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Demi Sutra

Digital Playground - Abigail Mac & Demi Sutra - Sleepless Nights: Scene 2

File: v6aebnadiplabidemwbc25cuw6a.mp4
Size: 267.35 MB
Duration: 33:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Over the course of one sexually awakening weekend we follow a group of three women a seemingly subdued wedding planner with a wild side, Lena Paul, a young woman struggling with her sexuality Demi Sutra, and a sex therapist going through a dry spell Abigail Mac. While they each deal with the personal issues that inhibit their happiness, their lives collide during their search for a resolution.

Digital Playground - Demi Sutra & Jill Kassidy - What Friends Are For: Episode 2

File: madusnadipldemjilubvqjnxygs.mp4
Size: 249.87 MB
Duration: 27:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Heather Demi Sutra and Sam Scarlit Scandal discover their best friend Vanessa Demi Sutra is getting married to a guy they absolutely cant stand Xander Corvus, they set out to ruin the relationship in whatever way they can.

2 Chicks Same Time - Demi Sutra & Kira Noir - Demi Sutra Kira Noir Hook Up With College Boy After A Party

File: 6vkkcna2chsatidemkirnuhbtue8ko.mp4
Size: 445.23 MB
Duration: 36:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jay is at a house party where Demi Sutra Kira Noir start getting freaky on the dance floor. He can't keep his eyes off these hot babes as they go at it in front of everyone. The party gets broken up and Demi and Kira grab Jay and suggest they go someplace and have some threesome fun!

Pure Taboo - Anny Aurora & Demi Sutra - Afrodisiac: A Demi Sutra Story

File: q9wsznaputaanndemb7fgs4asyc.mp4
Size: 423.20 MB
Duration: 01:08:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Model Changes Everything About Herself To Seek The Approval Of Others

SCENE OPENS to Ester Demi Sutra in the midst of a meltdown, surrounded by beauty magazines she's tearing apart, page by page. She's a model at the top of her game, who has worked her ass off only to be told time and time again that she's 'not what they're looking for'... She can read between the lines -- they mean she's not white.

They want people like Annie Anny Aurora. Annie, with her blonde hair and pale skin, seemingly has no shortage of work. Even Ester herself is obsessed with Annie, joining her one day for a photoshoot. As Ester fawns over picture-perfect Annie while they're putting on makeup, she tries her best to hold it together but finally snaps, jealousy and lust consuming her. She seduces Annie and passionately falls into bed with her.

Feeling invigorated from the steamy tryst, Ester is ready for the photoshoot with the world-famous photographer, Dita Steve Holmes. When Ester sees Annie and two other girls, who are just as blonde and white, she's not confident about her chances of being selected. In fact, by the time Dita gets to her, Ester knows her dreams are about to get crushed once again.

How many times can a person face rejection before they're finally pushed over the edge?

Sweetheart Video - Ana Foxxx & Demi Sutra - A Taste Of Freedom

File: s6p4bnaswvianademfxfhjbjpvv.mp4
Size: 238.79 MB
Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After sending Linda Carter Cruise in the hole for illicit writing, Hope Ana Foxxx tries to find out more about this anonymous tip. She tries to ask around, but the little piece of information she gets comes from the new guard Olive Demi Sutra. But behind bars, nothing is free and everything has a price. After her shower, Hope finds Olive waiting for her in the locker room. Lucky for Olive she wont need to use any kind of motivation to feel Hopes naked body against her. The two ladies will enjoy each other and for a few minutes hope will be finally free.

Cherry Pimps - Kira Noir & Demi Sutra - Kira And Demi Use Their Fucking Machines And Strap On

File: 3gg5enachpikirdemd9xvlylu8e.mp4
Size: 490.69 MB
Duration: 01:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir and Demi Sutra absolutely love being together and their fun loving demeanor shows just that as they kiss and strip each other. They are ready for a fucking wild time using their toys on each other and taking turns eating out those delicious pussies! The girls have a plethora of toys to use including a strap on dildo that Kira puts right on so she can take Demi in doggy style and show her how she can thrust that dildo deep into that beautiful wet pussy! Demi can not get enough so the girls do some reverse cowgirl before resorting to their own fucking machines to end the show with a bang as Demi squirts all over her and Kiras fucks her hard in doggy. There is no telling how many times they came together but it surely will not be the last!

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir & Demi Sutra - Strap-on, Strap Off

File: dp9tenabrexkirdemumwfsdqjlr.mp4
Size: 490.08 MB
Duration: 37:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Small Hands is completely unaware that his girlfriend, Kira Noir, is cheating on him with another woman. Thinking shes gotten rid of Small Hands, Kira has secretly invited Demi Sutra over to fuck and has plans to take their lesbian sex to the next level with a surprise strap-on. Demi is definitely game, but when Kira positions her partially under the blankets for a surprise with her ass and pussy sticking out, Small Hands unexpected arrival turns the entire encounter upside down. Fortunately, everyone is able to fuck their way to the type of understanding you can only find after multiple orgasms.

My Wife's Hot Friend - Demi Sutra - Demi Sutra Fucks Her Friends Husband

File: ui5sfnamywihofrdemsut7eivdhuszd.mp4
Size: 473.23 MB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRyan just bought some nice presents for his wife but he asks Demi Sutrato to try them out to see if it will fit his wife.
As soon as she sees the dress that Ryan bought Demi loves it and tries it on even though she was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Next up the lingerie and then the best surprise of all time, Ryan wants to see if the vibrator he bought his wife is a good one so he asks Demi Sutra to try it. Things get very hot very fast and no one can stop the fuck fest that is coming!!

Deep Lush - Demi Sutra - Make Me Cum

File: irrtbnadeludemsut4p6oloctiu.mp4
Size: 286.52 MB
Duration: 34:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Demi and I love having sex together and we finally get a chance to shoot again. We have instant chemistry and indulge in every part of each other as we fuck all over the bed. Theres POV during the blowjob and while she rides my cock. She has multiple orgasms while I fuck her and use a Hitachi on her. She rides my cock at the end until I cum deep inside of her. As it drips out on to my cock she turns around and licks up the cum.

Brazzers Exxtra - Demi Sutra - Demi Works Out A Cock

File: fqsconabrexdemsutt6ir3hheeg.mp4
Size: 376.84 MB
Duration: 34:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Demi Sutras boyfriend, Xander Corvus, is a little too obsessed with working out, so shes decided to seductively take over their home gym and give him no choice but to get his exercise in by fucking her. As Xander lifts weights, he cant help but notice Demi come in and begin some seductive yoga right in front of him. Xander is downright stunned when Demi applies oil to her own tits and ass, twerking and bending with such obviously seductive aims that Xander must completely pause his workout. From there, Demi takes charge and forces Xander do so some serious work with his hard cock.

Purgatory X - Demi Sutra - The Dentist Vol 1 E2

File: cvnacnapuxdemsutry5vzlzyka.mp4
Size: 581.78 MB
Duration: 37:10
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Demi arrives to her appointment with Dr. Rock so that he can give her an oral exam. As she looks around, she gets an odd feeling. Being the only patient, she notices the doctor does not have a receptionist or assistant. Dr. Rock assures her, I just take care of it all. Demi opens her mouth wide and the good doctor probes the back of her throat with his fingers. As Dr. Rocks hands begin to roam over Demis body, he explains that its a natural alternative to laughing gas. Demi accepts his explanation and allows the good doctors hands to explore her erogenous zones. As his fingers hit her hot spots, Demi quickly becomes aroused. The good-looking doctor inserts a cheek retractor to hold her mouth open and before she knows whats happening, Dr. Rock has his cock deep in her mouth. The eager patient loves gagging on his cock as Dr. Rock massages her pussy. She spreads her legs wide as he fingers and eats her juicy clit. Demis cunt is ready for the doctors dick and hes happy to oblige. The good patient and perverted doctor fuck in sexy positions until Dr. Rock shoots a load of cum on her belly. Demi squeezes out the last drop of creamy cum from his cock and licks it from her fingers.

Digital Playground - Britney Amber & Demi Sutra - Meet The Neighbors

File: gbojgnadiplbridemamryqawzpl.mp4
Size: 345.75 MB
Duration: 43:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In a quaint little suburb, far from the city, the locals build dream homes and lead idyllic lives, but do we ever truly know who our neighbors really are? Jenny Kimmy Granger and Abbie Demi Sutra are about to find out, when they are caught sneaking into the pool next door by the kinky couple who live there, Gerald Mick Blue and Holly Britney Amber. The girls get an up close and personal tour of the house and enjoy a hedonistic afternoon that theyll never forget.

Manuelferrara - Demi Sutra & Evelin Stone - Demi Sutra & Evelin Stone Double Team Manuel Then Share His Cum

File: hk9znnamandemeve72vkjccnql.mp4
Size: 380.90 MB
Duration: 46:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Manuel decides that two is better than one in this scene from Raw 37. Demi Sutra and Evelin Stone are lying on the bed naked when Manuel pops in. The threesome immediately begin ravishing one another. Evelin swallows Manuel's cock while Demi dives down under on both Ferrara and Miss Stone. At one point, Evelin and her round ass get assisted riding Ferrara's pole. Manuel stacks the two beauties and fucks Evelin while burying his face in Demi Sutra's bubbly cheeks. Ferrara has them get down on their knees and suck his balls and johnson until he blows his load all over their faces...

We Live Together - Demi Sutra & Lana Sharapova - Close Quarters

File: 9hkptnawelitodemlanqkwejlavww.mp4
Size: 305.12 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's the end of a long day and Demi Sutra is stuck on a rattling, rough, raucous subway ride. The jostling and crowd is forcing her uncomfortably close to the patient Lana Sharapova. Each bump gets sympathetic smiles, quick apologies, and embarrassed glances away But the close quarters just seem to electrify the air between them. Demi and Lana seem a bit pleased by the physical contact Are they being patient and polite, or restrained and eager?

Girls Gone Pink - Janice Griffith & Demi Sutra - Soaking Wet: Part 1

File: y9ryznagigopijandem1amo8jjv53.mp4
Size: 260.69 MB
Duration: 21:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute-ass Janice Griffith catches her hot roommate Demi Sutra camming and decides to join in. Janice says shes shy but soon shes flashing her perfect titties and shaking her juicy ass! Sexy Demi cant keep her hands off her roommate, who can blame her?! Soon, the two are licking each others perfect pussies and going at it til they both cum!

Brazzers Exxtra - Demi Sutra - Blown Through The Roof

File: twflqnabrexdemsutmvtnjuomy6.mp4
Size: 395.88 MB
Duration: 36:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Horny hottie Demi Sutra and her more conservative friend accidentally book a hostel room for 3 on their epic college backpacking trip. Small Hands, their unexpected roommate, claims the top of the bunk bed, refusing to give it up so the girls can bunk together. When the girls get home from a night out, Demi is annoyed that she didnt manage to hook up with any guys at the club shes been desperate for dick ever since she got off the train! However, shes in luck Small Hands has a gloryhole cut into the bottom of the top bunk and hes not afraid to use it!

Share My BF - Janice Griffith & Demi Sutra - Soaking Wet

File: 1tnisnashmybfjandemon9wlabvv7.mp4
Size: 334.88 MB
Duration: 26:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I walked in on my girlfriend Janice Griffith and her friend Demi Sutra fucking each other and they squirted all over me! I was pissed but when my girlfriend looked at me with those big eyes I knew I couldnt stay mad. Soon, the two were slobbering all over my hard rod and begging me to give it to them, I was wet but I was planning on getting them soaked!

Cherry Pimps - Jill Kassidy & Demi Sutra - Demi Can Not Get Enough Of Jill's Wet Pussy

File: 5il8fnachpijildem5setw4hbly.mp4
Size: 423.57 MB
Duration: 18:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Demi Sutra is so happy that Jill Kassidy picked her to be her lesbian counterpart and wants to taste how sweet that wet little pussy is! She first starts on those tits feeling those hard nipples in her mouth as she licks all over them. Those little titties are just too perfect! Jill goes down on Demi first taking charge loving the taste of that beautiful pussy! She wants to taste it all as she licks up and down Demis lips with her tongue. A pussy has never tasted so divine!

Girls Way - Bree Daniels & Demi Sutra - Roleplay With Me: Scout's On-her

File: jrfavnagiwabredemsfvtari2rk.mp4
Size: 436.02 MB
Duration: 45:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Bree Daniels is lounging on the couch, looking a bit anxious and excited, as though she's waiting for something. There is a knock on the door. Bree instantly jumps to her feet and smooths out her clothes, then speedwalks to the door. 'Well, who could that be at the door?' she says in a very exaggerated tone. Bree opens the door and has an expression of mixed arousal and surprise as she sees Demi Sutra, who is wearing a sexy scout uniform and holding a box of cookies.

Bree tries to start to speak but instead bursts out laughing. 'Do you have any idea how hard it was to find this outfit? I felt so awkward as a full-grown adult in her twenties asking the store owner for a 'Sexy Scout Costume', I don't even think they make real ones in adult sizes!' a frustrated Demi says.

'Oh shush! Stay in character, you promised!' Bree says. 'Okay, okay, sorry! 'Gee, thanks for inviting me into your home, ma'am!' Demi responds. Bree taps Demi's butt to scoot her inside and closes the door.

Bree invites Demi deeper inside the house and follows her in while ogling her from behind. Once they reach the living room, Demi smiles and spins around, innocently asking if she'd like to buy some cookies.

'No, SEXIER,' Bree playfully insists. Demi looks a bit embarrassed but then changes her voice to be sexier and asks again if Bree would like to buy some cookies. It's for a great cause -- the troop needs to buy even SHORTER skirts...

Bree is turned on, leaning in for a kiss while saying that with the right incentive, Bree might even consider buying out her whole supply!

Demi giggles, getting embarrassed and avoiding the kiss. She admits that she feels a bit weird doing this... is this REALLY her number one fantasy? Bree pouts that if Demi was in scouts growing up like she was, she'd understand. Surrounded by all those girls her age, just only starting to learn about her body, still not even knowing what a lesbian was yet let alone that she was one... scouts was the beginning of her sexual awakening! It's her ultimate fantasy from her youth that she still thinks about now in her twenties!

Demi seems more reassured and says that makes so much sense, and makes her feel way better, definitely a less creepy way of thinking of it, for sure! Bree smirks and says they should keep going so that they don't break the mood!

Demi is flustered as she clumsily dives back into character, saying that, unfortunately, she only has one box with her to sell. Bree grins. There might be ANOTHER tasty box that she'd be interested in...

Hot And Mean - Karma Rx & Demi Sutra - Don't Touch Her 7

File: b7q9lnahoanmekardemn5ora4gs2j.mp4
Size: 458.70 MB
Duration: 37:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Demi Sutra is surprised with a night at the strip club by her girlfriend. She enjoys watching Karma Rx perform and jumps at the chance for a private lap dance. Demis girlfriend says its okay as long as shes in the room. Karma gets a little handsy with Demi during the dance, sneakily fingering her wet pussy. Demis girlfriend catches on and storms out of the room, leaving Demi alone with Karma for a night to remember.

Deep Lush - Demi Sutra - Sensual Encounter

File: hv6kznadeludemsutzududmaiv2.mp4
Size: 285.27 MB
Duration: 26:30
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: This video features Demi Sutra and I having sex for the first time. This video is really passionate and we have wonderful chemistry as we have sex in a bunch of positions all over the bed. There is some POV shot during the blowjob portion of the video. Demi has a really intense orgasm as she uses the hitachi on herself as I fuck her with my hand around her throat.

Nuru Massage - Demi Sutra - Date Night Nerves

File: dbw7bnanumademsutximaqxrawz.mp4
Size: 295.50 MB
Duration: 37:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele is a nervous young man getting ready for a date while his best friend, Demi Sutra, helps get him ready. He's so anxious about the date that he doesn't notice the longing looks Demi is casting him. When he asks for advice on how to make the date successful, Demi's torn between helping him and also keeping him for herself, though she eventually tries to give him some helpful tips. He's so tense, though, that none of the tips seem to be sinking in, so she offers to give him a massage to relax instead.

Codey readily accepts the massage, closing his eyes and relaxing into his friend's sensual, professional touch. Of course, Demi has ulterior motives as she tries working him up, getting a rise out of him.

'You know, they say you shouldn't go on a date with one in the... chamber,' Demi carefully says, though the innuendo goes right over Codey's head. She has to clarify that it's not good to go on a date without cumming beforehand.

Codey is worried, especially since he doesn't have time to rub one out before the date. 'I can help you with that, since what are friends for!' Demi announces.

They soon strip down so that Demi can give him a much more sensual NURU massage to help take the edge off. As she slips and slides her gorgeous, naked body all over Codey's, she pulls out all the stops, trying hard to seduce her handsome friend. As she finally slips his cock into her pussy to ride him, to help him empty the chamber, she's sure she has him hooked! Will all of this be enough to convince him that she's the girl for him?

Open Family - Demi Sutra - Demi Sutra Fucks Her Dads Employee

File: yenzenaopfademsutvvpk6okwb2.mp4
Size: 445.31 MB
Duration: 36:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisDemi Sutra saw Johnny at her fathers Christmas party at his office and one thing came to her mind SHE NEEDS TO FUCK A WHITE GUY!!!
So she sets up a meeting at her fathers place with the intetion of fucking Johnny buy he thinks that he might lose his job but Demi Sutra has an Open Family.

Brazzers Exxtra - Demi Sutra - A Family Affair: The Reunion Part 1

File: vussjnabrexdemsutm7xrzorgzs.mp4
Size: 314.91 MB
Duration: 31:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Demi thought her parents were out of town for the weekend, so she invited her boyfriend over for a two day fuck fest. Unfortunately, she got the dates mixed up and she's actually having a family reunion at the house instead! To top it off, Demi's dad hates her boyfriend. Now Van Wylde needs to escape the house without being scene or he's in big trouble! Will he make it out?