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Dyked - Jasmine Jae & Winter Jade - Jilted

File: mibeinadykjaswinodpme2eis6.mp4
Size: 505.30 MB
Duration: 37:04
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When cute teen Winter Jade finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she turns to her loving stepmom, Jasmine Jae, for comfort. The beautiful MILF suggests a girls weekend in, and Winter couldnt be more excited to spend some quality time with the gorgeous woman. But when she finds out Jasmine has been cheated on as well, Winter wants to make sure her stepmom knows just how loved she is. She licks the incredible MILFs delicious pussy, lapping up her cunt juice with her tongue. Then, they ride a dildo together, sharing an intense orgasm. Who knew a girls weekend would be so pleasurable.

Dyked - Gia Gelato & Natasha Ianova - Showering Her In Lust

File: xfzavnadykgianatghpsedbvkd.mp4
Size: 468.47 MB
Duration: 34:23
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whenever sweet ebony babe Gia Gelato finds herself in a bind at home, she can always turn to sizzling MILF Natasha Ianova for some tender, loving care. Today, she shows up at the nourishing womans house looking for a place to get away from her troubles, and she is welcomed with open arms. But Natasha wants to give Gia more than a shoulder to cry on. She goes down on her in the bedroom, flicking her tongue across the nubiles sensitive clit and making her squirm in pleasure. Then, she whimpers as Gia vibes her vag to a screaming orgasm!

Dyked - Angel Ryder & Rosalyn Sphinx - Clit Licking Experiments

File: 6vudynadykangrosnkhdgdxssc.mp4
Size: 320.43 MB
Duration: 38:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tatted Rosalyn Sphinx is no stranger to exploring her hot body. She loves pleasuring herself and bringing herself to earth shattering orgasms. But when curious cutie Angel Ryder stumbles in on Rosalyns private masturbation session, she is shocked and amazed. Rosalyn wants to show Angel that curiosity can be a good thing, so she proposes they have a little experimental fun. She shoves her fingers in Angels cunt and licks her clit salaciously. Angel cannot believe how good it feels as Rosalyn rocks her world with her tongue. Then, the two rub their cunts against a vibrator, making themselves cum hard! Looks like this experiment is a success

Dyked - Casca Akashova & Dixie Lynn - Pleasuring A Boss Bitch

File: 9wcrgnadykcasdixnjkwjx4gmb.mp4
Size: 306.31 MB
Duration: 37:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet and innocent Dixie Lynn is eager to please her new boss, Casca Akshova, but the mature woman is a serious hard ass. It only takes a little while for the strict MILF to fire Dixie. But the cute blonde chick will do anything to keep her job, and Casca has a secret taste for young pussy. The experienced woman demands Dixie take off her dress and clean the house. Then, they head to the bedroom to play with each others sensitive clits. Dixie gives her boss a loving rimjob and then takes a big toy deep in her pussy. Thats one way to keep your job, Dixie!

Dyked - Jade Baker & Marley Brinx - Soft Tongue Girl Cum

File: z1ru9nadykjadmarxacoenxzps.mp4
Size: 327.65 MB
Duration: 40:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Innocent Jade Baker and tatted up hottie Marley Brinx are supposed to be studying, but naughty Marley gets up to some filthy high jinx instead. She sends Jade a snap of her bald pussy, and the girls cannot help but giggle. Unfortunately, theres a stuffy old guy around trying to ruin their lusty fun! The girls get down in secret until they finally have to take it to the bedroom to finish what they started. There, Jade licks Marleys pink clit, swirling her tongue orgasmically while Marleys body spasms in pleasure. Marley takes a turn eating Jades pussy, and the girls both cum under each others soft tongues. Best study break ever.

Dyked - Vera Bliss & Serene Siren - The Neighborhood Nubile

File: 2hibrnadykverserkzx4hcqqdd.mp4
Size: 265.88 MB
Duration: 32:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful Vera Bliss is the jewel of the neighborhood, and everyone seems to have her eye on her. But today, when she needs a ride home, she asks her favorite MILF in town, Serene Siren, to do the honors. Turns out, this blonde babe has a sweet tooth when it comes to wet pussy, and she is hungry for the MILFs love box. They talk about Serenes no good daughter for a little, and then they get into some crazy hot lesbian action in the car. Vera eats the older womans clit, licking and slurping like she is dying of thirst. Serene treasures Veras pussy, getting into sixty nine position and squealing as she feels a crazy orgasm overtake her body. This ride home is one of the hottest we have ever seen!

Dyked - Jessie Saint & Alix Lynx - A Snatch Licking Solution

File: kbuolnadykjesali9etjnbsp6c.mp4
Size: 273.41 MB
Duration: 33:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Platinum blonde princess Jessie Saint has been devastated ever since the guy she likes ghosted her. Today, she shows up at his door demanding answers. He cannot just fuck her and then act like nothing ever happened! But when his mom, Alix Lynx, answers the door instead, Jessie is shocked. She cannot believe how beautiful this MILF is. They sit down inside and soon Alix is caressing Jessies sweet, inexperienced body. She eats the pretty babes tight, pink pussy, slipping her tongue in and out of her wet slit as she moans. Then, she fucks the sexy girl with a strap on, making her cum multiple times on the toy! This MILF definitely knows best...

Dyked - Maggie Green & Natalie Porkman - Strapping On With Stepmom

File: gymqknadykmagnat6hgwjs85gd.mp4
Size: 330.79 MB
Duration: 40:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Young Natalie Porkman is a bit of a tomboy, but her stepmom, Maggie Green, is starting to think it is more than just a fashion choice. She sneaks into her stepdaughters room and finds a giant strap on dildo hidden away, and she is shocked. When she confronts Natalie about it, the angsty teen denies everything. But soon, the confrontation leads to a steamy sexual encounter between the snoopy stepmom and her sexy lesbian stepdaughter. Natalie straps the dildo on and fucks her thicc stepmom from behind while the mature woman has the time of her life. Then, the sexy stepmom gets down on her knees to lick the strap on clean. Looks like Natalie has a new playmate around the house...

Dyked - Ashley Red, Danni Rivers, Lisey Sweet & Natasha Starr - Strap On Discipline Session

File: tyoubnadykashdanlisnataiji2kptcf.mp4
Size: 296.24 MB
Duration: 36:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ashley Red and Danni Rivers are a little too rebellious for their parents taste. To straighten out their attitudes, the girls get sent to a correctional facility. But this is not their first rodeo, and neither of them takes it seriously. At least not until their dominant, blonde disciplinarians greet them. Dressed in tight black leather, Lisey Sweet and Natasha Starr intimidate with leather riding crops and ropes. They talk in loud voices and make it known exactly who is in charge. They command the chicks to eat each other out as their pussies begin to drip. Then, they tie the bad girls up and fuck them deep with their strap ons. The babes never knew a couple of MILFs could bang so hard! Maybe now the teens will learn a little

Dyked - Sloan Harper & Rharri Round - Tits Out For The Girls

File: aqwoqnadykslorhalf84sarufk.mp4
Size: 580.89 MB
Duration: 42:37
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sloan Harper and Rharri Round know exactly how to turn guys on. They have big fat asses that could clap any dick into an orgasmic frenzy. But they do not want to please some guy. All they want is to turn each other on and get their pussies nice and wet so they can dive into some top notch vag eating. And as soon as they get a moment alone, they do just that! The hot MILFs trib like they are trying to start a fire with their clits, flinging each other into a pleasurable euphoria. Then, they sixty nine, savoring the juice as it drips from their sweet cunts. Who needs a guy when you have skilled MILFs like Sloan and Rharri around?

Dyked - Katie Kush & Bella Rose - Make Her Pussy Rain

File: nhgawnadykkatbelukqz9m8bh3.mp4
Size: 425.37 MB
Duration: 30:51
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blondies Katie Kush and Bella Rose planned to have a fun time out in the sun, but the forecast shows rain! To salvage the day, Bella suggests that they watch some movies on her laptop. Katie heads into the bedroom to set up some flicks, but stumbles upon some videos that are a little more... interesting. Turns out Bella has been watching lesbian porn in her spare time! Katie is curious, so she lets Bella lick her tight, young pussy as it gets wetter and wetter. Her clit is super sensitive as Bella swirls her tongue over and over, bringing her to climax! Then Katie returns the favor, licking Bellas sweet asshole. Why watch a movie when you can make your own?

Dyked - Evelyn Stone & Zoey Taylor - Lesbian Love Lessons

File: ppozlnadykevezoeoydd6etanz.mp4
Size: 332.35 MB
Duration: 40:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Evelin Stone and Zoey Taylor are besties and they confide in each other with everything. Today, Zoey tells Evelin that she is happy with her new man. The only problem is that the poor guy cannot seem to please her! Luckily, Evelin has the solution. She has had her lusty eyes on Zoey forever, and now seems like her chance to show off her sexual skills. She busts out a sexy leather crop and leads Zoey into a spank happy lesbian love session. Soon, Evelin is stuffing Zoeys cunt full with her strap on while Zoeys eyes roll back in orgasmic pleasure. Then the horny babes trib until they are both cumming on each others clits. This is the perfect lesbian love solution to Zoeys problems.

Dyked - Bella Rolland & Natalie Knight - Lesbian Practice Run Cum

File: djwu9nadykbelnatmnpe3i3oxb.mp4
Size: 668.20 MB
Duration: 48:26
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Natalie Knight thinks she might want to break up with her boyfriend, but she confides in his mom, Bella Rolland, before doing the deed. She admits she thinks she might be a lesbian! Bella is concerned and offers to help Natalie figure it out. She brings the girl inside and shows her all the trappings of a lustful lesbian experience. She rubs her sweet muff on Natalies pussy while the girl screams in pleasure. Then, she puts on a strap on and fucks the blonde babe into euphoria. This pink nippled cutie may not be sure whether she is a lesbian, but there is no doubt Bella is rocking her world!

Dyked - Alice Pink & Lasirena69 - A Lesbian Walk To Remember

File: fmbltnadykalilashk5pk6spst.mp4
Size: 238.71 MB
Duration: 29:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alice Pink still thinks about that day she spent with Lasirena69. Back when they were schoolgirls, skipping class, getting themselves into trouble. They were so close then, and they only got closer that one special evening. They started looking at each other in a brand new light, and soon they were digging their faces into each others young pussies. The sensation made their whole bodies spasm in pleasure, and as they dipped themselves in warm bathwater, they found themselves wanting more. They ate each others pussies like they would never see each other again. And maybe they will not, but they will always have that memory...

Dyked - Alex More & Harmony Wonder - Gym Class Snatch Sheroes

File: unonynadykalehargiydsv6qoq.mp4
Size: 511.22 MB
Duration: 37:03
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex More and Harmony Wonder are gym buddies who know how to have fun. They love stretching out together, and when they do, they tend to get a little touchy. Before you know it, they both are out of their skin tight gym clothes playing with each others hot young bodies. Alex rubs Harmonys clit, getting her pussy nice and wet and ready to be eaten. Alex spasms as she cums on Harmonys hungry tongue and then returns the cunt munching favor. She licks Harmonys sweet twat until she is ready to explode. Then they get down and dirty with some intense tribbing action. With exercises like these, it is no wonder these girls are so motivated to hit the gym!

Dyked - Abby Adams & Rachael Cavalli - A Not So Secret Snatch Admirer

File: hioh1nadykabbracdsyliy9anq.mp4
Size: 318.68 MB
Duration: 39:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Can today get any worse for Abby Adams? She locked herself out of her parents place and they are out of town. She thinks she is up shits creek until her sexy cougar neighbor Rachael Cavalli shows up. She offers the sweet girl a place to hang out while she waits for her parents. Abby follows her into her home and cannot hide her infatuation. She stares at the beautiful blonde MILF until she finally admits that she has a big crush on her. Rachael is flattered. They head to the bedroom and rim each others puckering assholes. Then, Abby plunges in Rachaels super tight pussy with a strap on for an orgasmic lesbian fuck sesh. Maybe this neighborly rendezvous will last longer than expected.

Dyked - Sophia Lux & Elle Voneva - Babysitting A Bad Bitch

File: lzyqknadyksopellf3cvzq7xrs.mp4
Size: 303.42 MB
Duration: 36:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elle Voneva is one of these girls who has problems with authority, so when Sophia Lux tries to keep her under control while babysitting her, there is no way Elle is going quietly. She gives Sophia hell, refusing to listen to anything the hot blonde babysitter has to say! She pretends to get in bed for the night, but as soon as Sophia leaves, she starts taking some racy photos of her tight Asian body in the mirror. Sophia catches her in the act, but she is so turned on, she is not even mad. Instead, she joins in on the fun, spanking Elles ass red before letting her lick on her cute pink nipples. Then she grinds her clit on Elles tongue, getting off on the pure domination. Finally, this babysitter is in control.

Dyked - Vanna Bardot & Sabina Rouge - Clit Licking 101

File: di5vynadykvansabpxwwyyu2ni.mp4
Size: 314.50 MB
Duration: 37:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Living with roommates is tough, especially in college where the rooms are the size of broom closets. So, when Vanna Bardot shows up at her new dorm and finds that her roomie, Sabina Rouge, has claimed the only bed in the space, she is a little annoyed! But when she finds a big pink strap on in her dresser, the annoyance turns to intrigue. Soon, Vanna is face to face with the pervy slut, giving her the lay of the land. And Sabina cannot take her eyes of Vannas sexy body. She imagines what it would be like to eat her tight, juicy pussy. She can even see the look of shock and pleasure in her eyes as she plows her with the strap on. Who knows, Sabina, maybe your fantasies will come true after all.

Dyked - Isabella Nice & Summer Hart - Headex

File: gzlsanadykisasumxbzglmafb8.mp4
Size: 477.75 MB
Duration: 33:03
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Isabella Nice sees a perfectly unguarded package outside of Summer Harts home, she can not keep her mischievous fingers off of it. She steals it, but is quickly caught by her meddling mom. Summer is disappointed off the bat, but when she sees that Isabella even had the nerve to open her delivery, she knows she has to take action. After all, Isabella got to try out her butt plug before she did! She bends the thieving girl over and s the butt plug into her throbbing asshole. Then, she puts on a strap on and gets Isabella to ride her until she cums hard on the toys shaft. Finally, some wet, ginger pussy eating tops off the disciplinary action. Isabella definitely learned her lesson.