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Charlotte Stokely

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Sophie Sparks - Lesbian Stepsisters 9

File: mdzurnaswvichasopan77rg59bq.mp4
Size: 464.91 MB
Duration: 39:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sweetheart's fan favorite series, Lesbian Stepsisters is back! In this 9th opus, eight beautiful ladies enjoy the pleasures of their sister from another mother. Sophie Sophie Sparks meets her new stepsister, Charlotte Charlotte Stokely, for the first time when her mom remarries. Things become intimate between them when they must share the same bedroom for a few days. When Jezabel Jezabel Vessir learns about Steph's LaSirena69 problem with her boyfriend, she does everything necessary to keep her stepsister happy. When Karlee Karlee Grey visits Charlotte Charlotte Cross for the first time since their parents split up, she uses the time with her to make it memorable. Finally, Karla Karla Kush and Jill Jill Kassidy didn't get along the when their parents first got together. A few years after their parents broke up, Karla and Jill decide to meet each other and catch up on the past.

All Her Luv - Avi Love, Charlotte Stokely & Eliza Ibarra - Another Life Pt.1

File: 3bs43naalheluavichaeliurehjya1ve.mp4
Size: 339.45 MB
Duration: 40:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love and Eliza Ibarra are former lovers who are trying to go back and be friends. They've moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to start anew and find work. Avi Love and Eliza both went to business school and they have dreams to be a buyer for Warren's Department Stores. Eliza is a spoiled rich kid, but her dad cut off her credit cards, and she struggles to live happily with her new lifestyle. Avi tolerates Eliza's bratty behavior until Avi sees Eliza naked in the arms of Charlotte Stokely, the hiring manager of Warren's. Avi storms out in tears and wishes she never left the love of her life, Scarlett Sage.

Elegant Angel - Charlotte Stokely & Milana Ricci - Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020

File: vgioanaelanchamilxllh6wiod9.mp4
Size: 371.84 MB
Duration: 32:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elegant Angel presents Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020, over 2 hours of all new award winning lesbian action! Continuing in the tradition of the multi award winning Performers of the Year and Best New Starlet lines Elegant Angel brings you the all new Lesbian Performers of the Year 2020 featuring 8 of the hottest girlgirl award nominees! The biggest names hottest all girl performers grace our award winning lesbian edition

Adam And Eve - Charlotte Stokely & Elsa Jean - Star Directive Charlotte Stokely

File: vrcf2naadanevchaelslppjmjwuao.mp4
Size: 559.31 MB
Duration: 33:18
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Starring in a hot new original scene with Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely makes her directorial debut. Then Charlotte shares intimate details behind some of her most memorable girl-on-girl scenes with some of the most beautiful and exxciting women in adult entertainment, revealing what makes Charlotte Stokely the superstar she is!

Sweetheart Video - Lyra Law & Charlotte Stokely - Lesbian Adventures StrapOn Specialists 15

File: ozqgknaswvilyrchafs5au2jbra.mp4
Size: 363.11 MB
Duration: 30:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In four tales of lesbian lust, women strap-on and let go of all inhibitions. After a hard night of clubbing and dancing, Monica Charlotte Stokely and Sarah Lyra Law get to know each other better and take their desire to their absolute limits. Gloria Romi Rain, a recent divorcee, is back in the dating pool and after meeting Francis Penny Barber, wants to explore her sexual desires in ways she hasn't before. On a date night, Joan Aiden Ashley and Hedda Goth Charlotte play a little game that leads to a big fight. While they temporarily patch things up, they use the high tensions to have passionate angry sex. After drifting apart years before, Clara Lena Paul and Sinn Sinn Sage reunite in a quiet room. They discuss their lives and disappointments and, for a brief moment, relive the wild passionate sex of their youth.

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely & Eliza Ibarra - My Boyfriend's Porn

File: kdslunagiwachaelidep1p9fdgy.mp4
Size: 302.19 MB
Duration: 37:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra visits her best friend, Charlotte Stokely, and is stoked to see her. Even though they're best friends, they haven't had the chance to hang out much lately since Charlotte got a new boyfriend. But speaking of Charlotte's boyfriend, he's kind of why Charlotte invited Eliza over today...

Eliza is curious as Charlotte takes out a laptop, explaining that it's her boyfriend's and that she was just borrowing it when she discovered something interesting lesbian porn! Her boyfriend has SO MUCH lesbian porn on his computer! But she can't be mad since all guys watch porn, right?? Does Eliza herself watch porn?? Eliza is surprised by the question but admits that she doesn't...

Charlotte questions if THEY should watch some porn. They don't want to be one of those people that's never seen a porn video in their life, right? It'd probably be a good thing if they at least had an idea of what it's all about... Although Eliza's a bit uncertain, her curiosity and desire to spend more time with her bestie gets the best of her, so she agrees.

They pick one of the videos to watch and settle in. Although it's awkward at first, they naturally can't help but get turned on as the video progresses. In fact, they get so hot and bothered that they sheepishly agree to masturbate next to each other to take the edge off. Of course, this isn't enough, and it isn't long before they are hungry for the full lesbian experience. They've already gone THIS far, so why not go all the way??

They start off with kissing each other, although their mouths soon find their way to each other's breasts and pussies. They're eager for anything and everything they can get, including tribbing and even 69ing. As they bring each other to new realms of pleasure, it looks like finding porn on a boyfriend's computer was a good thing!

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Silvia Saige - The Perfect Gift

File: f6atvnaswvichasils5qhymjffn.mp4
Size: 221.29 MB
Duration: 26:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Fable Silvia Saige doesnt want a spend one more minute at this party, but the weather decides otherwise. Mrs. Bell Jackie Beat tries hard to convince her to stay and promises that Lola Charlotte Stokely will stay far away from her. As the night passes the more Fable keeps drinking champagne. On her way to her room, she stops by the door of her ex. When she opens the door, Lola is waiting in lingerie. She the perfect Christmas gift for her and shes ready to open it.

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Aidra Fox - Free Spirit

File: djqe4naswvichaaid6hftf5mbcv.mp4
Size: 509.25 MB
Duration: 39:00
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Aidra Fox and her colleague Charlotte Charlotte Stokely experience something strange at night. Someone or something is banging on the wall or at the window. Every time they go look, nobody's there. The girls start to get scared, but things get worse in the morning, when nobody can find the professor. Aidra goes looking everywhere for her but she nowhere to be found. Meanwhile Aiden Aiden Ashley is getting closer the Abigail Abigail Mac. She's fascinated by her free spirit and her courage, she wants to be like her, she wants to ride on the road with her, and she wants her.

Zebra Girls - Ana Foxxx & Charlotte Stokely - Why Is It That Models Get To Have All The Fun

File: 4oczinazegianachacvtwgyvirz.mp4
Size: 357.56 MB
Duration: 43:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Why is it that models get to have all the fun? Charlotte and Ana are lingerie models, well international models as they might say. They are in the middle of a photoshoot for a new line when their photographer gets called away from set and gives them a 15 minute break. The sexual tension that has been mounting between these two is very high and like the saying goes, when the cat's away, the mice will play! And play they do! These girls are very efficient and know all about time
management which is obvious when they finish just as their photographer returns to set

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Chloe Foster - Stress Reliever

File: xkhyynaswvichachldp4nltsuee.mp4
Size: 287.15 MB
Duration: 35:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: With Mimi Kenna James in the hole, Lucy Charlotte Stokely, a detective who's looking for a missing girl, has no more contact inside and now she's scared that maybe Mimi was also in danger. Unfortunately, without concrete evidence she can't go inside the reform school. That situation stresses her a lot and she can't think clearly. Lucky for her, Gina Chloe Foster, her wife, is there for her and she knows exactly what to do, and makes sure to relieve the stress out of her beautiful, smart and sexy partner.

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Karla Kush - Star Struck

File: aslxunaswvichakarwkqqv2d9nq.mp4
Size: 231.78 MB
Duration: 25:07
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: It's a secret for no one, Paula Ford Charlotte Stokely is obsessed with the champion Freedom Phoenix Karla Kush. When she hears that she will face Sophie 'Shotgun' Smith Sinn Sage for the belt, Paula invites Phoenix to her office. Paula knows every wrestle and can provide precious Intel. This private moment between the two ladies opens the door for more intimacy, and the more Phoenix learns about Paula, the closer she gets to her. Finally, Paula gets closer to her idol and lucky for her she will give her more than an autograph.

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely & Lena Paul - Fooling The Probation Officer

File: w1ggqnagiwachalenrhn379nnrq.mp4
Size: 346.30 MB
Duration: 44:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Stokely and Lena Paul, two partners in crime, are planning their next big adventure. However, they have to be careful because Charlotte's already been caught and spent time behind bars before, so it can't happen again! Although Lena's skeptical, especially because of regular check-ins by Charlotte's probation officer, she's down to experience that rush again.

They are interrupted by a knock on the door. As Charlotte answers the door, she's surprised to see none other than April O'Neil, her probation officer. Charlotte is startled, loudly greeting her so that Lena is secretly made aware that they've got to keep everything under wraps. April is amused by Charlotte's behavior, insisting that she was just in town and thought she'd do a checkup while there.

As Charlotte lets April in and settles down on the couch with Lena, it doesn't take a genius to know Charlotte and Lena are hiding something. April questions how they know each other, reminding Charlotte that its against her probation to consort with any criminals... In that moment, to save them both, Charlotte lies and claims that they are girlfriends!

'Well, you guys wouldn't mind kissing then, just to put my mind at ease?' April casually challenges. Although Charlotte and Lena claim that they're girlfriends, when they do share the requested kiss, it's nothing more than a peck on the lips. Unconvinced, April challenges them to take it even further... unless they really have something to hide. Charlotte and Lena know they're on the verge of being found out, so they go all in to save their skin.

Right there in front of April, they strip down, getting hot and heavy. Although it's awkward between them at first, they soon get into it, relishing the taste of each other's pussies. As they work each other up to a glorious release under April's watchful eyes, will it be enough to stay out of trouble?

That Sitcom Show - Charlotte Stokely, Evelyn Claire & Jillian Janson - Friends With Benefits The One Where The Girls Get Naked

File: erdhfnathsishchaevejilm2l63scsyx.mp4
Size: 224.67 MB
Duration: 27:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Monica and Phoebe are chilling together while Phoebe practices guitar, when Rachel comes in to chat about some issues she's having with Ross. The conversation eventually moves from chatting about the names of Rachel and Ross's future kids to the tropic of their various experiences with Joey. The girls all dish, but when it's Rachel's turn to describe how she and Joey fucked her friends wind up acting it out. Eventually the trio drops all pretense of pretending to act out a boygirl experience and just admit that they're all super into each other for a lesbian threesome.

Once the girls give in to their desire for each other, their clothes quickly hit the ground. Monica is the first to get naked beneath Phoebe's expert touch, but Rachel is not far behind. The only one still clothed, Phoebe lets her friends help her out of her shirt. Rachel gets the opportunity to cum first as she lays back in Phoebe's arms so the blonde can pinch her nipples into hard little peaks and so that Monica can crouch between her thighs with her magic tongue doing all the work.

Monica gets her turn as the star of the show next as she takes Rachel's place on the couch. On her hands and knees, Monica buries her face in Phoebe's slippery snatch while Rachel spreads the love with her soft lips and hot tongue exploring Monica's cooter. When Rachel gets her hands in on the action, Monica can't help but rock back into her friend's hand and ride the motion of the ocean. Rachel gets another spin on the climax train as she remains on the couch while Phoebe and Rachel drop to their knees in front of her. Then all three girls sit side by side so they can link their arms over their legs and masturbate one another until all three friends have had one hell of a good climax.

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Ella Reese - Dear Diary

File: irg9znaswvichaellz6oq8rhk2x.mp4
Size: 255.75 MB
Duration: 31:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ella Ella Reese is alone in her room writing in her diary when her dad asks her to come help him. She leaves her diary opened on her bed and her curious stepsister Charlotte Charlotte Stokely jumps on the occasion to read it. All these juicy stories about her older sister arouses her. The same night, when their parents leave for a business dinner, Charlotte confronts Ella about it. She's embarrassed at first, but when her sister confesses that she feels the same way, the erotic stories become reality.

Mommy's Girl - India Summer, Charlotte Stokely & Kendra Spade - Pre-wedding Jitters

File: sar2unamogiindchakenmzkfgkemfb.mp4
Size: 471.91 MB
Duration: 34:52
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra Spade is getting ready for her big day with the help of her maid of honor, Charlotte Stokely. Charlotte notices that Kendra seems to be especially nervous, but insists that it's just pre-wedding jitters, which is perfectly normal! Yet, when Kendra still seems anxious, Charlotte offers to go down on her to help take the edge off...

Kendra is surprised, though Charlotte calms her down. Although they fooled around before Kendra and her fiance were serious, she's not sure it's a good idea to fool around NOW. Still, it doesn't take much convincing before Kendra spreads her legs to let her determined bestie get a taste of her pussy.

Suddenly, the groom's mother, India Summer, steps into the room, catching the girls in the act. Although Kendra and Charlotte try to lie their way out of the situation, India's no fool. India has no choice but to tell her son about this! Desperate, Kendra and Charlotte offer to do ANYTHING to keep what happened a secret -- Kendra really DOES love her fiance and wants a future with him!

Now that the shock's worn off, India takes advantage of the situation. Sure, she won't tell her son what she saw Kendra doing... IF the girls let her join! Although Kendra and Charlotte are unsure at first, they give in to keep their secret safe.

Kendra's soon pounced by both India and Charlotte, their hands and mouths sweeping all over her body. With her future mother-in-law sucking on her breasts and maid of honor licking her pussy, all of Kendra's worries soon disappear. But can she trust India to keep the secret after all?

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, GTILover 1!

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely, Ella Knox & Karma Rx - Unfinished Business

File: 4rtjtnagiwachaellkar9335ozs4nb.mp4
Size: 358.12 MB
Duration: 49:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX and Charlotte Stokely, two fiancees that are soon to be married, are relaxing in bed together. As they snuggle up and daydream, Karma catches sight of Charlotte's computer screen. 'Who's Ella?' she questions, though has to nudge a bit more when Charlotte tries to evade the question. Charlotte soon gives in and admits that Ella Knox is an ex of hers from high school who broke her heart. But it doesn't matter because that's all in the past. They were young and dumb. Now it's all about the future with Karma!

When Charlotte leaves moments later for work, Karma's eyes fall curiously back onto the computer left behind. She's worried about Charlotte, but has a plan...

A few days later, Charlotte is in for the surprise of her life when none other than Ella Knox appears at the door! She is stunned, though Karma assures her it's all right and that Ella was invited. Karma knows Charlotte needs some closure from the breakup. Without it, the ex is always going to be on the back of her mind. Fortunately for them, Ella agreed to confront her past as well.

Charlotte is amazed as Karma explains that she wants her to have one last night with Ella to get the closure she needs. Without that 'what-if' hanging over their heads, they'll be free to live the long, happy marriage they dream of! Although Charlotte is still shocked, when Karma encourages her to give Ella a kiss, she tentatively goes for it.

The reservations soon melt away as Charlotte gets more into it, encouraged by Karma, who soon joins in on the fun. Things get hot and heavy between them as they eagerly dive into each other's pussies, relieving the tension and letting go of the past. Will Charlotte now finally be free to move on?

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Kenna James - Chapter 3 The Redemption

File: o7ywdnaswvichakenstpfekmwfn.mp4
Size: 298.14 MB
Duration: 36:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The next morning Sister Mona Mona Wales and Sister Mary Serene Siren pray to the lord for forgiveness when Mother Joan Magdalene St-Michaels enters the room. She's not quite convinced that Sister Mona is healing from all her vices, but she is willing to give her a try. Meanwhile, the health of Mother Superior Nina Hartley doesn't seem to improve, which causes Sister Charlotte Charlotte Stokely overwhelming stress. If she loses her mentor she will be forced to live her life in secret like before. Tina Kenna James recognizes her fear and reassures her that in the event of Mother Superior's death, she will stand by her side, which gives Sister Charlotte temporary relief. Tina had another confession to make, however she's in love with Sister Charlotte. She smiles and explains to her sister that she is mistaking lust for love. Lucky for her, though, the feeling is mutual. The sisters kiss passionately before indulging in erotic lust under delicate candle light. Tina, the young novitiate, responds timidly at first before getting entranced by satisfying her deep-seated desires. The nuns forget about everything around them and, for a moment, they are the only important thing in the world.

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Serene Siren - Breakfast With My Friend Part 1

File: icjdgnaswvichaseraqejmmsz2v.mp4
Size: 325.96 MB
Duration: 40:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Every Sunday Brigitte Charlotte Stokely and her girlfriend Jenny Serene Siren host a friendly breakfast with Brigitte's childhood friend Lola Penny Pax and Pepper Sovereign Syre. It's the perfect occasion to catch up with what has happened during the week, and this week was a special one for Brigitte, ended up face to face with her ex on the street and her reaction was unexpected, she kissed her. That story makes Brigitte's friend laugh and brings old memories back. They all laugh at the situation, but when the brunch is over and Brigitte and Jenny are finally alone in the living room, and it's another story. Jenny is a little bit upset over the whole situation. Luckily for Jenny, Brigitte knows exactly how to make her forgive her bad behavior. An explosive orgasm always does the trick!

Wicked - Charlotte Stokely & Kenna James - Closing Time

File: ahhu9nawicchakenf2ldtyblac.mp4
Size: 318.14 MB
Duration: 31:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy and Whitney are rival bartenders at the Last Call Tavern. Lacy is pragmatic but a little nave while Whitney is a calculating seductress. Both are lobbying for the manager position and will do seemingly anything to influence the bar owners decision. A colorful cast of characters frequent this local watering hole with hooking up as their first priority. The best sexual adventures always happen after closing time!

Devil's Film - Charlotte Stokely & Diana Grace - Lesbian Encounters

File: 5j2dvnadefichadiaebve6o8gva.mp4
Size: 298.17 MB
Duration: 35:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Stokely and Diana Grace in Diana's first lesbian scene. Charlotte, a classic beauty and the reigning queen of practically every lesbian performer award given the last several years in a row, gives fresh faced newcomer Diana Grace her first taste of a woman. Diana is a virgin, hesitant to have sex with her current boyfriend, because understandably the right person hasn't come along yet. Being a good best friend, Charlotte listens attentively and twirls Diana's long blonde hair in her fingers as she proposes an unusual idea. Charlotte whispers in Diana's ear 'Just close your eyes and pretend I'm him. I'll do all the things to you he would...' Diana submits to her and they roll on the bed, in a sensual explosion of first times and gentle kissing, fucking, licking and rubbing. The intimacy here is real- the air hung thick with sexual tension in the room before they had even taken their clothes off. Charlotte definitely converted Diana and they both left with huge smiles and ready for more.