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Cory Chase

Seduced By A Cougar - Cory Chase - Blonde Milf Cory Chase Wants Cock And Lucas Is There To Fuck Her

File: 1zkmvnasebyacocorchaezymhnrskp.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 41:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cory Chase got her date cancelled at the last minute, and now she is frustrated because she had all her good lingerie on and ready for a long awaited night.
Lucas lost his ball on Cory's backyard and now she is ready to pounce on him like the cougar she is.

Jerky Wives - Cory Chase - Step Mom Fashion Show Leads to Anal Sex

File: 692nmnajewicorchavywj1fluri.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 29:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I walk in to my step-mom's bedroom and she is wearing a dark red bra with matching panties and a see-through robe. She also has beige thigh high stockings on as well. Do you like this outfit? Do you think my fans would like it? she asks me. Yes, I think they would, I tell her. She offers to show me some other lingerie options as well. She pulls out a white bra with matching white panties next, and she tries them on for me. I take some photos of her in the white lingerie, so she can post them on her Social Media page. She pulls out a green lingerie set with crystals on it next.

I like this one the best! I tell her. My cock starts to get hard just from looking at her in the green and crystal lingerie. Why don't you fuck me and film it so I can sell it to my fans on my Social Media? she asks me, after she notices my hard cock. She pulls her panties and bra off, and she lies down in the missionary position on the couch. I shove my cock in to her pussy and I start to fuck her hard. After a few minutes, I switch holes and I shove my cock deep in to her ass next. Every time I pull my cock out of her ass, I watch her ass hole gape really wide! I ask her to flip over in to the doggy style position next and I fuck her MILF pussy and ass back and forth some more. When I get close to cumming, I have my step-mom get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and all over her face! I should probably go clean up before your step-father gets home! This is our little secret, so you're not allowed to tell your step-father about this! she exclaims.

New Sensations - Cory Chase - Step Mom Cory Is Very Appreciated

File: ootbfnanesecorchafpye9iwlzz.mp4
Size: 675.06 MB
Duration: 30:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy and Nurturing Step Mom Milf Cory is happy to take care of her step son Jake's needs from cleaning, his laundry, sucking and fucking his cock too. With a little time on their hands they hop right in bed with Jake licking up her sweet dripping wet pussy juices before she swallows his hard cock balls deep for a good afternoon fuck ending with her nice tits covered in cum.

Family Swap XXX - Chloe Temple & Cory Chase - Family Swap Picking Up The Pieces

File: eo61vnafaswxxchlcor13iezwrcem.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 25:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Chloe Temple and Nathan Bronson become children to Will Pounder and Cory Chase. The makeshift family starts of wholesome with family time in the living room, but there's some definite sexual tension between the younger and older family members. Their family time falls apart when Nathan and Chloe start going at each other. Chloe tells Nathan he has a small dick, so Nathan whips it out to prove Chloe wrong. Will decides to pop his dick out to prove that he's not small either. Chloe claims that both boys are so stupid they can't even undo a bra, so Will takes Chloe and Nathan takes Cory. Both men remove their lady's bra without taking off her shirt...

Jerky Wives - Cory Chase - Step Mom Is Stuck And Violated

File: lxawanajewicorchajxfozmgirb.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 41:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: My step-mom, Cory, is watching TV one afternoon on the couch. Her ring ends up slipping off of her finger and it falls behind the couch! She reaches down under the couch and she tries to get her ring out from under the couch. I walk in to the room and I ask my mom if she needs any help. I'm stuck! Please try and pull me out! she begs me. I walk over to her and I grab her shorts to try and pull her out. I end up pulling her shorts off instead! Why aren't you wearing any underwear, mom?! I ask her...

Digital Sin - Cory Chase - Hot For Mom

File: e6uvsnadisicorchaztaglgwipf.mp4
Size: 671.01 MB
Duration: 29:52
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: A boy's first love is his mom...especially if she's hot and down to fuck. These stepsons are all grown up now and eager to show mommy just how big they've gotten! Watch MILF superstars Becky Bandini, Cory Chase, Dee Williams, and Sovereign Syre bring to life the dirty taboo tales you've been waiting for!

Moms Bang Teens - Cory Chase & Haley Reed - Staying Home

File: ux2rtnamobatecorhalmgaiuiay7u.mp4
Size: 938.23 MB
Duration: 39:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Fit blonde MILF, Cory Chase, has a busy day of yoga classes planned. Her teenage step-daughter, Haley Reed, has a busy day ahead, too, not as wholesome as yoga, but just as vigorous. Haley lies to her step-mom, claiming that she's sick so she can stay home from school. Cory reluctantly leaves her home alone while she heads to her yoga class. But surprise surprise, Haley isn't sick at all. She just wanted to dedicate a whole school day to fucking Xander Corvus! When Xander arrives, Haley takes his cock into her mouth and sucks it, but she's soon caught red-handed by disappointed Cory. Cory decides the only appropriate action is teaching the pair an unforgettable lesson. She sits on Xander's face and grinds against him, and Haley takes Xander's cock into her mouth to continue giving him a blowjob, and a raunchy threesome ensues. Lesson learned!

Moms Teach Sex - Cory Chase & Tallie Lorain - Mom His Dick Is Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner

File: cs7cpnamotesecortalmrqgwroq4w.mp4
Size: 579.47 MB
Duration: 38:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde babe Tallie Lorain is on the phone with her boyfriend and feeling a little bit hot and bothered as they discuss their previous night's sexual encounter. She is interrupted from her masturbation when she hears a weird noise coming from her adopted brother, Codey Steele's, room. When Tallie goes to investigate, Codey tries to tell her there's nothing wrong. Tallie knows better. She flings off the covers from his bed and finds that he has his dick caught in the vacuum cleaner! Tallie goes to get her adopted mom, Cory Chase. Eventually, the two girls figure out that Codey borrowed his dad's erection pills and that he's been hard as a rock for five hours.

Cory initially tries to tell Codey that he needs to go to the ER. When he refuses, she tells him that he needs to cum right away. The girls step out into the hall to wait it out, but Codey is taking forever to blow his load. Eventually, they go back into the room to see what's taking so long. Cory eventually suggests that since Tallie isn't really related to Codey, she should show some skin to help him out. Tallie agrees after a brief debate and flashes little titties. Cory pops her boobs out, too. Codey still can't cum, so the girls move on to trying their hands at jerking him off. Stroking and sucking together doesn't work, so the girls move on to more drastic measures.

Peeling off their clothes, the girls decide to try fucking the orgasm out of Codey. Tallie climbs on first with Cory's help, seating her bare pussy on Codey's fuck stick to ride him. Mommy wants a turn next, so she takes Tallie's place on Codey's man meat and goes to town while Tallie cuddles close behind her to double down on Cora's fun. The girls go down side by side on their knees next so Codey can have a pussy buffet to bang doggy style. Then Tallie lays down so Cora can feast on her greedy snatch as Codey bangs her from behind. Scooting forward, Tallie welcomes Codey back between her thighs as Cora lays down beside her. When it's Cora's turn to enjoy Codey's charms once again, she's all delighted moans as Codey brings her off. He's finally ready to blow his load, so Tallie leans in to make sure she gets her brother's love juice all over her face.

Mr POV - Cory Chase - Her Cheatin Cunt

File: 4oliunamrpocorchayvpp96pogb.mp4
Size: 245.61 MB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: What to call this killer POV sex scene? Cheating Wife Gets Caught? Play With Me Today! Paint My Cheating Face! How about an ode to Hank Williams, Sr? Her Cheatin' Cunt! After all, you're watching a married MILF -- Cory Chase -- get banged out by someone who didn't put that diamond ring on her finger! Cory pulls off what she does best a smokin' hot, super sexy suck fuck session with Mr. POV. She's a dirty-talkin' whore who gets that beautifully trimmed cunt pounded. She's on her knees, at the end, working that 3-day build up and, quite honestly, Mr. POV told Cory, on the onset, be easy on my cock! I don't want your mouth or cunt to make me cum too fast! He held out until the end, and, in the end, look what he does to Cory's beautiful face. She's wrecked! Don't forget to follow the official Cory Chase Twitter CoryChaseXXX and enjoy, my brothers!

Moms Teach Sex - Cory Chase - I Fucked My Step Mom On Mothers Day

File: 7ajygnamotesecorchaepv7lcf32d.mp4
Size: 622.23 MB
Duration: 34:24
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Cory Chase is remarried and has Nathan Bronson as a stepson. Nathan is just so yummy for this busty mommy to daydream about. Cory catches Nathan perving on her once, but he listens to her lecture and starts helping around the house. Later, when Cory walks in on Nathan in the shower, she realizes that she's a woman with needs and her husband isn't around much. She doesn't necessarily plan on seducing Nathan as she dresses in sheer lingerie, but when she sees him perving on her again she beckons him in. He has a Mother's Day gift for her lotions and an electric toothbrush that feels real good against her clit when he drops it into her lap.

Giving in to her urges, Cory tells Nathan to come close and watch as she shows him what else the vibrating toothbrush is good for. She pulls her panties aside and shoves the toy right into her hairy twat. On mommy's orders, Nathan leans in and starts licking Cory's pussy, using his tongue and fingers to complement the vibrations. Next thing Nathan knows, his stepmom moves on from his hand and mouth to the main event of insisting he fuck her.

They take a breather so that Cory can suck her own juices off Nathan's dick, but then Cory rolls onto her hands and knees so her stepson can resume fucking her. He gives her the rough treatment she's been craving during their doggy style coupling, leaving her even wetter and hornier. Pushing Nathan down on the bed, Cory mounts him for a reverse cowgirl ride that lets him admire her firm ass. Then she turns around and gives him a titty bouncing delight as she gives herself another big O. Climbing off Nathan's hardon, Cory delivers a combo BJ and titty fuck that continues until he gives his mama a facial for mother's day.