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Chloe Temple

Devil's Film - Chloe Temple - It's Okay! She's My Stepsister 6

File: kqwuqnadefichltemcqueef5ai4.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 33:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple is so jealous when her stepbrother Alex Mack inherits his grandmother's loft in New York City. So much so that she asks him if she can move in with him. Alex is hesitant because that could really cut down on him bringing girls over. Chloe is quick to point out how she is a chick magnet and would be the perfect partner to get girls to come back to the loft. In fact, did they not have a threesome with her best friend Becky when he came home to visit?? He sure had no trouble fucking Chloe then. But this set up could be awkward for Alex as he would be spending a lot of time fucking his stepsister alone without another girl. Chloe acts quickly, reminding him just how good a fuck she can be. Cause NOBODY has a better pussy than this horny little stepsister!

TeamSkeet X Hussie Pass - Chloe Temple - Double Is No Trouble

File: 4xd4ynatexhupachltemtehjvpvs2h.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 42:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple is here for her first double vaginal penetration, that''s right she is taking 2 big cocks in her pussy at the same time! When Chloe is around it's double the fun and it's hardcore. She gets that pussy stretched out good and receives a good double blasting too.

Girls Only Porn - Chloe Temple & Lily Larimar - No More Boyfriends

File: wqw7lnagionpochllil2iwkwazfoi.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 22:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple and Lily Larimar were once lovers, but now they're merely roommates. Lily has moved on from her roomie's failed relationship, but Chloe has not gotten over it. The girls are chilling on the couch when Chloe sees Lily texting furiously. From Lily's happy smile, Chloe surmises that Lily is chatting with a romantic interest. When Lily confesses that it's a boy, though, something inside Chloe snaps...

Chloe keeps it light and playful as she puts out there that a boy can't do the things that she can do to Lily. She claims that she's way better than a boy, which Lily should be able to recall from their relationship. By the time Chloe is making these declarations, she's already on top of Lily and using her hands and tongue to remind her roommie that things between them used to be hot and heavy.

Lily doesn't fight too hard as Chloe explores her tight body, lapping her nipples to hard peaks and then sliding lower. Tugging Lily's panties aside, Chloe slides her tongue up her friend's bare slit. She likes what she tastes, so she settles in on her belly for a prolonged pussy feast.

Now that Chloe has rekindled their love affair, Lily is eager to ensure that her lover enjoys herself, too. As her twat continues to pulse from Chloe's initial ministrations, Lily tugs Chloe to get on her knees and hover over her face. That is the perfect position for Chloe to ride Lily's mouth as Lily's tongue makes magic in her snatch.

Turning around on Lily's face, Chloe leans forward. The result is a lesbian 69 that allows birth girls to give as well as receive the deepest orgasmic pleasure. The girls keep it up until both of their fuck holes have enjoyed a climax, but Chloe isn't ready to give up on coaxing Lily back onto the girls-only team just yet.

Grabbing a double sided dildo, Chloe shoves it deep into Lily's creamy center. She then lays back on the couch with her own legs spread wide to take the other side of the toy. Moving in tandem, the girls rock their hips on the toy as they each massage their own clit. The sound of their mutual moans fills the room as they each find one last big O. Their lovemaking complete, Lily reflects that may be girls do indeed do it better than guys.

See Him Fuck - Chloe Temple - Sexual Athlete Serviced

File: lt8sonasehifuchltemffygk59ic3.mp4
Size: 1.95 GB
Duration: 53:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Cuban stud Peter Green makes his See HIM Fuck debut today and we paired HIM up with Cincinnati spinner Chloe Temple for today's update, which was shot just a mere 36 hours ago! The scene starts with Peter stripping naked and revealing his big muscular body Peter then teases his prick in his See HIM underwear before unleashing that thick 8-inch gift for us to see. Chloe slides in and applies some lube to ALL of Peter's impressive muscles, gives his armpits the old Sniff N Lick and finally makes her way down to his feet sucking his toes and licking his soles...

Next up is Round of ass eating as Peter gets on all fours and Chloe munches away from behind. Peter then goes spread-eagle so Chloe can suck his cock, lick his balls, and tongue his asshole. Chloe's a good egg The two then trade oral treats before Peter positions Chloe for some piledriver deep-dicking. Peter then sits on her face for Round 2 of ass eating before Chloe hops on top and takes her coed pussy for a cockride. Peter then bangs away at Chloe doggystyle and missionary, taking total control of the situation and flexing his muscles as he hammer-fucks her. When the moment finally arrives, Peter pulls out and coats Chloe little tummy with a batch of baby-batter Of course, we followed the two lovers into the shower after to get their thoughts on the hot sex they just had... Until Next Time Stay Safe!

Hussie Pass - Chloe Temple - Super Fucking Nervous Interracial Anal Action

File: lpgncnahupachltem8rwmwzkr1j.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 51:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The lovely Chloe Temple was on set yesterday yes, yesterday, this was shot Thursday 2020-12-03 and she was Super Fucking Nervous about taking Jax Slayher's big thick gift up her unruined butt, but as we all know, Chloe is a good egg. After the interview portion of the program, Jax gets Chloe all lubed up because she's gonna need it! To start things off, Jax slides his index finger into Chloe's tight for now little butthole, followed by a little anal fun with a popsicle-shaped dildo, including some faux double-penetration as Jax slides his big prick into her coed coochie...

Chloe then slobbers all over Jax's rod before some good old fashion dick goes in pussy fucking, featuring the ever-popular aerial action! Chloe then spreads her buttcheeks apart so Jax can ease that 10-inch prick of his into her Holiest of holes. It doesn't take Chloe's balloon-knot long to open right up and wink at the camera and before you know it, she's riding Jax and taking a balls-deep ass-fucking! Jax puts her in a full nelson and even takes her airborne once again, his dick sliding in and out of her asshole the entire time. After Jax hammer-fucks her asshole and Chloe goes cross-eyed a couple of times, he pulls it out coats her cute little face with a nice load of goo. Afterwards in the shower, we confirm that her butthole is not ruined and she had nothing to be nervous about the entire time...

Devil's Film - Chloe Temple & Lily Larimar - It's Okay, We're Just STEP-Sisters!

File: 6urjunadefichllilfmopudxjcg.mp4
Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 31:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lily is really put on the spot when her stepsister Chloe the musician shows up at the coffee houseclub she works at and asks to get a slot again performing her songs at the club. Last time Chloe did that she got the entire club singing about burning it down and how Lily's boss was an asshole. Lily cannot have that happen again. Chloe promises she will tone down her performance and play it safe She also explains to Lily how hot she has always though her stepsister was. Maybe it was the passion of the moment or the fact they could have been caught but Lily gets swept up and the next thing you know the two step sisters are making sweet lesbian love on the stage Chloe will soon be performing on.

New Sensations - Chloe Temple - Chloe's Change Of Plans For Today

File: lmykdnanesechltempbmidlsmac.mp4
Size: 2.26 GB
Duration: 26:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bored and disappointed Chloe is upset her man will not be making back home until tomorrow and has to cancel her plans for the day. Friend and room mate Logan shows some concern on why Chloe is feeling down as they come upon some fooling around they did a few weeks ago. Both Chloe and Logan feel it would be fun to revisit where they left off as Logan saddles up behind her at the window slipping in his hard cock inside her hungry tight pussy, finishing business with her new change of plans.

Devil's Film - Chloe Temple & Lily Larimar - Cum-Swap Cuties

File: uewc3nadefichllilgsid79vwql.mp4
Size: 2.15 GB
Duration: 35:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It has been one fucking hot summer. Temperatures have hovered in the triple digits and two little cuties Chloe and Lily have been sweating their asses off in their loft downtown. Repeated calls to have the AC fixed by the building have been met with futility so when the building manager comes up to look at the unit again the girls try a different method. They take off all of their clothes and tell him they will parade around downstairs in the main lobby...

The manager is quick to stop them and promises to get the unit fixed. The girls like this and since they are naked anyway they can't help themselves. They are so sweaty, sticky, and horny. They need a big cock in them to get them through this hot day and he is more than happy to oblige. The girls have amazing rocking sweaty sex and cap it off with a fun-loving summer cum swap.

Hot Guys Fuck - Chloe Temple - Italian Stallion Tommy Angelino Fucks His Dream Girl Clara Fargo

File: k1iqxnahogufuchltem2ll9dtfqrq.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Who doesn't love a handsome Italian STALLION of a man?! That's exactly what Tommy Angelino is. He's got swag and walks around like he's swinging something to be proud of. We can't seem to keep blonde babe Clara Fargo away from our HOT guys! That's ok... because all of our guys LOVE hooking up with sexy Clara. Damn, she just knows how to do it ALL! She could suck a golf ball through a garden hose and rideeee till the wheels fall off... of course these guys love fucking her lol!! Tommy had the experience of a lifetime and can't wait to get back out here to shoot more HOT content with us!

Hot Guys Fuck - Chloe Temple - Hung Uncut Hottie Jason Moore Surprises Clara Fargo With His Big Dick

File: zaar9nahogufuchltemsa9tirwuy4.mp4
Size: 749.76 MB
Duration: 33:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to the HGF Experience! Everyone seems to love Jason Moore's big, fat, UNCUT cock... and Clara Fargo is no exception. She is a size queen and loves to take on the BIGGEST dicks she can find. I mean she said it herself... she just loves to get ALL her holes filled by monster cock. Don't miss the gameshow! Hint, there is a creamy booty motor boat involved

My Sister's Hot Friend - Chloe Temple - Chloe Temple Cant Hold Her Urges Any Longer And Fucks Her Friends Hot Brother

File: oqtvxnamysihofrchltemszd38nx75p.mp4
Size: 679.47 MB
Duration: 28:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple arrives to her friend's house but she is not there and she just wants to be a bad girl and fuck her friends brother but he is very shy and Chloe has the remedy for that.

Family Swap XXX - Chloe Temple & Cory Chase - Family Swap Picking Up The Pieces

File: eo61vnafaswxxchlcor13iezwrcem.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 25:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Chloe Temple and Nathan Bronson become children to Will Pounder and Cory Chase. The makeshift family starts of wholesome with family time in the living room, but there's some definite sexual tension between the younger and older family members. Their family time falls apart when Nathan and Chloe start going at each other. Chloe tells Nathan he has a small dick, so Nathan whips it out to prove Chloe wrong. Will decides to pop his dick out to prove that he's not small either. Chloe claims that both boys are so stupid they can't even undo a bra, so Will takes Chloe and Nathan takes Cory. Both men remove their lady's bra without taking off her shirt...

New Sensations - Chloe Temple - Chloe Heats It Up With Husbands Friend

File: o3twunanesechltemo57rvrm3gl.mp4
Size: 654.39 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Young married couple Chloe and Codey are trying some new adventurous sexual escapades and Codey's buddy Oliver is first in line. Chloe slips on her sexy pink panties as she admits she is very nervous. Codey steps out of the way as Oliver walks into the bedroom laying her down, spread wide and digging deep inside her tight hot young pussy with his tongue. As the head of his cock slides inside her, she leans back into Codey's arms and enjoys every inch of friendly meat fucking her good and deep for a cum shot across her tiny titty chest.

Hussie Pass - Chloe Temple - Louisville Slugger

File: lqiebnahupachltemvds7bmfg29.mp4
Size: 376.95 MB
Duration: 46:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Petite coed and baseball fan Chloe Temple makes her return to Hussie Pass today. In her 1st scene, titled Her First Double Vaginal Penetration, she was able to take 2 big dicks in her pussy at the same time, so we knew she'd be able to handle the 13 inch Louisville Slugger that Brickzilla is packing. The scene starts with Chloe warming up with a very large rubber dong. In steps Brickzilla with some lube for the spinner's cute little ass, and then he took it out Chloe, being the good egg that she is, did her best to fit about half of his BBC into her mouth. The two 69 for a bit, then Chloe gives Brickzilla a sock-clad footjob sockjob? before Brickzilla goes back for second helping of her tasty 22 year old pussy. Finally, it's time for Chloe to take all 13 inches and she did like a champ She was able to take all of Brickzilla's massive prick missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle. Chloe's reward was a couple of orgasms and a face full of goo I know who's getting my vote for MVP Until next time Stay safe!

Bratty Sis - Chloe Temple & Winter Bell - I Want To Suck It First

File: ucnuvnabrsichlwinobtamv4yvy.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 31:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple and her adopted sister Winter Bell have been locked down together. As they do laundry together, they commiserate about how much they miss dick. Chloe points out that they have a stepbrother, Jay Romero. The girls laugh about it, but now that Chloe has the idea in her head she decides to take some action. She asks Jay how he's handling the lockdown. Winter sees what Chloe is up to. She wants some of the action, so she plops down beside Jay and strongly suggests that he should massage her back as she takes off her shirt. Jay is confused, but he gives Winter what she wants. Chloe isn't about to let Winter steal her thunder, though, so the next thing Jay knows Chloe is flashing him her tits and pointing out that hers are better.

The girls are in a full-on competition now as they each show Jay their ass and tell him to choose which one is better. They escalate further with Winter mocking Chloe's bush and Chloe pointing out that her pussy is way hotter than Winter's bare twat. Jay would just like both girls to cut it out, but neither of them care what he thinks. They're much more interested in determining who's best at getting into Jay's pants. When Chloe realizes that Jay has a hardon, she goes for it without caring what Jay or Winter thinks. Winter is right there with Chloe, and the next thing Jay knows his sisters have both whipped out his dick to start sucking and stroking together.

The girls' competition intensifies until they abandon their double BJ to each try fucking Jay so he can tell them which one is the best at banging. Chloe gets the first ride on Jay's fuck stick. When she hops off, Winter hops on to take her brother for a spin. The sight of Winter fucking Jay is so hot that Chloe begins to masturbate. That prompts Jay to urge both girls into a double pussy stack with Winter on top of Chloe so he can give it to both of them from behind. The girls get on their backs next, laying side by side with their legs spread wide as Jay enjoys both of their dripping charms. When he cums, it is to give Chloe a creampie that Winter happily laps up and snowballs with her sis.

Princess Cum - Chloe Temple - I Love My Step Brother

File: vtkv8naprcuchltema1yxofctw3.mp4
Size: 887.67 MB
Duration: 24:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple is very close with her stepbrother, Damon Dice. She loves him and will do anything for or with him. Whether it's chores, homework, or anything else, Chloe will do it as long as Damon is with her. The only thing they disagree on is how Chloe can dress. Damon wants her to wear modest clothing, while Chloe wants to dress slutty. They argue about it and eventually Damon spanks Chloe and then undresses her when she won't do it herself. He hands her a modest dress to put on and that's the end of it as far as Damon is concerned.

Later, when the stepsibs have returned from their party, they're hanging out on the couch when Chloe passes out and lets her hand fall to Damon's crotch. Damon tells Chloe to take a nap, but when she won't listen he tosses her over his shoulder and takes her to the bedroom. Getting manhandled by Damon is a total turnon for Chloe, and she shares that news with Damon as she squirms in his arms. Grabbing Damon's hand, Chloe guides it to her twat so he can see how very wet it is. With his cute submissive stepsis staring up at him like that, Damon can't say no to her insistence that she wants to suck his dick. As soon as Chloe's lips wrap around his shaft, Damon knows he's made a good choice.

Little does Damon know, though, that Chloe wants so much more than his cock in her mouth. She wants to know how he feels buried inside her as she lays face down on the bed, and then as she's on her feet continuing to take it form behind. When Chloe asks nicely for Damon to lay down on the bed so she can ride him, he goes with the flow. Her greedy snatch is slippery with juices as she enjoys a reverse cowgirl ride and then gets on her back so Damon can finish her off. He's about to pull out so he can cum himself when Chloe surprises him by wrapping her legs around his ass to hold him close and to give him no choice but to glut her with a creampie of his cum.

See Him Fuck - Chloe Temple - Our 1st Return Client

File: pafevnasehifuchltemuxkfzh7joe.mp4
Size: 389.10 MB
Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Serbian stud Milan makes his return to See HIM Fuck today and we paired HIM up with See HIM newbie Chloe Temple. The scene starts with Milan stripping out of his purple suit and customized See HIM orange boxers to show us his thick uncut gift In steps Chloe to give his pit the sniff test before coating Milan up with a lot of sex lube ’ She strokes his slick dick from behind before making her way down to his feet removing his socks and gagging herself on his toes. Milan really enjoys having his feet worshiped, at times mushing her face with his soles. Milan then buries his cock down the coed's throat before she returns the favor by burying her tongue in his asshole. Chloe gets SLOPPY as she licks his balloon knot, slobbers on his balls and gags on his cock. Milan then has Chloe hop on for a cockride that literally gets her airborn He plows her pussy doggystyle as he smushes her face with his foot before pulling off both a regular and a reverse piledriver. Chloe then goes back to his backdoor and munches away some more until it's time for Milan to hop on and hammer away at her petite pussy until he blows his load ’ Afterwards, we catch up with Milan and his tanlined tushy in the shower

Have A Safe Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

Nubile Films - Chloe Temple, Evelyn Claire & Seth Gamble - Threesome To Make Her Cum

File: e3f8wnanufichlevesetdkma5rxhkh.mp4
Size: 476.63 MB
Duration: 29:19
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Evelyn Claire is pretty into watching porn and fantasizing about what she sees. She's enjoying herself on the couch, fondling her breast with one hand as the other slides into her panties. Closing her eyes, Evelyn can envision herself as part of the scene with her two favorite porn models...

Chloe Tempe and Seth Gamble don't even bat an eye as Evelyn appears dressed in dark lingerie that is sexy as fuck against her pale skin. Chloe is on her hands and knees getting her pussy pounded by Seth, but she doesn't hesitate to make Evelyn feel welcome. Pulling the newcomer's thong aside, Chloe dives face first into her lusty twat.

As soon as Chloe has enjoyed a big O, Evelyn gets to enjoy the D. Seth pulls her forward and sinks balls deep into her welcoming warmth as Chloe curls up beside her. Lapping at Evelyn's neck and fondling her titties, Chloe takes whatever measures are necessary to ensure that Evelyn feels more than welcome in her threesome. She and Seth keep up their efforts until Evelyn is moaning with pure delight.

Seth takes Evelyn's place on the bed, laying prone so that Chloe can climb onto his fuck stick. Meanwhile, Evelyn mirrors Chloe's position but on Seth's face. Each girl has a fun appendage to ride as they lean in to hug each other, making it clear with their body language how much they're enjoying their time together. Eventually they swap spots so that Evelyn can once again enjoy the deep thrust of Seth's cock.

Sated, Evelyn eventually climbs out of Chloe's arms and off of Seth's hardon. The girls aren't about to leave Seth hanging after he has pleased them so well. Working together, they explore every inch of Seth's fuck stick with their mouths and hands. Eventually they're rewarded with a double facial as Seth pops all over both of them. Leaning in, they share a snowball kiss that concludes Evelyn's erotic fantasy and leaves her fully satisfied with her masturbation session.

Bratty Sis - Chloe Temple & Macy Meadows - Step Sister Competition

File: c84eenabrsichlmacfujbeglrpw.mp4
Size: 563.43 MB
Duration: 31:29
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Temple wants her stepbrother, Jason, to take her to the fair instead of their adopted sister, Macy Meadows. The girls argue over which of them will get to be the one to go. Chloe thinks she has an edge up on Macy because she brings Jason some fruit, but Macy knows Jason is only interested in sex. She comes back in just her panties and a short shirt, offering to do a striptease. Chloe walks in on Macy before things can get too far, and insists that she can do it better.

The sisterly competition heats up as the girls decide the best way to determine the winner is to give Jason a blowjob. Chloe is the first to lean in and start sucking, but soon enough Macy gets her turn. When Jason doesn't seem to have made up his mind after his double BJ, the girls take even more proactive action. Leaning back into Chloe, Macy hops onto Jason's dick to ride him as Chloe masturbates and watches.

Chloe gets to enjoy Jason's cock between her thighs next when she rolls onto her back and takes him inside. After ensuring that Chloe's having a good time, Macy plants her pussy on her sister's mouth. Riding Chloe's face is a true treat for Macy, but so is getting on her hands and knees so she can be the middle of a sibling spit roast. Chloe takes her turn in the middle next, feasting on Macy's pussy juices as Jay bangs her. He finally reaches the end, pulling out to jizz on Chloe's ass and lower back. Macy follows instructions to lick Chloe clean and snowball Jason's cum with Chloe, and he finally agrees to bring both girls to the fair.