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Eliza Ibarra

Swallowed - Eliza Ibarra - Eliza Is A Juice Maker

File: pa7d2naswaeliibap4xmvo11cb.mp4
Size: 534.11 MB
Duration: 46:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra is here to prove again that when it comes to wet, sloppy bjs, shes at the top of her class! The spit and drool will be dripping all over her sexy body while her mouth works on a thick rod. Once she starts deepthroating, that lucky dude is no match for her skills, and soon after he blows his load into her open mouth.

Web Young - Kendra Spade, Eliza Ibarra & Vanna Bardot - Class Of The Titans

File: uuwnmnaweyokenelivanhynmtc4mq5.mp4
Size: 346.60 MB
Duration: 44:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Three high school students, Eliza Ibarra, Kendra Spade, and Vanna Bardot, are stuck in detention together after being thrown out of a class president debate for bickering too much. Kendra, being all about academia, is convinced she'd make the best class president. However, Eliza, a cheerleader, and Vanna, a theatre kid, are all about becoming class president, too.

As the three argue back and forth, it's clear that they just can't get along. However, they soon realize that the teacher is nowhere to be found. When they check the classroom door, it doesn't budge! It seems as though their teacher forgot about them AND the janitor locked them in! What's even worse is that the janitor also turned off the heat!

It's going to be a loooooong night.

As the hours tick by, the girls start to get restless and chilly. In order to conserve heat, they reluctantly snuggle up together on the teacher's desk, although they still can't get along. It doesn't seem to be working, though, and Kendra suggests that they'd probably be warmer if they stripped down to have body-to-body contact...

After some reluctance, they all strip down to their underwear. Even if they can't stand each other, they can't help but stare at their beautiful bodies. They begrudgingly give each other compliments, the tension between them shifting to a sexual one. Finally, to help pass the time, work out the tension, AND get warm, they decide to get frisky!

Things really heat up between them as the share naughty kisses and explore each other's bodies. No breast or pussy is left untouched as they each get a taste during the tantalizing threesome. Maybe after this, they'll be able to finally get along!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, StoryFan!

Cherry Pimps - Eliza Ibarra - Sexy And Sweet Eliza Ibarra Fucking

File: mx3vwnachpieliibamm5gpjlvny.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 01:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful all natural babe Eliza Ibarra is always a joy to have on cam and she just loves fucking LIVE. She teases in her sheer bodysuit letting you admire her all natural tits before stripping it off so you can admire that beautiful bush before Ryan Mclane eats out that marvelous pussy! Eliza just wants to suck that cock and feel Ryan fuck her hard in doggy while you admire that gorgeous face! She can not wait to feel his hot load all over her beautiful ass!

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely & Eliza Ibarra - My Boyfriend's Porn

File: kdslunagiwachaelidep1p9fdgy.mp4
Size: 302.19 MB
Duration: 37:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra visits her best friend, Charlotte Stokely, and is stoked to see her. Even though they're best friends, they haven't had the chance to hang out much lately since Charlotte got a new boyfriend. But speaking of Charlotte's boyfriend, he's kind of why Charlotte invited Eliza over today...

Eliza is curious as Charlotte takes out a laptop, explaining that it's her boyfriend's and that she was just borrowing it when she discovered something interesting lesbian porn! Her boyfriend has SO MUCH lesbian porn on his computer! But she can't be mad since all guys watch porn, right?? Does Eliza herself watch porn?? Eliza is surprised by the question but admits that she doesn't...

Charlotte questions if THEY should watch some porn. They don't want to be one of those people that's never seen a porn video in their life, right? It'd probably be a good thing if they at least had an idea of what it's all about... Although Eliza's a bit uncertain, her curiosity and desire to spend more time with her bestie gets the best of her, so she agrees.

They pick one of the videos to watch and settle in. Although it's awkward at first, they naturally can't help but get turned on as the video progresses. In fact, they get so hot and bothered that they sheepishly agree to masturbate next to each other to take the edge off. Of course, this isn't enough, and it isn't long before they are hungry for the full lesbian experience. They've already gone THIS far, so why not go all the way??

They start off with kissing each other, although their mouths soon find their way to each other's breasts and pussies. They're eager for anything and everything they can get, including tribbing and even 69ing. As they bring each other to new realms of pleasure, it looks like finding porn on a boyfriend's computer was a good thing!

Cherry Pimps - Eliza Ibarra - Horny And Wet For That Cock

File: r9agynachpieliiba84sphdztas.mp4
Size: 546.78 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: All natural beauty Eliza Ibarra has the hots for Charles loving how he runs his hands all over her firm tits! She wants to get that cock in her grasp to show just how much she wants to fuck! Her blowjob skills are amazing. Charles almost cums before he gets his hard cock in that beautiful wet pussy but he holds back like a champ and fucks her until she can not take it and goes some more. Eliza loves feeling that cock penetrate her deep with each and every thrust moving to whatever angle is needed to feel it the best. She can not stop moaning even when Charles chokes her and loves to watch when he cums all over that beautiful bush!

Cherry Pimps - Vicki Chase & Eliza Ibarra - Eliza Enjoys Intimate Company With Vicki Chase

File: bmwk7nachpiviceliz4cipcu3w4.mp4
Size: 434.22 MB
Duration: 19:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra is so happy to have Vicki Chase in her bed wearing some sexy pink lingerie. As much as she loves that lingerie though it is about to come off so Eliza can really indulge in that sexy fit body. Eliza runs her hands all over Vickis tits and soon Vicki has her mouth right on Elizas nipples sucking away. These girls love their beautiful bushes and Eliza buries her face deep in Vicki making her moan out as Eliza works that magic tongue all over her clit. This girl really knows what she is doing and will not stop until she cums!

All Anal - Eliza Ibarra & Kiarra Kai - ATM Introduction For Eliza And Kiarra

File: czn29naalanelikiaoic1tjkxtv.mp4
Size: 887.50 MB
Duration: 01:15:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Its Elizas second anal and Kiarras first time even being around backdoor action. What they lack in anal experience they make up for in pure raunchiness. Eliza and Kiarra are more than ready for what lies ahead. Elizas ass is the star here, but Kiarras mouth is the best support a girl could want. Keep your eyes on these two, theyre just getting warmed up!

Hot Crazy Mess - Eliza Ibarra - When Step Sis Wants Your Dick

File: gjcfsnahocrmeeliibaimrgkfvut3.mp4
Size: 523.23 MB
Duration: 30:56
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra has had the hots for her stepbrother for a while, but now she has a plan to get him in the sack. She calls him in, claiming that she's not feeling well and she needs him to rub her chest. Not about to pass up a chance to put his hands on his stunning stepsister's tits, Brother agrees. Eliza sees her stepbro getting hard. When she points it out, he goes to leave but Eliza tells him that this is what she's been wanting the whole time. She proves it by getting on her knees and starting to suck him off.

Now that he suddenly has permission to fulfill all his fantasies, Eliza's stepbrother is incredulous but not about to pass up the opportunity. He gets Eliza on her hands and knees so he can fuck her from behind. She's got an incredible bottom, perfect to hold on to as he pounds away. Eliza plays up to that by hopping aboard for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Then she turns around so Brother can see her titties bouncing as she rides him.

When Eliza lays back and spreads her thighs, her stepbrother doesn't hesitate to come on in. He gives her meaty twat the climax that Eliza's been chasing. Then Eliza resumes her blowjob and handie until her bro gives her a facial of cum. Sucking him clean between her puffy lips, she smiles and confesses that she's feeling much better now.

Girls Way - India Summer, Dana Dearmond & Eliza Ibarra - Cougariffic: The Edge Of Her Seat

File: wuzfunagiwainddaneliyu648gydt8.mp4
Size: 343.59 MB
Duration: 32:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer and Dana DeArmond, two doting wives, are concerned about a young woman they took in as a roommate to help with the mortgage. Eliza Ibarra SEEMED like a good candidate at the time, but now they often catch her masturbating all throughout the house. They even find Eliza's underwear just laying out in the open for all to see!

Finally, they decide to confront Eliza to get to the bottom of this nonsense. When they catch her napping in THEIR BED, it's the last straw. Once confronted, Eliza tearfully admits to having a condition where she feels the need to masturbate ALL the time! It's extremely frustrating, though, because she's unable to cum, no matter how much she tries. It got so bad that her last roommates kicked her out, and she's terrified it's about to happen again!

Fortunately for Eliza, Dana just happens to be a sex therapist and has the perfect idea for alleviating Eliza's troubles...

Eliza soon finds herself tied to the bed, excited for what's about to come. Dana and India work together to deliciously edge Eliza, aiming to teach her how to let all that tension finally explode into beautiful relief. Beneath their skilled fingers and tongues, Eliza's pussy never felt so wet! But will it all really be enough for her to finally experience the joys of cumming??

Rk Prime - Eliza Ibarra - Making Deals

File: 8wz1nnarkpreliibatdeahxobhg.mp4
Size: 346.09 MB
Duration: 31:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Everybody knows step-brothers always want to spoil the fun. Eliza Ibarras step bro, Justin, is exactly like that. Lame! But Eliza has a few tricks up her sleeves to get her stuffy step sibling to let her have a party. Some light flirtation, showing off that clingy body suit Eliza might not have to pull many tricks not with a body like that! Cute dimples and an eager tongue really make things go a lot smoother these days. Sex positivity means a cheery smiling blowjob and lots more isn't a perfect way to mend fences!

Nubile Films - Eliza Ibarra & Savannah Sixx - Roll The Dice

File: oigpmnanufielisavnhtishy6ke.mp4
Size: 395.97 MB
Duration: 28:42
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Roommates Damon Dice, Eliza Ibarra, and Savannah Sixx see things get super sexy when the trio decides to play some games. Damon and Eliza start with pool as Damon tries to ignore his impulse to check Eliza out long enough to teach her how to play. It's hard, because their attraction is definitely mutual. Soon enough, they're spending more time with their eyes and hands on each other than on the game.

They are interrupted by Savannah, who has been fantasizing about having sex with both of her roommates. She wasn't sure how to make that happen until she had the idea for a game of sex dice. Walking in on Damon and Eliza during their pool game, she shows the dice and asks if they want to play. Eliza hesitates, but Damon reminds her that she has been wanting to experiment a bit. That's all it takes Damon and Eliza are in.

The game starts with Damon taking off his shirt. Eliza loses her shirt next, but then Savannah joins the topless club. The next roll of the dice says two people have to kiss. Damon indicates that it should be Eliza and Savannah. Watching the girls make out is an instant turnon and pretty much a fantasy come true for Damon. When he makes a move to join in, the girls welcome him with open arms.

Damon helps Eliza and then Savannah out of their shorts so he can fill one palm with each of their ass cheeks. The girls aren't about to let him stay dressed. Working together, they push Damon onto the pool table and undo his belt and jeans. Popping his stiffie free, they take turns sucking him off. As they share nicely, they also alternate between who gets Damon's dick and who gets to gobble his balls.

Now that they've seen that they share nicely together, Eliza and Savannah decide to see what else Damon can offer them in terms of mutual pleasure. Since Eliza is his girlfriend, Savannah gives her the first ride on Damon's fuck stick. Meanwhile, Savannah plants her lush body on his face so he can eat her out. Rubbing her clit as she rides, Eliza quickly gets to her personal peak for an introductory climax. Then she helps Savannah lean forward into a brief 69 before the trio changes places.

Savannah finds herself on her hands and knees, the fingers of one hand buried inside Eliza's dripping fuck hole while Damon bangs her from behind. Doggy style is deep and hard for Savannah, who has been dreaming of this moment with her roommates. She rocks back to meet every stroke, enjoying the ride as her body finds paradise.

Eliza gets the next turn with Damon's hardon, standing in front of the pool table and leaning forward as Damon does her from behind. That's the perfect position for Savannah to scoot forward and enjoy a pussy licking from Eliza. The table continues to be an ideal height as Damon pulls Savannah to the edge and dives on in as Eliza climbs onto the table and positions herself so Savannah can eat her out.

As another big O shudders through Eliza's body, she moves to kiss Savanna's generous breasts while watching Damon continue to work. Eliza can tell that Damon is getting close, so she makes her way down Savannah's body while leaving a trail of kisses in her wake. Opening her mouth and closing her eyes, Eliza waits just a hot moment for Damon to pull out and give her a facial as he finishes. She leans in to lap Damon's cum from her friend's twat, then snowballs Damon's jizz with Savannah as they share a sizzling kiss.

Vogov - Eliza Ibarra - Wet Pussy Drilling

File: vfftknavogeliibadlzchwyukr.mp4
Size: 594.96 MB
Duration: 35:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It can be really hard sometimes to find something to do to entertain yourself. Glam brunette babe puts on a sexy lingerie set and goes outdoors to caress her hot smoking body under warm rays of sun but still she feels bored. Finally she goes indoors to find something amusing there but runs into her boyfriend. Suddenly she realizes that she needs his cock to brighten the day. So she teases the dude a little bit, kneels to give him blowjob, bends down to get doggy style orgasm and then returns to blowing a dick and taking sperm right on her pretty face

Erotica X - Eliza Ibarra - Dance With Me

File: pa3xdnaerxeliibawls5uqnmzk.mp4
Size: 400.47 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When her ballroom dance partner drops out of the year's big performance, Eliza Ibarra elicits the help of a young French student Alex Legend to fill in. But there's one problem. He's a terrible dancer. So she tries to teach him a few waltz steps, and while the dance lessons ends in failure, their love sparks off in the right direction.

True Anal - Eliza Ibarra - Eliza's First Anal

File: jsewjnatraneliiba8z2p9ydh2w.mp4
Size: 456.24 MB
Duration: 49:09
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Your eyes arent playing tricks on you, its really Eliza Ibarra doing her first anal! This incredibly sexy babe opens up her backdoor for that big cock, and she loves every minute of it. She sucks cock, eats ass, gapes, and takes a cream pie in her ass before swallowing it down. Eliza is the perfect nasty fuck toy!

Brazzers Exxtra - Eliza Ibarra - Feels Good To Be Bad

File: xjzfhnabrexeliibayunth27mrt.mp4
Size: 453.52 MB
Duration: 34:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra and Seth Gamble have decided to skip town for a few days to get a little rest and relaxation. However, these plans are put on hold when Eliza discovers an eerie mirror in their bedroom. In the middle of the night, Eliza gets out of bed, approaches the mirror and comes face to face with a sexy, horny, evil version of herself. Her evil twin seduces her and convinces her to come a little closer to the mirror Suddenly, Eliza and her twin switch places! With the evil twin now free, she sets her eyes on the hunky man laying in the bed

Lesbian X - Sophia Leone & Eliza Ibarra - Gorgeous Lesbian Duo

File: pck9bnalexsopelivtufcuhwit.mp4
Size: 261.58 MB
Duration: 31:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunettes, Sophia Leone and Eliza Ibarra, are ready for pure lesbian passion. No toys to get in the way with these exotic looking babes. It's time for tribbing, deep wet kissing and multiple orgasms shared. Do not miss this lesbian duo in action!

Evil Angel - Eliza Ibarra - Eliza: Deepthroat Blowjob, Cum Facial

File: byxfbnaevaneliibacdjgtvaoqp.mp4
Size: 333.65 MB
Duration: 31:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Leggy, all-natural brunette Eliza Ibarra models sheer stockings and lacy lingerie, eager to service director Jonni Darkko's hard dick. Eliza puts her talented mouth to work, deepthroating Jonni's joint with a sloppy, ball-licking blowjob technique that leaves her pert tits covered in her own spit. He fucks Eliza's gullet upside-down and ruins her glamorous makeup under streams of slobber. Eliza takes a hot, open-mouth cum facial.

Nubile Films - Eliza Ibarra - When I Get Off

File: 28byknanufieliibay7qltrxqgj.mp4
Size: 405.50 MB
Duration: 27:54
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Barista Eliza Ibarra has been crushing on one of her regulars, Oliver Flynn, for a while now. She has decided that today is the day she'll make her move. She catches Oliver looking over at her, which distracts her from her job enough that she pours coffee all over the floor. On the bright side, Oliver gets quite a show as bends over to clean up her mess. That gives Eliza the confidence to give Oliver his coffee along with her phone number.

When Eliza is done with work, they take some time getting to know each other at the coffee shop before they relocate to the bedroom at Oliver's apartment. She tears his shirt open as buttons pop off everywhere. HE responds by pulling up Eliza's miniskirt and tugging her panties aside so he can feast on her lush twat. Pulling her bra up, Eliza frees her breasts so she can palm them as Oliver licks and fingers her meaty snatch.

When Oliver backs off to take his pants off, Eliza follows him. Her position makes it easy for her to wrap her hot little hand around his hardon. Drawing him in, she dips her head to sample the goods. Soon enough, she is indulging in a deep throat blowjob that leaves her all smiles as her lips meet his ball sack.

Backing off from her BJ, Eliza lays down on the pillows and spreads her thighs to welcome Oliver inside. He takes her with one deep stroke and kicks off a rough and wild fuck fest. Eliza is right there with him, lifting her torso to change up the angle of penetration until Oliver shoves her back onto the bed. She lets him have his way for a moment before lifting her legs high to open herself completely to his cock.

Oliver takes his place on the bed next as Eliza hovers above him in a position of complete power. She puts her authority to work sucking him off once again, using both hands to make her blowjob even more complete. Then Eliza turns around on her hands and knees and offers herself to Oliver so that he can take her doggy style.

Their romp continues as Oliver once again rolls onto his back. This time, Eliza climbs on top of him and mounts him in reverse cowgirl. She starts off by setting the pace, but Oliver is sure to take his turn thrusting up. Working together, they gradually speed things up until Oliver Eliza's tits are jiggling and her breath is coming in panting moans.

Eliza rolls onto her side next, with Oliver curled up behind her. Spooning with Eliza's leg held high, Oliver keeps up the sensual motion as Eliza guides him with her soft cries of delight. He is tireless, working for her pleasure until she can't take another orgasm. Then he pulls out, giving Eliza the opportunity to aim his loaded cock so he cums all over her stomach. Content, they exchange kisses before Oliver goes in for another taste of Eliza's breasts.

Pure Taboo - Eliza Ibarra - Power Play

File: pemyknaputaeliibangbmqib2lw.mp4
Size: 443.06 MB
Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS ON Madison Eliza Ibarra. She is in her kitchen, making a smoothie. She pours fruit juice over the ice cubes in the blender. Her moves are very graceful and purposeful. She is about to turn the blender on when her doorbell rings. She looks as if she's not expecting anyone. She wipes her hands on a nearby hand-towel and leaves to go answer the door.

Madison answers the door and greets her colleague Jordan Lucas Frost. She invites him in and leads him to the kitchen. As Madison makes her smoothie, Jordan reveals why he's come to see Madison, accusing her of engineering the departure of various co-workers through shady means to further her career. He asks her what she's willing to offer him in exchange for his silence.

Madison smiles thinly, not a hint of worry showing on her face. She turns on the blender. The ice is loudly crushed into oblivion.


Madison implies that she has dirt on Jordan too. Jordan thinks she's bluffing, but Madison gives Jordan concrete examples of his various misdeeds. Jordan laughs humorlessly, shaking his head. He looks at Madison with something almost approaching admiration.

Madison feels that she has a kindred spirit in Jordan and suggests that they fuck. Jordan laughs in an effort to appear incredulous, but it's obvious that he's interested. 'Not a chance,'' he says.

'Oh please, you can't tell me our little 'confrontation' didn't feel more like foreplay than fighting? What exactly did you think I was gonna offer you for your silence? Money? Neither of us needs it. THIS is what you came here for,' she retorts.

'FINE, hope you can handle me,' Jordan says.

'Bring it on,' Madison responds, flashing a wicked grin.

Jordan may think he knows what's in store for him, but he has no idea what Madison is REALLY capable of...

That Sitcom Show - Eliza Ibarra & Kiara Cole - Two Men And An XXX Show A Better Lover

File: mdcpynathsishelikia5hfu4kn4bp.mp4
Size: 378.72 MB
Duration: 22:55
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Charlie and Alan are feeling pretty awkward after the previous episode, but their silence is interrupted by Charlie's friend Rose pounding at the window. Charlie answers the door and Rose introduces her friend Kandi. With two hot girls on his doorstep, Charlie's not afraid to invite them in to join Alan. Charlie asks Rose to have a talk with him in the kitchen, so they leave Alan on the couch with Kandi.

In the kitchen, Charlie tells Rose she needs to call before coming over. Meanwhile, Kandi offers to suck Alan's dick to distract him so Rose can seduce Charlie. Alan doesn't have a problem with that, so he pops his fuck stick out and lets Kandi do her worst with her hot little mouth. That escalates to Alan peeling Kandi's thong off so he can hike up her miniskirt and fuck her from behind. He is buried balls deep inside Kandi when Rose and Charlie return to the living room and catch them in the act. The brothers show their competitive side as Alan claims to be a better lover than Charlie. Dropping Rose over the edge of the couch, Charlie prepares to prove Alan wrong much to Rose's delight.

After taking a moment to eat Rose out, Charlie pushes Rose's ass cheeks apart and slides into her twat from behind. Now both girls are getting it doggy style to deep moans all around. The girls then try to see which dick is better to ride. They finish their part in the competition by getting on their backs together on the couch so that Charlie and Alan can pound those fuck holes until they can't hold back another moment. Both guys pull out at the same time to cum on their lady's muff. The girls are both impressed with their personal choice, but Charlie is done with Alan mooching. He tells Alan to pack up his stuff and get out.

Cherry Pimps - Eliza Ibarra & Kinsley Karter - Eliza And Kinsley Love Making Each Other Cum

File: xpvownachpielikinqs9upbmeie.mp4
Size: 455.41 MB
Duration: 55:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza and Kinsley have never had the pleasure of working together and were so happy to cum together for this hot show! The girls compliment each other well wearing their bra and panty sets. Its hard to know where to look once these girls start stripping down throwing their bras aside so they can enjoy each others beautiful natural tits! The girls break out some oil making those tits shine and use some toys to see how hard they can cum for you. You guys sure love feet so they will make sure to get nice and sloppy as they suck on those toys before they scissor to end one sexy show with you.

Girls Way - Kendra James, Eliza Ibarra & Gia Derza - No Boys Over, Ok

File: ijykrnagiwakeneligias67rzfcyce.mp4
Size: 321.02 MB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra James is ready for her first date after a divorce, relying on her babysitter, Eliza Ibarra, to keep the household running smoothly while she's gone. Kendra's nervous about the date but Eliza is sweet, assuring her that everything will be taken care of at home so that Kendra can enjoy her night on the town. Kendra relaxes a little, then reminds Eliza NOT to invite any boys over while she's gone.

After Kendra leaves, Eliza mischievously calls her girlfriend, Gia Derza, into the house. The girlfriends instantly head to Kendra's bedroom for a bit of fun, with Gia happily diving tongue-first into Eliza's pussy. But their fun is short-lived when Kendra arrives home early, causing Eliza to have to hide Gia under the covers with her, although Gia's feet stick out.

As Kendra laments about her bad date, Eliza tries to play it cool, although nothing gets by Kendra. When she throws the blanket off and discovers Gia, Kendra is a bit jealous that SHE'S not getting any use out of her bed tonight. Gia excitedly grabs Kendra's hands and tugs her to the bed, insisting that Kendra joins them! Kendra, overcome with need and curiosity, gives in and strips down.

Kendra's bad date is completely forgotten about as the threesome quickly heats up. Kendra can't get enough of Eliza and Gia's pussies and they're eager to taste hers as well. Although she wants to be mad at Eliza, she's playfully reminded that she only specified that no BOYS were allowed over!