who she knows as uncle Evan, is staying in their house, and this nasty girl is spying on him in the shower! Shes so turned on by his mature body that she starts touching herself, but he catches her! She insists that they should fuck, and hes hesitant at first thats his best friends daughter!, but how can he resist such a sexy young babe? All bets are off as soon as he shoves his huge cock down her young throat. He fucks her tight pussy nice and hard and covers her pretty little face in his hot cum.

Bellesa Films - Elsa Jean - Break In

File: vrpqinabefielsjeaqo1bijbkiy.mp4
Size: 318.72 MB
Duration: 39:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa is home alone when someone breaks into her new house. She hides and screams till she scares them off and dials for help. The police come and go, but she is still completely shook. Her boyfriend Jake is out of town on a business trip, so she calls up a nearby friend instead. Small Hands is her total savior, comforting her as she continues unpacking her things upstairs. He accidentally falls asleep, and wakes up in the middle of the night, face to face with Elsa in bed. Its too late to go home nowthey start kissing and the tension for touch bursts into a sensual sex scene.

Hot And Mean - Elsa Jean & Riley Steele - Roommates Or More

File: 3zxr2nahoanmeelsrildic219khkm.mp4
Size: 285.79 MB
Duration: 26:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Roommates Elsa Jean and Riley Steele have been casually fooling around for months. Unfortunately, their lusty girl-mance is coming to an end because Riley is moving out, and moving in with her boyfriend. Elsa has one more chance to convince Riley that theres no place like home in bed naked together.

Adam And Eve - Charlotte Stokely & Elsa Jean - Star Directive Charlotte Stokely

File: vrcf2naadanevchaelslppjmjwuao.mp4
Size: 559.31 MB
Duration: 33:18
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Starring in a hot new original scene with Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely makes her directorial debut. Then Charlotte shares intimate details behind some of her most memorable girl-on-girl scenes with some of the most beautiful and exxciting women in adult entertainment, revealing what makes Charlotte Stokely the superstar she is!

Deep Lush - Elsa Jean - Eye Contact And Orgasms

File: bdetnnadeluelsjeajofebb1xke.mp4
Size: 570.69 MB
Duration: 34:31
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: This is the second scene featuring the unbelievable Elsa Jean and I having more fun and intimate sex. We kiss and make out a ton before I go down on her. Our sex is intense and close and we fuck all over the bed in a ton of positions. There's POV shot during the blowjob and while she rides my cock with her ass facing the camera. She has intense orgasms while I fuck her with a hitachi on her clit. The scene ends with a close up of me cumming in her mouth and her licking up the cum off of my cock.

Zebra Girls - Elsa Jean, Ana Foxxx & Anne Amari - Elsa's Roommates

File: ux1i6nazegielsanaanniqmfxgsw98.mp4
Size: 262.72 MB
Duration: 32:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa's roommates, Anne and Ana, are always trying to get her to play Truth or Dare. Elsa never realized it was their attempt at getting in her pants. Well, she finally breaks down and plays. Quickly she falls prey to the dare and of course they both want Elsa to strip for them. While stripping, Elsa gets turned on by them perving on her and before she knows it, she is in a full on 3 way lesbian sex romp with her roommates. They suck on each other's pussies and lap
up the orgasm juice dripping on each other's lips. Anne and Ana share Elsa's pussy...taking turns flicking her little clit with their tongues. Elsa returns the favor and licks both of them in doggie from clit to asshole.

Blacks On Blondes - Elsa Jean - When Elsa's Husband Is At Work

File: ciwjhnablonblelsjeaxf2byh1hbt.mp4
Size: 331.11 MB
Duration: 29:28
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: When Elsa's husband is at work, Elsa likes to have Isiah come over to play. The fact that her husband would kill both of them...makes it even more hot. She likes to tease Isiah and pretend like she's not gonna fuck him. She always says the same thing....my husband is gonna be home, we gotta stop doing this! or knock it off, I just want to be with my husband. But Isiah knows that it's just the game she likes to play before she gives up the pussy! She likes to
suck his dick nice and slow to start. She gets it wet so her juicy pussy lips can easily slide onto his long hard cock. He takes it deep, pushing the back walls of her pussy, so she shakes with orgasm. Her favorite is to ride him, grinding her sweet little box back and forth....dripping cunt juice down his shaft. The dirtiest part of her little secret....she swallows every bit of his cum, to hide the proof from her husband!

Evil Angel - Elsa Jean - Plowing Elsa Jean's Tight Nordic Pussy

File: hwiurnaevanelsjeaihbou76nbn.mp4
Size: 418.96 MB
Duration: 30:07
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: In sexy black stockings, Nordic blonde Elsa Jean shows off her peach bottom and flashes her elegant labia. Mick Blue kneels to lick her tight twat he gives her asshole a tasty rim job. Elsa sucks his long, strong wood, gargling his balls while spit collects on her chin. He fills her cunt with hard cock, pounding her from behind while her eyes roll back in her head. Elsa kisses Mick's asshole and climbs on top so he can fuck her cunt from below. See thorough pussy plowing and a throaty blowjob, till Mick blasts a creamy load of cum for Elsa to swallow.

Nuru Massage - Elsa Jean - Soaping Up The Sitter

File: qucxrnanumaelsjeapsqrnaovgh.mp4
Size: 274.97 MB
Duration: 32:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mark Wood is pleasantly surprised when the regular babysitter, Elsa Jean, shows up early for work. As always, Elsa seems happy to see him, though she asks if she can do some prep work for her massage class later. Mark doesn't have a problem with it, though is thrown off when Elsa thanks him with a lingering hug. Sheepishly, he breaks the hug, announcing that he's out. Little does he know, the moment he's gone, Elsa berates herself for getting so close to a married man...

When Mark returns later, he's shocked to find Elsa furiously cleaning off an inflatable mattress. He learns that she spilled a lot of gel while practicing for her class. After Mark assures her that it's not the end of the world, he invites her to use his shower to clean up, which she happily accepts.

Although Mark thinks that will be the end of it, he keeps getting called into the bathroom by Elsa. She constantly asks for his help, like removing the sticky shirt, turning on the hot water, getting her some soap... He's shy but helps her however he can, until she asks him to wash her back. By then, the sexual tension between them at the sight of Elsa's gorgeous naked body is too much!

After a steamy shower to help Elsa 'wash her back,' Mark and Elsa get hot and heavy on the same mattress that started it all. There's no hiding their lust as Elsa pours oil all over them and slides along Mark's body. Once Elsa takes his cock into her mouth and then her pussy, it's all over... but so worth it!

Love Her Feet - Elsa Jean & Naomi Swann - A Sexy Feet Date Night

File: h2bhqnalohefeelsnaodoevawxnia.mp4
Size: 687.53 MB
Duration: 48:28
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: I met Logan on a dating app. After a few texts back and forth we set up a date to meet in Hollywood at a nice lounge. We were very attracted to each other from first sight, that's for sure. We sat down at a quiet table and ordered some drinks. I was wearing a short sexy dress with sexy gold high heels that made my feet and toes look delicious. Logan noticed them almost right away and, being as excited as I was, I started to play footsie with him. He liked it very much and constantly complimented my beautiful red pedicure. That's when I knew that he has a foot fetish just like me. I got so horny because I love when a guy knows how to properly lick and suck my beautiful feet. A couple tables down was a hot blond girl sitting by herself and vigorously texting. She had beautiful long legs and very sexy feet in stunning black open toe high heels. Suddenly she picked up her phone and started arguing presumably with her boyfriend who just delivered the bad news that hes canceling on their date. She hung up on him and ordered a drink. In the meantime, my feet were already in Logan's lap, getting a seductive foot massage. He then made a bold move by passionately kissing and licking my pretty toes and arched soles. My panties became soaking wet. When I glanced at the sexy blond next to us, I noticed she was watching us. Logan just kept worshiping my gorgeous feet like she wasnt even there. The way she looked at us made the already exciting situation even hotter. After watching us for a few minutes she stood up and sat right next to us so she can have a great view of the show. It was so hot being watched shamelessly like that by a sexy stranger. She started touching herself and when I gave her the go she lifted my leg and started sucking on my toes. My juicy pussy was soaking wet and all I wanted was to get fucked by these two. They were both sucking on my toes and licking my soles at the same time while making out with each other with my feet in their mouths. Then she took out his big hard cock and put my slutty feet on it to give him a sexy footjob. As I was giving him a sensually sexy footjob, the hot blond started to suck his cock while licking my toes. He fucked us both really good while we were eating each others pussy and playing with each other's feet. After numerous double footjobs and riding his cock with my soles up, he busted his thick warm load all over our sexy feet. His cum on our feet looked so hot as it dripped down from our sexy toes. Wasn't bad for a first date. I'll keep both of them on a rotation for sure.

Purgatory X - Paige Owens & Elsa Jean - My Sexy Roommate Vol 1

File: 9orbcnapuxpaielsw2aavsoln1.mp4
Size: 410.78 MB
Duration: 32:40
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Paige Paige Owens joins Elsa Elsa Jean and her boyfriend Michael Vegas as theyre relaxing on the sofa. Paige is a bit embarrassed about the previous night but Elsa and Michael are anything but offended and suggest that Paige join them for a threesome. Paige needs little convincing and the fun begins. Its obvious that Elsa and Paige share a passion for jerking and sucking Michaels cock. This delicious sexcapade has plenty of yummy pussy munching, hungry cock gobbling and serious pounding. As Michael cums, Elsa and Paige open their mouths and collect his load. With mouths full of cum, the super sexy sluts slurp on his cock and share deep creamy kisses.

Purgatory X - Elsa Jean - My Sexy Roommate Vol 1 E2

File: kjybdnapuxelsjeawribasojot.mp4
Size: 434.78 MB
Duration: 28:18
Resolution: 736x414
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Elsa Jean and her boyfriend Michael Vegas come home from a night out and head straight to the bedroom. The two lovers waste no time getting busy and Michael soon has his face buried in his girlfriends crotch. As Michael licks and tongues Elsas swollen snatch, she cant help but moan loud enough for her roommate Paige Owens to hear. Paige quietly opens the bedroom door and once again sneaks-a-peek. As Elsa and Michael lick, suck and fuck their way to ecstasy, Paige fingers herself to orgasm, once again leaving drops of womanly juices on the floor. After Michael cums on Elsas derriere, the two lovers look up and discover a half-dressed Paige at the doorway. Pleasantly surprised, Elsa and Michael smile at Paige as she lingers at the doorway. She playfully flashes a smile and a wave goodnight as the door closes.

Tough Love X - Elsa Jean - Karl's Kastings

File: wsmoinatoloxelsjea9baiqgwkak.mp4
Size: 440.51 MB
Duration: 34:59
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: I love fat pussy so much that I rented a billboard to help me in my search. I was surprised when some sweaty dude came knocking at my door, but was intrigued when he said I had to meet his sister because she has the fattest pussy around. Turns out, he wasn't lying. Today my friends, is going to be a good fucking day.

Web Young - Elsa Jean & Vanna Bardot - Little Miss Oblivious

File: 5x8elnaweyoelsvanzbcqzgdzkg.mp4
Size: 270.15 MB
Duration: 33:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean loves hanging out with her best friend, Laney Grey. Yet, she's completely oblivious to the fact that Laney has a HUGE crush on her! She misses ALL the signs as Laney tries to hint that she'd like to be MORE than best friends. With Elsa not catching her drift, Laney sadly takes her leave while Elsa is none the wiser.

After Laney leaves, Elsa's older step-sister, Vanna Bardot, steps in and chastises Elsa for being so clueless! Doesn't she see that Laney totally has the hots for her?? Since Elsa clearly doesn't know how to flirt, Vanna is happy to give her a crash course so she doesn't miss out on getting with Laney. Elsa, not wanting to lose Laney, takes her big sister up on the offer.

Vanna starts things off by showing Elsa subtle things to watch out for, like fleeting touches along the thigh or brushing hair away from the face. Even then, Elsa still seems to think that the gestures are innocent enough, so Vanna has to up her game. In order to see what she's working with, she gets Elsa to kiss her, though the kiss leaves much to be desired. She offers Elsa the chance to learn how to REALLY kiss so that she'll know what to do if she ever gets that far with a girl.

With Elsa's permission, Vanna shows Elsa how to make out, which leads to Elsa becoming more curious about sex. Since Vanna doesn't want to leave her sister hanging, she shows Elsa how to go ALL the way to boost her confidence. Slowly and surely, as the sisters undress and begin caressing each other, Elsa starts to catch on. Vanna leads the way, showing Elsa how to eat pussy and trib like a pro, but will Elsa's newfound knowledge be enough to win Laney back?

Bratty Sis - Elsa Jean - Buy My Love

File: jabatnabrsielsjeavcmhfyb6lj.mp4
Size: 560.00 MB
Duration: 36:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean has expensive taste, but this horny blonde knows she has a hot body that her stepbrother Tony craves. She uses that to her advantage as she asks Tony for the money to buy some shoes. Tony suggests that Elsa might give him a BJ in exchange, but she talks him down to a handie. When she is done stroking Tony off, she gleefully takes his credit card and goes off to shop.

Shoes aren't enough to satisfy Elsa's lust for shopping for long. She returns to Tony to beg for more cash, this time to buy an expensive purse. When Tony points out that Elsa's newest desire is going to require way more than just a handjob, she agrees to fuck him if it gets her what she wants. Pulling up her miniskirt, she flashes her big ass and then bends over so Tony can bang her from behind. That appetizer on the couch leaves them both horny for more as they relocate to the bedroom.

Elsa makes sure that Tony is nice and hard by sucking him down like a Hoover, then hopping on his fuck stick to ride him with her tight little pussy. Switching to reverse cowgirl, she lets him admire that ass again. He clearly likes the bootay because he urges Elsa onto her hands and knees so he can give her a doggy style pussy pounding. Rolling onto her back, Elsa spreads her thighs and lets Tony go to town until he's on the verge of cumming. When he has pulled out and blown his load all over his stepsis, Tony once again gives her his credit card for a job well done.

ATK Girlfriends - Elsa Jean - You Cum All Over Elsa's Face

File: joowlnaatgielsjeaqaisk1mgls.mp4
Size: 728.58 MB
Duration: 39:50
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa is fresh out of the shower but ready to get dirty with you. She takes her towel off and eat her pussy before she sucks your cock. She oils her feet and gives you a footjob before you fuck her. She wants to do something she doesn't ever do and have you creampie her.

ATK Girlfriends - Elsa Jean - Elsa Jean Takes Your Cum Right In Her Pussy.

File: k911xnaatgielsjeawc9ctejhni.mp4
Size: 433.69 MB
Duration: 24:51
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa is fresh out of the shower but ready to get dirty with you. She takes her towel off and eat her pussy before she sucks your cock. She oils her feet and gives you a footjob before you fuck her. She wants to do something she doesn't ever do and have you creampie her.

Teens Like It Big - Elsa Jean - Creepy Next Door Neighbor

File: rl6genateliitbielsjeafliodxinzu.mp4
Size: 349.49 MB
Duration: 32:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean is coming back home from her college courses when she sees her friendly, but a little creepy, neighbor Keiran Lee watering her lawn. Keirans polite, but theres just something about him that makes Elsa think hes a bit of a perv. Once shes inside and has to the place to herself, Elsa soon has a sneaking suspicion that hes spying on her! Elsa catches her creepy next door neighbor jacking off outside her bedroom and is about to give him a piece of her mind but then, she sees his rock hard cock and decides to give him a taste of her pussy instead!

Family Hookups - Elsa Jean - Cute little blonde Elsa Jean gets bored and fucks her stepbrother

File: pov3anafahoelsjealfl3j3xbdp.mp4
Size: 245.21 MB
Duration: 30:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: What to do when youre stuck alone in the family vacation house with your stepbrother? Fuck of course! Tight little blonde Elsa Jean is bored on the couch with her stepbrother so they decide to kill time by getting naked and going to town on each other.

Bang Trickery - Elsa Jean - Elsa Jean Hit A Pedestrian And He Fucks Her In Return

File: sta2tnabatrelsjeacfturbzfbr.mp4
Size: 438.25 MB
Duration: 26:34
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean is a hot blondie that is driving in an alley when she sees a man lying on the ground in front of her car! He pretends to guilt her into thinking that she hit him, so she helps him back to her place to make sure his injuries aren't serious. She ends up riding his thick cock and getting her tight pussy pounded out!

ATK Girlfriends - Elsa Jean - You Fuck Elsa In The Car And Finish Back In Bed.

File: 99ueonaatgielsjeacssckvylav.mp4
Size: 889.23 MB
Duration: 49:42
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: You take Elsa to see the turtles and visit the beach. She pees right on the beach and it makes you hot. You find a private place to fuck in the car and she sucks you off and rides your cock. You almost get caught so you head back home and she jerks you off till you explode.