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Blacks on Cougars - Kayla Kayden - Kayla Is Hoping For A Romantic Picnic

File: 9knuvnabloncokaykaydi35iktsv8.mp4
Size: 2.40 GB
Duration: 33:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kayla is hoping for a romantic picnic with her Husband, but after setting up her picnic outside her Husband calls to cancel because he had to take a last minute business trip. She realizes it's gardening day and she decides that she should just invite the 2 Handsome Gardeners inside and have some Fun since her Husband will be out of town for a week and he ruined her Picnic Surprise! They head to the Living room where she tells them that the reason she wants to have her Picnic inside
with them is for the view..... of her Naked! so she takes it all off for them and then rips their coveralls off and devours their cocks! Hot, Crazy DP action follows, with lots of ATM, ATP and anal, and after the pop shots, she says, Well, that was exactly what I wanted for my Picnic!

New Sensations - Emma Starletto - Emma Doesn't Like Sharing Stepdaddy

File: mkzdxnaneseemmstayxuhwvigyy.mp4
Size: 2.47 GB
Duration: 29:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Over worked step father Scotty has decided to take a break and go find his pretty little blonde step daughter Emma to play with and unleash some stress. As she freshens up in the shower he slips his fingers inside her tight pink wet pussy while she strokes him hard for a good sucking in the shower. Now on the bed Emma has a huge appetite for his huge black cock down her throat and balls deep inside her hot pussy for a massive facial of cum.

See Him Fuck - Catalina Ossa - See A MAN Fuck

File: pvyqsnasehifucatossnhmim5qsw5.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 01:03:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's another double debut today as ripped Georgia native Jamie Knoxx and 19-year-old Arizona newbie Catalina Ossa each make their 1st appearances here at See HM Fuck in a scene that is sure to be a fan favorite! It starts out with Jamie removing his suit and dress shirt, revealing his massive muscles as he shows off his physical prowess and exotic dancer moves. Jamie teases his thick 9-inch cock thru his See HIM underwear before revealing that big, beautiful gift for all of us to gaze upon Catalina steps in with some baby oil for our man, getting HIM nice and lubed up for what's to come...

Catalina sniffs and tastes his armpits as Jamie tells her Yeah... that's a MAN smell, baby.... Jamie takes a seat on the couch so Catalina can focus on his feet removing his socks, suckling his toes licking his soles. Then the ass-eating starts as Jamie gets on all fours so Catalina can eat his ass from behind, then spread eagle, back to a rusty trombone, and finally some reverse piledriver as she rims HIM from above. Jamie returns the favor by giving the Colombian's teen pussy a good tongue lashing followed by Catalina sloppily gagging on his big thick prick Catalina then gets on top of HIM in a position this reviewer has no idea what to call where Jamie is on his back, basically spread-eagle, and she is on top riding him seriously, if you know what this position is called, email us! Jamie puts Catalina in a reverse piledriver, flexing his impressive muscles as he deep-dicks her from above. This is followed by Jamie stretching her tight slit in the doggystyle and missionary positions, burying his girthy dick deep inside her, until he finally unloads a batch of stomach pancakes onto her cute little belly As is the norm, we catch up with our two new friends in the shower to see how things went... Until Next Time STAY SAFE!

Hands On Hardcore - Kitana Lure & Shona River - Triple X Activities Part 2

File: oel4inahaonhakitshorlw3htopnr.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 34:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You are cordially invited to Part 2 of Triple X Activities, but this time we have an interracial anal experience to dive into. Grab your rag and close the door because it's about to get crazy. Sexy Hungarian redhead Shona River and her hot blonde Russian friend Kitana Lure are caught in the act when CJaybangz comes over for a visit and finds the babes in the buff. He's welcomed into the college girls' room with open arms and open mouths as these two beauties can't wait to blow his BBC and take it deep in their throats with dirty intentions of where else they want to shove it, soon. Get into the interracial mix with us as this Hands On Hardcore threesome scene goes beyond anal and you've got a front seat to the XXX action.

BBC Paradise - Aria Carson & Lauren Phillips - Sneaking Her In

File: zohl7nabbpaarilaufbksh3gqkw.mp4
Size: 3.79 GB
Duration: 44:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After Lauren Philips gets a tip from her husbands best friend, she discovers that Will has been sneaking in his best friends daughter Aria Carson. When she catches them in the act, she becomes dominant, joining in and taking control of the situation.

Blacks on Sluts - Cindy Shine - Schoolgirl Cindy Shine Stars In Interracial DP Threesome

File: lbc1snablonslcinshihir6b9165q.mp4
Size: 2.51 GB
Duration: 44:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cindy Shine returns to www.private.com today in Private Specials, White Girls, Black DPs and this is one horny schoolgirl you wont want to miss! Watch this sexy redhead masturbate and warm up with her favourite toys before her two black stallions arrives as she greets them with a couple of deepthroat blowjobs and gets everything wet and ready for the show ahead. Then enjoy this wild nympho in over 40 minutes of pulsating action as she takes it hard in an incredible DP interracial threesome that has her moaning with pleasure all the way to two cum filled facials.

Brazzers Exxtra - Kiara Lord - Bubble Bath Babe

File: rlpqnnabrexkialoruiqyripm2t.mp4
Size: 841.70 MB
Duration: 36:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous redhead Kiara Lord takes a hot bubble bath, her perfect tits and ass poking through the foamy hills in the tub, while being spoiled by Darrell Deeps, who feeds her strawberries and scrubs her silky smooth skin until she requests he feed her his dick for a tasty blowjob before they have wet and wild bathroom sex.

Blacks On Blondes - Jazmin Luv - Jasmine Has The Hots For Her Dad's Handyman

File: shgagnablonbljazluvebt8fwnuzv.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jasmine has the hots for her Dad's handyman and always hangs around to watch him work and creates silly tasks just to have him hang out with her. This time she gets the idea of going a little further and tells him a light is out in the Den and she needs help changing it. She climbs up on a step ladder to show him she can't reach it and to show him she's not wearing any underwear. He's surprised but tries to keep it professional. He says that's because you
don't have the right tool that's long enough to screw it in. He brings his special light bulb pole tool and is focused on tightening the bulb in the socket, She says I've been wanting the right tool that's long enough to screw! as she rubs his crotch and gets him hard. He says I think I almost got it, I think it just wasn't in enough and the light goes on. She says I think the same thing as well, as she takes his dick out and deep throats it. Hot sex follows with lots of pussy to mouth and after the pop she says Can you come over and screw stuff all the time when my Dad's not home from now on?

HItzefrei - July Sun - Gets Stuffed With Cock By A Photographer!

File: mmxg1nahitjulsungrrof9bjqj.mp4
Size: 2.55 GB
Duration: 29:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today, Kookie Ryan is all alone. But at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin he finds one flawless, pretty chick. Her name is July Sun. Kookie tells her that hes a photographer looking for a new model. After a while she agrees to let him take photos of her. In the studio she willingly gets naked, spreads her legs, presenting her bald pussy to him. Then she sucks his dick and he pounds her hard until he nuts in her greedy mouth.

Burning Angel - Samantha Mack - Wild Wedding Banging The Bride

File: 6jiiynabuansammacgbn4cts1gr.mp4
Size: 987.93 MB
Duration: 26:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blushing bride Samantha Mack has just given her gorgeous wife-to-be Jessie Lee the gift of getting fucked in the ass by a man for the first time. But even though Jessie enjoyed every minute of getting fucked by Isiah Maxwell, she still feels a little guilty, as if she's just cheated on Samantha...

Isiah hates to see any strife between his friends, so he makes a suggestion that he hopes will help, maybe he could fuck Samantha too, to even things up?

Jessie is all for it, and Samantha doesn't need any convincing either, stripping off her wedding dress as she gets to her knees, taking Isiah's hard dick down her throat.

It's safe to say that this bride will NEVER forget her special day!

Dick Drainers - Sara Jay - Sara Jay's Motivation Techniques Work Very Well

File: ymd5jnadidrsarjaybceusfgs3d.mp4
Size: 4.86 GB
Duration: 50:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sara Jay or Ms. Jay as her students call her has been teaching for some time now and its very fulfilling work for her. Helping shape young men's lives is work that she enjoys...

But even though she enjoys it, the work can be pretty challenging. Bureaucracy, parents and of course the students. There are plenty of students who are engaged in class and plenty that just don't care about school.

One of the student's that Ms. Jay has this year is Branden. Sara had initially taken a liking to Branden at the beginning of the year. He was so adorable! Engaged in class, good grades....he really seemed like he was going to have a bright future. But then something changed.

A couple of months ago, Branden stopped participating in class as much. That is, when he even bothered to show up. He'd gone from perfect attendance to coming once or twice a week.

There was a shift in his coursework as well. At first, there were mostly A's with only a few B's. Now? Mostly C's with a couple D's. He's always on his phone in class. And Ms. Jay's seen him hanging out with some other students at school who are bad news. Any teacher could see that something was wrong. But whenever Ms. Jay tried to talk to Branden, he gave her some lame excuse. At first she was hopeful that he would snap back to normal. But that was before he forgot his bag in her class.

At first, when Ms. Jay saw it she wasn't sure whose it was. So she opened it. And that's when she saw the books with Branden's name and handwriting on them....and something else. Something not good. A mask.

Ms. Jay knows what type of students wear those masks. The bad ones. The ones who are on a path to trouble. And she doesn't want Branden to go down that path. That's why Ms. Jay decided to pay him a house call. To make sure that he stays on the right path to a successful future. All he needs is a little motivation.

Glory Hole - Kayla Kayden - Kayla On A Night Out

File: z4fggnaglhokaykayeoejqqzzw9.mp4
Size: 1.87 GB
Duration: 26:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kayla on a night out with the boyfriend at the club can't help but see he is way too interested in the other girls there. She is not a Girl to let her own needs go unfulfilled so she makes her way to the backroom where she has heard the really naughty things go on. Sitting down and stroking herself she sees the holes in the wall and has to wonder. Finally a Fat Cock comes through the hole and she devours it with a ravenous appetite. More dicks appear around
her and she feels like she is surrounded by cock. Her pussy is so wet now she can not deny herself a good fucking by each and every one. She fucks one to pop and the other blasts it's load all over her face, no longer caring where her BF is.

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Angelina - Angelina has no more secrets for us ...

File: dozvfnajaetmitvangeiccchzyafd.mp4
Size: 1016.73 MB
Duration: 39:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It is in a place that she particularly likes that Angelina, 27 years old, gave us an appointment. Indeed, the bitch loves to show off in a wood, and sometimes even makes some sultry encounters! But if she asked that we come back to Nice, it is indeed for one specific thing ... Because the young lady loves to frolic with well-hung blacks, and even shopped on our site to find the ideal guy! And his choice fell on the friend Curtis, who has the opportunity to take advantage of this fabulous slut ready to offer him her good little ass ...

Evil Angel - Kyler Quinn - Kyler Quinn: Anal Fuck, A2m Blowjob

File: gb284naevankylquiayf9xf7rdi.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 38:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute, slender Kyler Quinn flaunts her tight body in red lingerie, probing her butthole through a heated masturbation intro that leave her fully prepared for Jax Slayher's big cock. The young girl greets him by opening her sphincter. Jax jams his prick up her ass, with Kyler talking dirty as he drills her rectum. Decadent anal action includes raunchy, ass-to-mouth fellatio and nasty bunghole gaping! Kyler talks dirty and gives a drooling, POV-style blowjob, choking as Jax ferociously fucks her face. Jax twiddles herclit as he sodomizes her, finally rewarding Kyler with a creamy cum facial.

Dick Drainers - Lee - My Roommate's Girl Is A RACIST BITCH!

File: sqxhinadidrleeaz3j83yfzh.mp4
Size: 3.65 GB
Duration: 37:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Me and Josh been roommate's for about a year now. He's a cool white dude. Smokes a lot, gets into some crazy stuff sometimes but he aint a bad person to live with usually. But Josh do have one problem. His bitch.

Josh been datin this blonde white bitch named Lee for a lil minute. And I just don't fuck wit her. I mean she ain't bad looking. Bitch got some BIG ASS TITTIES. They triple Ds or Es. I know the homie Josh be motorboating the fuck out em...

But..I think the bitch is racist. NGL I do be checking her out sometimes. Cuz she KNOW her titties big AF so she be wearing the sexiest outfits to show them bad boys off. So sometimes she catch me looking but then she give me a look. Like I'm some sort of animal. Like this bitch better than me cuz she white. Make me wanna slap the shit out her dumb ass.

She always make a point of holding her purse tight AF when i'm around. She came over once wearing a fucking MAGA hat til Josh told her stupid ass to take it off. She always complain loud AF when me and Josh listening to rap music, talmbout This is noise. Who listens to this? BITCH half of America listen to this music! Once they went out to eat and she gave me her fuckin leftovers and said I thought you loved fried chicken? So many stories I got about this hoe. Bitch is racist bro.

But all them stories ain't NOTHING compared to what happened today. Josh was out so I was doin my thing, watchin some porn online. Beat my meat right quick and made a lil mess. That's what happens when u got a big black dick.

So I went to get something to clean it up and this bitch come in Josh gave her a key. And she on the phone with the homie...and the stuff she was sayin bro! Racist AFFFF! N Word this, drug dealer that. Bro i knew she was racist but i ain't know she was like that! Bitch straight out a Klan rally. I listened to her whole conversation. And it made me fuckin mad. Stupid ass big titty white bitch. If Josh can't control his bitch mouth, then I will.

Evil Angel - Emily Willis - Emily Willis' Gaping Anal Ruckus

File: s3zagnaevanemiwilivlwqkgf2k.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 36:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning starlet Emily Willis teases in skimpy lingerie, pantyhose, and heels. The slender, badass brunette talks dirty and spreads her tight sphincter for the camera, and then fucks her asshole with an enormous dildo. When Rob Piper arrives, Emily immediately feasts on his big cock in a graphic, spit-gushing blowjob. Rob stuffs his dark meat up Emily's ass. She whimpers through intense anal reaming, and she sucks Rob's throbbing rod ass-to-mouth. Their backdoor ruckus serves up lewd rectal gaping. See throat-pounding fellatio and dickdildo double penetration too. The wild session climaxes as Rob ejaculates into Emily's open mouth, and the hungry girl swallows his sperm.

Monsters of Cock - Blanche Bradburry - Her First Anal Monster Cock

File: rkb8qnamoofcoblabratimks7ac9i.mp4
Size: 4.37 GB
Duration: 01:02:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The sexy Blanche Bradburry is here with us and she shows off her amazing body. This girl is the full package. Big tits, huge ass, and pretty face. She came to Bang Bros because a little birdy told her that we have the biggest cocks in porn. We had to make sure we lived up to that high expectation. Our man Freddy Gong came as always to show her what a real monster cock is. She gives him an amazing blowjob and then tells him that she wants that dick in her ass. Freddy can't complain. Who wouldn't wanna fuck that booty? They fuck in multiple positions and she loves it, she can't believe how big that dick is. He cums all over her face and they can't wait for the next one.

Blacked - Blake Blossom - Coping

File: 31ol5nablablablo6mnae8vndz.mp4
Size: 3.07 GB
Duration: 35:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If youre looking for someone to share a living situation, you could do worse than rooming with Blake. This cute coed is super respectful and keeps to herself unless her roommates boyfriend swings by when Blake is alone in the house. Then again if youre dating Blakes roommate, its an ever better deal!

Private Stars - Chrystal Sinn & Marica Chanelle - Marica Chanelle And Chrystal Sinn Star In Interracial Orgy

File: okmtsnaprstchrmarbj4pxq9idk.mp4
Size: 1.80 GB
Duration: 31:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In Private Specials, Balearic Summer Love, Chrystal Sinn has invited Marica Chanelle to her Ibiza mansion and these blonde tattooed beauties are looking to party like the good old days as they eye up a menu of Jess Reyes and Darrell Deeps. Enjoy all the action on www.private.com where these two horny girls have their craving for black meat satisfied out by the pool before taking things to the bedroom for an interracial orgy full of sucking, fucking, and screaming as they both take it hard and deep all the way to a couple of shared facials.