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Brooklyn Chase

All Her Luv - Brooklyn Chase & Jessa Rhodes - The Deal

File: hihipnaalhelubrojeszo2jptgb3e.mp4
Size: 289.33 MB
Duration: 27:09
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn comes home from the worst day at work ever. She's finally decided to quit, after two whole years of being bullied by her female colleagues. Mr. Elsworth, her boss, calls to try to persuade her to come back to work to no avail. Brooklyn has had enough and has mustered all her inner-strength to walk away from the highest paying job in the city. In a desperate attempt to get Brooklyn back he questions if she is being a forgiving Christian? Well Mr. Elsworth, you've inspired me to curse God, maybe even convert to Satanism to get as far away from YOUR God as possible. I'm quitting today, and I'll take a month's severance and if you don't give me an excellent reference I WILL go to the police AND the media about the abuse in your office. She hangs up the phone, sits up and looks to the sky. A gust of wind blows and a red light emerges and the most beautiful blonde enters. Did I hear you curse God? Jessa purrs to Brooklyn as licks her lips before sticking it flat out to fork into a serpent's tongue. Brooklyn in in awe, Are you an angel? Jessa hisses, Do I look like a cherub to you? Watch the story unfold..

BlowJob Fridays - Brooklyn Chase - Brooklyn Sucks Dick Before A Scene

File: bed2wnablfrbrochastm5iksvpf.mp4
Size: 117.92 MB
Duration: 10:33
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Chase is getting ready for a porn shoot with Bang Bros, but when she walks on set, she's shocked to see Peter Green waiting for her. He begs her to give him a quick blowjob before she starts filming. She agrees but tells him he only has ten minutes. She gives him an amazing blowjob and lets him titty fuck her. He cums all over her perfect tits right before she starts filming her next scene.

Mom Is Horny - Brooklyn Chase - Satisfying My Step-mom’s Dick Craving

File: icoxknamoishobrochag1wedfz2sm.mp4
Size: 295.61 MB
Duration: 26:30
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Chase was trying her hardest to wake up her step son to go to school. Nothing worked, so she decided to take drastic measures. Brooklyn pooled her gigantic tits out and placed them right on his face. Of course that worked. He woke up to his step-moms perfect tits in his face. But she wanted the fun to continue, so she motivated him even more by getting fully naked and telling him to meet her in the living room. Brooklyn got fucked by her step son all over their living room. His cock stretched her tiny little pussy in several different positions before busting a giant load all over her face.

Dirty Masseur - Brooklyn Chase - Walk All Over Me

File: jz5yknadimabrochalklqsd1dpt.mp4
Size: 440.24 MB
Duration: 33:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Chase slips on a few pairs of high heels over her sexy feet, with Ricky Johnson enjoying the view until she requests that he assist her. Ricky's hands quickly shift to massaging Brooklyn's feet, and once he oils her up and massages the rest of her body, it's only a matter of time before he slips his big dick in her wet pussy!

Big Cock Bully - Brooklyn Chase - Brooklyn Chase Takes A Huge Black Cock To Save Husbands Job

File: 5bkn5nabicobubrochaxnivflsdqs.mp4
Size: 571.82 MB
Duration: 46:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisWhen Brooklyn Chase finds out her husband was fired, she calls up his boss, Jason, to plea for his job back. Jason tells her to wear something nice and come over to his place to discuss the matter. She arrives at Jason's house and finds out she's going to have to take on his big black cock for her husband's job.

Cuckold Sessions - Brooklyn Chase & Karma Rx - Brooklyn Has Been Married For A Long Time

File: 2qwtenacusebrokargsx89hudag.mp4
Size: 660.30 MB
Duration: 58:43
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn has been married for a long time now. Married young, Manny had been the only man she had ever fucked until just recently when she started having the occasional man over while he was away on extended business trips. Lately though, its gotten out of hand. Brooklyn confided in her best friend Karma how insatiable for dick shes been lately. No matter how much Brooklyn gets fucked shes missing one important thing her husband. Brooklyn would love nothing more than to fuck a few guys while her husband watches and
feed him their loads, straight from her dripping pussy...

Bang POV - Brooklyn Chase - Busty Brooklyn Chase Fucks Hard For Rent

File: mtrzbnabapobrochauba6i84mlk.mp4
Size: 384.28 MB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Chase gets evicted and shes in total shocked. Shes asked to leave to in the next 24 hours but she begs for mercy. She gets on her knees and begs before she comes up with the bright idea that she should suck the guy off. She tells him that she if she helps him out he can returns the favor. He couldnt say no to her big tits so he tells her he will pay off her rent if she does a great job. Brooklyn Chase gives him a great blowjob and tit fucking before she climbs on top to fuck. We see her big tits bounce from multiple positions as she makes Jay cum twice.

Love Her Feet - Brooklyn Chase - Foot Sex In My Corner Office

File: pexpnnalohefebrochayv47t4623g.mp4
Size: 808.84 MB
Duration: 36:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was barely getting into my office in the morning and I already had to deal with a tricky situation straight away. Some of my employees reported that Logan, who is my best employee, was acting inappropriately with some women in the office. More specifically, he stares at their feet too often, making them feel uncomfortable. So I called Logan into my corner office to discuss this. He was embarrassed and partly denied the allegations but really, we both knew it was true. Living a stressful lifestyle as mine, as a CEO, this story pleasantly shook me out of my daily routine and instead of focusing on my job, I started fantasizing of Logan sucking on my toes. I told him that these allegations are enough reason to fire him but, instead, he can have another chance if he shows me how much he loves feet. I told him to get under the table and remove my high-heel pumps. He was shocked but followed my orders. He licked my toes one by one and even put my whole foot in his mouth. I put my sexy feet up on the desk so I can watch him suck on my sweet toes and lick my smooth arch and wrinkled soles. He stood up and took his big cock out to stick it in between my sexy feet. I gave him a sloppy foot job that made me so wet I couldn't wait for him to slide his big cock into my juicy pussy. He bent me over right there on my desk and fucked me like the slut that I am. He licked and sucked my little toes all while he was fucking my slutty pussy. At the end he busted his load all over my soft sexy feet and freshly pedicured toes. It was worth to break my routine and he was also very happy to keep his job.

Mylf Boss - Brooklyn Chase - Rammed For A Raise

File: 4saianamybobrochaavgwx2m9gd.mp4
Size: 553.39 MB
Duration: 40:37
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Chase is about to lose her job, and she cannot let that happen. She needs this gig and will do anything to keep it. Luckily, she is super hot and has a bouncy ass to use as a seduction tool. So, when she finds out she is about to get the boot, she pleads her case with one of her bosses. What can she do to make sure she gets to stay? She beats around the bush until finally she blurts it out. Shell fuck him! That is an offer he cannot resist, especially as he slides his prick in and out of her tight cooch. Brooklyn can see that she has him by the balls as he slams her cunt. And as he blows his load all over her chin, she is in total control. Not only is she going to keep her job, but her pussy just got her a raise!

Mom Is Horny - Brooklyn Chase - Brooklyn Chase Fucks Her Stepson

File: ac3hfnamoishobrocha2wtkwd9sgl.mp4
Size: 415.32 MB
Duration: 37:14
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyns husband is about to get home and she wants awesome sex, so she dresses into sexy lingerie and takes her horny pill. When her husband finally arrives she starts dragging him to the bedroom he has to fuck her, she cant wait any longer. But, he gets a phone call from work and has to go back. Brooklyn is upset and doesn't want to let him go, so she holds on to his leg to stop him from leaving. At that moment her stepson walks in and greets them. Then the husband takes the opportunity to finally free himself and leaves. Brooklyn is sad, upset and super horny, so she has an idea, she is gonna fuck her stepson. She approaches him, at first he is shocked, but she dominates over him and starts sucking his dick, then she makes him fuck her all over her living room until he delivers his hot load all over Brooklynn's face.

Filthy Family - Gianna Gem & Brooklyn Chase - Learning To Fuck With My Step-Parents

File: ylahonafifagiabrocxcnduvvze.mp4
Size: 441.80 MB
Duration: 39:46
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna is watching a porn video to learn how to give a proper blowjob to her new boyfriend, as she doesn't have experience her step-mom Brooklyn decides to help her, so she gets naked wearing only a strap-on dildo, At first Gianna gets shocked but she realizes this would be a better way to learn, Brooklyn teaches her how to suck dick properly, then they move on to learn how to ride a cock, at that moment Tommy, Gianna's step-dad gets home and finds them having sex, Brooklyn is so excited now they have a real dick to practice and they can be good parents by helping her daughter be prepared for sex. So Gianna starts sucking Tommy's dick using the techniques she just learned from her mom, then Tommy fucks Brooklyn then he fucks Gianna, then Brooklyn again, then Gianna again until he comes, delivering all his cum inside Brooklyn's pussy to let it drip into Gianna's mouth

Cherry Pimps - Brooklyn Chase - Voluptuous And Wild Brooklyn Chase

File: deugonachpibrochajeqel2yu9y.mp4
Size: 442.66 MB
Duration: 59:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Voluptuous hottie Brooklyn Chase is ready to peel off those shorts and show you how sexy that ass is of hers! Nathan can not wait to get his hands on it and its not too long until he's giving her some smacks and getting his hard cock all up in those big tits for some banging hot titty fucking! Nathan holds back that load miraculously when Brooklyn gets on top taking every inch with her tits bouncing everywhere! Brooklyn knows how much you love her face so gets in some hot doggy facing right at you while Nathan drills her from behind! She just loves taking that cock! Like a champ Nathan holds out and cums all over those tits leaving Brooklyn with you as she tells you just where to cum while using her Hitachi to make herself cum some more right along with you