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Britney Amber

Moms Teach Sex - Britney Amber - My Step Mom Is A Cop

File: nssednamotesebriamb7iiv1ctgvv.mp4
Size: 619.67 MB
Duration: 23:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber is a hard-nosed cop who doesn't take shit from anyone, including her stepson, Ricky Spanish. She gets her bigtit bod dressed for work, then tells Ricky to stop jacking off and clean up around the house. Unfortunately for Ricky, he ignores his mom's directive. When Britney returns home and finds Ricky right where she left him, including his hand on his dick, Britney knows that the only way to turn her stepson around is to empty his balls completely. Good thing this hot police officer knows just how to do that.

Whipping out her handcuffs, Britney ties Ricky up. She already knows his dick is hard as she kneels to start sucking him off. Ricky can't believe his stepmommy has her puffy lips wrapped around his fuck stick He's even more taken aback when Britney starts peeling off her uniform, popping her jugs out of her bra and peeling off her thong. By the time Britney has pushed Ricky onto the couch and climbed onto his cock to start riding him, though, he figures he'd better see this ride through to the very end.

Britney gets on her knees on the couch and tells Ricky to fuck her in doggy. When that doesn't empty Ricky's balls, Britney pushes him onto the couch so she can ride his dick. Reverse cowgirl doesn't work and neither does cowgirl! There's only one thing left to do Britney lays down and spreads her legs so Ricky can pound her while watching those titties jiggle. That finally does it Ricky nuts all over his mama's stomach and boobs. Now that Ricky has finally blown his load, Britney tells him he can now focus on his homework and cleaning up around the house.

Devil's Films - Britney Amber - Should It Stay Or Should It Go

File: np9csnadefibriambrxh31bxiap.mp4
Size: 249.97 MB
Duration: 30:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber finds herself in a bit of a conundrum when she sees all the shaven pussies at the gym shower. Does she have too much pussy hair?? Deep in thought, she looks at her twat with a mirror and ponders the possibility of shaving her wonderful forest of pussy hair. Thank the lord Alex Jett comes rushing in and brings her back to her senses as he extols the virtues of a hairy snapper. Big pussy hair is great pussy and men love nothing more than to run their fingers through a moist hair muffin...

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Closing Out 2019 With The One And Only Britney Amber

File: 4ecqcnachpibriambjeu1wlvlkk.mp4
Size: 1.25 GB
Duration: 57:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What a way to end 2019 with none other than two of Cherry Pimps finest... Britney Amber and Jay Smooth. Britney is ready to tell you just how to stroke that cock as she puts her beautiful tits right in your face! She loves how Jay eats out her wet pussy but wants that cock in her tits so she can titty fuck him until Jay almost cums! They fuck in all the best ways making sure you can see up close and personal while he drill that pussy hard. Jay gives her a load to not forget that goes all over her beautiful tits and down her chest

Hands On Hardcore - Britney Amber - Sexy Real Estate Agent Fucks For Sales

File: pvj9ynahaonhabriambrhcovluukk.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 32:57
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Horny American Milf Britney Amber is a real estate agent that will do anything to close a sale, especially if she can use her luscious big tits and trimmed pussy to get it. In today's 4K Hands on Hardcore premium porn scene, Ryan King is her lucky client that gets to enjoy pussy eating and fucking the busty blonde doggy style, not to mention one of her topnotch deepthroat blowjobs. Watch Britney's mouthwatering enhanced tits bounce as she rides Ryan's big cock in cowgirl and reverse until he shoots his load all over her. There's no question as to why she's top in the biz!

Nubiles ET - Britney Amber & Emily Willis - Nubile Lampoons Xxxmas Vacation

File: wb6i4nanuetbriemisqssl2l2y4.mp4
Size: 274.92 MB
Duration: 30:17
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Ellen and her husband Clark adopted a couple kids Audrey and Russ. Russ and Audrey are indifferent to their parents' efforts to decorate the tree as they sit on the couch with their napping Grandpa. Audrey wants to go to a Christmas party, but Russ suggests she can just fuck him instead. Later, Audrey brings up again how upset she is that they're missing the party with all those whores, and that she wanted to be one of those whores, too. Russ whips out his dick and suggests she still can be one of those whores if she'll take off her top so he can jack off to her. Audrey agrees, but reluctantly. Russ gets Audrey to take her bra off next. Russ has just coaxed Audrey into sucking his cock when Clark walks in and catches them in the act.

The next day, Clark imagines that he sees Audrey at the pool and can't help but admire her certified nubile bod. Imaginary Audrey can't get enough of her adopted dad as she takes her top off and throws it at him. Too bad real Audrey isn't nearly as seduced by her daddy. She points out his boner and Clark runs off in embarrassment. That embarrassment returns when Clark is about to fuck his bangin' wife doggy style, but somehow imagines that he's got his dick out for Audrey. Confused and embarrassed, Clark runs into the living room where he's greeted with a tableau of Russ fucking Ellen while Audrey watches and rubs her clit. What else is Clark to do but pull out his dick and join in? He finally gets a taste of Audrey's tight pussy as Audrey rides his cock while Russ continues to bang bigtit Ellen.

The family orgy is just getting started as Audrey and Ellen each take their chosen stud and climb into his lap. Riding cock in tandem leads to the girls rolling onto their sides so they can have the D in a spooning delight. With Ellen on her knees and Audrey on her back, the girls urge their men on until they've each enjoyed an orgasmic finish. Both girls are happy to help their guys get to the same pleasurable plateau as Audrey and Ellen each deliver handies and BJs. When the girls have been satisfied with facials of cum and are basking in the afterglow, Clark realizes that Ellen has been trying to get his attention because he has fantasized the whole family affair.

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Buckle Up With Britney Amber And Lets Fuck

File: wl26rnachpibriamb3ys6o1psyr.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 59:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber is always a pleasure to have LIVE and this sexy babe always is rocking the hottest lingerie. She is all strapped and buckled up in black being a naughty hot tease with her magnificent large tits and gorgeous legs in her thigh high black stockings! If your cock is not rock hard yet it better be soon once she gets Marcus to lay down so she can show you how she loves to fuck! She rides his cock hard making those tits bounce and bounce while her pussy consumes every inch of that dick! Marcus loves that thick blonde bush and can barely hold back his load from erupting all over it after fucking her like never before

Dorcel Club - Angela White, India Summer, Avi Love, Britney Amber, Jane & Whitney - Climax

File: egbbinadoclangindavibrijanwhi1qrty6hsyp.mp4
Size: 646.60 MB
Duration: 01:01
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Michael and Emma are rich, young and beautiful. Willing to do whatever it takes to spice up their sex life, the couple meet the voluptuous Anas, who runs a very private club. Successively, they will pass all the tests, bringing them closer and closer to the precious ticket. Convinced by the couples expectations, Anas decides to make them pass one last test by introducing them to club regulars. Michael and Emma dont know it yet but this ultimate test will allow them to push back their limits and discover the paroxysm of pleasure Climax.

Hands On Hardcore - Britney Amber - Horny Milf Loves Black Cock

File: yggxfnahaonhabriambvbuez59wut.mp4
Size: 822.13 MB
Duration: 24:28
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Busty American pornstar Britney Amber is back, hotter and hornier than ever, with a hankering for thick black cock in today's hardcore premium porn scene. Well it's the horny Milf's lucky day because Eddie Jaye is the contractor that comes to her home to give her a paint job estimate and she takes the opportunity to get into sexy lingerie and put on a pair of lace top thigh high stockings to turn the seduction on. When Eddie gives her a steep price for the paint job, she offers up her voluptuous body in exchange for a discount. Now what man in their right mind would say no for a chance fuck this this blonde bombshell?

The curvy babe unleashes Eddie's girthy dark meat and wraps her dick sucking lips around it to start him off with a blowjob. Once it's nice and slick, she slips it between her 36D enhanced tits to titty fuck before moving the action down to her hairy pussy. The buxom beauty goes for a ride on his monster dick in cowgirl and Eddie gives her pink a deep pussy fucking in missionary style.

But this naughty nymph wants much more...in her ass. And she gets it hardcore in her puckered bud the messy facial 4K finale.

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Britney Amber Is Always A Fucking Good Time

File: ml2pnnachpibriamb37mmvkccoo.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 01:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber is always knowing how to make your cock hard when she is on the show! She absolutely loves to tease you with her gorgeous large tits and cute little feet... and of course that wild and hot blonde bush that she loves to have tugged on while you eat out that delicious pussy! She gets down on her knees for Rod and gets that large hard cock deep in her throat getting more and more sloppy as the time goes on. She lets you admire that sexy ass when she gets on in cowgirl showing you how tightly her pussy grips that cock before it is time for her to end the show guzzling down all his cum

Moms Teach Sex - Britney Amber - Mommys Boy

File: qi9annamotesebriambxvnupbzcze.mp4
Size: 551.35 MB
Duration: 33:56
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Nathan Bronson hates the way his dad, Chris Valiant, treats his stepmom, Britney Amber. He walks in on his dad fucking his stepmom and degrading her right up until he cums inside her. Britney sees Chris there, and they share a mutual moment of sadness that Chris treats her that way. Nathan takes the opportunity to steal a kiss with Britney to try to give her back some of her confidence. The tension between them keeps building as Britney proves that she's more than willing as she pops out her titties and drops to her knees to start blowing Nathan's cock. Then Chris ruins the moment by calling Britney in to give him a beer.

Later, Nathan learns that his stepmom really has built up a bit of confidence around him as she comes strutting into the living room in a sexy dress just for him while his dad is passed out beside them. She draws Nathan in for a kiss, then gets on the couch so he can feast on her cream filled pussy. Britney's big breasts jiggle with every sighing breath as her stepson shows her what real pleasure is. Then she does her best to hold the moan as he gets to his feet and shoves his dick all the way inside.

Their romp continues as Britney climbs into Nathan's lap and slides down on his dick. Bouncing away on his fuck stick, she covers her mouth with both hands to stay quiet. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her doggy style. He pulls out just in time to spray his stepmom's big ass with jizz. Their afterglow doesn't last long as Chris wakes up and spies them both naked and satisfied on the couch.

Family Sinners - Britney Amber - Mothers And Stepsons

File: spa9jnafasibriambl6zmbwnzrx.mp4
Size: 276.24 MB
Duration: 33:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber never realized how difficult being a step mom would beat least when it comes to fantasizing about her step son, Tyler. She watches him each morning through the kitchen window, which is why he does yoga in the yard each morning. He gets off on her perving out on him. She continues to deny her attraction, even after he kisses her. She is able to resist the first kiss, but after the second, she is overcome by desire. She melts in his hands as he runs his fingers through her blonde bush and deep into her wet pussy. She cums over and over on his cock while she imagines how wrong it is to fuck her step son in her husbands house. The orgasms are so good, neither can stop.

Fuck Team Five - Britney Amber, Maya Bijou, Valentina Jewels & Kiki Star - Fuck Team 5's Wild Ride

File: nvxsnnafutefibrimayvalkikocffni9o2j.mp4
Size: 380.27 MB
Duration: 34:18
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Maya Bijou, Britney Amber and Valentina Jewels were driving around in a Limo looking for trouble. First they picked up this beautiful girl named Kiki Star. They made her eat everybodys pussy and they dropped her off again as they needed dick. They saw Chris Wayne walking on the street. In no time he was naked in the limo fucking all three girls. Naked skin everywhere, one dick three pussies until he came all over their faces.

Blacks on Cougars - Britney Amber - Britney Is Such A Good Neighbor

File: v9ubtnabloncobriambsh2fyuride.mp4
Size: 374.99 MB
Duration: 33:22
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Britney is such a good neighbor. She wants to welcome Prince to the neighborhood by bringing him over a fresh, warm apple pie. When she gets there, Prince is showing the house to his buddy Jason. She asks for a tour...Prince is more than happy to show her. Britney does everything but ASK for the cock. She throws out enough fuck me signals, that Prince finally bites and offers her some neighborly cock! She takes it too...in every hole. Prince and Jason fuck her in doggie and cowgirl before slipping their
cocks into her tight cougar ass. She takes both of them until she squeels with orgasm. She's not the only one handing out Pie...Prince gives her a pie in return...a creampie!!

When Girls Play - Britney Amber & Kenzie Reeves - Daddy's Little Angel

File: y9ousnawhgiplbrikenisaocw7ygd.mp4
Size: 289.58 MB
Duration: 35:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Britney is newly married and moving in with her hubby and his daughter, Kenzie. She thinks itll be a breeze because she gets along with everyone and her new hubby has assure her that Kenzie is a real delight. Little does Britney know that Kenzie isnt exactly the little angel her father has made her out to be. Not to worry though, Britney knows a thing or two about discipline and plans to show this bratty bitch how grownups behave.

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Fuck Me Out Of This Strappy Lingerie

File: ecaw4nachpibriamb9kapwjlcbg.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 01:04:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Voluptuous babe Britney Amber is excited to be able to show off her newest lingerie set as she tease you with her tight fitting bra and gorgeous strappy panties. Logan is a lucky man today getting to bury his face deep in her thick trimmed pussy that she loves to pull on as he flicks his tongue all over her clit! She is going to cum right then and there unless he stops to get that hard cock buried deep in her soaking wet pussy! Britney loves how he grabs those tits and can not wait to feel him spray his hot load down her throat!

Got Mylf - Britney Amber - Gridiron Bang

File: dnlddnagomybriambjksl4geifr.mp4
Size: 661.02 MB
Duration: 33:00
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Amazing MILF Britney Amber loves showing off her round tits, especially during football season! Today, she lays out on the gridiron and runs her hands over her voluptuous curves seductively. She wants to get into the thick of competition, and as she trains for her next game, her coach gets her pussy soaking wet and ready for penetration. The voracious MILF can only hold out so long before she finally gets into position and gobbles his giant first yard marker. Her horny coach blitzes Britneys vag until she is screaming orgasmically. Then, he fills her lips up with a load of post workout protein. This MILF has never been more prepared than when she has a dollop of sperm on her tongue!

Digital Playground - Britney Amber & Demi Sutra - Meet The Neighbors

File: gbojgnadiplbridemamryqawzpl.mp4
Size: 345.75 MB
Duration: 43:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In a quaint little suburb, far from the city, the locals build dream homes and lead idyllic lives, but do we ever truly know who our neighbors really are? Jenny Kimmy Granger and Abbie Demi Sutra are about to find out, when they are caught sneaking into the pool next door by the kinky couple who live there, Gerald Mick Blue and Holly Britney Amber. The girls get an up close and personal tour of the house and enjoy a hedonistic afternoon that theyll never forget.

Pornstars Like it Big - Britney Amber - Front Page Fucking

File: eyivwnapoliitbibriambcdf7hcoj9u.mp4
Size: 373.18 MB
Duration: 34:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Keiran Lee is a paparazzo looking to get super rich and super famous. So, in order to achieve this wildly reasonable dream, he decides to break into the home of the super secretive starlet, Britney Amber. Unfortunately for Keiran, Britney is waiting for him! She decides to teach him a lesson and have a little fun in the process. This is the biggest scoop of Keirans career! Too bad nobody will believe him

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Britney Amber Keeps Us Begging For More

File: wrx6enachpibriambqk5bzuf5kg.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 01:01:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber can make any room hot looking like she does! She looks magnificent in red and has the bubbly personality to make you just sit and listen! She loves getting that cock hard knowing how much you love when she puts her big tits in your face or maybe you want those cute toes in your mouth. She'll gladly do whatever it takes to make you cum for her. She runs her hands through her bush and already has Alex Jones big cock rock hard and ready to suck! Britney licks all around and all up and down that cock making it drip with her spit! She has only just begun and soon gets on top taking complete control as she rides it hard letting you admire those gorgeous large tits as they shine with oil bouncing away. Britney eagerly guzzles down his cum to end one hot show!