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Avery Moon

Mr Lucky POV - Avery Moon - Skinny Girl Drains 2 Loads

File: xzjo2namrlupoavemoohb9pwya4ey.mp4
Size: 253.48 MB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Behind a slightly shy and innocent demenor, Avery Moon is a freak waiting to play. This sexy, skinny, slut loves nothing more than feeling a cock stay rock solid in her hands, mouth and pussy. With her piercing green eyes and dripping wet hole one cumshaw will not be enough. Watch this horny little lady take a load on her pussy before draining another one as she pumps up and down with her smooth hands. The look on her face as she sees it cum out the second time in a row is priceless!!

BFFS - Izzy Lush, Avery Moon & Samantha Hayes - Hiking With Hotties

File: eplhznabffizzavesamhvjknnylu5.mp4
Size: 665.83 MB
Duration: 01:50
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Izzy Lush, Samantha Hayes, and Avery Moon are incredibly adventurous young women with a thirst for knowledge. Today, they go out camping with a survival guide who is chock full of useful information on how to make it in the wilderness. Little does he know, all the knowledge he is dropping is turning these horny girls on. When they finally get their chance, the babes ambush the nature boy, showing him what a gang of horny girls can do to a dick in the wild. They take turns swallowing his survival sausage before turning around to get their love caves explored. Then, he shoots a flare of cum all over their eager faces. This guy sure knows how to take care of some happy campers!

Teen Creeper - Avery Moon - Punished By Escaped Prisoner

File: x3c3qnatecravemoobwyvbawjfu.mp4
Size: 238.20 MB
Duration: 28:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Clueless petite teen Avery Moon doesn't believe the report that her psycho ex-boyfriend Derrick has escaped prison. When he calls blaming her for his incarceration and vowing revenge she doesn't take him seriously and jokingly encourages him. Suddenly appears and grabs her from behind. She agrees to submit to him and is quickly bound with rope and gagged with his big cock. Dirtbag Derrick takes crime to her tight wet pussy, brutally fucking her like a beast. Several humiliating sex positions later he coats her with a facial cumshot.

Hot Crazy Mess - Avery Moon - Cold Hard Cash

File: flzdonahocrmeavemooons6gqlnuk.mp4
Size: 183.12 MB
Duration: 22:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Petite babe Avery Moon wants a tattoo but she doesn't have any money. She asks her brother for the money, but when he says no she steals it. Avery's stepbro isn't stupid he knows exactly where his money went, so he confronts his sister. He points out that Avery has a brand new tattoo and asks where she got the money. She claims it was from a friend, but her story quickly falls apart. Avery offers to give her stepbrother something else in exchange for the money, like working it off in the age-old way.

Leaning back so that her miniskirt rides up to reveal her landing strip twat, Avery lets her stepbrother see and feel just how wet she is. Then she whips out his dick to put her sassy little mouth to work once he agrees to have sex with her. She sucks him until he's nice and hard, then lays on her back so he can shove it all the way in.

This horny chick is all about her stepbrother's cock as she rides him, strokes him with her feet, and then gets on her knees. Getting fucked doggy style leaves Avery moaning her delight, which pushes her stepbrother to the edge of his endurance. He flips her on her back and keeps on banging her until he's about to cum, then pulls out and jizzes into Avery's mouth so she can swallow his cumshot. When Avery is done, she lets her stepbro know that she's thinking of getting another tattoo if they want to keep up their new deal.