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Candice Dare

Gloryhole Secrets - Candice Dare - Candice's Second Gloryhole Video

File: dfu3qnaglsecandartsloirs1rz.mp4
Size: 438.11 MB
Duration: 52:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: There are several ways to spell fan favorite. You could be all fancy and continental by adding a u for fan favourite, but this week there is only one way to spell it C-A-N-D-I-C-E. Please welcome back to the gloryhole the lovely and PAWG-tastic Candice for her second appearance on GloryholeSecrets.com. Last time Candice sucked and swallowed TEN LOADS, but this time she bests that by three and chugs THIRTEEN STRANGERS' CUMSHOTS!...

Gangbang Creampie - Candice Dare - Gangbang Creampie 253

File: kklxmnagacrcandarxr5fawgl5c.mp4
Size: 681.87 MB
Duration: 44:52
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: As promised in her interview, Candice's gangbang starts with something a little different this time. Instead of her laying back and letting all of her FIVE COCKSMEN go to work on her at once, she starts things off with some one-on-one luv makin' with each guy...

Zero Tolerance - Candice Dare - I Banged My Girlfriend With My Stepdad

File: fovplnazetocandarrykbhozsys.mp4
Size: 298.09 MB
Duration: 25:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Who doesn't dream of marrying a super hot slut who loves to fuck and suck? The icing on the wedding cake in this ZT release is the groom shares his new bride with his horny Stepdad who has always wanted to fuck her too. Sharing is caring in this tantalizing three way. Here cums the bride!

Nuru Massage - Candice Dare - You Won't Know Until You Try

File: eufxfnanumacandarjplwyyni6b.mp4
Size: 223.02 MB
Duration: 25:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tyler Nixon's been getting regular massages every week from gorgeous masseuse Candice Dare. He's obviously got his eye on the blonde bombshell, and one day during a session, he decides to take the plunge and ask her out.

Much to his disappointment, Candice turns him down, telling him that she's actually a lesbian. Undeterred, he asks if she's ever had sex with a man, to which she says no. He continuously asks throughout the massage how she knows she's a lesbian, then. Maybe she'd like sex with a man more than she thinks, she won't know until she tries!

Annoyed by her client, Candice finally decides there's only one way to shut Tyler up by having sex with him!

Neighbor Affair - Candice Dare - Candice Dare Gets A Fucking Good Deal

File: u1hdfnaneafcandarzpx9sawpiw.mp4
Size: 538.33 MB
Duration: 43:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Candice mentioned to Stirling at one of his house parties, that she has some money issues. It's difficult for her to make rent while covering college expenses. Stirling proposes a deal to that will be mutually beneficial. He gets booty, she gets money!

All Girl Massage - Georgia Jones & Candice Dare - Parlor Power Failure

File: 6m5ainaalgimageocan39vriieckv.mp4
Size: 211.28 MB
Duration: 26:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Masseuse Candice Dare is in the midst of massaging Georgia Jones. Georgia mentions that she REALLY needed this massage. She has SUCH a stressful job and a busy schedule so she rarely finds time to de-stress like this.

Candice can relate and casually mentions that aromatherapy candles have been helping HER de-stress lately. She keeps them nearby and finds that lighting them in between her appointments has done wonders for the energy of the room.

At that moment, the power suddenly goes out, plunging them into darkness. Both ladies are shocked. Candice says that they should leave the parlor for safety reasons. Georgia doesn't want to miss out on the rest of the massage and convinces Candice to continue in the dark.

Candice lights some aromatherapy candles to give them a bit of light and resumes the massage.

With the mood-lighting of the candles and the heightened sensations of the semi-darkness, the massage quickly becomes erotic. Before long, the women are swept up in the moment and kiss. Candice traces her hand down Georgia's stomach and rubs her pussy.

Girls Way - Candice Dare & Bella Rolland - Hitchhiker Hijinks

File: 7yjzlnagiwacanbelbfznyr2rtg.mp4
Size: 380.89 MB
Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Candice Dare and Bella Rolland are stranded on the roadside. Bella can't get a signal on her cellphone but Candice seems convinced that she can flag down the next driver that happens by. Bella scoffs, insisting that NO ONE stops nowadays to pick up hitchhikers, so what does Candice have planned that will make THEM the exception?

Candice grins as she assures Bella that she has a trick up her sleeve. She pulls her shirt up over her breasts, flashing the next driver that happens by as Bella watches on with surprise. Unfortunately, the driver drives right past, offending Candice. Candice then encourages Bella to flash her tits, too, but as the next driver also drives by, BOTH of them are insulted!

Finally, Candice initiates a kiss, figuring that maybe they can get someone to stop if they pretend to be lesbians. Naturally, as Bella gives back into the kiss and heat builds between them, the fantasy turns into the real thing. Instead of waiting around for another driver, the two girls hurry off into the woods to take care of business.

All their worries are forgotten as they eagerly strip down and taste each other's bodies. They are in a state of bliss as they eat out each other's pussies and ride each other's faces. Maybe once they're nice and relaxed, their luck will change and they'll soon be back on the road again!

Dirty Wives Club - Candice Dare - Candice Dare Gets A Huge Discount On Black Friday

File: hugoenadiwiclcandarw2xnsmrfib.mp4
Size: 405.96 MB
Duration: 32:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisIt's Black Friday and who doesn't love discounts???
Apparently Candice Dare needs better prices in all electronics because she will fuck the employee of the month to get a better deal in all the stuff she wants it doesn't matter if she gets caught by her husband with cum all over her.

Blacks On Blondes - Candice Dare - Candice Has A Nosy Neighbor

File: zznz4nablonblcandar7cvgwjrush.mp4
Size: 444.46 MB
Duration: 39:33
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Candice has a nosy neighbor. He's a real peeping tom. Well, one day he had a buddy peeping in on her. Hard to blame them though, she was outdoors doing her yoga...in tight yoga pants! That's gonna attract every perv for miles...like moths to a flame. The thing is, Candice likes the attention. In fact she invites them inside to get a little more familiar. These guys can't take their eyes off her camel toe! Her puffy pussy just stretching through those yoga pants. She likes when they look at it
and gives them a closer look. Quickly she's grabbing their dicks...ready to pounce. First she sucks both, making them rock hard before serving that pussy in doggie. She gets taken from behind while sucking a cock...servicing with a smile. That ass needs attention too. She wants it stretched. Both cocks in and out of each of her holes until they stuff her tight at the same time. They finish off with a creampie for each of her hungry holes, leaving her filled and spent!

Cherry Pimps - Candice Dare & Diana Grace - Lesbian Babes Candice Dare And Diana Grace

File: lmz6enachpicandarpzy5f6mekt.mp4
Size: 489.32 MB
Duration: 59:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy and wild Candice Dare has the tall and naughty Diana Grace to have some good hot sex with. The babes look great in their blue and pink lingerie complimenting each other well though we all can not wait for them to strip down so they can eat some pussy! Candice loves how sweet Diana is and can not believe how wet she is before those panties even came off. She just might have to get Diana to sit on her face! The girls break out some dildos to masturbate with and Candice tries to teach Diana squirting 101 after they managed to cum over and over for you!

All Anal - Candice Dare & Lisey Sweet - Lisey And Candice Are Bubble Butt Bombshells

File: fy2qknaalancanlis1fyclbur1k.mp4
Size: 525.12 MB
Duration: 58:37
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: What do you do when one big booty isnt enough? You bring in another! Lisey Sweet and her friend Candice Dare take turns getting their peaches pummeled and getting extra nasty with each other. That lucky dude is in for a big treat when those sweet cheeks are getting the attention they deserve.

Pure Taboo - Candice Dare - No One Was Supposed To Be Here

File: iksh4naputacandarpwy9xy4tzg.mp4
Size: 521.38 MB
Duration: 42:16
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Jack Johnny Goodluck and Leo Robby Echo. They are in the car looking out at a house on a residential street. Leo is nervous about what they're about to do, but Jack reassures him, stating that the door is unlocked and the family won't be home for hours. They slip ski masks over their heads and get out of the car.


Jack and Leo cautiously approach the home and open the door, going inside. They take off their ski-masks and look around, getting a sense of the place. They are clearly there to rob the house. Thinking that they are alone, they make no effort to speak in low voices.

Just as Jack and Leo turn around to go their separate ways, they freeze, looking at something. Leo looks shocked and panicked. Jack appears shocked as well, but also a little curious, almost intrigued.

Standing in the living room is a young woman, Maggie Candice Dare, a cleaning rag and spray bottle dropped to the floor in front of her, forgotten. She is frozen in total fear. Maggie is a maid who the men did not anticipate being home. Leo is in a panic while Jack is calm but frustrated at his partner as they try to figure out what to do with Maggie.

When Jack asks Maggie what she's doing there, since she usually only comes in later, she says that she came to the house last night and stayed over. She does this once a month to do a big clean-up.

In a desperate attempt to get herself out of this precarious situation, she offers to fuck both of them. Leo is reluctant, but after some convincing from Jack, he gets on board.

Even though no one was supposed to be there, it doesn't mean Jack and Leo can't have a little fun...

Teens Love Black Cocks - Mackenzie Moss & Candice Dare - Stress Free Interracial Sex

File: defs4nateloblcomaccanvuxbzp6kxz.mp4
Size: 669.40 MB
Duration: 49:07
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet Mackenzie Moss has been struggling at school for weeks, and she is starting to think she should drop out altogether. It is going to take a miracle for her to get rid of all her stress, clear her head, and absorb the material she is supposed to be learning. But when her helpful stepmom, Candice Dare, sees that her sexy stepdaughter is struggling, she springs into action. Candice knows that a BBC is the solution to Mackenzies stress, so she calls up her usual order of one giant anaconda dick. The stud comes ready to please, whipping out his extra long and thick black prick for the sexy blonde babes to choke on. Then, they take turns slidi

True Anal - Candice Dare - Pawg Pleasures With Candice

File: b7ymhnatrancandarkxelrs6fvr.mp4
Size: 599.35 MB
Duration: 52:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Candice Dare shakes that big booty for another round of exciting anal. Were firm believers that bubble butts deserve a good fucking, and bubble butts make our cocks firm! Candice takes that guy down to the balls before spreading her ass cheeks to show off perfect gapes. Finally, she takes an anal cream pie to finish off that lucky stud.

Bound Gangbangs - Candice Dare - Gym Slut: Candice Dare Works Out All Her Holes With Sweaty Gang Bang

File: niduknabogacandarggdacdjhek.mp4
Size: 611.11 MB
Duration: 55:45
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning natural blonde Candice Dare is ready to workout at this creepy gym! Her tight gym clothes accentuate her strong curves and perky tits. She starts her workout with some stretches and squats before moving onto the broken treadmill. She is really working up a sweat and an appetite. Lucky for her the gang bang crew also frequents this gym. The men arrive and get to work pretending to work out. This catches Candice's eye and she thinks five cocks, 3 holes, and 2 hands is the perfect workout. She lines the men up and is stunned that they are all already rock hard and ready for deep throat fucking. She takes each man deep in her mouth for a sloppy wet blowjob. This gym slut wants more and the men know how to deliver. Rope bondage. Candice is shocked again, when did this gym becoming a climbing gym and where did this rope come from. She is tied up in full restrictive rope bondage and the men all take turns fucking her wet squirting pussy. She screams with orgasm as the huge cocks tear her up. The men want more and begin to stretch out her asshole. Deep pounding anal gets Candice sweaty and happy. It's time to fill this gym slut up airtight. The men take turns with double penetration as her pussy and ass are stretched out. Her mouth and hands go to work. It's finally time for her protein shake, but this slut has a pregnancy fetish and demands the men fill all her holes up with cum. She takes an anal creampie, pussy creampie, pussy drenched in cum, face covered in cum, and finally a protein shake in her mouth. This gym gets five stars!

Blacked Raw - Rharri Rhound & Candice Dare - Wild Girls Night

File: 9epq5nablrarhacanjr9ocadxv4.mp4
Size: 400.35 MB
Duration: 51:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rharri and Candice are getting ready for a hot night out on the town. Dressed to kill, these girls are heading for a good time. When Candice wakes up after a heavy night, she finds Rharri having a good time without her, but it doesn't take long before Candice is in on the action too.

Devil's Film - Candice Dare & Lauren Phillips - My Husband Brought Home is Mistress 13

File: dx4hdnadeficanlauaktjlvwwzn.mp4
Size: 324.11 MB
Duration: 36:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Candice Dare is a young wife with not a lot of sexual skill, Logan Long figures he can bring home his mistress to teach her how to fuck, and more importantly save his marriage. She is reluctant at first but loves Logan and is willing to do anything to keep him including let another woman show her how to fuck her husband.

Share My BF - Candice Dare & Nikki Peach - A Wholesome Meal

File: 6v9asnashmybfcannikybakhcvf61.mp4
Size: 345.95 MB
Duration: 42:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Justin Hunt is having an anniversary night-out with his girlfriend Nikki Peach, and hes determined to have a threesome to celebrate! Nikki isnt sure, but her tune changes when she spots the hot blonde waitress lookalike Candice Dare. The two flirt right in Justins face then run off to the bathrooms to clean upbut he catches them fucking instead! Lucky for him, they were planning to invite him!