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Destiny Cruz

Family Strokes - Destiny Cruz - A Deal With My Stepmom

File: ifyydnafastdescruod3rmoyt1i.mp4
Size: 4.28 GB
Duration: 50:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Johnny The Kid welcomes his new stepmom Miss Raquel and new stepsister Destiny Cruz they get along pretty well. One day, Johnny overhears Miss Raquel saying that she had only married his dad for the money, so Johnny takes this information and uses it to his benefit. He confronts Miss Raquel and Destiny about it, and tells them the only way for him to keep this a secret is if Destiny is willing to please him any time he wants.

Doghouse Digital - Destiny Cruz - Creamed Teens

File: gijmhnadodidescru8adoe4ij75.mp4
Size: 781.46 MB
Duration: 17:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse kicks things up a notch with their latest release, Creamed Teens. Enjoy four sexy young vixens that only have one thing on their minds, and that's seducing hard cocks! These sluts are truly amazing cum catchers, you won't want to miss this cum filled release!

Rk Prime - Destiny Cruz - Meet Your Destiny

File: ybxlznarkprdescruxcmmyv2gao.mp4
Size: 800.28 MB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hot babe Destiny Cruz is such a sweetheart. When she candidly answers Ricky Johnson's questions, Destiny's giggles and her little cute smirk are to die for. Her wilder side is revealed when Ricky gives her full access to his huge cock. The happy-go-lucky girl becomes a horny-go-fucky goddess. Her perfect ass dances on Ricky's dick and makes him even harder. Destiny definitely has a lot to give. Who knows what she'll be up to after fucking with the lucky Ricky?

Alex Legend - Destiny Cruz - Destiny Cruz Fucks Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend As Christmas Gift!

File: baxvinaalledescruiodxcbt1e9.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 30:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yesterday when I got home the lights were on but my girlfriend Krissy wasnt answering. I walked toward the bedroom and discovered a purse by the door, it wasnt my girlfriends so I wasnt sure what was going on. Once I opened the door I found my girlfriends best friend Destiny Cruz wearing a Ms. Santa dress on my bed. I was pretty surprised but she explained that she was the Christmas surprise my girlfriend had been telling me about. Krissy was in class right now for another hour or so and that we should start the party now and she would join us when she gets home. I was a bit reluctant at first cause this seemed to be too good to be true but Destiny convinced me that Id be rude to not enjoy my present so we started having some fun together.

She started sucking my dick until I needed another hole to fill and then she laid on the bed so I could stretch her tight little pussy and fuck her in missionary, then I grabbed her legs and put them together to make her pussy even tighter. After that I turned her over so I could fuck her from behind then I laid down so she could blow me some more. We did a quick ride before more doggy til I couldnt help it and came deep inside of her. As I was about to go shower and get ready for round 2 with my girlfriend she told me it wasnt Krissys idea but hers. She knew Krissy wasnt going to be home for another hour or so and decided to use that excuse so she could fuck me without anyone knowing. Needless to say that this will stay between Destiny and I cause I have no intention of spending Christmas Eve sleeping on

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Destiny Cruz - Destiny Is A Powerful Sexual Beast

File: rsmppnajemofadescrufhcgt8hk1u.mp4
Size: 2.53 GB
Duration: 39:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny is a powerful sexual beast trapped in a perfect tiny body. She has piercing wild eyes that will hunt your balls long after they have been drained. And she has a face that was made for sucking cock and receiving cum. Her full lips hunger for a hard cock and her impressive jaws can endure sucking a big cock for a long time. She is truly a perfect fit for us!

Property Sex - Destiny Cruz - Cover My Rent

File: nwfyjnaprsedescruqs2qfbbjhx.mp4
Size: 1.62 GB
Duration: 34:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tony Rubino's landlord is fed up with roommate Destiny Cruz' rent excuses. Tony tries to talk him out of the landlord kicking lovely Destiny out, but then she drops the bomb that she overslept and lost her job! Instead of taking to the streets, Destiny asks Tony to cover her 700 share of rent. Tony doesn't have that kind of money for a friend, but when Destiny offers him some sexy fun in exchange for the favor, he lets her take his dick out! Destiny gives Tony a long and luxurious blowjob, and takes out her little titties to show off for him. Turning around, Destiny slowly slides down her shorts and red showing, showing Tony her booty and her pussy to turn him on. Destiny climbs on top of Tony's hard dick and rides him, then he ploughs his roommate doggystyle! Finally, Destiny dutifully descends to her knees, and Tony shoots his load down her throat.

Teamskeet Selects - Lulu Chu, Mina Moon, Brixley Benz & Destiny Cruz - Endless Possibilities

File: jgbsqnateselulminbridesud1op9wjie.mp4
Size: 2.18 GB
Duration: 51:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brixley Benz, Lulu Chu, Destiny Cruz, Mina Moon and many more star in this compilation of the best fantasies, the best positions and the very best babes you could ever imagine. The possibilities are truly endless with TeamSkeet.

18 Eighteen - Destiny Cruz - Destiny's Not So Little Secret

File: l9nnhna18eidescrulv36nkumge.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 32:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny has a secret She has a big crush on her dad's friend. And after this scene, she has an even bigger secret. She consummated that crush by sucking and fucking her dad's friend.

Obviously, neither she or this guy want her dad to find out. They don't want her father to know how Destiny seduced his friend and hungrily slurped up his cock or how she deep-throated him down to his balls.

They don't want dad to know how his friend fucked her teen pussy and admired her tight, tanned body while she took his cock. They don't want dad to know how Destiny moaned, rubbed her clit and came all over this guy's big cock.

And they definitely don't want dad to find out how his very best friend blew his load all over his daughter's pretty face. Read More

Brown Bunnies - Destiny Cruz - Step Daughter's Poolside Fuck

File: fdd7rnabrbudescrurbfybzqmln.mp4
Size: 2.05 GB
Duration: 29:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny is back home from college and her stepdad can't wait to see her. It's a beautiful sunny day so why not hang by the pool? He's already by the pool so he just need her to pass by with some sunblock lotion. She comes through looking sexy as hell and he asks her to put lotion on him so he doesn't burn. Until she finds out that her stepdad took his shorts off so she can oil him down there! But, she was eyeing it a little too hard. He convinces her to keep adding oil because he doesn't want to burn and of course she goes straight for his cock. She shows him some tricks she learned from college before begging him to put it in. They start to fuck so loud that he had to stop halfway to tell her to quiet down! Fuck it, let's go inside where no one can hear. They go inside and what a fucking show they put on. Destiny's petite figure gets dicked down today, and you should definitely tune in to see the jizz bomb he unleashes on her face.

Family Strokes - Destiny Cruz & Tana Waters - Bonus Gift

File: ugwqanafastdestanqiprntdim7.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 38:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Tana Waters wakes up next to her husband Milan who reminds her that today is her step sister Destiny Cruzs birthday. Tana greets her sister and tells her she can enjoy her gift right then and there. After the girls are done, Tana brings Destiny to the bedroom where Milan has a bonus gift for her.

Hoby Buchanon - Destiny Cruz - Petite Destiny Cruz Roughly Dominated By Daddy

File: httkjnahobudescrukya2ruxbsl.mp4
Size: 1.09 GB
Duration: 56:42
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty, petite, Destiny Cruz came by the Face Fucking King's studio to get roughed up by Daddy. She gets roughly dominated like a good little submissive slut. I start by putting my cock all the way down her throat and holding her there. I start to fuck her face roughly, slap and choke her. I take off her clothes and put my cock in her tight little fuck hole, it barely fits. I pound her pussy, slap, choke and spit on her...

I put her in a rear naked choke and pound her more from behind. I stretch her mouth out and flip her upside down and throat her and have her eat my ass. I put my foot in her mouth and she sucks my toes and deepthroats my foot. I have her ride my cock and then fuck her face in a 69, standing and laying. I pick her up in the air and pound her fuck box hard. I pick her up by her neck and dangle her in the air. I put an open mouth gag on her and fuck her tiny throat. I get out a whip and spank her HARD and she begs for more so I paddle her little ass and give her multiple slaps to the face. I pound her pussy and fuck her face more until Daddy blows his load all the way in her tight little pussy. Destiny was a good girl for Daddy so I join her in the shower for one last surprise!

Yngr - Destiny Cruz - Destiny Cruz Is An Exotic Teen With A Wild Sex Drive

File: omt62nayngdescrullkn81ppy2.mp4
Size: 688.08 MB
Duration: 27:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny Cruz is an exotic, playful beauty that has the perfect body! She plays outside with some bubbles and shows off her teen spirit. She also wants to show off another side that she has...being a dirty cumslut! She gets her pussy nice and wet before seeing that big dick for herself. This hot babe jumps on top and rides the dick!

Daughter Swap - Mina Moon & Destiny Cruz - Secret Underwear Exchange

File: ctm1cnadaswmindesyizhnjsjay.mp4
Size: 305.88 MB
Duration: 42:22
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Neighbor dads Dick Swardson and Peter Green have been stealing and exchanging their daughters panties for a while. When bffs Destiny Cruz and Mina Moon discover what their dads have been doing they confront them. The dads talk them into a negotiation, take a little, give a little and everyone keeps quiet.

Bratty Sis - Destiny Cruz - Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks

File: xpedinabrsidescrupddpzwk9fp.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 27:48
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny Cruz has left a mess in the house and her stepbrother, Tyler Steel, is sick of it! He is ready to confront Destiny about her filthy living habits, but he can't find her until he looks out the window. That's when he sees his baby stepsis on her knees blowing some rando. Tyler decides to record Destiny doing the nasty. When Destiny is unhappy about being talked to about the messes she leaves around, Tyler tells her that she's going to have to clean up or he'll show the video to their parents. Destiny tries to grab the phone from Tyler. They chase into the living room. Of course, if Destiny wants to find a different compromise, Tyler is open to it...

Cock loving Destiny is happy enough to take care of Tyler's needs if he'll delete the video. Dropping to her knees, she pulls out his hard dick to lick and stroke. Sucking Tyler in a deep throat BJ really gets Destiny's motor running, so they relocate to the bedroom to take care of business. Destiny gives Tyler another blowjob, then peels off her clothes and sinks down onto that cock. Riding in reverse cowgirl, she leans forward to really enhance the angle of penetration. When Destiny turns around to continue her ride, her hairy twat is a total turnon for Tyler.

Getting his stepsis on her hands and knees, Tyler shoves into her from behind to give it to her in doggy. Panting with delight, Destiny rocks back to meet Tyler's every stroke. Then she rolls onto her back and welcomes Tyler back home into her twat. When she has enjoyed a final climax, Destiny sits up and watches greedily as Tyler strokes himself off that last little bit. Opening wide, she gets as much of Tyler's jizz as she can in her mouth as he delivers a full facial.

Brown Bunnies - Destiny Cruz - Stepbro Fucks Her By The Pool

File: diol7nabrbudescru4br9uo7m5j.mp4
Size: 958.15 MB
Duration: 22:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny Cruz is relaxing by the pool on a summer day. She takes a look around and realizes that she's alone. She takes her top off and rubs oil on her perky tits. Her stepbrother, JMAC, comes outside and falls in love with her tits. He decides he wants to test the water, no pun intended, and see how she reacts to his giant cock. He walks outside naked and at first she's shocked. After she looks at his dick, she realizes she could have a little fun. She sucks his dick and then he gives her the Mac Attack. He fucks her in multiple crazy positions and gives her a huge cum shot all over her face.

Exploited College Girls - Destiny Cruz - Exploited College Girls

File: pfqqdnaexcogidescruvylelheznd.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 01:34:52
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jake...I-AM-YOUR-PORN-DIRECTOR and it is your DESTINY to take this sweet but not so innocent girl on a CRUZ of LIFE CHANGING SEX! Feel the pussy Jake. Feel the PUSSY. Life changing sex were the sweet out of breath words uttered by this week's exploitee after Jake used his light saber on 24 yr-old star-struck princess Destiny Cruz. So lets meet our rising starlet who just happened to stop by the explotee hotel room to get the fucking of a lifetime, and I do mean FUCKING of a lifetime from. I would say it's maybe a tie between her first sex on camera with Isiah Maxwell the day before over at BlackAmbush or today's dicking from Jake, so let's call it a toss up and Destiny is never going back to tinder...